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It finally happened...

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Linking Otakamori should get you a perma range ban.

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Kill yourself, OtakMori.

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please kill yourself

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EOP's hate Otakamori yet can never state one mistranslation from their videos.

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Thanks for linking his videos here, that way I remember to report the video with my 5 accounts

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Kys fag

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Which reason you choose?

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Hatefull content mostly, youtube gives those reports priority

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Roger that.

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Otak means brain in bahasa.

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>Sana: only idiots break their throat
>Sana: mine is perfectly fine

#Hindsight #Apologize to her

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Otakmori = Brain full of Mori
He's a cuckbeat?

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Yes they can, two years he mistranslated prank show into candid camera show. A truly heinous crime that their anger is clearly about, nothing to do with them loving a reddit moderator.

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Otakmori is indog? kek

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>red letters
>black outline

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The fact so many retards here take a fucking reddit mod at his word is such a bad sign.

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i hate him because he's a dramafag and you should too

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Don't /vt/ love drama?

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Who is this Otakmori guy and why does his captions looks like mine

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/vt/ gets sad and jelly because it wasn't them that caused it

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1 month SUISEEEEEX with her Private coach and Her coach will probably enjoy nonstop cre*mpies.

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Stop shilling your own fucking channel , you Otaknigga

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contrary to popular belief, no. /vt/ loves spectating but hated participation

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holy based

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>ambiguous clickbait title
No thanks

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>grabved nijicord leak and posted it on several reddits, translated it in jp and sent it to narukami
>made cum edits of pomu/finana/uki picturr and spammed it on twitter tagging them, raided the comments on the video
>doesn't like to partecipate
>bought bots and targetted millie to 'prove a point' only numberschizo tribalfags care about
I think you omitted the hololive part
Not that it matters because mods wouldn't allow it in that case anyways kek

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stop playing victim

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Tell that to the KFP faggot who posted the Connor fucking Mori art. Or to the condom money for Connor faggot

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I knew it was him from the big red letters in black border.

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Unironically kys SEAnigger, no one likes you

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What victim you fucking retard? I'm just stating that "/vt/ doesn't like to participate" is a lie and you know it.

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Remember to leave a dislike and always report this faggot's clips.

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Fuck off otakmori

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Fuck off, otakmori.

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OP is a bigger faggot than the average redditor, an impressive feat. Sageru

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I hate the drama on vt too but what can you do, this place is a cesspool. I hate otakamori extra for being a 2bit dramanigger with a large audience on YouTube. His translation is better than most but his intentions are rotten. There are worse drama clippers though, that is to be sure.

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>>24007938 (me)
People who hate him just because of what some fag reddit mod said are fucking pathetic though. How about you think for yourself.

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>cherrypicking things about Nijisanji
>ignoring hololive things

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Post them. Prove /vt/ partecipation on "hololive things"

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>Ollie yubigate
>Mumei PL account being found
>Haachama "graduating" and, mistaking her for a newly debuted vtuber in another company
>this >>24006735
there might be more, but those are the ones I remember from the top of my head

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Nijis bully each other into graduation, they don't need Hololive fans help.

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Only redditors hate him

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kys dramafag

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It was their hololive's official account, otakmori. Now kys

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Bait thumbnails and clip especifically potential drama

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>le reddit mod
Got called out by literal representative of Cover for reddit who also happens to be mod. You fucked up bad, learn from it and grow. Or not and just shitup this board.

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I struggle to believe an official from cover wrote this.

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This one is false. The Hololive MOD reply was shorter and it said that Otakmori translations always have mistranslations and arent good to watch

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>Ambiguous title to bait you into watching the video instead of having the reason in the title
Fuck off.

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