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>both first birthday stream

The fag streamed and pandered for 11 hours straight, still got mogged by the orca who streamed for a little over 1 hour. What now Voxbros? You're getting mogged in your home court, which is Superchat.

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containment thread?

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go back to your containment, escapee. But just leaving it here. Both of those akasupa panderers lost to my cute shark wife

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I thought she had dead subs and those that were active don't SC and are children? Voxbros? Are you there?

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you forgot the most important part which is that she also did a countdown that got *another* $43k while vox just did the one stream
$90k vs $44k

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obsessed lol

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>holobronies seething this hard because of a gaylord
someone post the monthly chart

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I don't watch the Orca but went to her waiting room to SC her to spite the Coxsuccers.

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> nijicope because they got mogged hard for the Nth time and by a different girl. All you have is Vox. The day he's gone is the day their branch dies.

Seethe harder!

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>chloe has less viewers, but more superchat money
vox fans really are a bunch of underage femcel chinks, huh?

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I'm a long time member of the hypnopics forums and that one clip of Chloe made me want to supacha her

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Just let them this small satisfaction bro.

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guess i hit a nerve

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Keep coping bro

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Vox gets like 2x the total superchat revenue of chloe per month

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Sorry to say, your shark wife got mogged by Orca too.
Her countdown made almost as much as the actual stream. Although this just means that Vox got mogged twice as hard. >>24508123

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Is Chloe the whalebait of her gen?
Seems like a weird one to be the most superchattable.

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Shortly after her debut she hard pandered to gachikoi (though strangely enough, not with GFE, just by constantly doing SC readings) and sacrificed what could have been the highest CCV of her gen, for the highest SC.

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Chloe is my enemy, but it still warms my heart to see a Holo beating Vox.

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Is it really that easy?
Why has nobody informed the holoENs of this magical technique?

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Mori is not mature or emotionally capable enough for it, Kiara is too obsessed with her delusions of being a jap idol, Watson doesn't have the discipline or constitution to do anything longer than three streams that isn't sitting on her ass and playing a game, Gura's personality doesn't allow for it, Ina lacks the SEGGS to pull it off, Sana is a nigger and no one is going to buy fake marriage rings for that, Kronni has the same problem as Calli, and Mumei and Bae don't lean on the SEGGS enough to pull it off. Fauna is the only gfe of EN but it's gfe-lite and probably too late. If she went full whore like some of the JPs, nijis, or vshojo sluts I think she'd EASILY be the highest pulling of the entire branch. But it takes a special kind of upbringing, trauma, or lack of shame to lead a female to reach the level of manipulator to do it. Like Silvervale for example.

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Ehhh, you need to hit the right factors as well.
Good sex appeal.
Good / cute voice.
Clingy tendencies if going for GFE.
Entertaining while reading out SC's. (Think this is what won a lot of JP Salarymen over for Chloe. since she doesn't GFE bait outside of member streams.)

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none of the en girls are cute enough for it so no

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None of them are quite on the level of money baiting whore as a lot of top JP earners.

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>post daily tally
>post bot viewfarms graph

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You can't viewfarm superchat dumbass

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>moving goalpost
kek, this thread is talking about SC, if you taking about an one off event for this then nijiJP is winning hard

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Imagine losing to Pastor Jerry Eze, also known as EZ money.

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>1-hour stream
Sounds like Hololive all right

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Irys Irys iryssss

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Wtf, hasn't it been only less than two weeks ago that he has his anniversary stream? He's gonna drain his Chinese femcels audience money at this rate

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Imagine earning a yearly salary in one stream.

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A 1 hour stream was chatting and a totsu and a new hairstyle.
The other was an 11 hours stream with fan content appreciation segment with a totsu where they are chatting, playing games and watching a movie.
I don't care how much money they made i care how much fun they had and time spend with their fans

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>2x the total superchat revenue of chloe per month

Imagine looking only at recent monthly totals where Vox farmed all kinds of milestones, instead of the overall total?

Vox has 100k to 700k celebration streams. He even celebrated his first month, and a 522k celebration stream. I didn't even list afterparty stream bullshits. On the other hand, I don't even know if Chloe celebrated her 500k kek

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>refuses to even acknowledge pastor jerry

godless heathen

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But then it would just be another tick tock post for Chloe...

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Vox streams for the entire world. Orca streams for mostly japs and a handful of EOP's which are a small % of her viewers, and she still mogs the fuck out of that poofter. I FUCKING KNEEL!

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She split her sc reading because she got a lot but that was like the first couple of weeks, now she manage her time better

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Cool I guess, but Chloe still made more money from her bd merch than with all the sc you see there

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Most of EN just almost categorically doesn't want to do GFE or anything close. I get the feeling you're talking out of your ass here. Ina for one rarely even reads SCs unless you tell her it's your birthday and has straight up said she doesn't need them, besides the one time she straight out told a dude to not say he loves her. Mumei reads SCs pretty often but tends to ignore anyone who gets weird with them. Fauna isn't particularly GFE other than her ASMR stuff, unless you think being girly in general is GFE

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Vox would've made more money if he streamed on billi billi

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Anon asked why they all don't do it so I gave reasons why they don't want to do it or couldn't even if they did, whichever is more in the way of them being able to do it. You good?

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SC readings alone aren't enough. Most the girls do that, Kiara does that and has some of the best SC reading streams of all time.

Unfortunately its time we just admit that white hair is the best hair color.

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NijiEN in shambles as usual. Also it's incredibly telling how they only have two boys to show. Holo has plenty of girls that have repeatedly mogged them. If Holo loses Rushia a Chloe will rise to take her place. If Niji loses Vox or Kuzuha is over for them.

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why is /vt/ so obsessed with numbers? it's like a more pathetic console war

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ask that to nijifag, they're the one who starting this.

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those faggots started this >>24533130
dont be mad to the grudgeposters

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the $3k loss are for bots payment preasu undastands

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numberfags is just a long grudgeposter in disguised.

/vt/ just forgot about it and it turned into a horse race thread

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