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No schedule yet, but we have wonderful news
>My channel's monetization application has been approved!
>Looks like MR. YOUTUBE loved my karaoke stream for 2k!

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Congratulations Konbini bear!

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I want to fuck the bear

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Dad, your drunk again.

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I love my limb deficit loving daughter!

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Not gonna lie, I love how honest she is

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Well deserved.

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Neko Mikuri was in the stream, this clipper dude can bring some traffic if needed. dunno if they found daughter from reddit, youtube algorithm, or lurking here

what do dads think abt it?

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Does anyone have the collage image from when an anon called bear a nigger

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his clips are nice

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Not really familiar. Does he translate or just clip EN stuff? Beatani is easy to clip really since you don't have to translate anything.

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Thank you.

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If beatani will get more dads, i think it's fine. Some clips will definitely bring new people to the channel.

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he's a translator, does stuff for the NijisanjiEN channel if iirc

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Beatani will become a Niji confirmed. Let's hope she can keep her model.

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I know she said not to worry about numbers and all that, but even after that fucking amazing karaoke party stream Beatani is averaging just 10 new subs a day for 4 days now. She has pretty much reached saturation point here, at least for anons who would be interested in an indie like her.

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Why haven't you removed your limbs for your daughter yet dads?

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At the end of the day anon, what makes a vtuber stream more is if it ends up being a good side job that is more profitable than anything else they could be doing. If we keep supporting our daughter, she will keep improving and doing what she does now.

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So anyone have a channel for clips of her and want to maker Youtube show her to everyone https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9V5dwuYaaIs

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Because I'm not a cute girl and that would just make me a useless dad.

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Don't worry about numbers, the karaoke was fantastic and youtube approved her monetization, I'm sure she's happy enough

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can't do art reps without arms, and being able to move around unimpeded is pretty useful for trying to not be a deadbeat dad

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>I'm laughing when I watch at my archives and I really think I'm cute, is that narcissistic?
Imagine Beatani giggling at herself giggling.

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the girl has great taste that's for sure

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She was fucking adorable, so I can't blame her.
>I love you onii-chan! *giggles*

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Panda dad already made a "exposed" video of her. Fucking amazing!

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>I'm not lolicon
she didn't really think that would've fooled us right?

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I'm so happy for our daughter. Her streams are so full of love and fun.

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>I don't like guro
She's not a good liar

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How soon until I can become a member?

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>gets somewhat offended at being called a fujoshi
>I love limb deficit girls! I love guts! Lewd!

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I think now that she has been approved Beatani can flip the switch whenever she wants. Likely she'll set up a stream this week for the commencement of her membership.

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More partying!

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>someone actually made her an ending screen

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I wonder if Beatani has any interest in doing ASMR streams. Personally I'd really like to see it. Her peropero last night had a nice effect, also I'm curious how she'd sound trying to talk softly.

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It's lazy content and puts you on jewtubes radar. Not worth it.

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The guro, guro. You know the guro? The no one? I always, I always order the ryona king, ryona king guro; and without guro. I always order the guro and without the guro. Guri! I like guro. I always , I always order the limb deficit, limb deficit pan. How can I explain? I can explain by my drawing. I always, order like the limb deficit pan that has limb deficit here, this part, the guts. Guts of the loli. And then I order, when I order guro the guts, it always have the guro on the top. But I pick up this, Away! Because I don't like it! Then I eat the limb deficit loli.

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the only ASMR I want is "Beatani wakes her dad up at 3 AM to show him a cool new drum solo" ASMR

>> No.2425677

Do you need a certain kind of mic for that? I'd welcome it, hearing her "Yah" directly into our ears would be an experience.

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Beatani asmr would certainly kill some dads
It also generates "fake" growth, next to none of the people who find her through her asmr would watch her regular content

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I'm just gonna say what I always do; I may not personally be into it and I think it's a bad idea if she does it purely for the sake of growth; however if she genuinely wants to do it or finds it fun then she should do it because you gotta do things for yourself and not just to appease either the YT algorithm or your pre-existing fanbase.

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That's great man

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Hey I just don't want to see Choco 2.0 on a smaller scale is all.

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both, good clipper and translator.
you might watch their vid before without realizing it. mainly vids abt Pekora and other holos, but sometime clipping Niji like Tamaki

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I'm just being a concernfag at this point
though I'm not a jewtube expert I believe dead subs hurts a channel's growth long term
not really suggesting she shouldn't do it just that maybe keeping it member's only or unlisted in a playlist would be good

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I really get the feeling if she did member ASMR it'd be less GFE and more "berating her useless dad" just the way I like it

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She's calling us virgins again on Twitter...

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I can't say I really want to see GFE content, it would go against the spirit of what she has started. What would be more clever is a video with sound effects like "Take your daughter to an amusement park" or "Take her to to a festival in a kimono" kind of deal. I don't know what genre that is, like a short audio novel sort of deal.

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She compliments and called use losers at the same time. That's something I do with my family and co-workers. Now I know how this feels...

>> No.2426236

I'm into that, so it's okay.

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I'm thinking about asmr as a whole rather that the GFE, even the super tame just random noises crap is the modern youtube equivalent of porn when it comes to subscriber retention
the back handed compliments are the only kind we deserve

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>My fans are all very personable, greeting each other nicely, caring, smart, knowledgeable about art, dress stylishly, always clean, good looking, but somehow they are all alone nerds who have nothing to do in life except watching my videos!

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i'm never sure if I should like these tweets or not
not because of the "calling me a nerd with nothing better to do" part but the "giving me inaccurate compliments" part

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Hey hey. I'm a loner by choice!

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I want to do something for bear's birthday but I can't draw or anything cool like that...

>> No.2427068

don't be a pussy just draw something anyways it's the thought that counts

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I mean, we got a month right? Maybe us untalented useless dads could get a communal thing together.

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What is this feeling in my chest, anons...?

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You know, having her berate my shitty drawing and her being happy about it are both positive outcomes at the end of the day. You might be right.

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Ask us for input or help if you need it, anon.

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It's love, anon. The bear's sincerity, playfulness and charm have won you over. Now you have no choice but to be her dad forever.

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you got a whole month, maybe this is the start of your journey to becoming a drawfag
first comes the shitty but endearing fan art, then the want to improve, next thing you know you're doing art reps, just remember to start with the fundamentals

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I'm planning to make another Bea gif. Any ideas/suggestions?

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if you wanna keep the windows theme maybe something for technical difficulties?

>> No.2427623

Another idea is to continue that laying chibi-Beatani picture.

>> No.2427631

Holy molly anon, I love this and I was against the idea of a windows logoff screen at first.
This feels nice, but you could add something to fill the screen a bit. And since she's planning to have an outro song with lyrics, that can be her waving goodbye at the screen or something. That is just my idea.
Have you looked at other's outro screens just in case?

>> No.2427650

ooh, maybe a teary eyed Beatani pouting at an error popup?

>> No.2427756

Technical difficulties like >>2427600 suggested would be good. We've had our share of those and it'd be cool to have something to pop up while troubleshooting.

>> No.2427835

BSOD or taskmanager?

>> No.2427889

guess it'd depend on which would work better for the sake of a gif, though BSOD is more iconic and probably gives more room to play around with things like the wall of text for example

>> No.2428400

Sounds good. I'm thinking of a desktop scene with Bea holding a wrench or a mallet, alert boxes constantly popping up, and a few bugs/caterpillars falling out of nowhere.

Got it. I originally planned to make a continuation maybe something like a desktop scene Bea pressing the windows button and another sequence before the screen blacks out.
I've seen Haachama's outro but I don't think I can make something of that level yet so I kept it simple. I'll see what I can do though. Also, I kept the sequence short for now since I'm not expecting it to be used even though she just said she might. She might have something prepared herself as outro. Just posted it so people have something to look at. Maybe I'll upload short ones in future that I can stitch into the current one.

Interesting. I'll keep that in mind. I'm getting plenty of ideas about the task manager.

Thank you for your ideas, anons.

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I finished up the YTPMV a little while ago, fuck me it was a lot of fun to make. Have a listen if you remember the old Rainbow Tylenol videos.


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I'm working on a song. I've never written an entire song before and I don't even play any instruments so I'm basically starting from scratch. Wish me luck, fellow dads.

>> No.2428947

damn that's good

>> No.2429003

Good luck, dad. I'm thinking of making one too, I just don't know what kind of music to make and I have zero knowledge.

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Bit of a question for all of you. What do you think of the following stream idea:
>Beatani fashion show rating contest!
>Any dad who wish to participate can send her a photo of yourself being "fashionable"
>Beatani rates it from 1 through 10 and why.
>You can heavily blur your face and/or take a photo above your hips. White background okay.
I personally think it's a fun idea since I can't go anywhere due to the lockdown going on in my city.

>> No.2429272

I'm too insecure too send an IRL photo even if it's blurred so I don't think I would participate. But it would be amusing to see how Bea would react.

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Thanks, dad. I think you should make whatever kind of music you like to listen to most. There are a lot of good tutorials on youtube that tell how to get started.

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I'll send her a picture of my dick.

>> No.2429576

Hell noooo I wouldn't do that even if I'm fit and have good clothes. I'm just too shy for this.

>> No.2429665

>you'll never hear Beatani stifle a giggle after she sees your dick

>> No.2429751

Are you dads rewatching her karaoke stream too? Man, that stream was a blast. Seriously one of the best I've ever attended (which are a lot because I have no life). Also, I heard her sing before but I was still surprised by how well she sang for someone without musical training ( I think) she must have done her reps over the years

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I always thought Myst looked boring but if Bea likes it I might try it out.
Do you guys think she's still practicing toe-hoes on her spare time?

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not that anon but I had an idea to draw 25 beatanis and now I'm hitting a roadblock in that I need 25 different things for them to do.

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Google bears doing things, use them as a reference

>> No.2433125

It's pretty good, at the time it was really amazing but the first three are still some of the best environment integrated puzzle games, especially Riven. I think there's a version of the MMO that's still running too but it's not great. The 5th (4) and 6th (5) games are some of the worst videogames ever made, Ubisoft really did them dirty.

>> No.2433212

>shows dick to Beatini
>She laughs at it's size
Pain Yah

>> No.2433226

I spelled my daughters name wrong, I'm a bad dad

>> No.2433299

It's like limb deficiency for penis!

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if anyone needs JP talent it’s vshojo
bear is a steal for any agency honestly

>> No.2433905

pixelated crying bea with a pixelated error 404 window that pops up

>> No.2433957

Just draw them in a certain setting, like a classroom, or at a picnic, or grocery shopping or something. Look at this guy for reference: https://twitter.com/hyxpk he's good at drawing lots of characters doing different things.

>> No.2434350

Do you think she would enjoy playing Pokemon Clover?

>> No.2434492

idk, but her likely snowflake fans probably wouldn't

>> No.2434695

instead of using disgusting dads body, why don't just use her instead?
so she send a plain nude PNG of her, then we design a custom on top of it

>> No.2434852

or pokémon clover is just cringe ancient references

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oof oof oof

>> No.2434923

bear needs to cut us some slack.
nobodies cared about me or talked to me in months from covid this is the most interaction i’ve been getting in months.

>> No.2434928

Rom hacks, no.

>> No.2434932

Holy shit, that's an even better idea than what I thought of! Within stream with a count down timer and drawing fast via mspaint or Photoshop?! Let her know, I like it!

>> No.2434937


>> No.2434967

no way dude what the fuck

>> No.2434985

why is she so mean bros

>> No.2435045

begging to get spanked.

>> No.2435048

pretty sure she is here

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microphone nose bea

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>Beatani will get more and more popular
>there will come a day when the chance she sees you in the chat will drop to <0.1%
Help me to not think like this

>> No.2435788

Then you will need to donate anon and have your messages seen.

>> No.2435832

it's not like your chat is important or anything

>> No.2435897

>Tsundere vibes.

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I'm personally more concerned about the overall quality going down, and us not even being a footnote in the whole thing. My mentality is that, if she succeeds, then hopefully people can look at her and go "shit, now clover made a based JP chubba achieve her dreams."
In the meanwhile, let's just be content about making something nice with a chubba from nipland; I don't remember if we've had a chance like this before. Make sure you print her finished picnic drawing and put it on the fridge, or start doing your drawing reps, or pick up an instrument and cover her original songs. There's a lot of things that you can do for her that she'll explicitly appreciate.
Also, she might just listen to our suggestions to keep up a nukumority chat, but let's not start micromanaging her either.

>> No.2436464

I could only see this happening if she got picked up by an agency and took on a new persona. Then it would be like a Risu situation probably where we still communicate in a somewhat veiled manner.

>> No.2436558

kek this is bretty goode

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why are you figs thinking about accolades and grandeur that isn't even happening yet? Just relax, cheer up, and have some fun. Cherish the moment because what's in the present is more important

that being said, should I shill her on social media websites?

>> No.2436859

IMHO it is better to create art or clips or something and then you share that with others using a tag instead of just going , "Check out this vtuber!" randomly.

>> No.2436875

Q&A stream when...

>> No.2436957

Kek, I was actually trying to explain how I came to terms with just enjoying the moment.
I have to agree with >>2436859, I was waiting for stuff like >>2428414 to shill her.
Curious about this as well, anon. I finally thought about some non-retarded questions to ask, too.

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File: 399 KB, 567x551, Screenshot_20200507-122829.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

to be fair, I don't really belong to any large anime-centric clique to share her clips on a larger audience anyway

>> No.2437283

she might but considering how she reacted to the idea of just using an emulator to play pokemon instead of importing a copy when she talked about it once I doubt she'd go for that kinda thing. at least, on stream.

>> No.2437295

wait where can i find her saying she likes this, how did i miss that

>> No.2437310

2k celebration stream.

>> No.2437324

the 2k karaoke stream second half i think

>> No.2437330

This just shows she's one of us. If anyone ever calls you a nigger, faggot, jew, mutt etc you are basically unofficially approved to be a part of the "club".

>> No.2437375

thanks dads i will have to rewatch

>> No.2437402

likes all the comments for the algorithm

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File: 81 KB, 728x455, konahills.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hol up
can I get a bea in the style of this?

>> No.2437519

I want to make a clip of her singing Cirnos perfect math class from the latest karaoke but put in her dads singing baka baka in the background because it is missing from the karaoke version she played. I think it can be fun. She also said that she wanted us to sing along that part with her so this is a way that you can sing with your daughter as she asked!

https://youtu.be/5wFDWP5JwSM This is the original music video, what I want you to do is sing the "baka baka" from 0:22 to 0:42 as well as the tututtuturu at 0:42-0:45. Then the other baka baka part at 1:40 to 2:02 (and the tutututuru part). If your're confused it's all the male parts.

If you want to listen to her version that I'm going to put your voices over its here https://youtu.be/BZR64EF3cI4?t=3289 at 54:50

This is going to be a little cringe but that is part of the charm and I think it will be fun. Send over the voice clip with vocaroo or other service in 1 file with both parts or 2 files with one part each in a reply to this post. If atleast 5 dads sends in something I will make this happen and I promise that everyone that sends in something will get into the video.

Come on dads, it's not hard, it's under a minute of singing a lyric that requires no skill, do it for your daughter!

>> No.2437603

My voice, created from my body, saved in electronic format, and played again, going into the air of beatanis apartment, entering beatanis body.

Hot. Gotta record after I get home in a few hours.

>> No.2437614

Not gonna lie, I find her guro fetishes a little disturbing, but I really appreciate how open she was to talk about something so personal with us

>> No.2437662

A reminder that Beatani loves you despite her insults.

>> No.2437684

Sure. Just let me find the perfect time to record.

>> No.2437693

I think I like cute chuubas with a bit of a dark side to them honestly. Korone for example can be very sweet and cute and cries about certain things but she is also into torture and bullying chat. It's the juxtaposition I find interesting.

>> No.2437741

I'll do it after work, this is a fun idea.

>> No.2437783

Can someone sell me on bear? Got any clips? Would I like her if my oshi is Afrikat?

>> No.2437787
File: 379 KB, 622x641, 1585162887874.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We need a Beatani edit of this.

>> No.2437818


>> No.2437861

Her voice is lower than I would have expected but I like it.

>> No.2437924

I like your optimism but there is really no indication that she will ever get more popular at all

>> No.2437949

Some of us became millionaires from getting in early on Beacoin. Anybody on the fence needs to start investing now.

>> No.2437979


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File: 58 KB, 728x455, ADEED91D-F18A-447C-835A-AA86A6014269.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

quick and dirty one in a few secs

>> No.2437997

At least one of the Discord servers I'm on know about her already. I'd say the type of audience matters. If they're weebs and frequent this place I'd say shill it to them.
You are at least aware how many JP Vtubers are out there, and how big some of them are despite still being an indie for more than a year?
Just enjoy it for what it is right now.
>It's a long way to Tipperary, it's a long way to go,
>It's a long way to Tipperary, to the sweetest girl I know,
>Goodbye, Piccadilly, Farewell, Leicester Square!
>It's a long long way to Tipperary, But my heart's right there!

>> No.2438040

A compilation of some cute and funny clips

Her cute vocal tic

Her creating her audience into a monster in a shitty game and flaming it
Her latest karaoke where she sang many songs and discussed some unconventional fetishes...

>> No.2438041

Understandable, but I really appreciate when vtubers get comfortable enough to share their personal preferences like this
I feel this is something that the vtubing concept help bringing out, as people are far less likely to talk about that stuff under their name/irl face.

>> No.2438056

She has a unique combination of traits that sets her apart from the pack. An EN chuuba that is authentically japanese instead of larping the culture. She has good taste as well so any non-zoomers at the very least will feel comfy in her streams. Yes, people shouldn't oversell things but she does have advantages that other chuubas totally lack.

>> No.2438064


>> No.2438160

Subbed. I will watch her career with great interest.

>> No.2438161

If you like Rose you may actually like Beatani, she's the opposite in term of internet knowledge (Africat is often pretty normie regarding those things), but they both share a similar energy, engagement with chat, they're both self made and can speak 2 languages.

>> No.2438409

Makes me want to see them collab some time. I'm glad to have begun branching out to indies- many gems out there and the interaction is unmatched by brand girls.

>> No.2438462

I agree, I just think all of this doesn't really matter, having followed many indies I never saw a link between quality and success, making it being mostly due to random factors, having friends in the right place and the ability to have "meme" moments that would appeal to a low common denominator humour.
I love beatani but she's fit for a pretty specific audience that is hard to reach.

>> No.2438516

Welcome to the indie world, it's a bumpy road, sometimes more stressful or heartbreaking, but the highs are definitely worth the trouble.

>> No.2438778

What if a someone sends in a vocaroo and it's obviously a mom? 0_0

>> No.2438823
File: 106 KB, 608x608, koopa danjyarasu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2438893

I'm sure she'd appreciate her moms, brothers and sisters participating as well

>> No.2439607

I hope so. I'm sure Beatani would appreciate it too,

>> No.2440903

Is there a deadline on this?

>> No.2440922

I know you're there, turtle mom. If this goes anywhere, do this to give Bea the joy of hearing a mom.

>> No.2440980

Organizer anon here. I have not thought about it. Does 48 hours from now sound good?

>> No.2441008

sounds good anon

>> No.2441457
File: 282 KB, 2360x1640, 0E6DBF2F-62AB-4313-AD87-A91431E92C08.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

slowly making a better one than the first one i did

>> No.2441704

Beatani Bearguy.

>> No.2441921
File: 40 KB, 455x455, bandai-banpmk55432-gundam-build-fighters-probeer-high-grade-beargguy-iii-1-144-model-kit[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

...I guess I gotta add a Beargguy to my next plamo order now.

>> No.2442240

I guess I could do that, but my idea was a bit more simple. Just doing daily sketches leading up to compiling them all together in one image.

>> No.2442645

Try drawing whatever she does/mentions during stream. For example, Beatani playing the guitar/singing. You can also check whatever she's up to on twitter and take ideas from her tweets.

>> No.2443473

She really nails Sobakasu. I can feel her love for the song

>> No.2443555
File: 24 KB, 150x300, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

beatani running a merch stand

>> No.2443619

she says she doesn't do karaoke and I mean, I believe her, but I refuse to believe she isn't going to town on songs like this while she's doing chores or heading to work or whatever.

>> No.2443917

>why is she so mean bros
I think she likes us.

>> No.2443930

What English vtubers would you want to do a collab with Beatani?

>> No.2444014

Gawr gura of course

>> No.2444026

the sheep, she already said she watches Beatani

>> No.2444039

I though she heavily implied she sings at home often, with the whole not having friends for karaoke and why pay to go to karaoke when you could just do it for free at home

>> No.2444060
File: 97 KB, 520x600, ky37e3rjspwy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2444142


>> No.2444244

>lusted over a real child on stream
>pedosadist """LARP"""
hmmmmm, how about no

>> No.2444374
File: 240 KB, 2360x1640, A0F834E1-8F62-4B17-B989-DFBC889D7476.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sleepy kuma

>> No.2444403

Yea, that sounds like a disaster.

>> No.2444449

someone should buy a bed for that XP Hill

>> No.2444499
File: 54 KB, 728x455, A4BAB64F-FC34-472B-9F3F-549ADEE44B42.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cuter version

>> No.2444526

so you can edit it onto xp hill

>> No.2444559

looking good
a crudely drawn bed with a clover on the blanket and pillow would be perfect

>> No.2444678
File: 648 KB, 2360x1640, 3D220953-6690-43C2-B259-D4EE1C1CA222.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2444704


>> No.2444824

Up on the XP Hill there's a Beatani.
Are you here with me?

>> No.2444832
File: 114 KB, 728x450, EC036376-7636-40DB-9E86-A1D6F639A810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2444900

There's a bug on your XP hill anon

>> No.2444903

I feel like they'd be so wildly different that it might not work out but Rose is my second favorite vtuber so seeing them collab would be interesting at the very least

>> No.2444930

beary nice, make sure to share it with her on twitter

I wonder if beatani knows any gorillaz, seems like it might be up her alley (depending on the song anyway)

>> No.2444998

Koopa I guess is the safest choice.

>> No.2445028
File: 7 KB, 263x120, Beatani an error occurred.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2445312

What movies would you want to watch with Bea?
Remember, she doesn't like guro

>> No.2445397

No matter how bad the day is i always get happy by watching the karaoke vod. I want to live in a world with endless beatani stream.

>> No.2445578

Happy Tree Friends isn't a movie but it seems like a great family friendly choice that everyone of all ages can take part in.

>> No.2445599

bea is asleep so she can’t tend to xp hill at this time

>> No.2445646

my autism wants godzilla movies
holy shit I haven't heard of HTF in years, that doesn't sound like a bad suggestion

>> No.2445704

Great choice, but I'm waiting for the Koopa collab first, if it will ever happen

>> No.2445854

do we know what game series has she already played?

>> No.2445917

on stream? I think it's just Slay the Spire, Animal Crossing (GCN), Omori, Touhou and CHKN so far.

>> No.2446025

I think she only has a GC, so you could scratch all the games that didn't get ported to PC

>> No.2446121

>She has a GC
Good enough, I wanted to ask her if she would be interested on playing the RE games on stream, and all the classic ones are available on that console

>> No.2446136

she definitely had a PS1 growing up since she's talked about liking popolocrois and crash bandicoot in the past

>> No.2446232

RE1 would be pretty comfy ngl
iirc her mom bought a ps1 instead of an n64 because nintendo was too childish

>> No.2446388

A PS2 I believe

>> No.2446747

Beatani is going to wake up soon

>> No.2446850

isn't it like 4AM in Japan?

>> No.2446863

I doubt guro bear sleeps normally

>> No.2446892

Old combat footage of the thing that didn’t happen in Nanking

>> No.2447016
File: 192 KB, 1000x1000, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2447030

>napping two times a day
This isn’t normal, right?

>> No.2447103

She's most likely working

>> No.2447291

If I just owned a mic..

I hope you other dads can do this for her.

>> No.2447316

I was considering to use my phone mic. Is that not good enough?

>> No.2447356

Just use your phone. Don't tell me you don't own one.

>> No.2447442
File: 54 KB, 720x408, Screenshot_20210411-124346~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Myst, apparently.
I don't know anything about those games but I wonder if she even knows about Pyst. Considering it's Parrotty Interactive, I doubt it's really funny beyond the concept.

>> No.2447515

...So you are telling me there's a chance she'd appreciate eurojank kino

>> No.2447541

She'd absolutely hate a flick like Tokyo Gore Police or Mutant Girls Squad...

>> No.2447565

dude Pyst is fucking trash don't even attempt to foist that on our daughter. nevermind that she probably wouldn't even get the horrible attempts at comedy.

>> No.2448551
File: 706 KB, 764x716, キャプチャ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's going to play Pyst, and she'll never want to play a eurojank-style game ever again! I know it's technically an American game.
Not to revive the whole "let her play what she wants" discussion, but I wonder if she'd like ImSims in general. It's definitely never going to happen because the classic ones off the top of my head (Deus Ex and the Shocks) are FPSs.

>> No.2448924

I mean, I think we all agree that she should just play whatever she wants, but it's also fun to imagine what weird games she'd enjoy playing
A Black & White stream would be kino

>> No.2449704

Children of the Corn japanese dub

>> No.2449955

Disgusting walking timebomb waiting to explode

>> No.2450389


>> No.2451463

Maybe she'd be up for Ghen Shard with members.

>> No.2452014

I know I'm probably the only person here that watched this show but I just got the mental image of Beatani playing this in front of an audience of dads and it's getting me warm and fuzzy


>> No.2452049

Holy shit i had forgotten about shirokuma Cafe
shit's just too damn comfy

>> No.2452355

>3 hours of daily existential contemplation

>> No.2452422

yeah, she needs to get those numbers up if she wants to hang out with us. it's not a full day if I don't spend at least six hours worrying about everything I've done wrong up until that point

>> No.2453365

One Beatani piss lemonade onegai

>> No.2453370

25 beatanis in an orgy

>> No.2453748

Finally a worthy opponent, our peroperos will be legendary!

>> No.2454578

I figured if it's Halo 1, it should in theory be fairly easy to play through since if memory serves me right, it's rather linear in map design. If MCC lags like shit on her PC due to it rendering both the OG and upgraded graphics at the same time, she may be able to grab a copy of the OG (less butchered) Gearbox copy and grab a product key that's shared on the Stream community lmao. But it's up to her I suppose.
I wish she would play Alan Wake, I've yet to encounter a proper JP chuuba who played that game. Any relatively linear story driven FPS or TPS games out there?

>> No.2456727
File: 21 KB, 632x149, Screenshot from 2021-04-11 20-14-28.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she's learning

>> No.2456949

Every day I wake up amazed that this bear is real. She's so amazing.

>> No.2457004

I'd love to see Alan Wake too. I played it such a long time ago it'd feel almost fresh by now. I suggested Miwashiba's RPGs to her, they're pretty comfy and not too long.

>> No.2461796
File: 278 KB, 2039x1378, ExCvj50VIAYi90K.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2461872

Cheating dads in other threads right now.

>> No.2462080
File: 43 KB, 708x708, 1617893245333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get out

>> No.2462800
File: 359 KB, 694x620, 1615989837862.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck you anon, i was happy before reading this shit.

>> No.2462815

The Google translated version has a biting last line.

All my fans have a good personality, can greet properly, have a compassionate heart, are smart, have a deep knowledge of art, their clothes are fashionable, always clean, and handsome, but for some reason I'm alone. He is a nerd who has no pleasure in life other than watching videos.

>He is a nerd who has no pleasure in life other than watching videos.

I hate it because it's true lol

>> No.2463066

I honestly wonder just how biting her tongue will get once she gets membership and can just go all-in in a member's only stream

>> No.2463215

Beatani surgery! She only does amputations!

>> No.2463280


>> No.2464621

sorry anons but i’m just proud of bear and think she has lots of potential.

>> No.2464676

Then dream bigger than that anon.

>> No.2464737

i mean if anyone needs actual talent it’s vshojo....

>> No.2465468

What is the original "before you hit that submit button" image

>> No.2465580

Thats me with shiina right now

>> No.2465791 [DELETED] 

>Its the year 2022
>Vshojo japan opens
>They offer beartani 200,000 dollars and she accepts
>The first thing she does when she goes live after her vshojo debut is scream out "SEX SEX SEX" before letting a fart rip.
>The vshojo girls congratulate her on great content in her now active twitch channel
How would you feel?

>> No.2465849

Like my parents about me.

>> No.2466454 [DELETED] 

Its ok anon.

>> No.2466935

the kumadaughter's just worried

>> No.2467512

So if a theoretical board split happened, can we dads all agree that Beatani would stay in the asian/default vtuber board and not in the western one? Because while edge cases definitely exist of vtubers who grew up in the west and could be considered of the west, this doesn't apply to Beatani. She grew up in Japan studying English as part of the standard Japanese curriculum. She also had little experience with western culture beyond the standard movies and music that Japanese are exposed to. I don't think being an EN chuuba discounts any of these facts at all when deciding where to place her.

>> No.2467761
File: 780 KB, 1575x1151, Bea WIP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>if a theoretical board split happened
I've been so focused on Bea that I have no idea if something actually happened that prompted this question.
I'm weeb enough to admit that I'll likely go with the eastern version of anything if given the choice, but I'll check in on Bea wherever she ends up.

>> No.2467782

Where's the gondola?

>> No.2468100

>little experience with western culture
ooooh, I will feed here the big black hairy western culture rod tonight

>> No.2468127

Too late. Past tense.

>> No.2468169 [DELETED] 

Beartani isn't western, she is just speaking english. So she will stay in the good side of town.

>> No.2468189

But you know some will argue that the western board is better for getting her more exposure and crap like that. And the way to do that is by playing with definitions.

>> No.2468209

Let's not get uppity about hypotheticals that won't happen.

>> No.2468251 [DELETED] 

Fuck no, the /wvt/ threads are literally filled with their indies trying to shill each other/suck each others dicks constantly and barely they have barely any traffic outside of that.
Not to mention they breach containment to clout chase/one up each other regularly.

>> No.2468275 [DELETED] 

ogeyrrat1 literally got quadruple the amount of viewers they normally do on twitch too, just streaming /vt/craft a single time without warning. So they all just absolutely suck.

>> No.2469348

Aren't the two parts identical?

>> No.2469536

>theoretical board split happened
What brings this up, Is there talks about another possible split?

>> No.2469613 [DELETED] 

I don't think so considering the jannies don't even care about the threads on every other board that still exist, unless they really want to remove everyone from /jp/. The western threads all want nsfw stuff too.

>> No.2469686

We should do our own thing in this thread there is no need to join with other threads, especially western ones (which beatani isn't part of anyway.) If you really wanma split, go to /jp/

>> No.2469742

Don't think that was what was being discussed, obviously should stay a general. It was if a literal board split happened where you need to pick where a vtuber goes depending on the region.

>> No.2469794 [DELETED] 

I'm surprised JP hasnt picked up hard on Beatani yet, considering all the Touhou content she has been throwing around.

>> No.2469813

It's almost as if it's possible to browser multiple boards on this website at the same time.

>> No.2469820

I'm surprised /jp/ hasnt picked up hard on Beatani yet, considering all the Touhou content she has been throwing around.

>> No.2469841

see >>2469813

>> No.2469859
File: 320 KB, 586x465, copied from twitter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You guys just literally copied this from twitter.

>> No.2469913

It was probably the same guy that posted it on both places...

>> No.2469920

She just tweeted Ring Fit Adventure. I hope it is really happening. Imagine the moaning.

>> No.2469922

Even so, /jp/ normally makes their own threads for chuubas they like. There's a reason they don't advertise their cherished ahoge in here.

>> No.2469966

Impressive how they managed to copy them before they were even uploaded to Twitter.

>> No.2469973

that’s me anon.
i am linus beard stan

>> No.2469996

if you had paid attention to the thread as a whole you would have known that it was posted way before the twitter post with updates while i was drawing em.

>> No.2470002

>She has a switch
Tetris 99 stream please

>> No.2470012

Pac-Man 99 is the new hotness though.

>> No.2470026 [DELETED] 

I bet she is going to play monster hunter rise.

>> No.2470029

I'll say this straight to you man. You're a great guy, but that pfp is a little disturbing.

>> No.2470042

She's going to make me buy the fucking game isn't she

>> No.2470044

You are just jealous of his glorious beard.

>> No.2470059

She should definitely do a Mario Kart 8 tournament with the dads.

>> No.2470062

it was just a troll account that i had.
never wanted to use it seriously.

>> No.2470071

I don't have a Switch...

>> No.2470095

Bit of a meme game for my tastes desu.

>> No.2470112

She knows exactly what she is doing.

>> No.2470114

What weapon would she use in MonHun? I'm gonna guess one of the swords since they are pretty much your default weapon choices for newcomers unless you are skilled with one of the more difficult ones.

>> No.2470134

All while berating us for being out-of-shape NEETs.

>> No.2470172

Beatani my child....I don't want to get aroused from your breathing....

>> No.2470195

She said her breath smelled like lemons right?

>> No.2470266

I think a Gnosia stream would be fun

>> No.2470277 [DELETED] 

Yes, she is going to make you buy the fucking game.

>> No.2470849

I agree tho they're both new to western internet in a way, so that part could work out, both discovering older memes/facts with a different background

>> No.2471499

>The response has been better than I expected, so I'm buying a switch...!

>> No.2471694

Damn, so she was just testing the waters

>> No.2472464

I'm glad she's buying something fun for herself, even if it could be considered part of work. With how much she budgets it's nice she has the opportunity to get one.

>> No.2472500

oil barons needs to get on it

>> No.2472755

Yeah she has been talking about not having one since the beginning pretty much, so I'm glad she's finally going to get one. Brings us a step closer to Dad Smash too.

>> No.2472789

imagine the wyatt strats

>> No.2472794

God I want so smash her so bad...

>> No.2472840
File: 210 KB, 903x464, Screenshot from 2021-04-12 07-21-39.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she sure has a way with stream titles...

>> No.2472905

>5:00 AM

>> No.2472936
File: 297 KB, 553x597, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2472984

>6 AM
have fun

>> No.2472988

Time to go to bed early...

>> No.2473234

Oh man, I thought I was past the phase of going to sleep early because of streams....welp

>> No.2473370
File: 63 KB, 223x210, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At least there's this.

>> No.2474070

What kind of Switch games should she play?

>> No.2474131

This is what we get for having americans around

>> No.2474401

The NMH games would be kino

>> No.2474402

Senran Kagura pinball

>> No.2474488

That thumbnail is too damn cute

>> No.2474598

Based choice

>> No.2474634

Boy I sure could use another vtuber that plays endless Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers. That would be amazing!

>> No.2474684

I'd sell my soul for TWEWY stream even if the switch version isn't as good as the DS one
maybe she could corner the market on being a CTR player instead
I mean it's better than MK8 anyway

>> No.2474743

Kirby Dream Course to completion on the VC

>> No.2475509

beatani let me throw you $5 for a couple of emotes I won't use already

>> No.2475727

Imagine Beatani's warm, lemon scented breath as she whispers into your ear... And then shouts "GET TO WORK YOU LAZY, PIECE OF SHIT, GOOD FOR NOTHING NEET DAD! BUY MY MEMBERSHIP!"

>Your days of fighting as a disfigured monster have just begun
>Even so, you've lost count of how many times your daughter has torn off your limbs and reattached them in gruesome, unnatural ways
>You have a vague recollection of being well dressed and handsome, but can no longer remember what you looked like
>You had a wife (male) once, you think, but wasn't she torn apart by the hellish creatures that inhabit this land?
>You are alone with the pain... and your beloved daughter
>It was worth it

>> No.2475780

Maybe I wouldn't be a NEET if I still had functioning arms, silly bear

>> No.2476199

How much more of Omori is there anyway?

>> No.2476435

If you are proud of your daughter, why would you want her working in a whorehouse?

>> No.2477055
File: 626 KB, 500x281, 1615297096771.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

end of thread reminder that I love my bear daughter

>> No.2477863

Beatani thread ED

>> No.2477909

A couple of hours if she doesn't get lost in side quests again

>> No.2478496

Completely forgot to record this last night. Hope we still have a chance next thread.

>> No.2478667

I don't think anybody's actually taken that anon up on his offer sadly
not that I'm any better, don't have a mic and even if I did I'm way too self-conscious to actually do that kinda thing

>> No.2478778

I kind of have a recording ready but I fucked up the timing a bit and I want to rerecord it, but I don't want people around me to hear me say baka baka out of nowhere so it will have to wait until tomorrow maybe. Though the current recording is fairly serviceable as is. I also don't really want to be the first submission.

>> No.2478974
File: 349 KB, 281x281, ryancubo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How is she so precious?

>> No.2479016

>Sooner or later she will find out about Gosling
I don't know how to feel

>> No.2479269

I was thinking that spoiler was the reason why nobody has submitted yet. I personally have no qualms about giving mr.-not-CIA-agent and all anons a sample of my voice, but I'll probably have to wait until tonight so the people I live with don't think I'm going full schizo.
She's already been exposed to Gosling memers more than a couple of times, wouldn't surprise me if she already looked it up on KYM.

>> No.2479347
File: 1.10 MB, 1001x1055, 155metersdaughter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She deserves to know my true feelings, all i want in life is to lay in bed with my bear daugther

>> No.2479615

I was about to send it but the thread is almost dead and I don't want organizer anon to miss it

>> No.2479626

yah this too is an issue

>> No.2479789
File: 129 KB, 308x523, beagosling.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she does already

>> No.2479820

Organizer anon here, I will not miss it I promise. I will watch all other beatani threads as well.

>> No.2479977

I think Beatani should play some games with basic English audio (without subtitles) to see how her English listening and comprehension skills are. It's one thing to know what English text means, but it's a whole other level to hear English speaking and be able to comprehend it.

>> No.2480105

Something that might be too advanced but would be fun for her is The Stanley Parable. But something akin to that would be good I think.

>> No.2480146

she should probably keep the subtitles just in case she misses something but yeah not focus on them
I dunno what to recommend though, something simple enough that she doesn't have to open DeepL every five seconds but not so simple that it bores her to tears.

>> No.2480304
File: 67 KB, 305x310, uoh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2480335

bear daughter erotic

>> No.2480392

There's some dead air in there and I sound autistic as fuck, but onii-chan is going first. Come on dads, you can at least do better than me.
First: https://vocaroo.com/12Ej5IPEUs5X
Second: https://vocaroo.com/15fGmkbHUVIi

>> No.2480647

Monkey Island

>> No.2480783

Too many puns and other jokes she'll miss.

>> No.2481070

I sure hope not, PYST is fucking dogshit, and I'm glad that developing "Driven: The sequel to PYST" is what finally sent them bankrupt.

>> No.2481342

Thanks, this will work very well. Anyone else wanting to record themselves can model themselves on this, he did it right.

>> No.2481674

I don't know, I think it could be fun if we help her out with the most obscure shit

>> No.2481869

I'm wondering if she already played Carmen Sandiego, or if it's good for English practice. I should probably play that and Myst soon.

>> No.2482028

Fuck it, I'll throw my hat in the ring.

First: https://voca.ro/1abwatPfO7bf

Second: https://voca.ro/1aMFIvoSUuqt

You better make me sound pretty, dad.

>> No.2482102

why would she play early 90's edutainment PC games, anon
now I want to hear her cover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s1EIUP8tvbE

>> No.2482146

Received. Good job fellow dad.

>> No.2482180

I know it's not the best form to make a thread when there's no streams until tomorrow but maybe someone should make one after this dies just to gather more BAKA BAKA's (or any other fan projects) anyway

>> No.2482342

Just use it twice, it's literally the same sequence after all.

>> No.2482646

Received. Good job. Although I think it's slightly more fun if it sounds slightly different in the two parts this works completely fine as well honestly. Thanks.

Now we have 4 subsmissions in total (counting my own). It seems this project may have a good chance of being made afterall. Keep it going dads.

>> No.2482786

I want to contribute but I'm not sure the thread will be up by the time I can actually record

>> No.2482904

Don't worry, I'll be watching the next thread as well. I'll extend the deadline to the death of the next thread (instead of the old 48 hour deadline) so don't worry. By the way, I may be asleep when the next thread opens so if someone else can copy paste the message I posted before that would be great.