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Gonna marry her, I have to continue her bloodline bros

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>mama pochi will never nurture you and give you love and affection

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Made for Connor

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how does she make such hot women

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By tracing photos of herself

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God, nothing would make me happier than kidnapping her, locking her in my basement and making her my sex slave.

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She is actually really sweet to her audience.

Although she spoils the fuck out of her son,

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Is she a single mother? That would explain many things

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god i hope those rumors are true

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i don't think she would be pushing her incest fetish on her "son" if she was really a single mother.

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Why not bro, her art is pretty based

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>tfw you'll never come home and hear her say "wao" while giving you a hug


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*chair clattering*

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Are you a japanese 13 year old? You don't have chance if not

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Did anyone watch Lenri's karaoke last night it was pretty fun. Pochi was in the chat as well

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i try to watch pochi's family because i love pochi- sensei but it is really hard to force yourself to watch vtubers you don't actually enjoy

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How long until she start to study spanish?

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she has said multiple times she wants to learn English partially because she loves old American cartoons. So probably never? Although if she gets a massive influx of Spanish members maybe that will change.

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for a long time i thought pochi had a massive 5head

i only recently realized that her forehead was actually her bangs, i just couldn't tell easily because of the shitty color choices in her otherwise good design

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Anon you might want to get glasses

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>he doesnt know

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just check them out and stay if you enjoy the content anon.
There's not enough time in the world to do things out of obligation just because you like someone adjacent to them.

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Bro are you watching her on a fucking calculator or something

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but she always begs us to check out her family in such a cute way that it is hard to resist

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bro... your vision...

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please guide me

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Yeah, I didn't even know he was doing it, I just popped onto Youtube and saw that red icon it puts next to the name when someone's live. Real shame it's unarchived, I want to hear him singing about mom's spaghetti again.

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Big rrat if true.

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Bros. I'm in love with Pochi and it hurts that I'll never be her loving, supportive husband

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I miss the old googly eyed alien avatar

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You guys do know she's a hag, right?

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she grew up in the 90's. So at most 30.

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Pochi is a really sexy woman that You can find in Google images (no face tho)

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>she self inserts herself as Chiyo

I cannot stress how based that is

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How is it possible that a woman as perfect as Pochi exists?

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and? are you a faggot or something?

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You know nobody cares what you think, right?

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I wish I was her daughter

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Sounds hot.

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She looks brown or just the lightning?

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You can clearly see her right arm is lighter because it's in the light

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i want to violate pochi sensei!

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I just realized she's the one who made the Dagashi Kashi doujins...

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Just the lighting. Look at the whites of the drawing's eyes and the graininess of the darker areas of the photos. Pretty clearly taken from a mobile phone with a poor low lighting lens.

Source: Video editor

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>She made this beautiful ending
bros... I can't take it anymore... I NEED to marry Pochi-Sensei

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That's the appeal.

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I love milfs

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she's secretly black

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y-you can see her hands anon.

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Remember that Pochi is a based /m/ autist with love for THE - O

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body paint, dont get fooled

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Crazy how her ending is 100x better than the actual writers ending.

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oh 100%
I didn't even bother with the manga once an /a/non spoiled it for me and the doujin ending was so much sweeter than the actual series

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disgusting smut peddler. She should never be associated with hololive.

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>he doesn't know

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Don't know what? She peddles her disgusting smut and hololive somehow let her in so now their name is forever associated with an appalling degenerate.

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>he actually doesn't know

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>big cintiq? don't need it
>second monitor? no thank you
>I need that space for my gundams
I didn't even know it was possible to be this based.

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Just to clarify, I don't think that Pochi's room but just the one that caught her eye due to featuring Gunpla and THE O

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Ok Coomer

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Half of the first gen do degen shit
>Miko used to voice Dlsite JOI audio and a huge eroge fan
>Fubuki voiced a bunch of indie eroge
>Mel is proto-Noel
>Sora cooms covered otome game and likely still does behind the scenes.

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I love miko. She has my exact taste in visual novels. And shit, i didn't know fubuki did eroge. I am gonna have to find that shit.

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I guess that's a good thing. It would probably be nigh impossible to be a major artist or vtuber with that setup.

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Based coombro

>> No.2668979

>cooms covered otome game

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Fuck robots are so cool.

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You guys do realize she's a hentai artist right?

>> No.2672789

yeah and I'm currently waiting for DHL to bring me her latest thin book

I hope I don't get fucking owned bros

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i literally dont care because i dont look at hentai

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Yes, and?

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Hotaru had a mini boost in popularity because of her

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Yeah and it digusts me. Her being allowed into the hololive inner circle just attracted a bunch of coom brained porn addicts. She should just peddle her smut somewhere else. Porn should be banned.

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Just leave a like, maybe stay for the 30 seconds to add yourself to the viewcount at most. Spreading yourself too thin on chuubas you dont enjoy will just lead to you burning out and maybe even stop enjoying them.

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take your meds, schizo

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Neck faggot

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i dont disagree about porn bad but you should actually kill yourself

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Her teeth scare me.

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>She's a Zeta fan
Holy fuck, I want to pull a Mori Calliope and marry this woman

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>Love Koopa and Pochi
>They're both female /m/ autists

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>Fubuki voiced a bunch of indie eroge
I need a link to this, please I beg you

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this is her self-portrait

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that just means you have good taste.

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>tfw pochi will never whisper pic related to you

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bro just fuck them while their 20 then wait.
invest in your future.

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Pretty sure she's tweeted about being over 30, but that only makes it better

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>Only VTubing as a hobby, still better than most others
>Hentai mangaka, still comes off as purer than most
>Loves her fans
>Loves Lovecraft and horror
>Loves mecha
>Didn't fall for the GoT meme
>Hates yuri
How can one sensei be so based?

>> No.2688274

Holy shit I'm coooooming to friend

>> No.2688291


>> No.2688748

You okay there?

>> No.2689036

Damn, the Mamako thread died while I was making breakfast

>> No.2689117

>everything you could ever want in a woman
>wont be your waifu
what kind of cruel joke is this?

>> No.2689285

>Hentai mangaka, still comes off as purer than most
Because her hentai only ever depicts the purest forms of love.

>> No.2689511

knowing the artist that guy got off lightly

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It's criminal how much they love each other

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Sick and (relatively) old, also a massive dork

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tanned pochi

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I need to remind you all:



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Porn is a sin

>> No.2690307

>All the worst and mainstream gundams
Fake fan

>> No.2690321

I want to commit a sin with Pochi

>> No.2690331

Nothing sinful about two people who love each other physically consummating their love

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People read Pochi's stuff to get off emotionally

>> No.2690752

Does she write pornographic stories or stories with pornographic elements in it?
I'm sorry if that makes no sense

>> No.2690845

The former, and then heartwarming slice of life stories based on her pornographic material.

>> No.2690901

Probably waited / waiting for prince charming.

>> No.2690919

Not for long. I'm gonna marry her.

>> No.2690991

Got passed around and left with kids. Japanese men don't like used goods or moms no matter how hot they are.

>> No.2691006

twitter sauce?

>> No.2691130

She's already my wife

>> No.2691143

That guy has something from almost every series just from what I see sitting here, what are you talking about?

>> No.2691219

There's no evidence of her having kids of any kind

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There's no fucking way.

>> No.2691507

If you compare that drawing with her model, you can see that the mole is in the same place.
This also implies that she has one on her breasts.

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uh oh

>> No.2691646

This could make for a very heartwarming incest story.

>> No.2691771

Shota cum is the best youth preserving cream you haven't heard of

>> No.2692027

I want to KISS sensei

>> No.2692149

She makes regular manga doe

>> No.2692193

as a person who fapped to porn earlier yep it's a sin and I regret it

>> No.2692218

Ane Naru Mono is one of the few things I never regret fapping to

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>downer big breasts
What the fuck does she mean by downer, sagging?
Also I thought she was on the flatter side irl?

>> No.2692307

She's like 32 (or turning 33 this year I believe)

>> No.2692336

IIRC, she meant it in a "this person is melancholic most of the time" way
Her birthday is April 23. We should do something for her.

>> No.2692507 [DELETED] 

Nice cope coomer. Continue rotting your brain with smut. I'm so mad that this smut peddling whore is associated with hololive.

There is always time to heal brother. Never give up hope.

>> No.2692550

I want to knock up this christmas cake

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Imagine replying to low effort bait

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>> No.2692934 [DELETED] 

I have to help lost lambs like >>2692193

Also, I have to defend the honor of hololive lest people think they are a smut company thanks to people like Pochi.

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Hololive are a smut company selling people lewd friend simulators

>> No.2693190

You're trying way too hard, m8. The person you're pretending to be couldn't exist on this planet.

>> No.2693193

>Miko, Marine, Noel, Mel, and a few others try to get people hooked on this stuff too and actively bring it up
>ignores this
hololive was always shit, people just choose to ignore it and enjoy themselves. so just ignore it baitfriend.

>> No.2693240

I wish they weren’t but sadly a good chunk of the female members exist solely as that.
It’s an uphill battle you’re fighting. I’m sorry for your struggle as it likely won’t get far. This world is just that cruel.

>> No.2693291

You retards should off yourself instead

>> No.2693311

The way she says 10Q is cute too

>> No.2693436 [DELETED] 

Miko is as pure as freshly fallen snow

>> No.2693479

how do I unlock the Pochi romance route?

>> No.2693645

restart untli you are born as a japanese boy

>> No.2694328

You say that as if its a bad thing.

>> No.2694744

Don't, dude, it's tragedy bait. She falls ill and dies right before your wedding

>> No.2694775

Pochi says she can't be your wife, but she can draw you a wife.

>> No.2695611

WAIT WHAT Damn, she went from A tier straight to god tier for me!

Even better!

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She is most well known for her Dagashi Kashi doujins, her Ane Naru Mono manga/H-manga, and illustrating the Light Novel for Okaasan Online

>> No.2695739

Is Okaasan Online any good?

>> No.2695761

It's decent, but I'm a lover of puns.

>> No.2695892

What's the lore behind her name, Pochimaru/POCHI-GOYA? Or is it just random?

>> No.2695942 [DELETED] 

Can Hololive not afford real artists? Is that why they had to resort to a degenerate who peddles smut? That is really sad.

>> No.2696121 [DELETED] 


0/10 you're just butthurt

>> No.2696143

It's low effort bait, anon. Why are you giving them attention?

>> No.2696155

Yes I do pochi....

>> No.2696240

I knew about Ane Naru Mono and Okaasan Online, but I never realized these Dagashi Kashi were from the same author!

>> No.2696392

Name of her doujin circle
Roboco's designer: kuromaru9 who drawn a bunch of loli ryona stuff like this
Mel's designer: Ayamy
Known doujins: レムは今日絶対やりたい!, LOVELIVE! x LOVEMAID!
Matsuri's designer: Minamura Haruki
Known doujins: ある晴れた日の祭典!?, はにまに準備号
Aki Rosenthal's designer: Azumi Akitake
Known doujins: 艦娘ノ記録 鹿島編, 艦娘ノ記録 プリンツオイゲン編
Akai Haato's designer: Haruyuki
Known doujins: えっちゃんの本, 艦これの本!, 邪ンヌの本 その壱
And those are only for Gen 0 and 1. Do I need to post more, you fucking retard?

>> No.2696564

Is it true Pochi based Reine on herself

>> No.2696577

quit responding to bait, just report him and move on

>> No.2696591
File: 1.70 MB, 1500x2000, EvdfK_NVkAMCQSu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 135 KB, 863x1200, Tomorrow will be better.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No. It's said that Chiyo is an idealized version of Pochi, though

>> No.2696703 [DELETED] 

I'm curious as to why you are ok with this?

>> No.2696733

I've noticed a trend where Vtubers who have large breast IRL often request or make their models have smaller if not outright flat chests. Obviously not always the case it does happen.

>> No.2696746
File: 227 KB, 1500x844, Birthday Meteo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But do you know about Pochi's forgotten daughter?

>> No.2696754

Gonna respond to your shitty bait because you're one annoying retard.
They are good artists.
End of story.

>> No.2696809

I wonder if there's bad blood between her and Pochi?

>> No.2696812

And why are you not okay with this?
>inb4 huh duh porn bad, muh Christian values
Being so repressed is the reason why there are so many boy-touching pedo in the church.
How the hell do you think you are born? A stork delivered you to your front door instead of your parents doing a the horizontal Tango dance?
Ask your parents if they've ever consumed pornographic materials of any kinds and 100% they would say yes.
Now you can do the world a favor and jump off a building instead of bitching about some woman drawing fictional porn with her Lovecraftian OC characters on a basket-weaving image boards.

>> No.2696815

Is there any truth in people saying she is a mother

>> No.2696826

She will be the mother of my children.

>> No.2696839

No, especially since she became a VTuber because she was so starved for human interaction.

>> No.2696887

I hope not. Meteo seemed to still hold her in high regard last time I talked to her.

>> No.2696914

Probably just a business commission and they aren't close like other people using avatars drawn by her

>> No.2697069

To quote a certain song: "we never talk about that bastard son" or daughter in this case
But as >>2696914 said, Meteo's avatar was most likely a business commission and it was agreed by both parties not to include her in the Pochimaru family. Meteo still credits Pochi as the designer in her twitter bio and Pochi is also following her on twitter

>> No.2697235

We should do something for her birthday

>> No.2697296 [DELETED] 


>> No.2697321 [DELETED] 

I can bet the answer would be no. I've tried to live an honest life of dignity and honor. I found hololive to be fun and family friendly entertainment. Turns out that under the surface is a devilish pit of sin. It's shocking to me.

>> No.2697383


>> No.2697411

no, she'd likely die if she tried to have kids, she avoids having a relationship because she doesnt have long to live and she doesnt want to do that to someone
too bad I'm already in love brehs

>> No.2697423

(I don't have the image saved and I miss her a lot.)

>> No.2697746

Something other than drowing her in akasupas you mean?

>> No.2698914

aggie io collage?
just dont tell her its from here

>> No.2699001

Does she not like us?
I've rarely seen a bad word said about her on this site

>> No.2699037

Nah, she can probably relate to us since she most definitely used to browse 2ch back in the day. It's just that it would be a bit strange, I think.

>> No.2699103

Nobody likes us, not even Risu

>> No.2699128

>I've rarely seen a bad word said about he ron this site
You apparently weren't here earlier to see the schizo, lol

>> No.2699130

I thought most of the posters here are mid late 20s anyway

>> No.2699173

Mel does lewd ASMRs and has a beautiful ass

>> No.2699547

any word on when her next stream is gonna be?

>> No.2699592

She recently stated that she wants to stream Monster Hunter soon.

>> No.2699783

Can you back up your claims?

>> No.2700259

okaa-san online is an illustrator self-insert fantasy

>> No.2700918
File: 568 KB, 676x1000, Hotaru easy access.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pochi is based and paizuripilled

>> No.2701823

Will she make another book with her rise character for old times sake?

>> No.2705008

Imagine Pochi paizuri

>> No.2708662

Pochi might stream soon, so look forward to that.

>> No.2708785

Where can i find these evidence if i know their roommates?

>> No.2709778

so we good on the aggie collage?
just say its from a discord channel or some shit
or maybe just make it subtle that its from here

>> No.2710693

I personally would prefer not to even hint about this place. But yeah, collage sounds good

>> No.2710752


>> No.2712207

someone should make a thread, a week before her birthday then make an aggie room

>> No.2713458


>> No.2714107

She's still younger than me, she's in prime breeding age for me!

>> No.2714152

Her birthday is less than a week away

>> No.2714220


>> No.2714347

Why is this not her avatar?

>> No.2714924

Likely doesn't want people who only watch her for her tits

>> No.2715220


>> No.2717339

best mama

>> No.2718907

I want to hug Pochi and tell her everything will be all right

>> No.2719234

>tfw will never be yuu-kun
sucks desu

>> No.2720580

>I cannot be your wife, but I can draw you a wife
>I cannot be your mother or sister but I can draw you a mother and sister
I kneel

>> No.2720745
File: 66 KB, 720x777, 1617910578815.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's genuinely depressing that I'll never get to be anything but a viewer to her, but at the same time I am happy that we can make her happy by talking to her in this way.
That's life bros.

>> No.2724966

I need Pochiwife

>> No.2724973

I cannot pay your wage, but I will draw you a wage
>Your boss

>> No.2725258

I want to invest my semen in the pochibank.

>> No.2726166

The Pochiwomb

>> No.2728062

pochi laugh

>> No.2731661

It couldn't possibly be her room. She draws on an iPad Pro.

>> No.2732070

>She draws on an iPad Pro
The fuck?

>> No.2732148

Yeah, she's mentioned it a few times.

>> No.2732192

How the fuck can she draw that well on an ipad

>> No.2732237

Sensei skills

>> No.2732277

I figured it out because of the context menus and keyboard that showed up during one of her drawing streams. The keyboard was too small onscreen to logically be a non-Pro iPad.

>> No.2732358

>She draws on an iPad Pro.
Are the new ones a lot better? I remember the originals being absolutely horrible for drawing on, I went to an art exhibit years ago and a painter had a small section of his digital art and it was just awful

>> No.2732586

>wont be your waifu
She'll draw one for you though

>> No.2733896

So, are we going to draw something for her or not?

>> No.2733955

I don't trust you guys to not fuck with the drawings and not delete shit

>> No.2733987

That's fine, I can try to make my own art.

>> No.2734346

Can we import layers or anything?
Having your work erased feels awful

>> No.2734491
File: 529 KB, 1920x1080, 1507095799095.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Literally looks like older Reine

>> No.2734547
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>> No.2734600

I can't draw but I will write *chair clattering* where appropriate

>> No.2737727


>> No.2739302

Sensei is going to the hospital

>> No.2740095


>> No.2740738

It's just a regular check-up. She'll be fine

>> No.2742638

She was prescribed more medicine. Someone please save her...

>> No.2743015 [SPOILER] 
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I wish I was better at drawing

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>> No.2744268

so am I, incel, time sadly moves without stopping and teenagers aren't really in my strike zone anymore.

>> No.2745157

ダウナー (Downer) is a personality trait in the same way you call some characters genki

From Weblio:


>> No.2745823

I'll care for her for the rest of her life

>> No.2747564


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