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What is /asp/?

A thread for aspiring vtubers! Whether your goal is to make the journey as an independent streamer or to gain experience and build a portfolio for agency auditions. Let's help each other grow and make it. Indies are welcome to selfpost, but shill responsibly. Share your knowledge, insights, feedback, discuss what has worked and what hasn't worked for you. And always remember to do your research before posting personally identifying information. That includes both in this thread and in your audition applications to agencies.

>Do I need a fully rigged model to be a vtuber?
Nope! You can get started as a simple .png character!

>I want to learn how to rig Live2D models, where do I go?
Brian Tsui (of Iron Vertex), Kira Omori and the official Live2D YouTube channels have many tutorials available.

>Where can I find artists/riggers?
vtuber.gg, ArtStation, DeviantArt, Twitter, Reddit, Skeb.jp, etc.

>I just want to get started, can I buy pre-made models?
Yes! Live2D models can be purchased off nizima.com (Live2D's official marketplace) or booth.pm (general Japanese indie artist website). Be sure to check compatibility with your facial tracking software!

>Where can I learn how to digital market myself?

>Where can I find some good games to stream?

>Twitch or YouTube?
The general rule of thumb is Twitch if your content is primarily based on livestreaming and YouTube if your content is primarily pre-recorded and edited.

>Do you think there's an audience for X, Y, Z content?
First, ask yourself if you would watch a streamer of your skill and experience. Second, do a check on social media and look to see if other streamers are already creating similar content. Don't limit yourself to vtubers, include traditional real life streamers to scope out a potential audience.

Pastebin Guides and Resources:

General: https://pastebin.com/AJLkFrGK
OpSec Guide: https://pastebin.com/uALiNZCV
Twitter Networking: https://controlc.com/9eba2fbc
"avoid doing this shit": https://pastebin.com/vbp6qEdt
Social media branding: https://pastebin.com/jVERSLqG
Take with a grain of salt Parasocial Guide: https://pastebin.com/zmpCResg
Google Doc of Assets and Resources: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQHyRDZ3nxlIINfZz_wWCbgQ9gR4OgbTFhyGwq45DseUixkJJKbUmhPjnkWcmh7dOCDdxObAZXv_zti/pubhtml
Google Doc for /asp/ Collabs and Projects: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SFYyC7bi0zIP55eioXEq7EibFaf1Y4cttucnlP0WA9s/edit#heading=h.q01v7kovxhs

Hololive Auditions have opened up to males

Wactor Auditions have opened up for males

Stay grounded, stay hopeful.

Previous thread: >>24388930

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First for gamers and all the /asp/cordies!

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I feel like a super /asp/ie for asking, but I'm actually autistic, so that's okay

What the fuck do you DM other chuubas about? I watch two or three whenever I can, and a chunk of friends (I think?) I watch whenever I can. I tried DMing one after a recent celebration stream she'd said she was nervous about and wasn't sure she'd enjoy, saying something along the lines of "that was a really cool way to celebrate, it was great to watch! Did you enjoy doing it?" and just got back a "haha yeah it was fun".

>how do i human

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What streamers and vtubers in particular do you look up to, /asp/?

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conversations are two parts, both need to be able to engage in it for it to go places, you need to find what the other person likes talking about and not just compliment them, don't forget other chuubas are just as autistic or even more so than you and sometimes they will suck at talking to you

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I hope mashimallows are being nice and comfy today!

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right back at ya

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i dm if they are down to game if they show any interest at all, or if something i see in common with them

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>get twitter follows
>get twitch follows
>can’t seem to keep an audience?
Unless maybe I am building a core audience of regulars, but I’m not keeping track of that other than maybe one person who pops in almost every stream so far lol

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It's hard to get a following cause most people are one offs, who wanna check the game more than the person playing it

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has anyone actually gotten results from dming strangers for non business stuff? seems fruitless when you cant flaunt numbers

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The most important thing I've learned is that a shocking amount of people are having the same struggles, and that's especially true for people who rp as anime characters every day.
Once you realize that, you have to accept it's on you to push conversations because most of these chuubas won't do it. You can't just keep throwing weak hellos at everyone and hope you hook an extroverted chuuba that likes you enough to try more than you did.
The easiest human hack I learned is to ask questions that can't be answered in yes or no and show a genuine interest in them and the answer.
"glad you had fun! I particularly liked when you did, x. Do you have any advice for how you do that? I struggle with it myself."
There's a good chance you may get ghosted or get clear attempts to shut down the conversation. Just accept that happens, and learn when to move on. That only comes from experience.

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Who are /asp/ies most likely to be seen in a corpo? I think about this often.

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>he posts in /asp/
>he wants to make a career out of streaming

oh no no no

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My nigga Boseph

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aspcord 3.0
Join it if you want.

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none of us. Literally none. This gen is bottom of the barrel by /wvt/ standards alone, there is no hope. Ain is probably the best and she can't hold a candle to any of the popular streamers on /wvt/, let alone /lig/

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not fair to judge just yet, maybe after they set a schedule and follow it for a month and they shake the jitters off

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Dog. A lot of people /here/ don't like him because he's a little faggy and low T but his jokes and humor and sociability seems like they could fit in right at Nijisanji. Also he draws and speaks multiple languages, so that's a glaring buff.

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He's not an /asp/ie since he's not /here/ anymore list /asp/ies retard

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if she had better production value and wasn't a png she could compete. she's good but her mic sounds fucking terrible.

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i actually hate every single person i ever clicked on in /wvt/, always kinda weird when they are referenced as a bar of quality. better than aspies? probably. actual watchable streamers? fuck no

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who have you watched?

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Yeah this. I don't like him particularly but that guy has some crazy stream quality and mannerisms, but I guess it checks out considering his viewer count.

And this too, /wvt/ as a bar of standard isn't a good one because some /asp/ies BTFO of /wvt/ streamers and some /wvt/ streamers still have the most scuff quality. It really isn't a bar of quality but just where someone was identifiably spotted first.

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>>24450118 I agree with this.
I love you guys but not a single chuuba here will ever end up in a corpo.

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woozle, bag guy, void guy, bunch of fucking samey females.

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>not watchable
filtered by bad taste, sad

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Every time I think about my overall performance as a vtuber my heart literally sinks in my chest. But I keep on trying to push on even if I keep on making the Ame stupid mistakes with everything (not just streams) because gdi I only just started a few months ago and it does make sense for me to stop just because I’m a consistent fuckup.

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white woman-chama...

jokes but I hate to agree, dog is probably gonna go pretty far. but I hope ain goes farther

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he's still in the /asp/cord and also first posted here
there's a lot of people who are /asp/ies but we're on ever active in the /asp/cords
>not liking woozle
i get that he's the circus ferret but you are the actual clown here

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based. ain love.

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when i watched he did like a weird ear raping cackle laugh screech so yeah it was physically painful

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that's the best part

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Not a single soul. People here don't even know the basics of content creation, networking,or keeping a schedule. They make zero clippable content and have no real skills, hell almost all of them wouldn't have views to begin with odithey didn't post here since they have zero content elsewhere

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Anon don't deflate my hope like this...

>> No.24451209

I know what you mean. I look at how far I come, and I'm barely over the starting line, despite being a year in.
But I've learned a lot, had fun, and made more money from it than I would than from just playing games.

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dispelling /asp/ myths, pt. 1 (feel free to contribute):

>I don't need an expensive mic.
you literally do. Most of you sound like shit and it's chasing away potential viewers. I've stopped by most of your streams at least once and I've found maybe two that sound good.

>I don't need a fancy model
Technically true, but you need a lot of personality to carry a soulful model, and most of you aren't too gifted in that department. And no, booth models are not a silver bullet. 3D models are objectively worse in general unless you've got some kind of true body tracking.

>I can play 'obscure title' and get popular off of it!
Nah. As an example, I've seen some of you playing guilty gear. That's like three levels of niche that you have to overcome. A niche vtuber playing a niche game in a niche genre.

Apologies if some of this comes off as harsh, but I'm literally trying to save you all from yourselves. There is some sliver of potential in most of you, however thin.

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I feel bad because he'll just have a bunch of /asp/ie coattail riders trying to leech off his audience since he's the most successful and approachable. Hopefully he sees through that shit.

>> No.24451265

This is a based take. I personally like his content, the high energy is a nice change of pace from most of the current /asp/ies, but he is a little too zoomery sometimes

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>> No.24451354

I agree for the most part with all this but I don't think a fancy high quality model is needed to make up for lack of personality just something that isn't trash and "soulful" if their stream doesn't have the quality to match. Most aspies are either poor or cheap and hellbent on doing things on their own so that's out of the question anyway

>> No.24451363

i feel like a lot of the mic problems can be solved if people do their research on audio filters. i have a sorta cheap normie mic but it sounds pretty smooth with just some compression and eq adjustment

>> No.24451383

That's just because you're not his demographic, while it may not be intentional, his content is a lot more targeted towards a younger demo.

>> No.24451393

it's really hard to say
back during last year there was mira who wasn't really talked about much in terms of uniqueness; she would stream a lot of souls and mobas/tft and would sometimes make singing content which really didn't set her apart from anyone else at the time but i guess she killed her auditions since she ended up as a corpo
i haven't seen much in the terms of talents from new /asp/ies outside of art so i dunno who i'd put my finger on for corpo aside from those who have been mentioned
maybe hespera? she has great energy on stream and she's also been doing her self clipping reps. i haven't watched too much of her yet to be sure though

>> No.24451439

1- useless because "expensive" is subjective you can do well enough with a $50 Tonor Q9 or Fifine T669
2- this is a viewerfag take. ignore this. the fancier the model the better chance you have of getting noticed. if you want eyes pay good money for a good model. don't do 3d. ignore "soulful" it means nothing outside of 4chan.
3- also meaningless because "obscure" is subjective.

>> No.24451478

You're not wrong.
I started out with a low quality mic, didn't think anything of it. Rewatching my early vods the fuzz on the voice is terrible. Don't know why anyone watching
My current model is... better than a png. I 'won' a cheap vvroid commission slot, and I sort of don't know whether I wish I hadn't. It's not bad, but it's a debuff. However, I'm m*le, so it shouldn't matter too much.
Semi-obscure is the way to go. Childhood favourites, for instance.

>> No.24451526

It's because he's young. Isn't he like 20? 21? The older and more jaded 4chan /asp/ies and viewers just hate him because he's from a different time. I for one like him though, his energy is cute.

>> No.24451623

dog was an almost cunny this whole time? uoh...

>> No.24451690

How old are you for you to consider him a cunny? Are you okay anon?

>> No.24451726

Seems you guys agree on not 3D. Why?
If I had to guess it's not that 2D>3D, but it's a lot harder to find a talented enough 3D artist and they'll know their worth so they'd charge out the ass. Not to mention the tracking, it seems a lot of 3D vtubers I see are satisfied even with their models suddenly snapping around and having jittery face animations.

>> No.24451874

Dog's voice is permanently in his nose. I think you just like him cuz he's your friend

>> No.24451929

I know you're new and just learned this word but you should learn to use it right before you make a bigger fool of yourself

>> No.24451966

Making it is such a weird concept to me. I think people here aspiring to become huge vtubers are completely in the wrong aiming for nijisanji, tsunderia, phase connect or any other corpo like that.The hololive bar is just so stupidly high it seems unfeasible to even think that no names like us would get it, aiming for personal milestones and having natural growth is probably the only way to "make it".

Don't get me wrong, I don't think there are really bad streamers here besides a few that have issues with their hardware for now mostly, it's mostly that corpos really want you to be well known, have professionalism and be good at networking which is something the average person does not posses and you ought to train yourself to do.

Also if you want to go to nijisanji and are not elira's friend good fucking luck kek.

>> No.24452007

I see potential in Tabgod

>> No.24452008

what's the point of 3d when you don't even know how to zatsu for 5 hours or when all you're be doing is playing league of legends sitting down? it just eats gpu power.

>> No.24452057

>3D looks bad
>a fair amount the biggest chuubas were 3D and amassed literally hundreds, even thousands of viewers before going 2D
Alright man whatever you say.

>> No.24452082

Only girls are cunny, guys are willy (Wacky and silly)

>> No.24452097

2D easily takes up way more than 3D does unless you're offloading it to an iPhone and given the argument you're making, why have one of those either?

>> No.24452112

>guilty gear
My nigga.

>> No.24452155

>2D easily takes up way more than 3D does
oh no he's retarded

>> No.24452215

to be fair he does have covid

>> No.24452275

I forgot languages and outside skillsets play a factor for corpos too... fuck bros I'm a NGMI EOP...

>> No.24452314

Me in a year or two, probably.

>> No.24452334

while he is wrong, the difference is honestly negligible if we're talking purely webcam tracking.

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>> No.24452417

>I think you just like him cuz he's your friend
That's the only reason 90% of aspies have views to begin with. Notice despite the creation of the new aspcord with a gorillion members, no one's seen any increase in viewership outside of the people who were already doing well. It's just people looking for another place to either shill their trash or just make friends to stream to discord with.

>> No.24452449

It's not hard to learn a language like Spanish, and that's a huge buff just considering how big of an audience LatAm has, and companies like WACTOR are a thing too. I can't speak for knowing a third one like him though, that's just trying too hard.

>> No.24452489

>Notice despite the creation of the new aspcord with a gorillion members, no one's seen any increase in viewership
It's been a week you fucking retard. What is it with you /asp/iefags and rejecting everything unless it gets you Twitch Partner over night?

>> No.24452516

I'll come back in a month and the same will still be true.

>> No.24452517


>> No.24452737

If anyone moderately successful happens to be reading this:
Where did you see yourself when you were just a few months into vtubing? Was this your first brush with content creation or no?
I’m not losing motivation any time soon, but I am curious as to how quickly other people have managed to make it.
And be honest: do you think any less of those of us who have only just started streaming or making videos with the recent vtuber trend?

>> No.24452952

>do you think any less of those of us who have only just started streaming or making videos with the recent vtuber trend?
I only think less of new chuubas who do dumb shit like debuts or commission custom overlays or bitch about three strands of their on their design without ever creating content.

>> No.24452961

I'm not sure how successful you consider Twitch partner, but I'm partnered with around 120-150 per stream. Not a corporate talent by any means, but I do bring in a few thousand, on the side each month, whether it's from subs or direct donations from simps. I'll admit, I do chat up simps and lead them on for money, but if the money was this good, you would too.

I knew I was going to succeed, I had a TikTok account with 2 million followers before so I feel like I'm pretty good around algorithms.

I do think lesser of you, because I think you're just like me. If you don't have at least a third of my following, you are clout chasing, and I won't entertain it unless it's artwork or something. If I were to support you, it would be like directly supporting the competition, there's only so many cash cows and I'm going to keep as many of them around me only as I can. You definitely will think I'm a bitch, but I think I'm pretty reasonable. I do give offhanded technical advice here though, since tech is just tech.

>> No.24453043

bitchchama... can you lead me on too? i can fix you, i swear

>> No.24453053 [DELETED] 


>> No.24453080

nice LARP

>> No.24453200


>> No.24453318

this put a huge smile on my face because it matches my world view on what vtubers truly are underneath all the fake twitter posivity. bunch of fucking cynical cunts milking dudes for money. we all know this but its so funny to hear someone say it so bluntly even as a larp

>> No.24453344

I definitely have a chuckle seeing all the NGMIs in VC every night :^)

>> No.24453535

If this isn't a LARP, I kneel. If it is a LARP, I kneel harder.

>> No.24453598

That’s more than fair.
Assuming you weren’t larping this is also pretty fair, frankly. And even if you are larping (you are), still not very unreasonable.

>> No.24453618

lmao get real
some vtubers are loaded (specially those with quality models and production value despite low ccv/content uploaded) and just stream for fun and like to receive some advice from content creators they like
pretty sure the would change if they knew how much of a bitch people like you are
sadly people like you give people in this industry a bad name, disgusting
your mentality reveals an ugly soul and that will lead you to a horrible life, menhera-chama

>> No.24453657

>your mentality reveals an ugly soul and that will lead you to a horrible life, menhera-chama
there's no such thing as karma, naive anon. this is cope for the weak to delude themselves into thinking some higher power will balance everything.

>> No.24453665

It's a LARP anon... Relax and take a step back and relax

>> No.24453771

Nobody said shit about karma, retard. Your fake persona will crack eventually in your personal life and the contradictions inherent in lies will lead to pain in your life, most likely. Is this a certainty? No. Is it likely? Yes, unless you are literal banker level rich and powerful. You are vastly overstimating your ability to fool people in your life. I am not talking about karma here, just good old consequences. Enjoy getting beheaded by a bigger menhera retard than you lmao!

>> No.24453872

/asp/cord just comes across as both too underaged (anything under 25 is underaged btw) and autistic to be worth my time.

>> No.24453923

>this completely anonymous person that could and likely is absolutely lying and has no proof of who they are is validating my views
/asp/ies need help. stop believing ANYTHING you hear here without something to corroborate it

>> No.24453986

b-but muh rrats...

>> No.24454042

>Your fake persona will crack eventually in your personal life and the contradictions inherent in lies will lead to pain in your life
I always look back to Bungo Taiga for this. You see people slip up all the time in Vtubing. They get a little too comfortable with a friend or a friend group, or they piss off one of the people in the group who they were talking shit with and it all comes out. Bungo Taiga, more recently Bunnygif and Bahroo, and plenty of other smaller creators have this happen to them regularly.

>> No.24454075

>Your fake persona will crack eventually in your personal life and the contradictions inherent in lies will lead to pain in your life, most likely. Is this a certainty? No. Is it likely? Yes
and even if it happens because of numbers they'll still continue to be successful. you're talking about karma with different words. grow the fuck up faggot, real life doesn't work like your fairy tales.

>> No.24454084

better yet is that they're all in VC with yellow cat. Do they not understand how bad that is for optics? There's well over 100 people in the server now. Info will spread around.

>> No.24454198
File: 1.14 MB, 250x250, 1497995435307.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been working on improving my livestreams and am putting together a reactive PNG tuber! my streams have been getting sub 10 viewers but the same ones are coming back consistently. Is this a good sign of growth, and would moments from those streams (clip worthy I'd say) be good sources of footage for a corpo audition?

>> No.24454207

And their success will mean shit when they are in pain. Maybe you have not lived enough to see the long term trends I am talking about. It is ok. Pain will teach you, retard-chama. Pain is a great teacher and it imparts wisdom in us all. Some more, some less. Depends on how much of a retard you are.

This, although that is just one of the many forms retards can be the victim of their own retardation and antisocial tendencies.

>> No.24454235

>And their success will mean shit when they are in pain.
there it is again that naive ass karma bullshit

>> No.24454244

Anonchama... maybe shoot for partner before you aim for corpos. You should apply anyway if it makes you happy but realistically I think the bar is only going up for PL requirements for corpos now

>> No.24454291

I get the same feeling when I look at it. Maybe im just too old now or the discussions are just not worth engaging

>> No.24454361

i think you guys nitpick a little too hard on /asp/cord, cute small talk and idle conversation is not the devil, you can have fun and get to know others through chitchat

>> No.24454367

YC sometimes complain about the state of the thread and even gaslighted a random guy for potentially being the /asp/ crab the other day. They're allowing his behavior while instakicking Lance from the cord which is such a fucking joke. Anyone who associates with YC is gonna end up on a blacklist one day.

>> No.24454370

>Maybe im just too old now or the discussions are just not worth engaging
it's a social circle. that's it. this happened to the first aspcord and will happen to every other aspcord. anyone who joins will get sucked into a social circle that satisfies their desire for growth because their brains will equate having people to talk with as enough growth. next they're going to make their own group like the og aspies did and larp an agency.

>> No.24454391

Totally fair! I appreciate that input. Hopefully I can make a fun livestreaming experience that people will want to watch in the near future!

>> No.24454538

i mean that's only four of the og /asp/ies, a large chunk of the other og /asp/ies got absorbed into the big local group that already existed
i guess a larp is a larp regardless if they were the ones who started it or not

>> No.24454544

You try to make me hold a magic belief in karma I do not hold or you are making a reference to a more formal and less colloquial definition of karma, which is actually more reasonable (literally just eastern philosohpy) and less about magic woo woo bullshit that you seem to conflate it with out of sheer ignorance. And you think you are good at fooling people? lmao.

>> No.24454585

But retardchama, these fleeting moments spent chatting with "NGMI"s could be used to boost me into unimaginable stardom, I could be using this time to do my repetitions! Watch, when I make it on TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch, you'll regret having wasted those moments chatting in the /asp/iring VTuber Discord Server! Then you'll see!

>> No.24454651

unironically this is how they sound. and nobody cares about lance yeah it was weird to kick him but who cares

>> No.24454671

/asp/ is such a shitheap but it did get me to get off my ass and start streaming. It had been in the back of my mind for a couple years and watching vtubers just made it creep closer and closer to the forefront of my mind.
Thank you, normal /asp/ posters.

>> No.24454716

which aspies made a group? is it successful?

>> No.24454735

i didnt say i believe this person, im just saying its really funny they larped my exact idea of what vtubers are to a T

>> No.24454759

I know I'm on /vt/ but the "-chama" shit really does get my goat every single time I read it. So crinch

>> No.24454763

Which ones play gg and how good are they?

>> No.24454775

Bodega, Kenji, Cain and Kaji formed a group and a server with a logo and everything
It seems to be mostly for fun though, they are all more successful individually

>> No.24454822


>> No.24454841

they don't have an actual group page anywhere but call themselves the

>> No.24454853

like >>24454775 mentioned, they made a friend group called Nakaboke and its mostly a formality since they all did a lot of stuff together anyways
there's also the Southside which wasn't started by /asp/ies but has multiple /asp/ies as members of the groups like Tomakeys, Callie Calico, Power Nelson, and LoneStarColt

>> No.24454896

What are you talking about? It's called facing the consequences of your actions. That has nothing to do with karma. People are caught all the time, simple as that. Believe it or not successful people can still be sad, lonely, depressed, etc.

>> No.24454955

I was ready for this one.

>> No.24455068

cute but it doesn't look like it's doing much for any of their numbers

>> No.24455102

>finally get to interact with the infamous yellow rat
>expecting him to be some kind of actual psycho bastard
>he's fucking tame as fuck
You fuckers have never had the misfortune of dealing with an actual schizo/psycho
Unironically go jump off a bridge you thin skinned retards.

>> No.24455110

that's the harsh reality of most of these friend groups. it just makes everyone in it content with stagnating or declining while they collab for the 1000th time saying they're just doing it for fun.

>> No.24455112

me and konrad are floor 10, cordy plays +R

>> No.24455121

You first, yellow cat

>> No.24455122

I can always detect the brony btw

>> No.24455155

>"oh come on he's not so bad"
this is how grooming always starts

>> No.24455193

>single interaction where he's actively trying to make good impressions so he doesn't burn bridges on day 1

>> No.24455250
File: 3.22 MB, 800x1000, adesf C WQD2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Sketch out concept idea for a PNGtuber
>send doodles to artist friend
>We see the chuuba thing, friend gets curious about layering moving avatars
>We put this together
>Start thinking about trying some streams with this 'prototype'

My only concern is that I default to a "Skeletor" voice and make a bunch of "gremlin" style noises when upset. Not sure which direction would be amusing for an audience? Thinking about trying a 'nonthreatening' villain idea in the same vein as Plankton or something.

>> No.24455291

He apologized to brown dog so I think he's honestly not so bad, I'm sure if you took up your problems with him you guys could talk it out. Unless... You're scared of revealing yourself?

>> No.24455328

>My only concern is that I default to a "Skeletor" voice and make a bunch of "gremlin" style noises when upset.
Kabhaal does the same thing just be entertaining.

>> No.24455347

He actively acts like a complete schizo retard here, not to mention all the insane shit he's ADMITTED to do in the past and you don't think it's an act to try and get close to people before he's comfortable enough to act like a retard about him? Do you genuinely think he's "cured" suddenly after a few months?

>> No.24455349

This reads exactly like what yellow cat would say. You can't apologize to someone you absolutely shit all over with the rest of us and call it good YC

>> No.24455352

Are you accusing me of bronydom? What does this reply even mean?

>> No.24455398

Hey guys, don't worry. There was some paper on the floor of yellow cat's bedroom, but he cleaned it up. He's cool now! He prefers YC these days.

>> No.24455447

yellow cat is much less schizo and more annoying if you ask me. I can't tell too much schizo stuff coming from them, but they just seem like the type of person I'd keep away from due to sheer discomfort.

>> No.24455473

He could go around eating babies while high on shrooms, most of the hate is because he's a nonsense spammer. And it only takes one other autist that can't tell when someone else isn't actually engaging in discussion to endlessly reply to him (I've only seen one anon actually realize discussion was going nowhere and be the bigger man and not try to get the last word while being baited, props to him)

>> No.24455517

Nta, sure its not completely forgivable, but you're coping so hard. You should talk to him :)

>> No.24455598

I would just like to share that I suggested someone watch /asp/'s very own Boseph on cozy.tv in a bait thread yesterday and two anons there very helpfully replied to let me know that cozy.tv is a government honeypot.
So delightfully retarded.

>> No.24455623

I tuned into one YC stream the other day for 30 minutes. In that span of time, he admitted to stealing money from his minimum wage father to buy weed, to expecting his father to praise him for resisting the urge to steal something from a store, to how he's nice to the homeless because he gives them drugs even though he's lying about why he can't give them more, and to viewing 'only' doing THC oil as 'improvement.' The man clearly is fucking unhinged

>> No.24455732

I would say that there's a special place in hell for people like him, but he already lives in New York City, so... close enough.

>> No.24455793

He apologized at least, and publicly too. Are you feeling guilty for something by chance?

>> No.24455803

yeah but he apologized to dog anon!

>> No.24455848

>he's a really bad person in so many other verifiable or even self-confirmed instances, but at least he apologized to dog anon!

>> No.24455958

Alright, I'm feeling nosy. I am going to go spelunking into the /asp/cord.

>> No.24456055

x hours sober, picked empty can off floor, woke up before noon. Time to let /asp/cord know! get on voice chat let's gooooo

>> No.24456150

I'm sorry dog anon... Does it count?

>> No.24456171

But consider the following; /asp/ies' feet

>> No.24456207

the nose might move too much

>> No.24456251

nose doesn't move enough

>> No.24456263

Which /asp/ie got the best feet?

>> No.24456428
File: 399 KB, 2461x2443, FNMiRyBXsAArISI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That ones obvious.

>> No.24456434

Evening Primrose or Kaiser

>> No.24456497

uoh cordy feet

>> No.24456513
File: 419 KB, 800x1000, fdvsdvsavsav.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"The Nose of Truth moves however the Nose wants to move when Wisdom is given" is the random quip that came to mind when I read those comments being so close together

>> No.24456521

huh, maybe I dont really like babis

>> No.24456602
File: 19 KB, 492x103, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm famous!

>> No.24456631

the only issue is that it looks too close to being a diglett and that might face some copyright issues in the future but if you plan to change it in the future there's no issues here.

>> No.24456714

what treasures did you find brave traveler?

>> No.24456751

>/asp/ies too smart to fall for the irl vs vtuber breasts trend

>> No.24456781

They're all talking about Reddit.

>> No.24456809

If I want to make, let's say, $300 a month from vtubing, how much average ccv do I need?

>> No.24456836

Nice job

>> No.24456842

I want the attention but it's not worth it

>> No.24457000

Hard to say, it really depends on the amount of oil barons you draw, how hard you milk them for money and the type of merchandise/goods you offer. Beyond 30-40 ccv is a good amount to have that much a month though.

>> No.24457033

As it's only a "prototype" and we chose a random pokemon that 'might look decent sitting in the corner of the screen', I don't think there should be much issue if the view count is nice and low until a more solid idea for an avatar comes up.
Changes are inevitable of course, the same general idea will stay the same, (tophat, suit etc). My friend works in marketing/corpo photoshopping so we both have an idea of how to make simple ideas easy to sell to an audience.
All this feedback is appreciated.

>> No.24457107

why do new vtubers almost always want to become corpos?

>> No.24457111

I hope you come up with some classy looking mole character!

>> No.24457160

Lads how do I become a better chatter?
If I'm going to be the only viewer I want to be a good one.

>> No.24457180

It has little to do with CCV unless you just have zero whales and every viewer gives a small, reasonable amount. I've never gone about 15CCV but have made thousands and never missed a Twitch payout, meanwhile similarly sized or larger streamers sometimes take months to meet it. It all has to do with what type of audience you attract and if you're lucky enough to get oilers

Obviously with 100 viewers, the odds of having one oiler greatly increases but if you've got 100 viewers and no oilers, and every viewer is only subbing, that's barely hitting 300. There's no real way to quantify the amount of viewers you need to meet that though. I made that 6 months in a row before I got bored of streaming.

>> No.24457206

because to them, it guarantees some form of success, while being completely ignorant that it takes talent and charm to be picked up in the first place.

>> No.24457231

Because most peoples' initial introduction is corporate Vtubers. There's also a baseline level of success involved when you're corpo.

>> No.24457296

We are now chatting about cozy.tv. I have to tap out; this is too online for me

>> No.24457305

I've already written out notes on lore and the mole idea has come up, we added a note to mention in-character that the character comes from the "Hollow Earth" and that the appearance is just something to appear harmless in a bid for world domination. Standard "Save the Earth" tree-hugging stuff, all still "shit on the wall" in terms of ideas though.

>> No.24457349

Thanks, I was thinking worst case, so no barons and only the occasional subs. But I guess it really depends. Thanks for the estimates though, I just needed a ccv goal to fuel my drive.

>> No.24457460

its literally one person using it as a trip substitute. its not even a real word

>> No.24457578

My report on the /asp/cord is that everyone in there is annoying wow

>> No.24457582

just be my oshi

>> No.24457619

keep reporting

>> No.24457648

Isn't there a fairly popular guy who looks like a fusion of Mario and Kirby?

>> No.24457673

No, I think I got my fill.

>> No.24457699

there is but you can arguably say that he's an OC.
vtubers that use an existing IP is sketchy and there was a lot of argument over being wary of using them due to potential law problems. It hasnt happened but you shouldnt want to be the first either.

>> No.24457703

I made affiliate in a week which was a huge boost to my confidence. Average of about 15 CCV as well. I've been on a big collab spree atm although I think I'll need to cut down on those since I noticed my skills when it comes to carrying a stream by myself need strengthening again.

This isn't exactly my first go with content creation though. I've done scripted videos and podcasts before. I'm slightly older than your average vtuber getting into any sort of content creation for the first time.

And no, I don't think any less. People start streaming every day. Maybe it's a bit naive to try and be a vtuber in the way the big agencies are with being an idol from the get-go though. It's good to start off casual and slowly find your way and style. Either way, perseverance is your most important skill followed by the ability to critique your own content.

>> No.24457750

The nailpolish on the pic is god tier! When are you showing all the pics you got commissioned?

>> No.24457758

My report on the /asp/cord is that everyone in there is CUTE wow!!

>> No.24457791

Man, feels so bad to have a cool idea for a stream, and then boom, your ISP decides you're not allowed to have fun. Internet fluctuating like a roller-coaster, dropping packets left and right, and my in-game ping going from 35 to 5000 every other minute
I hope I managed to deal with it decently on-stream, but I wish I just had access to decent internet where I live

>> No.24457819

who in the /asp/cord is groomable
asking 4 a friend

>> No.24457847

Alto Tiro seems incredibly groomable.

>> No.24457861

Alto and Mashi. You gotta fight the el gato for the top groomer spot tho

>> No.24457866

I should’ve just paid someone $2000 for a model, hype shit on twitter and follow a crapload of other chuubas then debut like everyone else instead of soft-starting with streaming and ducking around with not following anyone for most of the time I guess

>> No.24457878

Alto, easily.

>> No.24457900

4chan made me think that vtubers hate viewers but the vtubers themselves made me feel overvalued. i just watch their stream and help with some small stuff and they end up telling me that they only kept streaming because i was with them

>> No.24457915

You are lying! They’re all weird nerds

>> No.24457938

Mashi is soft but I get the impression she's too smart to be groomed.

>> No.24457988

Also impression. Loves to fish for compliments.
… wait a minute! :o Maybe she’s grooming yellow cat!

>> No.24458012

Big if true

>> No.24458030

Next level /asp/ lore development

>> No.24458036

who in the /asp/cord is groomable and not male
still asking 5 a friend

>> No.24458078


>> No.24458107

We would want to do this if we didn't kinda like entertaining the viewers. You can safely discard a lot of the obviously malcontented opinions you're likely to find on here.

>> No.24458130

>Loves to fish for compliments.
ah. I never mean to do that. I hate that, sorry I came off that way

>> No.24458146

m*le + pegfag + my arbitrary contrarianism

>> No.24458167

*wouldn't I mean. oops

>> No.24458179

You can peg alto and he'll come to your chat while shilling for you as you were his oshi

>> No.24458231
File: 12 KB, 421x84, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Best I can do is Alto, forma de babi.

>> No.24458244


>> No.24458246

Fuck, I need to find myself a foot artist. Those are great.

>> No.24458265

>/asp/ies joking about racial slurs
disappointing to see but not unexpected

>> No.24458280

Truly a shameful state of affairs.

>> No.24458290

Cordy is too chaotic to be groomed

>> No.24458337

why are kaijitards like this?

>> No.24458341
File: 201 KB, 515x497, sigh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>/asp/ies joking about racial slurs
>Truly a shameful state of affairs.

>> No.24458369

Hey that guy'a a Boseph fan! Groom his ass and provide correction!

>> No.24458381

it just feels unbelievable that a single viewer could have so much impact. i convinced a vtuber to try something and now she is all happy about getting viewers and vtuber friends.

maybe i actually have more experience than they do but all those little things feel like something that they should already know

>> No.24458469

nah in her deleted streams the bunny has some teeth. It's just hard to tell cause of the uguu vibes

>> No.24458476

>4chan made me think that vtubers hate viewers
this only comes when viewers give unsolicited advice based on their zero experience creating content. chuubas love viewers that's how we live and die.

>> No.24458520

This sounds corny but that sort of thing is true for all sorts of scenarios. The right person in the right place can make a world of difference, at the risk of sounding like a complete cornball.
And really, if you read this thread or any other spaces online where people with no content creation experience are trying to break into vtubing you’ll find loads more people in that same situation you’re describing. Lots of these people can be pretty clueless, and a lot of them are also very young

>> No.24458585

the fuck? does anyone have a link to this specific stream?

>> No.24458758

How early is too early to start doing karaoke?
I haven't even done my first proper stream yet, I'm waiting to get my model back, but it's the thing I'm most excited to do. I don't care if I don't have any viewers to see it, I just feel like there's some unspoken boundary about when it's acceptable to start.

>> No.24458806

before you have a good mic. if they have i may even ask about it if they haven't done one

>> No.24458811

Do it whenever you want, it's not like you can't do it again.

>> No.24458873

>I just feel like there's some unspoken boundary about when it's acceptable to start.
this is autism do whatever you want. do a quick practice test to make sure audio quality and sync are fine but do it literally whenever you want to

>> No.24459070

She's doing it again! Apologising for a mistake! Damn humble bunny

>> No.24459098

i thought that everyone would already have someone that takes care of them. some of them even have mods and many followers

>> No.24459118

Does sprinkling exotic phrases into one's speech appeal to an audience? ie: a Klingon barking to another, Japanese chuuba slipping etc.
I'm not fluent but I grew up always hearing the local indigenous language and I already sprinkle single-word phrases into my speech outside of work

>> No.24459176

>Does sprinkling exotic phrases into one's speech appeal to an audience?
As with anything like this it depends if it's cute/interesting/funny and not annoying.

>> No.24459340

who took your model!?

>> No.24459505

most babis spend more time cooming to their own character rather than kayfabing as them. Makes it pretty easy to separate in my mind

>> No.24459587

/asp/: autogynephilic sex perverts

>> No.24459615

I average 15ccv and make like $50/mo from twitch subscriptions. So by this arbitrary single datapoint, I say 90ccv.

This guy >>24457582 has the right idea though, just find one whale. I give about $1000+/mo to my oshi

>> No.24459726

how long should i wait before sending a follow-up email to a model illustrator that i’m interested in? a week? i inquired last thursday and haven’t gotten a response yet

>> No.24459796

a week should be more than enough time if they haven't replied yet

>> No.24459993

what's the most unique and original vtuber design that you've ever seen?

>> No.24460044


>> No.24460045

so far i have only seen one noid vtuber so i go with that one

>> No.24460087

how the crinch stole christmas

>> No.24460119

the bubble anon

>> No.24460252


>> No.24460334

the muppet anon

>> No.24460384
File: 39 KB, 680x383, now.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Have you done your vocal reps today aspies?

>> No.24460391


>> No.24460490
File: 117 KB, 326x316, bed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm glad some people consider my design unique. maybe not "great" by a lot of peoples' standards, but certainly memorable enough. it makes me happy

>> No.24460662

The half-boy half-horse

>> No.24460706

What part is the horse and what part is the boy?

>> No.24460711

That’s right. It makes me crinch with a ch

>> No.24460728

yes! i recorded a shitpost

>> No.24460739

Oh my bad, I meant the half-boy and full horse.

>> No.24460816

that Nuckelavee guy is pretty unique yeah

>> No.24460861

Do any of you ever have sudden regrets over your choice of character? I went with making one that matched my voice and people seem to really like it already, but every now and again I regret not making my initial idea instead. I know it's fleeting and it'll pass like always but you guys get it too, right?

>> No.24460898

oh yeah, I gotchu. It's this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPZKyP-jo10

just look at the chapters, those alone could prove he's a bit off

>> No.24460917

No, I went with the idea I really truly wanted and I won't look back regardless of how it may hamper my growth.

>> No.24460956

Here yo go champ

>> No.24460983

I want to be a rat but there are too many rats

>> No.24460997

it turned out my original idea was already being used by one of the holoen girls and i didn't go through with it for fear of being labeled a copycat, but i ended up liking my alternate option a lot more. it's best to look at it as fate guiding you in the better direction. one door closes and another door opens, and so on and so forth

>> No.24461009

Be the giant rat that makes all the rules.

>> No.24461099

>I want a chuuba who hates fags and dykes
>link a literal fag by own admission in response
What did you mean by this?

>> No.24461130

Nope, I made what I like and didn't worry about what other people might.

>> No.24461138

Are you Boseph?

>> No.24461164

I made what I wanted and /asp/ tore me a second butthole over it but I still like it.

>> No.24461186

How could I be?

>> No.24461266

You just seem more knowledgeable of Boseph lore than I could ever hope to be

>> No.24461269


>> No.24461311


>> No.24461326

There's not much to read up on!
most recent replay, my nigga!

>> No.24461402

You caught me man. I’m a fake nigga

>> No.24461511

There's too many everything, be whatever you want. To me it's the people who are like "haha yeah so im a norwegian crested elm finch so quirky" that are trying too hard to be "unique". Two characters who share a theme or motif can still look entirely different. You really shouldn't worry about having the same animal ears as another Vtuber.

>> No.24461667

it's either zylphe or that skull face guy with the bottom half missing. asp hasn't collectively shit on other designs to that degree.

>> No.24461754

the artist who did that pic visits the feet threads and does requests/posts his work there pretty often, he's an option if you want

>> No.24461782

car anon I...

>> No.24461830

Continuing with A Hat In Time!

>> No.24462115

I doubt Zylphe comes here any more, it's very apparently when he posts, so apparently that he's been called out at least 3 times that I'm aware of and locked his Twitter every time.

>> No.24462397
File: 19 KB, 224x265, perceive.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

good to see yellow cat's stream finally taking off!

>> No.24462495

>could be doing reps
>stream in discord instead

>> No.24462526

I’m the former. I got my feelings hurt and haven’t selfposted since womp womp

>> No.24462565

Zylphe doesn't type like that.

>> No.24462582

Er the latter I mean. Whoops

>> No.24462658

can you post again? never saw it

>> No.24462713

This is something I will never get.
It is like people here do not want to make it.

>> No.24462786
File: 341 KB, 624x692, 15665456.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the fact that most people don't understand socializing here is klinda sad

>> No.24462850

Nah, I don’t really wanna get shit on again. You can probably find me in the archives with “undead guy” or something.

>> No.24462997

naw bruh it's more important to make inside jokes and stream to someplace that doesn't even record vods so no one will ever see it. this is how the first aspcord died. it ended up as /asp/soc and a circlejerk of NGMIs.

>> No.24463048

Not every second of every day needs to be spent "doing reps" and streaming. While I am anti-aspcord, socialization reps are a thing that most people /here/ are lacking and the only way to get those are organically even if it means talking to a bunch of other retards.

>> No.24463096

Is that really the case? I figured a lot of us already have jobs and friends.

>> No.24463155

how does having friends completely unrelated to vtubing help?

>> No.24463190

They just don't spend enough time streaming in general. Many /asp/ies, who have expressly said that they want to do this as a career, only stream like 3-4 times a week, and they only go for 1.5-2 hours. And there's also the fact that the people they talk to on that discord are WORTHLESS. Literally zero value in allying with them. Any /asp/ies worth their salt are already dm'ing each other for shit.

>> No.24463195

>could be doing reps
>watching anime instead
>could be doing reps
>went for a walk instead
>could be doing reps
>enjoying some free time instead
>talking to friends instead
>could be doing reps
>cooking dinner instead of consuming efficient nutrient shake
>could be doing reps
>is eating multiple meals instead of intermittently fasting
>could be doing reps
>Sleeps all at once instead of 20 minute naps to boost productivity

Stop being retarded people don't need to spend every second of every day "doing reps" and there's plenty that an be done passively while you talk.

>> No.24463196

Good 4 ur mental health. I guess I didn’t realize you meant networking when you said socialization reps.

>> No.24463215

>i have friends outside of vtubing
>i don't have the need to treat vtubing as a social activity making "friends" from 4chan and risk falling into a crab bucket where no one has the creative drive to make content since this 4chan friend group provides all the social validation that i need

>> No.24463242


Having friends my whole life instead of being a weirdo shutin has definitely helped my sense of humor and ability to entertain, at least in my opinion. Social skills are one of the main things nearly every single successful streamer has in common. If you don't have those, how can you carry a conversation on stream?

>> No.24463251

>people don't need to spend every second of every day
thanks for the W

>> No.24463270

I though some of these people were merely pretending! D:

>> No.24463276

No one in that call have said they want to do this as a career. That argument only makes sense if you somehow know which specific anons are the ones saying it. Plenty of people are just doing this as a hobby which includes at least 3 people in that call that I'm aware of.

>> No.24463295

ngmi crabs need to prove in any way that the /asp/cord is objectively worse for everyone or shut the fuck up about their bullshit

>> No.24463313

any ideas for an username related to space and shit like that?

>> No.24463316

>could be doing reps
>socializing instead
>somehow you have an issue with this
Kind of seems like that's what you expect.

>> No.24463326

I must say, joining the discord and seeing it was very cheekily named the networking /asp/cord was pretty funny

>> No.24463333

some vtubers have friends but still end up using vtubing for that

>> No.24463360

saturn's cock ring

>> No.24463367
File: 21 KB, 224x273, proof.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ok, here's your proof bro

>> No.24463390

Space Shitman
Hole Stardust
Red Dwarfman
Nova Milkies
“The Alien”

>> No.24463417

The only way I can think of that it's worse is what >>24463215 said but unironically.

>no one has the creative drive to make content since this 4chan friend group provides all the social validation that i need

I don't mind the discord but this was my assumption right off the bat when it started picking up. It'll just fulfill the true need most aspies are streaming and that's because they're lonely and have nothing else to do and just want someone to talk to. I'm not trying to be a crab but I genuinely believe a good handful of the regulars will either heavily slow down their streaming or flat out stop in favor of just chatting with friends. We'll see in a few weeks though.

>> No.24463421

>need to prove in any way that the /asp/cord is objectively worse for everyone
last aspcord said the same thing. we'll be here a year from now and half of you will be vtweeters and the other half still streaming to 0 views on youtube.

>> No.24463475

Come on now /asp/ies aren't THAT retarded, give them some credit.

>> No.24463514

>le yellow cat bad

>> No.24463515

your lord and savior Yellow Cat streams on youtube and is convincing other aspies to switch to youtube as we speak.

>> No.24463555

educate yourself

>> No.24463606

Really, what surprised me the most about the /asp/cord is that they apparently also read /asp/ while they’re in the chatroom.

>> No.24463613
File: 408 KB, 780x418, not-this-again.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

green elf playing a deck builder

>> No.24463626

This is what we need! The great equalizer to set the "never gonna make it" to the "at least have a chance to make it"!

>> No.24463662

holy shit, my feelings on the guy went from "discomfort" to disgust ASAP

>> No.24463664


>> No.24463667

I mean, yellow cat fucking streams /asp/ from time to time, so I think that's to be expected

>> No.24463677

it's only a matter of time before an aspie screencaps something from this thread and they all raid it in defense of yc's honor just like they did with spudz.

>> No.24463686

he talks about his personal mental health issues and struggles, he's transparent about his shortcomings and how he tries to become better
i am educated, he's less schizo than 90% of crabs here and wants You to succeed
but you will just call me his discord friend or whatever the fuck so who cares

>> No.24463763

It’s all seems very masturbatory.
When I lurked in there earlier all of the conversation was “yeah Reddit is cringe but I use it but also it’s unusable” and “hmm remember IRC? Or phbb?? I’ve been on the internet before”
And then the 18 year old wanted to talk about cozy.tv and Telegram. Cool chatroom lol

>> No.24463793

For the record, I don't think it was awful. You just needed the design to be refined. At least I hope that got through, being a zombie I think has some potential, but my god it looked really edgy.
I hope you don't get spooked away from Vtubing from that my guy. I wanna see each and everyone succeed!

>> No.24463817

Reps, crabchama

>> No.24463962

Goddamn this is one of my favorite card games ever, bless you green elf for spreading the maid love, will get my stuff done asap to spread the maid love too

>> No.24464017
File: 1.01 MB, 1000x556, aspies kill it!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>/asp/ mascot

>> No.24464063

Oh, no worries on that front. I really enjoy streaming a lot. I’ve been doing it pretty consistently ever since and although I’m sure this is hard to believe, it actually does look nicer now that it’s been rigged.
What I found really discouraging was when someone brought me up unsolicited as one of the “most expensive /asp/ies” a couple threads later completely out of the blue; basically cemented that I’ll never post myself here again. And admittedly I’ve let that blow to my confidence kinda get in the way of marketing or clipping myself since, but I’m nearly over it.

>> No.24464238

frankly, I don't mind that he's trying to get better, but this is the type of stuff I would never watch. In the first 10 minutes of that stream he's showing off his fucked up room, talking about uncomfortable topics, and displayed his picture folders. (why would you not open those up on some other monitor?) As much as I spend time on this website, seeing someone publicly out themselves as a stereotypical 4channer is unwatchable for me. He's free to do what he wants, but I can't see the merit in how he acts and what he does.

>> No.24464294

The irony of this “crab” stuff is that he’s a true crab.

>> No.24464420

Even though I did just say that shit about him, the guy is positive at least. What makes you say he's a crab?

>> No.24464463

he's NOT positive. You're being gaslit

>> No.24464644

He seems like he cares more about coming across positively than actually demonstrating what a positive mindset and a healthy person looks like in practice. I think the way he’s encouraged other people to look at what he is and say that he’s “not that bad” instead of just being honest with him and themselves isn’t necessarily a good thing.
It’s like the crabs are looking over the edge of the bucket and talking about how it’s not bad down there before just jumping back in of their own accord.
I realize this post is extremely gay and self-serious. Thanks for reading.

>> No.24464706

Now that you say it, I'm starting to get it.

>> No.24464806

rent free

>> No.24464821

Hey, thanks.
I’m really not trying to be an asshole but that guy is bad news. His dad is willing to coddle him; none of you guys should have to as well.

>> No.24464868

Literally. He doesn’t pay any of his own bills. He’s a deadbeat.

>> No.24464888

you're on drugs

>> No.24465119

Doubt he is after listening to the rest of the stream. Guy absolutely doesn't practice what he preaches. TL;DR: We're better off not talking about the guy, he's no role model.

>> No.24465187

he isn't meant to be a role model, he makes that very clear

>> No.24465424

what the hell happened to these threads over the past 2 weeks

>> No.24465544

babis baby! get with the times

>> No.24465586

over half of the people posting in here now are viewers since aspies basically completed a mass exodus to aspcord

>> No.24465656

ehhhhh lol

>> No.24465800

is all the anti aspcord posting from viewers then

>> No.24465822

doubt aspcord guys are even going to stop using this board, /asp/ discord isn't anonymous

>> No.24465870

Hmm! Sounds like something a viewer would say!

>> No.24465907

In Dog I trust.

>> No.24466012
File: 696 KB, 423x420, treat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24466097

>Cublala inclining
wagmi bros

>> No.24466120

there are no asp viewers, just aspies watching other aspies. If an aspie gets real viewers, they leave.

>> No.24466201

Asp kept getting schizo shitters who lambasted everything in sight with spiteful comments. The tubers receiving those comments got annoyed and left to form an isolated community to actually get shit done whilst applauding each other for their efforts. The schizos are left behind to fester in asp and fight over table scraps.
Tldr: shitters shit on content, creators leave due to not wanting to put up with shit, shitters self destruct because there's no more content to shit on.

>> No.24466297

why are /asp/ies so bullyable?

>> No.24466358

>actually get shit done
I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that no one is getting anything done. One month's time everyone will be in the same spot, or worse.

>> No.24466364

This pretty much. When you have so many crabs and schizos in the threads lately that would rather shit on each other than provide anything positive it's no surprise people will leave to somewhere else.

>> No.24466416

>shitters shit on content
can you tell us all what content was shit on? who was making content? what was it and what was wrong with it?

>> No.24466511

people were shitting on "content" because a lot of it was bad. be honest, who was making anything good or even watchable besides Ain and Dog?

>> No.24466541
File: 3.10 MB, 480x350, yellow_crab.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.24466548

Who are the 3 that said it’s only going to be their hobby? I want to support only passionate people.

>> No.24466642

tell cub to bump her music down two notches

>> No.24466693

>One month's time everyone will be in the same spot, or worse.
As a lurker who watched the decline of the og aspcord this happens gradually. You log in each day and chat up fellow crabs and each time you do the more you convince yourself that you never wanted to make it in the first place. Until 6 months down the line and your last stream was a "test" stream for 30 minutes 4 months ago and everything you've done is repeat inside jokes on twitter to 70 followers all other aspies.

>> No.24466732

I've seen anons get shat on for not uploading daily and once I saw someone get told they were ngmi + a paragraph of shit all because they didn't have an Instagram account. Schizos really pick the lowest hanging fruit

>> No.24466902

there is exactly one (1) real asp viewer

>> No.24466959

dox them.

>> No.24467128

This is a very funny post.

>> No.24467210

it's me

>> No.24467233
File: 272 KB, 480x485, ah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've reached my limit...

>> No.24467261

it was ONE guy (and maybe his boyfriend) and he's been felled already.

>> No.24467351
File: 351 KB, 1024x794, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24467361

They're like Hydra's, cut one head off and two more will grow back

>> No.24467366


>> No.24467395 [DELETED] 
File: 468 KB, 1920x1028, doxfags_btfo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Crashing this thread, with no survivors!

>> No.24467425

This. Also the classic "make at least 3 tiktoks daily"

>> No.24467476

I've really only seen someone suggest that we use TikTok at all.

>> No.24467486

only so much a hobbyist-chama can do

>> No.24467539

Why do the aspies simply not go to the western vtuber threads and get real advice?

>> No.24467603

I've unironically seen one of them say it's scary over there and that they're just more comfortable in /asp/. That's really what it boils down to.

>> No.24467611

They get shit on even harder there.

>> No.24467647

some of the newer ones have; i think mashi has been there a few times
with how a more active community has been formed here it looks like people are more comfortable to stay here compared to past gens which typically moved over to /wvt/ after a few weeks

>> No.24467666

Ironically, I had it worse over here than in /wvt/.

>> No.24467670

"What do you mean you don't edit 40 TikTok videos a day, socialize on Twitter Discord Instagram Telegram 4chan Facebook and carrier pigeon for 25 hours, grind 12 hour livestreams on Twitch then another 12 hour onto YouTube AND you haven't commissioned a $4000 model off a famous artist who's backed up until September 2023? NOT. GONNA. MAKE. IT!!!!!!!????!111!1!"

>> No.24467755

ok gelisor

>> No.24467783

This is true. If someone can facetank wee vee tee criticisms early on they can actually get somewhere. What I don't understand is why /asp/ies still hang here and feed the schizos

>> No.24467865

wvt doesnt give out advice, they'll tell you to come here.
There are people who have been posting their links for half a year now that still has lower views than the current crop of asp.

>> No.24467989

What was funniest was that it was obviously just shitflinging from another /asp/ie when I posted here. Not even criticism worth internalizing.

>> No.24467990

>wee vee tee criticisms
this is what Sloth did and now she's menhera in the trashcan. don't ask for feedback from 4chan. simple as.

>> No.24468163

It should really be a "take what you need and leave" type thing. Anonymous feedback can be useful if you filter the retards

>> No.24468221

sloth would be menhera if she asked things as frequently here too i think that's a bad example

>> No.24468222

I've seen it happen to non-aspies, just people I've been friends or acquaintances with. They started off streaming regularly until they found a couple friend groups and then gradually spent more time with them than they spent streaming or creating content. Plenty just vtweet, stream sporadically, and get skebs together. It's extremely common and I've watched a lot of people around me succumb to it. I don't think it's inherently bad but at the same time it does suck because some of them were doing fairly well for their lack of experience. In the end it doesn't hurt me or anyone else if someone chooses hanging out with friends over chuubas. Realistically it's not like anyone here has an audience that isn't 8 other aspies anyway other than Dog, Ain, and I think Mashu so there's no one you disappoint by you giving up

>> No.24468232
File: 560 KB, 3850x3652, meme1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

keep my name out yo mouth, also i ran out of pictures i gotta make more

>> No.24468278


>> No.24468320
File: 1.20 MB, 3000x3100, GatorNoita.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Funny babi gator do the noita


>> No.24468434

I honestly dont see this as a problem, not everyone is cut out to be a streamer. Some retire and figure out they are better off being support by helping out in different ways or becoming viewers and concentrating on their real life work instead.
/asp/ is for aspiring vtubers, people can aspire all they want but it takes a lot of hard work and luck to get there and it's better that people try and figure out it's not for them rather than to hopelessly keep trying to see no success.

>> No.24468438

okay last question, who are the strongest up and comers you got?

>> No.24468468
File: 907 KB, 600x884, 1487369914514.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.24468491

>azu streaming with 1 ccv
what happened, /asp/bros?

>> No.24468504

>I honestly dont see this as a problem, not everyone is cut out to be a streamer.
and yet you have faggots like yellow cat coming here to shit up the thread and give out bad advice because managerlarping in /vt/ is the next step after ngmi.

>> No.24468510

he was a babi
instant debuff

>> No.24468580

There are like 10 /asp/ies streaming today, people are gonna pick and choose their favorites (I'm guitly of this, currently watching CUblala)

>> No.24468591

If there are /asp/ies actively chatting in the discord but not watching him right now that would suck.
Shouldn't these burgeoning creators be supporting each other?

>> No.24468617

whos live

>> No.24468635

>asp bad
>wvt bad
>discord bad
>4chan bad
god shut the fuck up

>> No.24468645

they should get their own audience lmao

>> No.24468654

Unironically the tranny dog

>> No.24468656

this post I'm replying to seems pretty bad too!

>> No.24468699

Crossreferencing the Discord and my follows
>Olivia Corwley

>> No.24468709

Spoken like a shitter and not a true creator. You crab, you.

>> No.24468760

If a crab is what you call opposing incestuous shit like that than sure

>> No.24468830

It is. A crab is also anyone that makes make a frowny face.

>> No.24468852

Man, I don't even think the problem is that you were a zombie, it's that you showed the design too early looking for advice, and then ignored it because "This is my early Vroid model". I wish you all the success my guy, but it really looked too edgy.
My advice still stands, tone down the edge and get references for what you really want the design to look like and then at the very least get a png for it.

>> No.24468896

who's the best one? cublala?

>> No.24468921

Yeah, Olivia and Primrose are pretty good tho

>> No.24468933

I've been wondering because I can't tell, but is Olivia Crowley an actual >woman

>> No.24468977

I think you're confusing me for someone else. I was a PNG, not a Vroid.

>> No.24469001

yes and here's the proof spoiler because link ||suck start a shotgun and kill yourself you fucking one joke faggot||

>> No.24469027

Holy newfag kek

>> No.24469028

Olivia isnt /asp/, she's a twitch partner that gives advice in the discord and is switching to being a full time streamer since streaming is doing incredibly well for her.

>> No.24469031

>Some retire and figure out they are better off being support by helping out in different ways
This is something I wish more people realized. I've seen a lot of talented people who absolutely suck at streaming but would be great as (paid obviously) supporting or creative staff for vtubers but choose to pursue content creation instead.

>> No.24469059

That's why i said cross referencing my follows and the discord you fucking retard

>> No.24469074

Literally only Dog and Ain, I'm waiting to see if /asp/ will just drop her like /wvt/ does with a lot of their flavors of the month