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What are some unlikely collabs you really want to see.

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Ame and Rushia.

Some game that allows them both to rage during the collab. I want to hear table banging in stereo

>> No.2458645

Sachiowo x Senzawa

>> No.2458696

Me and your oshi

>> No.2458893

Civia and Korone. Okayu gets along well with her sister, so I wanna believe Korone would have too...

>> No.2459245

Keeki and Kiara
You know she would do it

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Anon x His meds is my dream collab

>> No.2459828

Coco and Melody
Nyanners and Mr. Slime guy

>> No.2459924

Coco and Artia

>> No.2460005

This but unironically
Also Watame and Ina

>> No.2460067

That technically already happened

>> No.2460103

You'll have to settle for Walfie Kiara on Holotalk.

>> No.2460112

That sounds almost as likely as Mori and SemenSquare

>> No.2460222

Calliope Mori and Futakuchi Mana

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Sasaki and Luna.

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Shimada Tiger and Shishigami Leona

>> No.2461787

Kiara and Pekora a second time or Miko and Pekora ever again

>> No.2461909

Aqua Pekora duo collab

>> No.2462325

Is Shishigami Leona the Vtuber with the most drip?

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Risu x My cock

>> No.2462701

Futakuchi Mana and Reine. Just so I can compare accents

>> No.2464354

Hinata and Pekora again
Gura and Kana
Pikamee/Hikasa and HoloEN

>> No.2464726

Coco Mori off collab

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Kuku and Kiara collab

>> No.2465111

Mori Suisei

>> No.2465144

>Ame and Rushia.
God I hate that Myth are such introverts

>> No.2465243

Beatani and Hiroyuki

>> No.2465296

Ironmouse, Banderas and Ange

>> No.2465341

Mori x Polka

>> No.2465352

Would Ame even bang her table or rage out in a collab with a JP senpai?

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Zen and Roberu

>> No.2465539

The only extravert of the group is the one that you all hate on though.

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Projekt Melody and Inuyama Tamaki

>> No.2465578

Op’s pic, Pikamee and Gura with both of their hats on, Coco and all of HoloMyth

>> No.2465610

And yet everyone loves Ollie and Subaru. Finding a likable extravert isnt impossible

>> No.2465657

Hana Macchia Dad and Silvervale Mom

>> No.2465721

CodeMiko and Ai Angel

>> No.2466023

Astel and aqua just to see how uncomfortable a stream could get

>> No.2466090

Not being a bitch is an easy rule to follow. Why is it so hard for the chicken?

>> No.2466091

All the spaghetti dropping would reach to the point that they would remain silence for the remainder of the collab.

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The 2time screaming and talking very loudly to chuubas while they play intense BRs.

>> No.2466407

Vinny and Gura
It would be a wonderful shitshow

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>Keeki and Kiara
>You know she would do it

>> No.2466759

Coco honestly doesn't work well with big crowds, same with Amelia. They're way too quiet and shy when collabing with more than 2 other people.

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>> No.2466854

Coco and Artia

>> No.2467070

Lulu and Korone retro game endurance stream.

>> No.2467113

Coco and EN
Miko and Pekora post-sleepover

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>> No.2467183

Pekora and Pewdiepie

>> No.2467885

Mori and Calli

>> No.2468194

Pekora and Pekomama.

>> No.2468212

Pekora and FitMC

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keep dreaming anon, I will (not) take my meds

>> No.2468409

Peko Miko ;_;

>> No.2468530

I must know what happened.

>> No.2468546

Jerma collab with any ENHolo would be pretty cool. He is pretty safe in terms of collab and people don't have to worry about him going political.

>> No.2468591

I would say Gura and Artemis if artemis was the SLIGHTEST bit entertaining and not a walking yab.

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Calliope and Critical.
I don't even like critikal but it would make her so happy.

>> No.2469020

>Heyyy we're both sharks!

>> No.2469112

Ame and Vinny

>> No.2469508

I wish there was no language barrier between Miko and Gura.

>> No.2469558

his health reps...

>> No.2469559

huh, odd combination, but now that you mention it I can definitely see them working well together

>> No.2469743

Haachama and Alex Jones

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Well he is trying to make it better.

>> No.2470135

Pikamee and a small child

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>> No.2471194

the funniest people are often the ones who have suffered the most

>> No.2471349

That's not all that unlikely. I can't see them necessarily jiving super well but VOMS works with Hololive now and then

>> No.2471742

Nyanners and Gura

>> No.2471891

My semen and your oshi's dusty womb

>> No.2471947

Ollie, Haachama and Ame, but two last have unleashed autism and are not shy

>> No.2472115

Unironically some minecraft autist like moona with pewds. Would be cool if he was invited to join server tour and even get to build automatic sorting system of something

>> No.2472125

Hana Macchia and Vinny Vinesauce

>> No.2472898

Aris and Haachama.
Aris must be coerced or restrained in some fashion to prevent him from fleeing the stream.

>> No.2473631

Vsause and Gura, talking about male bald pattern.

>> No.2473661

Demolition D and Kiara, playing killing floor.

>> No.2473819

I can imagine gura with a notebook list of general questions she'd want to ask vsauce to answer

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>> No.2474265

demolition d fucking hates EN vtubers so this would be a great time

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I can perfectly envision a collab with Haachama :

>She does her usual cooking bullshit
>He has to recreate the exact same dish live, with their cams side by side, as if he were an apprentice in a cooking show
>He HAS to eat it afterwards, no matter what happens

>> No.2474973


Jerma would do something like this regardless if Haachama/Haato existed or not, them existing just makes it better, this is such a good idea.

>> No.2475037

I want to see Inuyama Tamaki collab with Polka… although it sounds painful…

>> No.2475173

Chat will be cancer

>> No.2475195

>demolition d fucking hates EN vtubers
Really? Even HoloEN?

>> No.2475297

Gordon Ramsay and Haachama

>> No.2475448

Coco and HoloEN
Pikamee and Amai Hiyo
Astel and Aqua
Korone and Coco 1 on 1
Coco and Aqua 1 on 1 post Taiwan incident
Ina and Marine

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>>"i'm not a girl,i'am a cute trap uwu"
>actually just a woman

>> No.2476300

True. Chat isn’t needed. Make it members only… make it supers only for all I care.

>> No.2476420

pikamee and carol

>> No.2476470

>author of a trap manga
At least she's consistent.
Post-Taiwan Coco/Aqua collab in Ark. Fishing and heralding the return of Ark arc.

>> No.2477223

Peko Miko would be cool but unfortunately it will never happen.....

>> No.2477346

Honestly the idea of Moona collaborating with famous Minecraft youtubers really amuses me, although I would prefer something with Mumbo Jumbo rather than Pewds.

>> No.2477364

Coco and anyone from Hololive EN. It shouldn't be unlikely, but since Enma is a cunt here we are.

>> No.2477397

>enma is a cut
what did he mean by this?

>> No.2477405

shame nobody in EN has the balls to tell her to go fuck herself

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"Annoying Orange vs Kizuna AI"
Battle for the original Vtuber

>> No.2478591

Who would win in a cat fight between pika and coco

>> No.2478603

me x any holo

>> No.2478617

Kiara, Roberu, and Kuku

>> No.2478705

>Did you know alligators are being fed babies?
>wow! Thas cooool

>> No.2478722

How would kfps react to kiara collabing with guys? They don't seem to care too much about purity but are they all gfe fags?

>> No.2478724

Fag Orange isn't a VTuber

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>both from Kansai
>both have the gift of a silver tongue
>both can get pretty weird
>both love onee-shota
for a brief period of time after the last time Roberu played MC on that one vtuber server, it looked like it was going to happen - they both talked about one another and added each other on twitter but months later... nothing.

>> No.2478846

What makes Hinata and Pekora unlikely? It was a good combination. Hinata and Marine too.

>> No.2479848

what u mean? he follows, posts and retweets shit about them all the time.

>> No.2479904

You sick bastard

Pretty based, ngl

>> No.2479958

he likes the art, hates the people

>> No.2480019

my rrat is that the ENs have been ghosting Coco this whole time of their own will. they just don't wanna deal with the flood of trolls.

>> No.2480118

A Suntempo collab

>> No.2480164

Pekora and Pol Pot

>> No.2480230

didn't Kiara say that she wanted Roberu to interview her or something?

>> No.2480274

Ayame and Ina

>> No.2480310

Nyanners and Pikamee

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If i get a Roberu and Polka collab, i would die a happy man.

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>> No.2480403

Coco with Ame then. They can play Fallout 76 until it crashes.

>> No.2480515

Wait until Kionachi invite him again to their Minecraft server. They already build Bar Robel inside the Giant Excavator after all. Although the waiting might be long since Robel currently very busy with something

>> No.2480664

Abigail and Athena

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I'll wait forever

>> No.2480892

Aloe x Monoe

>> No.2480918

Calliope Mori and SsethTzeentach

>> No.2480939

I meant “all of HoloMyth” as in she collabs 1:1 with all of them. Though now I wanna see her lead all 5 of them in an ARK collab.

>> No.2480961

I don't know that's why I asked. I don't watch kiara I just know she tweeted about his 3d debut

>> No.2481007

Coco with HoloEN

Or at least Coco and Gura if the whole gang is too much to ask for, EnMa.

>> No.2481167

Pekora and Aqua

>> No.2481223

Ina x Lulu just for the lore parallels.

>> No.2481225

Anon X girlfriend

>> No.2481299


>> No.2481386

She's Austrian, they got a weird culture.

>> No.2481467

Sseth, Mandalore, Gura, Ame, Iofi, and Anya.

>> No.2481756

>Is that a lobster or a tarantula?

>> No.2483343

Interesting. I though he would like Mori at least.

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