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what next?

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from numberfags

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Finally, the number thread contributes something positive to the board.

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She totally could have played that off

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oh yes she knows exactly what she's doing

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Cool, but I'm not 11 years old to care.

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I opened the link knowing to listen for a fart and it STILL didnt sound like one.

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her water breaks and she gives birth to my child

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To be honest, I wouldn't think about the noise as a fart if Mio didn't say anything about it

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Sounds more like a queef than a fart.

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she's old anon it's only natural.

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You just gotta belib anon

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Of course she didn't
What would she say? That wasn't a fart?

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holy shit subscribed and membered

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Massive hololive yab

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haha nice one

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She shit herself so it wasn't a fart.

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shit comes with fart

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Where is /ringo/ wheen you need it

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no shit

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No it doesn't!
You fart without shitting
But you can't shit without farting

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I don't fart every time I shit..

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Intestinelet...farting is literally moving the turds down your intestine...

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I don't think so.

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read the thread anon

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sorry guys, that was actually me

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fuck you taiga you stupid cunt

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how did this affect her numbers

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Holy Kek. She actually farted. I can't stop laughing

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She became 1/4kg lighter

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But you can't shit without farting
... Yes you can? Anon are you okay?

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Cope and seethe Miofa, Let me remind you that I am the only who can me Mio sniff my fart and the only one that can sniff her fart freely everyday

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>See /b/omu
Think it's fake
Find out isreal.jpeg

>See mio brap
Think it's fake
Déjà vu

I should've trusted this website more

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> But you can't shit without farting
Anon, either stop eating tins of baked beans or have that checked out. It's not healthy

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based uncontrollable flatulencies hag

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I hope this makes her so self-conscious she starts wearing a buttplug when streaming

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It wasn't a shart idiots, just a fart. Get it right you fucking schizos.

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Is this it? Is this the return of BRAP memes?

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Anon, normal people don't fart every time they take a shit.
>Some digestive disorders that cause excessive farting include: autoimmune pancreatitis, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, dumping syndrome, eating disorders, gastroesophageal reflux disease, gastroparesis, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, lactose intolerance, peptic ulcer, ulcerative colitis
Now that's not to say you should never be farting while shitting. Of course there's doing to be some farts sometimes. But if you're farting EVERY time you shit, there is something wrong. See a doctor.

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Why is it cute when Mio does it but everyone has a meltdown when Mori does it?

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Matsuri pissed herself on stream

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because Mori is pig disgusting

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>Why is it okay when a sexy hag does it but not okay when a slag does it?
Are you gay?

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fart, japan

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Do brap fetishists actually want to sniff farts?
Isn’t that disgusting?

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conceptualize the fragrance

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It's about a woman degrading herself in front of you, not about the farts.

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We heard Mio's fart because she was doing torso-bending exercise.
We heard Calli's fart because she didn't close the bathroom door while shitting.

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I thought so but then there are these posts wanting to smell them

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She farted in japanese while Mori farted in english so you can understand it and it's disgusting

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They can do that in MUCH sexier ways that aren't repulsive.

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just envision the aroma

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>We contribute to many things but unfortunately the baiters keep taking graphs and stats we gather in the thread. Which leads to us becoming the Boogeyman for every single thing happening on this damn board.

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Who are you quoting

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fat people fart is more disgusting

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yeah the buttplug is my nose

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As it should be.

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I will now masturbate to this hag farting.

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I mean to write >we im retarded.

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who the fuck invented this webm and why

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Wait is there a Mori fart on audio?

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holy fuck lmfao

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It's kinda like a forbidden fruit. How can someone so pretty and perfect make something so gross?

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how new?

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It's from Animal Planet's 'The Most Extreme'

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Farting is not degrading. I fart on people all the time to assert dominance

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that's what you get for messing with luxiem fujos

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This board has collective yellow fever, so Japanese girls/hags get a pass.

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I like butt sniffing, but I dont like farts or scat. It's a hard fetish to have.

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Post the jaks coward!

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>idols dont fart
>cover claims their chuubas are idols
>holo chuubas can't stop farting on stream
holofags explain

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>idols dont fart

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you won't find an idol rip a fat one on concerts, not even on those dumb variety programs
that's what seiso really means, not being a degenerate in public

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Yeah so they do fart.

>> No.26582378

not on stream like holowhores

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I can't stop laughing at OP trying to sell this as if it was some kind of breaking news.

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>tells other cope

>> No.26582564

>pretends to make a joke
>is just a seething anti

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You only see idols briefly on stage when they're ready to perform. You see holos on-stream for hours at a time.
Its impossible for a vtuber to be seiso as a idol, because not even idols are that seiso.

And what are you? Some tribal nijjer? Can't be a indie watcher because those have some decency.

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CLchad and proud, you guys have niji rent free up there
>calls others seethe
I'm just keking at the holobraps over here brony

>> No.26582741

post history is right there, cope

>> No.26582765

hayama has often done it and her clips bout it have many views, but nobodys really surprised by it anymore.

>> No.26582777

I can't stop laughing. I like her even more now.

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>yellow fever
Isn't real never has been real using this term basically outs you retarded 3rd wave feminazi roasties everytime go back

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Mio barfing a handful of times didn't make you love her before?

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Hot. I wish she'd fart on my face.

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>mfw mio is the type of person who has less and less anal control as she gets older
>mfw in three or four years time, any amount of tensing in her stomach is going to cause her to fart uncontrollably

>> No.26583176

>go back
Where, ESL-kun? /jp/ perhaps?

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The sniffer attacks again!!!!!

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Does this mean she likes it in the ass?

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>do anal with mio
>her age means you barely have to use any lube because it can barely contract at all anymore
>after each thrust she lets out a fart, but can only let out a bit
>after a while you finish right inside her butt
>tummy is horting at max
>pull out
>massive, long brap followed by a sigh of relief

Wife material if I ever saw it

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Holy Fugg that's Hot!!

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wonder if she's this self conscious about it because of the "puking wolf" eop meme

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>Mio farting uncontrollably on your dick while doing anal

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I honestly didn't hear it, but then again I'm not a turbo autist reacting to every tiny sound that exists mid stream. Not that its implausible since she did more than a hundred situps during the stream.
Either way I love Mio, fart or no fart

>> No.26584470

>listening in on Mio as she masturbates, hearing her let out a fart every 6 to 8 seconds, culminating in a long brap during orgasm

>> No.26584539

vtuber are getting more and more sophiscated, now they have fart function? they really done it

>> No.26584601

Click the imgur link in the op, anonchama

>> No.26584817

Are you a boomer that thinks vtubers are ai or some shit?

>> No.26584847

I think you already know where and you don't need me to say it but one thing is for sure it ant /jp/ and it ant any place /here/ for that matter.

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>stop eating tins of baked beans

>> No.26586667

More is a fucking awful person who hates Hololive, her genmates, is an alcoholic and bad friend, needs constant m*le attention and is a wigger.

>> No.26587334

they are "virtual" anon

>> No.26587930

she also poisoned our water supply and delivered a plague unto our houses

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/b/omu IS fake retard

>> No.26589208

Prove it.

>> No.26589255

>Listen for a fart
>Dont even hear it
Is this another nothing burger?

>> No.26589313

Yeah I'm the child. Hi father

>> No.26589318

look at her actual doxx pics and the nudes, the nudes have a clear mole on the bridge of the nose while the actual doxx does not, they dont even look alike
trust me, i wish they were real

>> No.26589644

Yeah but can you prove it though?

>> No.26589704

55k views, her life is over, she can't become an idol anymore....
Let me take care of your precious eggs Mion.

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Because Mio barely got any fans in here, and most importantly, she's probably one of the most inoffensive girls in Hololive.
With the way she reacted she was probably dying of embarrassment for hours after the stream ended, and it's cute.
Sure, she's definitely going to get shitposted a bit but ultimately no one really cares.
The funniest part is that absolutely no one would've noticed that if she didn't private the stream, that hag isn't very smart.
However, this board got a massive hateboner for Mori and Deadbeats, so anything that could get used against them will be posted over and over and over again for years.

>> No.26592015

I guess I'm just too old for this because I wasn't amused like I would've been years ago.

To be honest it sounds more like if she had accidentally bumped a chair with rubber caps on the legs.

I hope you are into scat anon, there's a reason people doing anal shouldn't eat a few hours prior to doing it while also cleaning the inside and applying a shitload of water-based lube.

>> No.26594100

Embarassed Miosha is too cute

>> No.26594502

>I hope you are into scat anon, there's a reason people doing anal shouldn't eat a few hours prior to doing it while also cleaning the inside and applying a shitload of water-based lube.

Stop. I can only get so erect.

>> No.26596657

>The funniest part is that absolutely no one would've noticed that if she didn't private the stream, that hag isn't very smart.

She panicked, that's all, it ends up being super cute so it all works fine in the long run.

>> No.26597195

This is the final yab, this is the collapse of hololive

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>> No.26600878

At least she exercise.

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Curse of the Miko for cancelling a 2nd straight collab with her

>> No.26601869

Hypocrite trash board culture

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>> No.26601906

And it makes me hard

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File: 2.89 MB, 480x480, Just a little whiff.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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important news and important thread

>> No.26604233

What the fuck

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>> No.26605378

Mio has no idiot antis, at least not directly, people like OP are just generic Holo antis, the intensity of their attacks will vary in rhythm with the popularity of the chuuba, and often with their willingness to respond to this stuff, remember when Roboco did it and laughed it off instantly? nobody goes after that because she took it on stride and just went on with it (plus she's even less popular or a fighter), Mio at most has felt embarrassment and thus privated the video and went as far as denying it, which these animals obviously detect as a weakness, a crack on a perfect(ly nice) person that they have to exploit, otherwise who will do it?

>> No.26605463

Man I wished Fauna made a loud fart on stream too. Do you think she would delete the VOD if she farted too?

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imagine the smell

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>> No.26606925

>8 threads
>shitlords everywhere trying to confirm it
>shitlords everywhere trying to console it
Sure doesn't sound "cute" as it is "existing"

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File: 729 KB, 1155x1159, 1655688430197.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my brap collection grows once more. God has blessed us this day my friends.

>> No.26607216

uohhh!!!!! hag cellulite erotic

hag cellulite and flatulence erotic

>> No.26607249

Doesn't even sound like a fart. Just sounded like something fell.
Why are you schizos like this?

>> No.26607393

Your speakers are bad, it must affect your enjoyment of streams. How much did you spend on it?

>> No.26607506

She took a big ogre shit on stream and you could hear her turds plopping into the toilet water. It’s gross now that she’s fat. Would be hot if she were normal weight woman

>> No.26607987

get better headphones. could not more clearly be a fart. i'm not even that into this shit (not to say i didn't smile hard as shit when i heard it) and i'm not one to grasp at straws.

>> No.26608130

My dick gets hard as shit when Mio does it and I think about killing myself when Mori does it

>> No.26608296

>puked multiple times on stream
>adorable giggle
>blessed wheezes
>has sensitive bladder and uses a towel on her chair in case she leaks during scary games
>has now farted on stream
Eternally Based Wolf.

>> No.26608401

>has sensitive bladder and uses a towel on her chair in case she leaks during scary games
Wait what?

>> No.26608422

>>has sensitive bladder and uses a towel on her chair in case she leaks during scary games
the best part about that is she's said she doesn't wear underwear and that implies she doesn't wear any bottoms while streaming.
So maybe, she farted naked.

>> No.26608636

She probably wears nothing in the summer and just sweatpants in the winter.

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>> No.26609455

>has sensitive bladder and uses a towel on her chair in case she leaks during scary games

God that's so hot. How is this wolf so sexy? I love a girl with limited bowl and bladder control

>> No.26609825

Do you want me to give you details on proper anal sex? I could even make a little safe anal sex guide while basing it on how Mio's asshole should be like. Will take me a while though since I'm also working on another of Chloe getting teased whenever she fucks up the doors in Superliminal.

>> No.26610993

Please. Lay it on me and in as explicit terms as you can. For educational purposes obviously.

>> No.26611210

I'll add it to the list then, expect it to be done in a month or two since I'm very busy and not at home for the entire week

>> No.26611709

Where will you post it

>> No.26612271

/ringo/ chads can’t stop winning

>> No.26612316

In either a hag thread or Mio thread, probably both.
I still got to finish the Chloe one first .

>> No.26612534

that's more than just a whiff what the fuck

>> No.26614032

Personally, her weak stomach is my favorite. She'd puke with only an inch of cock in her mouth.

>> No.26616715

I think fauna would graduate out of embarrassment.
But still, imagine the smell.

>> No.26616970

Mio's tights tea

>> No.26617074


>> No.26617273


>> No.26617390

the fuck???
also this isn't just animal things, elephants are supposed to be HIGHLY intelligent, like to the point they hold funerals for their dead, recognize themselves in mirrors, and have a full self awareness of themselves. This elephant must be an actual concious degenerate

>> No.26617504

Fecal transplants can cure all sorts of things.

>> No.26618402

>Not saying big shrek shit
Wasted oportunity

>> No.26619398

>everyone has a meltdown when Mori does it
Nobody had a meltdown
The reactions are pretty much the same for both

>> No.26619412
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>> No.26619763

Young elephants have to eat the shit of older elephants. They don't have any gut bacteria if they don't eat shit. This one looks too old to be eating shit though, it probably just never dropped the habit. But it's normal for elephants to eat each other's shit.

>> No.26619885

>Thats a male elephant eating a female elephants shit

>> No.26620313
File: 80 KB, 512x512, 7EF530BD-5CF5-4DD7-A323-5103ABFC7E02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone surely recorded it???

>> No.26620490

Based retard

>> No.26621097


>> No.26621147

you forgot to mention that she's hairy down there

>> No.26621864

Are you people like 5 years old? Grow up ffs.

>> No.26622276

Relax Mio

>> No.26622881

>t. Gay

>> No.26624700

What are you a faggot!? Do you not smell a good brap when it hits your nostrils?!

>> No.26624783

Grandma wolf...

>> No.26625703

5-year-olds don't pontificate the aroma of released gasses of a sexy hag. This is a different level of degeneracy we're talking about here. No giggle games here.

>> No.26628761

>fat whore farts
>cute chubby milf farts

in reality the reactions to mori were pretty much the same, except if you get insulted when people call your oshi brapper

>> No.26629710


>> No.26630144

Old enough to respect other people fetish, I'm not into /ringo/ myself but I will not go diss other anons kink like a retard faggot like (You)

>> No.26630229
File: 13 KB, 367x129, capcha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

conceptualize the aroma

>> No.26631247
File: 811 KB, 480x271, 1633762056349.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.26632168

because Mio is cute, she could stab and it would still be cute

>> No.26632321

>5 years old

>> No.26632403

>she leaks during scary games
actual anime girl

>> No.26632422

Honestly i thought its some chair that hold her legs or something.
And anon, your link is retarded.

>> No.26632458


>Matsuri pissed herself on stream

So what.....its Wendsday now?

>> No.26633161

Not really rare, my mother has that issue as well, if you make her laugh like crazy or scare her glod she will leak due to age.

>> No.26634107

Imagine Gosling in Drive; you are there, he farts then looks back at you and smiles.
Redneck talks to you while shitting, brapping and rapping.

>> No.26634228


>> No.26635747

It's pretty normal for women by the time they're pushing 40.

>> No.26635965

>124 IPs

>> No.26636411

Thanks anons. Almost 100k views on this masterpiece.

>> No.26636954

Oh yeah, this is totally a "real" fetish, and not 12 year olds trying to one-up each other with their braaap sniiiiiff toilet humor.

>> No.26637081

but i actually want to sniff her anus ;(

>> No.26637490

This faggot hasn't licked an asshole clean and cum inside it in their life, you couldn't even imagine the pleasure of a good brap.

>> No.26638102

Mio is amazing

>> No.26638343

Reminder that when anons first posted the famous Mori Calliope fart audio file, the cuckbeat jannies deleted the posts and banned the users for it.

>> No.26638358

Sole of your shoes rubbing against the floor, your butt rubbing against the mat underneath you, elbows bumping against the some chair she has, or whatever else could have been used as an excuse if it even was a fart. Genuinely can't even hear one here since the mat that I use makes the same noise when my shorts or skin rub against it during exercises when I'm on my back or when my hands rub against it when I'm shifting during different pushups.

>> No.26638535
File: 50 KB, 584x782, 1654609037438.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mori is gross, Mio is cute
This makes us love her more, not bullying. Learn the difference

>> No.26638614

I'm not saying the Mio posts should be deleted by jannies anon. I'm just saying the cuckbeat jannies are retarded.

>> No.26638675

>t. Gay

>> No.26639038

it could be anything, but as you can see from this thread, people will make it out to be what they want
either way it doesn't matter, she's not losing her job over this

>> No.26639077

I'm pretty sure it sounds more like a fart than those things

>> No.26639206

Do your reps retard, then maybe you'd know

>> No.26639279

This is a thread about Mio's fart but it's was quite clearly the same girl.
Some freckle on the nose is literally useless since make up exists

>> No.26642806

How can you keep streaming after something like this?

>> No.26643050

By reading the posts saying how aroused people were

>> No.26643149

So did gura

>> No.26647778

Yeah, on me.