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>Parasocial bad
>but also let me cry on stream to bait all big parasocial bucks
what the FUCK is wrong with nijien?

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More like, how stupid are fujos? He's literally contradicting himself in the same breath.

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Did he really?

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He is literally crying and walking back on everything he said a few days ago. You know, that thing that spawned this post?

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I was looking for someone to make a thread on it. Popped into the stream for a second to see some sims shit and got him blubbering away instead talking about 'not understanding' and 'not wording things right' Bitch you put your foot down hard against fujo's and parasocials just days ago, the fuck is this cry-session about?

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Fuck you

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Remember kids, Parasocial is bad, unless it stops making me money at which point it's really really good

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I noticed his streams haven't been hitting 10K ever since and that he has trouble surpassing even holoID. Wonder if it's just a coincidence or if some fujos abandoned him overnight over that statement. Would explain the crying, can't believe he'd be that pathetic.

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The ones who timeloop here are your livers nijinigger-kun

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Is he being coached to do this by niji? Are other 'tubers leading him by the nose into making statements? Is this his own initiative after looking at his numbers? Is he just emotionally unstable and floundering when the subject is brought up?
I just want to know which specific type of idiocy is driving this or if it's a mix

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He seems to just want to have his cake and eat it to. Loves being adored by his fans and having a parasocial connection with them but doesn't like the toxicity that kind of relationship between creator and audience spawns towards other members.

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He is unironically going menhera. I'm genuinely concerned about the guy. He is unhealthily parasocial with his chat to the point where telling them off the other day made him cry himself to sleep. Kept talking about a "middle ground" because he can't stand not feeling intimate with his fans. He said he's taking a week off so hopefully he'll get his shit together.

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>"parasocial...LE BAD!!!!"
>femcels leave and stop paying his bills for 3 days
Lmao even
Kek, if one would go so far

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>them off the other day made him cry himself to sleep
Jesus, it's like playing your audience 101 level shit. You have to be a genuine retard to believe any of it.

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So what is he saying he didn't word right? He straight-up said he's not their boyfriend and he's just an entertainer. What else is there to say?

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It's not a very good narrative when he has made $32k in superchats since the time he told his fans off.

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he forgot to add
>But i would also like you to continue paying me as if nothing i say matters for you

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shameless ironic pandering basically hypocrisy

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He's unironically crying right now with full on tears and shit so you tell me.

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It might be in reference to his initial dismissal of the fujo aggression as being nothing. Honestly the blubbering annoyed me so much I clicked off a couple of seconds after watching

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Link it then.

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Lmao it’s because he had already been sponsored to do sponsored streams on Bilibili. Of course niji had a say in it, and if he wants his branch to even get a sniff from more chink sponsors he has to.

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He says "le parasocial bad" to cater to his western audience. In a few weeks time his underage fujos will forgive him cus they have nothing better to do.

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open wide anon

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What the fuck...is this really a man?

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literally current stream anon

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Funny enough he was when the stream was only 12 minutes in. But it's been a half hour since that point and he's getting on with the stream and probably in 'streamer mode' mentally. It should be either clipped or up once the stream is done.

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I hear no crying.

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He should really just ignore the twittertards and keeps on grooming his chinkfujos. Literally nothing came out from pandering to sjwmetootroons nor from selling out muh chemistry muh familly brand. Be a real niji, ignore your co-worker's success and incline yourself to the moon

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>someone talks about streamer crying, makes a thread several minutes in
>you arrive late and expect the streamer to have been crying for an entire hour now
not my fault you're late latefag

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well you missed it then, check the archives

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I'll ytarchive his stream and skim it later. I suspect this "crying" you talk about is way overblown.

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That's literally me

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>I suspect this "crying" you talk about is way overblown.
well, you're free to think that

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Hmmm, that's some nice mild copium you have there.

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Anyone who speaks English is a minor part in the NijiEN males success to begin with anyway. 60-70% of their superchats come from Japanese and Chinese currencies compared to the girls getting 60-70% from USD.

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>checking on statements is copium
Sure, sweetie, whatever you say.

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Please return with your findings after watching it.

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Entirely supportive of gender relations logic, so I believe it.

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>call out your piggybank
>get shit on
>"oh shit this is actually bad"
>1 day later run back to them

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Keep them betabux coming, goy scum, and don't you dare provide feedback!

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he literally said he cried on his sleep
he dialing back on what he said beofre a little
wants to find a midddle ground
streaming to kindred is HIS LIFE now
and he wants to be more than internet funny man to them now.

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Would be better still if that chick ran to chad from the first part and he beat up the nerd.

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Nigga you’re the one dialing back on what you said

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What middle ground is there? You're either their internet boyfriend or you aren't.

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Why do you have such a hard time accepting that he cried about drama that's been the main source of popularity around him for the past couple days/week? What sort of image are you trying to protect in your own head that he doesn't cry? You might need some help anon.

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i can fap to this

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I think he said in the very same stream where he 'called out' all the parasocial stuff that he wants to continue doing ASMR regardless. So it's not him reacting to whatever immediate numbers going up or down he might've seen, but him still trying to act like calling out the very people who paypig for those streams wouldn't effect him. False bravado is a helluva thing

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yeah that is the issue, he wants to keep playing the boyfriend and being a ray of light and happiness to his fanabse sadness. But also doesnt want to feed the delusions and asking chat to realize they are not in a relationship.
in his own words
>i dont know you but if you are part of the kindred then i love you
this guy is far gone.

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upgraded from mild copium to weapons-grade copium in a single post

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Mori + Nijiniggas comes along very well

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All me

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So what happened? Did his numbers decline and make him realize he made a huge mistake?

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He's Rushia but instead of wanting to dive even deeper down the hole, wants to find a safe perch to land on

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he is alreay deep down
but he thinks he isnt.

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Can't even hate the man, guy just wanted to play FNAF and cater to his fans, but got swallowed by them

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Someone needs to tell him that there is nowhere to land in china

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So he needs meds more than his fans

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You are all threadwatching faggots and I came here to laugh at how you're all actually believing shit someone just made up off the top of their head.

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is this you?

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Seek psychological help, parasite

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pretty much
the success make him think the avatar is the real person.
I wacthed the stream man it was just sad.

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This literally happened MINUTES AGO

Fucking mentally ill schizo. This board makes China fujos look like sane functioning members of society in comparison.

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this you?

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the fact you even have that saved is already telling that you spend too much time on this board

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>he's Rushia
He's a hag living in fear of the wall and her alien-looking boyfriend leaving her?

>> No.25496407

>alien-looking boyfriend
like, how much alien are we talking here?

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This much.

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Nijiniggers really??

>> No.25496501

they refer to it as business so at least they’re professional about it

>> No.25496520

jesus fuck that genuinely made me recoil in surprise.

>> No.25496610

I'm surprised you've missed the Rushia drama. This alien motherfucker was plastered all over cope threads.

>> No.25496642

How much plastic surgery do you need to look like that. Wtf?

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why vox cry?

>> No.25496807

Where do you think you are nigger?
Everyone here is schizo. Imagine coming to the schizo board then complaining about it.

>> No.25496854

honestly didn't engage much with /vt/ before the vox shite this week. I forgot how much fun it is calling people retarded niggerfaggots and arguing with people in threads.

>> No.25496868

No idea. Don't ask me why middle-aged jap women consider that shit attractive either.

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Wait did he cry again? Or are you trying to imply that he only cried 15 minutes ago? Because he literally cried 12 minutes into the stream doing the pre-game chatting section

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>this isn't a job to me anymore, it's my life
>I help you with things you struggle with, I care for you
>I love you
>I want us to be together even after I reach 1 million
>I can't live without you anymore
and it worked

>> No.25497180

So much for that "nijisanji is a big family"

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Why are you guys even watching Vox? Fucking/vt/ is full of gay ass trannies now

>> No.25497391

He is pathetic

>> No.25497485

>yanfei profile pic

>> No.25497517

seethe about it
Or should I say, cry about it kek

>> No.25497553

I don't even know man. Subscribed to him on launch to see what he would do and I don't think I've actively seen him play anything that I care about. Genuinely enjoyed the drama more than any of his content. I'll fix that thnow though

>> No.25497593

>it worked
You've never dated crazy asian women or you're a crazy asian woman.
It never works. It always ends up in suffering and failure because mentally ill people will never be satisfied. This will be added to a list that will be brought up the moment he steps out of line again. And each time the boundaries they set for him will be smaller and smaller, meaning even innocuous and innocent shit he does will be treated as lying and deceit by his community.
I always knew this would happen.

>> No.25497600

Nobody here watches Vox. Regardless this is just milking dead drama now, everyone has already been moved on.

>> No.25497641

I don't know about you guys, I'm in my final year, alone in the room studying while my roommate goes out to party tonight and the only solace I get is Vox reading my SC and crying that he's afraid of the idea of me leaving. If that ain't love beyond barriers then I don't know what is. I'm gonna keep studying, working part-time for my online boyfriend.

>> No.25497686

Feels like Vox was really pressured hard into throwing his fanbase under the bus. Sure, some people were being inexcusable bitches and he felt he had to take responsibility for enabling the bad actors and stand up for his friend/coworker, but he probably didn't want to have to go so far to make the statement he did to everyone.
I still love you though, Vox.

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>> No.25497695

it's like watching a dumpster fire right now, nobody but women and faggots watch his boyfriend asmr crap

>> No.25497744

7/10 bait, not bad

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This you?

>> No.25497905

Based pepenigger calling out the voxfags

>> No.25497973

I get the impression that Vox actually likes the attention/parasocial relationship, he just doesn't like his fans being psychopaths who attack anyone who gets close to him. He'd probably be happy with his fanbase being in love with him if they just stopped trying to control him or causing other people trouble.

>> No.25498008

So which one are you? A woman or a tranny?

>> No.25498018

I assume he spoke against fujos on "his own" (it was really manipulation by Reimu who set the situation up) and now management kindly reminded him what his job is. A prostitute should never get uppity.

>> No.25498050

so he wants the money but doesn't like the commitment of actually working for that money?

>> No.25498080

Nevermind he had a fanbase 200k strong in his PL.
Dude just loves money. He's moving to a new house soon.

>> No.25498082

>I have a real boyfriend
Vox just said you are not his boyfriend. >>25494270

>> No.25498231

what the fuck is the point in a boyfriend larp when he specifically said he will never love you or be your boyfriend? I'll never watch this guy again. He's done for me, he ruined it all. it was like a breakup where i got stabbed and the knife is twisted

>> No.25498280

He's probably panicking, getting yelled at by Nijiwhores and fujos.

>> No.25498486

You're telling me that Vox was male Rushia all along? That actually makes a lot of sense

>> No.25498542

Same sis...

>> No.25498615

We knew he was a parasocial schizo from the start. I thought he was smarter and more grounded than Rushia but I guess he was the same.

>> No.25498852

nijisisters are damage controlling saying Vox makes 8k in every stream and that the drama today didn't earn him pitybucks kek

>> No.25498917

What's that meant to imply anon?

>> No.25498973 [DELETED] 


>> No.25498984

>Vox loves his fans
>His fans love him
>they give him money
>he gives them bfe
>this is bad because
Legit don't get why this guy gets so much shit.

>> No.25499033

oops wrong thread lmao

>> No.25499137

How can anyone successfully navigate this lol? It's like a situation perfectly designed to drive everyone involved insane.

>> No.25499228

Stream less, go to therapy, spend more time with IRL friends and family.

>> No.25499285

If this is ok why do his fans try their hardest to drive away people who get TOO close to him like Shoto and Reimu, plus Mysta?

>> No.25499295

>this is bad because
His schizo fans went and sent death threats to her friend and colleague. It's not that hard.
If Vox wants to do BFE he can't keep being in collabs and talk to females. Which is hard in Niji EN because it's not a unicorn friendly environnement.
So the problem still is: Vox wants to have his cake and eat it too.

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He's scaring the kindred

>> No.25499399

Because they like Vox, and not his friends, I see that EN is a never ending hell of collabs, if I only wanted to see my oshi, but had to stomach these other people every day I'd get pissed too.

Then just stop collabing with the girl that caused drama.

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>> No.25499571

He can probably keep all of these things if he for once actually tardwrangled his audience, and i'm not saying that he needs to shit on his paypigs, if he was really willing to go all out on his BFE he could simply bite the bullet and ensure them that he was only there for them while asking them to understand that he also has non-romantic friends and colleagues.
But even that is beyond him it seems like.

>> No.25499803

I’ve seen confirmed screenshots of one single schizo sending death threads, a handful of people that were rude, and a majority of comments that were just awkwardly passive aggressive like this one: >>25499329
That’s not even a bad crazy to fandom size ratio. The amount and extent of death threats sent were blown massively out of proportion by the western Twitter fanbase and his fellow NijiENs who felt a need to grandstand about parasocialism and feel morally superior instead of just ignoring the minority of crazies like you’re supposed to do.

>> No.25499895

Once again that is the issue. Reimu is one of his best friend and Vox is not willing to sacrifice collabing with her in order to follow the unicorns' crazy unwritren rules. BUT he still wants to do the parasocial BFE with his fans and get the money. Do you get the problem now?

>> No.25500199

>tardwrangled his audience
There is no tardwragling mentally ill schizo, Anon. If you don't follow their rules they will act schizos. This is like the 4th time he adressed the issue, words don't work.
And also new crazy fans will come 1 or 2 months from now. They will have no idea of any of the things that happened previously and another incident will happen again. If he doesn't change how he acts it will happen over and over again

>> No.25500235

Vox is going to therapy!

>> No.25500285

I swear the amount of times I've wanted to watch selen, or rosemi and fucking unfunny Fulgur or the retarded himbo are there just hanging out in the call is too many to count.

>> No.25500320

Kek actual menhera

>> No.25500429

phancuck deflection thread btw

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The NijiEN curse. I just want to watch this one person play this game.

>> No.25500740

>yeah you need to stop making streaming your life
then proceeds to never go again.

>> No.25501002

Holy kek

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I'd need therapy too if I had to regularly interact with immature femcel fujos for anything more than 5 minutes

>> No.25501126

Is the therapist a woman? Is he cucking is fans?

>> No.25501137

More vtubers should actually go to therapists and should be encouraged. Dealing with thousands of people everyday without help shouldn't be adored

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>I don't like [action]
>Let me react by spreading this around and essentially popularizing [person] as a result of them doing [action]
Antis are some of the dumbest motherfuckers out there.

>> No.25501247

Imagine if Kiara said this....

>> No.25501255

>I don't like [action]
>Let me react by doing nothing and letting the person and fanbase normalize the [action]
>[Action] becomes more common and widespread

>> No.25501265

>I swear the amount of times I've wanted to watch selen, or rosemi and fucking unfunny Fulgur or the retarded himbo are there just hanging out in the call is too many to count.
I hate how NijiEN management found engaging and fun women for the first waves then threw it all out of the window since ethyria, and then recruited pick-me boys for luxiem and noctyx, having so many examples of good male streamers in their main branch and they go for flaccid dick dream peggable boys to please the chinese audience

>> No.25501294

I think I get the appeal of Mikeneko now. Guess it’s time to take the deep dive on his streams.

>> No.25501314

So true sister, that's why Amber Heard got away with her bullshit?

>> No.25501421

Are there psychiatrists trained to treat parasocial disorders? Is that a new thing?

>> No.25501507

because a therapist would tell you dont stream that much
and you can beat what will be the response.

>> No.25501583

>having so many examples of good male streamers in their main branc
lol name five
>inb4 maimoto
much of the succesful nijimales such as Fuwa, Kanae, Kagami or Kaida are like that except their content is even more sanitized for them than Vox and co. You dont get this because you do not understand Japanese. ppl like ago are from an older gen and SEEDs were literally a bunch of random ppl

>> No.25501666

Parasocial relationships aren't entirely new. It's just streaming that is new and made them way worse. A therapist would just try to convince you to slow down and to stop actually believing you are dating chat, which would be good for the liver (mentally at least) but bad for business.

>> No.25501811

Hope this guy gets brain damage.

>> No.25501854

this thread is suggesting actors dont take anymore spouse roles after a rabid fan attacked them irl

>> No.25501960

If it was an actual professional actor this wouldn't be a problem. Vox is actually emotionally invested on having his chat jerk off his ego.

>> No.25501972

the problem is the actor is trying to be more than his role.

>> No.25502173

Actors do actively refuse roles because of fears of being typecasted when audiences do 'confuse' the actor with their character, so yeah
You can tell the casting director all you like that it's just a role and you can play a caring father as well as a henchman but they still aren't going to hire you

>> No.25502242

>How can anyone successfully navigate this lol?
He should had ignored the situation entirely and let the fujos devour Reimu, then just cut off public interactions with her at least for a while. Ideally he shouldn't had allowed Reimu's interference on his pandering stream at all but that was in the past at the time drama started.
This may sound like something a narcissist would do, but that's because narcissists are precisely the kind of people that drive as streamers.

>> No.25502251


Niji family lol

>> No.25502302

half of niji viewers are holobronies looking for drama

>> No.25502352
File: 275 KB, 463x660, assburger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish EN never existed, this is getting fucking embarrassing. I'm so sorry you had too see this, Japan.

>> No.25502479

Next month , vox graduate

>> No.25502541

It was fine when it was just the girls they literally didn't ever have a single significant drama. Since the males have launched and brought a load of females into the fanbase though it's some new shit every other day.

>> No.25502626

nice selective memory when finana was getting shit from day one

>> No.25502835

People shitting on vtubers here is always going to happen. I am talking about actual dramas that go into places like twitter and blow up and force responses from the vtubers not just people whining about things they don't like here.

>> No.25502916

except they didn't, femcels kept throwing money
the stream after the "parasocial is le bad"
made 6.5k usd
and this last one where he is the fucking parasocial one made 15.7k usd

>> No.25503017

Are Kiara fans spineless and white knights just like Finana’s?

>> No.25503377

Vox is actually... a woman?HOLYSHIT

>> No.25503508
File: 49 KB, 680x740, 26F9B424-E70D-46AC-BF40-651EC2C31BF8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A grown ass man crying. Sad. Pathetic. I can’t remember the last time I cried, probably 15 years ago.

>> No.25503526



>have a huge spam from CN everyday
>>>i don't care
> open war with CN and protect coco , Even if 80% of her income comes from China And she has the highest billbill subs.
>>>i don't care

> ????

>> No.25503549

if vox was a woman, he wouldve ignored it and let fans trash his coworkers

>> No.25503563

imagine being this weak that you tune out of your oshi stream because of them

>> No.25503634

Vox : Money plz give me money , Let me go back and lick your ass.

>> No.25503818

okay? So like 90% of niji "yabs" where nothing happens?

>> No.25503827


Why he cry ??
I wonder who is really the man fubuki or him ?

>> No.25503877

I can't remember the last time an actor groomed me live on stream and pretended to love me.

>> No.25503985
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>I am not your boyfriend I am not your wife nor your husband or daddy you dumbfucks, go touch grass, seek therapy it's all RP it's not real
few days later

>> No.25504070

oshi is idol terminology. If niji don't play by idol rules, why should they get the same level of 'devotion'?

>> No.25504083

Vox if you're reading this, down the road not across the street

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Hold on, tidied it up for you


>Would rather let her entire bilibili channel be nuked than cut off her friend
>Gets spammed by chinks every day
>Doesn't care, streams anyways

>Chinks send death threat to friend
>Spends more time whining about how bad it is for him than worrying about his friend
>Breaks down and cries on stream

>> No.25504120

The guys have had tons of them though. Where shit actually happens. Yugo got criticized into taking a week off by JP antis. Luca had to stand up for his mod who was getting harassed by Chinese that decided to anti her. People were getting uppity over that one time Vox used one Chinese flag instead of another for a Duolingo stream because politics. The boys moderation teams in general caused a big drama where there was a letter criticising them with thousands of likes after which most of them were removed in response. This Vox and Reimu thing that has gone on for ages. Prominent female fan artists interested in the boys causing drama by publicly shitting on the girls. Female fans attacking Mika and Nina for being too close to the males. Female shipfags sending Luca superchat asking if him and Pomu are dating causing them to stop interacting so much.

>> No.25504127

The vtubing sphere is filled with idol terms that no one actually takes time to see what they mean.

>> No.25504164

white knights? 100%
spineless? yet to be seen
she's an idolfag so she probably wouldn't be caught dead shitting on people who idolfag over her

>> No.25504200

As someone who watches him on and off, he is a big manchild and very likely autistic, as in actual autism. He's extremely attached to his fanbase. Every time he yells at them he comes running back because he's scared he upset the good ones. The posts saying he cried after being told by management to do so are wrong, he's cried before on stream about how much he loves his fanbase, he almost cried singing Hurt by Johnny Cash because he related it to his fans. He attributes his happiness after being mentally broken/ill since "age 11" to joining Nijisanji, one of the few times he broke kayfabe of being hundreds of years old. So hearing that he cried himself to sleep and then cried on stream seems like something he'd do since it concerns his fanbase's happiness and if they care about him. He is also pretty open about how he does these lewd things because it turns him on to see his fanbase be turned on by him

>> No.25504277

someone please do a vox edit of this please

>> No.25504554

Niji hypocrites provide great entertainment.

>> No.25504616

>We live in a world where an anime foxgirl is more of a man than an actual man

>> No.25504670

>Parasocial bad
>but also let me cry on stream to bait all big parasocial bucks
you are describing every non jp vtuber. They want the benefits of parasocial shit but cant suffer the consequences. Say what you want about rushia, but she never abandoned her simps, she went down with the ship

>> No.25504716



>> No.25504836

Kek i wonder how would these twittard react to him crying abd begging for fujos money

>> No.25504845

Vox is a giant numberfag and his fans are people with nothing else to live for, he's milking them as much as he can

>> No.25505013

What are you even talking about?

>> No.25505054

I still remember the fangirls making threads about how based his first response was. Now they are silent.

>> No.25505059

That retard was trying to quote the Streisand effect but forgot the name.

>> No.25505241


Not just FBK . Everyone in the cover decide to protect Coco and end a Relationship with China.

>> No.25505324

Feesh is so retarded "I want to say what's right and stand by my (((friends)))) but actually I don't have the balls to call chinks out because that would be racist or something so I make it generic enough it looks like I'm randomly lashing at my own gachis that weren't involved in any of this" that's what sets me off niji EN in general, they're too much like Western indies with dumb hot takes and virtue signalling that backfires.

Kiara respects her fanbase and doesn't use twitch so she wouldn't know about the parasocial meme anyway. Niji EN Pride month POG!

>> No.25505406

the irony of this post and the image i cant lmaoo

>> No.25505542

He never said PARASOCIAL BAD and said he'd continue to do the same content as he has always been doing. He wanted to make it clear that it was roleplay because apparently some of his fans are fucking insane.
Finana, who doesn't know what parasocial means, is the only one who used "parasocial" as an insult modifier.
He already had trouble passing 10k on non-asmr streams

It's probably too much to ask of this board to stop spreading bullshit about streamers they don't watch but if it makes NijiEN look bad everything's fair game I guess

>> No.25505586

>doing nothing when people are attacking your coworker is so manly
this is where we're at now with a completely emasculated holo fanbase board LMOA

>> No.25505627

Don't you have a therapist to see mr vox?

>> No.25505672

it was a meme in numbers thread for the longest time now, niji EN male is all about celebrations and special occasions because they get shit numbers on regular stuff like games (women are not into that I guess) so you have not one but 3 celebration streams for a sub milestone etc. for example VOX had celebration for 500K but also 522K for his "lore" reasons him and mysta are some of the most hardcore and blatant numberfags in vtubing, there would be more shitposting about it if people here actually watched them.

>> No.25505813

>Say what you want about rushia, but she never abandoned her simps, she went down with the ship
The fact shitposters and schizos here keep trying to argue that she was dating that fucker is just cope in their minds to avoid addressing this. I know it was a difficult time, but I do regret not lashing out more and calling out the shitposters back when the yab broke out for all of the fucking character assassination and lies they said about that girl.

>> No.25505862

he wasn't really her boyfriend though, seems like some people didn't follow the drama after termination.

>> No.25505895

It almost seems like he was forced into doing that anti parasocial stream.

>> No.25505984
File: 122 KB, 584x341, 1625311374101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

seems familiar

>> No.25506128

>He never said PARASOCIAL BAD and said he'd continue to do the same content as he has always been doing. He wanted to make it clear that it was roleplay because apparently some of his fans are fucking insane.
It's roleplay he says as it turns out it's real for him.

>> No.25506176

I can't believe Vox is doing everything that everyone knew he would and has been doing this entire time

>> No.25506286

he said that because twitterfags despise parasocialness.
he'd be getting way more hate if he didn't probably

>> No.25506287

Vox himself admitted that he addressed the situation because people on twitter made him accountable for it, also because Reimu went offline for a while (according to her she didn't touch her computer for 20 hours) which adds to the pressure.
Then today he's saying he'll never listen to people who don't watch his streams anymore and only listen to his fanbase. Basically setting in stone that he's never going to be responsible for calling out his crazy idiot fanbase harassing anyone ever again.

>> No.25506449

>Kiara respects her fanbase and doesn't use twitch so she wouldn't know about the parasocial meme anyway. Niji EN Pride month POG!
both true; I just wanted to provide an argument that even people who hate on her can understand

>> No.25506478

Does anyone else find it a little weird that the main subject of Vox's video on the matter wasn't "Harassing and sending death threats is wrong" but on parasocialism and trying to reiterate that the illusion isn't real? It just came across as a little weird to me because even if the illusion WERE real, even if it were Vox's actual girlfriend harassing and sending death threats to Reimu, it wouldn't be acceptable at all, so why focus so much on the parasocial aspect of the situation when that's not really what the issue was? It's more like he was trying to make a video absolving himself of responsibility. I don't think any of the people who sent Reimu death threats or attacked her on twitter genuinely, wholeheartedly, believed that they were, in that moment, Vox's real girlfriend, it seems kind of weird to create this almost scapegoat of an enemy when the obvious wrong, not harassing and sending death threats, is right in front of you.

>> No.25507009

>after termination
Technically speaking, the part about them not dating was cleared up within 24 hours of the initial Discord message, even if people still had their doubts. Anyone pushing the "they were totally dating" are schizos or people looking for easy (You)s

>> No.25507034

Holofans in general don't have many qualms about criticizing their oshis when they fuck up. Mori being the biggest example.
And KFP were the ones who groomed Kiara into not giving a shit about antis and numbers. Early on she would egosa waaay too much, get depressed about some antipost and vent on stream. She even whined about being the last to cross 1M.
Thankfully that seems long past.

>> No.25507079

It's the nijien way to deflect and create an easy strawman to attack and absolve themselves of any real responsibility for any issues they create within their community. It hasn't blown up in their face yet, just small fires here and there that are stamped out.

I don't think Vox or NijiEn in general will ever get called out on their bullshit unless they make an enemy out of general english vtuber twitter since they act more like small corpo vtubers.

>> No.25507127

Lamy and Ogayu manage somehow

>> No.25507229

Yeah I don't understand why everyone assumes Hololive fans are the mindless consumers. This is historically untrue. No one is more critical about their oshis more than Holofags.

>> No.25507232

he seems to be selfish and scared of being controlled by his fans
not taking the online harassment of Reimu seriously may imply he does not care about her at all, or simply believe Reimu was not in any danger, or both

>> No.25507356

Aw this was sweet. I can't shitpost about this.

>> No.25507359

"stinky rice circle" is a new meme

>> No.25507556

This sounds about right. Rushia and several other chuubas thrive on having the attention of their fanbase.
Vox as well seems to be in that category.
The whole issue was started by Reimu and during his "apology" stream he threw her under the bus initially before being more strict.

I'm guessing that the western minded social pressure that comes from the rest of NijiEN was what caused him to be uncharacteristically strict with his fanbase (he generally doesn't restrict their horniness as much, either on stream or off, and seems to thrive off it).

When your fanbase and coworkers are expecting you to do completely different things, it can be very mentally overwhelming. You wouldn't even know who to go for support.

>> No.25507670

he's probably not, but with enough shitposting some of them could actually start believing it

>> No.25507702

The issue was started by him building a fanbase that would get annoyed by Reimu doing that. He has invaded Reimu's membership streams and sat spamming her date stream chats for over half an hour before and we didn't get Reimu's fanbase going schizo and sending him death threats.

>> No.25507720

lolcows are famous for getting farmed, but they don't necessarily get anything out of their infamy.

>> No.25507779

>backpedaling already
kek what do think of this all the people that were sucking his cock the other day?

>> No.25507871

No one actually liked him, they were just tribalfagging behind his numbers. It was nakedly obvious how this would do to literally everyone familiar with him.
Vox speaks and acts like a bad person and he doesn't even hide it. It isn't a case of a vtuber being a dishonest fuck lying to their audience, people are willingly ignoring his attitude because number big

>> No.25507885
File: 515 KB, 1025x683, cn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You'd never see this meme on the Niji reddit with 10k+ upvotes.

>> No.25507997

>people are willingly ignoring his attitude because number big
If we are talking about his fans, I guess they just like his attitude. I watched his minecraft stream when he talked for the first time about the death threats, and he seemed like a huge piece of shit to me

>> No.25508024

I think that's because he was only in chat, and so if you were only watching the stream, he could be easily ignored, assuming Reimu was focussed on the stream of course, and not replying to him every time he chatted (if this was actually what happened holy shit reimufags are unironic cucks).

Vox was on his Discord channel and streaming from there, so when Reimu just popped in and started talking, obviously it would interrupt whatever it was he was doing (bf asmr in this case, very rude to interrupt the audio). He kinda turned it into part of the script, which was thought to be a saving grace, but obviously it didn't prevent the zhang anger (especially because she was making fun about his stream and laughing about "interrupting his date" before interrupting it).

>> No.25508058

All this stupid fucking drama could have been avoided if these retards would have just kept their mouths fucking shut. But no, everyone had to fucking soapbox over it like NPCs and turn it into a full blown stage performance. You can't reason with fanatics. The moment you acknowledge shit like this is the moment you're giving it power and turning it into something more than it should be.

>> No.25508059

I'll be honest I don't even fully blame Vox for this since he is young and he is practically being groomed by his own community with positive feedback for everything he does. Even his content before Vox he was getting positive affirmations from a completely degen and toxic crowd, the fans he is accumulating right now is no different. Hopefully him taking the therapy pill will help him get over his issue of being an unloved manchild and seek love and affirmation from the right crowd such as his members vs menhera fujos

>> No.25508104

What an arrogant and retarded nigger. Why are there no good (EN) brochuubas?

>> No.25508119

Talking about /vt/ in this context. It was very clear that no one in those based Vox threads actually ever watched him. Basically everyone posting about how vtubers are entertainers and paradoxical shit is an alien cancer are just as bad as anti idol Twitter in that they don't fucking watch vtubers and just use them as talking points.

>> No.25508197

He wasn't only in chat though. He joined voice in the members stream. Reimu was never audible in Vox's stream.

>> No.25508206

at least some of the niji JP males are known for their game skills rather than pure fujobaiting, niji EN kinda boxed itself into the chinese pussy massage parlor and it's nearly impossible to come out of it.

>> No.25508260

The faggot forgot why ppl give him money, vtubers seem to delude themselves into thinking ppl watch them because they're funny or entertaining. Especially the male streamers, this dude is coom bait for dumb asian whores nothing more. I hope he actually is crying off stream but i doubt it

>> No.25508372

"Reimufags" barely even existed in the first place, she's always been the least popular member of the least popular female NijiEN gen and spent more of her early NijiEN time attaching to Petra as her ship thing rather than doing anything GFE with her viewers. Her most notable thing of her debut stream was her rejecting the term "ghostlings" for her fanbase. If you're a phantomo and you're in it for whatever small amounts of GFE she might occasionally do after this long, you're bringing it on yourself. I think it'd be fair to say most phantomos still there are past caring about that by now.

>> No.25508476

Hiding in the nijiEN general

>> No.25508592

Good. He never should have apologized in the first place (Reimu literally knew she was crashing a date and called anyway) and it's not his job to address schizos in his fanbase, it's twitter's job to ban them. The worst that came out of this drama was twitter trannies attempting to push responsibility onto the victim for something he can't possibly be accountable for (the behavior of maybe 10 out of hundreds of thousands of underage chinese girls)

>> No.25508618

The question is, was it worth to potentially lose your the biggest paypigs for some 2view bitch? They both had been playing with fire for some time, this semi-couple dynamic they had going on between them was obviously going to end like this. Reimu's fans are cucks like all the other NijiGirls viewers so they accepted it without complaining but we all know how crazy zhangs are and Reimu kept giving them reasons to hate her, Vox apparently is too retarded to notice and now is paying the price.

>> No.25508621

there are no men left in the West, gender ideology together with 3 wave feminism destroyed masculinity.

>> No.25508709

it's not like people here will start watching this faggot doing ASMR for hours no matter how much you meme about him.

>> No.25508787

> unironic cucks
I guess I should be glad that this anon's >>25508372 right about her low numbers then.

>> No.25508829

I don't really understand why Reimu got as upset as she did, I'm sure someone who's spent a long time online as a content creator has dealt with people saying mean things to you before, I'm sure someone who's come here to egosearch has seen people say nasty shit before, I'm sure she knew exactly what she was doing in this case and was already kind of expecting backlash, so I dunno. She didn't strike me as someone quite so thin-skinned. I'm pretty sure based on Vox's initial reaction that he probably didn't think Reimu would get that upset by it either. This whole situation was pretty puzzling to say the least.

>> No.25508844


The punctuation in these posts is sure suspicious

>> No.25508921

not every japanese fandom term is "idol"

>> No.25508933

Well, after reading the ten thousandth comment about how you're so insightful, sensitive and also possessed of impeccable comedic timing ("and that's why we love you!") you might actually start to believe it. Ironically it can be insecurity that does this; because you're so unsure of yourself, you tend to believe that other people have their shit together and know what they're talking about, particularly if they're the typical glib commenter or superchatter. But the truth is that most people are masters at fooling themelves. They might genuinely believe at the time that they like you for your 'skills' or 'personable traits', but when push comes to shove their self-applied scales fall away from their eyes and they leave, disillusioned.

>> No.25508960

Anon, it's almost like she did it on purpose. Look at all the attention and viewership she got as a result.

>> No.25509021

Does the Niji reddit even have 10k users?

>> No.25509068

Your English is suspicious, anon-chama. But yes, if there’s a Vox thread, the Red Army will show up. It is what it is.

>> No.25509107

Funny as heck how the long awaited China yab that is probably gonna cause another Zhang war in the Vtuber Industry wasn't triggered by the time Vox edited the Zhang Flag over a taiwanese fujos art or the Luca incident but because a failed 2view bitch couldn't stop acting like a whore with her male co-workers lmao.

>> No.25509117
File: 11 KB, 223x136, nj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

around 500 active I guess, though they do get about 2k upboats for big posts.

>> No.25509118

Yeah, probably. The kinda shit you gotta do as the bottom rung, a little drama and pitybait ought to spice it up.

>> No.25509130

>imagine being this weak that you tune out of your oshi
If you are supposed to be so attached to this particular person that you endure more discomfort for them, it's used in exactly the same way
If you really only saw them as entertainers, you'll just tune out when their content irritates you instead of enduring anything at all

>> No.25509199

People use oshi and saioshi and debut and graduation for shit that isn't even Japanese entertainment, blame the Japanese zoomer age bracket.
>duhh they're not idols though
Okay, the Lawson market, old politicians, bike companies, and ramen toppings aren't idols either and people still use those terms for it, it's a joke

>> No.25509374

poor boyfriend, her faggot girlfriend listen to this kind of shit nijiniggas produce

>> No.25509428

Was she really super upset about this hate comments or is it more of a case with people getting offended for her sake on twitter? Perhaps she saw the wave of support and just went with it, in the end of the day her and VOX have two vastly different audiences that don't like each other very much no matter how many unplanned collabs they force on them.

>> No.25509639

so what does Twitter think about his comments today anyway? have they all turned on him?

>> No.25509721

>Poor vox, take care of yourself
>Fuck the fans that made him suffer like this

>> No.25509757

Reimu if you're here, you should graduate before your retarded actions force Nijisanji to fire you instead.

>> No.25509833

Why? It's not like she'll get a severance package

>> No.25510137

Does Reimu even have gachis? Anyway her fanbase is Western and cucked while VOX have chinese fujos that give a lot but also demand stuff in return.

>> No.25510382

i'd tell her to keep going, but even if en as a whole fails you know tazumi would just merge the entire shitpile

>> No.25510593

Not her fault Vox has femcel fans. I thought nijiEN was a FAMILY and love having male/female interactions constantly?

>> No.25510685

She knew what she was doing. The only question is why they allowing their worst performer sabotage their top performer.

>> No.25510818

As if we needed more evidence that /#/ is the cancer ruining vtubing

>> No.25510884

i don't know because i watch Hololive

>> No.25511425
File: 478 KB, 320x320, 1652994139957.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Simple, he's parasocial back for his fanbase. Which is kinda based, means the character really took over his life

>> No.25512071
File: 50 KB, 349x356, 1646201970584.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reimu (and maybe Ike, Fulgur, Finana, Enna) probably pressured him into doing so. Now he regrets.
At least I'm relieved we'll probably never see Reimu again in his streams

>> No.25512078

$15.7 is greater than $6.5.

>> No.25512197
File: 774 KB, 900x900, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because latina and tweeterinas think so

>> No.25512518

No wonder she's nobody nowadays though, only people too deep into hololive hole knows she even exists

>> No.25512649

She kept messing with them on purpose anon. She knows Vox's audience is full of female schizos and still decided to keep going that "couple like" dynamic with him. She's the only one that does that, the other girls interact with the homos almost as much as her but none of them are that shameless, she played with fire and got burned that's all.

>> No.25512825

The only sane Kindred

>> No.25513088

>He's extremely attached to his fanbase. Every time he yells at them he comes running back because he's scared he upset the good ones. The posts saying he cried after being told by management to do so are wrong, he's cried before on stream about how much he loves his fanbase, he almost cried singing Hurt by Johnny Cash because he related it to his fans. He attributes his happiness after being mentally broken/ill since "age 11" to joining

Besides the autism Vox also has a very bad relationship with his parents, it seems. Details are vague, but he was said to "have had to raise himself because his parents weren't reliable". This lack of a guardian figure can do fucky things with someone's mind, I wouldn't be surprised if his attachment to his fanbase is borderline familial because of that other lack

>> No.25513378

vox is a literal abusive boyfriend vtuber lmao

>> No.25513414

pretty much, if you're not a manipulative cunt, you can't really do this sort of work while remaining comparatively healthy.

>> No.25513418

its literally the chinese tactic - shit on things you do yourself, just pretend you dont

>> No.25513472

I tuned into one of his streams for the first time ever today, and literally got physically ill from chink fujos and literal trannies calling him "Milord" in the chat.

>> No.25513526

What a snowflake.

>> No.25514073

You may think /vt/ is gossipy and whatnot but we are like little cheems compared to big buck DOGE that is women on twitter.

>> No.25514656

Guys do you have a timestamp for this, I just woke up

>> No.25514698

>and literally got physically ill from chink fujos and literal trannies calling him "Milord" in the chat
A cute tongue in cheek nickname is literally the least cringe thing in his chat

>> No.25515812

It's absolutely mad how out of control Vox's chat is, the male fans of NijiEN are like gentlemen having a tea party compared to that fucking zoo.

>> No.25515940

I'm not sure if he's just acting because he wants his crazy fans' money back or if he's genuinely sick in the head and also in a parasocial relationship with his own fans.

>> No.25516305

Is it really a Zoo if the animals are running wild and there are no keepers?

>> No.25516473 [DELETED] 
File: 52 KB, 831x504, vox.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He's mentally ill.

>> No.25517217 [DELETED] 

He said he was going to take a break and seek therapy, right? I hope it goes well, I'm starting to feel bad for the dude.

>> No.25517408 [DELETED] 

can someone tldr what happened with vox and reimu that she needed to apologize for?

>> No.25517679 [DELETED] 

As expected of NijiEN. They'll bite the hands that feed them one second and then beg for scraps the next. It's the worst Niji branch, and I have no regrets unsubscribing to most of them.

>> No.25517747

NijiEN is just the typical garbage EN indie scene but with a big corpo name slapped on it. Zero professionalism.

>> No.25517996

I actually wonder what NijiEN thinks of that one ZEA stream about parasocial relationships


screw Vox though, i hope fan and streamer relations are stained forever

>> No.25518036

Most sane post itt

>> No.25518082

>Reimu interrupts Vox during his gachikoi BFE farming stream in chat and on discord
>chink fujos flip their shit in rage and send death threats to Reimu
>Reimu goes silent for a whole day
>Vox suddenly feels compelled to make a stream about it and stomps down hard on his fanatical fanbase
>But yet he won't yield on doing BFE asmr shit because he says he enjoys it
>very next stream he does is more of the same shit that created the incident he just chastised his fanbase about
>other people bandwagon on this and preach about the evils of parasocialism even though it's what streaming is built upon
>Reimu suddenly has a follow up, non-monetized stream some time after apologizing for what she did
>Vox has a mental breakdown and regrets what he said as he's literally crying
>the twist, Vox was the parasocial all along
>can't live without fanbase and clearly has imposter syndrome on top of it
>says he's going to seek therapy
>cites he didn't foresee himself blowing up in popularity and what it would do it him mentally

>> No.25518086

Watch his VOD. Vox is literally parasocial for his fanbase too, it's not just greed, he's also sick in the head.

>> No.25518126

>Zero professionalism
THIS. Tired of seeing them act like retarded children all the time.

>> No.25518168

>>chink fujos
You mean yumes?

>> No.25518186

holy shit

>> No.25518235

NijiEN was a mistake.

>> No.25518309

Stop using the n-word so lightly. No one is going to post this anywhere outside of /vt/.

>> No.25518307

Fuck off fujo.

>> No.25518310

so Vox lost his mind drowning in pussy and Reimu got btfo for attending when not invited to the drowning party

>> No.25518404

She got less hate than Ike, who gets doxxed in his tags and antis SC him shit because they're mad he intrudes on the Vox x Shoto ship
less hate than Millie who has a schizo doxxing her 24/7
less hate than the ENs who were in the Discord leak
less hate than Finana got on debut
and she still cried and people still made a hashtag to support her when none of the others got that.

>> No.25518424

>almost 300 posts
>no link to op’s claim

>> No.25518484

Not quite. He lost his mind after he told his fanatics to fuck off and all that jazz. He backpedaled hard on it which makes his original apology feel like it was forced and it probably was. He's fucking in love with his audience and freaked out over being hard on them.

>> No.25518519

Do you even know what fujo means?

>> No.25518532

Did any of the others ever apologize? I'm not saying they should but CN peeps seem very keen on saving face type stuff.

>> No.25518694

Only the top one was from the Chinese majority. Millie has flip schizos. Vox talked about the shoto thing. But that obviously either isn't the main focus of what /vt/ is up in arms about.

>> No.25518811

Hard to get a lot of hate if you're the most literal who branded vtuber in the business.

>> No.25518832

Wasn't Vox a huge asshole to his "friends" in his past life too? Why are you surprised this happened again with Reimu?

>> No.25519046

who the fuck is ZEA?
I never heard of her what the fuck

>> No.25519178

He's fucking in love with fujo money*
there, fixed it for you.

>> No.25519207

She seems normal/well adjusted enough but for some reason I can smell the underlying yab through the screen. If some incident manages to tilt her I think she'd go nuclear

>> No.25519583

I didn't know vox used to be an undertale youtuber...

>> No.25519954

i didn't know my impression of someone could go even lower than my self-esteem

>> No.25520075

>>Luxiem/Noctyx earn as much as Holo JP
>>Council didn't do as well Luxiem
>>Holo management were mad about Nijis opening applications again so fast

>building a sub-culture
>slow and steady growth
>merch sales (without evidence)
>fortune telling
>Holo's forcibly acquired audience vs Niji's natural growth
>foreign audience bad, local Nips good
>YouTube Japan
>flexible creative freedom
>Google trends
>Holobubble is bursting
>Niji is more popular than Holo in Japan
>Niji is mainstream in Japan, which is more important than Holo's international dominance
>Niji is solidifying their other markets while keeping their strong home market
>Cover uses bots
>Holo's restrictive management will cause them to eventually graduate

>quality numbers
>combined peak CCV
>combined peak CCV from different times
>dead cat bounce
>fake numbers
>each Twitch viewer is equivalent to about 1.5 Youtube viewers
>VOD views don't count
>views don't matter
>deadsubs doesn't matter, what matters is dedication
>68% of the top 50 vtubers is bad

>tournaments don't count
>outfit reveals don't count
>relays don't count
>Koshien is not an event
>pre-recorded lives are technically premiers and shouldn't count
>Square Enix doesn't count
>Bookwalker doesn't count
>Pokemon doesn't count
>gacha rolling streams doesn't count
>gen 3 shouldn't count so Nijis can be properly compared to Holos

>number of merch determines popularity, not any other metric
>Niji shilling makes games like Genshin successful in Japan
>sponsorships are retarded
>Holo's merch and sponsorship bad because companies underestimated them which means that they don't care about the cheap collab
>Holo's main channel kneels to Niji main channel
>Holo merch sells out quick only because of scalpers
>20 Holo merch for fake scarcity
>>Bushiroad associating with Holo is toxic for their growth as it was making them lose the Chinese market in the long run

>stop picking on midgets! (they started the fight themselves)
>no longer showing off their achievements on their page because they have shown more humility
>trailers are ads
>playing the victim
>Holo EN was a desperate gambit
>most vtubers are Niji-like and Niji is part of greater vtuber community
>Nijifans are more passionate about their livers and will leave dislikes to show their engagement
>Cover is just lucky to have clippers and algorithm on their side
>Holo invented unicorns
>watchalongs are POVs
>Niji isn't a corporation, it's a family
>honorary Niji
>Niji have morals
>moral victory
>rightful sovereignty
>five Mystas
>bug in the algorithm
>DLC is a gimmick
>Holocope list
>Holo is only popular because of chink clippers
>Niji has a better following than Holo in the west
>*Selen delusion here*
>there are no Nijifans here, only falseflaggers trying to make Nijifans look bad
>by promoting the main channel they create more general Niji fans which will then trickle down to the smaller livers down the line
>only the west speaks english
>Twitter interactions
>everything that brings a big audience is a special event
>Nijifans will only watch a stream and Holofans will watch 3-4 so the Niji refresh rate is higher
>Nijifans tend to interact with the streams "properly"
>Niji keeps failing but that's okay because they are rich
>having shit mics pre-debut is tradition
>Cover paid off the government to come down hard on their rivals
>Management forced Mori to unfollow Nijis
>at least Vox whores himself to his fans
>indies will more likely go to NijiEN first, stay indie second and then choose HoloEN as their last resort
>If they make fun of you, you win

>> No.25521225

Not an insult, you think i have time to watch all of NijiEN?

>> No.25523893

What's the irl info on vox and his internet backstory? Kinda wondering with all this flying about
Already found out his name is fucking Ed from this thread which is hilarious