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What do you think about Hololive flirting with Twitch. Is it to hedge their bets in case something were to happen with YT or are they trying to get a huge contract from one of them. Would you still watch Hololive if they moved to Twitch.

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Twitch is for nijis, vCHADjo and indies only.

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Pay your content creators instead of shills if you want to attract anime girls

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YouTube is not my oshi.

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Less SEAnigs, more spics.

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I don’t care, it’s corporate as hell though

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This man holds all the cards and will get a big bag for his girls

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It is good to have a back up, in rare cases when YouTube goes down. However, no way will I migrate there to watch Hololive content.

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it's a business at the end of the day. both platforms have their pros and cons.

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Their VOD system is garbage unless they make it better no way in hell I'm going there.
The Twitch culture is also, you know.

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What's the issue with their VOD system? Does it have limitations or something

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Never anything wrong with diversifying. Both services offer different benefits but their main platform will always be YouTube due to the VASTLY superior vod system. They consider themselves more content creators than streamers and twitch only covers the streaming side while being pretty ass at everything else.

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It's a pain in the ass to find anything just by browsing like you'd do on Youtube, like let's say I want to discover a nice streamer that played Doom, unless I want someone already popular or really recent it's a pain in the ass to find anyone, hell they don't even have a Vtuber tag to sort through VODs of a game.

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They're just double dipping

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Here's what I'm talking about.

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I can't stand trying to watch Twitch

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I don't care what platform my oshi streams on, only that she streams.

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they can use their swimsuit models on twitch so i'm looking forward to it.

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Ok I see. I didn't know it was that bad lol. You can only check like a week's worth of VODS

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And like two years ago I think it was ? They introduced the DMCA thing on Twitch and nuked all VODs that had copyrighted audios, streamers had to sort manually through hundreds of their past streams, some just decided to nuke it all.
Now the copyrighted parts are muted in replay.

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Yeah I remember that happening. Think it was xQc that had to delete all his shit because of old videos getting DMCA'd

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So yeah I don't like either Twitch nor Youtube for various reasons but YT is superior if you want to promote smaller streamers or want to go outside for a month and not miss out on everything that happenned.

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YT has a lot of upside to it and can be improved, and I used to only watch Twitch back in the day for LoL. I still think Hololive can get a contract from either one of them for million$

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Can you imagine someone like Ina or Fauna having to deal with Twitch's audience, hell I'm surprised people like Asmon or Quinn are still sane enough to talk properly.

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I don't watch anything on twitch its cancer to the point of making YouTube look good

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>Would you still watch Hololive if they moved to Twitch.

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That bad? I only know that Twitch chatters like to spam emojis

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You know that guy Dr.Disrespect ? I once went to one of his lives out of curiosity, I fucking heard a car drove by his house and gunshot at his walls like three times, even him put his wigs and costume out and went to check WTF.

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People shit on 4chan but Twitch viewers are way worse.

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so you think it was one of his viewers from Twitch that did it?

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Why the fuck would they do that? Nobody would watch 3D lives ever again.

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No, I wouldn't watch them if they moved to Twitch. I have no loyalty to youtube but no interest in twitch.