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A man adored by 4channers and Redditors alike.
Say something nice about him.

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I want him to fuck me in the ass.

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I want to fuck him in the ass

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fuck him

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want to

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what CEOs should aspire to be
greed ruins most major corporations, but Yagoo seems to have a higher purpose

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enslaving broke girls and making them pander to incels for profit is not a higher purpose

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I wanna suck his dick i heard his semen transform men into beautiful sexy chuubas. Ask kroni.

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No. I don't worship CEOs because I am not a class cuck.

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Do you think yagoo would accept a one night stand with a random nobody like me?

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Only if you're fuckable.

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Imagine sucking millionaire cock.
They're not your friend stop worshipping them.

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Sucking millionaire cock implies being a trophy wife.
Not the worst deal you can get, really.

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Confirmed heterosexual.

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Looks kinda cool

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guy a goldmine for my oshi chammers to make fun of

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Objections hearsay!

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suck it commie.

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I am going to join hololive to fuck yagoo.

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All of you faggots who deepthroat this man are at the very least spiritual redditors who are too new or ignorant to remember the many times he and his incompetent managers have fucked over your oshis

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i need pictures
pictures of yagoo

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Come blow him up i know you want to.

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he has a nice cock

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God I love this man, he is so wholesome whenever he talks to the girls.

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asian dan schneider

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I love yagoo so much, ame, kiara and mori would be nothing without him and I thank him EVERYDAY that he blessed me with their existence.

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The modern day Zun

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The ultimate pimp

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my ass is only for him

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He's cool

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This really is an unironic reddit thread

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He sucks at drifting and was supposed to bail Tokyo after losing to based gaijin, but events turned out differently for some reason, I guess.

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Pimping ain't easy.

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