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>> No.24250892

Get your obs on record ready.

>> No.24250975

Is that a classroom?

>> No.24251469

did she post it as video by mistake

>> No.24251551

She might have meant to do a video, but I'd say having her mic enabled seems like a mistake for sure.

>> No.24251815


>> No.24252089

Maybe... just maybe she'll leave the VOD up this time instead of insta-deleting

>> No.24252678

i heard crab

>> No.24252728

She's improved

>> No.24252737

She sounds too nervous

>> No.24252828

Shes so soft like a cloud.

>> No.24252870
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Hopefully she can overcome her fear of singing one day

>> No.24253005

This song fits her voice a lot better than the first one.

>> No.24253034

Before she was struggling to shift between high and low vocal ranges, or just choking up. It's a lot smoother today, and her voice seems to have a little more power behind it too.

>> No.24253461

Imagine her getting a big raid during a stream like this.

>> No.24254004

46 person raid!

>> No.24254168

It's https://twitter.com/FukaiRio_
Nade knows her and likes her cover songs

>> No.24254303

Did she actually say that? I didn't get that from what Nade said. The raider said she did a watchalong for her new cover, Nade asked her what song she covered, and Nade said that artist's songs are good.

>> No.24254756

Please Nade, KING cover

>> No.24255043

someone asked if shes using a voice changer

>> No.24255128

I hope this won't be deleted this VOD
I am at actual work rn

>> No.24255354

We have top men working on this vod anon, don't worry.

>> No.24255460

Can't do anything if she deletes it right after she ends

>> No.24255492

She sings like a little mousy.

I can imagine bushes with cameras lenses sticking out.
>hes not recording on external software.

>> No.24255497

With what she just said, it seems Nade is still having problems using her midrange notes.

>> No.24255581

Are you, though?

>> No.24255609
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>> No.24255690

Thats dedication, I just download the VOD when she ends. Is there an easy tutorial to learn this?

>> No.24255893

chat feels extra dead today

>> No.24255896

Its really simple, i just use OBS https://obsproject.com. You can both use to stream with it or record desktop or apps with it. You add the source and press record. You can fiddle in the options if you want lower or higher quality, so good to check before starting.

>> No.24256159

When she mumbles the words she doesnt know its so cute!

>> No.24256200

It was that way the last karaoke too

>> No.24257380

that's because I'm not there :^)

>> No.24257487

It's karaoke, there's not much to do besides cheering.

>> No.24257503

Shes alone at home? I thought shes singing like this because theres people at home. It really doesnt sound like shes letting all the air out and is restraining the loudness.

>> No.24257550

mom and dad are going out being love birds and nadebro is playing apex

>> No.24257593

Her brother's still home. The reason she's still holding back is because she planned this to be a soft singing stream and is using her ASMR mic.

>> No.24257641

She held back harder when people were at home

>> No.24257647

Ah, missed the nadebro part. Maybe one day the karaoke room renting she promised will happen..

>> No.24257676

It's still almost midnight there, and she lives in an apartment building, don't expect her to ever go all out on this kind of environment.

>> No.24257865

Man, her singing has so much more power when she's using her lower range.

>> No.24258001

90% of time it sound to me like the general volume is of a normal persons speaking voice. So i'd call it singing* with an asterisk. Thats why i want to actually hear her SING one day, push the air out of from the lungs.. I feel like Nade is edging me on purpose.

>> No.24259511


>> No.24259541

2 seconds of outro BGM/10

>> No.24259563

Her singing is good now

>> No.24259590
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>> No.24259609

Big improvement/10

Nade seems to be happy with her singing voice now. She's leaving the VOD up, and wants to keep doing karaoke streams in future.

>> No.24260348

It wasn't what I expected but I'm never going to say no to karaoke. The concept of a lullaby stream is surprisingly underdone so I hope she revisits it someday. Sorry to all the ASMR bros if you felt robbed this week. Maybe she can schedule a serious ASMR stream on a day when she won't be bursting with energy and stories to tell.

>> No.24260518

>Sorry to all the ASMR bros
I don't know about the other ASMR bros but I'm fine with it more or less. I'm actually really happy that she worked up the courage to have a normal karaoke today.

>> No.24260940
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You were really kind again today with the gifts, Nade seemed really happy about it Can someone explain the rainbow superchat? Is that a lot? It only showed up as 10 and 100 bits for me

>> No.24261053

Nade improved at singing!/10

Nade's singing has gotten noticeably better compared to the last time she sang for us. She seemed pretty nervous at the start, but got into the groove of things part way through. Though she still seems to have the tendency to not reset back to a lower range after a high note. It results in her continuously moving to a higher and higher pitch until she's at the top of her singing range. She also seems to often skip over some of her mid pitch too, exasperating the situation. She did get better in the latter part of the stream though, and it was nice to hear her exercise the lower parts of her range. I really wonder if she has a vocal coach or not, and if she does, then I ask what are they doing? I hope they're not discounting her lower range to focus only on the higher stuff. It'd be a real shame for Nade to be pigeonholed in that way when her lower range sounds really good too.

Something Nade could do to improve her karaoke streams would be to write down the set list. I don't know the names of most of the songs you sing, and I don't think I'm alone in that. Also, she should probably prep her set list before hand and practice the songs so that she'd know she'd be able to sing them on stream. I think Nade might be discounting how much other vtubers practice the songs they want to sing off stream before they bring them to their karaoke streams. Also, the eye searingly bright spot on the left side of the video was a bit much I think.

I kind of hope Nade revisits the Lullabies/Soft Songs/Comfy Songs idea in the future. It's not like I didn't enjoy the kind of karaoke we got, but I really think there was something there in the planned stream idea.

>> No.24261062

100 bits = $1 to the streamer (though it costs more than $1 to purchase)
The rainbow superchat was someone making multiple tiers of bit donations at once, the largest being 10,000 ($100)

>> No.24261142

>Something Nade could do to improve her karaoke streams would be to write down the set list. I don't know the names of most of the songs you sing, and I don't think I'm alone in that.
This. Meant to say it to her when she was done, but she ended the stream before I got a chance.

>> No.24261398

Nade's good enough to post cover vids now, I think. She did make occasional slip-ups today, but that's not an issue if you can record multiple takes.

Original song when?

>> No.24262038
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It's partially an acknowledgement that the slime ASMR turned into a normal zatsudan stream. Fine by me, but I'm one of those people who doesn't feel the effects so it's just whispering roleplay and funny sounds to me. But I've spoken to enough people that I understand the appeal on an academic level at least.

>I hope they're not discounting her lower range to focus only on the higher stuff.
Why on earth would they do that?
Oh fuck.

>> No.24263025

Nade is forced to sing higher and be moe and there is nothing you can do about it gaikokujin-kun

>> No.24263112

I can spam the deep voice redeem is what I can do. I'm not a gachikoi so I have points to burn.

>> No.24264191
File: 129 KB, 1776x1002, 1622703491798.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sounded like she had fun.

>> No.24264650

All in all i'd say that it was definitely a step forward. There are some confidence shakes here and there but i think its not necessary for her to feel self conscious about the singing anymore, theres a lot of room for growth sure but this sort of foundation feels natural to listen to.

>> No.24267495

Nade love

>> No.24267984

It's funny to me that she'd pay so much for a model just rig it herself. To be honest, she's not bad at it. Her current work isn't super dynamic but she's avoided the classic pitfalls of mask face or weird deformations. I think you guys traumatized her by teasing her about how she might end up as a rhombus way back when.

>> No.24268049

tough love
tough love
from her rigging, to singing and asmr

>> No.24268204

Be nice wtf

>> No.24268456

I'm nice
there is nothing wrong with pointing out some flaws and hoping she improves, that's the whole point of idolhood!

>> No.24268960

Kek. But no, this was the shrine girl model, remember? She didn't rig that one herself nor did she ever intend to. The badgers were making fun of her just to give her a hard time (and because it was funny that a Hololive talent could have rigging that was so obviously flawed).

>> No.24272987


>> No.24274018

Quite fun today, she was starting to get into it a lot more which is good for confidence. I'll always hold out for an opportunity for her to really go all out without feeling conscious of who might be around her.

>> No.24276089

Nade is a singer now. I'm happy for her.

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