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Rate the Holocouncil originals
For me its
>Play dice
>Anus tart
>Let me leave this place

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I will put a new start at 2.
If we are talking about the best Holo En originals, then without a doubt
1)Till the End of Me
3)Play Dice
4) Reflect/Sink again, Rise again
5) Capsule(because Suisei fucking killed it with that song)
6)Bare your teeth/Q
7) Here comes hope
8)A new start
10) End of a life

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>sink again, rise again
>Bare your teeth
What songs are these?
And how come i have never heard of them

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Unfortunately, they aren't on YouTube as t
Journey Never got a youtube release officially.
You can listen to them on Spotify or have to find them on YouTube by surfing
Bare your teeth is like an improved version of Here comes hope.

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1. Play Dice
2. A new start
3. Daydream
4. Let me leave this place
5. Astrogirl
But really only Play Dice is great. A new start is nice, while the other 3... Exist?

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Good ears.
Only major change I'd make is End of a Life at around 4. One of few good things to ever come from Mori. I can relate so much to the lyrics too. If only Mori was mature enough to really understand her own lyrics.

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