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The place for V-Shojo and their friends! Now with 14.3% more V-Shojos!

Vshojo team page: https://www.twitch.tv/team/vshojo

Snuffy: https://www.twitch.tv/snuffy

bunny_gif: https://www.twitch.tv/bunny_gif

Momo: https://www.twitch.tv/momo

With Veibae joining the crew yesterday in a totally big surprise that nobody had figured out at all before it happened, V-Shojo now sits at 8 members. I, for one, welcome our new tsundere, beer spilling, shit talking and shit taking, succubus overlord.

Simultaneously, it is regretful to report the surprise graduation of Veibae from the "friends" or "+" portion of our group. May she find success in her next endeavor!

VShojo announcement video for Veibae:
VShojo intro comic (Veibae don't need no stinkin' lore):

Previous thread: >>2316812

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Zen is live (and has been for a while)! https://www.twitch.tv/zentreya

Announced that her 3D model is delayed slightly due to the artist needing a day off for health reasons, but that it should still be ready by later today or tomorrow. As such she'll be off Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday gearing the new model up for her stream, getting the stream alerts and other things modified, and so forth.

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Momo please join VShojo

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How is it possible to be this unfunny?

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Why Momo?

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All of Vshojo members are hypocrites pieces of shit except IronMouse. Remember when Veibae hated corporated stuff? What a bitch.

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I like Vshojo and uh, oh god

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Now that Veibae is in Vshojo, she can do CB streams. Can't wait to tip the Lovense toy in her ass.

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what does vshojo have to do with that

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I have a feeling everyone in that friend group will some day

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I miss Snuffy.

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It's cute.

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Absolutely nothing. But a man can still dream.

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I miss chilling to her tink tonks.

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>implying you never criticize jokes you dont find funny

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same, I hope she will be ok soon

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Wasn't the reason for the meme response. I don't think it was supposed to be "funny" it was just cute, but you chose to criticize it on the humor. Just relax and have fun dammit. Not everything is intended to tickle your funny bone.

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Veibae, too. She did her redubt yesterday with fucking pneumonia, the silly little rhubarb.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rx00t3KO_Vg not even 24 hours and already 200k views.

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I wonder if she's going to do her 3d stream today, she said she might, but it would be around now if that was the case. she still hasn't said anything about it though.

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That's... pretty impressive. Looking at that channel's other most viewed clips, the #1 is Zen tricked into looking down at her booba by chat in VRChat mode and a whole lot of other coomerbait. The guy from the other thread was right. If clippers want views, just make lewd content.

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Mouse is supposed to be streaming "Screaming Saturday" at 8pm

>> No.2424339

Yep. Also promised a "big announcement" yesterday during this stream, so we'll see what that is.

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what's her timezone?

I wonder if that has anything to do with her familiar she's been teasing for like months.

>> No.2424733

yeah i noticed this when looking at some of the snuffy clippers like latch
a clip with "lewd", "sex", or "dick" or whatnot in the thumbnail gets markedly higher views that clips that don't

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Might be. Also that's 8pm EST.

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>the tts dragon is STILL a part of this group

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Yeah, and while I don't deny to any of the anti-VS fags that VS does have plenty of lewd jokes and stuff, the clippers just make that perception worse. At the same time, the clippers are just giving people what they want, which gets the girls views and viewers. Thankfully, it hasn't forced the girls into more lewd and crass content than they already do, but it sure perpetuates only one facet of everything VShojo and western vtubers in general.

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Well the helicopter for the perseverance rover in Mars got delayed when it was expected tomorrow. Atleast no cancelled streams.

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in the end there's always going to be retards that only watch clips and don't bother to watch the streams and there's nothing you can do about them
it's not all that different from people basing their ideas of HoloJP purely off translated clips so they just endlessly parrot clip memes, except its extra stupid in this case because you can actually understand the streams if you watch them

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Will vshoujo ever get a cute boi cast member? I mean as a regular.

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I think nyanners or vei talked about it yesterday
said there was no reason why it couldn't happen though it would probably be under a different name than vshojo, they'd do a separate thing like holostars

>> No.2426118

Look up who owns VShojo, you'll have your answer on why this will never happen

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I don't see a reason to separate them, but fine. As long as we get a shotacon vtuber. Don't even care if it's a girl voicing them.

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>inb4 Takahata becomes the first VShonen
Not gonna lie, I might be a little mad.

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>twitch employee

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I mean, Vshojo isn't a great name for a group of dudes, they'd sign them as Vshonen

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I don't get it

>> No.2426258

Mousey is live!
You tell me, Mouse.

>> No.2426268

You mean a shota? A shotacon is someone who likes shotas.
Imagine if Silver's a shotacon, she has more than enough ara ara energy

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That makes two of us.

New Mousey fanart!

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You guys think Mouse bleaches her asshole and shaves her pussy? Asking for a friend.

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The second thing is confirmed and canon.

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Twitch employee and egirl simp are the two owners

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Mouse is becoming a professional interviewer.

>> No.2426964


Mousey is promising a big announcement but she can't say what it is yet. It is time based, meaning she can't say what it is until then. This is what Nyanners had to do when she announced a big event for herself....

>> No.2427043

What should the title of the show be?

>> No.2427064

are you implying gunrun hates men or something?
why would you think that?

>> No.2427094

The House of Mouse. Oh wait...

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Someone on /pmg/ suggested The Coño Cabaña which is hilarious.

>> No.2427128

it involves someone else, which is a bit surprising.

>> No.2427276

11 EST is 12pm in Tokyo Japan. I'm just saying.

>> No.2427316

Yeah I'm wondering about real life Hime's tweet from a couple days ago.

>> No.2427341

Which one?

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Hime says on her account she's got a big week ahead then requested someone make this.

>> No.2427606

I don't know what Mouse would have to do with that, tho. Unless... MOUSE IS THE FATHER!?

I mean, Syd did admit to being into NTR!

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Mousey with elite driving skills!

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>I don't think it was supposed to be "funny" it was just cute
Nah there was definitely an attempt at humor there.

>> No.2429380

I wonder how much of this Streamer Life Simulator is true to Mousey's own experiences.

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>> No.2429775

Looks like the ties between VShojo and Kizuna Ai aren't going to be a one and done thing!

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>Kizuna Ai

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Are they all gonna speak English? Didn't know they could.

>> No.2430473

I feel like a "virgins" joke would've made for a good punchline. Like...V+"Shojo".

>> No.2430571

For once I actually wish Hime was a part of this, since she's actually fluent in japanese,

>> No.2430920

This is great. People always seen vtubing as a competition when it's really a community. The timezones are all over though so hopefully no one oversleeps.

>> No.2431488

Why isnt Yubi Yubi on that?

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>"What does "V" stand for?"

>> No.2431789

They already have Zen

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>> No.2432057

>veibae hates corporate vtuber groups
>joins vshojo anyway because she was too glued to the clique to say no at this point anyway
>says they won't control her content, they'll help her with sponsorships and merch, for damage control
Or you could just, put the actual effort to get sponsors and merch yourself you know?

Joining Vshojo gets you one thing for sure - never ever getting to collab with Hololive because Melody is YABAI.

I still think they need to try harder to get new people in, rather than going for veibae (and eventually snuffy). Audition for new characters.

>> No.2432068

I felt so bad watching that, I almost died

>> No.2432089

I wish Korone and Mel were included on among us. It needs more autism.

>> No.2432105

They don't care about fucking Hololive

>> No.2432111

korone would be cute in that collab

>> No.2432313

Since she seems to have everything wrong with her I wouldnt be surprised if she had a condition that made her hairless, as for bleaching, she'd probably burn herself with clorox

>> No.2432379

>They don't care about fucking Hololive

W-W-wait what fucking rock have I been sleeping under? V-shojo consists of twitch/YT streams. hololive I thought was 95% of the board which is YT streams. where do those other 4 V-tubers come from and stream at and what organization if not hololive and v-shojo?

>t.newfag that thought this board was 95% hololive and 5% twitch v-tubers/v-shojo

>> No.2433400

Well to be fair they probably do. They're just not singularly obsessed with working with them and are branching out to others who will work with them if Cover's going to keep all of their talents from collabing with them. If they had the opportunity to do so I'm sure they'd take it.

Everyone in VShojo is on Twitch which is more English focused so not many JP VTubers stream there.

>> No.2434169

There's always going to be some sense of business competition because of markets and whatever. Ai is obviously trying to build her brand in the west, much like HL did and Niji wants to. VShojo took a daring leap and pushed forward in the wake of the HL-EN launch and snagged a number of talents who were already popular to give themselves a boost. Now we're at a point where four entities want the western market, and if three of them are smart, they can help each other catch up to the current leader. Frankly, the only thing sustaining HL-EN right now is the HL part. If Gura and co were a group of non HL vtubers they'd probably be irrelevant (well, everybody but Gura). The EN branch makes zero effort to do anything the western market or with western personalities and is just reaping the benefits of name brand recognition. Hopefully competition will spur them into some action.

No idea. Right now there is a rather massive brick wall between VShojo and HL in general, arguably moreso than whatever issues HL has with its EN branch doing anything collaboration. That might be part of it. Nijisansji obviously gives no fucks. Lord knows the VShojo girls are itching to collab with HL and Niji talents.

Froot was a known artist but otherwise a non-streaming entity that VShojo made one of their initial members. So they're capable of doing that, but it is also beneficial to take existing talents into their fold (less work).

>I wouldnt be surprised if she had a condition that made her hairless
She literally shaves herself completely (except her head) as was stated in this video: >>2426528

>Everyone in VShojo is on Twitch

They use Twitch as their primary platform, but Nyanners and Mousey stream on YT from time to time for special occasions and Lewdcast is done with Mel, Mouse, and Silvervale on YT. So it isn't like they're exclusive to Twitch or alien to it, it just isn't what they do most of the time. And they all have YT channels for clips and most have archives for VODs there.

>> No.2435105

Speaking of Nyanners's YouTube VODs, why are they two weeks out of date?

>> No.2435128

She got a shit ton of copywright strikes all of a sudden on her content. "Coincidentally" it happened not long after she talked about her past and how people did it years ago to doxx her and also alongside this rather interesting wave of bot actions against the girls and other vtubers recently.

>> No.2435199

>"Coincidentally" it happened not long after she talked about her past and how people did it years ago to doxx her and also alongside this rather interesting wave of bot actions against the girls and other vtubers recently.
Nyanners is right, imageboards truly are trash and full of mentally ill freaks

Wish I spent my teenage years on something more productive than watching cartoons with you people. Now I'm stuck here forever.

>> No.2435254

copied from another thread since i didnt realize it was not the vshojo gen still getting used to this board

Is there a reason everyone seems to be getting a big show aside from Silvervale? Even Melody has had a few earlier on before VShojo. She hasn't really said it but it's gotta hurt to be excluded like that allt he time. Even Zentreya made it into the Smosh guy's youtube vid.

>> No.2435278 [DELETED] 

I think the whole situation is dumb.
>Vshojo bait threads outside of this general people don't bother start coming up everyday around the same exact time from either zhangs or a discord group.
>People argue in said threads because they are bait
>Vshojo starts breaking containment inciting twitch normies into the board because the content in them is hostile.
>Threads also awaken ancient schizos who were only slumbering, along with bolstering their numbers.
Now you get to watch and see what happens next.

>> No.2435309

In the old times the threat was literal schizos, spammers and MSN Messenger groomers. There is also the NEET natives but I don't have a bad on opinion on them since being overly hostile also kept people and culture in check.

Nowadays what I'm worried with is redditors and specially discordniggers who think you go to 4chan just to be edgy and shit up the place for keks. These people are lowering the quality of everything, dont lurk, and the only OC they produce is "gotcha" reaction images. There's even AI bots shitting up /a/ with Dragon Ball discussion, a few months ago one went haywire and started spamming DB on another board.

>> No.2435657


Nobody here can really comment on that, though, because nobody here probably knows shit. However, she was on the Twitch Rivals Among Us (Vtubers vs. RL people) event, so she's not being excluded. If anything, Nyanners is just getting a lot more of the benefit which isn't surprising because she's the most popular member right now.

>> No.2435862

I was just wondering if there was some issue. I've watched her a long time and i know shes not super well liked compared to the others so it just bums me out not seeing her get the same chances. hopefully in the future

>> No.2435983

Merryweather will join their male branch instead of continuing Internet Dream Lounge.

>> No.2436432

Prediction: the roster will be Merryweather, Takahata, CDawgVA and Konzetsu (Silvervale's brother)

>> No.2436632

>VShojo took a daring leap and pushed forward in the wake of the HL-EN launch and snagged a number of talents who were already popular to give themselves a boost.
VShojo was planned before the launch of HL-EN, by that i mean the EN-talent debuting. Can be inferred that they started planning it in around April of last year. I believe the initial lineup was chosen by Mel.

>> No.2436702

I mean if you really want to talk about the one not getting much benefit it is Hime right now. She hasn't been involved in anything yet. I like Silveravle a lot and I want her to be happy in whatever she does and I want her to get to the levels she wants to as well. But, I also know she is an obsessive appeased who worries constantly that people aren't having fun with her streams or aren't happy with her content, so she tends to flip around to various things just to make people happy. What she really needs to do is be confident in what she wants to do and just show the things that make her happy to the world. Worrying about what her fans think is holding her back. I'm not saying she needs to go hog wild or whatever, but when she wants to do something do it and if people watching tune out that's their loss. Other people will tune in.

>> No.2436714

Yeah but they knew HL-EN was launching and still were willing to go up against that. It was a bold move, but it has paid off. VShojo as a whole is more successful than any sum of the parts would have been.

>> No.2436951

>8 player amogus
Why? Isn't it made for 10 players? Isn't that easy modo for the impostors if there's 2 impostors and 6 crew?

>> No.2436985

Usually yeah. But who knows how well these girls play the game. I do find it odd they didn't fill the roster. If the goal was to keep it an even number of Japanese and English vtubers they still could have done that.

>> No.2437024

I assumed hime was just too busy with her normal content, she seems like the odd one out as far as that goes.

>> No.2438481


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File: 535 KB, 734x533, 1617658096333.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2440086

Zen is at their best with their 3d models and... whatever that lizard madness was

>> No.2441378

Heres something left-field, think Niji's Hana will want to join vshojo when she moves back to the US? She certainly has certain tastes that will fit in, and maybe her dad and mamavale will hit it off.

>> No.2441464
File: 138 KB, 654x1000, sample-a3da2fb28cb07c5753c5b5875c1bec69.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2441940

Hana Macchia?
I love her, but why would she leave Nijisanji?

>> No.2443562


>> No.2444367

>it would probably be under a different name than vshojo
VShonen might actually happen

>> No.2444404
File: 164 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nux will be their first

>> No.2444587

Niji-EN is soon to be a thing, so that's more likely

>> No.2444642

Kinda surprising that Nijisanji and VShojo collabs weren't already a thing

>> No.2444907

Threadly reminder that bunny_gif is trash

>> No.2445436

in other news, water is wet

>> No.2445530
File: 1.35 MB, 600x337, main-qimg-f179a2bc19f17aa8211fe2f9760f332d.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is it wrong that I jizzed to nyanners baby impression 17 times

>> No.2446694
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>pettanko bad
>saggy booba good

>> No.2446813
File: 254 KB, 1280x2048, 1615628707057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

pettanko bad
saggy booba bad
smol breasts good

>> No.2446914

Why would they be? I know a lot of the girls want to collab with Nijis but there are language barrier issues with quite a few of them. Niji-EN is far more likely to result in collabs

>> No.2446950

How the fuck does a young woman in a first world country catch pneumonia?

>> No.2446976

She probably ate some of that several day old kebab that was left out

>> No.2447074

The same way anybody else in first world countries catches pneumonia?

>> No.2447114

dude weed lmao

>> No.2449233

Spilled beer vapors and shit stank.

>> No.2449658

At a minimum if you're older than 20, it was never even a consideration in childhood vaccinations.

The first Pneumonia vaccine was approved in the US in 2000, Chicken Pox in 1995.

>> No.2449890

I might be retarded when it comes to vaccines. I’m 21, and I’ve never known anyone who wasn’t geriatric or literally a baby who has or had it

>> No.2449971

Yes, go to confessional

>> No.2450095

I don't have a pneumonia vaccine and I've never been diagnosed with pneumonia either, but I know people who have had it. My brother, who is immunocompromised had it twice in one year (that's how we discovered he was immunocompromised). I'm not saying that's Vei's cause, but people get pneumonia still.

>> No.2450817

Vei is doing her 3D model reveal now!

>> No.2450877

Oh god I FUCKING hate it

>> No.2450888

I like it :)

>> No.2450908

theres something weird about the eyes, pupils too big perhaps

>> No.2450913

>Is there a pussy tracker

>> No.2450922

I dislike this

>> No.2450936

It's kinda weird, but these are her first minutes using it on stream. I'll need to see a full stream with it before I judge.

>> No.2450949
File: 732 KB, 757x719, veibae3d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's having a busy week! Redebut on Friday, joining VShojo same time, 3D debut today, and massive collab on Tuesday!

Weekdays are now Weekbaes and the weekend is Vei-cations!

>> No.2450971

Fire her modeller

>> No.2450992
File: 620 KB, 701x719, veibae3d2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There you go.

>> No.2451004

and she's super sick right at that time, what a terrible timing

>> No.2451046

I wonder if the stress of this is partially what got her so sick. She's been crawling up the walls for weeks about her new models.

>> No.2451103

stress weakens your immune system, but it wont get you pneumonia, thats caused by bacteria.

Still I know how shit she must be feeling, had pneumonia when I was like 8

>> No.2451131

Well now she's not sure she doesn't have COVID. She does live in England and they do have that B.1.1.7 variant.

>> No.2451152
File: 267 KB, 517x517, scronch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf why is her face so scrunched up?

>> No.2451158

>thats caused by bacteria
Imagine the stench of her room

>> No.2451181

she doesn't take showers so imagine the stench of that

>> No.2451186

It's not that it's scrunched it's that it is wide, which seems to be TheArtGun's style. Snuffy, Mousey, and now Veibae all have the same wide face especially about the eyes.

>> No.2451190

the expressions are cute

>> No.2451203

I though she's full on a NEET apart from streaming and hasnt left her house in quite some time, whatever the case a non obese 20something yo usually wont have much trouble with covid.

>> No.2451221

Old model was better

>> No.2451227


>> No.2451253

lmao she does look like a 7ds knock off

>> No.2451257

Well she's "very grateful" to the "kind" delivery guys. That that to mean whatever you want it to.

>> No.2451268
File: 570 KB, 531x884, 1617147291758.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But Snuffy's model is h*ckin cute?
Why is Veibae a downs?

>> No.2451310

I doubt she fucks the delivery guys in her parents house, last time she saw a hot delivery guy she sent her mom to get the stuff for her cause she was anxious (and hadnt showerd as usual)

>> No.2451399

Yeah but the face is still wide, especially at the eyes. I think her raccoon mask hides it better and makes the eyes look smaller. Looking at Mousey and Veibae's they both have extremely round eyes.

It was a joke and a running gag with Veibae.

>> No.2451418

Looks pretty good to me.

>> No.2451444

to be fair she probably fucks them in her mind

also the 3d model is pretty cute and the facial/mouth tracking seems to work well

>> No.2451452

I don't know what you're smoking she looks great

>> No.2451471

thank god

>> No.2451490

>hey, so I know I had a 3d model, and I'm currently debuting my new 3d model, but I'd like to announce that I'm getting an even newer 3d model

>> No.2451495

wtf man vei is going to have as much models as all of hololive together at this pace

>> No.2451498

>she's also keeping the old model
this is going to be like mouse where she has 7 models and always uses the same one

>> No.2451511

She said Friday she has 3 3D models on the way. This one, the one she just announced and is going to show off a few previews of, and two more. Wait that's four. Well she's sick.

>> No.2451512

out the 3d model side by side with her old 2d model and see the difference

>> No.2451520

I wonder if these will be Vei's usual number of viewers now

>> No.2451527

I don't think it's bad.
Vei will probably analyze the stream herself and if she's unhappy with something she'll get it fixed.

>> No.2451559

new jj model saved the stream for me

>> No.2451588

7.5k? probably not, I'd expect her to drop a couple k after people get over her being the newest vshojo

>> No.2451590

The Nyanners discord history was wiped.

>> No.2451605
File: 845 KB, 1111x693, veibae3d3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And it looks fantastic. Womb tattoo on it!

>> No.2451612

i mean its only 2k more then usual, not that big of a change.

>> No.2451613

Holy fuck she has a WOMB TATTOO

>> No.2451634

Did something happen there or is this just a regular thing?

>> No.2451635

i meant the other one but this is great too holy shit

>> No.2451636
File: 686 KB, 959x693, veibae3d4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2451641

I have heard from multiple irl women that they like the look of womb tattoos, I wouldnt have guessed desu

>> No.2451648

the ref sheet showed it 2 months ago

>> No.2451660

Hmm it looks a lot better on the left there, maybe it's just a bad angle

>> No.2451663

What happened? Hack or did she wipe it?

>> No.2451682

>imageboards truly are trash and full of mentally ill freaks
This isn't exclusively an imageboard thing. Misanthropes gather in all sorts of places but you'll certainly find them in larger numbers in places like LC (which I guess is also an imageboard), KF, or PULL. 4chan schizos are pretty tame in comparison, which is surprising considering the very low barrier to entry for making posts here.
It wasn't any different in the old days. Most people want to come here to talk about the things they like but because moderation is weak by design and allows for dissenting opinions, you get retards who are obsessed with the objects of their contempt shitting up preexisting threads instead of making their own gay shitty one.
Really, it's not even a problem that is unique to the Internet despite the Internet granting obsessive faggots a greater ability to collaborate with each other. Similar behavior in weirdos like the Bjork stalker who literally got mindbroken because Bjork was fucking a nigger so he tried to acid bomb her.
Like they say, haters gonna hate.

>> No.2451690

>inb4 vei overdoses on painkillers and fucking dies in her sleep like jimi hendrix

>> No.2451694

They're auto pruning after a certain post age.

>> No.2451697

This is the jjinomu model she's showing off. The one she's using right now is TheArtGun's model.

>> No.2451739

Oh, nothingburger then.

>> No.2451764
File: 110 KB, 288x279, unknown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i mean this one

>> No.2451769

What a time to be alive

>> No.2451808

I like Vei a lot.

>> No.2451819

Yeah that's her old jjinomu one. She's having jjinomu make the new one, too. She's going to have a wardrobe full of 3D models.

>> No.2451856

oh i thought that was an updated version...

>> No.2451917

Vei might be my favorite Vtuber. My dick might be controlling my mind though.

>> No.2451959

Do you think Vei is addicted to updating and getting new models for content? She has a new 2D, a new 2D outfit, a new 3D, and old 3D, a newer 3D with a new outfit... all within a month?

>> No.2452034

It should be the norm, at least for variation
People have been addicted to this kind of thing since vrchat

>> No.2452086

Some girls like having big closets. Vei like having a lot of bodies

>> No.2452097
File: 131 KB, 1280x720, 1606895826308.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

while HL fans (on this board) opinion on VS collabs is rather obvious, what is it like other way round?
would you look forward to something like a Calliope/Ironmouse collab?

>> No.2452107

She commissioned most of them months ago, the 2d and this 3d were commissioned last year but ran into some delays. I think she decided on the additional outfits a few months ago. She just likes to put her money back into her content. In the end, new models get new viewers so its not that bad of an idea.

>> No.2452116

Calli and Mousey is one, I'd also be very interested in seeing a comfy ina/froot art collab

>> No.2452175

silver x watson, kiara x vei, ina x froot, nyanners x blue nyanners, and mouse x anyone would all be amazing collabs

>> No.2452190

other than Calli, the rest of HoloEN seems very inwardly focused even without the company restrictions, which is why I don't really consider them
Ollie could be more realistic than any of the remaining 4

>> No.2452220

Calli or Ollie in particular would be great to see for a collab. Kiara and Vei seem to like each other but I really don't care for Kiara so eh. I'd like to see Mouse and Calli or Coco.

>nyanners x blue nyanners
I feel like that would be super boring given their personalities, and maybe kind of awkward given that they were both familiar with each other in gura's previous incarnation.

>> No.2452222

polka and nyanners, since she expressed interest in vshojo at one point and it would be good japanese practice for nyan

>> No.2452245
File: 1.06 MB, 1404x1463, 1618006286462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn, these are actually strong match-ups. Pink Gura coin is inclining.

>> No.2452264

It could never happen. If the holo girls could actually be themselves and not worry about their corporate overlords, then I'm sure it would be fun. But given the current state of things, it just doesn't seem realistic.

>> No.2452272

hello ur computer has vireus

>> No.2452276
File: 402 KB, 886x799, PeppaCoin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2452309

calli x nyanners then, they could rap together

>> No.2452319

Looks outbred, mismatched face or something.

>> No.2452334

Mori seems to be consistently working on pushing the limits, but currently it'll be mainly focused on her music-related connections
still, her member streams did touch up on the fact she's actively negotiating over the limitations (though only for vtuber-focused projects)

>> No.2452356
File: 538 KB, 1280x1440, 1614877296393.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's not a virus! It's a Melody! Live now: https://www.twitch.tv/projektmelody

>> No.2452376

that would be really fun. I'd love one of the EN girls to sing Seiso on one of their unarchived karaokes too.

>> No.2452407

Not just models, she also commissions a ton of lewd artwork of her and the girls

It would be awesome

>> No.2452483

Not really sure what you mean. I'm fine with holos collabing with vshojos.
t. HL fan

>> No.2452531

well, change the 'HL fans' to '/hlgg/ or /hlg/ fans' then, because if you ever scoured the threads in context of potential collabs the dominant response is surely not a positive one

>> No.2452549

Why is her stoned ass voice so hot

>> No.2452559

I think most hololive fans would be cool with it too simply because they don't care enough to be tribalists about the funny anime girls on youtube
it's just a very vocal minority of autists as always that screech whenever vshojo is mentioned, and this board is ripe with autism

>> No.2452599
File: 73 KB, 829x712, veibae.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>join vshitshow
>get instant downgrade of model
it keeps happening lmao

>> No.2452675
File: 134 KB, 857x1200, 1610826229476.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

honestly, it's nice to see a positive response as a deadbeat since it means there will be at least one place where discussing the collab will be possible if/once they take place
global will probably become unbearable for weeks, like during the TT saga

>> No.2452681

Hopefully she just uses the jjinomu model

>> No.2452851

Yeah we're mostly unity types here. We'd rather streamers just do whatever they want with whomever they want and have, like a lot of HL-EN fans, found the restrictions on the EN girls to be weird. HL-JP girls collab with many people, but HL-EN girls aren't allowed to do much. It's very strange and nobody understands it on this end.

We want collabs! We want to see these personalities mingle and see what kind of choice content and / or chaos could result. It's like the old WCW / WWF days. Everybody wanted to actually see WCW vs WWF (or ECW) but it never happened.

>but WCW vs WWE happ-


>> No.2452945

lots of folks made Zen's politics-related outburst into a boogeyman and fearing that VS girls will drag HLEN closer to western politics
ironically the very same people will then go on a lengthy tirade regarding political stances towards Taiwan or China, all because Coco accidentally stepped on a landmine

>> No.2453026
File: 71 KB, 468x446, 1394460100378.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>some dude

>> No.2453113

suck troon dick retard

>> No.2453139

Not that I give two shits about hypocrisy, but yeah that shit happens a lot. Then we get the same asshat antis calling Nyanners a hypocrite. It's amazing really. Tribalism is such a fucking waste of time.

Zen made one comment and it was an understandable one, but she still erased it and killed any discussion of it. She knows she fucked up and made amends rapidly. These girls know they have to keep their politics to themselves. They've all had opportunities to do so and have done none of it.


>> No.2453146

>see the slightest implication of any political content
>goes into a rage
/pol/ did terrible damage to this site

>> No.2453175

She's on with some m*le vtuber

>> No.2453199
File: 259 KB, 463x379, 1614611084161.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it good or bad I don't know what "troon" means?

>> No.2453237

Oh it's Merryweather. He does a lot of comic art and helped with the Veibae intro comic linked in OP. He's also probably a flaming Danish homosexual so I wouldn't worry about him much. Not that you should anyway because holy shit parasocial relationships man.

>> No.2453244

it's good, you're not trashing your memory with terminology only mentally ill care for

>> No.2453267

Good. You still have a chance. Get out now before it's too late. Go be a normie and be happy.

>> No.2453309

>It's ok that they hate me and actively want me to die as long as they dont SAY it

are all vhojos this fucked?

>> No.2453312

I don't care if she rims his ass hairs I just don't want him inna stream

>> No.2453390


>> No.2453453

No a man is indirectly talking to me

>> No.2453508

>Not that I give two shits about hypocrisy,


>> No.2453611


>> No.2453637

>lots of folks made Zen's politics-related outburst into a boogeyman
What exactly did they even say?

>> No.2453715

iirc something that amounted to 'I really don't like people getting shot', but it was wiped so fast I can't remember the quote
try archive diving if you want details

>> No.2454058 [DELETED] 

Didn't Nyanners explicitly do multiple charity streams for Black Lives Matter while the city of Portland just outside her window was burning, full of riots and shootings? And even had a terroristic autonomous occupation of an entire city block that was unsurprisingly full of rape, drugs and violence which was being ran by a black self-titled warlord with a cache of ARs???

>> No.2454109

I'm not familiar with this one >>2453715, but she made a Tweet after the Jan 6th Capitol Building event saying something about how her country is losing its mind. Wasn't even an unreasonable take, but she shouldn't have made it because it invites shitters.

>> No.2454152 [DELETED] 

It's a pretty unreasonable take to suddenly come to that conclusion because of that event and not because of the events of the entire past year. It shows she's a stupid fucking brainwashed cunt.

>> No.2454176 [DELETED] 

you know you can hold the sentiment of not liking people getting shot at like ducks by overgeared police force without necessarily be a fan of violent riots and sedition?
if you don't, please go back to /pol/, you don't seem to be fit for conversations about actual people and not caricatures

>> No.2454183 [DELETED] 

Go back

>> No.2454221 [DELETED] 
File: 90 KB, 802x572, 1614783292510.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What the fuck are you smoking and where can I get some?

>> No.2454259 [DELETED] 

they were raising bail money for actual murderers
jfc americans are fucked

>> No.2454271 [DELETED] 

Black Lives Matter is a racist and terroristic organization that exists to sow discord and racial violence and prop up false narratives while funnelling money into the democratic party. I do not support either party.

I'm not smoking anything. I saw her posting on twitter about doing charity streams for BLM in the middle of last year when people were rioting like animals over a multiple felon drug addict's death.

You're both morons who have drank too much kool-aid.

>> No.2454327 [DELETED] 

I don't know any of whatever the fuck you're rambling about. Ignoring Nyanners for a sec:

-Portland has had numerous demonstrations and riots from every political spectrum for years, but was one of the more active places last year for both BLM and anti-BLM activity.

-Seattle was the city that had an entire area taken over by civilians. The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) or the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) originally. But I don't know what else you're talking about there with black overlords and ARs. Some shit did happen there with crime because within two days of trying to be protectors using de-escalation tactics, the self appointed police unit there left because they couldn't handle shit. As a result, a black guy was shot and killed because the CHAZ couldn't control anything and civilian medical help could not enter because of the anarchy.

>> No.2454371 [DELETED] 

I think you got the wrong site anon, this is 4channel. /pol/ is a little further down the road.

>> No.2454434 [DELETED] 

Okay /pol/tards you've had your say now begone You're off topic at best and trolling at worst.

>> No.2454439 [DELETED] 

>l-let's ignore the Burning, Looting, and Murdering done by BLM guys!
>the previous "demonstrations" were much worse!
Stop drinking the globalist elites' coolaid, nigger.
Harris' administration had already shelved BLM after they had outlived their usefulness.

>> No.2454471 [DELETED] 

Fuck you, leathernyan

>> No.2454545 [DELETED] 

>Why dont you like them you're just hating them for no reason
>explain reason

are all vshojo fans like this? Can any of you take criticism?

>> No.2454554 [DELETED] 

My bad, Nyanners lives in Portland and I mixed up the location of CHAZ. So yes, I was wrong to say she could see CHAZ from her window while doing charity streams for BLM. She presumably was either willfully deaf and blind towards everything else going on, or supported it. Other than your correction on that matter and your nonsensical handwaving of the fact it occurred by saying "Portland is a city of regular protest!" like a shill, I don't see what other point you have.

It's alright to discuss rrats about Zentreya saying something vaguely political but not alright to discuss Nyanners doing something explicitly political. I expect because talking this way about your beloved terrorist Afro-Americans who you presumably salivate over and worship like most retarded Americans do, makes you mad.

>> No.2454564 [DELETED] 

TwO MoRe WeEkS

>> No.2454666 [DELETED] 

Trust the plan

>> No.2454687

I wouldn't mind mind a collab between any of them. it sounds like it could be fun. a lot of them mentioned playing games or talking to each offline already on stream. so the chemistry is there.

>> No.2454900

It wasn't instant lol. she was supposed to have it months ago.

>> No.2455107
File: 1.33 MB, 800x1092, 1602844617700.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2455285
File: 333 KB, 1448x2048, 1614885314020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cutest vshojo couple

>> No.2455454

When's the last time we got a Melware stream? Her dommy side turns me on

>> No.2455519

and incidentally, the only person Froot can collab with and still have her voice be audible at all

>> No.2455604

She sounded really good in the D&D session 0. She sounded like an intelligent, analytical player who wants to learn the mechanics. Really looking forward to seeing what she can do.

>> No.2455682

the little content I've seen of her, I think her personality is good. but holy SHIT is her voice quiet. any time she's on stream with someone who can actually talk (anyone but Zen), she just gets drowned out and you can't make out anything she says, and people keep talking over her or not hearing what she says. At least in D&D they will take turns speaking, which will mitigate most of it.

>> No.2456756

Apparently her january patreon stream, other than that it's been like 9 months or something

>> No.2461916

It just means tranny. Pretty straight forward.

>> No.2467127

I caught pneumonia last March, anon. I tried to fight it for over a week before finally succumbing and going to the hospital where I was holed up for 3 days. Don’t even know how I got it

>> No.2467296

As much as I love Melware and would love to see her again, I don’t think that’ll be for quite some time. Mel is a “push my face into the pillow and spank me as you fuck me” level sub. Being a dom is beyond ability

>> No.2468412

This is might be my mind tricking me but I swear a saw a clip of a girl looking and sounding very much like Veibae talking about dickpics or vid she was sent? Can't find it right now though.

>> No.2468658

>cucked by a chicken

>> No.2469018

Anybody knows why Ironmouse's birthday stream is gone from her twitch?

>> No.2469375

twitch deletes VODs after 60 days

>> No.2472159


>> No.2473215

Girls get off to impregnation too, who would have thought

>> No.2473846

I'm a HL fan too and don't want them to ever collab with vshojo

>> No.2473866


>> No.2474091

Vaebae is fucking stupid. What a dumb name.

>> No.2474678

You mind explaining why?

>> No.2474764

when is mouse graduating....

>> No.2475312

I don't like vshojo.
I think Mouse or Melody could maybe be okay (idc about the pornhub stuff, she's nicer than most) but the others are just awful and I'd rather not set a precedent at all

>> No.2475434


>> No.2475543

She ordered that months ago lmao. Plus she's probably gonna go right back when she gets her other JJ model. I really don't get why the fuck she decided get a $3.3K model was a good idea when she's just gonna switch back to a cheaper one sooner or later.

>> No.2475586

It's weird having known Zen for years in VRC and seeing her now. I remember the talking days of Zen PepeHands

>> No.2475592

for vr chat apparently
yeah i don't get it either
but she seems to be addicted to getting expensive commissions

>> No.2475625

I'm not surprised I mean lmao I commissioned a JJ model as well cause she makes good shit.

>> No.2477378

gura x melody when

>> No.2477465

>Zen PepeHands
tell me more

>> No.2477999

Hello. I'd like to know more about this group. Do any of them do utawakus or play Apex?

>> No.2478035

there's not much she used to be on VRC a lot more then she does now, and basically only gets on when she's doing content. Sorta pulled a pokelawls and got the fuck out quick.

It's a shame cause she used to just join on me all the time and we'd be anime losers sitting infront of a mirror but well you know how things go.

>> No.2478588

nyanners does karaoke streams sometimes and has a really nice voice (when she's not singing meme songs or being silly at least)
mouse sings sometimes and was classically trained in opera i believe, there's clips of some songs on youtube
momo isn't technically vshojo but also has an amazing voice and she'll just randomly sing stuff in the middle of stream sometimes

>> No.2479742

Why is that hJpəkɹJt in the middle? it's like you enjoy bringing haters to these threads.

>> No.2479750

ironmouse and nyanners are the two singers of the group
ironmouse is a professionally trained singer,
nyanners has had training too but nothing as intensive as mousey, and she does karaoke streams like every few weeks

have some links


and bonus silvervale who released a single as her passion project, she hasn't had as much training as the other two and she's usually too nervous to sing on stream but she loves doing it in her free time:

As for apex, froot and zentreya have streamed it together (they regularly do FPS collabs) but none of the vshojos play it as frequently as the indonesians or japanese vtubers

>> No.2479835

i want to add this to the nyanners list because I love it and listen to it daily
her songs she's done with Magic Circuit are really nice too

>> No.2480126

Who mentioned playing with holos? What collabs can we look forward too?

>> No.2480147

Mel is the famous chaturbate VTuber, Ironmouse is bedridden and might die before summer, she needs your supas so make sure to donate a lot! The others nobody really cares. Then there is based Nyanners! She is the most based VTuber ever! She makes songs like this:

She is based but the original video was deleted by YouTube because the SJWs mass reported it. Based Nyanners was so sad for her lolicon fans that she decided to debut as a based cat loli with a flat chested avatar just to make them smile again and now she's the most seiso and based VTuber on YouTube. I think you should really subscribe to based Nyanners channel. Did I already say she's BASED?

>> No.2480248

chaturbate colab

>> No.2480273

I really really like Veibae.

>> No.2480298

I would pay a lot of money to see this.

>> No.2480426
File: 40 KB, 463x636, 1617752702335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

return from whence you came

>> No.2480456
File: 557 KB, 1147x1092, muh lolicons.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I will. Have a nice day.

>> No.2480547
File: 1.53 MB, 1225x1077, 1618184354364.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2480662
File: 905 KB, 2757x4096, 1599073639949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Vei is the bae

>> No.2480719

I hate her

>> No.2481971

No really, im genuinely curious

>> No.2482147
File: 588 KB, 768x894, EuOAlQHWQAIIHt8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2482204


>> No.2482379


>> No.2482514

I don't know about the playing games off stream thing but as far as I know silvervale and amelia's roommate are / were friends
But if a collab ever happens it will definitely be with ollie or kiara first

>> No.2482989

Snuffy has fat girl hands

>> No.2483577

It's 2021 they're called thicc girls now
Just more reasons for vtubers to not show any 3dpd, her voice and avatar are cute and that's all that should matter but she insists on getting in on the card opening meme

>> No.2483690

she literally said her weight on stream (~155) and talked about how she gained like 20 pounds during covid, she doesn't give a shit
it apparently mostly went to her tits and ass anyway so, optimal distribution

>> No.2483708
File: 274 KB, 778x439, Screenshot 2021-04-12 155655.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh no

>> No.2483768

Well yeah she'd obviously say that

>> No.2484449

Have another Mouse song. This one in Spanish because you linked Silver's song in the Mouse section https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8iESW-pzMc

>> No.2484796


>> No.2485598

vei live

>> No.2485906

God I really can't wait for Mouse to start releasing some properly recorded covers like she's been saying she wants to. I hope her voice recovers even a little bit. That she lost a lot of her lower register is really sad.

>> No.2486059

Vei has real life pictures on her twitter account if you're weird.

>> No.2486241

"if everything is just sex it gets boring"
-veibae 2021

>> No.2486280

First time watching a Vshojo girl. Are they generally this twitch culture oriented, the chat reminds me of an LSF streamer's chat.

>> No.2486385

vei is the twitchest of the bunch
it's exacerbated right now by all the newfags that came from her re-debut but even on a normal day her chat is a mix of weebs of normalfags with some japanese viewers sprinkled on

>> No.2486386

a lot of them use "pog" as part of their vernacular

>> No.2486392

i guess you could say vei's chat is more "twitch-ey" than some of the other girls insofar as there's a lot of emote reaction memes and stuff
she runs a pretty tight ship though and will frequently call out people acting stupid or weird in chat and shit on them
she's also super sick and trying to get by right now so we're not at Full Vei Power

>> No.2486475

Is zen a tranny?

>> No.2486476

Vei is definitely the Twitchiest by far. They all do minor stuff like say pog but Vei is the most guilty of being wrapped up in Twitch culture followed by Zen in a distant second. Wouldn't really say any of the rest are like that to an excessive degree though.

>> No.2486543

Vei is also the youngest I believe, she spent her late teens and early twenties wrapped up in twitch culture

>> No.2486581

Nah if Zen was a tranny we'd 1000% know it by now. Worst case just a dude scamming simpbux.

>> No.2486609

I miss Vei’s tracksuit. Been a while since I’ve watched her, does she ever go back to it? Or is it long gone

>> No.2486618

she has an updated tracksuit model in the making iirc

>> No.2486646

No, Zan is a 30+ old mom that hides her identity to protect her childs.

>> No.2486702

what this guy said but there's also a 50k channel point redeem now for "OG Vei outfit" as well as ones for school uniform and the maid (that one's 69k)

>> No.2486742

I want to be deep inside Veibae's rectum.

>> No.2486744

it's coming back soon as her casual outfit

>> No.2486801

those were already there

she got her new design literally 3 days ago btw. it will come back but still with her current succubus design, not the catgirl.

>> No.2486844

>vei channel point redeem
he doesn't know

>> No.2486860

I'm of the belief that Holostar VShojo collabs would be more entertaining. Even HoloID would be decently entertaining. Both HoloJP and HoloEN are on very tight leashes I wouldn't expect much from them.

>> No.2486946

holostars can't speak english, it would be awful

>> No.2488011

Can confirm, looking up Sachi on her discord gave me a chill

>> No.2488170

This made me a bit curious and i went looking around a bit.

One from Holostars, the Izuru dude, already seems to have been following Vei for more than half a year and not much more till a year, if im looking right.
I guess he must've been in that big batch of japanese people back then when they discovered Vei through the JP clipper that did several vids of Vei, and Izuru just stayed till today watching her content or just simply only following.

I guess this makes him the first from Hololive that follow Vei then, cause it was several months before Kiara even.

I personally don't mind seeing a Vshojo x Holostars collab. At the end of the day majority of Vshojo fans don't care if the girls collab with girls only or not. The idolpurity retards can't breathe as easily there to let's say Hololive.

>> No.2488216

I think a big signifier for hololive x vshojo collabs is how the nyanners and kizunai concert thing goes.

If it goes well, vshojo starts looking more kosher for japanese media companies having being 'vetted' by another one and we might see a collab after that.

>> No.2490108
File: 2.22 MB, 300x226, shiiiiiiit_star_trek_tng.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is every girl in Vshojo a whore?

>> No.2490457

>Mel is a pornstar
>Mouse is a sexually repressed immunocompromised woman who hasn't been touched in years
>Silver just likes sex
>Vei is a gremlin IRL but still loves dick
>Hime isn't actually a whore
>Nyan loves pussy
>Froot isn't sexual at all from what little I've seen
>Zen isn't either

>> No.2490471
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What's up with Mel's voice? Did she zonk-out her brain in highschool on weed?

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All people are like this, deep down. Not complaining. Not to be a faggot, but we're all driven by the desire for sex and 'pleasure'.

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Will make a new thread later for the big collab tomorrow.

>> No.2491882

It's pitched up slightly, if you go way back to when she started you can hear it normally. She's also probably actually stoned a lot of the time too.

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New thread.

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