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Kobo passed mysta

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go shit in the numbers thread.

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1M soon

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>Literally 11 years old kid
>Can only speak in monkeyspeak
>Her model isn't full cunny who would have been a huge buff
This girl is unstoppable

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just imagine being mogged by water kek

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numberfags are subhumans and should kill themselves, why is /#/ not banned yet?

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>Waaah waah im scared of numbers!
The absolute state of nijisisters

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am i supposed to care?
as long as they keep having streams where they speak Indonesian over English their growth will continue to be stunted

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I have to ask...is the poop story real?

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What are the chances the other HoloIDs will stream in ID more?

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# is actually currently in a meltdown because the new nijisanji member is mogging all their precious holojps.

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VOXBROS we got too cocky!

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alright, now the last luxiem left

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You can't run away forever Bug Demon Lord, Vox! You shall meet my blade soon, and your fate will thus, be sealed. cut by a thousand pieces. I, Kobo Tempest swear that i will kill you alone, and bring my friends to victory!

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81 meds
im not even a kobo anti

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My only exposure to her is through collabs with en and she seems fine. I think its hilarious how for weeks nijitards did this exact same shit and now they're backpedalling because its inevitable that she'll pass their "lord"

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>Indonesian-speaking countries
273.5 million speakers
>English-speaking countries
>1.5 billion speakers
She's in a smaller market and rapidly reaching the cap of vtuber watchers who can understand Indonesian since she doesn't speak English in her streams. So yeah, enjoy your temporary victory and your local viewers while Mysta has global reach and potential.

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31 meds

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Kobo gets big numbers specifically because all the indoteens who can't speak english or japanese flock to her since she only speaks indo.

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but nijicn fans don't speak english

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lol this mf thinks mysta will beat kobo

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ID is the next JP anon, 2-3 years from now you wont be saying this

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>He'll get 1.5 billion subs mark my words!

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>But where will you really struggle? China, for one. Around 10 million people - in a total population of 1.3 billion - speak English. That's fewer than one in 100.9 Feb 2017
Vox already has hit his cap.

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See you when Kobo passes Vox in subs, there will be hell fire, and we're all gonna be there

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15 morbillion subs and morb to come?
How can kobo compete?

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>cunny voice
doomed before he even debuted...

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Tick tock myth

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Holo vs Niji
>lole lets talk about Holo vs Holo =]
Nijikeks, not even once

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I literally never saw discussion about this kid that wasn't about numbers, I don't think anyone even watches her here

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Mainnya kurang jauh banh

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you should already know that it's flipfags playing both sides

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Holo ID speaking English is the main reason why they became a joke. Speaking English as a non native EN speaker especially in a non EN branch can only get you so far.

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But why would people watch jungle monkey?

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You're watching Mysta, who IS a jungle monkey.

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why should i care?
cute and funny language is universal.

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You're acting like EN scene haven't reach its cap yet.
If EN is so powerful why does Holo EN reclining? How about Niji EN pandering to China instead of the English speaking countries? Not to mention Niji EN girls now at the same level as Holo ID.

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Damn I cannot believe that Kobo's dick has gotten longer than Mysta's

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I watch pekora too

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How is she popping off so hard? Shes dunking on most of council, and even ollie didnt take off this hard even though shes almost moona level now

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Don't worry, Gigguk will cheer her up

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she eats shit thats why literally consumes feces

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A monkey screeching attracts more monkeys

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>Gets promoted by the Gigguk and TheAnimeMan
>Gets beaten by a child from Indonesia

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Is this a big deal

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this thread needs some unity post

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because people are jungle monkey, like it or not. It's the feral instinct.

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If anything being backed by those faggots hurt him more than anything

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Literally WHO?
Why do nijiggers think they're relevant?

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Wow Kobo is awesome!

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D-D-D-D-Doesn't count because not EN

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>gak dibales

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is this the power of cunny?

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Someone post Council to compare

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I’m sorry, but sadly Mysta didn’t do as good as expected.

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the solution? ACCELERATE

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>global reach
china isn't "global"

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>Her model isn't full cunny who would have been a huge buff
/vt/ never learns. Is Gura, Kobo, and Laplus not enough to open your eyes??? Never go full cunny is the secret

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>that could've been me...

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the power of dead subs

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roasties can not apply

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I wonder who will get to one million first? Kobo or Vox? No matter what, people will taking about that for a good while

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mysta la vista

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>dead subs
When Kobo playing PvZ mogged your bug lords??? Also, if the fags aren't bug-baiting with those ASMRs or handjob streams and instead plays a game, why are they sub-10k streamers?

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So how come Council's growth also stunted

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Because some of the council are holding them back from getting better

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You talking about Sana? Are you for real right now?

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ok so the meta has gone from japanese girls to white cunny to gay british men to indonesian cunny. what the fuck is happening

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Because they are boring and shit

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nta but same with the early id1 then

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sorry I actually liked her but after the poop thing I can't look at her the same way

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>sub 10k
lower than that.

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More proof Connor was right. She gets most of those subs just for being in Hololive. Yawn.

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Boring and don't stream

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not exactly
Connor does not know the power of cunny and thinks its all because of the brand

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Broke ass dead subs SEAnigs barely counted for anything. They don't even pay.

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Doesn't matter. EN and IDfags barely pay, even for memberships.

>> No.24982823

based Gigguk

>> No.24982858

Wow I don't care

>> No.24982890

The nijikiller...

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If she was getting most of those subs for just being in Hololive Sana wouldn't have less than half of her subs.

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Uhhh Nijisisters?????

>> No.24984309

The brand only give her around 200k subs at the start of debut, after that it depends on the talent.

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anon... cunny only applies to 3 out of the 50 talents, the common denominator is sadly not the cunny

>> No.24984597

thats still a huge boost over basically everyone.
the day where an indie gets 200k before debut is the day the industry has reach normie levels and may never even happen without said indie marketing themselves so well that they get those numbers

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Is Kobo really that good!!!???

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>barely pay
almost 8k donator on local donation platform. what are those, bots?
>even for membership
>2k members joined on the opening membership stream, picrel
ummmm what now nijinigs?

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What's the problem? She is HoloID the only good branch at cover. I completely support her.

>> No.24990429

>nijien killer
>gen6 killer
>council killer

>> No.24990529

Agreed, even HoloJP got very stale and rigid about content. HoloID is the future, thanks for Reine make the ID branch not attached to main branch

>> No.24990682

Oh no no no
Nijiniggerbros we lost

>> No.24991394

Still proving what connor said correct lmao

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>Ignore their journey from the ground to the top and the audition difficulty.

>> No.24993033

Adds more credence to why mori's habits are as bad as they are

>> No.24993094

You think Ironlung realised the same meant for her with Vshojo? And any future member

>> No.24993395

Connor also should realise it also applied to himself lmao

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I passed your mother sorry she was too ugly for me.
looks like you're not getting a new dad

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I've yet to see another flip that watches Kobo.
t. Flip that watches Risu and Mika

>> No.24994870

i think hes aware of his position but i dont think his and mouses postions are the same as having a brand endorse your existence from the beginning of your existence as that persona.
both of them had to build up their personas on their own before they joined a group, where the hololivers had group promotion from the start.
besides, his point is a general one, i dont think he was calling anyone talentless or whatever, just that holo could slap their logo on anything and it would succeed regardless of the individuals skills, good or bad

>> No.24995307

And again he ignored the process of those individuals who took the audition before they can get into holo. He ignored Gen 0 and 1 struggle to carry holo brands before it's exploded back in 2020. His statement will only carry weight if the corpos never experiences any hardship whatsoever.

>> No.24995574

i doubt he was referring to gen 0 or even up to gen 4 since holo didnt have the brand recognition it has now or around the time he said the thing.
again he probably was being general, an example would be like how disney can slap their logo on anything and it will sell better because brand recognition, this doesn't inherently mean said thing is better or worse quality wise.
in the end brand recognition can carry anything if its popular enough, regardless of quality.

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>both of them had to build up their personas on their own before they joined a group, where the hololivers had group promotion from the start.
You act like the holomems are popular from the get go.
They're not. Miko is a literal 2-view before exploded and having 20k average viewers now.

>> No.24997393

Noo!! You can't post this kind of thread for Kobo! It's only for Milord!

>> No.24998741

She speaks 90% Indo anon. Most Indonesian here are sane enough to stay on their respective oshis general and /warkop/.

Meanwhile the other 1% are too retarded so they choose to numberfag all the times with flip, westoids, the zhang, and all other niggers.

>> No.24998848

This, kek. Nobody with functioning brain wants to hear Moona's English. Reine and Ollie are fine but they don't stream at EN hours so of course they're fucked too.

>> No.24998909

They are called "LBFM"s and they are amazing

>> No.24998914

>is /vt/ rrat real?
I don't know why you need to ask that, the answer is obvious

>> No.24998939

No one in /vt/ have functioning brain anon, tf you talking about

>> No.24999105

>never went to the zoo in my childhood

>> No.24999136

Kek, my mistake, sorry about that.

>> No.24999254

I watch her because she has this pathetic indog aura trying her best desu, like a stray dog if you get what I mean

>> No.24999597

>implying /vt/ resident has functioning brain

>> No.25000137

Brand can only launch and takes you so far, in the end the talents still have to do something to keep them afloat, take Risu as an example, her NNN makes her relevant, with that view numbers, i expected her to take over Moona in terms of number and stream views, but her lack of stream and content after NNN sunk her back to irrelevancy

>> No.25000976

Flip shouldnt kneeling to chinks

>> No.25003102

Bump for the Fujochinks...

>> No.25007419

How does the Kobo Koyori bait threat get more replies than this one? Holofags really can't control themselves kek

>> No.25007758

which is why their bait about holo is almost always shallow and easy to identify, while their bait about niji livers is a lot more detailed.

>> No.25008148

we're training nijiniggers to be obedient dogs and not to talk back to their master holochads. seems to be working so far.

>> No.25008309

Nijiniggers are spamming there in relaliation

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Nijikeks know they can't win against Holochads, that's why they retort to falseflagging

>> No.25008642

Are you comparing holo to vshojo lmao

>> No.25008785

Who the fuck keeps pushing Kobo's numbers here, I've never seen other Holos with similar gains in numbers in the past used quite as aggressively to numberfag in this manner

>> No.25008854

holokeks and nijikeks tribalwar is at an all time high, each will use all the tools they currently possess

>> No.25008941

anon i said it twice, the boost happens regardless of quality or hard work.
and again his statement doesnt really apply to anyone before gen 5

>> No.25009069

Jealous autists whose channel or oshi isn't as booming as Kobo. Her fans don't give a fuck about numbers they can't even do simple arithmetics.

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>> No.25009543

thats bullshit and you know it, if you arent even trying to fighting against numberfagging, false flagging or not, your just encouraging them to drag kobo through the dirt and make people dislike her by association

>> No.25009707

people who? EOPs who ain't gonna watch her anyways? big deal bitch

>> No.25010082

Would Millie explode too in popularity if she is a blue-haired gremlin?

Do we even have a popularity-color pallete graph an autist plotted?

>> No.25010215


who? Do people here even watch any of this faggots? You might put there any random youtuber with <615K subs really, they don't really compete for the same or even similar audience.

>> No.25010343

because they don't care about numbers

>> No.25010749

Yeah the only female HoloEN VTuber that beats Kobo in views on her videos is Gura, so a lot of EOP do not care about VTubers in general except Gura, which is why VTubers like Vox only gets those high views by pandering to SEA fujos, but his video game streams get lower views in comparisson

Ironmouse and Veibae get 100k-200k lower total views on their streams than Gura

>> No.25010775

what holos had these gains?

>> No.25011001

I was going to praise you for changing your facebook names but... >>24973445 kys subhuman
Based, they're the only IDs I like (dropped Hana for Mika)

>> No.25011593

Reminder that Kobo in that pic is similar with her figure IRL

>> No.25011654

In Hololive? Possibly
In Nijisanji? Red is the meta there. Just look at Ange, Kuzuha and Vox

>> No.25012214

Gura is the big one, and despite ending up being huge she wasn't pushed nearly as hard as Kobo has been, and I've checked the archives to make sure my memory wasn't failing me. Ollie had similar but comparatively slower overall, since she's the second ID to hit 1m and hit it earlier in her career than Moona. But numberfags only really pit her and Moona together when they were heading to that milestone instead. I'm not discounting Kobo though, I adore her and imo her success is well deserved, I'm just kind of annoyed with the way she's been getting used as a numberfag's shitposting weapon of choice.

>> No.25012277

Right now she's the only person passing people in subs, so tribalfags will use her to shit on both Holos and Nijis. Watch out for the new NijiJP debut, same thing will happen with them in the coming days.

>> No.25012326

I misread it as mysta passed away.

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>> No.25012522

finaly justice for the anishituber leeches

>> No.25012561


>> No.25012678

Have Niji ever replied to other HoloIDs?

>> No.25012775

Good for her, but I still won't watch her

>> No.25012954

you probably doesn't understand her anyway..

>> No.25012984

Yes, that's why I don't watch her, SEAfriend

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i just know about finana and millie but i think nijiEN want to associate themselves with holoEN instead of HoloID

>> No.25015962

I know no one in this thread is interested in this type of opinion, but as a huge NijiEN fan, every time I hear stories of Holo success, it just makes me happy. All these streamers work hard, they make a lot of people happy and success is so rare. And any vtuber success is good for increasing exposure of the whole genre to more people, which will help support even more vtubers doing this as a career.

>> No.25016046

I wish all vtuber fan's like you but... vt would be boring af if that's the case.

>> No.25016510

I love watching this little wave make people seethe

>> No.25016594


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good for her! happy all of our favorite chuubas are finding success.

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File: 195 KB, 344x617, 73062871-74AE-4EB0-90B3-227A6DCD7BDB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

seems THEIR a little SCARED

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>> No.25020570

i'm a lolicon

>> No.25020670

There are, sadly, a lot of junglemonkeys on YouTube

>> No.25023700

both doing good

>> No.25024159

Shut the fuck up faggot

>> No.25029413

Mysta doensnt care or know who this bllue bitch its..
copy holobronies

>> No.25029626

Botsanji with bot reply

>> No.25029691
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My autist desuwa ojou will pass both of them soon.

>> No.25029733
File: 7 KB, 125x59, 1645257680026.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lets face it. Kobo has already KILLED voxpedo if he didn't have bots.

>> No.25030970

You're supposed to larp about tribalism even though tribalism is literally for niggers.

>> No.25031654

>Mysta has global reach and potential
>literally only watched by seamonkeys
lmao not even NA watches nijiEN males.

>> No.25031844

No thanks, Vtuber fans are the worst people I’ve seen. You take anime fans and combine them with simps. Hololive fans are obese fatties and Nijisanji fans are like an Asian school club meeting.

>> No.25033329

pic for fucking ant

>> No.25033411

I mean that's probably gonna happen soon enough anyway so..

>> No.25033733

They're growing at the same speed as most of Hololive, whenever a debut happens from that agency their growth is frontloaded. On top of that, Susan did a number to both Council and HoloX on debut dropping those numbers and hurting their place in the algorithm. Kobo is an odd exception, and interestingly mirrors Nijisanji members' growth more closely. She saw less subs starting out, but a stronger growth over time. Possibly because Susan didn't fuck with ID Gen 3's or Luxiem's debuts nearly as hard.

TL;DR: YouTube is weird, and that extends to how company talents come across in the algorithm.

>> No.25036770

Good for her

>> No.25037744

bro, some of indonesian livestream reached 1m live viewers

dont underestime us 3rd worlder

>> No.25037783

Doesn't count because ummmmmmmm it just doesn't

>> No.25037919

Luxiem got culled many times, but they had so few subs at the start that it didn't matter (probably around 30k or less). Unlike Council which had more explosive growth at the start thus they had much larger chunks taken out through their culls.

>> No.25038077


>> No.25038192

sad cope

>> No.25038390

This windah guy is amazing, many of his streams get 100k live viewers.
Streaming has hit the big time in Indonesia.

>> No.25038481

Not without bots. She can't speak English and rarely does

>> No.25038771

Everybody goes on about subs but YouTube doesn't pay for subs.
It's views that generate revenue.
Comparing Kobo with hololive EN only Cali and Gura get more daily views.
Kobo 236k/day, Ame 108k/day, Mumei 83k/day, kiwawa 146k/day, Gura 350k/day, Cali 454k/day.

>> No.25038961

Literally just filter all the hashes of the kobofag images and the board instantly gets 10% better

>> No.25040765
File: 286 KB, 720x1220, FB_IMG_1652530881807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25040842

What cope?

>> No.25041318

>I've never seen other Holos with similar gains in numbers in the past used quite as aggressively to numberfag in this manner
it's because Nijikeks got a little over excited over their chink-baiting fags, like... the fag passed Sana, Mumei, Koyori, etc etc. Now you don't even try to bait Holokeks with that shit, because they'll be ready next time. Now they're suffering from the consequences, being slapped in the face when getting passed by an ID v-tuber. Not HoloEN, not HoloJP, but a motherfucking HoloID. It's funny though

>> No.25041591

who fucking cares, numberfags are the lowest form of life on this board I swear to god

>> No.25043665
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>Pre-emptive cope already
>so assblasted has to comission a wojak lole

>> No.25046979

Holy cringe

>> No.25046993 [DELETED] 

When will she pass Vox?

>> No.25047197

Having a couple of dudes close enough to holo-tier sub count is actually impressive

>> No.25047677

if vox's subs were real he would have been pulling kuzuha numbers or more on regular streams

>> No.25047771

It's difficult to compare JP and EN subs. Western viewers will subscribe to any channel they like to support the channel. They sub to all channels of their preferred corporation.
But JP bros will only subscribe to channel they actually watch and de-subscribe if they are not invested anymore.
So EN tend to have a lot more dead subs.

>> No.25049341

nijisis is so butthurt...

>> No.25052432


>> No.25056479


>> No.25058150

Holy cope

>> No.25058592

>another shitty x passed y thread
can you faggots just stick to your containment thread

>> No.25059751
File: 180 KB, 419x417, NIJISISTERS WE GOT TO COCKY!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.25061651


>> No.25064435

time to bust out the celebration streams mystaboy

>> No.25064774

That's a catchy song

>> No.25065062

you have shit taste in music

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too late, it's all out war now

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Oh no Vox run faster

>> No.25087051

>the common denominator
What is it then? You can't deny cunny is a pretty powerful pull.

>> No.25087141

God, I'd eat her smooth cunny out all day long...

>> No.25089517

I don't get it, how? Kobo is the least interesting and least talented streamer I can think of and she LITERALLY eats shit.