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Reminder that Riku is a trend-hopping, short-term oriented type of CEO. He had four failed business ventures and by his own admission he only released Nijisanji to "ride the wave" of VTubers and "get immediate results". He does not care about Nijisanji because he will simply "move on to the next thing" if it doesn't work out. The IPO is him cashing out his stocks.

> 今でこそ注目される田角さんだが、大失敗も経験している。2017年、別の動画サービスを仲間と立ち上げたが、投資元が見つからず事業を畳んでいる
Although Mr. Tazumi is now in the spotlight, he has also experienced major failures: In 2017, he launched another video service with a few colleagues, but the business folded when they could not find an investment source.
> バーチャルYouTuberの事業をはじめる以前に、4つの事業を立ち上げたのですが、失敗しました。出資を受けることができず、2人いた仲間も辞めて、自分だけが残って。
"Before starting the virtual YouTuber business, I had started four businesses, but they failed. I couldn't get investment, two of my colleagues quit, and I was the only one left."

> ただ、もともとの性格でいえば、ダラダラしがちで。だからこそ、逆に短期集中で一気にやっちゃいたいんですよね。
It's just that my personality is the "lazy" type. So I prefer to do things in short, concentrated bursts.
> さすがに人生の全部を集中するなんて無理なので、「やる時」と「やらない時」をきっぱり分けるようにしています。
Obviously it's impossible to concentrate on everything in life all at once, so I try to make a clear distinction between "when to do" and "when not to do".
> バーチャルYouTuber市場は立ち上がったばかりの市場。集中して取り組みたいですね。
The virtual YouTuber market is a market that has just started. I want to concentrate on it.
> 「すぐに結果が出る、短期勝負がしたい」
Title : I want to play the game in a way that I get immediate results.
> じつは、バーチャルYouTuberで勝負をしたのも、短期集中に向いている事業だと思ったから
In reality, we went with virtual YouTubers because we thought it was a business suited for short-term focus.

> 日本でもフィッシャーズの「笑ってはいけないアニ文字がツボに入ってしまった。」という動画が少しずつバズりはじめていて。マーケットもありそうだし、animoji×生配信をテーマにしようと考えていきました。
In Japan, the video series from "The Fishers'" called "YLYL : Animated emoji." got viral, and there seemed to be a market for it (This thing : https://youtu.be/28jAR_LDNJE) [Open].
> 流行りはじめていたanimojiとライブ配信、この掛け合わせに集中をすれば、自分でも勝負ができると思ったんです。
I thought that if I concentrated on the combination of animoji and live streaming - which was starting to become popular - I could compete in this field.
> その頃、バーチャルYouTuber『キズナアイ』が100万登録突破し、めちゃくちゃ盛り上がってきていて。女性YouTuberの中でも上位にランクインしてきて。
Around that time, VTuber "Kizuna Ai" had just surpassed 1M subs and was getting very popular. She was ranked high among female YouTubers.

> バーチャルYouTuberがくることは間違いなかった。その波に乗っかろうと「にじさんじ」をリリースしました。
There was no doubt that virtual YouTubers were coming. I released "Nijisanji" to ride that wave.
> この先、バーチャルYouTuberもいつまで伸び続けるかわからないですよね
In the future, we don't really know how long virtual YouTubers will continue to grow.
> ただ、それでいいと思ってるんです。次に「来る」と思った領域があったら、そこにどんどん張っていく。
However, I think that's fine. If I see a field that I think will be the next viral thing, I'll just expand into it.
> なんせ僕は短期集中タイプなので(笑)
After all, I am a short-term-focus type of person (lol).

What do you guys think is the "next big thing" in Riku's eyes

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probably sailing away into the sunset with the megayacht he bought from selling his shares

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Reminder that you're a pagpag seething spamming schizo idiot deranged with Nijisanji.
Kill yourself schizo monkey

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TLDR summarise in less than 20 words

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Riku is going to cash out after his IPO lock expires and leave nijisanji to the zhangs

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So nijiniggers oshi will be homeless if they stop making money? Lmao

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Niji rebranding into nijizhangji

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implying this doesn't already happen. their dog vtuber had to beg for money on stream it was so fucking pitiful and sad. nijifags are hypocrites.

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He failed 4 times and he isn't broke ? Just how privileged is he?

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His uncle is like the third richest man in japan with massive real estate investments so you tell me

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How come there's always this one schizo that come in defense for niji? Almost like he's on the payroll. Amusing nonetheless, keep on posting in every thread shill kun.

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This is fake news spread by jealous holofans who edited the article
Riku is in for the long term with nijisanji thats why they have a lot of recent projects and successful debuts

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What an absolute Sigma Male
Imagine if he shuts down the entirety of Niji once he cashes out

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Schizo monkey spammer

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need link, bro
that sounds fucked

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he is lying it never happened holo fans are known liars like how they claim nijien is botted which they are not

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Shiba talked about how she has been ill for a long time and has been in treatment for her condition but it doesn't improve, so in the end the doctor will refer her to a bigger hospital for a more thorough check. For now that is the only information so she doesn't have anything else to say, but let's hope it is nothing really bad.

She got fired from her job. Some new people who got in by "office matters" took her shift and in the end she her shift got reduced and she was eventually fired. Thus, she has no income. Meanwhile, she has her daily expenses, pet expenses, and her own medical treatment on the way so she is asking for help, for everyone to please buy her voice packs. (As they are the best way to financially support the liver directly)

She said she talked with her manager about this, who eventually said to her, let's ask help to your fans. She cried on the stream, but yes, she needs the money. She said her eyesight also got worse. She said she wants to marry someone, be they man or woman, who had a better income, and how even before she was fired her yearly income didn't go past 3m Yen.

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>4 year old article

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This is nothing new. I'm surprised people only caught that with the IPO. Tazumi is a business man.
He made Nijisanji a ruthless meritocracy where superstars are over marketed and the livers with 300 viewers are left to themselves and almost never appears in anything Nijisanji. Entering Nijisanji is not a golden ticket, it's just an entry to fight to the top.
This is also why memes like Nijification and accelerate are a thing. Tazumi doesn't care about the livers so making them have more competition and oversaturate the marker doesn't phase him. Hence why Anycolor picked the vertical model for their recrutements as opposed to Cover's horizontal model.

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>income didn't go past 3m Yen
How can you have almost 200k subs and make less than 25k dollars a year?

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Im a hololive fan and I watch pekora but im on nijisanji side for once since this is more on the livers side than on the company since she doesnt budget her money well and even in this story nijisanji is the good guys since they still give her a job and support

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>the livers with 300 viewers are left to themselves and almost never appears in anything Nijisanji.
But picrel is in their new singing unit isn't she?

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she doesnt budget well not the companys fault

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But the managers advice worked out and people bought VPs. What exactly is the problem? No Vtuber company pays a high monthly salary out of pocket

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Holofans are liars unlike nijisanji fans like us

>> No.26700561

She streams like 3 times month max. Niji JP 10 views are never hardcore streamers because they can't make a enough of living for it to be your only job

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The absolute state of chinkjibugji, jesus christ

>> No.26700605

And even if they do that is dumb and a bad business decision that will destroy the companies profits which is what nijisanji management is avoiding

>> No.26700648

>Almost never
Of course there are exceptions based on various factors. But it's not because it happened once or twice that this is the rule

>> No.26700695

>Yagoo has a savior complex who wants to rescue broken girls
>Riku is just a generic corporate psychopath

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Oh shut the fuck up, with your retarded tribalfagging bs. I watch everybody regardless of who hired them (or not). I just love vtubers

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Ok so how many times until it's not true then?

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This is basically holofag narratives work. Twist the truth of things and just keep repeating it even though people have explained to them what is wrong with it as long as it makes the other company look bad. Keep going for long enough and people genuinely start to believe it and start parroting it themselves even sometimes people who would call themselves fans of Nijisanji. Then people start.to act like you're crazy even challenging such clearly established truth that was more or less actually just some schizo spamming misinformation for longer than people could be bothered to keep correcting them and gullible or intellectually dishonest people believing and spreading it easily because it suits them and their bias.

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Disingenuous holofan post
Hololive fans are liars unlike niji management thats why nijisanji is more truthful which led to investors investing in us

>> No.26700865

Agree im willing to bet that cover has some people posting here trying to paint nijisanji in a bad light even though nijisanji is a more cleaner company than cover who fired coco aloe and rushia in order to appease china

>> No.26700888

This is why even though I like Hololive's model better, Nijisanji Is objectively a better business model.
Yagoo is way too personnally attached to failures like Holostars. I will never axe them. Tazumi just takes potentially money earning decisions without giving a shit

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Amazing falseflagging bro, reminds me of that post that defends spiders

>> No.26700942

Things can can happen:
> Stockholders oust Riku and appoint nepotism CEO that maximizes profit in detriment to livers.
> most of them quit.
> your oshi was one of them.

> Riku shorts the stock and leaves with millions.
> accelerates into the sunset on his newly bought yatch.

> Nijiliver makes the final yab.
> stock plummets.
> Niji declares bankrupcy.
> vultures come and buy pieces of the company.
> Sony buys your oshi and adds them to Versen.
> crunchyroll buys your other oshi and she collabs with Hime.
> china buys Luxiem, they stream propaganda 24/7 exclusively on Bilibili.

>> No.26700943

What the fuck do you think this proves?

>> No.26700959

Riku is a smart buisnessman and being a saviorfag only leads to the demise of everyone in the company
Its much better if the more popular talents survive than bring the whole company down

>> No.26700970

Given how hard he works at this to the point of replying to himself I'm willing to put money that he's on the payroll, there is no way someone would go to this extent for free

>> No.26700987

The Holofaggot cries out in pain as he strikes you

>> No.26701006

I see no problem, in fact it made Niji livers have to compete with each other to create content and bringing good number. After all business is business, you don't bring good result you should leave.

>> No.26701023

Yes since no real nijisanji fan talks like this since nijisanji fans never badmouth or leech at hololive ts a holo fan false flagging as a nijisanji fan

>> No.26701032

Why are holofan liars trying to hard to tribalfag everywhere?

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whatever helps you sleep at night

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The problem is that it's a blatant misrepresentation and creative translation of the interview to try to paint Nijisanji in a bad light.

>> No.26701074

This is true. Look at the Lazulight merch and compare it to Luxiems. Nijisanji isn't a family, it's a fucking battle royale.

>> No.26701086

they are trying to paint nijifans in a bad light by falseflagging and making fake discord screenshots and graphs

>> No.26701157

Literally this guy has been told why this is bullshit before and just keeps posting it.
Obsessed holofags.

>> No.26701239

because every time he posts it he gets to see nijifags freak the fuck out and perform a theatre, why wouldn't he?

>> No.26701245

Fanbases rrats are so dumb holy shit. This is also me >>26700888 and Salome is my oshi. Can I be a cool nijinigger like you now?

>> No.26701254

He claimed that unpopular people never appear in official Nijisanji stuff and are left aside. People like Naruse were part of the J1 league collab

>> No.26701261

Holofans want to take down nijisanji since it is the better company so they resort to lies and falsehoods
Good thing nijifans like use are there to correct their fake news propaganda and bs

>> No.26701275

>obsessed holofans desperately trying to ruin nijisanjis reputation by falseflagging everywhere even though everyone is just making fun of them
like clockworks

>> No.26701288

by the way this is all from when he was 19 years old. What was YAGOO doing at 19? nice projection since Hololive is the boomer-led company who only thinks in short-term. Even Hololive's first actual unique project, Holoearth, is a fucking Genshin ripoff down to the texture of grass lmao

>> No.26701315 [DELETED] 

I like chinkjibugjizhangs are crying so hard in this thread but can't do a single thing to refute the OP

>> No.26701343

pretty funny isnt it like how they released those fake discord screenshots even though nobody believed them
they even tried to take down an innocent girl like pomu but to no avail since they forgot that niji is a family

>> No.26701386

Id rather have chinese who actually watch and buy luxiem goods than usless id fans

>> No.26701395

kek you got me good with that one

>> No.26701412

because they know they have nothing to refute it with and can only resort to replying to themselves to try and put the appearance of a consensus

>> No.26701506

Reminder that no real nijisanji fan badmouths, disrepsects or leeches to hololive and its usually false flagging holofans that do it

>> No.26701535

Do you guys think, Riku cares about the chuubas?

>> No.26701547

Explains why they're releasing new waves constantly at least. No care whatsoever about the talents themselves lol.

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>> No.26701661

>Salome is my oshi
yep it’s a bandwagoner holobrony

>> No.26701686

> Riku got rich uncle
> Yagoo is hardworking salaryman

>> No.26702067

So this is why he went for that IPO

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File: 490 KB, 689x566, Screenshot 2022-06-23 at 「にじさんじ」生んだ田角陸って何者?事業の失敗も、VTuberで逆転!|ANYCOLOR キャリアハック(CAREER HACK).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.26703116

he looks like a faggot

>> No.26703168

>Nijisanji lives rent free in holobronies heads.
Got it.

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why does he have a habsburg chin?

>> No.26703469

>m-maybe he changed

>> No.26704882

ah, I love the smell of nijicope in the morning

>> No.26705177

I was watching Mashiro and Yashiro before you even knew what vtubers are, newfag

>> No.26705333

yeah suuure

>> No.26705479

He's royalty of Habsburg liner

>> No.26705526

Can you tell me what Mashiro's fan name? You watch him so you know right?

>> No.26705752

Homostars viewer numbers are quite low but their superchats are surprisingly pretty decent. Their gachikoi female fans are really dedicated.
Not to mention that they've been inclining quite steadily.

Also, there's really no reason to cut off their branch since their overhead (operating) costs are most likely on the low side like most vtuber groups. They only need to pay each talent and a few managers at the least. The superchat money they get is more than enough for that and there's no way that they're operating at a loss.

>> No.26705825


Get a better job Noor. Soon hopefully. Riku is going to kick your ass out again.

>> No.26706325

Sigma grindset, get that grustle going

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These threads are hilarious and i am grateful every time they are posted.

>your ceo is a scumbag
>your oshis are doomed
>Niji is eternally fucked
>and her is how hes going to do it

You can hear the MK ultra brainewashing routines crash in real time. The only ones argueing against this are shill on the payroll of the same silverspooned sellout faggot Who is going to fuck them and everyhing they worked for in the ass.

>> No.26706753

Kek good try Anon. But unfortunately for you I did indeed watch him until he got Susan'd. So I won't fell for that

>> No.26707309

You forgot the most likely scenario:
In the recession to come the stock tanks like everything else and is eventually picked up cheap by whatever bank or funds that survive what's coming.

>> No.26708377

>Nijiliver makes the final yab
Thankfully by the time this happened there was so many members that no one knew he belonged to Nijisanji.

>> No.26709082


>> No.26711837 [DELETED] 

Okay intern-kun. Now tell Noor to release EN wave 6 already.

>> No.26712038

anon the recession is not going to be an apocalypse, it's going to hurt but it's not going to tank the economy like 2008

>> No.26712188

that fuckign jaw

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File: 24 KB, 271x403, 1646650013619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Funny webm, but still. Take your meds.

>> No.26714157

nice thread, holobot

>> No.26714994

>2 threads in one week
Nijinigger fragility

>> No.26717409

By your logic then Holo ID should've been axed pre November 2020 for underperforming. But because Yagoo is a saviorfag he keep the faith on the girls and Holo ID blew up in November-December.
And just as the smartass Riku in all of his wisdom decided to axe his ID branch, Holo ID are getting their second incline and struck gold with a talent who can break the market when no one before her can do it. All of that because Yagoo is a saviorfag and stay true to his talents.

>> No.26717530

riku living rent free in holocuck heads, lmao

>> No.26717699


>> No.26717978

Honest he could've left with Iwaiwa a long time ago if he were so willing to split.

>> No.26720951

This is actually true. Without Yagoo being that way Kobo wouldn't exist either.
But Yagoo believing in his talents is based on no economic/business criteria at all. He's doing the same with Holostars to the point of even trying again with Uproar. It's not really working because, stars can't do well in the Hololive environnement as it is now. But he can't do anything except can them, which he would never do or keep them as they are until the situation magically fixes itself.
His saviourfag successes are mainly just luck based

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