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I don't know where the fuck the Mating Press thing with Bae came from and at this point I'm wondering if I even want to know...

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I mean have you seen her

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I don't think Bae is very hot. I don't want to mating press her. IRyS on the other hand...

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If you see Bae and you don't immediately want to tear her clothes off and fuck her like a beast you're probably homosexual

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>Ch-cheesed to meet you?

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For some reason she's Leebait and this encourages him to show up via dirty work of /qa/fags

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And if you don't want to cuddle her regardless you're probably broken.

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Alright so my best answers for my question I got is that,
Bae is sexually visually appealing. You know what, That's fair. It is pretty eye catching.

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I post it every time I see her and I haven't watched a single Bae stream

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She's also a smug-ass brat

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IRyS prefers the rat

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Vt meme early into her debut that eventually expanded to normies outside /here/
Personally, I find Bae really cute and think she is made for cuddles

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ITT: Hyping mid.

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First mating press, then cuddles afterward

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I prefer it the other way around, ending it with a warm blanket doze off

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NTR rape and kill the rat

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Cuddles, then mating press, then shower together (round 2 against the glass) then cuddles again, then dose off together.

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Sounds like the perfect formula, I'll accept it

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My posts btw. I rather slaughter the rat and rape her corpse

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meme's already shit because normals quote tweet her actual tweets with the shit which is fucking cringey
containment breaking retards literally ruin everything

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probably started here
then spread to reddit/twitter/discord and now gets run into the ground like every other meme

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It's already reddit/twitter garbage because of discord faggots feeding it to each other
how unfortunate

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This but unironically, It's the cringiest shit seeing them spam it over and over in her hashtags

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>tfw fapped to Mating Press and felt sad because no one will do it to me

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What does a mating press feel like?

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I'm so lonely I just dream of the touch of a fellow human being.

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No, he only responds to this picture.

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it is natural, rats breed quickly

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HOW is this anything but GFE??

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I wasn't being ironic, it's another case of "SAY THE LINE!!!" or "SHE SAID THE THING!!!" that stops being funny after the first few times yet some people just can't move on

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if you draw yourself getting mating pressed, i'll fap to you anon ^.^

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people thought she's the loli of council so naturally people start uoooohing on her. but when it's revealed she's not very loli, people opt to mating press just to continue the meme. now, when people realized she literally have zero interesting points, mating press is the only thing people can say about her

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But anon, I (and SO many others) literally can not think of anything else but impregnating her when seeing something like the pic you posted. She is hypnotic.

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ok /meat/ stick to your own thread

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nta but It's obnoxious seeing normies spam it all over twitter
I don't have a problem with stale meme posting /here/ I do it myself whenever I see her

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>thinly veiled please spoonfeed me thread
no kys and do archive reps

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Same thing with Suisex and suipiss. You can thank the niggers at r/okbh for being containment-breaking faggots. At least Suisei can't understand English...

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I want to breed with the rat and then marry her!

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I remember seeing the cheesed to meet you judge edit for the first time a couple months ago

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I'm a member.

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I think a lot of the issue is people making /vt/ topics outside of 4chan. I cannot think of a single positive thing that comes out of such action.

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Who's gonna say it to her in Sydney at the meet n greet

>> No.24209754

Staff would take you away

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That would be incredibly cringe

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She certainly didn't like when one of the bratts brought mating press into Gartic Phone so she knows what the word means and thinks its bad.

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That's why you don't say it outright.
>Mate, in the recent months I felt a little depressed. Thanks for boosting my spirits.

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This is the same Bae who drew that T Shirt in TKO, where we still don't know if its Paizuri or someone getting railed from behind.

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It's neither. It's a naked woman's torso disguised as a tree.

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bae wanted to get mating pressed so she kept spamming it here until other people started saying it

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she's also a fucking normalfag who probably doesn't know what a rickroll is, of course she wouldn't understand memery in the slightest. she's not cool or hip or a dork, just soulless.

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My fucking God. I hate redditors so much

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sex with rrat

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>unfortunate baerat baited by mating press trap
that was funny lol

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that doesn't sound very seiso to me

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They weren’t kidding when they said Vtuber fans were unfunny.

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pressing mate

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Actually, assuming you are a male, the position would be Amazon Press

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i know some girls like that anon, deep inside they are craving for it.

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you ought to accentuate it.
>MATE, IN theRecentMonthsIFeltALittlede PRESSed

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>I have a friend who watches you regularly and I really have to say, your growth as a streamer since debut has me and my mate impressed.

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no, I want to be mating pressed

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I don't know where it came from, but I know that I hate brats for self-inserting as Roberu and shitposting with him

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>She certainly didn't like
do u really beleb?

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Fuck you pekofrog poster.

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go back to resetera you faggot tranny

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What's even worse are those holier-than-thou idiots on Twitter who make themselves look as if they're better than /vt/ by mocking anons featured on containment-breaking accounts (fuck those as well), when they're the same halfwits who can't stop saying SUISEX or MATING PRESS or SEEEEEEEEX at every fucking opportunity. Even in the girls' RT's or replies. Fucking shameless.

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The fact that they do it in the girl's RT's and replies unironically is the most fucked up and ironic part.
It's not just one or two faggots either, there's atleast a dozen of them who infest the replies and quote retweets, then they have the fucking audacity to have a holier-than-thou stance towards /vt/

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You idiots are the least self aware plebeians I've ever seen. I'm glad discord,reddit or whatever boogieman you don't like uses the shit you spam here literally everyday. Thread is hillarious.

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But why mating press? Why not any other position?

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Kill yourself

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Stay mad

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>15 hours 34 minutes later
>STILL hasn't done his job
Has barneyfag given up already?

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shes small and sexy

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Lurk another 15 years first then tourist

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I like the mating press meme because of my strong desire to get this rat knocked up with as many kids as possible, as often as possible. I’m talking record breaking pregnancies back-to-back-to-back

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Despite the meme, i don't see a lot of mating press art of bae.

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It's difficult to focus on drawing when all you can think about is making rat babies.

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Nice gif that turns into Rainbow Dash cosplay porn after a minute. Really showing your moral superiority compared to who you're attacking.

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Welkom to the hakos press channel. Today we are going to mating press this Rrat.

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He missed a load of /pol/ and /tv/ threads earlier

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For all the meming there is a lack of art.

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