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It's been a while since I have seen a Koopa Fortuna thread around here. Most likely due to her current health woes. But can we have one anyway?

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You dont understand, anon. Koopa, wants lots of kids!

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She's alive?

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Streamed twice last week.

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Ghost streamer.

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Not a ghost, a turtle!

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Ghost turtle.

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>Letting the other turtles die

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>uses cum-doom and the pills

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>previous thread gets deleted
>remake the thread immediately
You never learn, do you?

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I volunteer to give her those kids, I always wanted to make these milkers >>24324613 into actual milkers.

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Troopa, you have to get in line!

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im fucking salivating

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Maybe you should eat something

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Does she keep fucking her fans or it was just that guy?

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>Koopa hasnt stolen his seed
What a pathetic dude

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some tits maybe

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>He only wants Koopa's tits

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Please tell me that there is a reference sheet for these and all other of Koopa's outifts.

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I know there reference sheets but I cant find em!

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Come on Koopa, I'm just a normal pink troopa, all I ask is reference sheets for all outfits, a couple of streams and that's all.

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Anon, I am also a pink Troopa.

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All I know about her is this image I have saved of her fat tits and a revolver

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She was dreamed up by an anon ere is the post

"Just woke up, had a rather vivid /hlgg/ related dream so I'm typing it out before I forget about it:

In the dream a 6th member of holoEN was introduced way later than the others. Her name was "Koopa" and she wasn't much to look at: she had like dirty green hair that reached just past her shoulders and wore very basic almost colorless clothes and she looked constantly very nervous and shy. I was told by my irl boss to support her for some reason, and I had to do that on /hlgg/ where everyone was shitting on her for being boring and never saying anything. I reluctantly had to defend her but I didn't have my keyboard so I had to say all my posts into a telephone that ringed even though I was already talking into it. Any dream specialists here who could tell me what the fuck any of that meant?"

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get ready for the retard to spam his horseshit

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If he has not shown up yet I dont know what its gonna take

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That image itself isn't the one, compare her index finger in that image with the one used for the bait OPs and you'll see what I mean

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experiments have once again been put on hold

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kwapi love
tangents love
guns love
gundam love
vidya love

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Calavera here, I can give you a png of each but I don't really have a reference sheet of the summer one (I never made one).

Original L2d is here: https://twitter.com/Koopachaneru/status/1354858862243934211

The reference sheet for the witch outfit's the one I made.

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Then of course the final result. Koopa's rather sick right now, so please keep sending her your energy.

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Thanks my dude

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Damn, never knew that my request for the reference sheet would be answered by the artist itself. Thanks!

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man, when koopa debuted it really felt like the /jp/ vtuber fanbase was entering uncharted territory.
Now it's like a million things have happened since then, holoEN2, NijiEN, small corpos coming and going, the booming indie scene... it's been a while huh

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I wish she would pick me, I'd like a turn at breaking her hips

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And the boneitus keeps messing with her. She would be up there big time if it wasnt for that!

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koopa didnt read the manual and thought Endurace and Luck were skippable stats...

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The next playthrough will be better!

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I want to see those tits uncovered

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i want to take bloopa to see my favorite black metal bands!
headbanging with bloopa to Batushka and Vader!

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I want to see the version without the hat can cape.

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how did she have sex with that fan if she has boneitis?

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I want to have a long fancy dinner and drink wine with Fortuna while she brags about how much better than Koopa and Bloopa she is.

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others have said the sex broke her hips. I want to break them again when they're finished healing

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But if just having sex destroy her hips how will she carry a turtle in her womb and give birth?

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anon, koopa lays eggs

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Oh right, turtles and Koopa lay eggs. Sorry, I forgot my animal biology reps there.

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How many eggs can koopa lay?

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about tree fiddy

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Three hundred and fifty is a lot.

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i don't think she reached her limit yet, i need to knock her up a couple more times and check

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I will do my duty!

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I enjoy these

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Is green woman good? I've never actually watched her but the model looks nice. Is she /here/?

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koopa koupon I found in my folders
couponposting was soulful, revival when? I have a lot of ame ones

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here's another one

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I wish I had any degree of artistic ability, I'd be putting out coupons like nobody's business

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she's good if you like someone that talks about random topics, plays /v/core games and is into guns, gundams anime and voice acting. anons don't emphasize that last point but koopa is good with doing character voices and VA in general, for example



you'll usually hear her do a baby/elmo voice but if you get creative with line readings and give her a character she's familliar with she'll do a good impression
we need to make her to use her voice more

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I wish she could do more Youtube shorts to show her stuff

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yeah it's a shame she fluctuates between busy and dying because her shitposts are actually funny and she has a lot of ideas. while we're on the topic of youtube koopa PLEASE upload the twitch vods on youtube, im on my hands and knees, no one is going to care if a couple of notifications pop up

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she betrayed /vt/ then called her sex experience 'social experiment' then fucking made a notepad of tumbling damage control text of cope

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have the alt

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Wow, I only checked her youtube page and thought she died 3 months ago. Guess she has a bunch on twitch, huh. I hate that site, but may go on there in her case.

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She's been streaming exclusively on Twitch for over a year

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most of the viewerbase from youtube followed her to twitch, the only issue in my opinion is the lack of fresh meat in chat coupled with many viewer-turned-chuubas make the stream feel like a clique and i say this as a 1 year sub. she's still the same though

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some experiments must be done, broken hips from sex needs to be replicated to be sure

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I actually agree. I think it's mostly because of lack of streams, not much opportunities for new people to discover her, or bring raids to her, so people who show up to a sudden stream are regulars and chuubas only.

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Whos hips are gonna break though?

>> No.24374244

I haven't broken any bones before so my money is on her's giving out first

>> No.24374523

Are you sure? Koopa, could enter a frenzy!

>> No.24376682

a person with paper mache bones is going to hurt themselves before they hurt me

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>he doesnt know

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I want to fuck Koopa and knock her up but I don't want to take the responsibility

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Get out!

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he plans to, didn't you see his whole scheme there?

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I see what you did there

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anons, there's something wrong with my sundress koopa

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No, she just moved to Ukraine, that's normal.

>> No.24382008

Those poor russians...

>> No.24382168

Ivans didn't know that if you steal the food from civilians in Ukraine you become their food

>> No.24382708

Does that mean koopa feeds us people?

>> No.24382815

Sorry you had to learn it now, troopa.

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Thats not true! Thats impossible!

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Did she quit?

>> No.24385364

Nah, just constantly sick.

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The Spacer Gambit

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What is she pointing at?

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at (you)

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post the TRUE Koopa fag

>> No.24390906

What ya talking about?

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