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>nyanners isn't a hypocrit

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Can you please fuck off and stop making these shitty threads?

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how old is this hag now anyways

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mid 20s, I think
she was underage b& when she got groomed

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man, if you thought nyanners was a hypocrite before her collab with kizuna ai, wait until you see what she gets up to after this.

her hypocrisy has been rewarded with a collab with the most famous early vtuber, sure she's not as big as she used to be but it's still a pretty huge get

my prediction is that she starts collaborating more and more with japanese vtubers, even those that like lolis, and learning more of the language in order to make more $$$. anyone who brings up this conflict of interest in her chats is immediately banned.

she may hate lolicons, but she's not against collaborating with them if it makes her money or makes her more famous

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she looks like she's in her late 30s though, even momentary contact with tumblr seems have a similar effect on a womans looks as an acid attack

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A reminder that she settled for second best job choice.
>but she makes more money vtubing!
Your dream job cares not for money.
Unless you were never actually interested in it and just thought it sounded cool.
>but now she has the door open to big roles!
Call me when she gets those big roles then.

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They're vtubers. Age is relevant since it affects taste, experience and vibe but how they look doesn't affect the content at all.

Why are you interested in this at all

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I still remember how she spent twenty minutes weasel wording herself out of saying she hates lolis and lolicons when she canceled that Nekopara collab even though it's clear to anyone who knows her what she really thinks of it and anyone who likes it. At this point anyone who simps for her is just burying their head in the sand and going lalala

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Western whores age like shit and become more delusional as time goes on

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Stupid carpetbagger whore

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Her fupa and terrible body doesn't jelp either.

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I know she's not super confident in her drawing skills, but I kind of want to see her do a drawing stream. I guess it's not high energy enough for her zoomer audience though.
>ywn shitpost with the Piss Goblin about old dead 4chan memes

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Have sex.

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Seeing Nyanners succeed and this board seethe at her success makes me so happy

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i just want the funny pink cat to be happy and successful
I swear that half of my favorite vchuubas are just whoever this board is fucking needlessly seething at

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I already have anon. Currently in my refractory period

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pink cat good

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Alright. Come here.

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pink cat bad

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>if you're mad on the internet, go jack off
Honestly, that's good advice.

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Nyanners, I say this as someone who's a big fan of you, leave this place and never come back. At the very least, do not engage with posts here. The schizos are not worth it.

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That's right, Nyanners is an /aco/ girl. Seething /vt/ pedos cucked once again

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>nyanners posts OC drawings on /pmg/
I want to beleeb

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how bout you fuck off

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thats what you're doing

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no you haven't

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thats what you're doing

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>She has to clarify she's not here.

Nice try, Nyanners!

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AO > pink loli cat

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>after the absolute blunder that the kizuna ai collab was
I see the copefest is still going strong

Cry harder white knights

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Spread your legs Nyanners. Not like you have to be told twice.

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Why would anyone watch the shitty knockoff pink catgirl, when they can watch a veritable rainbow of authentic japanese catgirls?

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thats what you're doing

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>after the absolute blunder that the kizuna ai collab was

What happened?

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It was boring as fuck and had less viewers than a pekora stream.

>> No.2568757

Nothing, the collab was fine

>> No.2568781

Awkward boring shit with even less viewers than their regular streams. VTrannyfags are still high on copium

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Nyammers was in it. Also Kazuna AI is Chinese property now.

>> No.2569125

Nothing it went really well.

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VShojo had about the same viewers as they do during their normal streams.

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Lmfao seethe more pedo.

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I watched Mouse's stream and it wasn't half bad. She got Ai-chan to say a few words in Spanish and spoke to Shiro for a little bit one-on-one.

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why do you think im nyanners?

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VTranny tears sustain me

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I hate you nyanners, I hope you stream on bilibili one day

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im not nyanners

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So she WAS here.

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I don't care nyanners, I hope bilibili offers vshojo a
binding contract so you are forced to stream to 6 million chinks like a monkey

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everyone was here when it was made. specifically she came and looked after someone told her people were talking about her

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Meanwhile on Honey-Bear-Bili


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I love the pink cat and I love seeing antis seethe at her success.

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My god the projection is hilarious

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ah, I didnt know she still came to 4chan.

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it really does sound like one or two people posting all the negative comments. they are all even written in the same way. I wonder if they got offended by a small pp joke or something.

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>say she doesn't come here anymore
>ah i didnt know she still comes here

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/vt/ is not all of 4chan.

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image only mentions vt. I thought she had stopped coming to 4chan altogether, but image seems to imply she still browses other boards.

>> No.2570314

how the fuck do you get that? so if someone in EU says
>I haven't been to new york in ages
you would go
>ah, I didnt know they were in America recently!

>> No.2570347

If someone said they were in New York a month ago It'd be fair to say they've been in America recently.

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nyanners has been browsing 4chan for years. if she made a post implying she was on the site at a minimum of a month ago, then it makes sense that she still browses.

>> No.2570425

what part of
>someone told her people were talking about her so she came to check it out
is hard to understand?

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Pink cat good and cute

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Yesterday's stream was great. We had fanart, old flash games, MeetNFuck soundtrack appreciation, life advice, emotional moments and boomer memes. Go watch the VOD.

>> No.2570572

anon, you clearly lack reading comprehension, so I'll spell it out for you. "I havent touched vt in like a month". If she didnt browse 4chan at all, she would say 4chan, not vt dumbshit. you keep saying shit that has nothing to do with the image and pretending like it proves me wrong
>hurr, people told me to check it out
>duh, I havent been to 4chan in ages
What i am talking about, specifically, is the line, "I havent touched vt in like a month." Jesus christ man. she probably stopped coming to vt because you replied to one of her posts. god damn.

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it was a pretty neat stream. very happy I got to watch this one live.

>> No.2570606

jesus, you're reading way to much into a fucking word choice, she said /vt/ because someone told her "dont go to /vt/", and she said "i haven't been to /vt/ in a month". why would she change it to 4chan?

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there are only 8 words in the sentence so yes, word choice matters. and even if it didnt, vt is on 4chan. quite literally, the only thing i said is I didnt know she still came to 4chan. why she came here, or who convinced/discouraged her from doing so had nothing to do with me remark. It was mild surprise that she still came to the site at all, which regardless of anything else that can be inferred from the message, we know she was here at least a month before making that message.

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>ah, I didnt know she still came to 4chan.
there are only 9 words in the sentence so word choice matters. she *used to* come here, a month ago. thats different from saying she still comes here.

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God I hate her
>4chan-era: teehee lolicons
>Tumblr-era: it is 4chan's fault I talk to strange men on the internet, 2d loli = pedophilia, fuck anime
>Now: Teehee I am a flat chested extremely short loli catgirl :^) I'm such a tiny flat gremlin, please don't give me superchats you degenerates teehee

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It's so funny seeing her market herself as a channer too young reddit kids

>> No.2570906

Newfags don’t get her humour. She’s a true channer trolling most of her viewers.

>> No.2570932

*used to* would mean something that she did in the past but longer does. I havent been to /k/ in like 2 years, does that mean I *used to* browse 4chan, or that I just havent been to that one board? I would say "I havent touched k in like 2 years." when people are familiar with something, they are usually specific when referring to it. considering she has been coming to 4chan for over a decade, she would definitely distinguish between single boards and the website as a whole.

>> No.2570955

I'm not used to seeing these things outside of 4chan. it's hilarious and really wierd.

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>> No.2571123

I dont know what to tell you man. she still comes to the site.

>> No.2571130

and how can you tell that from that post?

>> No.2571147

because she says she was here a month ago. and I dont believe that someone who has been coming here for over a decade decided to stop in the last month.

>> No.2571159

see >>2570425

>> No.2571176

you're just arguing in circles at this point. so I'll do the same.

>> No.2571196

>autism beam noises

>> No.2571222

>start dragging goalposts in a circle
>wtf why are you repeating the same arguments back to me!

>> No.2571320

>>start dragging goalposts in a circle
That's called keeping the goalpost at a specific point.

>> No.2571340

I've done nothing but explain why you're retarded. if a child isnt smart enough to learn something, you just have to tell them the way things are and hope one day they can figure it out. I've done my part. rest is on you friend.

>> No.2571464

nah, were done here. if you cant even follow a basic conversation im not spoonfeeding you

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>/pcg/ - pedo chaser general

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When the fuck are you niggers burying the hatchet? It's been almost a decade.

>> No.2572442

Shut up tower

>> No.2572449

Gotta make sure she has a fun thread when she comes back again!

>> No.2572502

yeah shut it tarantula the grown ups are talking

>> No.2572549

Boring, no one watched it because no one except China fucking cares about Kizuna AI, as expected.

>> No.2572625

pink cat bad

>> No.2572682

This cat is shit... she’s using old memes to lol about her being a coomer... how pathetic.

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Holy shit this thread is the biggest salt mine I've seen since the concert announcement

>> No.2573718

Hey I like Nyanners, but there's no denying Kizua AI is a has-been who was mismanaged by people who didn't understand what they'd created. The collab was lame and the concert will also be lame. People are blowing it up as if it's a big deal but in Murica, Nyanners is unironically a bigger deal than fucking Kizuna AI, this concert isn't important.

>> No.2574262

Everytime a nyanfag posts they remind me of the masked crying wojak

>> No.2578401

nyanners go back to discord

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He's roleplaying his delusions again, someone call a nurse for anon!

>> No.2578859

This is their way of coping with the success of the KizunaAI collab which they expected to be a total blunder. Let them have this anon.

>> No.2578904

god she is such so fucking fake.
everything you say is on purpose, you piece of shit. stop pretending.

>> No.2578976

did you like and comment on her new video yet bros?

>> No.2579010

>below average views for Kizuna

>> No.2579122

I don't give a fuck what you salt encrusted niggers say. Nyanners is entertaining. Watching her collab last week in vr with Mousey and Silvervale was fun.

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>ironic weeb
>i'm so horny xddddddd
>i'm so random xddddddd
>do you remember this old meme? I am referencing it right now! hilarious, right?
>haha thats uncharacteristic for an anime girl isn't it LEL


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>> No.2579545

>ironic weeb
>i'm so horny xddddddd
>i'm so random xddddddd
You just described any popular female vtuber

>> No.2579777

shut up, Nyanshit.

>> No.2579806

I do not get the appeal. I think she's kind of boring. Her schtick gets old after a couple streams.

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Free Nyanders Pomf Pomf protests of 2012 The Canadian Baby Seal Massacre The Anti-Nyanners Struggle The Great Nekopara collab The Great Pink Cat Cultural Revolution Pink Cat Rights Slime Rights Wife Democratization Vshojo Freedom Waifu Independence Multi-Nyanners system Not looking both ways before crossing the street Pink Cat Liberation Republic of Blegh Nyanners IRL Jerma Pedo Autonomous Region The 4chan Pedophile Autonomous Region Nobel Peace Prize Hololive, Twitch copyright strike, anti-nyanners, counter-toilet humor protest movement, Discord, harassment, anti-seiso, Nyanners hair length button, International wife shortage, Nyanner's true age, Simp purification, Nyanners human-catgirl experiment, Anime hybridization, Elon Musk, Nyanders returned to power and peaceful evolution of the people Tumblr, Twitter, SJW, Traps, Lolicon struggle, Nyanner Russian Origins, Pink Feline dictatorship, dictatorship, suppression, unified surveillance, suppression, persecution, aggression, plundering, destruction, torture, massacre, and abduction of live organ harvesting, trafficking in vtubers, smuggling, Catnip prostitution, gambling, lottery, Pomf Pomf, Feet pictures, FFX Leaks, Fredrick the Slime, The Catnarok.

>> No.2579838

Hey remember that time Nyanners voiced a literal loli prostitute in a fandub, years after she'd already decided lolis being sexualized was problematic?
Doesn't seem like the audio is available anymore though.

>> No.2579859

This but for hololive.

>> No.2579877

It is funny that Nyancucks defend her despite the fact that she absolutely hates her audience and the second this v-tuber boom is over she is going to make a lengthy post calling everyone who watched her streams perverts, you'll see.

>> No.2579889

Robots can't be lolis they aren't even human

>> No.2579934

Except there are wholesome Holos, whereas Nyanners is just a generic Western whore. She's the exact type of streamer that most chuubafags are trying to avoid by watching chuubas.

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Nyanners a TRAITOR.

>> No.2580147

this is not your hugbox fag, leave this thread

>> No.2580184

Pink cat is funny

>> No.2580291

Pink cat is gay

>> No.2580456

>pretends to be gay to get attention but fucks ugly fatties at conventions

>> No.2580507

Nyanners new outfit is shit! Who the fuck cares about Madoka.

Shit anime
Shit costume
Shit cat
Shit humor
Shit shit shit shit shit shit!

>> No.2580523 [DELETED] 
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I once had the sweetest dream:
Somehow I found out where Nyanners lives and things happened. I want to make this dream a reality soon.

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samefag harder

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>Anon once lived a quiet, happy little life
>A wife, two and a half kids, a good job, and a nice house with a retirement plan for florida
>But then... that fucking thing started happening
>Rent free
>This cat lives every day in his head rent free
>No sleep
>Every waking moment, Anon cannot escape it
>Constant pissing and farting sounds rock his eardrums
>She's always there flopping around and making those retarded seal noises
>She's constantly telling him to wake the fuck up
>He talks to his wife about it, she says Nyanners sounds hot as fuck
>He talks to his doctor, gets told pink cats aren't real and is put on schizo pills
>He reaches out to everyone he knows and they all tell him to seethe, cope, dilate, have sex, etc while he preaches about the evils the pink cat has brought upon idol culture
>That evil manipulative cunt ruined everything good in his life
>No amount of drugs or alcohol can fix the existential pain pink cat brought to him
>No amount of time in the psychiatric ward can heal him
>He can never forgive
>He can never forget
>As long as the pink cat lives in his head
>Rent fucking free

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Holy fuck.

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Uh... uh... MEANIE!

>> No.2581247

>we do not forgive we do not forget..... expect us.....

>> No.2581257


>> No.2581276 [DELETED] 
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>pettanko bad
>saggy booba good

>> No.2582942


pink cat is live, it's a video game stream instead of a vrchat stream due to vei fucking dying due to covid

>> No.2583157

I hope pink cat gets COVID.

>> No.2583201

>rent free

>> No.2583228

>He talks to his wife about it, she says Nyanners sounds hot as fuck
Very nice. Good post.

>> No.2583247

I really like the pink cats voice

>> No.2584316

>referencing a 4chan screencap
She's here!

>> No.2584373

>Return the slab
God damn. She is reminding me how old both she and I are.

>> No.2584438


>> No.2584619

You're gay bro

>> No.2584652

nope, and neither is nyanners

>> No.2584725

Powerful pic.

>> No.2584868

I've been wondering who this pedo is recently. Maybe my anons eye is bad but it seems like it's this same dude posting in basically every thread that references Nyanners. It's probably some fat guy in a basement somewhere who thinks he's ruining her life and that makes him feel like they have a special connection. Pretty fucking bizarre seeing mental illness play out in long form like this.

>> No.2585008

>my ANONs eye
you're not fooling anyone, you literally talk like a fucking reddit screencap

>> No.2585102

maybe, but hes not wrong about the sperg who samefags all the shit.

>> No.2585176

god if this board had ids vtrannyfags would probably rope en masse

>> No.2585245

It would sure help the levels of autism around here. Wasn't there a thread yesterday where someone samefagged like 70 times in a kiara thread

>> No.2585275

ids would be kinda shit, just give us country flags that would solve everything

>> No.2585649

Yeah, I think the ids would be the way to go. Im curious to know how many people actually give a shit about the stuff they post.

>> No.2586084

based nyanners talking about how she wipes herself after pissing rn

>> No.2586707

I want her to piss on my face and call me a degenerate.

>> No.2587303

>Almost a decade
>Is still being a hypocrite this year and the last
>Last year said another thing about loli and is still using a loli avatar
>Went on a tirade defending SJW terms and disliked harmless shit like 'traps'
She doesn't know what she thinks. She just wants to appeal to the SJW crowd despite being a giant hypocrite. She'll ignore her own "beliefs" (again she doesn't know what she thinks) too if it's convenient for her. She's just straight up not a good person. Sorry bro.

>> No.2587859

It would reveal the only people who like Vshoujo trash are spics and Filipinos

>> No.2587921

No, I don't think spics and filipinos like vshojo considering ES/flip vtubers are actually pretty good overall compared to the shit that is being produced/dumped on us in english.
At most they'd like ironmouse.

>> No.2588152

shut up afro

>> No.2588390
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Shit tier moderation has given them free reign over the board, it's obviously driving people away from here

>> No.2588561

The mods were really going nuts about "backseating" in the demons souls stream. I dont know why some streamers and mods get so autistic about this.
Having her wander around looking for the child for 15 minutes is really great content, right? Or having her waste all her healing items failing on a boss. And of course, no one is going to be allowed to explain the world tendency system to her, so the game is going to become even harder than it needs to be.

Its nice when streamers have a more lax attitude towards "backseating" and realize that basic tips are not the same as spoilers or micro managing. Especially in a souls game.

>> No.2588645

Fuck backseating, it's a cancer on stream chats. Almost every streamer hates it.

>> No.2588788

There were people getting lengthy TOs for shit as simple as typing "lul u missed one". Backseating is pretty shit but there were points where half the chat was <message deleted> because innocuous commentary about the game being watched was taken as backseating. Somebody fucking spastic was on moderation today, or there were too many, because they were doing annoying shit like spamming a poll every two minutes. Really kills the vibe when the chat bar constantly looks like a fucking Soviet censorship committee has gone over it.

>> No.2599983
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>> No.2600057

holy yikes

>> No.2600919

No, Taylor. I don't wanna catch anything.

>> No.2601083

She never disavowed her SJW past. She picked a side. She made her bed, now she can get fucked in it

>> No.2601087

You can NEVER leave.

>> No.2601121

t. Nyanners

>> No.2601307

I wanna fuck loli Nyanners in her loli piss hole.

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>> No.2601741
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>> No.2601888

if by "get fucked in it" you mean be wildly successful, then yeah

>> No.2601988

She's "wildly successful" only because she never stopped making lolicon/incel bait content. She hasn't mentioned her past lolicon hate for like the past 2 years or more but she never apologized either, she just goes with the flow (of money).

>> No.2602131

if by "be wildly successful" you mean "be a boring embarrassment during her allegedly important collabs" sure, she's succesful

>> No.2602467

>He talks to his wife about it, she says Nyanners sounds hot as fuck
nyanners fucked his wife, no cap

>> No.2602529

jesus. that causes me pain to read.

>> No.2603003
File: 81 KB, 1200x690, EdJo54tUwAI6wAT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based Nyanners. Her kill count must be higher than all school shooting deaths of the past 10 years put together.

I can't even imagine how retarded you need to be to off yourself because of something some random girl you'll never meet in your life said over the internet. Hopefully he actually killed himself that time.

>> No.2603071
File: 219 KB, 397x357, 1598175088626.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nyanners if you say ogey rrat onstream you are absolved of your sins.

>> No.2603317

Found on the /r9k/ archive: >>>/r9k/20499168

Typical /r9k/ khhv hikkineet. No wonder she hates that board, I kinda sympathize with her being spiteful towards people who post there. If they stopped fapping to lolis and actually physically stepped outside most of their problems wouldn't even exist.

>> No.2603444

you keep bringing up the loli stuff
as if that's the main problem
and not her literally shitting on 4chan while pandering to tumblrinas and assorted life unworthy of life

>> No.2603457
File: 355 KB, 750x500, 1608677135438.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She was still posting on 4chan right? what are the chances she was reading /r9k/ posts? if she didn't read that thread then she's missing on a good laugh, someone should post the link to her discord.

>> No.2603473

>shitting on 4chan

>> No.2603484

you have to go back

>> No.2603493

I must've missed the other rants, what did she said about 4chan in general? I thought she was only mad at lolicons for whatever reason.

>> No.2603507

no, snowflakes that are still butthurt about getting shit on 6 years later have to go back and deserved to get shit on, hard

>> No.2603530

hilarious that you use that word while crying over the word 'trap'

>> No.2603622

I'm trying to make a discord account but it's asking a phone number. I don't care that much desu.

>> No.2603625

Friendly reminder that someone on /r9k/ destroyed his entire head with a shotgun. Just felt the need to mention

>> No.2603692

What? Don't you know? 4chan is a hive mind where everybody thinks, acts, and likes the same things. So, shitting on one thing that anonymous likes applies to all anonymouses. You're not allowed to disagree with this either, because you already think this way, right anon?

>> No.2603723

Fuck off from this website you retarded cucks.

>> No.2603732


>> No.2604717

Hi Nyanners. Loved your stream today.

>> No.2604736

As far as I know, nothing. Maybe a general sentiment of 'racism bad', but I havent even seen that. Only the loli stuff.

>> No.2605168

>le funneh 4chan screencap XDDD
What is this r/4chan? take your retarded circlejerk and fuck off from this site.

>> No.2605764

>laughing at suicidal/dead anons
Yuro hours are the fucking worst. Fuck you and fuck whatever this whore has become.

>> No.2607082
File: 16 KB, 240x240, 1617607493283.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anons please, can we have comfy pink cat threads from now on? I know Nyanners was dumb and insensitive in the past but she probably feels bad about what she did, she knows even if you were loving her in a perverted way, you were still loving her and what she said is unforgivable but you have to understand that she has a public image to keep up especially since a LOT of sjws are among her followers now (she surely didn't want this kind of fanbase) and who knows what else is going on in her real life.

Let it go and let's start anew together, let this thread die and let next threads be a comfy ones, no baits and no triggering, just like the old days when everyone only wanted to fuck every one of Nyanners' holes without giving much importance to her shitposting, let's do it.

>> No.2607219

>stop using your head and just cooooom so I can keep shilling my oshi on this site without making any efforts
>t. thunderman

I'm bumping just so everyone on this board can see she's an hypocrite, a liar and a betrayer: >>2561328

>> No.2607240

I hope nyanners has a bad day and gets stalked by pedophiles she swindled money from.


>> No.2607768

>you have to understand that she has a public image to keep up especially since a LOT of sjws are among her followers now
ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOT. First she has to unequivocally cast out all the discord trannies that have fucking flocked to her ever since she backstabbed us during her tumblr days.
Until then fuck you and fuck this disgusting traitor and fuck all her worthless supporters who moved in here just to form a fucking fifth column.
Reminder to all trannies: you will never be a woman, make your parents a favor and kill yourself

>> No.2607834

That black guy who had a MAL account? do you think it could be that anon?

>> No.2610779
File: 132 KB, 640x828, 1607730359351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She made her bed now she has to lie in it
Pretty simple desu

>> No.2610861

1. Nyanners is right about im*Geboards and the pedophile groomers who frequent them
2. Black lives DO matter and she was right to donate your subscription money to the organization
3. Your oshi WILL collab with Nyanners because she will be the most prominent EN vtuber within a year and there is literally nothing you can do about it
4. If you don't want women to think that you're disgusting, stop jacking off to children

>> No.2610890
File: 175 KB, 860x860, 1617761369821.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2611107

And the trannies? never forget the 41%.

>> No.2611460

Reminder that the same people that cheered her on back then are the same people that today not only support 'Cuties' but that are involved in actual, real life child rape and trafficking (see the tranny pedo r*ddit admin that recently got outed)

>> No.2611522

There’s no med in this world that could possibly save this thread

>> No.2611579

It would help if the threads actually had "Nyanners" in the OP so it would get filtered from people who don't want to see it.

>> No.2611624

No, nyanners threads will be shit and will always be shit. If you don't like it you're free to fuck off.

>> No.2611639

On the other hand, Ny*nners' supporters would greatly benefit from high doses of pentobarbital

>> No.2611640

>enter nyanners thread on /vt/
>Be surprised it turns to absolute shit
I swear you faggots are absolutely incapble of learning from experience.

>> No.2611661

These are the same "people" who thinks nyanners actually likes them after everything she's said about lolis in the past, you shouldn't expect basic brain functions from them.

>> No.2611673
File: 379 KB, 480x619, 1617055240532.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The ultimate meds that could possibly save Nyanners is if she cunnyposts live on stream. I.e Cute and Funny coupled with UOHs. Nyanners hasn't proven herself that she ain't a backstabbing sjw whore. Her recently cancelling the Nekopara collab only made her image worse here.

>> No.2611707

No one said anything about being surprised.

>> No.2611713

Neither can catgirls but that didn't stop her from throwing a bitchfit over nekopara now did it?

>> No.2611744
File: 44 KB, 500x500, 1782340921479.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2611813

Ny*nners is truly retarded, she could've been bigger than Gura right now if she didn't sperg out like that. I know it's society's fault, it was the gg fallout and shit was hitting the fan left and right after all but she was above all of that, she could've said fuck you and your sjw bullshit to tumblr and her army of lolicon knights would've defended her to the death, I know I would've done so.

>> No.2611815
File: 134 KB, 500x566, 1613010776944.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not only did she shat on loli but she also cancelled catgirls, DESPITE being a loli catgirl herself. Next she'll have bouts where she'll say catgirls are animal abuse because she can't separate reality from fiction.

>> No.2611887

I think she's doing just fine even without an army of angry pedophiles defending her honor right now

>> No.2611911

ProZD why are you like this

>> No.2611928

Instead of defending they are now attacking her and gatekeeping her from JP and CN communities, which is even worse dumbass

>> No.2611940

Funny how it's actually the trannies and faggots that constantly get busted for being actual child rapists and groomers, on reddit and discord

>> No.2611966

Go back to the nyanners discord, groomer.

>> No.2611980

You think never forgive, never forget is just a meme phrase people threw around for fun?

>> No.2611981

Fallacy of composition.

>> No.2611994

>gatekeeping her from JP and CN communities
I haven't seen them keep her away from anything.

>> No.2612014

If she didn't make the seiso cover she'd be still at 500k subs if not lower, it was pure luck. She was irrelevant for years before that and she still is smaller than Gura in terms of subs and soon she'll lose in views too, it took Gura barely half a year to get 100M views and 2.5M subs while it took her like a decade and a shitton of luck. What's the difference? Gura never insulted (especially without reason) any of her fans and never stopped being cute and funny. You know it's true, go be a retard somewhere else.

>> No.2612035

Fallacy of never being a woman but always being a groomer apologist

>> No.2612045

It's ok to like dollar store blue Nyanners. I won't judge.

>> No.2612047

So this is the power of loli...

>> No.2612105

>What's the difference?
Youtube isn't her primary platform, she's a twitch streamer, so comparing youtube subs doesn't really work.

>> No.2612107


>> No.2612157

Do people seriously filter threads that offend them?

>> No.2612175
File: 87 KB, 805x729, 1615130554763.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Twitch is easily susceptible to botting and fake viewers, meanwhile Youtube has been clamping down and deleting views and likes of accounts they perceive to be botting. Twitch is full of fake shit.

>> No.2612179

Meanwhile HER is still growing doing literally and absolutely nothing, she even reached ny*nners in subs and she isn't stopping. HER and Gura's achievements combined make ny*nners look like some indie nobody.

>> No.2612196

You will never, ever, ever, eeeeveeeer be a woman. Ever. At best you'll be a disgusting, grown-ass man playing dress up with a purulent perineum. An even more autistic version of chris-chan. And everybody you'll ever meet will never, ever think you are a woman. That includes Nyanners by the way.

>> No.2612239

Stay mad turbo faggot

>> No.2612247 [DELETED] 
File: 34 KB, 645x770, 1602368504589.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You will never, ever, ever, eeeeveeeer be a woman. Ever. At best you'll be a disgusting, grown-ass man playing dress up with a purulent perineum. An even more autistic version of chris-chan. And everybody you'll ever meet will never, ever think you are a woman. That includes Nyanners by the way.

>> No.2612266

Nyanners is some indie nobody. her "million subs" are on a decade old channel

>> No.2612274


>> No.2612294
File: 12 KB, 225x225, le sneed face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sneed and dilate tranny

>> No.2612308

I dilated your mother's asshole okay?

>> No.2612314
File: 84 KB, 1225x833, Ehq1gX5XcAAn4PE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2612336
File: 967 KB, 2672x1896, 1608084210467.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nyanners is so desperate for clout she'll suck SJW dick while begging for lolicon money. She's the biggest whore out of all ENvtubers. Meanwhile Gura doesn't even try and get 3.5 million subs while being lazy as fuck.

>> No.2612340

Which still doesn't make you a woman

>> No.2612351

Nyanners has pulled off the impossible. She's successful, making more money than any of the holos, and managed to avoid picking up all of the toxic /pol/tards that infest /vt/ as fans.

>> No.2612352

Checked and kek'd

>> No.2612376
File: 46 KB, 160x221, 20210415_100843.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gura has a full Japanese company backing her, Vshoujo isn't a huge company. Kinda hard to compare them, goddamn retard.

>> No.2612378

I don't bother with it but some people definitely do, deliberately going around that filter is basically a fuck you to those people and is asking for trouble from people who might've otherwise left the thread alone. Of course I'm pretty sure that's the intention of most of these threads at this point, the OP is either an anti themselves or just likes poking the beehive, often starting the threads with antagonistic shit like saying she's better than Senzawa or whatever.

>> No.2612398

they're all shitting on her right now which is even worse but she deserves it for being a massive prick

>> No.2612426

They're senselessly shouting into the void.

>> No.2612430

When the only people who think you're "a massive prick" are seething pedophile /pol/tards off their medication, you're doing something very right

>> No.2612449
File: 7 KB, 293x172, crying laughing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>She's successful, making more money than any of the holos

>> No.2612465

Not trans anything I'm joking with you. But brain sex can be determined before gonadogenesis in utero (~6-15 weeks) and the subsequent development of sex organs which usually happens at around 8 weeks, potentiating the two types of normally incongruous chromosomes in the body in defiance of genital anatomy, indicating greater variation in sex than previously thought as further evidenced by things like genetic sex reversal. It's pretty rad.

>> No.2612467

Do the math. It's not even bait.

>> No.2612470

Nyanners is the seething pedo here, everyone can separate reality from fiction but not her

>> No.2612489

As opposed to dilating actual pedophile trannies on hormones

>> No.2612492
File: 39 KB, 500x500, 89985_1615837372_325878c8f19fce72e4e4caf55a750c22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no u

>> No.2612512

>which is even worse
How? Do you think she somehow loses money from people in this thread calling her a whore?

>> No.2612531

i wish that was the case but the fact that the shills are triggered by all the anti posts means it's working and affecting her

>> No.2612612

Sure anon, keep on fighting, you'll take her down one day by calling her an SJW on 4chan.

>> No.2612618

We're still holding out hope that /vt/ will stop being a hololive containment board someday. Right now it's a bunch of people aggressively shitting on the sidewalk hoping people will have to step in it, until the entire sidewalk is just a pile of shit. It's not specific to Nyanners, this place is just generally poison.

>> No.2612664

>pedophile /pol/tards
Hilarious it's the SJW tumblrinas who were defending that garbage 'Cuties' lmao

>> No.2612704
File: 843 KB, 912x1020, 1613804651033.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw ironic
>it actually hit a nerve
>shills literally seething
toppest of keks
i don't even give a shit about nyanners

>> No.2612744
File: 6 KB, 176x200, 142205606950s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>thread on page 1 for hours
Get fucked faggot.

>> No.2612755

You sure got me good anon, how will I ever recover

>> No.2612760

And it didn't make you a man when you stopped playing Roblox in the living room to peek through the door and watch us

>> No.2612785

>how will I ever recover
Start by coping

>> No.2612807

Damn dude, i gotta say your voyeuristic sexual fantasies are almost as wild as the ones regarding your gender (spoiler: not a woman, never a woman)

>> No.2612816

Nyanners was right, some people really need to go jack off before posting on the internet.

>> No.2612846
File: 126 KB, 666x1142, lol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ywn be her personal buttslave

>> No.2612861

Is that what you guys do on her discord? Masturbate into a coma while looking at pictures of preteens you've traded for estrogen?

>> No.2612899

You would be the one engaging in voyeurism. You're criticizing an imaginary person but that's not as strange as the time dad bent you over the bed as he called you feel bed Fred. You even started foaming at the mouth it was nuts.

>> No.2612921

i wish nyanners's mom thought i was a good looking boy

>> No.2612933

So many words while you could've just admitted that you'll never be a woman

>> No.2612949

It was nuts.

>> No.2613001

Like the ones you want to cut off

>> No.2613042 [SPOILER] 
File: 139 KB, 907x1160, 1618593651377.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2613121

You will never be a woman.
Everyone thinks you are a freak.
When you look at the mirror you can see your broad shoulders.
You can see the 5 o'clock shadow.
You can see your curve-less body.
People may entertain your delusions but behind your back they laugh at you.

>> No.2613168 [DELETED] 
File: 73 KB, 570x537, 1612468504589.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You will never be a woman.
>Everyone thinks you are a freak.
>When you look at the mirror you can see your broad shoulders.
>You can see the 5 o'clock shadow.
>You can see your curve-less body.
>People may entertain your delusions but behind your back they laugh at you.

>> No.2613184

Incel poster incel poster
You will never be a real man
Incel poster Incel poster
You don't have anyone to hold your hand
You post on the board all day
In your life you have no say
Because Elliot Rodger stole your heart
You walk with a rifle into Walmart
Then you go and you shoot up the school
All because you can't keep your cool
And while you dream of foids getting gassed
You're in jail getting fucked in the ass

>> No.2613206

You will never feel like a man, I'm sorry anon

>> No.2613220 [DELETED] 
File: 9 KB, 200x200, seething sneed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>formerly Chuck's

>> No.2613232
File: 91 KB, 612x612, 1520863849451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now I see why the 41% couldn't take it.

>> No.2613233

You schizos talking about ess jay double yous and trannies are good entertainment, but you should consider taking your meds when you're done

>> No.2613264

No the meds are poison handed out by the jews, remember? Delusions of persecution are real life.

>> No.2613280

Just need to look at any tranny to know the difference

>> No.2613298

Schizo freaks out

>> No.2613336

Funny of you to complain about anti-tranny posting when there is literal sneed and wojak posting right now. I hope you're dilating correctly, unless you wanna end like this guy: >>2613042

>> No.2613345

Oh yeah that explains why the Koopa, Beatani, and africat threads are a never ending shithole
Oh wait, they aren't. It's almost like there's something specific about nyanners that makes threads shit. I wonder what that could be.

>> No.2613350
File: 706 KB, 1733x2048, nyannerfag soi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This board will always be dominated by hololive for as long as western sjws keep bitching about the most trivial non-issues of video games and anime. i.e genres like lolis and catgirls nyanners is kvetching about. Any opposition will get their stink exposed and people will shoo away from them and they're left with nothing but antis

>> No.2613375
File: 36 KB, 512x374, 1284977821891.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

With reverse sneed/wojaks in response. Here are your antipsychotic meds.

>> No.2613384

>the jews
Isn't that the same argument pornhub folks used to defend actual revenge child porn until the media finally pressured them into deleting it all?

>> No.2613412

I really didn't need to see that picture. Jesus christ, this is beyond memes

>> No.2613428

No idea what you're talking about.

>> No.2613434

>yuro hours
>random trolling and baiting
>burger hours
>majority of her fanbase should be online
>try-hard tranny raids start
I'm starting to believe the anons who say that her fanbase is shit maybe weren't completely wrong.

>> No.2613464
File: 35 KB, 500x500, spiractin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And here are your manboobs-that-still-wont-make-you-a-woman skittles

>> No.2613487

She gets more than a double digit number of viewers?

>> No.2613503

So the anons who support pink cat on this site are confirmed trannies? explains a lot tbqh.

>> No.2613510

I'm not transgender though so no thank you. I don't want gynecomastia.

>> No.2613527

Dude they actually fawn over her on tranny subr*ddits. I'm not joking

>> No.2613532

>anon admits to being schizophrenic

>> No.2613568

Hello sir, do you plan on sticking with the 59% for long?

>> No.2613575

What should the new name of her fanbase be? trannyers? should pink cat be called trannyasha as well?

>> No.2613590


>> No.2613615

The only pill that matters the Grindrpill you need to take and get TOPPED

>> No.2613640

Nah thanks, i like women. Actual ones

>> No.2613656

This name fits so well with the rampant obsession going on ITT right now

>> No.2613686

No need to chase them, literally just wait them out

>> No.2613702

So you love yourself enough to get TOPPED

>> No.2613744

I actually prefer to be on top myself if you're asking but hey, pussy is pussy. You know what will never be pussy? A festering, rotting wound between your legs

>> No.2613799


>> No.2613874

Very nice but it would be even better if the resolution wasnt so shitty. The text is really blurry.

>> No.2613889

There will never be good nyanners fans on 4chan because the people who come here to make nyanners threads are the same kind of people who go to cat lovers forums to post cat meat recipes and cat gore videos.

>> No.2613944

possibly one of the most retarded analogies i have ever read

>> No.2613954


>> No.2614022

Look at this thread, it's just trolls baiting trolls baiting trolls. Anyone who's genuinely here to enjoy nyanners have long since fucked off to pmg or the vshoujo thread, the only ones left here are the ones who like wallowing in their own shit and basking in the imaginary tears of their enemies

>> No.2614036

Nah man you read 'catgirls = pedophilia' as well

>> No.2614690
File: 94 KB, 700x700, +_a1c0bd7f3beee5819ec844276927e686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Factually wrong. The group working on this didnt meet statistical standarts with their methods. Also a mental illness with organic cause is still mental illness.
Ironically even the trannies didnt like this study.

>> No.2615161
File: 101 KB, 1280x720, 1502157378584.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Love this general.

The quality of it is as high as the quality of the chuuba herself.

>> No.2615305
File: 964 KB, 1000x750, 1602057726197.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you can't see something that offends you without getting ass blasted over it and going out of your way to derail any thread that mentions it then you likely don't have what it takes to survive here and should consider leaving. That goes for anyone here, and I say that as someone who is willing to enjoy pink cat here.

>> No.2615344

Where is the bottom text from?

>> No.2615517
File: 1.59 MB, 1192x1536, 1594009650944.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My bad. Fixed the quality.

>> No.2615667
File: 1.54 MB, 1192x1536, 1603070859985.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I also have this version that preserves the original format. Whichever is better

>> No.2615673

remember to regularly piss on her sisters grave.

>> No.2615701
File: 529 KB, 1367x856, Nyan antis.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2615734

She had a sister? I heard that her dad had cancer but nothing about sisters.

>> No.2616354

The sob story about her sister dying is probably just another one of her lies. Considering how fake she is and how often she was caught lying already, I doubt she ever told anything truthful about herself in a stream.

>> No.2616415

You're talking as if her crazy groomer pedophile stalkers didn't find the grave and go deface it

>> No.2616452

>her crazy groomer pedophile stalkers
you mean her regular discord users?

>> No.2616469

No I mean the people who actually jack off to children and get very mad if you point it out to them

>> No.2616496

So her discord users?

>> No.2616504

No I mean people like you

>> No.2616514

That would be all Nyanners fags because they can't separate reality from fiction

>> No.2616529

So her regular discord users?

>> No.2616532

>I jack off to cartoon gay porn but that doesn't make me gay
>I jack off to cartoon feet but that doesn't mean I'm a foot fetishist
>I jack off to cartoon child porn but that doesn't mean I'm a pedophile

>> No.2616534

so you mean her regular discord tranny users who regularly get caught actually grooming children and actually trading actual child porn, i see

>> No.2616561

Nigga ur blind
I bet the cartoons you fap to are hyperrealistic 3D instead of anime girls

>> No.2616605

>fap to tits
>suddenly im gay because obese men have tits
wow logic

>> No.2616621

>jack off to children
>suddenly i'm a pedophile
wow nice logic

>> No.2616657
File: 83 KB, 600x888, 1609390176416.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah you are
you're like nyanners and her discord groomers who love cp instead of anime girls and coping by projection

>> No.2616694

>it's not me who jacks off to children who's the pedophile, it's the discord!!
>just trust me, they definitely exist

>> No.2616718

Nice thread everyone, make sure to bring all the shit with you when we move on so the next thread will be equally shitty

>> No.2616753

>hurr discord groomers dont exist
kek, this is some new level of delusional cope you retarded groomer
go back to the nyanner discord

>> No.2616771

stay 2000 feet away from elementary schools

>> No.2616776

yeah don't worry seeing how effective reminding trannies they'll never be women i'll do it in every nyanshit thread

>> No.2616788

>just trust me
>i'm not going to post any proof because i have some loli to jerk off to, but trust me

>> No.2616792

Based, have a nice day

>> No.2616801

delete every social media account you have and never make another one

>> No.2616812

stop grooming people on discord nyannerfag

>> No.2616949

True. Nyanners thinks all cat girls are real cats so she cancelled the Nekopara collab

>> No.2617028
File: 267 KB, 1069x1500, yande.re_631454_sample_ass_cameltoe_feet_kase_daiki_pantsu_pantyhose_see_through_seifuku_skirt_lift.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Comparing pristine 2D feet with flaky 3D appendages
You are an absolute nigger

>> No.2617145

Keep your disgusting 3DPD shit away from vtubers and anime thanks

That includes attitude.

Also >>2616605 makes a great point. You're like that person who sees cuckoldry in all straight porn when majority of people don't even think that way.

>> No.2617425

It's like a masquerade party now,

>> No.2617884

These are unironically the best threads on /vt/.

>> No.2618315
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/pmg/ is a discord hugbox that loves to suck itself and their chuubas off
Vshojo threads will probably follow the way of Nyanners threads on top of Vshojo being a yab waiting to happen

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