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Bungo Taiga went too far this time

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Taiga I thought you said you don't visit 4chan. You aren't ready for this place bro.

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Taiga I think you're alright but please stop self promoting.

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>>25156084 (me)
Oh also if I ever meet you IRL, we should have sex

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Definitely one of the discord red names

You'll have to wait your turn

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Taiga I'm gonna cancel you again so you have to start showing your butthole for views

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Pray that we never cross paths.

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is he trying to copy chibidoki?

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taiga please stop using the furry model for the love of god. youre cute but it looks ugly as FUCK.

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What's up with his (her?) voice?

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Is it true this guy had an insane gachikoi who donated well over 100k?

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Wasn't this guy a pedo

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They are still a pedo, yes. But there's a market for that unfortunately so he'll never go away.