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Holo bros, am I toast?

I got recommended this Pomu video on Youtube, so I watched it and it turns out she likes and seemingly genuinely enjoys MGR, and reacts in very cute ways. Since I also like and enjoy MGR, this opinions match makes me like her in turn.

Am I now forever a Nijisanji fag?

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Hang yourself faggot

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No need to restrict yourself to any one company. Just watch who you want to watch.

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Ok, give me the Pomster lore I need to know then.

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Nice try nijifag

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>And thus i have come to an idea of posting about it, in the catalog that attracts controversy

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MGS3 is also happening tomorrow, she already beat MGS1 and MGS2 by the way and she loved both of them.

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Lmao nijiniggers getting desperate, you're not fooling anyone to watch your dying chuubas channel nijitards

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Ohh look another nijizhangji shill pretending to be holobrony

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She's the only good nijiEN left. Glad she only collabs with the fags when she is forced to

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>nearly 30 years old
>went to Japan to touch maids so often the cafe she frequented knew her by name
>knows Akihabara more than JP residents (her mama said as such and JP replies agreed)
>has lolis plastered on her walls
>can do the hand thing
>has had an ex gf
>has a family history of breast cancer, her sister got the same preventative surgery she got, and she's going for round 2 of the surgery in the near future
>is a Touhoufag and recently got sponsored for their mobile game
>has entertaining karaokes
>owns legit copy of Silent Hill P.T.
>has done a jumprope stream and proved she has good stamina
>cute teetee with Elira and Finana
>funny wagie rage moments that still haven't worn off despite her success in Nijisanji allowing her to quit her deskjob
>is a major sweetheart even behind the scenes

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Sounds pretty good.

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Chances are Pomu is the most popular NijiEN to Holobros. Youll easily find KFP in Pomu chat.
So its no biggies. Let the Pomu virus flow through you

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All this Shinkawa style Pomu art is really great

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There's been some amazing pieces

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As someone who used to frequent here often, let me just say that giving a fuck about anything this board says cuts your enjoyment of vtubers by 90%. Just watch and enjoy whoever you want.

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i just watched that - dude are you stalking me

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Does she "collab" with males? Does she talk about other males at all? Has she appeared in any video with other male for any reason? If the answer to any of these questions is yes - then you are a cuck, and I'm not listening to what you have to say.

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grab some popcorn boys. let's see nijiniggers arguing with falseflagging nijiniggers

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What the other anon didn't mention about Pomu lore
>Was born and raised on Native American burial grounds
>Had to be exorcized when she was a child so the Native American curse wouldn't effect her
>Somebody attempted to drag her into a cult while she was in Japan
>In her very first Minecraft stream, her in game cat died from drowning. She was talking about her dead cat in that stream

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I would love Pomu and Petra except they and rest of NijiEN supports one china so no.

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If you can stay a Nijifag after watching male collabs then sure

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>am I toast?
Well are you made of bread? This first question is very important. If you are not made of bread you cannot be toast.
If you are made of bread, I have one question. How are you typing your posts? How are you intelligent?
These are bigger questions to answer than the entire tribalist shit.

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Saw that some of her MGR clips were more watched than the streams themselves, good buff game
For comparison



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>Am I now forever a Nijisanji fag?
Assuming OP is not another Niji propaganda tactic, then good for OP.
Now go watch pomu, have fun, and become the bridge between Niji and Holo in vt.

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10/10 acting skills, optranny

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Embrace it. Becoming Pomu will only hurt a little.