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>let’s do some boyfriend RP ASMR
>actually no fuck that, stop being so parasocial you creeps
>no actually let’s go on another date
Make up your damn mind holy shit

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suffering from success. guy got addicted to attention from his audience and he's past the point of no return. at least he's getting therapy i guess

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Did Vox ever actually say "being parasocial is bad" or is that just catalog memery

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He never said he was going to stop doing boyfriend RP ASMR, it's still not real

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>check his replies
>it's all chinks
What went wrong?

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>hey honey, you look cute, wanna lap dance?
>look creep, i'm on my break now, could you not follow me, please?
>hey big spender, i'm off in ten minutes, wanna date?
tale as old as time

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I thought the whole “only chink fujos watch Vox” was a meme spun up vt for the longest time

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The males at NijiEN unironically would only be about as popular as the girls if you took away the success they have found with the Japanese and Chinese audiences.

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If he ever ends up getting stabbed by one of his parasocial shizo fans, I won't even feel bad for him.

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This dude is becoming the male Rushia. Just waiting for the termination now...

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I remember I had a buddy who had money and strippers would take him for a ride every so often. Get a hotel, party, fuck, buy shit. He would end up spending over 10 grand for a night with these girls.

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It honestly makes me wonder about StarsEN because I doubt the Chinese are going to boost them and Holostars doesn't have many viewers to gain from to begin with like NijiJP with all their popular males.

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So the man whore is a manipulative bitch? Color me surprised.

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StarsEN won't happen at this rate, let's be honest.

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If I remember correctly his statement was something along the lines of "I thought I could turn parasocial relationships into something positive but I now see that I couldn't". Sounded like a bunch of PR talk to justify why he was doing the dating RP shit in the first place. He definitely mentioned parasocial relationships by name and in a negative context, not sure he explicitly called them bad though.

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I highly doubt that he has the willpower to actually get therapy over this. He'll go deeper into the pit of being in love with his audience until he can't live without it.
God help this man when a threatening yab comes his way, if he loses everything he'll crumble

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>StarsEN won't happen
You're right, there was no mention of "starsEN" on the audition application. EN3 is gonna be a male group though.