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EvE Channel is doing JOI ASMR in 2 hours. 23 JST

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>following a japanese instruction to jackoff
is it possible to learn this power?

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Just imagine a kinda condescending/teasing succubus trying to help you jerk off.
Though really the only important part you need to know is.
Chuuko = Stroke/Fap
Go, yon, san, ni, ichi, Zero. Is a cum countdown. 5 to 0.
Pyu = Pew, you know shooting your stuff.

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My body is ready

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I hope a couple of anons will try to record it because last time she restricted the vod really fucking fast and I think I just got lucky

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Be more often drop JOI stream, OP/threadreaders

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could anyone please archive this?

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Now live:

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What's the scenario this time?

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I'll try...

Captcha: STD4G

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Why do people need lube to jerk off?

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they got snipped

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I never knew it had such consequences

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thanks I'm also trying

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Does anyone here have some of her stuff archived?

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That's it.
Also she's doing two streams this month.
Next one is on the 29th, Same time.

Official archive: https://fantia.jp/fanclubs/98744/posts You will need to make a free account first.
/ASMR/ mega archive: AppECCZR#277JM4voG_OlhofYZllJFg
Xvideos Fan archive (Don't have live streams): https://xvideos.com/profiles/eve_valerne_servant

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should be a full thing, thanks to everyone who tried to archive it themselves

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captcha: JKRAG

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I was expecting her to roleplay that fictional girl from bladerunner... what did you make me watch?

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joi = jerk off instruction

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so did you guys cum?

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Maybe if I saw some more lewds

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You should watch her JAV then.

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