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I want this succubus to drain my balls until I die

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Same here friend. She's perfect.

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Why's her model so disgusting?

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SEAnigs really love goblin eh?

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She can be cute sometimes. The person behind it makes it work

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Why is she so dense

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Fat Americans too. She is great.

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Spic here. Quiero casarme con la goblina erotica.

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>IRyS' voice
I felt like she was shoving her tongue inside my ears in a good way
Holy fuck I want her to whisper me sweet things.

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Actually based

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Irysocrats are so fucking desperate that they will fuck anything. She literally has nothing going for her.
>Avg singer
>Doesn't stream
>Shit numbers in music vids, even worse than Millie from Nijisanji
>Bad model
>Bad personality

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Don't care
Didn't ask

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Why are you saying it as if Millie is the worse in Niji.

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Go back to your collab ruining oshi.

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>mentions a Niji
post ignored

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fancy seeing you here Ennafag

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Why she's always topless lmao

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She's a slut

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>Cuckbeats deflecting again

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I'm white and I want to bleach her until her children are whiter than the sun

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Why are pomudachis like this?

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Why aren't you topless?

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She sounds like a sexually frustrated librarian. It's amazing.

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Tits not saggy enough.

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She and Baelz are most likely going to be the ones to convert me back to Hololive, one of these days...

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She's going to nephilim my balls and succubus my dick if you know what I mean

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Nephilim means half angel half demon

And the demon half was clearly a succubus

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>picture of KFP
>implying it's not Deadbeats always shitting on Irys

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And the angel half is whatever went to Sodom and got everyone into an angel-raping frenzy.

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I've hung out on IRyS's thread for a long time and KFP constantly brings their bullshit there and blames deadbeats when called out.

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>Kiara ruins collabs.
You're kidding right? Shes the only one who keeps shit moving most of the time in EN Collabs. Her and Ame. This is the same girl whos in a TON of JP promotional collabs too.

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See, this is an IRyS thread and they have to make it about Kiara. Fuck off KFP.

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Shut the fuck up about your autistic fanbase war and post more SexRyS

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Cuckbeat deflection, like clockwork.

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Nice try, chumbud

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I want to drain her tits of the milk I'm going to induce the lactation of through insemination via an intense and furious mating.

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Those tits are sagging already you have to hurry

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I now picture IRyS as having those big heavy 70s porn tits, before implants were common, and it just makes me crave her more.

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Don't worry, people are just fucking stupid. I like your oshi a lot

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i don't think of IRyS as a succubus i think she wants us to remain pure and untouched for life

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