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What the main reason of their decline?

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The fad has reached it's peak and people are getting bored

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You tell us, time travelerchama, at the moment all the members who aren't on hiatus have the highest average viewership they've had since 2020

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Pekora, Marine, Korone and Aqua

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Oversaturated market anyone saying different is a retard.

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too many annoying seanigger fans

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Kaiju attacks

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Hiring dumb fucking whores who don't understand they're quasi-prostitutes with anime tits and no real ambition.

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preparing for hololive summer

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Why are so many on hiatus?

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seethe more...

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Suichan’s on break.

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Voxcuck deflection thread

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sanest person itt

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They are taking a break

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Treating each member equally became their undoing

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I don't see any decline.

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They can't keep up doing this job with zero ambition.

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The number of 2viewtubers is growing everyday and everyone's convinced they're gonna be the next big indie while ignoring the fact that most big chuubas are all corpo now

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cringe fanbase

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>having average/median view more than 2020/2021


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People don't know the difference between decline and encroaching stagnation.

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Vtubbing in general sort of remind of a glorified virtual japanese cabaret club. You have women who exploit lonely men for money. These said men who are being exploited become fan then they become infatuated with the avatar and go have wars with other users about it because they can't figure out how they're being used. And if someone with enough common sense tell them how they're being used the person with common sense is in the wrong and gets called niggers or spic lmao. The only difference is if the money right you can take the hostesses home and fucked them while with vtubber they have to settle with baby oil and hentai of their oshi.

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This is true. No matter how much people seethe at numberfags, streaming has always been a competition to be the top.
Even Gura does that.

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I'll just blame all the recordings they do for the main channel that could be time spent streaming.

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pic related

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>top talents on rotating break due to medical reason or general burnout
>new talents aren't as good as the top talents, but only quite pedestrian and mediocre. Overall quality drops and premier brand shine diminishes, because as soon as it became apparent that Hololive is the golden ticket in vtubing, it attracted mostly whores, leeches and grifters as applicants looking for an easy paycheck.
>complacency all around sets in. Most talents are just looking for new ways of trying how little effort they can get away with and figured out how easy it is to just coast off what remains of the brand buff and for however long the uncritical inbred retard fanbase throws money at you for just showing up.

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Myth and council

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and then you have Koyori

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Gura is a stealth numberfag. Pretends she's not but it's obvious for those who invested in perception points.

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>encroaching stagnation
Most of HoloJP are growing faster than they have done at any time in the last 2 years
The only people who think Hololive is doing badly right now are shitposters, threadreaders basing their opinion on shitposts, or people who for some reason only looked at Matsuri

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Deploying tactical bugspray beacon.

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Yes. They should give extra support to the most talented members. More outfits for Pekor the streaming god, more songs for Ayame the underrated singer and Gura to raise the upper limit of hololive fanbase as a whole. Cover the incompetent did nothing.

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this thread reeks of rent free

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Gen4 yabs

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Hololive Jp will be fine because of their culture.

HoloEn is the one i see in trouble. Even more so than ID.

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They're still the biggest vtuber agency in the world though?

That makes sense.

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lazy whores

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That's true
Global faggots lose interest fast
Only Gura stays above 10k ccv
But that's only because she's a special breed
People are still doing "a" meme nearly 2 years later

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COVID is over and people are going outside again.

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what's the main reason of OP's cum lust?

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Catering to idolfags. They've become so fucking boring because of it

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literally rent free, better wish that Salami doesn't recline hard because all the other members are literal 3 view with some lucky 4views and all of them have been losing numbers for the past 2 years

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hololive is in decline by /vt/ standards because they haven't had any real drama lately.

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Of course she is a stealth numberfag but not the way you think she is. A she's a membership numberfag. She usually shits on greys in her members stream while not realizing greys are part of the reason she's almost at 4 million but of course people will say she loves everyone and is absolutely not a stealth number fagger despite of everything i just wrote.

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what a shit thread

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watch streams, fag. also quit replying to yourself.

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Like who?

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twenty-eight and a half thousand people are watching sakura miko cook food right now.

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They are not doing anything new at this point. All they do is totally safe. There is no point in watching their 3Ds because everything is so boringly staged. They almost never engage their fans while singing so it might be aswell be playback.
Next call in who is gonna call? Will it be Matsuri? Or will it be Miko? Maybe all the members who called last time. Wow Aqua did not call? I guess they hate each other, but who cares, nothing happens anyway.
But oh wait there is a announcement at the end of the stream. Please buy my merch arigato~ yaay what a great announcement!
See you in the next stream with the same games as always until the next flavor of the month game appears.
At this point they can just write scripts for their stream and end up like Kizuna Ai.

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Why are you butthurt? Gura being a numberfag is a good thing

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Yeah westerners taste change fast especially when content becomes stale and it doesn't help that they have no diversity there these girls only pander to fascist incels from 4 chan because is easy money for them. They aren't bothering to reach out to other demographics and it don't help that girls like gura and mori can't stop themselves from the occasional nigger or spic bomb drops. So they lose new potential viewers. They're supposed to be trying to make money from different demographics not groom and cultivate a bunch of incels who will turn into somebody else once they're bored of the talent.

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Imagine seething this much to the point you think everyone must be an alt. This is why 4 chan should just allow user names instead of number ids because it makes morons like you paranoid.

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Letting Coco graduate
Kicking out Rushia

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Are they really declining? I stopped watching them a long time ago because I felt their content had gotten stale, but it seems like they're doing as well as ever.

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Failed to recruit Salome

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So just become reddit?

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There is only one demographic that watches streamers pretend to be anime girls and they're already pandered to

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Only things they do cockblock the talents and stifle them until they stagnate and die
It's like America decided to conquer a country for oil but all they do is shoot anyone that tries to build oil wells and dismantle any government forming in area while still taxing the locals

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Most of them are doing better than they have at any point since the 2020 algorithm changes
All the threads like this are from people who judge vtubers' popularity by how many shitposts about them they see on the catalog

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I wouldn't say they're declining necessarily there are a lot of talents taking breaks or not streaming as much as they used to.
Also there aren't that many people in Hololive, yet almost all the members are so iconic that everyone feels the effect of it even if only one of them graduates/is terminated. Someone you know isn't there anymore and you can feel it.

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This Salome?

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HoloEN is stagnating, therefore all of Hololive is reclining, the other branches don't exist to them

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Putin curing COVID.

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Not hiring me

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>at the moment all the members who aren't on hiatus have the highest average viewership
maybe, just maybe, because some members are on hiatus, notably Pekora(Marine and Aqua are streaming less due to their "problems" ) their viewership pool is free to take?

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corporatism is killing vtubing

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Almost all of their heavy hitters have either been graduated, or shredded their throats so badly they can't stream regularly or on enforced break. Yagoo should be on his hands and knees begging Coco and Rushia to come back and save his ass right now

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Vtubing is in it's all time high in general and Hololive is still easily on the top of the trend despite two most profitable members graduated.

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Pekora killed her throat

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Normals are going outside again instead of finding something to watch after going through all of Netflix.

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I'm too lazy to read through this bait thread, but I'm guessing no one is stupid enough to buy this lazy bait when one look at any # site proves the opposite

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Hololive is still huge, especially for JP. Talents like Subaru and Watame for example consistently do good like they did for the past two years.
You must be talking about HoloEN specifically since there’s a lot more reasons for that. Besides Susan nerfing their numbers from time to time, the west has either moved on from vtubers or they moved onto indies/other corps. Gen 2 also just didnt stream consistently as Myth did when it debuted, and there’s probably a lack of drive since Hololive is guaranteed money no matter what.

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got too popular too fast and it got to their heads

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Stop responding to bait.

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Yeah but how long that flame is going to last? Right now holoen is dog shit. HoloiD is safe because they have loyal fans like jp does of all different demographics. Yeah holoEn is like an weeb version of adult swim so i get what you're saying the demographic they pander to is there. But the question is how long will it last.

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We will cannibalize the weak and I require nourishment, anon

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>safe as fuck
>bad management
>firing top streamers

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>Literally only has salome and the other 200 still in shit number
WhY HoLo DeClInE!?1!1!??

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NijiEN is growing great. HoloEN decline has shit to do with people jumping to new FOTM and everything to do with HoloEN streams being stale and boring.

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>when nijis have 3x more streamers and streams


Hololive is now loosing by total views, total SC and peak ccv.

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Vtubers are healing

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Where's gen 3 HoloEN, my indie oshi can only wait so much

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Going to flop harder than Council.

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Their lack of clipable, large collab events. The very reason I got into Hololive over niji in the very beginning when Youtube algo promoted both of them. The group collabs like haachama and cocos telephone game and the many idol events.The debut of 3D in the proper manner. The exceptionally witty interactions the JPs had with each other. They no longer did those IRL group collabs in 3d because of coof. Once EN debuted there was no requirement to promote either side or make them do anything excited. I never know when songs or birthdays or what any talent, beyond my oshi, is doing unless I lurk here. Hololives upper management is getting lazy and because of coof, it caused them to permanently change how they let their talents interact with each other. And worst of all, when things arent going right for them they look to Niji for ideas on what to do next. Yagoo needs to get his nose to the grindstone again.

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You don't watch streams.

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>braindead response
Thanks for the feedback, lol!

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Who is the biggest one who isn't taking a break? Miko?

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>these girls only pander to fascist incels from 4 chan because is easy money for them
What the fuck am I even reading? Unironically take your meds, now.

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It will only grow. Men are growing more and more lonely in western countries, and this continues into adulthood for many. Anime will only get more accepted from here on out. It's going to last for at least two generations forwards.

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>they have no diversity there these girls only pander to fascist incels from 4 chan

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their lack of wanting to incline

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SEAniggers have a very poor understanding of western civilization because their only source of information is online. It's funny to see how they try to cobble together narratives they think make sense from bits and pieces they've picked up. For example, that guy conflates the behavior of normalfags and weebs.

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the feedback is to shitpost better or not at all

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Lazy shark could be leading the herd for HoloEN's resurgence, but lazy shark choose to instead put in the bare minimum amount of effort. Lazy shark will just stream games twice a week until her audience die of boredom. In the entertainment industry, you can't just rely on doing the same thing over and over like a factory worker. You either evolve or fall. Her laziness will be her undoing.

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too many tubers
not enough boobers

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>looks at nijigers

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Normalfags are thankfully realizing they don't like idols and that they want twitch camwhores instead

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There are three factors;
1) Market saturation. They skyrocketed in the beginning by being the professional big fish in a very small pond. The pond is now an ocean and they're barley any larger than the other big fish anymore.
2) VTubing as we think about it is a fad. Give it another year or so without some major shakeups and the bubble will pop.
3) They're not really declining so much as stagnating. As a Japanese company run in a very Japanese style they are complacent.

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Korone not streaming
She's could probably make watching paint dry entertaining

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>loses the male debut
>doesn't try catching up

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The opposite actually. Watame was talking about it last month. Ever since the Nene situation Cover has been mandating breaks, and scheduling them for the girls.

>> No.25445718

Kiara is a lesbian and Kronii is non-binary trans genderfluid person.

>> No.25446006

I guess it makes sense to prevent burnout or health problems. I wonder if there's another good middle ground though, because the online world is super fast paced and there of course might be a fear of being left behind.

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Damn you Nene, you ruined everything again.

>> No.25446540

They should poach Ironmouse and make her part of HoloES.

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too many retarded bait threads

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1. 96,568 壱百満天原サロメ (GTAV)
2. 48,654 白上フブキ (4周年記念お披露目)
3. 34,345 さくらみこ (料理)
4. 26,209 鷹嶺ルイ (晩酌コラボ)
5. 22,171 風真いろは (セリフ読み・重大発表)
6. 20,820 百鬼あやめ (Valorant)
7. 18,092 紫咲シオン (歌枠)
8. 14,575 不破湊 (Fall GUYS)
9. 14,563 白銀ノエル (Vampire Survivors)
10. 13,580 角巻わため (Human: Fall Flat)

where's the decline?

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Success breeds complacency. I personally blame Council for dropping the ball so hard it killed the EN branch

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I blame Gura

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You are severely underestimating her fanbase of yes men.

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Feeshcucks also.