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>not mio

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I NEEEEEEEEEED HER TO MOLEST ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>not mio

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Built for BBC

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Correct pick

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Mio a shit

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Your taste is shit

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My post btw. I know Mio is shit.

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God I wish Mio would shit on me. Noeru too.

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Correct. No one can ever compete.

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Shit taste and bad design.

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Stop falseflagging

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This is my post btw. Mio has no fans, I will admit.

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Made for shota

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This was me, I mistyped and meant to type "Made for fat ojii-san cock"

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Based Michiking enjoyer?

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This is the dumbest falseflag yet

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Even better

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This is my falseflag post btw. Mio is garbage admittedly

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It’s a seanigger

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Okay, seadog.

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Don't be a pussy now, son.
Post the lewd one.

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it's so weird that women's anuses are so close to their vagoos haha

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Ugh……..i’m cumming

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I want to talk with a femanon about noel

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added :)

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danchou was built to molest defenseless little boys/virgin manlets

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I'm sorry Noel.. I can't resist the need to reproduce without permission...

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I'm sorry OP you posted an obese cow and not the best body, easy mistake to make

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Step 1: be a pretty girl
Step 2: backpack around Indonesia
At some point her family's PMC will inevitably find you and give you an invitation for her to sex you

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I've coomed like a dozen times to her netorase doujin.

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How close is this to the real thing?

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Body is everything she has. She's a dumb camwhore who can't sing, can't dance, can't even play video games.

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hello noelschizo

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Nah she is funny and interesting.

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Now make her twerk

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>za boogeyman

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I'm so sorry

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You just described Marine not Noel lol

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the fact her roommate is also built like this is proof of god

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Marine's song is edited to shit.

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>nooo the hecking edit

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At least Noel can hold a decent conversation, while Marine is just loud and obnoxious.

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Very true.

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If only she was taller

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Why are Nijifaggots so obsessed with Marine?

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Why are ichimi so obsessed with Noel?

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tall women are rotten

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This is a thread about Noel yet you're spamming about Marine once again. You are the obsessed one.

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You went into a thread about something you don't like and then got offended. You are obsessed.

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you are a fucking retard

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>You went into a thread
You linked this thread in a thread about something you hate.
>about something you don't like
Don't project so hard.
>got offended
I'm just calling out your horribly obsessive behavior. Nobody posted about Marine until you did.

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Why are you here if you aren't obsessed?

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You linked the thread, schizo. Do you post cross-thread links with the expectation that no one will click them? Sounds like your self-confidence is extremely low.

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Why are you obsessed with Nijisanji?

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More like best everything

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Cope, the way to easily make a woman look more masculine is to increase their size

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I'm not. You're the one that always claims Noel should join nijishit. Don't tell me you don't say that, because you do. You can't resist outing yourself because you think you're an extremely smart troll.

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Why do you care about any of that?

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Because it's evidence against nijifaggots.

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Evidence of what? Someone having a different opinion to you on something you don't care about?

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Holy fuck. The things I would do to see Noel's roomate in this position....

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Evidence of nijifags being obsessed faggots that desperately want holos to join their shit company.

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>open thread about noel's fat ass and titties
what the fuck is wrong with you faggots

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I wish I could be a a cute little boy again so she would be tempted to molest me

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I don't want Marine to join Nijisanji, Nijisanji doesn't need bullies.

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Ask Noelfags. They can't stop talking about how much they hate Marine and want Noel to join Nijisanji.

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Ask Marinefags who get extremely angry whenever they see a thread about Noel.

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shut up faggots, those people are just you

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Not a single Marinefag posted in this thread because it's about Noel.

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It's sad but true

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>desperately want holos to join their shit company
Why do you even care? No one wants Marine to join Nijisanji, so it doesn't impact you.

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Hm well I meant rotten as in gross, the word gross is too feminine to be used in my dialect.

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No need to reply twice, schizo.

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Answer the question.

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Could we all stop arguing and talk about Noel's tits and ass? Or even marine's is fine too!
Everybody, stop shitposting and look at this for goodness sake!

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Make a post worth answering. You're obsessed and beg holos to join nijitrash.

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Saying that Nijisanji would be a better fit for them is not begging


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It is begging.

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Terribly sorry don't mean to shit up your thread but this is in fact the best body

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Its not and you know I am right. Nijisanji would be a better fit for her.

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It is begging.

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I see you like kon muscle
Have a Hachama and Hornin

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Even if it were its still true. Also it has no bearing on Marine.

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More chubby sex pirate

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Nobody mentioned Marine besides you. Why are you talking about her again? Noelfags sure are retarded and hate hololive.

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None of this infighting would be happening if you just had posted the actual best body. With cunny, unity

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Why do you care about it if it doesn't involve Marine?

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More Marine? Ok

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>I see

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Noel is going to ruin that stupid song, I can't wait for the seethe from Marinefags.

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Read the whole conversation. It's about Noelfags being retarded tribalfags that hate hololive.

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You should at least refresh your IP before changing up your falseflag because you earlier claimed that Noel can sing.

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Says the retarded tribalfag who hates Nijisanji.

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Anon's true holo live fans don't pick favorites, we love each girl no matter how dorky or what kind of sexy.

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I haven't said a single thing about Noel so far though. I've only criticized her schizophrenic hololive hating fans.

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The best fans love each girl unanimously, because we love best girl more. Through Yagoo's dark dream, we are saved.

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Anon, its literally one faggot who samefags. Stop giving them (you)s.

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Why is Irys fanart never accurate to her model?

>> No.23972939

that's Noel, retard. Not Reine

>> No.23973417

That depends what you mean by "accurate"

>> No.23973704

What specifically?

>> No.23974596

>about 90% of the posts were made by the same person
Holy schizo

>> No.23975246

So it's you and me, huh? Holy fuck.

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they overcompensate for her uggo face

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Slightly less curvy.

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>No one dared to post the actual best body in Hololive

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Pretty close except roommate is only 150cm tall