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Voxbros... Its over...

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what happened to the chink fujos nijibros?

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Where are the superchat and such numbers if you're comparing milking streams?
/#/ can't even numberfag correctly

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Kobo scat fan base came through.

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>b-b-but what about the superchats

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Vox wins by not being a literal shit eater rumao

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These are literally superchat reading streams what else should be talkiabout you illiterate SEAfriend

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kek good edit

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Where Vox socialbuzz?

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It is so over Nijisisters...

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I love you, koboposter

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Yeah bring the numbers.

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You can't compare ID in terms of superchat. This isn't cope. They get 90% of their donations through streamlabs because fans know they take a smaller cut than youtube. So the superchat leaderboard makes it look like they only make a few hundred bucks a month. Also streamlabs has a much higher daily limit than youtube. Look up clips of Risu and Ollie getting donations worth multiple thousands of dollars.

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Maximum cope

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The absolute state of nijiPRIDESGAY LMAOOO

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love you koboposter

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Kobo does not have streamlabs.

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Sorry I cant hear you with all the shit in your mouth.

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>Niji management moves all their bots onto Salome
>Vox left in the dust

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His 12 and 14 year old chinkies didn't like that he picked Reimu over them

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its sociabuz

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Kobo has sociabuzz, which also avoids the 30% jewtube cut

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Ok but there should be a way to get the total sum of donation on those sites

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How much did she make off socialbuzz or whatever it is?

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well i guess it's the action of your consequence or something like that.

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>nijinegro gets btfo
>falls back on peepeepoopoo
Many such cases. Sad!

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enough to make her the 2nd richest indonesian after reine.

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So, how much?

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90%cut bilibili vs 30%cut SC vs 5%cut socialbuzz

Most retard one chose bilibili

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I'd rather fall on it than eat it lol

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I don’t speak in retard terms, what is the actual number so we can numberfag properly

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Reminder that the everyday things that you take for granted will one day crumble. This one is for you Nijisisters that got too excited for 1 outlier, soon Kobo will pass your lord in subs. And all his co-workers will be dragged through the numbershittery. You chose this, and you will pay for the price.

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Salome already passed Kobo? Why the fuck would anyone watch NijiEN?

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>a homo and a seanigger
i do not care

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cared enough to respond lol

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U-Ultronchama I kneel

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nijiniggers in shambles.

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vs 2%cut streamlabs

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i'll take an opportunity I can get to complain about seaniggers

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actually the only sensible anon in this thread

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China's streaming law also includes that donations are refundable btw

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That's the exact definition of rent free

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Stick to Salome troll posting. Avoid further embarrassment.
Or is the reason you're using Vox again is because Salome's SC readings were pitiful for a 100k streamer?

The mind of a NijiCoper.

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So the logic here is that you must be some nijofag if you say something bad bout holowhores?

The autism in this thread is the reason why governments should take mental illness very seriously kek!

Bunch of shit eating faggots.

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look at this nijikek

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>tribalfags whining and comparing numbers for two totally different audiences
Four quadrant chuuba when?

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not like this

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lmao vox get mogged by the weakest ID3

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nevermind I spoke too soon

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>gets 80k likes on his tweet telling chink fujos to fuck off
>this happens
jesus christ this is actual career suicide

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it all comes tumbling down

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The mighty "demon lord" did it to himself death by a self inflicted wound.

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He got peer pressured by Twitter and his own genmates. Everybody was so sure that it’d be China sperging that was his downfall but in the end it was actually the western side. Fucking hilarious.

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Still more views than Kobo and Zeta have right now, cope

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What??? Blibli takes 90%?? They are more capitalistic than US

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lol no

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I’m sure it can’t be 90%. Likely they made it up, misinterpreted it, or got it from a secondary source and none of us can check because we can’t read moon.

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Good, this is what hypocrite do to mf

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>fans know they take a smaller cut than youtube
That's not the biggest issue
SC feature is not available for ID

I think there is a way to get how many socialbuzz she received but not the total amount of money she received from socialbuzz
The minimum amount to donate from socialbuzz is 1 USD (IDR converted to USD)

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say what you will about the bugs if you're abusing people with ebf/gf bullshit you deserve to get fucked.

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What's going to happen to nijiCN if you remove the CN?

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nice edit

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These thumbnails are so fucking ugly. Is he reclining?

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>not even 2 days later he comes crawling back to them
This is embarrassing

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Who gives a shit, Salome is wrecking all of your whores and seanigs.

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probably like $5 is being the 2nd rich indog is the goal

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You dont even watch nijijp you faggot

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I don't like vox, but the opportunity is just...

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I refuse to believe straight male watch Vox

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what happened

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Vox is being based

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>I think there is a way to get how many socialbuzz she received
Sadly no, because no matter how much you tried you can only see the total and thats it(yeah that nigger who told me that she got 3k people donating on that one stream is a fucking lie).
Unless there's like a 3rd party site like that YT Superchat list then we can finally see it

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Being a chinese bootlicker isn't much better.

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You figure kobo’s number obsessed fans would have crowdsourced the total count by tracking the donos as they show up on the stream overlay but I guess they are too lazy. The old adage that fans represent their oshi holds firm once again.

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>I'm not your boyfriend and I stand with Reimu.
>Next day, fuck Reimu, I'm actually your boyfriend after al.... where are you going....
I guess Vox finally bit the hand that fed him.

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Vox is not in a relationship with his fujos. He's also not posting suggestive thumbnails and titles.

Manwhore's rant meant nothing.