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A thread for Koopa, Fortuna, Sentai Koopa, Bluepa, goth Koopa, Troopas, Paratroopas, Commander Troopas and MEGATROOPAS. No p*nks, though.

Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/koopa_ch
Social media
Recommended videos for newcomers (clips and full streams):
Koopa RFA
Her gun-cleaning ASMR
The rise of Fortuna, her evil twin
Koopa Fortuna, phd giving a lecture on the unknowable
Fairytale storytime

Previous thread: >>2563144

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Schedule (expired now)
New schedule due to be released on either sunday or monday.

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Eeeearargh, please don't make my art the OP image, I already feel like enough of a dick for kinda mogging a bit to much in the first half of the stream

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I wanna fuck, Koopa

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sorry, bro
I'll ask next time. Just thought it'd be topical and I really like it. It's a great pic, man

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Nah nah, no need to ask, I'm just already cringing at myself enough for the moment. Thank you, though!

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She already talked about BLACK RX

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The picture Koopa refuses to comment on...

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I wonder if this is a permanent new outfit or if it's a seasonal thing based on the weather.

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I want Koopa to commissions a better artist for her belt design so she can make merch with it later on

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Current design is Yellow Flash from Flashman, so no belt

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what happened to kwappi streaming on youtube?

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Susan can't stop fucking up her website so she JUST KEEPS LOSING

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YouTube is crashing and failing as a livestreaming platform.
Hololive and Nijisanji numbers are at all-time lows, technical issues and copyright issues are a plague, the algorithm has abandoned vtuber streams and clips entirely, and the numbers all across the platform even in the mid-level companies and indies are in a decline.
Someone did a deep dive of some of the degusting sub*eddits, and found dozens of graduation announcements, almost all of them being YouTube indies.
MyHoloTV tied its boat to YouTube, and they went under.
Tsunderia has tied its boat to YouTube, and they are struggling to stay afloat. (This is partially due to internal issues and poor hiring practices where they accidentally signed on unreliable talent, but stagnating growth is not helping)
The exodus to Twitch is a huge indicator of how bad things have gotten. I know of at least 20+ indies who have stopped streaming on YouTube entirely in the last two months and switched over, and more are joining the migration every day.
I imagine this is occurring on a large scale in the greater community outside our isolated 4channel bubble as well. YouTube vtubers will either get very lucky and somehow stay afloat, switch, or graduate.

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>where they accidentally signed on unreliable talent
QRD? I only know that Kamui "Niggers" Kana left.

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The rrat was fired due to spending more time streaming on her roommate account than her contracted jobs account, and Meru seems like she is constantly on the verge of mental breakdown/took an extended break which might have been her checking into a psych ward a few weeks ago. Slugma spoke about it vaguely on a recent stream where she vented, but she all but confirmed that multiple talents lied to her and the other staff in their interviews and misrepresented their mental states and work ethic

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>t she all but confirmed that multiple talents lied to her and the other staff in their interviews and misrepresented their mental states and work ethic
Maybe they shouldve hired male streamers after all. At least males can work in a team.

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The thing is that YouTube and Twitch are two different type of platforms.
On YouTube, you'll have a better experience if you want to treat it just like watching a video since it has less buffering and the quality is better, the archives are also better and since it's from google, it makes sure you get the notification.
On Twitch you have a way better interaction between community. Where YouTube only has memberships, SC's, Stickers and Livechat, twitch has the point-redeems, subs and subgifting, built-in clip function, rading and so on.
I get why she went to twitch but I AM a bit salty that we now won't get Koopa Members ASMR streams or the fact that Twitch sucks ass with the buffering.

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Buffering is an issue on the users end, not a siteside issue. I have never experienced buffering issues and know many other people who also have not experienced the issue, its just a matter of bitrate and the download speed on the user side. Also Koopa had previously said she would not be doing members streams, so I am not sure where you got the assumption that was ever an option in the first place.

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But did their money start declining?

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>Also Koopa had previously said she would not be doing members streams
One can always hope.
>Buffering is an issue on the users end, not a siteside issue
An issue which I don't have with YouTube and even if there are buffers on YouTube, on Twitch it continues from where it stopped, whereas YouTube goes to the actual live point, which is what I prefer.

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Queen of Spades Koopa when?

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what's that mean?

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the calling called for people that are BLACKED

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thanks to whoever gifted me a koopers sub. As a neeto, I really appreciate it!

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has it gotten too stale in your stinky little trash bin, cuckschizo?
Get your BLACKED shit out of here before I post how you got bullied out of the BLACKED thread in the garbage bin.

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that doesn't make it any more clear

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>Kamen Rider
I will now watch your oshi. Does she cover the openings?

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Never noticed the skindentation until now

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A Karaoke stream for Kamen Rider OP would be sick

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she covers deez nuts

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You know the porn with, usually, multiple black male porn actors fucking one white female? The ones with the females talking about how big the black actors' dicks are. That is basically what people mean by BLACKED.

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She knows us too well.

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i'm not an american so i don't think this is translating very well

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UNF. Mommy spoils us...

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Based mom

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She absolutely should, she did little karaike at the end of her last stream and i believe she did sing at least one of those and some mecha songs, I don't know much about either but VOD is still up and this is somewhere in the last quarter i believe

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Based Kwappi

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Is the marriage proposal redeem serious?

>> No.2675608

Ah. It is basically interacial porn where African (American) males and one female have sex. (The female usually is Caucasian, but she can also be east asian). The point of the BLACKED meme is like a humiliation sort of thing, like getting off on the idea tha Africans are taking girls from your race sort of thing.

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It only takes like a year if you watch every stream and buy subs....

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So mom reached 3k subs on YouTube, wanna make a collage of a bunch of different troopas? Everyone can draw a troopa or two?

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Certainly we just need someone to host a whiteboard

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You guys DID watch Gundam so you can understand Koopa's discussions, right?

>> No.2680384

Of course, took me everything I had not to jokingly recommend AGE as a good first AU Gundam. Also waiting for her to finish IBO to see if she'll rant about the ending

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unironically Koopa is one of the reasons i started to watch Gundam.

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What catchphrases would a talking Koopa plush doll say when you'd squeeze her?

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How the fuck do I stop getting horny when I get drunk? Anaphrodisiacs? What kind? My Tsar Bomba level libido awakens in the middle of the night, almost guaranteed if I’ve been drinking. It’s a serious problem, and I think the second horniest general might have the answers

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“I’m not a fujo!” “Bill Gates is putting microchips in me!”

>> No.2682687

Just drink more until you get whiskey dick ir pass out while stroking your flaccid meat.

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koopa is awake

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It's there because she thought 1mil is unreacheable. But now she'll have to at least consider the applications.

>> No.2683028

How could she consider it when she's already married to me?

>> No.2683061

And where would you have to squeeze to make her talk?

>> No.2683063

Consideration doesn't equal marrige, MY legal wife will humor you troopas.

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Her healthily sized tummy.

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I don't recall making this post

>> No.2683528

Man, I must have been sleepwalking or something

>> No.2683762

Don't say it

>> No.2683934

>Kongou is in the race for husband consideration too
Some stiff competition, troopas. Instead of infighting, we should unite against a bigger threat.

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But he's massive! He'd destroy our tiny turtle mommy!

>> No.2684737

I bet Kongou NWF'd her.

Get on it, drawings. Or get on drawing them fucking because >>2684548 IMAGINE

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Feels like I have to look up those fucking words every other day.

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I don't think either Koopa or Kongou would appreciate that.

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I'm pretty sure >>2684737 meant "No Way Fag"

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Oh fuck, I feel so dumb now. Of course it's that NWF...
I had only 3 hours of sleep last night, please excuse my inability to remember memes.

>> No.2686257

don't worry about it, fellow Troopa!
I also believe Koopa NWF'd all the female chuubas he hangs around with.
He hangs around all the girls and he never so much as flirts with anybody.

>> No.2687101

Somebody draw it. kongou NWF

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>> No.2689700

I don’t get whiskey dick, even if I drink to the point of vomitting

>> No.2692156

Why would you do this?

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Don't come swinging at Kongou

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I live in a country where owning guns is only allowed if you have a good mental health. So even if I somehow made it into the race, I wouldn't do it because I know that kwappi likes guns and taking away her hobby isn't something I want to do. I also would never move to the US because I don't want my kids to grow up there.

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Why didn't you guys tell me Koopa posted her outfit reveal stream to Reddit, so I could le upboat it!?

>> No.2700166

We didn't know either, nobody posted it

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>feeling down
>haven't had enough sleep
>3:30am here
>25+ vods of holos and indies in the backlog
>questioning why the fuck am I even watching all this shit in the first place
>"Gotta start somewhere, let's go with stuff I missed from koops"
Only 30 minutes in - the tangents, the laugh, the voice... I'm smiling, everything is alright, now I remember.

>> No.2700593

Same. Love you mama Koopa.

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What chat is this

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First time seeing this guy's stream. Those sketches look fucking sick. Why nobody told me he's an artist? All I've seen of him is that ugly bastard avatar, I thought that's his only gimmick.

>> No.2702520

Koopa thank you for supporting Tiger in her debut.

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schedule, kinda early for what the usual is.

>> No.2703077

I'll give him a follow once he's offline and I can do it without him mentioning my name.

>> No.2703188

He draws nsfw art so his art streams tend to be on picarto. You can check some finished stuff on twitter

>> No.2703291

>Losing mommy providing support for losing son
This'll be good

>> No.2703316

>Tiger has more follows and viewers than Koopa
I think our mommy really is losing...

>> No.2703479

She just made the switch to twitch two weeks ago Troopa.
She is inclining hard and Shimada had her live2d reveal event.
She had about the same numbers Koopa had when did hers.
So mommy is in fact, winning as per usual.

>> No.2703487

Is the RE5 playthrough just couch-surfing through collaborators?

>> No.2703496

>3 stream collabs out of 4 streams
Koopa, your management reps...

>> No.2704329

A correction: She's playing RE6 (Leon's route) with Penelope on Saturday, not 5.

>> No.2704406

That makes way more sense, though I wonder if "play co-op game with rotating cast" could be a fun gimmick.

>> No.2704438

>3 Collabs
Come on...

>> No.2704577

>Bringing back Penelope

>> No.2706999

whats wrong with penelope?

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more crappy practice

>> No.2712900

That's really nice pencil work, Troopa! A bit creepy, but I like it

>> No.2713760

Kwappa, watch out!

>> No.2713860

Tiger and Turtle are both winning

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kino, pure kino more for the style than for quality, of course

>> No.2715824

Nice work! Keep it up!

>> No.2715871

Koopa please stop retweeting the schedules of these two-views.

>> No.2716121

It is getting to be a little much. I don't follow her for other people's schedules, my notifications are full of it.

>> No.2717846

The only slightly questionable one is L&A. Nina, and Kongou of course she would retweet, and Carmine and Josa are in a collab with her this week. If you really dont want to see them, just turn off retweets on her profile, its an option in the three-dot bubble near the top

>> No.2719587


>> No.2719825

is this making it?

>> No.2719952

I care about her retweets though, I just don't want notifications for schedules of other people I already follow.

>> No.2720001

At one point they could just form an actual circle - then they could just have a seperate account for such information.

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>containment break

>> No.2720065

Koopas final yab? See in the next episode of /vt/!

>> No.2720168

>Legend has it that she originated from a post on 4chan about a member having a dream about a sixth Hololive EN member called Koopa

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>Koopa is a mommy turtle VTuber who was apparently born with zero luck, but a crippling addiction to chocolate caramel bunnies, if the above clip is anything to go by, along with chronic flatulence

>> No.2720499 [DELETED] 

>links to her youtube instead of twitch
Koopa needs to let her youtube audience know she's primarily on twitch now. Her archives on yt don't even say it's from a twitch stream. I bet some people are confused why she's only getting 100+ views on her youtube videos.

>> No.2721467

Koopa has a distinctly “mature” air to her voice, which gives her plenty of the timeless “big tiddy mommy gf” appeal — something which she very obviously leans into with the role she plays in her streams. This also fits quite nicely with her self-professed “mediocrity” at everything she does thanks to her poor luck; one can look at it as a light-hearted take on a slightly older person perhaps struggling with newer technology, as the stereotype runs

>> No.2721548


>> No.2722684

Imagine how powerful Koopa would be if she had 1 luck.

>> No.2722969

The chocobunny addiction will destroy her life... Tragic, really.

>> No.2723011

Are you okay dude, this kinda isn't the place to talk about your blacked fetish
also sorry dork but the only one getting cucked is Koopa when Fortuna fucks Vergil

>> No.2723026 [DELETED] 

Koopa please don't read these

Koopa Fartuna
Koopa Rotunda

any more ideas? I think these days she's busy watching and interacting with all the indie vtubers that she doesn't come to these threads anymore. So we can discuss shit like this without her knowing...

>> No.2723118

She's always here, don't get cheeky.
I'm glad he included Koopa, gives her some exposure, but Incredibly sad he didn't include any of the gorls. Nina especially deserves a mention and some more advertisement.

>> No.2723120

Koopa Braptuna

>> No.2723132

Poopa Rotunda

>> No.2723159 [DELETED] 

For what purpose? I like Koopa Rotunda

>> No.2723250

Shoopa Dawhoopa

>> No.2723257

She wouldn't be the first mommy that left me

>> No.2723450

Now that brings me back. As expected of oldschool troopas.

>> No.2724007

He included her for a shit reason - CEO went to actually say Koops is an amazing streamer in her own right and I hope that's what people will see first.

>> No.2724102

Did the one troopa get banned right now?

>> No.2724173

Yes, I saw the exchange on twitter after the post and had a momentary urge to strangle the clipfaggot.

>> No.2725928

how to into koopa?
i only saw her debut and membership announcement when those happened
what are the best koopa streams so far?

>> No.2726124

I honestly can't even choose, all her solo streams are great, pick any.

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>> No.2726424

All of the RE4 streams were fun

>> No.2727593

How the fuck the outfit revel turned into cremation zatsudan?
Also, 5000 for cremation? Jesus fuck, why is it so expensive? Over here it's 400 bucks at most.

>> No.2728972

>How the fuck the outfit revel turned into cremation zatsudan?
the magic of Koopa.

>> No.2729021

Wait, who got cremated? Funerals are a racket, we should all do that sky burial Plains Indians used to do

>> No.2729155

hey you can't use that word anymore

>> No.2729237 [DELETED] 


>> No.2729265


>> No.2729289

yeah that goes beyond boomer level

>> No.2730045

I'm late, have to watch every Koopa video from intro to today...

>> No.2730101

How many hours of Koopa content is there now? Has anyone counted?

>> No.2730713

Now in HD!

>> No.2733074

what did he mean by this

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Koopa please add your twitch links to your about page

>> No.2733274

Just doing what the boss told him to do

>> No.2733590


>> No.2733620

>just realized memberships on yt are gone

>> No.2733647

Takin a fat shit

>> No.2733675
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I'm still membered though?

>> No.2733744


>> No.2733854

Just checked again.
I got a prompt to renew card details and its back to normal, weird shit