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Salome proved to the JP that they are the best, what's stopping you from checking the rest of Nijisanji? EN has some good chubas too! While you have nothing to watch from your hololivers, try watching some niji! We'll be happy to get some western fans built up so we can finally achieve true Unity!

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Interesting proposal, OP. I won’t be doing that, though.

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unity deez nutz

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I like Salome but that's all. I don't watch EN, especially because they are nothing like the JP talents.

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i can give you some good recommendations! picrel ;)

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does selen image shitposting affect holofans the same way kobo image shitposting affects nijifans? I am completely numb to both and disregard any post using them.

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I already watch Selen though, and Millie ASMR streams are great. Other than these two none appeal to me though, so I think I will stay with Hololive for now.

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>NijiEN (CN)

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picrel is a chink.

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Aren't they the ones that talk about pronouns on stream?

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ewww the shit eater kys

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there are no good EN vtuber

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I've been watching NijiJP since I started watching HoloJP. They've always been good and Salami is just another example of that. NijiEN is dogshit though and I won't be watching them again. HoloEN is also shit, but slightly less so than NijiEN

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>what's stopping you from checking the rest of Nijisanji
Because some of us has something else to do beside watching vtubers?
And I already have my slot full with HoloJP, Mito and Sanbaka

That one discord leak has made the trust cracked a bit

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Salome is successful exactly because she doesn't fall into the shitty habits that NijiEN and HoloEN have fallen into. Stay in your lane and fuck off.

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Follow your own code, then.

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>the shitty habits that NijiEN and HoloEN have fallen into
Such as?

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it's /vt/ not /vten/

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>1/100 chance it's anything else

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I'm a holobrony and I've been watching Pomu since forever. I'm simply in love with that woman. Selen is great too. Millie and Enna are ok sometimes. The rest is trash on the EN side. On the JP side I ADORE Mito, I could listen to her for hours. Always had a crush on Kaede and watched her whenever I had the chance. I also love Hayama, Hakase and Chigusa. Mao too sometimes because that design is pure sex to me. This is still one of my favorite vtuber related videos ever. https://youtu.be/bIHPvQmU7JQ

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I just can't get into NijiEN. I like the girls but never enough to watch a stream for longer than 5 minutes. I find holos and small corpos/indies a lot more entertaining.

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I'll (maybe) watch Salome and absolutely no one else from Niji.

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Interesting proposition, but consider: No.

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Selen collabed with like 3 men the other day are you kidding me

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why bother, its vshojo lite with their constant pee pee poo poo way of speaking

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Yes, I will watch Salome, only on clips though because i can't understand her. I understand NijiEN's but i'll still watch them only on clips. I wish otakmori covers Nijisanji vtubers as well.

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> Salome
you mean someone whose name means whore?

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>Read title "Please try Nijisanji now"
>Say to self "Ok, wonder what happened maybe I will try Nijisanji"
>See Purple Cringe Dragon image
Nah, I'll disregard your entire post. Never watching Nijishitty.

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I don't have the time to watch my Oshi. And I'm already watching some indies and small corpos so I'm not sure how you're supposed to fit in HAHA Dragon.

In others words: FUCK OFF WE'RE FULL

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luv nijisanji (JP+ID+KR)
luv hololive JP
luv hololive EN
'ate nijisanji EN
simple as

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>Nijisanji JP love
>Nijisanji EN love
>VSPO love
>Neo-Porte love
>Hololive JP hate
>Hololive EN hate

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No I only watch hololive
I will schedule a nut to be busted to selen though if that makes you feel better

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I lost all motivation and i barely can manage to enjoy a 2-girl collabs so i dropped them around January-February. Now i just listen to Millie ASMR whenever i want to sleep.
But i'm thinking of watching Pomu again, she was the one who convinced me to checn nijiEN around June last year. Fuck Rosemi and Reimu tho.

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I hate Nijisanji because they promote the flat propaganda.
Of the 10 livers in EN only 3 have big tits and one of them hides the goods in a baggy sweater, meanwhile Hololive promotes big breasts, of the 11 girls in EN 9 have big or at least medium breasts, Council didn't even have a single flat chested girl.

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speaking of Millie ASMR, does she ever do Filipino ASMR streams? I'd be cringe to the average Flip but I can see it working to others

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I cannot bear NijiEn because of the amount of "pronoun in bio" fuckers in that group, especially the male generations.

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if you like Salome you should check out Nina, she's basically Salome but in English

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My Niji oshi already graduated, now I only check any Nijis who's livestreaming Apex. I do check Salome every now and then but she doesn't really click on me. I'm just there to add the numbers for maybe 2-3 minutes lol.

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Tell them to stop doing random collabs with males first. I will never watch male vtubers. NEVERRR

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You dumb faggot, thats because JPs are civilized, diligent and polite people. Your nijiEN niggers are devolved vshitjo knockoffs that deserve nothing but the most extreme anti-behavior. Salome is from a different planet than your ENshitters

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No fuck you I only watch JP
>Whatch more Nijisanji pls
No, I only need Ars.

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Honestly? Time and that i already found an oshi, i checked salome but her voice was too highpitched for me and i expected huge tits ojousama.... so yeah.

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Dragon sisters and Pomu are the only ones I bother watching anymore, but I watch even less holoEN these days. EN vtubing sucks and you guys fighting over which shit stinks less are hilarious

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What do we do with the Nijibeggar
What do we do with the Nijibeggar
What do we do with the Nijibeggar, as he begs for collabing~

Send him to chinatown now
Send him to chinatown now
Send him to chinatown now, as he begs for collabing~

Introduce him to vshitjo
Introduce him to vshitjo
Introduce him to vshitjo, as he begs for collabing~

Send NijiEN to /trash/ already mods
Send NijiEN to /trash/ already mods
Send NijiEN to /trash/ already mods, since they don't shut up with collabing~

What do we do with the Nijibeggar
What do we do with the Nijibeggar
What do we do with the Nijibeggar, as he begs for collabing~

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It's alright, they'll recognize Nijisanji's superiority eventually.

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does the fact that flies eat shit mean it's good?

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Speaking English

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Funny, but I always watched both Niji and Holo. Fighting over which company/chuubas you prefer got tiresome quite a while ago (for me at least). And a lot of them are IRL friends (JPs).

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I'd not seen Salome and you make her sound like shit.

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she hates speaking tagalog but I'm not caught up with her streams so I'm not sure if she has. she speaks it in general every once in a while though

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Do you ever even bother reading the replies on these threads or you just post that image and move on without checking?

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N-no! You can only choose one tribe!

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i watch niji holo and noriopro but fuck off.