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and why did management just let her?
is she really yagoo's daughter?

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I'm a newfag, what is this exactly?

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she unleashed her power level. it was kino af. still cringe after cringe arc either way and her views never recovered until she actually started streaming normally

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Haachama dissing her antis with rap after the face reveal yab

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Damn, even Viper shaking in his THOD rn

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Reminder that it's not that simple:
She owned the anti through a counter rap so hard he immediately naked dogeza'd and self-doxxed himself in penance before the mighty CHAMA.
Videos of him shoving cucumbers up his anus and then eating them were later found via the usual autism detective agency.

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This was pure kino and the fact that the video is forever privated tells how real that shit was. Haachama I kneel...

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this was probably the most kino thing that ever happened to hololive as a whole, haachama might have her ups and downs but this will forever have me respect the chama

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Shes really one of a kind.

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>Depicts Haatons as pigs
Honestly doesnt treat that as such enough

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Not only Haachama is a Hololive gen 1 veteran, her commitment to remain true to herself in everything she does is second to none. Love or hate her for it, you gotta respect it.

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I think this is the rap right? It even has a part of the dox rap

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she snapped... in style

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Man how does she do it? I'm pretty sure since I've started watching chuubas 2 years ago I've knelt to haachama more than any other chuuba by a significant margin.
And the thing is I genuinely don't see anyone else doing it other than her, I heard that the whole cuckbeat saga was indirectly influenced by her, that people talked quite a bit about haachama's raps in general and to mori since she is considered a rapper to the point where she wanted to attack her antis the same way haachama did with this, and well it backfired quite a bit
She seems to be more tame nowadays though, her latest prank arc was much more focused on overall fun rather than shock value... With the exception that she fucking DMed her fans and sexually harassed them, leading to one of them to block her kek
Heard it was a huge ordeal that had her manager and the upper management in shambles

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>ywn be sexually harassed by chammers

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She's the strongest idol for numerous reasons.
Always respect the chama even though you may not understand her.

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How much of this is real, because I'm getting the vibe that at least more than 0% of this is real, which is already too much...

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Sniffs uncontrollably

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You can actually go back and look in the archives, this stream happened back in December but the VOD was privated almost immediately so there was a fair amount of posts and threads about it
Its 100% real. Every single thing about it.
If I had to guess I'd say this happened back on December the 17th or something like that, I would do the work for you but I'm phoneposting right now and can't be assed to look through the archives like this

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I haven't heard about Mori being inspired by chammers to diss her antis. If that's the case she fucking blew it. Mori didn't even do a diss track, she just replied to an anti on twitter. Nobody liked it and she deleted it.

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>It's real
holy shit i kneel

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it happened, all of it. do your archive reps, its all there

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No, Yagoo's daughter is Anya

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you can't really tell what a person is thinking through their actions so I guess you can consider it a rrat but the reason that speculation exist because what mori did was similar to haachama's "balls to the walls" approach if that makes sense

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Why you can't have 2 daughter? Japan needs it

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Was not Subaru Yagoo's daughter?

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Give her some time. She's got a lot of names to go through, and you know the mighty Chammers isn't one to half-ass something like sexual harassment.

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This was the last great Haachama arc. Right now she's trying to be more normal and try and make some friends again. I wish her english wasn't falling apart because i feel like mumei really idolized her

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you can use this as a starting point to look through the archive if you want, but it's all true

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>15 year age difference

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Do you know the true reason why she is known as the Strongest Idol? This is why. She has grown so strong over the years that she is now basically untouchable and can do whatever she wants. Not even a hyperbole at this point.
Easily the most based chuuba in all of vtubing.

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even nene knelt

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One of the greatest BTFO moments I’ve ever seen in hololive

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Don't forget that Haachama bullied Rushia.

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>mfw Haachama caused the Russia Ukraine war

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she is yagoo daughter and he spanked her for posting this

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The Yab went down like the day of the invasion...so probably.

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Didn’t she tweet something about stepping on dog shit when Rushia got fired
That got my sides in orbit

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Chammers did it in a more intelligent way, that's the reason why Mori got a yab but Haachama owned the anti at the level he's a fan now

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After all, everything she wanted to do is to chill and have a good time. 2021 was a very bad year for her so is not a surprise she wanted to stop a bit now

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Why does she keep using her silly anime voice when she can do so much better?


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Australia couldn't kill her, Voldemort couldn't kill her. Never oppose The Chama

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Where's the link to the rap, Anon?

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in the end she'll kill herself, if anything is to kill her. you can only achieve so much in making yourself a shitty meme.

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here you go anon, a clip of her showing what she CAN show on stream, the doxx rap had her real name and pretty much everything about her so she had to trim some of it
the original tweet was deleted so I don't know if anyone actually archived it or not

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HAACHAMA is a genius

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I knee I grovel I bow I dogeza... How can a single chuuba be so fucking based? This one went above and beyond, she literally doxxed herself in every way imaginable on fucking stream

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