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Would you rather be ogey or be a rrat?

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i'd be yagoo backwards

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rrat, because I have a rrat mentality but never feel ogey

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Rrat on it's way to being ogey

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A rrat can be anything it wants to be in it's own delusional head. Being ogey is cynically rejecting a statement, whether it be truth or a rrat, because you are too jaded. I'd be a rrat because a rrat can dream, an ogey being cannot.

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>jaded, faded, post prison rape mindbreak eyes
Please, anons, I can only get so hard.

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I don't know what either of those words mean.

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she's also barefoot in this outfit

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How new

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Pakorum played rrat simulator, but did he ever play ogay simulator?

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older than this new ass board

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You either die an ogey, or you live long enough to see yourself become the rrat.

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whats a yab
whats a ogey
whats a rrat

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A rrat chooses, a slave ogey.

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If you were such an oldfag, you'd at least know how to do your lurking reps, newfagchama...

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For every ogey there must be a rrat.

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I want it to be ogey, but it be rrat instead

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yab means yoblachka
oegey means ur gay
rrat means rat but with an extra r

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I'm already a rrat

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I'd rather be jaded so ogey for me

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yab = dangerous moment, comes from the word "yabai"
ogey = ogey
rrat = na(rrat)ive

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why would you lie to a fellow anon?

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six month old oldfag-sama, I kneel...

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theyre all acronyms
yab is "you are based", self explanatory
ogey is "orgasmically gay experience, great!" for when the girls act gay, which is always
rrat is "really real and touching" for when one of the girls say something really heartwarming

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I hear rrats in my walls. They're scratching and biting all night long.

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What came first, the ogey or the rrat?

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One would assume that it is the ogey, but it is in fact the rrat, since it spawned before. They're would be no ogey without rrat

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Ogey is default. Rrat disrupting the neutral state which require an ogey to blance it out.

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someone should supachat pekora to say ogey rat again

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now now, there's no need to tarr yagoo with the same brush

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I like rratposting
Because i finally get to use my vermintide folder again

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A rrat chooses.
A slave ogeys.

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post your Vermintide folder

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Okay, but i lied it was a trap, GET HIM RRRAT

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How the fuck did a single throwaway line she said during a playthrough of a dead-genre-game develop into this?

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the stars aligned just like ogey and rrat

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Was it a rrat I saw?
Rrats live on no evil starr.

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Which four Holos should play Vermintide together?

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Brazilian ESL monkey thread detected

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