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What's their endgame?

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Cucking their fanbase

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Destroying their company from within.

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What nationality is the one in the right? Qrd on her?

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Hag, says honey a lot, is a big numberfag from NijiEN, used to to grow her fanbase mostly by working the Youtbue Algorhythm, ever since boys debuted she basically became a boy leech and has off-collabed with them 3 times but has off-collabed with her own wave 0 times. Or any of the other girls in Canada, which is where most of the Niji girls live.

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Even though Mori is fucking cancer and injecting stupid E-celeb garbage into vtubing, I'm so fucking glad that Nina didn't get into hololive with her political shitstirring.
I still can't believe she got away with shittalking Christianity while Moona got in trouble for just MENTIONTIONING religion.
I'm not a Christian but it left a bad taste in my mouth because she's just shittalking it for clout. She'd never shittalk another religion because it's not "woke".

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Québécois or Anglo?

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I dunno, all I know is that she unironically lives inna woods or something.

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Not sure how well-versed is an average canadian in french, but she has had a couple of french only zatsus, if that tells anything.

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