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>No definitive date but it's happening sometime this year
>The girls are flying to Japan for the debut

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I fucking hate chink flu

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I want Moonautism

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Imagine Risu's tail in 3 dimensions.

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This is your 1(one) chance, Moona.
Maybe Iofi, Pochi, and even Sora will get to meet for an off-collab, whenever it happens.
The only thing that's for sure is that they are not travelling to Japan ONLY for 3Ds so a lot of things and meeting could/will happen. And they may get home3D after this

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home setup meme is finally dead
mori debut soon

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Imagine Pekora and Moona having a 3D collab while Kiara is in chat

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My daughterwife Risu deserves it. Moona Peko cringe inducing offcollab soon

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Believe in her for once

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But sensuously like FPBP said >>2577826
Fuck this chinkflu

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I just cum

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excited for them. they've worked hard and deserve it
>it's too bad there's no chance for a Kira Kira Family 3d stream though
>he didn't watch the stream

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Fuckin' hell, this isn't even april 1st anymore. Are they really doing this or not?

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It's a joke inside the joke, but the 3d announcement is real lmao.

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>sometime this year
December 31 11:59 PM debut IKZ

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>flying to japan
do indogs really?

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It's over, friend.

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It's legit. Watch the stream

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>Japan for the debut
then they got the jab
sorry bros... your oshi is infertile

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Should we praise him?

But one year? Not immediately?
Well at least there is 3D confirmation for our girls

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Fuck Sinos

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Will they get a Hologra episode?

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I don't see why not

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they don't even get clips on the main holoJP page. at best they'd get a one off like that Eilene bitch did

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>Moona's boobas in 3D

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>Pekora x Moona Hologra
>Risu x Korone Hologra
I need it

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pekomoona offpako is inevitable

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>peko meeting a foreigner irl
>with that crippling social anxiety
you sure about that anon

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Moona your Japanese reps........

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best chance is at a studio, no chance they're meeting outside of it.

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They're going to have sex at akihabara. So yeah

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>EN gets nothing still.
Nyanners alone has more outfits than all of Holo EN.

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Can't wait for those massive Moona's Milkers and ass in 3d no less

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Give it some time. ID1 have been around way longer than EN, so they get senpai treatment

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I like the chicken but it's really fun seeing her getting NTRd

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> Small indies with 3D self-made models from the start streaming from their homes with accurate full-body motion capture with very small investment, using combination of DIY trackers, consumer-grade trackers from VR sets and open source software
> It took more than a year for a multimillion dollar company just to hire some freelancers to make 3d models for the talents
> They have to travel to another country to use motion-capture studio
> Their 3D still sucks

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Link those indies

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I'll be waiting for Moona's Moonas in 3D

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Nene rounds off all of holo JP with ID1 next in line, so you bet your ass once that is possible then EN 3D will be top of the list encircled 3 times

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Yeah why not. Pekora would be awkward as fuck when they meet, but she would be reminded that the girl in front of her is the Moona she knows, and it will flow nicely just like their collabs.

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Everyone seems forget since gen1 going to holostudio, there's like 90% chance those three are going to do an offcollab with coco suisei and kanata because their house is close to holostudio

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Kek. I bet kiara never even met Pekora irl either. And kiara was even in Japan. Also, kiara doesn't actually care about Pekora, just her fame, so she can leech.

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Considering how long it's been since the last time they did a real collab and the hype a offcollab could bring a stream like that has a good chance of being one of the biggest Hololive non debut streams literally ever.
It would also be the greatest cringe kino imaginable and I want to see it.

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Wait a second, i thought you guys told me Cover only cares about the numbers? Why is ID getting 3D if they get such low numbers, i thought Cover was supposed to disband EN and graduate all of them for getting 5k views now?

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If by "self made" you mean commissioned for thousands of dollars and with months of development then sure.

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the real question is why it took them so fucking long

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I also like Kiara, but you can't really say that she's getting NTRd if she's never even been close to Pekora.

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after the collab she said she doesnt care about her anymore anyway

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They started working on the models 3 months ago, so now they are probably ready or really close.
I guess that they did not want to make the announcement sooner because they don't know when the girls will be able to come to Japan.

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Japan still isn't letting in visitors from most countries, that includes Indonesia.

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>It would also be the greatest cringe kino imaginable
That's the charm of PekoMoona. I'm actually anticipating their collab more than the ID's 3D.

Can you imagine the cringe, the awkwardness, the language barrier? Now in real life! Face-to-face!

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the last time pekora did an off collab with one of her friends they stopped speaking to each other for 5 months (and still counting) so i'm not sure if this is a good idea

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Just make the offcollab in the studio using 3D.
I can't even imagine how people would react.

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Fubuki needs to lock Oga away quick

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she still acts like a schizo creep when talking about or to pekora, nothing changed.

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Talking about Miku?

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This is exactly what I tough, also nene doing 3d debut this week so they don't want to steal too much attention from her

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Moona isn’t female Johnny Knoxville into doujins anon...

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Why am I not surprised there's a Kiara mention in an ID thread, you cunts just can't let it go.
False, she said she sees her different now because she is a co-worker you lying faggot.

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>one of the biggest company men in hololive
>doesn't retweet or congratulate any ID girls for 3d

Friend is afraid

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Eh it happens, you can't really do much about it.
Thank god that it has slowed down after their speudo-collab.

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Cover is not Nijisanji

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She's the most supportive one too so it's really odd

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Yeah, just don't check the current time in Japan.

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Man, Jodi's face looks really retarded. It's weird, because she has a good all the elements there to make a really cute girl, but maybe is the model or I don't know what, but she looks really dumb. Hopefully they upgrade they 2D soon, like they did for some of the Holojp chuubas.

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>need to fly to Japan for this

what's the point

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Anon out here teasing EN gen 2.

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Once Cover have their 3D models it's just a matter of voice recording so I don't see why not.

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They are probably going to get home 3D sometime after they get back considering that they won't have access to thee studio.

>> No.2581787

It's gonna be incredibly awkward if it happens.

>> No.2581806

you can bet your ass they are gonna stay at the holohouse


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It's going to happen, it's going to be the best cringe kino and it's going to surpass their first collab in views.

>> No.2581855

Fuck, I mean Iofi.

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>karaage kun 35th birthday
>bakatare monhun collab
let friend sleep, thank you

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Turkey 3D when?

>> No.2581896

I can't fucking wait

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I really hope they did well on the modeling of Risu's 3D because her 2D looks janky as fuck. Iofi's 2D design always looked kind of awkward as well, something about the head-neck-shoulder proportions?.

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Can't wait for Risu to eat my nuts on 3d .

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waiting to see if moona is a good dancer, the rrat said she was a irl idol before bc an autistic moon kek

>> No.2582043

How's Moona doing on her reps?

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People are just skeptical because this is the first time that a side branch received 3D and we don't really have any point of reference. (I'm not counting CN because they didn't really have the time to use their 3D)

>> No.2582119

she said the magic is gone because now she know who she is, if she isnt fangirling over her anymore, what else if not caring about her because she saw who she is irl?

>> No.2582129

Let's just say that we would get a lot of Pekoenglish from a off collab.

>> No.2582150

such as:
hey moona! moona! ah!
ah! not there moona!

>> No.2582180

She has talked about regularly having dancing classes, so she is probably decent at least.

>> No.2582246

Please, Moona clearly has the premium Usaken pass to do whatever she wants with Peko.

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Not going to spoil any good indies here, but that Russian e-thot who once collabed with Moona uses self-made (not commissioned) 3d with full body tracking and she doesn't need to fly to Japan to do it. Among indies it's not that uncommon by any means.

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the kiara/moona rivalry is the fakest shit i ever seen. do you think mori/kiara teetee is real too you fucking simpleton

>> No.2583440

CN gen 1 got 3D models that they only used for their graduation streams, anyone who thought ID and EN weren't gonna get 3Ds was delusional

>> No.2583468

>do you think mori/kiara teetee is real too
but it is

>> No.2583682

thats how you print money

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stop derailing the thread you seanigger faggots

>> No.2583904

this is ID thread
get out whito pigu

>> No.2584583

They do if you go for work reasons. You can even live there if You go because of work.

>> No.2584697

By your reasoning ID and KR would be dead already.

>> No.2584706

The confirmed meet up are kira-kira family, pekomoona & moona kureha

>> No.2585647

hopefully they go all in on milking the pekomoona ship. my wallet is ready.

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She only said that because Pekora completely cold shouldered her in their cringy ass collab lmao

>> No.2585952

>they still have to do 14 days of quarantine

i hope they stay at least a month then...

>> No.2585964

>365 days
It's their anniversary, dummy

>> No.2586096

point your index finger at this anon, throw your head back and laugh.

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I can already hear her seething

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This means HoloEN will get 3D.

>> No.2587926

Damn Nostradamus, next you'll predict the sun will rise tomorrow

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Lol get fucked, I'm just happy about it

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No! Be frendry!

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I just imagine Moona meeting Pekora, then she give her a Pororo, then Pekora show the Pororo in one of her streams, and i can live happy.

>> No.2589742

This means Holostars will get 3d. Or even wilder, a calibrated 3d

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In a serious question, how much is an international plane ticket relative to how much the average indonesian/malaysian makes in a month?

>> No.2590012

I feel they should invest in offices in other countries so they don't have to fly them all to Japan every time. If they are planning to expand worldwide as they say, it would be good to start early. Let's say a ballpark of 10~15 members in a sub branch and earn good money is when you build another office to reduce costs in the long run. Add a recording studio to crank out high quality songs so the space isn't left unused for long periods of time. EN, at least right now, might be a problem for that since I don't think most of them live in the united states. That is if Cover actually does this since they are traditional to their benefit and detriment. They honor seniority but are a company that won't pivot to change unless they are forced to. They are more likely to react, rather than to innovate.

Well they already got rid of IN "temporarily" so whose to say they won't.

>> No.2590053

probably dirt cheap as no one is flying

>> No.2590220

google said the the min average wage is like 200 dollars, the minimum. So a ticket could cost 1 to 3 months of min wage probably, maybe less, all depends of the locations, and the airlines, some are really more cheap, specially if you dont have much equipment to move

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I banish you

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>> No.2590911

I'm unironically happy for them
And even tho faggots here are against PekoMoon (and yes, it will be cringe), I'm really waiting for it
Fucking scissors man, let's goooo

>> No.2591072

i lost my job because the chinks cant stop eating weird ass animals

>> No.2591227

Based, but wrong rep, try again Risu.

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get that chink Harto-sama.

>> No.2592820

It might even gonna be a record-breaking event in Hololive history.

>> No.2592943

>Well they already got rid of IN "temporarily" so whose to say they won't.
They won't tho? Ichikara said that NijiID are exceeded their expectation. And they're going to release an original album next month. Do you think that's what a flopped branch would do?

>> No.2593353 [DELETED] 

seriously FUCK CHINKS.

>> No.2593748

>The girls are flying to Japan for the debut
Fuck yeah, Pekora and Moona hug is coming and I will cry like a fucking baby.

>> No.2594005

True. Even though I think that Hana is a boring stacy, I can't deny the fact that if it weren't for her gaining some traction, NijiID would be in a real tough spot and may have gotten the same treatment as VEgo and Niji IN.

>> No.2594732

Niji best IDs is still the first batch right? I remember Zea and Taka also collab with JP members and even have cover songs with JP members.

>> No.2596854


>> No.2597138

equipment instructions for the staff, also bringing along some of it on the way back to id

>> No.2597368

Mr. Harto is based

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>> No.2599339

Will they get 3d bikini outfits?

>> No.2599459


>> No.2599758

What I'm wondering is who's fitting the bill for the travel and stay for them, wonder if cover actually spent some money on them or they're paying out of pocket.

>> No.2599936


>> No.2600755

Theyd most likely crash with JP. Holohouse maybe?

>> No.2600827

uohhhhh findom mommy! buy me burgers and peck me on the cheek!

>> No.2601272

If anything, this paves the way for eventual EN 3D someday

>> No.2602126
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>then they got the jeb

>> No.2602205

Ain't gonna happen. It's haram lol

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i wonder what kind of deal they make to get them go to japan

>> No.2602861

With travel visa? Not a chance. my best guess is if cover somehow can push business visa for them there might be a chance.