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Wait, people actually liked Mori's "rapping"?

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Yes, I know it can be surprising to those like you and me but some people's lives revolve around worshipping niggers and nigger culture.

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Lmao cuckbeats aren't people you silly faggot

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I'm unable to tell the difference between good and bad rap so most rap sounds like trash to me

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It aounds like the whitest women tried to sing a niggers song, its absolute trash

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I’m really not trying to shitfling here but I think either speaking English as a second language and never having listened to other rap music before is why people like Mori’s rapping

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>normalfags have no taste and blindly consume Mori's mediocre music because it's sooo groundbreaking for a vtuber to rap
Color me surprised.

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/vt/ shitposting on her all day while she went and signed a deal with UMG is the prime example of seethe and cope, roru

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Bad music is picked up all the time and popular, doesn't make it any less bad look at any top 100 hit right now.

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I kind of hate everyone under 25 that uses this website.

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Doesn't help your case the UMG constantly signs really bad artist and gimmick artist constantly retard to them the wigger of vtubers is just a publicity stunt

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she can win oskars and i will still not like her shitty rap

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don't use pekora for shitty bait posts, moron

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I tried to listen to RIP since it's the most watched holo orisong but it sounds like random rambling.
I still don't understand why it's so popular.

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>Nigger culture
I have bad news deadbeat...

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>literal who label
neck yourself tard

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>literal who label
Mori music sucks but UMG isn't literally who, they have some of the biggest artists there are.

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holy shit it's the guy from morbius

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Japs and weebs are her demographic. People who have no interest in traditional rap or rap subcultures. They probably didn’t even listen to Japanese rap before Mori shilled stuff like FT to them. And FT is part of a subculture within Japanese rap itself called “net rap”.

Because she is moving away from the rapper gimmick and branching out into a more generic pop sound, and her fanbase continues to eat it up, I would assume they don’t even like HER rap in particular. They like her.

Her music sucks btw. She only recently started to improve her line delivery and flow. And her lyrics are still basic, repetitive, and lack any deeper meaning or complex wordplay. The best thing I can say about her is that she has become a competent music artist. But she’s not really that good, and people outside of the Hololive bubble can tell.

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Ever heard JP's rap/hip-hop songs? No wonder they eat up Mori's

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If she just sung regular pop songs maybe without the awful overly produced modern Jpop sound that Vtuber music has and without rapping, she would be fine as an artist, she has decent singing voice and if she works on it she could be even better.

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I like C Man more then Mori

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People like rap batles on youtube, so why are you suprised, when Mori rapping is on the same level?

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>Kanye west

What the fuck

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Beat Eater
The other song
are all the kino of music ( I don't have a word for this)

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I like her music, it's pretty okay even if rap isn't really my thing

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>Johnny Cash
So UMG basically signs or buys out the rights to anyone and everyone regardless of genre, talent, or popularity just on the off chance they can make money capitalism truly is a wonder

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>are all the kino of music ( I don't have a word for this)
How do you guys spend this much time online without ever reading encyclopedias or dictionaries

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