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Last thread >>23902961

Peko essentials

Usada Pekora's 3rd Birthday LIVE
Members only Encore

>>Original song
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdOzGOkaK8M (Full ver.)
-https://pekora.streamlink.to/PEKORAMDOMBRAIN (on Spotify and others)
Iiwake Bunny 「New song」
https://cover.lnk.to/AlibiBunny (on Spotify and others)

>>Cover songs
Discommunication alien

>>Collab songs
Curry Meshi (w/Aqua, Subaru)
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swuds0FeoI4 (Hacha-Mecha ver.)
PekoMiko Daisensou!! (w/Miko)
Snow Song Show (w/Miko) - Original video is privated
Shiawase Usagi (w/Miko, Marine)
Valentine Kiss (w/Miko, Matsuri, Marine)
Turing Love (w/Moona)
Saga Jihen (w/Suisei, HoloFantasy)
Interact Fantasia (w/Sankisei)

>>Live Concert
-Concert Torrent

>>Radio and others
FFXIV Radio Mog Station

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So no Lui collab?

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tourist here, can i get non-meme QRD on what happened?

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Nousagi translator pastebin (discontinued)

>>Pekora's channel
4koma Peko-chan
Shameless Christmas 1
Shameless Christmas 2
Black Santa Pekora

The rabbit that lost everything to Tritodon
Cute expression pekora
Usada Pekora's muscle training
summertime pekora
Weather girl Pekora
Pekora dancing Tondemo Wonders
Pekora's laugher fits in with the jungle
What is today pekochan?

PekoNoe ASMR
Break announcement


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See You i'm 2 months, nousagibros

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She's finally aware of her age, and that's she's running out of time. Before she's getting even closer to game over, she needs to chase any fortune she can find around. Nothing weird, it happens all the time with everyone too.

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In 2 months, fcking auto-correction

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Pekora is gonna take a 1-2 month break because of her issues with her throat. Thats all. Today she decided to drop all the streams she previously planned to do even with her throat except for a sponsorship one

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>except for a sponsorship one
Of fucking course.

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I just made this thread to have it be up for at least a while for people to know whats up
Otherwise I'll not bother to bump these threads if there is no stream and she said that unless stated otherwise, there is no stream

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who is the faqqing sponsor? They won't get much out of pekora with that voice now

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How do we feel about pekora coming back pregnant

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Yeah, just finished watching it and OG TL Anon had already mentioned that he'll be appending some details to his more detailed summary. Don't think I really need to put out a different one.

As an aside for the curious; Marine basically listed off a timeline of her activities when she started having the same problems. Just listening to it will tell you how similar it is to Pekora's current situation. She had also been told to properly rest early on; she did try to take breaks but was unable to completely take a rest from streaming due to reaching milestones, events, and the ever present compulsion to stream when the chance presents (in part because of the anxiety that she'll be forgotten if she doesn't even when her manager and fellow holomem were telling her to take a break).
She discusses the difficulty in taking a long break and even stresses that it might even be impossible for her to take a proper extended break. She mentions how close Pekora's current situation is to hers and says she really does understand how it is.

If OG TL Anon is reading this, thanks for all the work you do and thank you for taking the time to properly provide the details for the current situation.
I'm gonna be going off from the board as well. I watch other holomems as well but not to a point that I would want to participate in discussions bout them.
See ya lads in a month or two. Hopefully Pekora gets proper rest and comes back strong.

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Depends how many rest days she takes before the sponsor stream she might be able to do an ok one to be fair. She could probably do more shit but its for the best that she takes the break seriously and asap, or she will fall in the trap senchou fell, having to take even more and longer breaks because she was the stubborn retard senchou she always is not caring for her own health.

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I guess I should pause my membership while she's on break

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I was writing my append then Pastebin fucked me in the ass erasing all my work...
I'll get something out later but the major difference were basically these;

>Won't finish Elden and Nyanko as previously planned
>Will still do some recordings she has and the sponsorship stream on the 17th
>Her break starts effective immediately and lasts until she heals or she is cleared to do light activity from her doctor
>She'll attempt to increase her Twitter activity in order for the nousagi to not feel so lonely

Best of luck during this month, I'll finally make sure to watch archives from before I started watching her, no matter how tough it might be.

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It's going to be lonely these days, but is for the greater good. Rest well bune.

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Guess I'm gonna be watching her RM to cope

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do you guys seriously only watch pekora? i love her but it's not the end of the world if she takes some time off.

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She'll be back for her 3rd anniversary on July 19th it seems. Better for her to do that and having a proper rest, but in the meantime she should keep doing voice training to stop having this health issue in the future. Time to leave this place. It's been a good ride these two years. See y'all someday...

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Not everyone has time to watch more than one chuuba, anon

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no, but pekora is a main staple for me since she streams so often. You get used to the "I wonder what the pekkers plays today" cycle

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I wish Pekora the best of luck and hope she takes good care of herself

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No, but I've yet to watch another vtuber that is as entertaining and consistent as Pekora .She's my oshi and main source of entertainment when it comes to vtubers, so when she's down for the count I kinda just lose interest in watching anyone else.

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I also watch Suisei... who is also on a break. Joy...

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i love miko, korone and senchou just as much as pekora
to me these are the 4 pillars of hololive

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Here is the appended information. The Pastebin is the same just with the appendage and renamed to more closely be about her break. It'll be a rough month or two but better that than her becoming Marine 2.0.

>Additional information from the dedicated announcement stream
Yesterday she mentioned that she would finish the games she had done half-way(Elden and Nyanko) before going on her break but after some consideration and advice from other Holomembers she has decided against that idea as it would likely lead to an improper healing process, and instead she'll start her break effective tomorrow(15th). She will still do the sponsorship stream on the 17th and have some scheduled recordings to do behind the scenes, and for other stuff she can delay she'll delay.
She doesn't know for how long it will be, maybe a month, maybe two, but during her break she'll be uploading videos, the already recorded shorts, and even if she is poor at it she'll try to increase her Twitter activity so that the nousagi won't feel restless and lonely.
She had plans to tell the nousagi that if her doctor gives her the clearance to do something light(Watch-along for example) after these first two-weeks then she'd do that, but she decided against that since she might disappoint them if she can't. Then she realizes she said it anyway and repeats that should she get the ok, then she might stream something although she still emphasizes that she is going to intently rest.

After the stream during the time the chat is still active she posts a message asking the nousagi to write her name in the palm of their hand so that they don't forget her.

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What I want to know is does she need to only rest from talking or can she do another activity that doesn't need talking.
Like for example joining a game with other member but without voice chat or something.

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I used to keep up with 4-5 members but as my job got busier and busier this year I've had to limit it to Pekora, and even then I miss streams

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There are a couple other vtubers (Okayu, Ronomiya) I watch but Pekora is the only one for whom I consistently watch full streams & go out of my way to watch live, and that isn't going to change now. I hope she has a full and speedy recovery.

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Is not the end of the world but is the end of my interest on vtubers until she comes back. I don't have too much free time so now I am just going to use this opportunity to sleep more.

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I wear gloves at work I guess I can write her name on my hand without looking like a chuuni old man.

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hope she takes care, gonna miss goroand pessiposting for a while

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At least we're gonna get some fun tweets.

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Hope she deals with whatever she's dealing with well, best of luck nousagibros.

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Nousagis I wish your Oshi a speedy recovery and I hope my Oshi supports her like Peko did for her long break back in the day.

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This workaholic. It isn't going to be that lonely as I thought.

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Hopefully it's just 1 month and not 2

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Don't give the Coverschizo AKA Marineschizo AKA Noelschizo any attention here. I saw him destroy your last thread and I'm just warning you. When he isn't shitting up Nekofami general or /ahoy/ he'll come here now. Don't give him attention. Just move along.

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The schizo last thread was obvious and he wasn't even trying that hard because his bait was fucking shit and everyone just got ignored him. He even had to samefag once. We'll be fine. This thread was pretty much just created for those who aren't completely in the loop so they can know what's going on. Highly unlikely another thread will be made until she returns.

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cute feet

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So this day has finally come, huh? Honestly, I hope she takes as long as she needs to fully recover, even if that means no Peko for 2 or 3 months. It would hurt to have no Peko for that long of course, but as long as she fully recovers it's worth it. Better safe than sorry.
Either way, it'll be rough with no Peko for an extended period of time. Rest well and come back stronger, bune.

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Yes I only watch Pekora; is there a problem with that?

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so hololive girls are getting their throats hurt, but are the girls from vshojo and other groups also suffering from nodules?

>> No.24286633

nah, i think they damage different parts of their bodies that have nothing to do with streaming on these platforms

>> No.24288027

at the same rates?

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I wonder if she'll show up in the MC server like Miko used to do during her break, though I both think she wouldn't get in without streaming her work and that she probably hasn't considered it at all just now

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is it true that pego is taking a break to give birth?
who's the father?

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could intrude on other peoples' streams to help with their work and be the NPC for once

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I still have duck as Oshi (my Kamioshi still Bune). One problem is Duck also on brink of throat problem sooner or later (She told about Her throat gets hurts after GW).

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Same here. Though it'll be pretty weird not to have a Pekora stream in the background while I do something else.

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Thinking about her constantly. Is she ok? And I'm not talking about her health, but her mood...

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Its insane how lonely it is without her

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Im sure she is fine. She has two cats to provide mental healing if she feels down

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Daily dose of peko https://youtu.be/NPVt55V__fI

>> No.24315510

I thought she only dabbled in Pokemon, didn't expect Yugioh.
Unless its for storing her Pokemon cards lol

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She wanted to do Yu-Gi-Oh for a long time, but I can't remember why she couldn't (I think it was permissions, but I could be wrong)

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Konami permissions....

>> No.24329396

Are you guys writing Pekora’s name on the palm of your hand every day? Kinda feel like piece of shit for not doing it.

>> No.24329866

I don't have a ball point pen at home so I can't until tomorrow. Could be a fun thing to upload to Twitter once but would be pretty dull to upload one every day.

>> No.24333945

I might do it very small, since I don't feel like explaining this to people

>> No.24335493

god damnit Pochi-sensei...

>> No.24335957

what is happening

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Wrong thread?

>> No.24337330

unfortunately no...

>> No.24337941

What are you talking about?

>> No.24338757

I already have all about her engraved directly in my brain.

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Hard to forget her when you have wallpapers on almost everything and her artbook on a bookshelf...

>> No.24340530

Pochi retweeted that slav friend of Twap cosplaying as Pekor.

>> No.24341615

This. At this point Pekora has stablished herself as an unforgettable existence. Once you have a loyal fan base, they will never abandon you or forget you. So kinda wonder why she is worried about being forgotten, I just don’t understand her reasoning for thinking people would just forget about her…

>> No.24341864

Her thought process isn't really that strange. I recall her talking a few times about all the people, channels, and whatnot she used to watch before and these days she can barely remember the last time she did watch them.
Basically what you thought was integral to your life because you did watch it so much suddenly became uninteresting and you moved on. Which as a content creator herself must be quite the dread.

Of course the degree at which a cemented fanbase watch Pekora is probably a lot higher than how much she used to watch whatever it was, but the point is still there.
It is overblown but not illogical at least.

>> No.24343461

Think about this: Kizuna Ai lifespan as a vtuber was around 5 years (2017-2022) Do you think Hololive can surpass that? I firmly believe so, even though lastly they're not pandering to international fans.

>> No.24345639

when jewtube removed the custom subtitles that people were using to translate her videos, that is when I stopped watching her

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I fucking hate that leesh, I love Towa but fuck her for giving him the attention he wanted.

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