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what would you give for this three way?

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Theres only 2 in the picture genius

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my life

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I would suck both of their cocks

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I'd rather Suisei and Noel for some contrast

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Nothing. Coco has long since overstayed her welcome

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>to be the foreign guy that gets to be in between Coco and Noel
I would gladly learn fucking Portuguese in Brazil if it would mean getting to be the reason why the national average height in Japan will be raised by at least 10 cm

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I would sacrifice my soul to Calli to get a chance to suck of their titties

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my left nut

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not much

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About tree fiddym

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I would take cocock up my ass while mating pressing Noel and self-asphyxiating myself in her tits

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Who's the third?

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About three fiddy.

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Cut Coco out and I'd pay maybe four times what Noel usually makes for her roommates gravure porn. You can't convince me that theres anyone here that would ever be able to maintain a boner to completion with Cocos shrill voice scratching against your eardrums.