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Hololive sites

Nijisanji sites


Full list at https://pastebin.com/nCGZL1Lp

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This one

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I choose this one and if you don't you're new

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the lewd one

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>chii-chan isn't playing apex

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this one is good, nurse uniform is is always an OK in my book

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So whos the top contender for today? Is it only King?

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that Qpi girl is good gyaru design, but not using gyaru talk, shame

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He-Ayame set the floor for today really high, didn’t he?
Could have been gold in many days, but not in a APEX tournament day

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stop making duplicate thread.
spamming/flooding is a bannable offense

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I want Gura VOD anon to make a post, I like reading his thoughts

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her, for the real gyaru vtuber experience

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chinman already has a midnight 36k, there's nothing really strong scheduled for holo yet

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now this is what gyaru should be

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stop making early bait threads then you dumb indog newfag

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It was a shitposter earlythreading with a bait thread using kobo
let the jannies sort it out

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What is up with the Nijisanji trivia posts recently? The anon keeps throwing random facts and he doesn't elaborate.

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>there's nothing really strong scheduled for holo yet

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Is it me or Luca getting more and more weird in his stream titles like Mysta?

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Sounds like one of those youtube bots that repost stuff from other places

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looks like the autist is anchoring his post

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It was sort-of related to a discussion that happened earlier in the thread, I think, I dunno I didn't read it because it was fucking long and I don't care about Niji Taipei from 2018

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I'd like to know why Gura's VOD growth has been so slow recently, it's weird.

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she rarely stream because she is an eroge character from Enetergram, the company that will make Aqua's VN
but she still active on twitter and other gen mate channel

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it's a good honeypot, check how many koboposts there are

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What’s “anchoring” a post?

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fuck SEA
range ban em’

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Oh i think that one was regarding about a comment saying that unlike Hololive which abandoned HoloCN, Nijisanji apparently never leaves and talent or branches left behind
which made me kek uncontrollably because the newfriend in youtube was sincere

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now see how long the honepot can survive

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mahjong gold https://youtu.be/82h3wTYhC-0

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>indogs and chinks have their retard slapfights in the bait thread
>the rest of us discuss numbers in peace here
maybe it's not a bad idea actually

>> No.24545720

there are at least 5 bait threads about Kobo right now, they'll be busy for a while

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>random fact
>refuse to elaborate
Its not even fact at this point

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You how barney uses the same words when he responds with horseposting? its to ensure that he can check the archives faster and update his horse folder checklist. You can technically do the same with a shitpost and try to find a common theme/sentence that a shitposter might use time and time again and check if it might have the same syntax on any posts on social media. Only super autists engage in that type of behavior and ive only seen it a couple of times back in 12-14 on the horse board

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>38 waiting

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random fact, Nijisanji color also LGBTQ color

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>post random fact
>refuses to elaborate
>leaves thread

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Has anyone found another example of the Huangshan Mountains graphs that isn't related to Luxiem? People talked a bit about the crypto scammers as being something worth checking the other night

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Please don't remind me of that shit, there was a Koopa thread yesterday that was completely fucked because of it.

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i can't with this clip lmao

>> No.24545829

can a bunch of rapist flock together to Choco channel and give her a gold?

>> No.24545841

>crypto scammers as being something worth checking the other night
check the toddler nursery rhyme videos especially if they look pajeet im guessing those still use viewfarms and bots

>> No.24545858

no chance at all

>> No.24545879

I'm starting to think Mera Mera won't hit 1m within a week. Thoughts?

>> No.24545909

my female friend love that song but don't like Red, dunno why

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she has shit taste

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Chloe swimsuit art at 100k likes

>> No.24546014

I'm still stealing her panties, so I don't dare say that on her face

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Holo fanart is seriously inclining

>> No.24546052

It’ll probably break 30k but not the 40k needed to have a chance at Gold. If only Subaru was there then we’re looking at a real Gold contender

>> No.24546074

that her own mother, no surprise

>> No.24546082

Mera Mera feels like a K-pop song

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Ive been actually saving some KuzuhaXVox yaoi fanart just to dump on days like this

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>> No.24546113

cant wait, literally cant wait because kinda bored with 8 days holo art

>> No.24546136

Like blackpink actually
Is finally mori give up with her rap style music?

>> No.24546164

Niji gold
>Niji gold
Niji gold
>Niji gold

>> No.24546212

After improving her 2019 english clickbait strats with the last short, she's decided to go for the new meta which is minimalist english only title. However, the quality of the video remains the same

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>> No.24546261

I'm gonna assume the algorithm stopped favoring her after her long break

>> No.24546282

>KuzuhaXVox yaoi fanart
That exists?

>> No.24546297

That graph is ugly as sin

>> No.24546304

I want to watch UP again now

>> No.24546311

Internet problem?

>> No.24546319

you know why

>> No.24546357

commisioned them
couldnt afford nip artist so i had to resort to furry scat artists since they were cheaper

>> No.24546363

Her design is minmaxed sex. She already was, and then they gave her long hair, the ability to take off her jacket and sweat.

>> No.24546400

Probably the highest holo stream today

>> No.24546403

Why is it back again? Aren't those fujos afraid we might expose them again?

>> No.24546404

You'd better deliver anon

>> No.24546410

20 minute to entering Japanese's prime time

>> No.24546423

might deliver it when i wake up though

>> No.24546452

if this was on subaru channel it could be gold worth

>> No.24546454

well okay probably not but i would jizz myself if it actually happened

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>> No.24546498

>Off collab with Subaru playing Subaru's game
>Koyo channel
Pink dog... my gold...

>> No.24546504

They saw that none of the top Holos are streaming today and realise they can get away with winning global gold without any suspicion

>> No.24546589

damn now i cant see the king and vox yaoi art

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Im glad that taiwan vtuber that anon posted managed to get to 60k

>> No.24546642

Phonybros, is today the day that Suzy's Phony will pass Chima's? The difference is less than 10k

>> No.24546645

this actually looks like a connection issues chart, the chinese worm doesn't usually have sharp drops like that, and if they do it tends to me more kunlun mountains looking

>> No.24546682

feel in the catalog there are many Indog baiting is something happening?

>> No.24546691

prob not, i follow koyo's numbers and this is a 20k+ at most, it would make sense with other collabs she's had

>> No.24546694

yeah this is a connection issue chart

>> No.24546723

ollie had a minor breakdown yet again and antis smell blood in the water
And also Kobo mogged Vox so the nijisisters are seething

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File: 1.76 MB, 1000x1290, Kuzuha.(VTuber).full.3102374.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not today pink doggo
Youre not miko level yet

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File: 820 KB, 1407x1165, 1634363352182.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this image triggered the nijizhangs

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File: 76 KB, 532x536, selen laughing 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>its to ensure that he can check the archives faster and update his horse folder checklist.
Autism, not even once!

>> No.24546783

ollie had a slight breakdown and some anons are thinking of adding fuel to the fire

>> No.24546802

ollie never learn huh, the best way to deal with it, is just do nothing, she's an idol now, of course people will aim at her

>> No.24546818

cool, not realize until i enlarge it

>> No.24546822

christ you scared me for a second there i thought you posted the gif

>> No.24546888

Is Minecraft buff or debuff for NijiEN?

>> No.24546892

>connection issue cope again
I would believe you for the steep drop to 0, but not for the incline at the 10 min mark and obviously the jagged graph.

>> No.24546939

Barneyfag wouldn't be able to accelerate this thread much faster than it already is, nor shitpost harder than it is already shitposted

>> No.24546966

Will Kobo surpass Mysta today in subs?

>> No.24546970

Minecraft is always a buff

>> No.24546984

ollie is /here/ chuba, maybe they know one of the bait will hit her directly

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IRyS poll at the end of her stream

which waifu?
Ada (58%)
Claire (41%)

Poll complete: 1.6K votes

>> No.24546998

thats today? i thought it was tomorrow

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File: 16 KB, 320x387, 1644674135324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon do you not know what a connection issue chart looks like? Steep drops followed by rapid recovery when the connection gets resolved is exactly what happens when there's connection issues

>> No.24547042

>dunno who tf post
>can be shitty troll
>kobo pic

>> No.24547044

Natural recline obviously. Next stop is 200k vod ceiling.

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File: 204 KB, 1362x988, chloe clip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn, this Chloe clip is going to places.

Her bday was really good for her in numbers and exposure

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Phony diff between Suisei and Chima has reached 4 digits

>> No.24547065

>I would believe you for the steep drop to 0
I just said that. But the graph is a combination of worm and connection issues at one point.

>> No.24547070

let them cope anon they are desperate

>> No.24547094

and you are a triggered indog

>> No.24547098

Debuff, they could've get better numbers if they play other sandbox games

>> No.24547132

sorry chimafags Suisei is too strong for you

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File: 356 KB, 1305x752, 1644329433229.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

for reference this is what the typical chinese worm graph looks like.

>> No.24547184

arent games debuff for nijien?

>> No.24547214

this girl used to 2view chuba

>> No.24547243

Riot Music has inclined

>> No.24547255

Why do vtubers think that performing at budokan/tokyo dome is a big achievement as an artist when they've performed to hundred of thousands of people before? Tokyo dome has a capacity of 55k, but during Suisei's anniversary concert, she had 140k viewers watching her. If YT implements paid streams like a $10 paywall watching a concert, then Suisei would've earned more in that than tickets at a physical venue.

>> No.24547264


>> No.24547265

I don't think fujochinks are interested in watching ark or valheim

>> No.24547281

You wouldn't get it

>> No.24547287

are chimakeks even real

>> No.24547292

Nice, Cocoa's fucking great

>> No.24547301

cultural sentimental, the most important events happened there

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File: 394 KB, 1347x872, cocoa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Her channel doesn't have many streams, are you referring to some past incarnation?
If so, QRD?

>> No.24547314

damn, nice vocals

>> No.24547340

this cover used shown on my youtube ads, seem it pay off

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Sub 1k waiting nijibros…

>> No.24547351

Everyone forgets about Brave Group already

>> No.24547357

20k people taking the time out of their day, leaving work or other stuff in order to come watch you shows a lot of dedication.
Online stream has various factors, and some may just be putting it in the background, some may have just watched 30s and dipped etc. etc.
But those 20k, they came for YOU, they came to watch every single second of YOUR performance.
Sure, some of the people on the 100k stream were probably the same, but how many of them would have shown up if the concert was not on a stream, but on a different city, limited to a particular place and time, and never had any "video recording" that weren't blu-rays?

>> No.24547375

>watching on youtube is the same as buying a ticket and going to a physical venue
the last 2 years mindbroke you anon

>> No.24547378

Wasn’t this one an ex-gamebu girl who got her va replaced?

>> No.24547390

it's more of an achievement? performing live in front of 55k people that are willing to pay and really going to see you, i mean it take more effort and the tickets probably more than 10$

>> No.24547414

she not archive old stream, because she is not "vtuber" that time she is a "vsinger" thus her vod filled with cover only

>> No.24547415

isn't the stream in 1 hour still? seems this will be gold after all

>> No.24547416

The prestige, if you are a japanese singer/musician you can only say youve made it once you performed there.

>> No.24547445

I'll take this anon never been in a live event (concert, football match) with a packed venue.

The level of energy given by 10k, 20k, 50k people singing in unison, shouting, clapping, jumping is something that can't even be described, only experienced.

>> No.24547448

Budokan is equivalent of japs astroworld

>> No.24547467

really ? what a terrible mistake to be made

>> No.24547487

And i though shu could fix niji tech issues

>> No.24547519

i only know yuka who do stream on her channel and Saki has sub channel for streaming as vtuber and keep her channel 'clean'

>> No.24547525

Damn, her voice deserves more views.

>> No.24547527

>cripple gold

>> No.24547562

>japs astroworld
Isn't that Tokyo Dome?

>> No.24547573
File: 40 KB, 1008x234, ninnin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Kanata is the most inclining Holomen right no-

>> No.24547629

Feels like you're asking to be grudgeposted.
Happy for gozaru though, so much for all the doomposting over her decline.

>> No.24547630

iroha is more superior if they do solo gaming

>> No.24547631

~5k waiting for ChocoLui + uoh correction brat with 7 minutes to go

>> No.24547655

can't wait for her to go back to ff14 and get 3k peak streams

>> No.24547662

Not a burger but I'd say a better comparison would be Madison Square Garden, it's not the biggest venue but it's iconic

>> No.24547672

delayed the stream seem add the waiter

>> No.24547676
File: 143 KB, 411x398, mogged.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can your oshi get 8 million views on her shorts in 3 weeks? didn't think so
idk why the fuck this is in my recommended

>> No.24547690

>Ching chong fan
Wtf kobo?

>> No.24547709

made me look, good job

>> No.24547722

+5000000 social credits

>> No.24547723

recommend algorithm is buggy i think
i got recommended warhammer and alex jones after i watched miko even though i never watched any of the 2

>> No.24547725
File: 153 KB, 1921x1153, cocoa median.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she not archive old stream
oh, I see, she did her streams "unarchived".

Vstats has her stats, she must have been a 2 views a long time ago (before they started tracking), her median viewership is very stable now and inclining since the end of CCVID.

>> No.24547735

>If YT implements paid streams like a $10 paywall watching a concert, then Suisei would've earned more in that than tickets at a physical venue
You would only get a fraction of the people who would watch it if there was a paywall. This fraction is reduced if they have to actually move to watch it and not conveniently watch it from home. 140K viewers on a free plateforme doesn't even convert to 20% of an actual public for a concert

>> No.24547749


>> No.24547773

is that Chinese cuisine? seem kobo try to draw the attention within Chink fujo

>> No.24547777

wait thats a chink food? i thought it was sea shit since i tasted one of those in a flip shop near my house?

>> No.24547808

damn she sang my favorite Gundam song

>> No.24547809

Did Kanata's buff run out? Just 10k in chilla kusoge?

>> No.24547835

It's not chilla and she already played it most of it yesterday. she only didn't finish because of chloe totsu starting

>> No.24547850
File: 205 KB, 1211x587, rushia slot 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Let's see if any of the girls can take over the Rushia slot.
Rushia consistently got 14k or so in this slot

>> No.24547866

Nigger, chinese food is a staple in ID

>> No.24547889

It hasn't, the streams are just short so they don't punch up very high. Spooky will be a 400k in a few weeks because of the length, taiko might get there too

>> No.24547901


>> No.24547903

it's not the michael slot tho, that was last slot (6pm) and nobody took it today

>> No.24547922
File: 147 KB, 949x471, inclining ninja.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Gozaru 10k
I hope you faggots who were doomposting her are kneeling right now

>> No.24547937

it was part of her "extended" slot, the second hour of her streams, which was usually when she peaked from people joining in while waiting for the prime time streams to start

>> No.24547947

dude, you're asking to get grudgeposted when she starts being dumb again

>> No.24547960

Can sexy food stream hit 20k?

>> No.24547975

>gets mogged by choco and lui
god damn

>> No.24547988

Good, she should've drop FFXIV long time ago

>> No.24548006

It wasn't doomposting, she was intentionally ruining her channel. She stopped being autistic and got the GW buff + help from other members. This is how she should have been performing from the beginning

>> No.24548026

>Doubting ChocoLui Bistro

>> No.24548100

May 23 gold

>> No.24548106

Well she finally followed people's advise and gave the fans what they wanted.
Main channel and Polka running cover for her also helped.

>> No.24548126

it always hit over 20k but never hit 30k

>> No.24548138

Lap is also obviously there with the huge horns

>> No.24548171

saw laplus an luna, maybe Aki in there to as AnPonTan

>> No.24548189

who the fuck is that above koyo besides lap, that's a weird shape

>> No.24548213

Laplus silhouette in top right
I also see the crescent moon on Luna’s crown near the bottom right

>> No.24548227

What did Roboco's anniversary 3D get? ~55k or something? Also, I don't think all holos do 3D lives for both the birthday and anniversary, right?

>> No.24548246

Anon that’s Lap’s sleeve…

>> No.24548263

Laplus sleeve

>> No.24548281
File: 391 KB, 426x413, 1650902653735.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24548300

Rushia slot is 1 hour earlier at 18:00
this is the regular Miko timeslot

>> No.24548301
File: 234 KB, 903x574, 1629421376975.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

THIS is a connection issue chart

>> No.24548315

didnt rbc have pekora and suisei in her last 3d? this gonna get less than that?

>> No.24548321

So Laplus, Koyo, Aki, Marine and Luna?

>> No.24548334
File: 117 KB, 1921x1153, iroha 30 days.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She took a massive dive in April, out of which she only started to pull up this week.

If she's not dumb she can bring that median of hers back into the 10k.
>big if

>> No.24548338

No, that's watamage's cursebrand.

>> No.24548354

Top 12 highest liveviewer streams on youtube right now are SEA, all 60k+
How can we even compete

>> No.24548359

oh hey median chart anon, could you do like a holox one, like the 5 girls in one

>> No.24548362

like inverted nipple

>> No.24548377

I dropped her when they changed VAs

>> No.24548411

that your loss, she is better when got changed

>> No.24548418

Ye 52k. well she got 30k+ last year https://youtu.be/Y69lP9a12ug

>> No.24548421
File: 16 KB, 469x192, mysta.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

handcam stream delayed

>> No.24548434
File: 111 KB, 1600x900, ffxiv-shadowbringers-art-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24548457

Kikebook shitposter raid if kobo streaming

>> No.24548469

would you think Coco would be much better if Cover hires a new VA for her?

>> No.24548483

Damn that 5k zatsu really hit him hard.

>> No.24548491

Mika raped him and gave him ptsd, didn’t she?

>> No.24548497

They delayed it just to mog Ina during her birthday
Sasuga numbernigger

>> No.24548515

is he experiencing post nut clarity ?

>> No.24548520

There are a few different types of disconnect issues, but the most common tell is chat spamming :buffering: so that the streamer can notice, in case they aren't affected.

>> No.24548548

Well cant blame him I mean look at that weak waiting numbers kek >>24547344

>> No.24548551

Brave Goup not an vtuber agency, they 3d animation studio, when Cocoa VA changed they shift to riot music as vsinger talent and now slowly embracing vtuber behavior

>> No.24548561

Ina's birthday is the 20th

>> No.24548566

Bistro 23k

>> No.24548577

Who are the top contenders for gold today?

>> No.24548581

Kaida Haru new costume reveal on the 21st

>> No.24548597

Old Cocoa is 3d skit anime character not a vtuber

>> No.24548602

kuzuha, that's pretty much it

>> No.24548605

Your time zone reps...

>> No.24548607

It's soccer and I believe soccer match between Thai vs Indo is very big in SEA

>> No.24548608

How comes Hololive clipping scene is still too strong? Aren't they supposed to lose to NijiEN and indies?

>> No.24548620

No way, no way he actually moved it because of that. That would be numberfagging on a level previously thought impossible.

>> No.24548629

20th in NA, but counts for the 21st on the tally.

>> No.24548635

Mysta, no... she'll catch you if you don't stream

>> No.24548639

>that bot response saying that mysta was cucked by vox with nina

>> No.24548644
File: 1.11 MB, 1507x1065, FTHDP-iagAAAVyj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

V-cunny goods

>> No.24548654

>he tweeted at the same frame time as this

someone at nijien graduating soon? RRATS!

>> No.24548655

you underestimated his numberfagging level

>> No.24548668

Mysta is, from looking at what pops up in /#/, the most insecure numberfag across NijiEN, bar-none.

>> No.24548687

Oh right. Apex tournament right? If so I'd be surprised if he didn't take gold. Subaru x Koyori off collab might be an upset, but odds do seem slim.

>> No.24548695

>How comes Hololive clipping scene is still too strong? Aren't they supposed to lose to NijiEN and indies?
What people seem to forget when comparing Nijisanji and Hololive is that they say that all vtuber companies are created equal, but you look at Hololive and you look at Nijisanji and you can see that statement is not true. See, normally if you go one on one with another company you got a 50/50 chance of winning. But Hololive is a meme freak and not normal! So you got a 25%, AT BEST, at beat Hololive. Then you add Indies to the mix, your chances of winning drastic go down. See the 3 way at numbers, Nijisanji got a 33 1/3 chance of winning, but Hololive got a 66 and 2/3 chance of winning, because Indies KNOWS they can't beat Hololive and they're not even gonna try!
So Nijisanji you take your 33 1/3 chance, minus Hololive's 25% chance and you got an 8 1/3 chance of winning at numbers. But then you take Hololive's 75% chance of winning, if Nijisanji was to go one on one, and then add 66 2/3 per cents, Hololives got 141 2/3 chance of winning at Nimbers. See Nijisanji, the numbers don't lie, and they spell disaster for you at Numbers.

>> No.24548701

because he is?

>> No.24548723

Kobo is already closing on Mysta, there is no way she will stop. Kobo will pass Mysta and Vox.

>> No.24548725

nah, judging by previous collabs from koyo, that stream is a 20k+ at most

>> No.24548728

Source? Twitch or YT?

>> No.24548733

That's a spicy rrat.
To elaborate, someone posted that they were gonna graduate in /#/, this year, and that they were part of NijiEN.
The only way that would line up is if they were part of obysdia given that all of Lazulight are still around, but rrats are rrats for a reason.

>> No.24548737

Kuzuha deserves to win once in a while, some of these recent slips have been just tragic.

>> No.24548756

Chinman could win if Kuzuha has a really shit day

>> No.24548762

Yesterday I already told anons she's Indog's chink descent but anons didn't believe

It is chink food
>sea shit
Mass chinks immigrants around 19th century

3% of Indog's total population is chink descents so Indog actuall have a decent amount of chink cuisine

>> No.24548770

60k subs anon
some anon was posting her channel here a few threads ago for her 60k celebration

>> No.24548783

Proof anon?

>> No.24548799

As I said, odds seem very slim.
Dunno about deserve, but I do think he probably has today in the bag.

>> No.24548800

God, what a horrible merchandise. Out of all these, the black shirt is the only thing i'll get.

>> No.24548805


>> No.24548823

already 8 days starlight of holos and in those days King is keep fighting, now if he got Gold he deserve it.

>> No.24548824

might be related to a post i saw in that niji salary thread that got deleted

>> No.24548833

aren't we 14-4, unless they beat rbc and lap, we have the month already

>> No.24548857

>Your favorite vtuber, but wearing a generic t-shirt!

>> No.24548864

might be rosemi? isnt she looking for a job since she realized streaming wasnt as profitable as she imagined it to be

>> No.24548875

Pretty meh with some okay art. Those are some of the most ugly ass t-shirts ive seen in a long time though.

>> No.24548879

Why is salary related to graduation again?

>> No.24548899

I want them both to rape me

>> No.24548922

Wait, I thought livers don't get salary?

>> No.24548927


>> No.24548934

I thought anon said that NijiEN were profitable or something

>> No.24548936

Can we go one day without something giving people a week's worth of shitposting ammo? I hope it's just a rrat.

>> No.24548938

kek someone got into EN3 maybe
would be fucking hilarious if they revealed it during the offcollab

>> No.24548939

Can confirm. I'm part of NijiEN and I will soon announce graduation.

>> No.24548944


>> No.24548946

"When I say ACCELERATE, I mean both debut and graduation" - Riku Tazumi

>> No.24548952

I'm lazy and phoneposting right now, so feel free to dismiss it since I don't have the posts on hand. If I can muster up the drive I'll go diving later.

>> No.24548962

Ah yes im happy for my oshi

>> No.24548964

isn't she quit her job because money from vtubing enough for her?

>> No.24548965

Graduation rush sasuga

>> No.24548969

someone said something about millies family being involved in politics and some anon replied that it was her cousin who spilled the beans but the reply got deleted pretty fast

>> No.24548970

Thanks fungus

>> No.24548973

Just like his fans.

>> No.24548976

Can any POV in CR cup beat Aqua's?
Including non-vtuber

>> No.24548988

Based gozaruposter

>> No.24548993

graduation from virginity ?

>> No.24548999

Who do you think will get in, Enna?

>> No.24549012

>I don't think all holos do 3D lives for both the birthday and anniversary, right?
of course not, it takes plenty of time to organize one specially if you have guests

>> No.24549020

Koyo doesn't has 3D yet
are they going to use the damn picture frame again?

>> No.24549031

Jun is in the tournament so there's that.

>> No.24549046

Damn, Millie is more influential than Reine.

>> No.24549057
File: 356 KB, 789x566, 1641346840939.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry Choco, but 25k is for grown ups

>> No.24549063

please stop

>> No.24549066

Enna for her singing, Rosemi for wacky content, or Pomu (though she seems fully into Niji now).
Not sure who else they might take, Selen? She seems super distanced from the rest of NijiEN, and if she reincarnates as a holo, she has access to the wider JP Apex scene through Towa.

>> No.24549070

ive seen 2 versions of the rrat the more popular one was that she quit due to going back to school but another one was that she quit was thinking of going back to school but decided to become a full time wagie in which she may continue streaming but at a lesser pace or she might quit totally

>> No.24549073

probably, laplus is also there so we're getting frame koyo and lap

>> No.24549082

On Twitch or YT? He won't reach his real peak on Twitch

>> No.24549102

Cover poaching nijiEN is so unrealistic that it's not even worth speculating.

>> No.24549114

Imagine the drama

>> No.24549126

Isnt Miko coming back on the 21st?

>> No.24549138

EN isn't taking a niji, they don't need that drama and all niji females already failed to be successful

>> No.24549140

Lap's horns won't fit into the frame lol.

>> No.24549149

it's fine they can just released another wave of vtuber to accelerate

>> No.24549155

>Only 1k waiting for hyped duo handcam stream
>We ran out of the bots,girls! so we have to push back the stream!
nijieniggers will defend this

>> No.24549169

the cousin response got deleted for some reason

>> No.24549171

Let's not, this thread is pretty tolerable right now.

>> No.24549172


>> No.24549191

Purple hair built for unity

>> No.24549208

ffxiv is cancer, if she's still planning on continuing it i hope she moves it over to twitch instead

>> No.24549214
File: 276 KB, 1921x1153, jp6 30 days.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here it goes.
Some of them had steep drops at different points
>Iroha in February and then again in April
>Laplus in March
>Chloe in mid April

Most of them stabilized their numbers in May so far, with Iroha bouncing back and recovering from her April recline and Koyori showing modest but sustained incline, adding a full k to her median

>> No.24549218

Imagine the more drama when one of them just goes independent and becomes vtuber keemstar spilling all the backstage beans

>> No.24549235

>Imagine the more drama when one of them just goes independent and becomes vtuber keemstar spilling all the backstage beans
NDAs prevent that from happening

>> No.24549241


>> No.24549250

the only month nijisanji can give an actual fight against hololive is during koshien

>> No.24549257
File: 116 KB, 300x300, zluna.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, they would never do that

>> No.24549260

22nd, look at her community tab

>> No.24549283

It's not 2019 anymore anon

>> No.24549295

damn lui is that stable ?

>> No.24549306
File: 14 KB, 458x490, 1652828923522.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24549317

A lot of Holo clips don't really need that much context, it's usually "funny anime girl laughs at something", or "anime girl says something funny" or something simple like that - which leads them into the holo rabbit hole.

NijiEN collab with each other so much, that any clip involving them will almost always have their own in-jokes and references which make the whole thing obscure to potential newfags.
And those that AREN'T collabs, will usually have some sort of sex joke.

It's a funny contrast how differently holos handle sex jokes, Matsuri's VSaikyou team (HSKW and VSPO's Sena) were talking about their periods as well and it basically ended up with Sena telling a funny story evolving from it (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i2H4eP6OUU).
Meanwhile VShoujo is "vei.mp4".
And NijiEN is this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5i2H4eP6OUU
Once the shock subsides, you kinda realize that there... wasn't any joke. It's zoomer tier "LOUD = FUNNY" or "SEX = FUNNY" type joke, with nothing else added to it.
Some people might like it, but as the explosion of hololive has shown, the majority of people were HUNGRY for female streamers who WEREN'T just all about SEX and using their body for money.
If you're gonna talk about sex stuff blatantly, well the audience can always go to some twitch camwhore for that content...

>> No.24549328

so who's coming first? EN3 or JP7?

>> No.24549330

Koyori's incline looks really good, like proper longterm audience growth. Also, is Laplus another case of "I joined Hololive and now I don't want to be popular"?

>> No.24549332

>lui is that stable
Yep, stabilized on 6k.

>> No.24549352

>the cousin response got deleted for some reason
I mean it's very obvious...

>> No.24549364

she has different aspirations, being the sponsor queen and main channel queen

>> No.24549369

StarsEN 1

>> No.24549384

I mean, what can NijiEN offer that HoloEN can't? HoloEN gets bigger audience, bigger ooportunities and a bigger chance to perform on stage. All you have to do is to become family friendly.
You get access to Gura, Pekora, Marine and all of the top tier vtubers.

>> No.24549392

>How comes Hololive clipping scene is still too strong?
Hololive produces more meme material
I used to clip both but the difference between vods is significant enough for me to focus on hololive rather than niji

>> No.24549402

yeah, we already know how shit they all are, most holofans would unironically be angry if one of them got in over some talented 2view.

>> No.24549407

>main channel queen
She's gonna have to fight Roboco and the blondes if she wants that position.

>> No.24549411
File: 447 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220519-191847150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jun CR cup 100,649
Aqua wins

>> No.24549435

Please explain to me what is the difference?

>> No.24549449

>Pekora, Marine
Not right now they wouldn't, lol.

>> No.24549452

I think laplus just thinks of vtubing as a way to connect like how she asked that company they were sponsoring for a va role

>> No.24549463

People are too stupid to look at the content they're doing that is causing the numbers or are too eager to shitpost. Why even bother?

>> No.24549466


>> No.24549471

check how many videos that Lap has appeared in for the last 2 months. compare it

>> No.24549505

Selen is probably the only one who even has a chance in the EN audience.
She's good at games, and has a LOT of connections outside of Nijisanji which can be easily carried over if she moves to Holo.
And she's not as connected to NijiEN as many of the other girls.
Problem is, if she DOES get in, that would kinda prove that the EN talent scene has dried up enough that they had to resort to poaching, and would validate Anycolor's "get every indie into Nijisanji to stop Cover from getting talented people" rrat.

>> No.24549515

She can do better this year assuming she hasn't fallen out of the box. Even if the guests aren't as strong.

>> No.24549524
File: 551 KB, 1170x1888, 7B8F4CB8-DDC7-4211-94AF-2384E64F3253.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was asleep but saw these when I got up and checked the thread. Kind of gave me a laugh since I wasn’t expecting it lol but I understand the “concern.” The general opinion that people have been partially doomposting about is:
>”Why are Gura’s VODs lower than normal?”
And to that I say it’s both (slightly) true and (highly) false. To start with the concerns, much of it comes from her recent string of buff games that don’t seem to make much traction during the processing phase. These thoughts are valid, as I do theorize that Gorn being thrown into age restriction actually did have an effect on her discoverability, which would cause this effect of her VODs “normalizing.” There’s also the expectation out of Gura VODs and the belief that any 20k is gonna be massive. This is where things get a bit falsified by people who never really paid attention to these sort of things.

1. Minecraft has always been a buff game that’s brought success to just about everyone, but there’s always been a hint of the VODs stabilizing out over time. This is not necessarily because people don’t want to watch. In fact, it could easily be explained as the opposite: People STICK to the stream and watch, therefore the churn is lessened and the bloated VODs suddenly become more in line with others. This can be seen in a lot of top holos, Pekora included. Even Startend had been showing signs of this, where Aqua was down 150-200k views on vods that seemingly were in line with the rest ccv-wise. In the end, ccv is just ccv. In a world where hundreds of thousands are tuning in, the difference in 2k people watching does not reflect well on that.

2. To follow this thought, there’s likely people looking at this latest stream and saying to themselves “hey why isn’t this 300k yet” and that again can be explained with the response above with a bit more proof to show.
(^ check stream stime of that one)
The thing with horror games/spooky games is that most of the attraction to them comes from the reactions. And there’s no worse way to enjoy this than to not be in the stream. For that reason, there’s been many of cases where VODs of these games have never really found footing in the processing period. It happened with her Within Skerry VOD too, that was initially stuck at around 340k during the most buff time for her this year and didn’t find views until much later.

Lastly, this is the part that is the most untrue of them and that’s that Gura’s VODs are low in the first place. This is dumb, and any concerns about this are purely due to stream time as of late. When Gura was getting her best VODs this year, it was a mixture of buff games and longer VODs. You don’t get amazing results off 2 hour long streams. Stream time matters, and in Gura’s case she’s notorious for getting above 100k/hr of stream time. I’ve tried to explain this here and there but if Gura hypothetically streamed an hour longer for things like Taiko/MC, you’d already be seeing a 400k VOD and those worries would be dispelled. And Gura, despite the worries of people, absolutely has the power of her VODs come out still. Her first MC VOD beat out her OW stream with Towa in just 3 days. And that was a VOD thought to be great, so it’s not like people just up and left. Again, let me just reiterate this: Stream length matters. You can see that Gura is clearly hitting the 125k-150k views per hour mark in her recent VODs while processing. That’s essentially in line with her numbers of the past.

Essentially, she’s performing the same as before, if not better, however the concerns of people are not false either. Her Gorn age restriction may have had an effect on her showing, as in YT could have put her in a lower priority system off it if that’s how that bullshit works.

>> No.24549531

no wonder this thread is so chill and relaxing, there's multiple honeypots planted outside

>> No.24549546

Cover still has a lot of options anyway, but having one from the competitor proves that Hololive is the true be-all-end-all of vtuber space.

>> No.24549566

Im a small time clipper so I would just vulture from big EN clippers and translate it to both EN and my language
Whenever i would clip NijiEN it would stay around the 2-3 digits in about a month before going 4 digits but with Holo clips it usually only stays in 2 - 3 digit are in a week or 2 before going into 4 digit territory Gura clips are even faster with my fastest going 4 digit territory (the roomba clip) in a day

>> No.24549589

I believe he's been streaming Apex on Twitch.

Uhh how does that matter to the original question? He's also participating in the current one, so his numbers on tournament day could be anyone's guess.

>> No.24549600

appreciate the analysis, I think Gura's views have always been stable, the only issue is just certain VODs don't seem to get the algo push, but those are pretty rare anyways.

>> No.24549623

Anon im talking about her anniversary 3d this year
not her last birthday 3d

>> No.24549635

Dumbass, just clip Luxiem. HoloEN is dying already.

>> No.24549639

Show a non-V watcher a clip of Gura/Amelia/Mumei, it'll always be them doing something funny in a game, bantering with chat, doing something hilarious/creative with their models or (in the case of Mumei) drawing some horrible abomination with a cute smile.

Show a non-V watcher a clip of any NijiEN clip, and half the time they'll be talking in Twitch slang, referencing inside jokes and talking with each other rather than the audience.

Very easy to figure out which one will be more comfortable to understand for people new to the medium.

>> No.24549646

King's gold secured since yesterday. Nijiniggers are chilling because they are winning and holofags knew today was a lost cause

>> No.24549648

Iroha 10k and lamy 16k, how we feeling gen 5/6 schizo?

>> No.24549656
File: 377 KB, 1920x1080, chum jar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>family friendly.
Holos are not family friendly, they're just not crass. Some anon mentioned the Animaniacs and that's exactly the line Holos walk over. Here is an example:
>Gura Chum Jar

In context this must be one of the dirtiest jokes I've seen coming from a vtuber but you need to already be soiled by the internet to get it so for the naive audience it's just Gura putting her nendo into a jar.
One does not need to be crass to be lewd and this is an example.

That's the exact thing that the regular schizo that sometimes compare Haachama ASMR with Vox ASMR fails to understand: the reason most people criticize his ASMR while not doing so with the girls is because of the difference between

Holos aren't "family friendly", they are just not crass (for the most part, looking at you here Marine and your "BL" "guys put in their butts" quips)

>> No.24549658

Is Suisei doing a shill premiere?

>> No.24549662


>> No.24549681

just a premiere

>> No.24549698

>Her Gorn age restriction may have had an effect on her showing
That would confirm a theory of Haachama being recommended less because of the R18 with Marine being age restricted

>> No.24549700

Can't NijiENs banter with their chat?

>> No.24549728

yeah good analogy, they're basically the same as 90s cartoons, which is still more stomachable than NijiEN who are 00s adult cartoons and borderline pornos

>> No.24549767

It won't. Not sure how it'll compare to her past stuff in the end or if it matters as that isn't really uncommon. Suisei has a lot of songs that don't do it in a week that have great legs like Ghost and Stellar Stellar took 10/12 days.

>> No.24549771
File: 23 KB, 891x164, gura in a jar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Top comment on that video:
>I recently learned what the jar is a reference too and I wish I hadnt learned that bit of information tyvm
absolutely proving the point

>> No.24549777

This nuance can't be overstated.

>> No.24549792

Old style cartoons such as Courage the Cowardly dog had a similar style humor, there was the surface level joke which is what the kids would find funny, but watching it as an adult, you could see all the "subtle allusions" they were making.

This type of joke has the best of both worlds, both children and adults can enjoy it.

>> No.24549806

>I mean, what can NijiEN offer that HoloEN can't?

Right now HoloEN isn't offering equal hype for StarsEN and NijiEN is offering opportunities for both male and female vtubers to reach a significant audience. If you're an aspiring male vtuber you're trying to get in NijiEN as a first choice and StarsEN as a second choice. If your an aspiring female vtuber you're trying to get into HoloEN as a first choice and NijiEN as a second choice.

>> No.24549819


>> No.24549824

you are literal cancer, kys

>> No.24549844

in comparison, if you go to a NijiEN or Vshojo stream, you get BLATANT dick jokes, fujo baiting (kiss noises etc.) and explicit sexual talk which will be 1. not safe for kids and 2. disgust the more adult audience.
So all they're left with are teenagers. Who are still a huge audience mind you, but not as much as kids + adults combined (and maybe some teenagers too).

>> No.24549849
File: 133 KB, 1080x540, Screenshot_20220519-183221_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I found a nijibeggar in a fucking ZETA clip
God... are they... seriously...

>> No.24549855

Absolutely could be. The massive difference being that Gura has enough manpower to stay afloat and chug along just fine, where Haachama’s extended breaks and age restrictions could’ve cut into her smaller fanbase.

Gura’s pretty family friendly for the most part. She tries her best not to curse and doesn’t go out of her way to do any damaging stuff (girl is paranoid about everything) but the Gorn stream kind of took it a step too far with the asshole spreading and shit. Could’ve easily triggered some AI flags

>> No.24549877

were talking about a rrat that a FEMALE talent might jumps ship but you do make a good point
if your a guy NijiEN would be the better place to apply to thats if you are ok with asmr or can stand on your own with your gaming and streaming skills

>> No.24549878

That's what you want to believe, anon.
Also if i wanna do a clip on male nijiEN , i should just make it simplify chinese and post it on bilibli instead.

I can get more engagement and profit there.

>> No.24549882

Pretty sure they can, but most of the clips of it seems to be from the Lazulight days, when they still had relatively regular solo streams.

And if anyone decides to watch NijiEN due to THOSE clips, they'll be in for a horrifying experience of bait and switch.

>> No.24549916

>profit there
do you already have a b2 account and have you managed to actually profit from clips? why'd this thread tell me it was insanely difficult to get money from it.

>> No.24549919

Is this a samefagg?
The post is long af with too much word

>> No.24549923

It's Simple.

If you're Male wanna be VTuber, you try go Nijisanji.

If you're Female wanna be a VTuber, you try Hololive.

>> No.24549930

What doomed Haachama algo exposure, IMO, was privating a buttload of then recent VODs for no reason whatsoever

>> No.24549958

Even having to type this in the year of our lord two thousand and twenty two is deflating.

>> No.24549994

Almost certainly EN3. Council has been around longer than HoloX and JP side released the last two gens with a larger gap.

>> No.24549997

Watch niji please! I'm not shilling if you like pekora and miko, watch pomu.

>> No.24549999

Ooo zeta play with cat
>imma talk about random person that got nothing to do with it

>> No.24550016

I still remember the times where anons says Myth would be a failure since their auditions. They became a success later, so if history serves right, StarsEN would achieve a bigger success than at least noctyx.

>> No.24550023

holy beggar, how can people be so fucking pathetic?

>> No.24550048

Too many privated stream
Too many of her stream that actually not get her ban but still make her VOD not good for running Ads on it (yellow icon demonetize)

Plus with her many hiatus and 1-2 month of self-demonetized.

Youtube just want their content creator to make at lease 1 video per weeks but make it consistency enough that algorithm will carry the rest.

TLDR ; Any break or hiatus will hurt their channel growth.

>> No.24550054

You need to send your real official/public I.D and phone number before you get a verified account there. I don't know how monetization work there but I heard you need a bank account in China before you can get that money outside the country.

>> No.24550074

The one thing that I don’t understand though is why Haachama’s events didn’t pick up any steam either. Like, everyone who gets outfits on JP side gets 40k+. It just seems weird that Haachama could only muster 25k without overlap iirc. Like, is the cull that bad? Or are people legitimately done tuning into her? That’s the part I don’t get. Because algorithm can be one thing but being publicly advertised and still not have people show is another

>> No.24550084 [SPOILER] 
File: 173 KB, 1280x720, 122312312312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24550107

see >>24550048 TLDR;

>> No.24550129

how long it took gen 5 to get their 3D?

>> No.24550139

>Like, is the cull that bad? Or are people legitimately done tuning into her?
A little bit of column A, a little bit of column B.

A lot of Haachama tourists were EN and her hiatus right when Council arrived didn't help her. I've seen her to lose even some gachis to Mumei of all people.

>> No.24550171

wait how'd Luxiem do it? through Nijisanji?

>> No.24550176

>IRyS passed Fauna's shit stream
>Virtual Live passed her shitty original song
Today is a good day

>> No.24550186

a combination of the algorithm/cull and the current wave of audience that will not tune in to see someone they dont recognize

>> No.24550189

Myth had an audience BEGGING for them, who were only eating scraps that the JP clippers offered, and who were watching JP holos with ZERO idea of what they were saying, but just enjoying the funny noises and occasionally piecing together what they said from common words.

Holostars... not so much.
Maybe some of the EN fujos who weren't impressed with Luxiem, but that would be as surprising to us as Luxiem becoming big in China.

>> No.24550197

5 months except Nene, who had to wait more because of the redesign

>> No.24550199

Here is Botan debut
>Aug 14, 2020

Here is Botan 3D debut
>Jan 16, 2021

>> No.24550219

fauna schizo, I'd really like to know how you got into this position? why Fauna of all people?

>> No.24550220


>> No.24550221

botan debut: august 14th 2020
botan 3d: january 16th 2021
5 months

>> No.24550250

her asmr session end before he able to cum

>> No.24550264

My wife lamy 19k

>> No.24550268

"Accelerate" but out from Yagoo mouth

>> No.24550273

So we should be getting HoloX 3D real soon?

>> No.24550276

Why did you reply? "Do not feed" has been repeated for like 20 years now, but you people don't learn.

>> No.24550287

pretty sure >she's a fujo that predicted Vox would get more ASMR VOD views than Fauna, and got eternally asshurt after being proved wrong and getting laughed at.

>> No.24550299
File: 919 KB, 715x1200, 1649964442227.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love Fauna

>> No.24550312

Like how we should've been seeing EN3 soon?

>> No.24550324

Koyori boost seems associated with her totsu, 600k endurance and baseball streams.

>> No.24550337
File: 130 KB, 1200x398, box.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Very interesting show of strength: most of the heavy hitters are not in and it is not even prime time but Holos have 3 overlapping streams right now at or near 20k and these are the only currenty 10k+ streams

>> No.24550348

sorry, I was just curious if they'd answer

>> No.24550350

Probably, idk if they are delaying it because they want to make Myth debut before or something, but they should be debuting by now

>> No.24550359

That's a compliment lol. I want to be able to at least hold for an hour let alone 30 minutes, but instead, I got 20 minutes.

>> No.24550362

If you loved her, you would post fanart that actually looked like her.

>> No.24550377

While that's true she streams so often that any set of outliers would be smoothed out by the other 50+ streams she has in the period.
Any incline or recline shown in this chart must necessarily be across the board

>> No.24550387

Blue women blue women!!!

>> No.24550405

7th Gen should debut with 3D immediately

>> No.24550415

We get an ASMR Holo and she's shit at it. Her content is garbage, she's a retarded vegan, and her voice is fake.

>> No.24550427

lamy primo? or el flasa lamy?

>> No.24550434

i fucking hope so, i need my wife's tail in 3D

>> No.24550468

21k get

>> No.24550472
File: 351 KB, 1193x1059, over 10k so far now.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

* streams over 10k so far on vrabi *
Surprised with that Mayuzumi there, from the title it seems to have been a clip watchalong?

>> No.24550478

I wonder how long it would take for a lower priority channel to go back up the list. Haachama never recovered

>> No.24550480

The gold podium tho...

>> No.24550488
File: 42 KB, 764x663, 1652824838302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Best council member

>> No.24550492

For CR cup tourney, main channel
For non vtuber tally, Indog sports/E-sports or Johnny Depp

>> No.24550496

because pekora absent, now only subaru & miko i think holo member who can have more than 20k view

i dont count marine & aqua because they are rarely streaming now

>> No.24550498

The schizo in me wants to say Gura’s getting her 3d bday debut in Japan this coming month. The way she’s all excited for her birthday, talking about planning for it, how she can’t reveal anything, and she’s been recording as of late? Some things just seem too good

>> No.24550507

former NijiIDs mass graduation, screencap this

>> No.24550511

I wish Kobo was allowed to stream more, but those French froggies are really annoying. She is having insane momentum right now.

>> No.24550512

can kuzuha beat kenmochi today? how was he doing outside of peak

>> No.24550513
File: 2.34 MB, 1000x1290, KING.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

better luck next time anon

>> No.24550514
File: 52 KB, 338x146, asdasdadaadswrsz.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait since when did Hololyzer start tracking member streams?

>> No.24550515

Luca FINALLY privated his streams which stealing Towa's and Okayu's BGM
It took him fucking 20 days kek
So is Luca the one who lying about he already told his manager to handle it on the first day or niji's management is really that slow?

>> No.24550532

At this point I'm convinced overseas EN will never set their foot in Japan.

>> No.24550537

So gen6 should be announce anytime now

>> No.24550544

was it a transfer from public frame to mem frame? it catches the scs sent before it changes

>> No.24550546


>> No.24550570

We all know how unresponsive and slow to act vtuber managers can be at their worst.

>> No.24550576

>>24550514 (me)
Wait i might be dumb and it was just a tracking off the public waiting room.

>> No.24550584

so JP prime time or EN prime time?

>> No.24550588

Don’t forget Suisei too

>> No.24550591

Illegal funnel for shuba.

>> No.24550612

Niji management is always busy looking for new vtubers to accelerate further. They don't have time for current talents.

>> No.24550614

>You like Ina
I'm not surprised you'll defend that boring whore but at least Ina pulls in numbers and can actually do her specialty competently

>> No.24550618

Yea i think you are right, damn was hoping we could start getting member sc's. Oh well.

>> No.24550631

Kobo already passed the rrat

>> No.24550633

ID2, Irys, and Council take precedence.

>> No.24550636

>Holostars... not so much.
>Maybe some of the EN fujos who weren't impressed with Luxiem, but that would be as surprising to us as Luxiem becoming big in China.
None of luxiem are really talented

>> No.24550640

I think she's getting a 3D live, but it would be solo so no guests and no Japan trip

>> No.24550646
File: 51 KB, 223x306, unknown-187.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Blue woman I kneel..

>> No.24550652

Is the Covid restriction in Japan getting ridiculous? I feel like a single cough can just shut the whole country down.
At least open for tourists already so I can finally see ID1 and Myth 3D debuts.

>> No.24550655

no they don't lmao, branches don't work like that, gen5 got theirs way before myth
also fuck waiting for irys

>> No.24550660

Sometimes I think Hololive already mastered raids naturally without forcing everyone

>> No.24550661


>> No.24550665

>now only subaru & miko i think holo member who can have more than 20k view
Here is the list of streamers with 3 or more 20k streams in the 30 days (excluding today)

>20x: Pekora
>17x: Kuzuha, Subaru
>14x: Miko
>10x: Kanata
>8x: Suisei, Marine
>7x: Hal
>5x: Mio, Ponpoko, Toya
>3x: Gura, Lui, Towa

>> No.24550698

i meant ID1

>> No.24550699

>can kuzuha beat kenmochi today?
From the first round

>how was he doing outside of peak
35k whenever he hit the lobby

>> No.24550700


>> No.24550711

Hag power.

>> No.24550731

>It's available again
They already restock again?

>> No.24550738
File: 684 KB, 706x1200, 16494492071801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But i think Fauna cute and funny

>> No.24550742

To be fair they handling the nipple and those copyrighted merch things pretty quickly.
So that is why I think Luca may be the one who is lying about manager things.

>> No.24550746

>At least open for tourists
Sorry, not sorry, should have been born Japanese

>> No.24550758

so when is Miko coming back? I want more WWE streams

>> No.24550765
File: 433 KB, 1264x396, orca_SC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

reminding for Stinky Orca's SC

Countdown : 5,507,620円
Totsu HBD : 6,089,536円

Total : 11,597,156円

>> No.24550767

more like marine power, those 3 streams are the GW streams and a collab with marine and noel

>> No.24550770

Silver? Shuba and dick shaped game is her jam.

>> No.24550781

>No horns
Pick a better artist you mongoloid

>> No.24550793

That's NijiJP management. NijiEN management is probably very slow compared to NijiJP

>> No.24550795

Has it been 3 days already?
She said her throat feel a bit sore before break so she will have that checked, hope it’s not another nodule situation

>> No.24550809
File: 116 KB, 463x453, ogeyend.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24550816

nipple was quick but it was definitely not "proper", they tried to throw the dude under the bus.

>> No.24550828

22nd, this Sunday
how unfortunate she takes a break this week when we need her the most

>> No.24550830

Niji will cope by using single stream.

>> No.24550839

more like bronze if even, that's not beating kuzuha or kenmochi

>> No.24550843

Oh great here we go again. Gen 7 needs to be people who only talk in their natural voice.

>> No.24550855

from a male POV? maybe, but that's the best that their current audience has right now.
StarsEN are not gonna be panderers (at least, not all of them I hope) so they're not gonna be much better served.

>> No.24550856

Sure but he's a fucking idiot who should've privated it himself until things were actually settled.

>> No.24550859
File: 41 KB, 772x83, 165170497307090.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

another 10k for nippleboy. after kuzuha and kanae he is inclining to be another strong FPS chuuba between the niji guys

>> No.24550872

Wait again? didnt they restock?

>> No.24550886

i mean, these are the numbers lauren used to get for tourneys before the break, the 12-15k was rather common
now if it translated to his normal streams tho

>> No.24550901

agree, we need more chuubas like Towapi

>> No.24550903

God I wish

>> No.24550914

>he is inclining to be another strong FPS chuuba between the niji guys
Had he not missed Vsakyou he would easily be a solid 15k Apex tournament streamer

>> No.24550920

Cover doesn't have to debut StarsEN if they don't find satisfactory applicants. They've scrapped designs before.

>> No.24550958

>caring about what nijiroaches think

>> No.24550989

If you told nijien or December their upcoming male livers would have disgusting stream titles like "shoto hacks into my bussy" they'd call you an anti doomposter

>> No.24550996

>tournament buff

>> No.24550997

King doko?

>> No.24551003

starsen will be a boy band composed of:
track maker/music producer
the star singer/front man
brogamer drummer

>> No.24551005
File: 21 KB, 776x83, KING.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

where is the 'gold ikuzo' tweet
i need that image now

>> No.24551025

also true, but very unlikely as the EN male chuuba scene is far from being saturated.

>> No.24551057
File: 1.81 MB, 1920x1080, kneel.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24551062
File: 5 KB, 337x91, KINGgold.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24551081

AZKi already at 12k. The box is strong.

>> No.24551082
File: 200 KB, 730x663, 1652962464912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nothingburger btw

>> No.24551115

Guess we got our next bait to throw into the archive to keep the thread clean lol.

>> No.24551120

That's a lot of private VODs

>> No.24551133
File: 157 KB, 1306x1031, real illegal view funelling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24551140

Man i really need to request art of kuzuha slipping from a banana peel

>> No.24551174

Original Reverse Funneling!

>> No.24551197

I honestly don't understand, it's one thing if they're closing things permanently, but clearly JP residents can go out and in back into the country. I know they can be xenophobic but hot damn

>> No.24551198

Will Onion join the battle today? Last time she came out of nowhere.

>> No.24551206


>> No.24551219

what would she even do to compete, start a new solo master or something?

>> No.24551222

Did she tweet anything?

>> No.24551249

Azki 14k

>> No.24551254

What's going on with nijien today? Not a single big (by EN standards) stream. I know vox and mysta canceled.but why is Luca getting Alban tier numbers?

>> No.24551267

Chinman gold?

>> No.24551270


>> No.24551273

king put them in their place

>> No.24551286

Kuzuha barely started anon, the scrims go for a while

>> No.24551288


>> No.24551290

There numbers have been down across the board ever since the Mario party stream.

>> No.24551301

Swamp gas and weather balloons.

>> No.24551302

nah, prob king
as an aside i wonder sometimes if kenmochi is the person with the highest median that gets the least amount of golds

>> No.24551328

AZKi 16k. Could this be a 20k?

>> No.24551330

More like after they got exposed kek

>> No.24551377

I will kneel to the holobox. Are we looking at another 20k+ karaoke streamer for hololive?

>> No.24551379

The thing disappears from your cart when you try to checkout with it. Seems migo's also sold out.

>> No.24551393

NTA but she said after the karaoke stream that she would stream something later not sure when though.

>> No.24551394

I hope so but 18-19K is more likely

>> No.24551412

3 song already 17k

>> No.24551413

fug they might be out then

>> No.24551455

Elden Onion would be kino

>> No.24551464

Dai senpai sora playing minecraft alone....

>> No.24551480

Oh yea Aqua was a pretty big souls player back in the day right? To bad ER does not really seem to be a buff game anymore.

>> No.24551521

19k GO AZKi GO Get that 20k!

>> No.24551526

thats because the demand is much lower than it is for the female scene

>> No.24551626

Azki 20k

>> No.24551630

playing games is a debuff for celebrationsanji

>> No.24551637

Yeah, plenty of male streamers exist but they just don't bother with virtual avatars

>> No.24551645

20k GET! The box is too strong.

>> No.24551655
File: 84 KB, 310x289, FOljd7ZacAE4x5q.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>heavy hitters take a break
>other holos incline to the moon
Holobox I-I kneel

>> No.24551664

People need to move on, Aqua will never be an active streamer or a game-oriented streamer ever again. Cut your losses and watch someone who hasn't soft-graduated.
>muh full time idol with concerts and sponsorships
Aqua only exists as a static illustration put on some fast food advertisement 11 months of the year.

>> No.24551671


>> No.24551696

But why watame though? she doesnt have that good of a voice?

>> No.24551708

this but for all of manjigumi

>> No.24551720

To /hlg/ you go.

>> No.24551738


>> No.24551774

She sounds like a tomboy and a hag which is like 2 debuffs...

>> No.24551792

>from a male POV? maybe, but that's the best that their current audience has right now.
Not only from a male POV. They can't sing, they are bad at games, their ASMR sucks. They are at the top because there is nothing else for fujos

>> No.24551797

Okay, Kanata.

>> No.24551824

how new?

>> No.24551830


>> No.24551843

It's too late...

>> No.24551845

I hope we dont share an oshi. HAVE MERCY WATAMAGE

>> No.24551870

my oshi is literally untouchable and immune to watame

>> No.24551884
File: 104 KB, 300x300, 1643874695256.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tell me who's your oshi

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