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>"I'm not your boyfriend, we're not in a relationship"
>1 day later

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He only wants be a glorified escort/manwhore, not their boyfriend.

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Nijisanji really lives of Irony and Hipocrisy.

A blight of a community.

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l + ratio + you're an ESL + reddit spacing

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but he is a whore, he explain it himself

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Nijisanji en are made up of the worst kind of people

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Everything defaults to sex and coom sooner or later, just embrace it.

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A literal bot post.

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l + ratio + you're an ESL + reddit spacing + you don't have any more images of vergil saved

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The definition of back alley whore

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Can I become a manly man that can get all pussies if I watch all of Vox VOD?

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Really now?

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I am going to rape him in the ass and mindbreak him until he does become my boyfriend no homo

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He had to bullied into even addressing the issue in the first place, and he did it in English without any CN translation so most of his fans neither know nor care what he said. Just empty words to placate the twitter mob.

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No, it’ll make you gay.

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He's still not their boyfriend, just like your oshi ins't your girlfriend either even if you think she's saved from being called a hipocrite for not having said that while doing gfe

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Holy hell you autists are so retarded.
You can be "in love" with his character and know you're not in a REAL relationship.
Parasocial fucks are literally the same as the psychopaths who gets married to their anime waifus.

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Nijisanji sure have poor investment on shill bots huh. Look at you malfunctioning

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My rrat is that the man is a secret MI5 agent on a mission to undermine the Chinese by taking their money and subverting their already dangerously unbalanced female population. He killed the momentary distraction and went back to work.
Best just leave him to do my job in peace.

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Go back, finana

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My rrat is that he likes the money too much so he doesn’t give a shit what anybody thinks.

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NijiENs are hypocrite scums
NijiJPs are botting scums

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Seethe desuwa

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Is he the biggest manwhore in the vtuber sphere?

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Honestly would've been incredibly based if he just quit the ASMR's all together and tried to explore other avenues but money's more important than integrity it seems. Shame because I agreed with everything else in his apology video.

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Shameless and disgusting. Can we please hold this guy accountable again since thats the only way he does the right thing?

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I wanted it too but I agree that it isn't fair to end something a lot of his audience likes when not all of them are schizos, I know I'm not one and it would suck if my oshi ended something because of people acting retarded
But he did say that if it keeps happening he's going to kill the asmr streams

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>cancel culture

go back to the blue bird site tourist.

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Vox is wrong, you can't do this and be "just an entertainer". If you put out streams like that fans WILL gachikoi you, it's your responsibility.

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>when not all of them are schizos
That's the thing though, ASMR's are exclusively for schizos. Mentally stable people do not regularly watch anime characters pretend to go on a date with them. Whether one part of the fandom is more toxic than the other is irrelevant, they're the same breed of crazy and should be treated as such.

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>shameless pandering manwhore is the biggest hypocrite on earth
Wow to the surprise of no one NijiEN has literally no integrity at all. Lol, lmao even.

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I will actually watch the latino loser if shes a catty enough woman to intrude on this one as well.

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the guy's just doing what he needs to get his monthly $100k paycheck

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That would be a death wish from her part
Which i hope it happens

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The guy literally said in his apologies over the whole thing that he wouldn't change his content. He doesn't want to punish the majority of the fans that enjoy it sensibly without harrassing his colleagues because of the actions of a minority. Because most of his fans actually can. The whole reason he addressed it in the first place was because there were an overwhelming number of his actual fans calling for him to condemn the behavior otherwise he would have just carried on trying to pretend it wasn't an issue.

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if he had balls and actual convictions he would stop doing this content altogether.

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He know the paypigs will still do their job.

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If he had balls he would tell his yumejos it was real and he'll kill them if they cause problems for him again.

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There are literally asmr cd with anime characters voiced by professional voice actor/actress sold by major avenue to the relatively normie with minimal otaku tendencies though... some doesn't even have anime characters and just have the 3DPD's ugly mug and I'm pretty sure people who buy them aren't generally schizos who think they are dating the person behind the voice....

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I haven't seen a single fagsanji video/stream and i never will
I have never heard this faggot's gay voice

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You're braindead

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Yeh, he said in clear terms "It's all pretend and not for real. Don't be a cunt to my friends over it". I'm not sure where you get "I'll stop" from that.

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zatsudans and telling people they love you means you're in a relationship apparently

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Yeah that's the difference between having a 2D waifu and being gachikoi for an idol or Vtuber.

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Well this is /vt/ where almost no one watches streams, he said he won't change his content

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He is a hypocrite, who could have seen this coming?

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if this stream is successful, what happens

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At least screenshot the actual stream called boyfriend asmr, you fags can't even bait properly

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>w-we're not in a relationship b-but I love you
Voxbros cmon....
Get a load of this retard.

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Nothing, rushia had a whole scandal with GFE being front and center as the main problem and nothing changed, not even within her own audience

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It's like having an entire branch of mori and entire fanbase of deadbeats

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Some of those are not 2D and just use the voice actor's name and photo tho. Not to mention people who buy weird stuff in dlsite's "asmr" section.
I don't see why it is by default schizo exclusive just because it's a vtuber doing it, when 3DPD, 2D character, and faceless names can do it without it being exclusively schizo content.

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You do realize that parasocial is the backbone of entertainment industry right? Go back to school and learn what the word means retard-kun

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rules are also part of the industry but you conveniently don't follow those lmao

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You have to be 18 to post here.

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global, faggot, learn to read

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see >>25360118

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Majority of these bait threads are made by tourists who don't even watch Nijisanji, so they wouldn't know what he actually said in the streams. The big issue was always Vox never telling the vocal minority of his fanbase to stop harassing his friends, and he waited too late until it blew up in his face. He admitted he was too much of a coward to set any ground rules. In actuality this vox drams was a microcosm of a bigger issue that started with the luxiem merch. A growing part of both old and new fans feel like the girls are being treated unfairly compared to the girls, so to see part of their fanbase harassing one of the girls really hit a sore point with them.

Everything has been resolved though, so idk why anons are trying to drag this out as a bait topic.

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What a cuck. Sacrificed Reimu to keep the manwhore money flowing. Total scumbag.

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Anon his stream went literally on the opposite direction, at least pretend you watched it

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Uh..thats clearly roleplay/platonic love.

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Holy based

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>Everything has been resolved though
there has ignited a simmering fire waiting to explode. this is just the first event of many

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Is Vox the biggest manwhore in the industry?

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No that's me. I jerk off punks under a bridge for fifteen dollars a man to support my oshi

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I kinda want it to happen again to see it he'll go ahead with his warning and stop doing asmr streams

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>you see the definition says this and i don't acknowledge the spirit of the word

>> No.25362204

I should have specified when I said "industry", I meant "vtuber industry". But that's pretty cool anon, I hope your oshi will find success in life

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>>25362099 (me)
meant for >>25362099

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no the big issue is vox doing this BFE stuff in the first place. and then shitting on his fans for falling for it when he was the one manipulating them in the first place. what makes it even worse is that he's still doing this type of content instead of trying to actually be entertaining to watch. He's such a grifter.

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Nah, he already did what his fans wanted him to do, and even his antis admitted he tackled it pretty well.

>> No.25362300

Nah, his content is still too tame and he did called out the retards in the most direct way possible

>> No.25362370

>shitting on his fans for falling for it
That's not what he did it all, in fact he didn't stopped it exactly because he recognizes that a big part of his audience enjoys the content without being schizos about it, he shitted on the ones who can't

>> No.25362378

No one cares about him doing bfe content, even his biggest haters admit that. They just wanted him to grow a spine.

>> No.25362494

Not to go "/vt/ is one person" here but it's hilarious to see people acting angry at this kind of content when it's vox doing it but then you take a look at the rest of the board and you see people proud of being unicorns all around and calling the ones with common sense "normies"
Nothing personal but it's hard to believe the same board who label nijisanji fans as cucks for not minding male interaction are the ones now angry at BFE

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Just go to bed anon, you've had a few too many. I love you.

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lmao fucking really? this is just funny to watch. I have no horse in this race.

>> No.25362645

I agree with you, but you forgot women hate is very ingrained the culture. Seeing real life women acting the way they do hits too close to home.

>> No.25362657

And you think it won't happen again? Lmao, these chinks are massive masochists and they'll take the next chance to harass reimu whenever they can even if they get shit on by Vox, because that's what they want. They might even think they'll get more attention from him by harassing others, and it's not like Vox can get rid of his crazy fans

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I remember whatshername interrupting his stream, laughing at the hypocrisy because the men interrupt all the time. Then I got sick for a few days and don’t know what happened after that.

>> No.25363987

i don't like BFE or GFE. i just think its hypocritical when a male or female chubba does it and makes a shit ton of money and enjoys doing it. and then shits on the fans when things go wrong. what did they think was going to happen by making that content? the people that do this stuff are never naturally entertaining and use this stuff as a crutch so they can be successful

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This is just bad optics. I'm curious to see if he will get called out on it in the comments section.

>> No.25364061

Vox's schizos told her to kill herself, his normal fans got upset and asked vox to address it, he dismissed it as a nothingburger and complained about the people nagging for a response, they all called out him for being a retard and then he did a proper stream shitting out on the schizos

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NijiEN is literally the worst branch. Shame that they share a name with NijiJP, those guys are alright.

>> No.25364305

Do you not know what a zatsudan is newfag?

>> No.25364399

Yikes, actual hypocrite

>> No.25364418

Bro if any of the biggest GFE tubers suddenly turned and berated their audience you can be sure they'd get fucking nothing but hate, in fact probably 10x here then what there is for vox. Getting mad at him for shitting on the BFE fanbase he built up is more in solidarity with the fujos than anything.

>> No.25364529

The state of being weakling and money grabber male vtuber.

>> No.25364592

Thank you

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What do you guys think JP, KR, and ID branches think when every EN branch has continuous drama, unprofessional, and self-immolating behavior?

>> No.25364698

Theyre already largely ignored.

>> No.25364700

It's /vt/ being hungry for drama as usual, about as common as a day ending in y

Also parasocialfags, most likely Rushiafags that still haven't moved on, coping that they can't have their GFE content anymore because they see that most kindred know how to handle themselves when it comes to BFE.

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Fuck off with your e-celeb posting, I don’t care that critikal shaved.

>> No.25364792

It was practically a nothingburger and entirely her fault, it was all caught live on her stream and she knew what she was doing
fuck westerners and taiwan drones for making him take the knee

>> No.25364806

Is there something as a non BFE Vox art? Kek

>> No.25364858

considering KR imploded on itself they don't really have much ground to criticize anyone, and JP isn't short of unprofessional behavior and controversial characters either

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Yeah enjoy

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The same JP branch that caused Nijisanji to lose sponsors?

>> No.25364989

What the fuck is "BFE art"? It's any art of your oshi being portrayed in a good way "GFE art"?

>> No.25365156

>being a retard for not taking meanie-doodoo-pixel on social media seriously
>did the "proper stream" after doing what you wanted him to do
So if I call you a limp-wristed, cum-gurgling faggot are you going to shrink into your yeast infected scalpel wound and do the proper pride month tradition of joining the 50%? Calling out your source of revenue is fucking stupid if your goal is to make money. None of these societal byproducts of decadent luxury produce fucking anything of real value, and the ones that watch it are also equally vapid. It's shitty to sucker the weak and lonely out of their money, but it's also equally stupid to give them money in the first place. And if you're some empty-headed, bottom-of-the-barrel IQ latinx cunt that thought that walking into a ballroom of other mentally diseased women in the middle of their "date" with a queer playing a character over the internet was a good idea then take the flame for a few days and learn to not be so fucking stupid in the future instead of crying about pixel on the screen.

But no, instead the manwhore has to lose money over it now because sensitive fags like you saying mean things said on the internet is not okay? Dude, fuck you. Genuinely curious, do you know where you are?

>> No.25365314

I don't even watch the guy or Reimu, but how he was fucking sitting on addressing the whole thing while she got shit from sheng nus really pissed me off. He only set his foot down because he was berated into doing so, otherwise you could see he was very much willing to let it going so as long as it brought him the money. Even then I believe a senpai told him to fucking set shit straight and stand up for Reimu or else.
He was called out on allowing parasocial menhera chinks to fester in his community because they brought the money and he did nothing about it until now.

>> No.25365492

Reimu deliberately started this to drum up attention for herself since she's so irrelevant. Hell she was irrelevant even before the male waves. She may as well not exist now.

>> No.25365814

Reimu is pretty much a leech that's so boring she needed to start a fire to get people to actually give a shit about her. I doubt she was ignorant to what she was doing, she's a womanchild that couldn't even handle chinks tweeting mean things to her in ESL english with emojis, I doubt anyone not made of wet tissue paper would have gave and shit and not laughed at it.

>> No.25366049

Idk, art where he's not 2 seconds before or after sexing you?

>> No.25366098

irrelevant, but mika mysta drama
chae ara
nipple guy

>> No.25366121

based take and same

>> No.25366129

>shitting on schizos
>continues to make content that attracts the schizos for money
Vox is an e-thot, his only value is his coombait streams for desperate lonely women. Of course he'll keep doing them but the fact he was unicorn farming for months like a bitch without saying anything about schizos until shit hit the fan doesn't change he'll still attract schizos. He'll keep making shit that will keep biting him in the ass it's all on him, no amount of "parasocial le bad" will keep schizos from flocking to him. His fanbase is built on desperate women who want coombait.

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hahahahhaha it’s not over yet ahahahahahhah

>> No.25366213

What the fuck is the spirit of the word? Anything any retard uses it for? Note: I'm using the "spirit" of the word "retard" because I mean you're a dumbass.

>> No.25366257

>NijiEN is full of hypocritical retards
Water is wet. Fire is hot.

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Oh boy, watch out guys, she's gonna lecture her 600-viewer strong audience that she's already filter-strained 10x over to try to remove any gachikoi/"parasocials" out of about the evils of liking vtubers for any reason other than watching silently with no emotion and then throwing money at.

Or maybe more realistically she's hoping Vox's chinese fujos come see her take on things / get an earful of her opinions. Likely, the Chinese are expecting her to apologize, but nah she's just gonna rub salt in the wound 1,000,000% guaranteed because she's Mr. Internet Tough Guy (Forma de Chica).

>> No.25366752

Let's be honest here, Vox's chink women aren't interest in watching any of the girls, same with the rest of chinks that watch any of Luxiem. The girls are just accessories for collabs and shipfagging, they only got relevant because Anycolor struck gold by attracting lonely chinese yumes and fujos. If Luxiem never happened the NijiEN girls would have nothing going for them.

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Both are botted tho

>> No.25367130

Get a load of this autist

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>i love you
>I'm your boyfriend
>we are literally dating
roru rumao

>> No.25367237

>He is going to continue it, because he likes the views and money it provides
Oksy I understand

>> No.25367266

Both those descriptions are literally one in the same, I don't think anyone actually-believes they are literally in a real flesh and blood relationship with an anime character nor a vtuber oshi. People just like to have fun with it and also because it's a public affection thing, this encourages people trying to one-up each other to prove they like ____ the most as the #1 superfan.

The public competition type thing is I'm pretty sure what pushed Vox's fans to quickly devolve into the "strangle me and make me your toilet cumsleeve daddy" type commentary - the fujos trying to one-up each other in ballsy brazen comments. I guess to them it's like, if you have the guts to say it to his face you're more based than if you pretend you don't feel that way. Different culture etc.

>> No.25369531

Here's a hot take
If you sell or do any kind of B/GFE ASMR or sell merchandise of your character in an ecchi or lewd way. Don't get shocked and throw a fit when you have gachikois. Playing the innocent game of "Oh it's all pretend" is fucking bullshit. You know you are praying on lonely guys/girls and are being a massive douche hypocrite. This is why no one from Hololive or Vshojin are saying anything because they know they be called out on their Bullshit.

>> No.25369818

You don't even need to go to Holo or Vshojo for that, just look at not-EN Nijisanji. Even if they were aware of this shitfest, JPs wouldn't have these schizo's backs. Hell, ZEA just made an entire presentation on parasocial relationships in a very respectable manner
Vox and Feesh are horrible people, simple as

>> No.25370244

Your argument is especially retarded considering the whole incident happened on stream during a roleplay session.

>> No.25370359

vox akuma is a virtual gigolo
its his job to pretend to be their lover
it is not a hypocrite
it is a bitch's whore
it is a prostitute

OP is stupid
respect his occupation please
im sure OP is a neet
get a job before you insult others

>> No.25370418

let me summarize my post
Vox Akuma is a prostitute, the lowest class of job a human can find, it is not wrong for a prostitute to whore himself out, love means nothing to a prostitute, it has no value other than trading it for money.
I wouldn't insult your mom if she's a prostitute, it is a job, she will need those money to raise you up, OP.

>> No.25370673

>admitting Vox is nothing more then a vtuber equivalent of a street whore
>OP's post shows Vox is just nothing more then a vtuber street whore

People already know he's money grubbing e-thot that coombaits desperate women for money, anon. Everyone is just pointing out that he's a hypocrite for continuing to do his whore activities that attract freaks to him despite saying he doesn't want parasocial shit. Vox is useless for anything other then coombait, that's just fact.

>> No.25370738

The criticism is that he should respect his lovers' feelings and not complain about parasocial.

>> No.25370818

He only broke up with the ones that got buttmad, anon. He's still in a relationship with everyone else.

>> No.25370863

He is a low class prostitute, what do they expect from a whore?

>> No.25370934

And I find it funny that everyone is praising a whore saying he is based for scolding the antis. I'm like come on, if you watch a prostitute scolding her simps on pornhub, wouldn't that be the funniest video on earth?
How can that shit be based.
A prostitute telling her customer taht she wants their money but hey we are not lover you are just paying for sex, wow so cool captain obvious so BASED.

>> No.25371194

People don't seem to understand a street whore is just a street whore, Vox gets away with it because he's the biggest male e-thot currently and people have too much coom in their eyes to actually notice he's worthless for anything else aside from pleasing lonely chink women. He's got no competition in the male whore market right now so fujos and yumes don't want to lose their masturbation material.

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File: 25 KB, 280x330, 1428994437024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you wanted more Vergil pics you just had to ask, anon.

>> No.25371315

She's probably going to apologize, she really has no place scolding Vox's viewers

>> No.25371367
File: 24 KB, 497x213, 1625351773189.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He already said from the start that he's not going to stop doing BFE just because some people are schizos about it. The man is a genuine whore who likes behaving like a slut on camera, I respect it

>> No.25371532

Why does this grown ass man tweet like some braindead teenager?
He can keep doing his whore streams as much as he likes but he'll still look like a retard if he keeps acting "surprised" when schizos flock to him for his creepy streams.

>act like a whore in public for money
>attract freaks
>and then cry about it

What a dumb bitch.

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He tweets like Jaden Smith. Guy is a pompous douchebag.

>> No.25372005

This is one of the worst bots I've ever seen. And if this isn't a bot, then I am so sorry for you, anon

>> No.25372025

So he even tweets shit like this unironically? He really is a genuine e-thot...
Well, he is high on chink money and from what I heard he used to do FNAF and Undertale fanfic dubbing so I don't expect anything of value out of this man.

>> No.25372116

>you don't have any more images of vergil saved
I checked the replies.
That really didn't age well.

>> No.25372129

Are you gay?

>> No.25372191

He's pretty young

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>> No.25372360

Vox is basically a woman with a penis. That's what happens when you spend every waking moment surrounded by women, you become one. People get shaped by their environment
t. anon who spent 4 years in college without a single male in sight

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Sometimes these opportunities just present themselves, had to do it.

>> No.25372560

>mfw NijiEN is worse than Vshojo now

>> No.25372780

This meme is way too accurate. Vox is just a hot tub streaming e-thot but as a male vchuuba, he even acts like one and uses the same tactics. He's as much of a hypocritical schizo as his fans are.

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File: 1.04 MB, 220x187, D797DC2B-68D9-4F3D-8153-292AAF420D75.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.25373604

He's pretty much a deep-voiced brit like c*nnor that makes fem chinks' pussies wet a lot.

>> No.25374689


>> No.25374974

>NijiEN is worse than Vshojo now
Always has been.

>> No.25375054

>5k watching
numberfag is this good or bad?
I don't watch him so I don't know his usual live viewer number.

>> No.25375073

Vox don't give a shit about reimu, he just address it because someone else force him to do it.

>> No.25375215

he didn't even want to bring it up either and threw a bitch it for people goading him into addressing it lmao, he just wanted to keep milking his paypigs but Reimu had to cry about getting "threatening" ESL tweets with knife emojis like a baby

>> No.25375448

>he thought he would abandon his underage chink piggy bank

>> No.25375663

holy kek

>> No.25375726

Funniest part about all of this is how many people defend this behavior. Streamers are actually legitimately disgusting people.

>> No.25375782

There's really I don't understand.
>dumb fuck
They are professionals supposed to manage their image and their commany's image for god sake, don't they know that they shouldn't insult their fan so easily? They aren't fucking alone and they represent their company, I swear en vtubers don't know what the hell is a job

>> No.25375820

Nah, it's called being a giant hypocrite for money. Actually, I think these NijiEN retards are lying to themselves. They can't handle being hated by the progressive twittertards in their audience and agree with them to virtue signal. Then go along and do shit like this all the while telling themselves that it's not feeding parasocial fucks somehow, also money RUMAO.

>> No.25375946

>streamers are actually legitimately disgusting people
This has always been the case. Why do you think so many streamers end up being groomers and pedophiles? Random internet retard, who never touched a tit in his life, suddenly gets a lot of attention from underage fans, what could possibly go wrong?

>> No.25376083

Man holobronies are still seething that Vox called them out for throwing money at their holo waifus by telling them they're strangers on a screen playing minecraft instead of their wives. He's extremely powerful and mindbroke the holobronies for the next 3 months or until Cover decides to fire another whore for """breaking an NDA"""

>> No.25376238

>implying everyone here that doesn't fall for hypocritical behavior from a money grubbing chink groomer is "holobronie"

Are these holobronies in the room with you right now? Are they trying to tell you something?
It's not anyone's fault that Vox is a creep that prays on underaged mentally unstable women and your assuming anyone that criticizes him only watches Hololive makes you as retarded as he is. Tribalfags like you are scum. I feel bad that the JP Niji guys have to associated with trash like their EN branch, I actually like the dudes in NijiJP.

>> No.25376700
File: 16 KB, 195x195, FB_IMG_1653038672948.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Time for beed sweetie, i'll read your fanfic later (maybe not)

>> No.25376810
File: 35 KB, 400x300, budlight_make-the-right-call-400x300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't watch much Vox: Not into the fujo coomerbait, but he's fun when he's not doing that. I watched his serious discussion video. He said right in the video that he wasn't planning to change his content, or even take a break. He's asking the crazies not to be crazy. It may or may not work. But there are those who can enjoy responsibly without going overboard, so why cut them off? Consider pic related: I enjoy a drink or two every now and then, but my father was a stone drunk alcoholic. But that was HIS problem, not the liquor manufacturer's.

>> No.25377153

I'm pretty sure the main point of this entire thread is because Vox is pretty trashy as a person. He farmed unicorns for months and his schizos got worse and worse to the point where all that shit happened and he only addressed it because everyone was calling him out. He deliberately bred that kind of environment instead of making it clear from the start when he first did BFE streams like any normal person would do. Vox is a retard for not doing that at the beginning because there's no way he didn't notice how much of a shitshow his fanbase was since the more he pandered the more money he got, crying about parasocial shit when you actively do it for months on end and only address it after something makes you look bad is why people still shit on him in threads.

>> No.25378286

You can't enable this behavior on people then chastise them for being enabled.
It's like giving free meth to an addict and placing the blame on him when he dies in a ditch somewhere.

>> No.25378643
File: 407 KB, 1066x726, 1633746175891.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

but if he did that at the start nijiniggers won't be able to jerk off with his numbers

>> No.25378694

The ghost fucked him over. I hate that bitch even more now.

>> No.25378886

>people talking about Vox's disingenuous and hypocritical behavior
>tribalfag makes it about "muh holobronies"
Nijiniggers not even once.

>> No.25378890

wtf I love Reimu now

>> No.25378906 [DELETED] 

No wonder I hate nijisanji. They all want to eat their cake and have it too.
Nijiniggers really?

>> No.25378976

Another nijinigger cope.

>> No.25379025

Christ, these guys talk their 14 yrs old, are they really adults?
Also why are they using a discord with their vchuuba accounts instead just using alts like normal people would?

>> No.25379099

Nijiniggers really?

>> No.25379380

So your telling me some of the chinksanji members were Holorejects? That explains a lot. Also what's up with that one guy? Is he okay?

>> No.25379575

You guys should find better things to do with your lives, you look like a bunch of aunties talking about the new tv drama.
It's 2022, you should be aware already that people are hipocrites all the time and it'll not change. Stop being surprised and making a big deal out of it every time

>> No.25380025


>> No.25380059

>people are hipocrites all the time and it'll not change
that is why we must insult them here, if I were to post all these on twitter I will get fired from my company thanks to cancel culture, and if I don't vent out my discontent I might turn into a retard like you.

>> No.25381842

The point of discussions is to openly talk about things, ESL anon.
No one is above criticism and people have every right to call them out when their being a faggot. You can't stop hypocrisy but you also can't stop calling hypocrites retards for not holding themselves to their own standards. That how the world works.

>> No.25382535

what website is this?

>> No.25382673

Hello finana, stop trying to be the " dirty bitch " of nijien, is really clear that you are a virgin womenchild

>> No.25382688

Anon, I don’t like this guy, but if you’re making this, you obviously didn’t watch his statement.

>> No.25383584
File: 593 KB, 700x880, 52f1ab7ac285b9216d2bf1e516b24a98.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Show me those EN graduations, bans and suspensions. Go ahead.

EN dramas are baby tier compared to the shit JP does.

>> No.25384636

Isn't the management for EN companies almost nonexistent compared to the JP or other branches?
I don't think management gives a shit about their EN talents unless the actual main branch hears about it.

>> No.25386136

Vox Akuma is evil, I wish him ten years of bad luck, and if he is reading this post, double the curse.

>> No.25386262

ITT: People who can't separate fantasy from reality

>> No.25386327

ITT: People who defend sociopaths when they get caught shitting the bed

>> No.25386415

Vox Akuma is evil, a sinner, a devil's tool.
And that's the truth, it's not a fantasy.
Whoring himself virtually to satisfy a woman's lust for cartoon character.
Even worst than a hooker, he slapped his customer after they had pretend sex. And he still want to take his customer's money. He should pay his customer because he slapped them.

>> No.25386493
File: 56 KB, 606x517, FHZfEiYXEAYNgvZ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>"Vtuber Cringe Account" that regularly dogpiles on irrelevant accounts for shitting on loli arts now joins in a drama between minors (including screenshotting an accusation that he "voice acts a non-con fanfic" which is bad because... something)

>> No.25386703

so he's based?

>> No.25386777

So he really is a groomer...Dang, and here I thought he was just cringe for dubbing undertale fanfic.

>> No.25386889

is called RP you retarded nigger

>> No.25386911

its debunked, fake news spread by antis.

>> No.25387095

yeah you'd like us to believe that wouldn't you voxlicker?

>> No.25387465

>clarifies that RP is not real for the retards in the back
>goes back to RP, which is not real
>retard go hurr durr muh hypocrisy

>> No.25387571

Do you also get pissy when people complain about getting robbed in shitty neighborhoods?

>> No.25387634

Don't you get it, as a chuuba you aren't supposed to actually *talk with your fans* in the morning with a clickbait thumbnail, they might start hallucinating about the sex they totally had with you last night and it will be all your fault when they have a psychotic break. Like, duh.

>> No.25387668

>Parasocial bad, okay
>Btw here's a stream where I feed your parasocialism, please give me money

>> No.25387715

>None of these societal byproducts of decadent luxury produce fucking anything of real value
Why are you /here/ then?

>> No.25387758

Let me simplify that for you:

>shitting on schizos who deserve it
>shitting more on schizos who deserve it, by taking their money

>> No.25387931

Sociopathically exploiting schizos is based, actually. Cope, seethe and consider adjusting your dosage.

>> No.25387939

No matter which side of the argument you’re on, what you need to remember is Virgil is forever. Stay motivated.

>> No.25388057

Only thing I got from this thread is western vchuubas are a mistake.

>> No.25388107

Nijiniggers really out here admitting their a bunch of schizos that get exploited by their chuubas. Sad.

>> No.25388150

A fuckton of 2views have oil barons who flirt and banter in stream chat, do god knows what in their groomcords... and *don't* get toxic or jealous of collab partners or anything else, because they're actually well adjusted individuals who separate fantasy from reality and realize that there are (2view - 1) other people watching the stream.
Nijikeks have no excuse. Neither do holokeks.

>> No.25388165
File: 204 KB, 410x369, 16302738483.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stay mad, friend.

>> No.25388260

bruh I don't even watch these guys, I just think it's hilarious that /vt/sisters actually defend schizos

>> No.25388272

You are right nijichad, all this discussion is cringe let's hurry up to reddit and post and upvote some cute fanart.

>> No.25388379

Nijireddit is dead, nijinigger. Don't act like it isn't.

>> No.25388389
File: 327 KB, 358x200, FC96E740-943F-4D83-99B1-677C375030CA.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.25388540

Meh, I'm just here because I like the fact western chuubas keep acting like schizos and making drama. It's more entertaining then their content.

>> No.25388721
File: 20 KB, 334x286, timing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh Pomu, you silly fairy

>> No.25391673

Drama is interesting.

>> No.25391820

When you are unprofessional and entitled you're not going to leave because of a sense of wrongdoing or saving face because there is no shame in the actions that you do or a gratefulness for those that came before. Just hedonistic selfishness that seeps into fucking everything that EN touches.

>> No.25395182

Actual pimp behavior

>> No.25396591

This is the type of crabby behavior you expect from women, he has to be bisexual or something.

>> No.25397290

Even the neckbeards larping as wizards don't think they can really cast magic missiles.

>> No.25397378

Post tits

>> No.25400247

Zhang paypigs > Reimu's bruised ego.
Vox isn't a complete idiot.

>> No.25400513

Mysta is menhera and constantly whining. Fulgur is a middle school girl tier gossip and sabotaged himself with his dumb larp. Luca has had multiple yabs due to his sheer stupidity. Uki is literally a faggot. Sonny faked his own death in his past life.
At what point can we say that males are just as bad as females?

>> No.25402952

How would you know nijinigger?

>> No.25404459

Ive never finished a DMC game but yeah i agree

>> No.25404545

this is partially what annoys me about this entire "parasocial arc season 2" thing.
Obviously theyre still doing the thing where they just throw the term PARASOCIAL PARASOCIAL around as a blanket term for every stream watcher but also these retarded ass thots turn around and create an ASMR dating stream or some shit.

>> No.25404649

>When Rushia does it she's a manipulative whore
>When Vox does it he's doing nothing wrong it's on her fans.

Do nijikeks really? Both are the same and both are in the wrong

>> No.25406308

It’s started

>> No.25406458

hes literally the most based hypocrite
he KNOWS what he's doing has a high chance of attracting schizos, but he also knows they're wet wallets for him to fingerbang for cash like a fucking prize machine and milks that for all its worth

>> No.25406482
File: 2.98 MB, 624x335, 1638663880693.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I came here to Vergil post.

>> No.25406747
File: 155 KB, 448x448, Gura_Kek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They just can't help themselves can they?

>> No.25406850

i dont understand the zoomer lingo here, what is l+ratio?

>> No.25407118

it means youre 40 years old and still unmarried

>> No.25407681

L = loss
Ratio = usually the amount of likes on the comments

Basically the twitterfag equivalent of "more people agree with me i'm right, your wrong". In other words, faggot speak used by terminally online children.

>> No.25408345

Rushia did nothing wrong until she got caught doing stupid shit with dramatubers

>> No.25408473

L = Loss
Ratio = Twitter equivalent to getting (You)'s

each increment is supposed to be an insult.

>> No.25409363

It basically means he has more upvotes than you because you're unpopular