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What did we learn in the thread today, anons?

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Stuff you did 10 years ago can still affect you.

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>schizos get party vanned
>/vt/'s threads quality improves
I hope

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it's only see pee if she's younger than 12, so this board is filled with retards, which is nothing new

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>oh no
>the consequences of my own actions can indeed affect me

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she is a woman anon, accountability doesn't come naturally from her

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That korone is a whore who kissed miko even though she had okayu

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Apparently small Japanese children carry around this buzzer thing that informs police that they’re in danger. I had to learn this the hard way

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This. Attention seeking women. I bet her male co worker are laughing at it right now

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That Omegay was right. He, forma de Her, was right to block Nipplesanji EN collabs

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Pomu is a whore.

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by reading literally any loli doujin?

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wasn't this well known even before all of this

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she hasn't even responded to anything yet though

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Something I learned today is that >>26289885
smells like horse and should take a shower.

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Oh great, what happened now?

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seething pomutard
kobochad is right

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what part of the hard way you don't understand?

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That Coco is still more popular and beloved than her other persona even to this day

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you're not a pedophile, you're just edgy.

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Don't watch NijiEN

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pomu was found

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/vt/ taking yamato autist seriously

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Discussion of the following Virtual YouTubers is hereby banned on /vt/:

Mori Calliope
Pomu Rainpuff
Kobo Kanaeru
Kureiji Ollie
Vox Akuma
Tokoyami Towa

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wtf I thought I had her perfectly stored inside of my jar.


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I mean, Coco is a martyr. Her present persona is unremarkable.

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You still smell like horse no matter how much you try to deflect and cope kobocuck. I understand water is valuable in your SEAmonkey tin shack village but that's no excuse to not wash.

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correct, it was an edgy joke

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I am polish you nigger
but keep deflecting like a champ and white knighting your whore

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Nijinigs in shambles

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>I am polish
come unclog my toilet Vlasgh24824c82gwyk

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Don't you have a Russian invasion to prepare for?

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JP doxxer connected the dots and claim to have unveiled Pomu's RM, this include clue on how to find her nudes.

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That minor characters shouldn't have lore.

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>I am polish you nigger
So a subhuman that has to come defend his fellow subhumans? Rumao you're the gift that keeps on giving.
>I-if you don't like K-kobo you're a N-N-NIJINIGGER!
Now this is some serious cope. Don't you have some shit to eat like your fave indog?

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nijinigs using holochad images will always be funny and sign of their inferiority

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that there are women on the internet

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Is this doxfag shit because I don't care or seek out doxfag shit

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I could've linked like 6+ instances of you obsessing over a horse, and tell you to suck my gigantic horse cock, rorurumao

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And 'course i never, the door was too open, it was like you wanted to be called just that. eheehhehhahahhehhhhHAHAHAHHA

Nijikek get the rope, do yourself a favor and hang yourself, yeah?

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That I want a questionable age emotionally unstable cosplay gf

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>Gets absolutely BTFO by an actual Hololive fan
>N-no you're a Nijinig not a Holochad [intelligable monkey noises]
I will use Hololive images as I wish, as I am a Holochad, unlike you you falseflagging nipplenigger. Post merch if you're really a Holochad and not some leech looking for free shit.
>So mad he has to make multiple seething posts and talk about "muh dick"
Kobocuck this is getting embarrasing. Not only are you talking about your vienna sausage dick you're doing some cringy MUHAHAHAH 12-year-old tough guy act. Please do everyone a favor and hang yourself asap so someone more deserving of that oxygen can put it to better use.

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Germanic and Slavic people are literally the strongest race there is, anyone saying something different is either:
- a Jew
- a Nigger, Sandnigger, SEANigger
- a chink, gook or similar subhuman
- a burger
- a lazy mediterranean
- a spic
- french
or has any combination of these subhumans as ancestors

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>an actual Hololive fan
Wow how you doing fellow Holobros, now let me just go to hlgg real quick and snatch any random image

Im truly a fan, HAHAHA they WONT EVER expect this!!11

>You mad vro wordswordswordswords everything you, bad. I WIN HAHA

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>Germanic and Slavic people

They do not like being grouped together.

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