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What is /asp/?

A thread for aspiring vtubers! Whether your goal is to make the journey as an independent streamer or to gain experience and build a portfolio for agency auditions. Let's help each other grow and make it. Indies are welcome to selfpost, but shill responsibly. Share your knowledge, insights, feedback, discuss what has worked and what hasn't worked for you. And always remember to do your research before posting personally identifying information. That includes both in this thread and in your audition applications to agencies.

>Do I need a fully rigged model to be a vtuber?
Nope! You can get started as a simple .png character!

>I want to learn how to rig Live2D models, where do I go?
Brian Tsui (of Iron Vertex), Kira Omori and the official Live2D YouTube channels have many tutorials available.

>Where can I find artists/riggers?
vtuber.gg, ArtStation, DeviantArt, Twitter, Reddit, Skeb.jp, etc.

>I just want to get started, can I buy pre-made models?
Yes! Live2D models can be purchased off nizima.com (Live2D's official marketplace) or booth.pm (general Japanese indie artist website). Be sure to check compatibility with your facial tracking software!

>Where can I learn how to digital market myself?

>Where can I find some good games to stream?

>Twitch or YouTube?
The general rule of thumb is Twitch if your content is primarily based on livestreaming and YouTube if your content is primarily pre-recorded and edited.

>Do you think there's an audience for X, Y, Z content?
First, ask yourself if you would watch a streamer of your skill and experience. Second, do a check on social media and look to see if other streamers are already creating similar content. Don't limit yourself to vtubers, include traditional real life streamers to scope out a potential audience.

Pastebin Guides and Resources:

General: https://pastebin.com/AJLkFrGK
OpSec Guide: https://pastebin.com/uALiNZCV
Twitter Networking: https://controlc.com/9eba2fbc
"avoid doing this shit": https://pastebin.com/vbp6qEdt
Social media branding: https://pastebin.com/jVERSLqG
Take with a grain of salt Parasocial Guide : https://pastebin.com/zmpCResg
Google Doc of Assets and Resources: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQHyRDZ3nxlIINfZz_wWCbgQ9gR4OgbTFhyGwq45DseUixkJJKbUmhPjnkWcmh7dOCDdxObAZXv_zti/pubhtml

Hololive Auditions have opened up to males

Wactor Auditions have opened up for males

Stay grounded, stay hopeful

Previous Thread: >>23910700

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I'm always watching, wazowski.

But if anyone ever wants me to dig through their twitter/twitch profile and provide feedback, or you want me to check a VOD, post here during Euro hours. Response to this post, and I'll do it, or I'll probably repost this in next thread.

Anon who went through Azu and Alto's social media here. If you want me to do a skim through of yours, point out any thoughts I have on what you're doing that's shit, reply here. I'll go over it, and come back here with some feedback.

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i feel like i don't take opsec seriously enough. if someone finds out my state? cool. good luck finding me. if someone finds out my city? sure, whatever. if someone finds my address? i'm a gun owner. 'murrica baby.

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Apparently it made onions out of another word but onions are pretty good too. Onions and cheap spring onions are good but wont keep forever.

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if you wouldn't mind, i would appreciate feedback on my twitter. been wanting to get better with my bird app reps. https://twitter.com/DoctorKonrad

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In all honesty, Opsec really only matters for the super paranoid who have an issue with those things being found out. Most streamers in general don't care, it's very much a Vtuber thing to be so paranoid you can't even say the state you're from.

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Good morning /asp/,

I'm a little tired, because i streamed at 3am yesterday, but i managed to do something neat for the stream.


Feel free to skip through it, it's rather slow because i had no proper plan how to do this properly behind the scenes so it ended up being pretty difficult. I kinda came across that white-noise effect by pure chance playing around with the chroma keyer and it gave me an idea to do a sort of psychological horror type intro. I'm not big on horror / creepypasta guy, but i really wanted to create an otherworldly feeling that i might continue to use in future streams. Here's a couple comments from myself:

- the voice acting was terrible, the voicechanger didn't really hide that. I need to practise my lines more and come up with a better script
- the voicechanger was hard to hear and didn't really blend in with the white noise, i need play around it more
- faster transitions and the effect should show the model better (it's very clearly just a chroma keyer)
- for those who just randomly joined at the beginning it was supposed to be a suprise, thats why i did the music transition into white noise
- it's easily missable of you arent there at the very beginning (i guess that cant be helped unless i do it as a mid-stream skit)

I have nothing more to say, this is just a thing i did for myself because i love creating these little skits for my stream and i want to keep doing them. I want to do something more large scale like this for my re-debut. This obviously will never make me get more viewers or whatever, but it's me enjoying the hobby in it's purest form.

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>Stalking /asp/ies Twitch follows
>they all just follow other /asp/ies and maybe one or two Vshojos
There's no way the "aspies don't watch streamers" meme is true.

>> No.23938143

how can you check other people's follows?

>> No.23938352

Depends on the streamer and if they're male or female. Most still don't care much because that's their main gig. Before the internet it was also a thing depending on some jobs you had to keep other stuff private. Another more recent instance comes to mind where a client tried to find the home number and address of a care worker. Vtubing allows you do do stuff without any associations with your real life. That's not really paranoid but sometimes a necessity and sometimes just for peace of mind. Having had actual real internet stalkers before from a blog try and find me on other sites and services, I don't see it as paranoid. It's a choice obviously but if you can make a small change to make sure it's less likely to happen then why make a fuss about not making that change?

It's only paranoid when there is no realistic basis for concern. In many cases depending on the individual that is such a basis.

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I understand just the general comfort of privacy (no name, pictures, etc) or if you've had issues in the past like you say, I just find it odd when people get so worried about even saying their state, country, etc. Like there's been "THEY'LL TRIANGULATE YOUR CITY IF YOU SAY THE WEATHER!" when it's such an uncommon occurrence that you've got a better chance of being doxxed just by joining a minecraft server or something. It comes off as some kind of "cultural ingrained" paranoia that almost solely exists in vtubers as far as content creators go.

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My twitch follows are all big streamers for games I used to like a long time ago. Otherwise most of my stream viewing was done in youtube.

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It's usually just a best practice to not say anything. Sometimes you also just don't want people to make assumptions or need to explain stuff. Another factor to consider is that harassment and so on are illegal and just as illegal online but it rarely gets enforced. Not saying you're wrong though but I've seen non vtubers complain for less. I have seen someone say that people just looking at their in-game profile was legitimate stalking. Personally that's what I would call paranoid.

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Yes, there's an old filter, it's still a common insult in some boards. You should eat more lentils, they're cheap and high in protein.

You haven't really thought it through, what if you say something a schizo doesn't like and he messages your current and future employers about how much you like illustrations of little girls?
It's stuff from 8 years ago that will come and bite you back.

It's interesting. I don't think I like it, but I approve of trying new things and techniques.

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I like your small videos

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I have a separate viewer account that I've been using for years. Subbed to streamers with that one and got into communities with that identity.

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Do you have your meido uniforms ready?
I have nothing drawn because I forgor

>> No.23939004

Poll for region you live in. Make sure not to vote in it, thanks.

>> No.23939103

Post the full image!!

>> No.23939150

Ready for what exactly?

>> No.23939333

Oh yeah lentils are pretty nice. I also have cans of kidney beans for special occasions.

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Frog inclining.

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dude i love this frog

>> No.23939460

Admiral leggy.

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File: 216 KB, 736x995, FD691EC3-779A-4D8D-88BC-28E27DF0DC9F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Uh oh I better get something done for tonight then...

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i'm not sure if voodoo doll anon is still here, but congrats on the design reveal!!

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don't simp for the babi legs, anon. babis are like sirens, they lure you in and then they gonna suck you dry.

>> No.23940019

Okay, let's roll:

1 - Banner
Great image. Wide, shows the cat playing the game and the witch watching, gives a nice aesthetic of elf-punk.
2 - PFP
Your coat is too similar to the hat colour. You are technically not a babi, because you're not the witch, but on the standard PFP size you're not visible. Maybe consider sitting on her hair, rather than the hat, a PFP of just you, or accept that people will think you're the witch.

3 - Bio
Nice and short. #vtuber could maybe be included here, but you have it in your name, so eh.
I don't know the japanese characters, but I know it's mama/papa. You don't mention whoever did your PFP, but that normally isn't a major problem (some vtweeters kicked off last month).
No 18+ emote, or 18+ art (makes sense, if you're the cat)
Putting your email as location is good, and direct linking to your twitch is spot on. Good job!

4 - Following
A lot of aspies, wvt streamers, some larger, your mama/papa, and one or two interests. Looks good

5 - Pinned
Schedule, which is always good. It's easy to read, although I have no idea what the fuck GGSJ is?
The font is maybe not super clear on 'EST', but it's fitting to the form, so it makes sense. The actual schedule looks good though.
Artowrk looks to be the PFP, so same on you against the hat, but looks good.
I would consider increasing the size of your link to your twitch channel though, and putting it in as a reply to the schedule.

6 - Feed
Your primary feed is mostly just you, and some retweets. There's no harm in retweeting others, especially if they're a similar size. It's often been the first step in making friends for me, but you do need to follow up.

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File: 17 KB, 300x177, 20220428_143343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you for the insight reviewer anon. I really appreciate your criticisms and will look into changes I can make.

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File: 205 KB, 1024x1463, a cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>No 18+ emote, or 18+ art (makes sense, if you're the cat)
That's the part that makes no sense to me

>> No.23940739

Witch babi and the cat cope is my favorite babichuuba rn.

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would it be annoying if i tweet something every day in the leadup to my debut which is 2 weeks away? I want to keep people engaged but don't want to annoy and potentially scare people off.

>> No.23940872

Everyday will be too annoying.

>> No.23940891

The more shots you fire the more likely you are going to hit

>> No.23940905

cant believe people worry about stupid shit like this when you could just be tweeting only about shit people care about in either case

>> No.23940940

i dont know what to play tonight....

>> No.23941010

The duality of man...
People can still lose interest or be annoyed by stuff, regardless of whether its something they should actually care about or not though

>> No.23941252

Happy to help! ASP can sometimes be really useful, so I try to be useful too. I'm not a huge streamer myself though, so filter everything through "the anon giving this advice is just going by their gut"

Hi Vaun

>> No.23941372

stuff people care about in the sense that they'll like it, that it's entertaining, it can be funny or interesting
if you see that and you think its an allusion to tweeting about things people care about in a prescriptive sense then you need a reality check

i swear, these retarded faggots

>> No.23941423

you need to pick a story driven game too azu, not just drop-in games like miecraft

>> No.23941428

I only ever come to /asp/ to help with technical questions or alleviate woes people have about streaming. I don't follow, watch nor care what anyone else is doing content wise unless they post here. Sounds a bit self centered, I know, but I've seen 1 too many /asp/ies form weird hugboxes of nothing but other /asp/ies and they never seem to grow from that. I feel independent knowing nobody here knows who I am.

>> No.23941500

>t. 3 CCV
Cool story bro.

>> No.23941538

In English, retard.

>> No.23941568

The gut advice can be helpful, especially for other aspies seeing you critique my profile. They can see what i did and learn from my mistakes (and what i do good).

>> No.23941639

I have a separate viewer account for both twitch and twitter, my follows on my vtuber accounts are solely for connections and raiding

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>/asp/ thread tries to be elitist about view counts constantly
>/asp/ discord' admins are Lance and Cadence Harper, who are just some NGMI 2views

>> No.23941741

Is there an extension or something that can quickly highlight a chat comment and have it be a focus?

>> No.23941789

Imagine being in the /asp/ discord. Couldn't be me.

>> No.23941796

Cadence just celebrated her 1 year anniversary, doubt she even broke 30 CCV. Not even at 500 followers after a whole year

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I just like blogposting about my streams here because it might encourage someone to get their reps on too. Even when i know i'm never gonna make it, if someone gets inspired and makes it for me, that is enough reason to keep doing it.

If anything i can serve as yet another example of what not to do, if anyone needed more of that...

>> No.23942022

How much of a buff and network will your "brothers and sisters" provide? As in other chuubas from your artist.
There's this artist whose artstyle is quite to my liking but his children are degenerate chuubas, kind of concerned about the potential buff/debuff I can get from that

>> No.23942048

Just act like they don't exist, if you got messaged just ghost

>> No.23942078

The best thing about being a indie is that you can just network with whoever you want.
Having genmates is for corpos.

>if you got messaged just ghost
On the other hand don't be like this guy.
If you get called up for a collab you don't want, you can just say "Sorry, I only collab with friends".

>> No.23942210

>see follower number go up
>get happy
jesus this is dangerous

>> No.23942218

I don't know man, I wonder why Cadence would waste her time in an /asp/ discord server, she seems to be doing too good for that.

>> No.23942407

Just wait until you start inclining in views, and then you get extremely anxious about your next upload not breaing 4k views when just 500 was the norm before
Haha, couldn't be me...

>> No.23942409

My fellow cloutbeast...

>> No.23942662

Continuing with a game you already started is okay

>> No.23942771

there are only two ongoing games on my channel and one of them wasnt fun so its on the backseat
maybe i can just play the other one

>> No.23943081

Short (One session and its done) games
>My Friend Pedro
>(insert chilias' art game here)
>Wrought Flesh
>Resident Evil 3
Medium (Couple sessions) games
>Resident Evil series
>World of Horror
>40k Mechanicus
>Assassin's Creed
Long games
>Final Fantasy

>> No.23943323

I love this. I have to ask though, why the mohawk?

>> No.23943414
File: 111 KB, 1160x653, 60218c8e-7fea-4467-aa66-2e7c4b8d897a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mb u a samurai jack frog now

>> No.23943504

It's one of those cool hats Daimyo wore

>> No.23943587

Either way, you have no idea how happy it made me when I saw it.

>> No.23944593

Does anyone here have an idea what i should do when my CC has been declined by Skeb? The card works for virtually every other service just Skeb seems to not like it. I've read that people tried prepaid visa-cards but it's not guaranteed that they will work either and i think they advise against it so i'm out of ideas.

>> No.23944649

Ask your bank why it is being declined

>> No.23944653

contact your bank for information, they're obligated to help and if they're actually blocking transactions to certain companies or persons, you can tell them to unblock it

>> No.23944693

Saw what?
Context, anon.

>> No.23944768

Has it been declined once, or multiple times?

Mine was declined first time, I contacted the bank, told them it was okay, and then it worked the second time.

>> No.23944784

Ah, shit sorry. The drawing. I meant the drawing.

>> No.23945162
File: 8 KB, 609x84, chrome_7t6pUXOTLP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not sure if i was explaining this right. I get this message the moment i send the request, is that still something the bank can resolve? The request never went through and stuff. I thought that was just on skeb's side just declining specific banks. I know the text says something else, but some of the stuff on the site is badly translated. If that's still something the bank can solve (maybe they have a blacklist of sorts?), i'll give them a call.

>> No.23945277

if you're an english speaker in an english speaking country and suddenly try to purchase stuff for a lot of money from a foreign non-english company, i think the bank would be reasonably suspicious at first. i wasnt even allowed to buy anything digital from nintendo at first until i contacted them

>> No.23945351

Best bet is call your bank. It gets processed as a Japanese location, so your bank goes "what the fuck, I didn't know Anon moved to Japan, better fuck him"

>> No.23945829

Yeah if your bank isn't accustomed to this sort of transaction they may block it instantly, tell em to back off.

>> No.23946008

It works the same way in reverse, I worked for a Chinese company a few years ago and it took me almost a month to get my paycheck because my bank decided "Chinese sending money toan American? Must be money laundering."
I had to get my employer's ID and a written note saying he's not a mafia member.

>> No.23946140

I'm sorry, but it's extremely fucking funny that you got bopped for receiving money from the chinese

>> No.23946403

I'm a male streamer, when I tell a story it better be funny otherwise I'm NGMI

>> No.23946567

I should do my. Idea editing reps... tonight.
What’s the latest vtuber meme shorts?

>> No.23947393

Thread was dying when i asked, what chuubas/streamers does /asp/ look up to?

>> No.23947520


>> No.23947539


>> No.23947573

People who create original stuff

>> No.23947610

Jerma is my favourite rat based vtuber.

>> No.23947919

>kind of concerned about the potential buff/debuff I can get from that
There is no potential debuff. This is autism.

>> No.23948077

>Viewer offers to touch up my shitty VRoid
>Sends me screenshots of his progress a day later
>It looks great
I can't wait to show it to ya /asp/

>> No.23948110

Farfa and Jerma are my main 2 streamers to look up to. Dovahhatty isn't a streamer, but his youtube content is very enjoyable. He taught me that simply edited content can work with good commentary and pacing.

>> No.23948121

Personally, I quite like watching Noel Shirogane, but in terms of who I look up to. I think it would be Suisei. That girl, fought for her chance in hololive and she deserves it. It's a shame I'm not as talented...

>> No.23948124

Upgrades! Do share when it's done.

>> No.23948343

>see follower numbers go down
>twitter cleansed the 50-100 porn bots following me

>> No.23948421

i like the vinesauce members, joel especially. been also watching a lot of gamma from uproar because his energy and determination are really uplifting

>> No.23948435

What's so special about Jerma?

>> No.23948552

He's a good entertainer, problem is he's actually trained in acting, improv, etc for years (not e en counting the years he's spent applying it to content creation) so he isn't something an aspie or really any streamer can replicate.

>> No.23948678

Like what >>23948552 said. He's naturally funny and entertaining. Of course we can't replicate it due to his experience, however he is someone who i looked up to and has inspired me to do content creation, even if im quite literally infinitely worse than him.

>> No.23948711

Dude is just super charismatic and good at improv so he can spin a hilariously funny bit out of the most trivial bullshit in a game or his chat.

>> No.23948762

It's not, I just want to keep my previous interests seperate and not risk making it a pippa fangirl stream.

>> No.23948944

I don't look up to any chuubas but as far as streamers go Asmongold is pretty high up there for me for people I and enjoy and who I'd like to replicate as is Ludwig.

>> No.23949320

Lirik for EN, Botan for JP.

>> No.23950485

Post small victories /asp/

>> No.23950537

cancelled my stream due to post-coof coofing lets gooooo

>> No.23950553

Imaqtpie pre-yab...
Inb4 >league
I wasn't into streamers much until vtubing became a thing. I like plenty of chuubas, but I don't know that I "look up to them".

>> No.23950591

I'm 4 followers away from affiliate!

>> No.23950620

discord is definitely not representative of the thread

>> No.23950658


i'm starting to notice a trend.

>> No.23950702

clint stevens
from the chuuba side
a bunch of indies i won't mention because it would be embarrassing

>> No.23950774

what's your twitch? i'll make it 3 away

>> No.23950825

drop link, and I'll make it 2

>> No.23950836

qrd? haven't kept up with him these past few years

>> No.23950843

I'm https://twitch.tv/alto_tiro

>> No.23950925

It's half a joke, he's had minor incidents but nothing that I think stuck with him. It just seems like the spark is gone.
his wife left him but I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

>> No.23950978

Actually I take that back, Krimbo is a pretty big inspiration purely from a creative standpoint. He's mediocre as far as just a being a streamer goes but he definitely makes up for it with his use of his artistic abilities and his creative implementation of it.

>> No.23951005

Oh, can't help you then. already following. Ni-Haowdy

>> No.23951024

i have been meaning to watch you but there is always someone else during the timeslot

>> No.23951054

i'm also already following, oh well

>> No.23951180

My design/png is in so I'll be setting up my twitter & making my first tweets today. Planning on getting my stream assets ready & starting streaming next week (if only probably 2-3 days/week for awhile due to having a busy few months ahead)

>> No.23951329

He stopped playing league and he lacks the energy he used to have. Its like how Hashinshin stopped being toxic so he's no longer interesting.

>> No.23951381

League is objectively in a shit state to play. His energy issues on the other hand...
Also, didn't hash die to grooming allegations?

>> No.23951428

Maybe Ludwig?
Does Harris Heller or Epos Vox count?

>> No.23951429
File: 672 KB, 573x481, its monday.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do i get more followers
im pretty sure everyone here who would care about me already follows me but i haven't had a non-/here/ follower in ages. might do an art giveaway or something

>> No.23951501

how goes the mobile game streaming market?

>> No.23951509
File: 394 KB, 1329x867, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

streams like this

>> No.23951527

I mean, it depends what you currently do. If you want specific advice, post link.

>> No.23951535

I neither know how to join nor want to join.

>> No.23951568

Hash didn't just die to grooming allegations, his personality took a 180 and he became a lot more positive.

>> No.23951626

I'm pretty sure the majority of/asp/corders don't use the thread, and most of them barely used the thread back when it was actually active

>> No.23951636

He pretty much disproved everything. FBI couldn't find dirt on him. Now he streams full time on youtube with ~80 ccv. Dude seems a lot happier avoiding the snakes in the league community entirely

>> No.23951677

Appeal to a community outside of /here/ and shill yourself on leddit/ke$ha song

>> No.23951696

>ke$ha song

>> No.23951718

If Hashinshin is being positive now I struggle to imagine how he was before holy shit

>> No.23951745

I think sinatraa is pretty entertaining, but I'm sure I'd be destroyed if I said I liked watching him. I'm not too sure what his case is about though, only the vague gist of it

>> No.23951942

No problem, it's the thought that counts!
Feel ya, has happened to me before. Also, thanks for the follow!

>> No.23952087

in fairness i've had a bit of a hiatus recently but it doesn't change that i haven't had a new follower in three streams when there used to be someone new every stream so i'm most likely just at the limit of my passivity, and i may or may not be a little teensy tiny bit frustrated at seeing pre-debuts starting with 100 followers because they made a joke about being a bottom for wearing clothes differently on twitter
i already shill to a tight knit community but only one of them has followed my accounts even though i'm getting cozy with everyone. i also post link in various discords but of course random vtubers dont watch other random vtubers

>> No.23952368

How do people sketch so cleanly wtf

>> No.23952380

20 followers away from Affiliate after roughly 4 months of streaming.

>> No.23952444

Post link and i'll follow ya

>> No.23952552

A fuckton of practice but it's definitely something you can aim for by doing specific practice with that as the intent. Do exercises where you sketch without wasted lines etc.

>> No.23952839
File: 744 KB, 1243x768, peasauna.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Skeb does a test-billing to confirm that credit cards are legit, and some banks have that disabled by default.


>> No.23952862

Vulture waiter anon put your twitch in your twitter bio

>> No.23953325

Some /asp/ies already follow but ogey.

IDK why twitch says 27 followers but on the dashboard it says 30, it is what it is.

>> No.23953765

Oh, i already follow, sorry. I have a similar thing happenning to me, dashboard reports one follower less than my page consistently

>> No.23953830

Let me ask a new question, are there any /asp/ies you guys look up to? Any with lots of potential? Any that are just downright fun to watch?

>> No.23953854

i like watching miru but only really because shes at the most convenient time for me

>> No.23953892

You might be friends with them, but there's only so many people in a community like that, and not all of them will even want to follow you on twitch because they just don't watch streams.

There are hundreds more people on Reddit and Tiktok, so if only 5% of everyone who sees your post decides to actually follow you, that's still more followers than you're getting now.

>> No.23954020

Ain, miru, cordy, and jaydead (esp his yt art stuff) are my favorites. Most aspies i like in general and try to catch a stream or two from most.

>> No.23954062


>> No.23954068

Okay, so thoughts:
You've streamed twice in the last 14 (?) days. Looks like you had covid, but any break from streaming will cause people to stop watching.
Secondly, you have TWO streams over two hours. Maybe your personal life prevents long streams, but you need to be aim for ~3 hours minimum.

Checking your streams on Sully... There's no theme, other than "I play old games". Shadow the Hedgehog, Deus Ex, Parapa. They're all sort of meme games that have seen a slight resurgence recently. There's then Helltaker, which makes me thing the issue is you have a bad PC, rather than you like streaming old games?

Your last three streams are Parappa, Art, and Parappa... I honestly think you should have saved Parappa. It's a memey old game, that might have some fans, but has 2.4k followers on twitch. It's worth trying if you're god-tier, or it's your favourite game. But you're then talking over a rhythm game... That you don't seem great at. You got stuck on M.I.X for a while (based on quick skim of VOD).

Pick three games:
1 - Long form story. Something you can get 5+ streams out of (Oblivion, Stardew, DMC series)
2 - Drop in sessions. Something you can do any amount of streams for (PoE, Warframe, LoL, DbD)
3 - Short games. One to three streams (check average time to beat). My Friend Pedro, Half-Life (long stream), Portal/2.
Rotate through them if you have to, but focus on stuff. People will know what to expect from you.

Then checking your Twitter its:
- Stream cancelled
- Not sure what I'm playing tonight
-- I hate schedules
- No schedule, I want to be flexible
- Hello there
- Complaint about weather
- Complaint about... not sleeping?
- Not making art
-- Stream cancelled
- Complaint about sleep
- Stream finished
- Stream started
- Complaint about Valheim
More complaints about being sick, or cancelling stream, or nobody being live...
YOU NEED TO USE TAGS ON YOUR GO LIVE. Nobody cares your stream is done. Put the tags on your "Going live with Parappa" tweet, and put a picture. Even if it's a default twitter gif.
Also, stop being such a fucking downer. It's not funny, it just makes you look depressed. And not the cool, sexy depressed; because that's for goth girls, or men with troubled pasts but strong biceps.

Final point - a schedule builds excitement for your streams. Based on your twitter and your twitch, I not only have no idea what day or time your next stream is supposed to be, I should expect it be cancelled last minute, but with no idea what you're playing either.

>> No.23954133

I ended up staying the whole 5 hours of Ain's yugioh zatsu stream yesterday. It was so fun. Found my /here/ oshi

>> No.23954142

Callie has really great and creative streams and is an all around lovely person
Bodega is very goofy and has nice art streams
Cain has a fantastic singing voice and I love his karaoke streams
Bloom's retro content is all really great and his choir work is also incredible

>> No.23954176

She was remarkably interesting to watch. She's gonna make it.

>> No.23954872

they do actually watch streams but 99% of the time its nijiEN
i do think about making clips and shorts that i can post on places like reddit and youtube shorts but i'm indecisive
My PC's quite good actually, I just have already played through a lot of modern popular singleplayer games on my own time and don't think it would be interesting to go through some of them without some kind of gimmick attached, even something as simple as going through a series in chronological order and providing introspective but that would mean starting with old games anyway. Out of the ones you've listed, the only one I haven't played is Stardew, and I bounced off all of those drop-in games.
And yeah, sorry for the negativity. Covid and recent living conditions have really taken the wind out of me these last two weeks. I really should've noticed sooner because now I can see the difference between my pre-covid and post-covid tweets.
Kick Punch and MIX were genuine bullshit though, everything else was really easy in comparison.

>> No.23956305

i'm relatively free today and so i thought i'd try my hand at editing some videos for tiktok... is it this tedious every time? i have to download the fat ass vods (3hrs min / 9hrs max), then clip them down and then edit them?

if i wanted to get someone to do it for me, what terms would i search up to hire someone? ahhh... reps are so difficult to do, i see why people get lethargic about them T_T

>> No.23956405

Forget about Wactor auditions. It will your demise. Also the company is dying.

>> No.23956559

Clip them on twitch, then download the clips?

>> No.23956744

i feel like my brain is a little empty. i'm feeling quite silly right now. thank you anon, i didn't know you could download clips.

but what about longer clips...

>> No.23956782

I usually just record the stream as im streaming so I dont have to deal with the problem of downloading. also searching for the clip you want for tiktok is that tedious

>> No.23956912

Highlight them in the creator manager or whatever and download them there. If it's longer than the slotted 60 sections though odds are you shouldn't be posting it to TikTok to begin with.

>> No.23956962

>watching twitchwhores
real vtubers are on youtube, i wouldnt be on twitch if youtube was more viable

>> No.23956982

If you want to come into stream with a little prep, you could have a notebook and keep track of your stream run time in obs and write down times you would want to grab clips of. It's a little extra, but it shaves off a lot of time from your workflow

>> No.23957065

>Real vtubers
the only people there with any success are either corporate vtubers or indies who will inevitably switch to the platform with more viewers as their growth stagnates. Independent creators whether they're vtubers or not are always better to learn from.

>> No.23957110

you're not a real vtuber too then. You a whore?Fuckin slut.

>> No.23957163

Just look up a video on the replay buffer in OBS, it's basically like having a clip button on obs

>> No.23957239

>Real vtubers
You mean the ones that all either graduated or moved to Twitch? What indies are even left on YouTube

>> No.23957256

vtweeting is incredibly strong if you do it right. people love interacting with people they are interested in and if what you posted is kinda shit and mundane, its a milisecond scroll to move on.

so i think more is better than less(just dont spam or post retarded shit like good morning). the ngmi with the /here/ mindset are all too worried about not looking like a clout chasing shill when thats what it takes to grow

>> No.23957865

people dont talk about this often, but your designer/mama can give you a huge boost. a lot of new debut announcement posts on twitter that gets retweeted by the artist with a following will net them 50-100+ followers. for example our tarot anon already has.more twitter followers than a lot of aspies

>> No.23958030

I'm my mama's first design so I want to grow and get more eyes on her. I will make her proud.

>> No.23958349

Are you tarot anon? Can I ask how much your designer charges for a design?

>> No.23958352

I thought I know exactly who I wanted to do my model art and rigging. However, looking over my reference sheet and the model artists' examples, I'm not sure if it will mesh well. Anyone have experience asking their model artist to provide a quick (paid) sketch to see how they'd interpret a character before committing to a whole L2D model?

>> No.23958368

No I'm not him, sowwy

>> No.23958487

My mama hates twitter and only has a private account with 1 follower because she doesn't wanna get cancelled for being a Slav.

She's also a dramafag.

>> No.23958513

Cordy is playing the messenger and doing some deranged stuff! Check her out.

>> No.23958600

kek cordy cmon

>> No.23958607

>deep accent babi

>> No.23958609


>> No.23958640


>> No.23958654

I like writing >her because of replies like this

>> No.23958711

lmao based baiter

>> No.23958814

Not gonna lie, the sheer amount of butthurt babis make will never not be hilarious for me

>> No.23958987
File: 340 KB, 1341x956, 5463522.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i think jerma gets a lot of love because he has 0 clout chase and is raw content. hes the definition of someone that relies solely on being a raw entertainer and his loyal fans would just randomly make him go viral for a joke. for the longest time he didnt even want to use facecam.

really weird pick for me but i really like majin obama's streaming style. visually his entire stream aesthetic is a shit post on american hood culture but hes very thoughtful about the games he talks about although gg strive kinda broke him

>> No.23958999

Should I refrain from TikTok until I can upgrade to a full l2d from a png?

>> No.23959003

Honestly why do you play a babi? Your streams aren't even bad you're just massively debuffing yourself by using that model.

>> No.23959019


>> No.23959023

Did you mean people butthurt about babis? we don't have that many babis and very few of em are butthurt and

>> No.23959067

I've learned not to question it, there's typically no reason other than "I want to" so there's no point in trying to convince them otherwise or look for a deeper meaning. They either are content with a small audience (which is fine) or realize they're hard stuck and rebrand.

>> No.23959109

more like how it's tradition to shit on babis when they selfpost

>> No.23959112

How come?

>> No.23959157

Hence why I never self post, even though my numbers are decent.

>> No.23959259

Some people do actually click and hang out tho

>> No.23959303

is 50 followers really "more than most"?

>> No.23959346

I'm waiting for my model and rigging to be complete before i do tiktoks. Having a png with content is such a huge debuff compared to the potential with l2d.

>> No.23959418

you dont understand the definition of debuff til you see https://twitter.com/NasuMaturi who posted here once or twice but is mainly wvt i think

this dudes voice is fucking PERFECT for an ikemen and his general streaming/talking is good, he likes singing and is relatively listenable, and his branding and twitter is pretty top notch. but hes a fucking lewd cat loli and hes in love with his design

>> No.23959526

I tried checking out that guy a few times but he's so autistic about his oshis and only talks about two things that he's unbearable to watch

>> No.23959553

not cuckdy, but i sincerely doubt laying off the babi will change anything in terms of my viewership, and honestly not sure how it would go for my fellow /asp/ babis. Just switching the gender of the model won't make my streams more interesting. Not sure how it would go for the others.

>> No.23959649

Oh Nasu... He's very boring though

>> No.23959717

VASTLY more. I dont remember the exact numbers, but I think something like 90% of all Twitch streamers have less then 10 viewers, and 95% have less then 20 viewers or something.

>> No.23959805

Can't believe I am finally nearing the end of getting my BSc. I plan to try and start vtubing this summer when I'm done with my thesis and I' waiting to start grad school. I was talking to my supervisor about grad school and it was pretty nice. She seems to think I'm young I think, but I'm actually way older than her. Maybe my viewers will think I'm young too. Anyway I just got up after some much needed rest, time to get back to it I suppose.

Thank you for reading my message and for your continued support.

>> No.23959886

Cuckdy here, babis suck!

>> No.23959913
File: 848 KB, 952x743, berry goo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23959951

Kiki and Cadence

>> No.23960024

day 0 with no content and just designs pictures? yes.

>> No.23960102
File: 548 KB, 320x584, image0 (1).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23960217

yeah a lot of artists do comissioned sketches for like 15-20, just ask man

>> No.23960329

my mama has 60K followers.. I wonder if she would retweet if I made a twitter..

>> No.23960611

yes video editing is tedious as fuck, thats why most people that are decent size just hire someone

fiver might be a decent place to start if you really just want it done theres tons of video editorso n there, most streamers end up hiring one of their fans for cheap and corpo tier streamers with management and shit have an editing team

>> No.23960613

how could you betray us like that cuckdy i thought you were one of us!

>> No.23960718

Ive always considered this cope in all honesty. While it's technically true, almost all of of those people aren't putting in any sort of active effort to grow. They're not advertising, doing "reps", making tiktoks or YouTube videos, networking, setting a schedule, or anything else They're going live on their Xbox to stream Fortnite or streaming their apex games to friends. They're not spending hundreds of even thousands of dollars and a dozens of hours learning how to grow, create content, and better their channel.

Doing all that and being on par with the aforementioned people for months, even years on end kind of highlights the mediocrity of a lot of streamers who are actually putting in "effort"

>> No.23960827

I actually like babis.
I have no interest in drawing males.

>> No.23960831

Agree with you, but it is also true that you are somewhat at the mercy of the algorithm and luck. That being said, everything else being equal, you get what you put in.

>> No.23960889

Yea, not many want to draw males.

>> No.23961091

Im bubble person

Im just talking

>> No.23961145

I've been watching my last VOD and honestly, the first hour has been an awful watch. Lots of mumbling, and my bitrate was too low, so the video quality wasn't great at all.
I don't think I'll be getting clippable moments from this one, but at least I have some things I can focus on improving.

>> No.23961150

I'm in class but i'm gonna drop ya a follow

>> No.23961160

I mean they are putting in active effort. They might not do all the things you mentioned which aren't proven to work but just thought to help grow. They're still putting in work, still spending time and money on it. Then Aris is still streaming with the same green light and broken ceiling fan he has been for years, and does more than fine. Given that the evidence has contradictory examples on the side of success and failure from what you would expect it sounds similar to a just-world belief. They're all putting in various amounts of effort with varying results.

>> No.23961238

The algorithm can only be used as an excuse so much though. Not being able to hit 20 or 30 viewers isn't the fault of an algorithm, you should be able to do that much purely off of networking and just having SOMETHING on your timeline representative of your content for people to see even if you aren't pumping out a bunch of crazy edited memes or something designed to be picked up by people.

>> No.23961395

My /asp/ oshi noticed me today and my heart did a dokidoki.

>> No.23961423

No, most those people who are in that 90% are not putting in any effort whatsoever past going live, meanwhile you've got chuubas dumping insane hours and seeing the same amount of growth (next to none), and it kind of just boils down to them not being entertaining, or just flat out failing at what they're doing.

Aris has been around on Twitch since the old days and has one of the oldest communities on Twitch, he's doing fine but notice how he hasn't grown at all in 5 years. That's like comparing someone to Forsen. They were some of the "roots" of Twitch and the first streamers to be picked up by places like LSF and grow communities. Using any of the Twitch oldfags that were a building block of the site as a comparison really doesn't make much sense.

>> No.23961713

You're wrong, simple as that. Wrong that they're not putting in effort and wrong that doing everything you say will result in success. It's that simple and the evidence shows it, on both sides of the coin.

I was there when Aris started. He was doing okay but never had good equipment. The reason he really took off was because Max endorsed him and some RE streamers endorsed him. Then his numbers went up and he got out of that FGC group he was in. You say roots of Twitch because you come in after it all already happened and act like you understand, to me it's what I saw happen. It was later that I noticed a lot of heavily produced but unsuccessful streamers, now you're saying it's all a result of the effort people put in. You are welcome to believe that.

>> No.23961735

nta but I love how Aris constantly shits on new people and bans anyone that's even mildly obnoxious. He really makes a point that he doesn't want big numbers and more stupids in the chat, which makes his streams better than someone like xqc for me

>> No.23962085


Babi Voice check.

>> No.23962147


>> No.23962148


>> No.23962182


>> No.23962292
File: 25 KB, 166x232, chrome_soBqlmoECi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i want to do more voice acting reps, give me something to voice and i'll deliver it tomorrow when i'm off-work. the less it fits the better, i need to train my voice and get more comfortable with getting out of my vocal comfort zone.

t.german deep-ish male voice

>> No.23962375

The "I'd just like to interject" copypasta

>> No.23962439

I don’t remember making this post

>> No.23962461
File: 250 KB, 557x472, 1647922228490.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

just realized i'm in love with my non human design that will lose me tons of views

>> No.23962478

Sorry anon, being a Babi doesn't make enough to pay for voice fem surgery

>> No.23962533

You could be me who is quite literally the equivalent to morgana from persona 5

>> No.23962573

Your day will come.

>> No.23962623
File: 48 KB, 720x691, FNF4PYfaUAEDJof.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>morgana from persona 5?
fucking annoying?
God Morgana is probably my least favorite character of all time, i want to hatefuck that cat and put it in a blender
why would you ever want to be like that

>> No.23962659

Don't hate fuck Konrad. Give him catnip and fuck his witch.

>> No.23962682

There's no recording in that link you dumdum

>> No.23962740

To be honest i was moreso going for neco arc and i only realized i was closer to morgana after the fact

>> No.23962827

Jk I'm a dumbass

Here actually babi voice check


>> No.23962861

Oh that is a shame. He could make it into niji or holo if he dropped babi and got a mid range model. I don't think babis are interested in numbers or money though, I think its just a hobby for them.

>> No.23962913

100 bits to whoever links to this post first

>> No.23962965

I guess he is doing what he likes but what a shame

>> No.23962987

I don’t think you can donate bits to non-affiliates, right?

>> No.23963000

If he could make it into Niji or Holo then he wouldn't need to drop babi regardless. He'd be making it into an org.

>> No.23963037

Yeah he's on Youtube, it's pretty obvious he's not looking for growth.

>> No.23963080

you are definitely correct, that was an ass move

>> No.23963128

Definitely a boy/10

>> No.23963204

That's not true though. Babis have a hard time growing and the glass ceiling is really low. People click off streams when they hear mismatching voices, voice and model mixing well is the number one buff you can have. He'd get more eyes on him as a ikeman for sure, more word of mouth, less click aways. But again, babis aren't aiming for niji or holo, they do it as a hobby and want small comfortable audiences I think.

>> No.23963578

voice can be mismatched to a male model as well unless you make a "guy in a hoodie" chuuba.

>> No.23963647

Babi is similar to hoodie males yeah, exactly. It's an overall debuff rather than just a bad model fit.

>> No.23964065

that turns me off from aris but if thats how he runs shit then thats fine if it works for him. hes the definition of a boomer that hates everything outside of his worldview

>> No.23964152

i'll draw males, give me your designs if you want a sketch :) i was the one who drew tarot anon earlier in the thread if you like the style i'm more than happy to give my interpretation of your character design

>> No.23964225

No, he's just being funny. Aris doesn't care much about stuff. He's more chilled out and accepting of stuff outside his worldview than a lot of anons that complain about this group or that group.

>> No.23964257

someone kick my ass.. I have no motivation to rig my model. I want to blame my adhd but fuck I'm just lazy cunt

>> No.23964274

He's really not like that. He's just a masterclass twitch actor

>> No.23964281

There's a huge difference in "eh, this kinda doesn't match the model but its ok" to "this is a male's voice coming out of a female character"

>> No.23964320

Average Vtuber viewer/new twitch streamer unable to tell when someone is playing up a persona that isn't "uwu hewwo ara ara haha dont clip that out of context!"

>> No.23964342

I only got motivated to rig my model by remembering that it's actually easier than it looks and I ended up breezing through it, even kept working on it anyway with little bits of polish here and there when I tried to take breaks.

>> No.23964355

Definition of live and let live boomer, just terrible.

>> No.23964368

this type of streamer is so fucking boring

>> No.23964451

post your tummies /asp/

>> No.23964459

I don't appreciate babis that aim to fool you.
Go be buddies with shartemis.

>> No.23964461

I see a lot of people shit on a lot of popular webcam streamers for being a bad person or this or that when they don't realize most of them are just playing up a persona and cultivated a relationship with their audience of just heavy as fuck banter. Most Vtuber viewers are still pretty new to Twitch/streaming as a whole, so it made some sense at first but after a while it just gets more and more sad they can't tell that someone is just playing a role unless it's some generic Vtuber personality.

>> No.23964504
File: 172 KB, 800x1142, 33coredone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yoo nta but lets gooooo

>> No.23964688

nta. I like the details in this a lot. great design!

>> No.23964756

I'm a piece of shit let's see how that works out for me. worst case I'll be ara araing in a month or so

>> No.23964782

i mean i watched a ton of him during tekken 7's launch to learn the game, i get being insufferable for entertainment like dr disrespect or LTG but aris doesnt seem like hes acting and its not even entertaining

>> No.23964810

you're rightt... I'll work on it

>> No.23964888

I don't know what to tell you. He's a well known personality in the FGC and not in the way LTG is, because people can tell when he's joking. Not to be rude but do you have autism?

>> No.23964926

thank you, you must be a bit new here since i posted my design quite a few times before

>> No.23964960

I'm not. I just didn't pay attention before because I only like little boys, my bad.

>> No.23965007

i literally said i watched him to learn tekken 7 when it launched, you think i dont know hes well known in the FGC? do you know how to read?

>> No.23965106
File: 897 KB, 1800x1855, cordy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks for linking my stream! I dunno if I was really talking about "deranged" stuff today... but it was fun!

>> No.23965117

the only thing wrong with aris is that literally every stream feels like a timeloop, he says "hey shoot that guy" exactly the same every single time, every single stream
i watch streamers who literally only play one game and still feel more varied than aris streams

>> No.23965149


>> No.23965161

>no square eyes
dropped, unfollowed

>> No.23965180

>because I only like little boys
thats a really funny quote but no worries, i dont post my design as often as some others so im sure there are bound to be people that havent seen it

>> No.23965235

Artemis is popular, so I wish.

>> No.23965370
File: 949 KB, 3850x5500, edgelord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i've genuinely thought about it, but its gunna end up looking a lot like naruto's sage form eyes which is pretty weird. maybe when i do an illustration of my memey unleashed beast form i will incorporated it in my heterochromatic demon eye

>> No.23965375

fix audio
watch your vods and check for dead air
love your voice when you are talking but that feels rare

>> No.23965455

damn, I was joking to myself he better not unleash his hidden powers

>> No.23965545
File: 690 KB, 1500x1080, c_sheet_Marburg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23965551

if anyone has cutting experience, how should I go about cutting a naked body? do I separate the breasts only and keep the tummy and genitals in one piece? I separated the legs.

>> No.23965646

oh no the unsealed hidden demon from the 666th circle of hell form is coming whether you like it or not

>> No.23965659

Yeah you have autism.

>> No.23965708

are you talking about rigging or trying to get rid of someone?

>> No.23965726

anything that moves independently in live2D needs to be cut. if you want dick spin you will have to cut the dick

>> No.23965817

yes sir! breasts shall be removed then!

>> No.23965867

cutting breasts....

>> No.23966157

You will get fanart. And you WILL like it. Mark my words.

>> No.23967053
File: 727 KB, 1144x3200, Vulture_ShortS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go right ahead

>> No.23967412
File: 180 KB, 512x512, bubblepic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

make me hot you bitch

>> No.23967527
File: 1.61 MB, 2828x2580, IMG_20220413_013452_551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I might as well push my luck

>> No.23967689

thx bruv

>> No.23967780

>Desperately want to stream
>But at the same time need to finish watching tutorials and guides for model making.
It's a weird kind of divide.

>> No.23967795

Yeah, i've been having dead air issues for a while, i have a hard time knowing what to say, people advise to externalise your inner monologue but for me it's a mix between lewd and negative thoughts and idk if it would work out. Funny you mention my voice, that's part of the reason i got started at all, a couple anons liked this vocaroo and it gave me some confidence to get started >>9455123

>> No.23967799

nice stream man i hope you fix your lack of bubble cock soon

wait how are you a male if your cock blew off

>> No.23967832

>need to finish watching tutorials and guides for model making.
you're procrastinating and making excuses to stream because you're afraid of not delivering a perfect product on day 1. just start.

>> No.23967914

bro the tutorials are like 20 minutes max, fuck are you talking about just watch one and stream and watch the rest later

>> No.23967933

idk what I am anymore dude. Im like an asexual creature now with no cock or pussy

>> No.23968146

Any advice for getting over continuous anxiety about everything? I'm not a complete failure in real life so I know whatever you're doing eventually gets easier with more and more practice, but the nerves I feel over starting for the first time is hard every time & the amount of things I need to do (all of which do spook me) to even start streaming scares me

>> No.23968296

fear brings out your strengths so just do it.

>> No.23968315

just stream and hide the viewer numbers
think less about it and just do it
my personal way of doing it is that i think it will be a total shitshow that's only for my eyes anyway so i just want to have fun with it so why not just start streaming

>> No.23968378

I had nerves for the first full on month, so I understand 100%.
You really just have to push through it though. Don't be afraid of scuff or doing short streams at the beginning.
You'll only get better the more you do it. Take a shower beforehand or exercise maybe (or even take a courage shot) to shake some nerves off or something.

>> No.23968418

Its alot simpler once you get it done since you feel it isnt as bad as you thought. so try doing it and push through the anxiety. after all thats done youll slowly get used to it

>> No.23968766

Manufacturing in Kubifaktorium, might just do an island then hop off.

>> No.23969038

For someone who has no streaming experience whatsoever, would streaming a visual novel as my first game be a crutch with the dialogue, or would it actually expose me as being not entertaining?

>> No.23969223

>first game
doesn't matter, just start. you won't have any viewers for the first 10 streams other than bored freak viewers who sort from Lowest to Highest.

>> No.23969298

yeah, but viewers and followers are distinctly different things.
Twitter followers even more so.

>> No.23970341

I filled out the twitter I made when I was commissioning my design. Pngtuber debut later this week that maybe I'll post here if I feel like making an ass out of myself

>> No.23970620

Hi! I’m thinking of streaming and I’d like opinions on which of the 2 voices I can do is better. I’m leaning toward the first voice bc apparently when I talk to other people I sound childish anyways so maybe it should match? But when I talk I sometimes speak slowly when I’m thinking so maybe I should go with the mature voice (you’ll hear in the recording)? Both are natural to me and don’t strain anything.

>> No.23970826

I prefer the 2nd one, but that's me being more of a hag enjoyer than a cunnyseur

>> No.23971041

Talking mature is more normal and better. Talking high pitched works for certain viewers but it's a debuff for other viewers that will close tab on any raid as soon as it hits their ears. It's because a lot of people put streams on for background or when relaxing and high pitched voices just aren't. You'll get more lolicon fans with high pitched voice so that's the choice.

>> No.23972443

Why not both? It's a range.
You seem to have a decent voice to you so it's all about speaking in a more comfortable voice over hours but it wouldnt hurt to spice streams up with a little loli voice/mommy voice ever once in a while.

>> No.23973042

First voice is a literal buff voice. Cunny always wins. This is historically true.

>> No.23973048

Depends on what you aim to be and how you want to present your brand. Energetic? Chill? Chaotic? Wholesome? You should decide that first before deciding on your voice, not the other way around

>> No.23974096

The transition from high to low destroyed me in the best way possible.
I like both so I can't give a yay or nay for either, but I do think both are capable of attracting an audience. I'd pick the one that you feel cultivates the audience you want, though.

>> No.23975387
File: 277 KB, 240x287, b15.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

will I get canned for making one of my emotes a reference to this gif

>> No.23975460

you won't get banned but the emote won't be approved.

>> No.23975487

Your character posing with glowsticks? I doubt anyone would bat an eye at it.

>> No.23976065

How often does the twitch dashboard update?

>> No.23977152

what's you nerds audio setups?

>> No.23977182

Depends how blatant you are about it. Just the same poses? You can always play ignorant. Full cosplay mode? Yeah no.
If you want to be smart, make sure the poses are just different enough that someone can't directly say you copied it. Always give yourself room to deny it.

>> No.23977233

Blue snowball with a sock over it
Noise filter on OBS to delete fan noise.

>> No.23977316



was wondering if anyone's got the shuremv7x because apparently the XLR output on that is very good unlike the regular mv7

>> No.23977447

Isn't there a version of this that is the same but cat?

>> No.23977531

how new/thick is that sock?

>> No.23977602

Thick, and unwashed after a vigorous workout session. My voice is carried through layers of foot sweat.

>> No.23977612

I'm assuming anon did not wear the sock.

>> No.23977668

It's clean, but it's quite old now that I think about it. I'm pretty sure it's a hand-me-down from when my dad got diagnosed with diabetes a decade ago. I hardly use socks that long.

>> No.23978282

$50 headphones and $15 karaoke mic plugged into a headphone/mic splitter

>> No.23978412

HyperX Quadcast with noise RNoise in OBS

>> No.23979093

my phone and a 5 dollar headphone

>> No.23979256

live2D selfies are actually kind of fun.

>> No.23979327

Samson Meteor between my two monitors, with a noise gate, compressor and limiter applied in OBS.

>> No.23979335

ATH-M50x headphones plus AT2035 mic (w/ compressor, eq, gain), all run through focusrite scarlett solo

>> No.23979557

Focusrite Scarkett 3i2 3rd gen < Mackie MIX8 < Triton Audio FetHead < Shute SM58
Shure SRH440
Need to figure out how to combine live computer and console audio though

>> No.23980452

You can script these out by yourself can't you?

>> No.23980824

How do I

>> No.23980872

live without you (mashi)

>> No.23980873

Read the OP

>> No.23980921

he's the 69th IP in the thread so i say he gets a pass

>> No.23981058
File: 84 KB, 310x289, FOljd7ZacAE4x5q.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>69th IP
S-So sorry sir...

>> No.23981341

I'm making debut slides
>Basic info
>Likes and dislikes
>Future Goals
>Tags and oshi mark
Am i missing anything? Is this order ok? (I purposefully left out movies since i'm not that much of a movie watcher)

>> No.23981415

debuts are a meme for indies and no one will care but you can add a slide for special talents so you can show off something during your debut instead of only talking about it.

>> No.23981795
File: 855 KB, 1300x1500, meido.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Make sure you post something for maid day today /asp/friends

>> No.23982207

Aww dammit

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