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This Virtual YouTuber (VTuber)'s name is Laplus Darknesss

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she is now going to eat ice cream

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Lapshit just got cucked by her gf wwwww

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Excellent thread, OP

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That's Yamada

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Desuwa killer

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i love my wife la+

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i wanna fuck la+

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She's my wife.

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back off shes mine i love my lababy

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im her gf btw

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thanks OP

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So as a joke, I went to my friend's house wearing La+'s horns and clothes. I could barely stop my laughter as he went as red as a tomato and looked at me from head to toe with a bit of drool in his mouth. The way he stared made made me feel a bit funny too, but I decided to tease him more by taking off my clothes. He asked me, "Are you serious?" and I said "Wagahai."

He went silent for what seemed like forever, so I asked him, "What's the matter kisama?" He said he's confused, but then his boner got really hard, which made me take off his clothes. I expected him to scream, "Stop!" as I kissed him and stroked his cock, but he instead shouted "Oh God, cunny!" which made me get a boner myself. Before I knew it, I was blowing him for the first time till he came.

His semen was so thick, it got stuck inside my throat no matter how hard I swallowed. He then said, "I want to fuck you now!" and seeing that we've already gone that far and we were both naked, I obliged. A few hours later, the jerk went all pale and said to me "Why did we do that? Now I'm not fucking straight." But he still looked so cute all confused like that, so I took pity on him and reassured while wiping his cum off my face, "Let's just pretend I'm still wagahai."

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I hear she will play the lead role in the hololive adaption of the cuckhold movie.finally a woman i can relate to.

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Show the goods. I need to see the ahoge.

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Why is it spelled with 3 S's?

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She's SSS tier.

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lacunny uoohhhhness

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