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>join the biggest vtuber company in the world
>only stream twice a week because it's just a side job to you


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That's what you get for employing niggers

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Nijisanji is bigger, they have more streamers.

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> interview with a company, give your availability as twice a week
> get hired, contracted for 2 streams a week barring extenuating circumstances
i dont see the issue anon

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>still frustratingly likeable, cute and impossible to hate even though you really want to

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I don't hate her but I don't like her because she's lazy and sounds fat.

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be shit
know the extent of your ability
adjust accordingly


hard wok make a you good
chinks so poor they are this desperate

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Still more than Ayame

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Dream (side) job

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Mori's just as bad.

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enough with the projecting, satellitecucks or whatever you randoms are called.

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is "theyre busy doing things behind the scenes" the biggest copium of all time specifically for EN?
does it take that long to do some shitty voice over for some animation done with the VRChat models done by someone else anyway? plus we all want streams anyway most holo music is fucking whatever

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also mori who I dont even like both churns out music like nothing and still streams

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Fuck you FagRyS fucks

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36 meds
i didnt even say anything about irys. plus she's a top 2 zatsu'er in EN along with Fauna

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She churns out lyrics, not music.

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she also churns out braps. LOL

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I guarantee IRyS or Ina is your oshi. I can just tell. Bunch of bitter fucks.

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Flare is half elf and half nigger you uncultured swines. Thankfully whatever half part of her wants to work and entertain instead of being a lazy good for nothing sex toy.

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ok so you didnt read my post. glad i didnt give you any (You)s

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>wanting consistent streaming, or at least clear communication, is now a bad thing and makes you a nijinigger

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So it seems the Barney bot can only attack one thread at a time, interesting.

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He didn't make this thread.

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that's a really shitty picture of mori

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>only stream twice a week
So more than Gura?

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I hate her so much.
At least Ayame joined when Hololive was small so if she still wants to treat it as a part time job it's fine.
But Sana took that spot away from so many talented girls who would have loved to stream all day.
Fucking nepotism.

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>side job
More like side boobs hahahahaha

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I really hope you die british scum

And before you fags start implying,
it's a gif, and if you load it and wait long enough, it turns into something which makes british scum think he's better than someone else.
Or if you open the gif in Photoshop, GIMP, Preview, EZGif, etc. it can show both frames immediately.

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She was hired as an artist for the company and the streaming is just for the side

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Ah nevermind he did make this thread
He just had to wait until the jannies got the first one.

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slit your throat

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Remember when you forgot to change your file names and it was exposed that you were the one posting these threads?

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If Cover thought that was a problem, surely they would've pushed out EN3 sooner, but they don't seem to be in a hurry.

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Quality over Quantity

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slit your throat

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Pushing too many members too fast would just fuck up existing members and viewers alike.
They're stuck with what they got for a while and not much to do about it.

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Sana streams twice a week?
She surpassed Kronii and Gura then

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