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>raps about how hood and gangsta she is
>is actually a rich white girl who drove a ferrari

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She got the Ferrari by being a Mafia boss.

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>average american white rich girl wants to be cool and edgy

Nothing new here. The b*tch is even fat and a drunkard

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feeling jealous Anon?

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>The b*tch is even fat


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>Calliope Mori's father.

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remember the video of mia khalifa when she become raper there was a rented super car

supercars are a given with nowaday rapers

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she lies about a lot of things, anon...
This is the least important one.

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So she's like 95% of modern rappers, especially all the other white ones.

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No, that would have been an improvement.

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>raps about how hood and gangsta she is
[citation needed]

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>[citation need]
Citation unnecessary. She's a wigger

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>rappers constantly rapping about all the money and fame they (wish they) had
>Mori actually has money and fame
Wow, she made it!

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>Citation unnecessary.
because you're making shit up

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I would take a bullet if it means I could take Mori to a buffet.

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Honestly I don't blame the twitter niggers for taking offense with her wigger LARP

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that's pretty pathetic considering... you know...
are you a cuck anon?

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considering what, i dont know what youre getting at. I just love well fed women.

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>Drives a Ferrari
Yeah, that checks out shit rappers rap about.

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Mori "First car I drove was a Ferrari" Calliope


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And to think Deadbeats still deny she comes from a privileged background and still try to peddle the narrative that her family was poor.

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Gaslightbeats are pathological liars just like their oshi

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Watson background more like a rapper than Calli's lol.

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Do they also have boyfriends like she does?

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So now we can say with certainty that she's the wealthiest of Myth right?


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She literally said that her parents made her get the one service job she has continually never, ever stopped incessantly bitching about

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Someone should make a diss track

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Gura had some kind of cleaning job though, rich people don't do that sort of thing.
The argument for saying Gura is rich is that supposedly she owned a horse.

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Not black enough, not trap enough, but that Welsh dick you gonna suck it up

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I also first pictured a lower-middle class latchkey kid until I found out both her parents are white-collar professionals. Ame is more gangsta than Mori and she barely sings.

>> No.23904997

Ina comes from a family with two educated parents, Kiara comes from a single-parent family with three children.

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>but that Welsh dick you gonna suck it up
Her boyfriend looks pretty Japanese man.

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Not all rap is gangsta rap, none of hers is. She's a weeb, not a wigger. It's like no one here has actually ever met a black

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>It's like no one here has actually ever met a black
You say that like it's a bad thing.

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She makes trash no matter what anyways.

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Lmao people really think horses are hard to get or luxury items hahahahahahahahahahaha I can go back on a stripjob (for those not from coal country that is some shitty abandoned back ass place far up a dirt road where some company once cleared a spot for all its natural resources mostly coal but also lumber) and find like 20 half starved horses for free

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she said on a collab once that her school had only blondes with blue eyes.

>> No.23905123

It's true, she doesn't actually pretend to be from the hood.
Deadbeats always insist that she comes from an underprivliged background though.

>> No.23905155

Really looks more like a welsh manlet last I heard

>> No.23905158

>there are still marks who fall for mainstream rapper's hood narratives

>> No.23905159

If horses where a luxury items, the midwest and south won't have any.

>> No.23905193 [DELETED] 

>he doesn't know

>> No.23905217

Gura never owned a horse. She had limited access to a horse, which isn't uncommon in the more rural parts of the northeast.

>> No.23905244

Exactly. People where I'm from trade, sale and adandon horses like third form of currency. money>drugs>horses/other live stock

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This is just modern rap. Name someone who actually grew up in the hood.

>> No.23905274

If its not been posted here then no I don't follow inferior/en chuubas close enough for more than rudimentary shit posting

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Snoop dogg

>> No.23905316

Mainly due to poor "woe-is-me, my parents divorced when I was young young and I had a difficult time coming to terms with it!". Yeah, it sucks but that's like every third kid in America these days. You can't claim to have lived the hardknock life when both your parents pull in 6 figures a year.

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I though Gura was a Midwesterner? Kansas girl and all.

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Snoop started rapping like 40 years ago

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I would kill to have Mori burp me in the face after finishing a full course meal

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Some of her relatives had money. The same relatives who paid for her to go to a private school (but not enough to bribe the faculty, like some others), and who had a nice car she drove to learn, but didn't give much other help partly because they disapproved of MamaMori's choices.
Mori had to get a job and license younger than her peers, and her mother talked on stream about how their meals were often TV dinners or the likes.
That's not wealthy. That's single-mom getting left to fend for herself and the support being grandparents going "we want our granddaughter to be raised properly, so we will pay for a traditional school."

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No. The other anon is correct

>> No.23905501

>That's single-mom getting left to fend for herself

>> No.23905520

You think TV dinners are cheaper than cooking properly? That doesn’t make them poor it just makes them lazy.

>> No.23905521

Okay then Logic.

>> No.23905659

I was the dancer for this one, sorry

>> No.23905724

and you can obviously point to those "deadbeat" posts
just like you could point to the songs she made about being hood

>> No.23905727

Ding ding

>> No.23905732

Gura has an Atlantis outfit and Mamashark makes her Baklava, she's probably Greek meaning she's from the Northeast.
She also has an accent that leans more to that area, and referenced Fenway before.

>> No.23905749

>Private school
>Loaned a Ferrari
>Mother was so lazy she didn't cook
>Safety net grandparents
>Could afford the test fee for a license
Cuckbeats really will spin the most soft life possible into a struggle

>> No.23905834 [DELETED] 

You forgot
>Vacations in Europe and the Caribbean
>Private college
>Golf camp and ballet

>> No.23905859

Here is one:>>23905378

>> No.23905927

'not wealthy' = 'poor'?
eigo not very jouzu

>> No.23906082

It could depending on how you describe wealth in terms of economic status.
Example: You are wealthy if you can have one meal everyday without worry.
You are poor if you can not afford a single meal everyday.
It's all about semantics which is basically all your agument boils down too cuckbeat.

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>mfw more hood and gangsta than Mori because I live in a poor neighbourhood

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Lets goooo seaaaaa!

>> No.23906313

No. She has a Midwestern hick accent but honestly that's become the default non-urban accent for anyone in the US outside of certain parts of the deep south and southwest.

>> No.23906466

A lot of people on this board have a very boomer mindset about "rap music". It's like they heard about gang-stah rap on a news report in 1988 and now think everything fast and rhyming is that. Mori's music has more in common with something out of a Gilbert & Sullivan musical than anything.

>> No.23906533

What are you trying to say? That Mori is not a rapper or what?

And no, I don't listen to rap.

>> No.23907834

her mom was poor until she remarried

>> No.23908219

>vtuber acts as an anime character
>makes shit up
>omg I can't believe it I thought they were a real anime from the hood

>> No.23908258

Here is another example.

>> No.23908783

her mom was an alcoholic single mom who did not make much, lower middle class. Grandparents had some money and spent it on themselves, Mom had to beg them for christmas gift money. Mom later remarried and has money now.

>> No.23908870

Eastern-Euro fag here. The average income in my nation and city is around 1100-1300$ a month. Microvawe and ready made oven food is considered a luxury for poorfags. Back in my college days I could make a whole weeks worth of food with rice/bulgur/potatoes mixed with bean-cabbage-onion, sausage- chicken stew mixed with meatstock and basic spices. Set me back about 8$ a week. You burgers just stress to much despite having it better than +90% of theworlds population.

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this is Mori

>> No.23908941

Mother was drunk 24/7 and didn't cook because of that, they didn't have a live in chef or ordered food, they just had nothing made so Mori made shitty poor people food like chips and hot pockets

>> No.23908958

She wasn't a loaned a ferrari you retard, her selfish grandpa bought himself one like any selfish boomer looking to spend everything he can

>> No.23908972

I'm just informed better

>> No.23909046

She truly is the Kid Rock of vtubers.

>> No.23909112

I mean if that's poor then I grew up destitute. Also with a single mom that worked. Still had real food because what kind of animal eats tv dinners or can even afford to be so wasteful? I don't see how being wasteful is a sign of poverty.

>> No.23909145

Wouldn't that mean she, being an american AND a woman, can drive a manual? Im not going to check but there's no way a ferrari comes in automatic

>> No.23909157

Most of the poor people I know are very wasteful with what little money they have. Buying lottery tickets, cigs, alcohol, even vacations like cruises the second they get any money. Some of the immigrant poor families I know actually save money and get out of being that poor eventually.

>> No.23909207

I'm sure she was bullied in high school because she wasn't as rich as the other kids and not because she was a sperg with no self awareness who didn't know how to wear different masks when around different groups of people.

>> No.23909243


>> No.23909294

This is a weird read. Obviously there is no neighborhood where only one house is regular and the rest are 5+ million mansions. Someone was either helping them out or the family was struggling to maintain a lifestyle beyond their means. She probably feels poor because like everyone she compares how well she is doing with those around her.

>> No.23909303

>And Mori drove said Ferrari as her first car as admitted by her
Gee its almost like the word loan implies a degree of temporary allowed usage of someone else stuff fuck cuckbeats fail at readcomp too

>> No.23909377

she lived in a hole in the wall duplex that was a rental that happened to be in rich dallas school district. I've seen an unverified address posted that could match this discription.

>> No.23909389

I'm not talking about vices, everyone has them, and it's not restricted to poor people. Most poor people I knew around me also wasted lots of money out during Friday and Saturday... But they still cooked their own food.

>> No.23909396

Loan does not mean "driving someone else's car with them for an afternoon when learning to drive"

>> No.23909401

The cuckbeat screams out in made up shit as reality hits them again

>> No.23909426

The mom was a huge actual alcoholic, do your reps.
It's why she didn't cook. She went to AA and got remarried with a guy who was there.

>> No.23909454 [DELETED] 

Kind of does tho faggot no one specifies the amount of time or conditions its all semantics cuckbeat.

>> No.23909474

Well like that one guy said her mother was a drunk.

>> No.23909490

>drives a ferrari
my inner /o/ is screaming at you fags
theres no way she owned, or had a ferrari and if she did it was a shitty hand me down from the 80's thats worth like 5k realistically, thats jacked up to like 80k due to the name.

Ferrari is shit, they are the most autistic and awful car company because they think "luxury" is watching Races and going to boring ass events JUST to be able to own a fucking 2005 ferrari.
Not only that, but the cars are incredibly unreliable and shit for luxury cars, and everyone there treats you like you're scum because your not in their shitty little club.

Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes, BMW, ect. are SO much friendlier, nicer, and make better cars.

t. own a 2020 lamborghini huracan

>> No.23909497

>Reps on Mori
lol lmao why waste my time or energy?

>> No.23909498

I hope the loan on the material your made of expires soon. Nature needs those nutrients way more than your stupid ass.

>> No.23909500

idk man, that part of the underworld metroplex is weird. Moderately rich reapers a block or two down from some of the poorest and most crime ridden areas. Lots of past trouble for racial profiling and police harassment of nonwhite skeletons too, but that's not surprising when you've got bone white rich community in at sort of area that can't just gate itself off.

>> No.23909524 [DELETED] 

Seeth moar

>> No.23909529

she didn't
it was her boomer grandpa's penis extension that he used to teach her driving under threat of responsibility for any damage

>> No.23909550

Then don't act like you know shit.

>> No.23909561

I guess she's also saying she was poor because her mom spent all the money on booze.

>> No.23909562

so she got to drive a shitbox ferrari and said she got to "own a ferrari!" and OP decided to make a bait thread about it?

fucking yikes

>> No.23909584


>> No.23909598 [DELETED] 

Keep losing. You could could spend time happily talking about your oshi but Deadbeats keep cucking you into thinking about theirs. Or...maybe Deadbeats are your oshi. Is that it?

>> No.23909615

Never said as far as I know.

>> No.23909637

no, she just said she got to learn to drive on one, that her grandpa owned
OP used that story to attack her 'hood cred', which she never claimed
niggers gonna nig

>> No.23909640

Lmao naw I'll do as a please everyone knows cuckbeats are disengenious just like their oshi

>> No.23909684 [DELETED] 

lol lmao gotta do something for fun might as well live rent free in someones head while they seeth over an anonymous comment on a Tibetans yak milking forum cuckbeat

>> No.23909707

>I'll be an annoying faggot that spreads shit that can be easily disproved but I'll pretend it never was and keep spamming it

>> No.23909727

>raps about how hood and gangsta she is
Song and timestamp please

>> No.23909745


>> No.23909763

Yeah, sure thing, man. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Have fun at school in Monday. Maybe the girl you're crushing on will talk to you.

>> No.23909779 [DELETED] 


>> No.23909798

I never believe in the anti-nigga until now

>> No.23909823

This is how deadbeats cope online after seething tomorrow he will be over it after sending a 50 dollar supa to his boy Mori which she won't read on stream till managment approves it

>> No.23909827

Yeah I don't get that. My family owned four horses and we were as middle working class as it gets.

>> No.23909863

>Have fun at school in Monday.
Nigga, looks like you're the one that needs to go back to school.

>> No.23909887


>> No.23909891

I mean at least Eminem grew up in Detroit or whatever.

>> No.23909894

literally the opposite of you're trying to prove

>> No.23909896

>no song
>no timestamp

>> No.23909911

It has to be a regional thing or something

>> No.23909930

>april fools shitpost as proof
Retard supreme

>> No.23909942

Deadbeats can't Google or English

>> No.23909946

legit fucking bop

>> No.23909959

>no song
>no timestamp

>> No.23910002

I ain't clogging my search history or autofill with your retarded oshi

>> No.23910013

>a song of how people wanted her to quit rap cause she isn't hood
>she's trying to show how hood she is!
you're unironically retarded

>> No.23910019

I'm not even subscribed to her I just hate lying SEAniggers

>> No.23910052

He shared his car with his granddaughter and paid for her school, how is that selfish?

>> No.23910106

if they even listen to her roommates first shitty album she even said she was a rich white girl, and you can tell shes one too because of how bad those songs are

>> No.23910111

>replying to a legit schizo
Bold strategy, let's see how it goes.

>> No.23910134

>I'm getting shit on for not being able to even use google let alone look at a fucking picture
>Better invoke the power of SEAnigger to try and devalue this anon and cover my autism
Kill yourself its a far easier way to cover your shame.

>> No.23910176

This bitch has toilet in home! She lives like a queen but tries to lie to us!

>> No.23910187

>let alone look at a fucking picture
You'd have a point if that pic proved any fucking thing

>> No.23910198

>Raping about hood shit ironically isn't being a wigger!
>Feeling the need to cover for your lack of hood credibility through a song isn't wigger shit.
Ogey retard

>> No.23910215

>This bitch has toilet in home!
Proof next thread?

>> No.23910241
File: 324 KB, 960x960, 1640959069327.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23910260


>> No.23910276

It came to me in a dream

>> No.23910285

I accept your concession.
Now find a hobby or a life

>> No.23910302

How does that picture prove that she claims to be from the hood?

>> No.23910318

Phone poster pls anderstand
Some of us actually have to go out and touch grass unlike (you)

>> No.23910359

>he doesn't know about the clip

>> No.23910369

lol lmao cuckbeats now accept ogeys as concessions instead of as
>Yeah I get it your retarded here is an ogey so you can feel nice about being so autistic that replying back seriously isn't worth the diminishing return

>> No.23910376

When deadbeats fantasize about her risking it all and working her way up from nothing, and they start to think maybe I should do that too, they should realize that she never was in any danger of failing and going broke like they would be. She could have always gone back to the suburbs to live with mom and dad and spend the holidays with her millionaire grandparents and fuck around drawing comics and art until she got bored.

>> No.23910420

I may be autistic but I sure as shit am not a cuckbeat

>> No.23910425

Shhh don't break their fantasy its all they have left after fighting tooth and nail over her going full spastic

>> No.23910443

She lived in a zip code populated by millionaires.

>> No.23910459

architectbro, none of those pounds are from food....

>> No.23910465
File: 6 KB, 229x247, FKkWWOVakAE9jkl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure kid

>> No.23910487

at the end of the day delusions are still just delusions

>> No.23910525

ironic posts

>> No.23910534

I think the word you're looking for is borrowed

>> No.23910535

>fighting tooth and nail over her going full spastic
You mean early this year? I didn't defend her personally.

>> No.23910584

Deadbeats can’t handle the truth and they’re trying to gaslight you or anyone who might be reading. They know she grew up rich and they don’t care that it invalidates a huge part of who she claims to be. They only care about their pathetic ass fantasies of knocking her retarded ass up, though they’ll settle for the privilege of shaking her hand in some hotel conference room.

>> No.23910620

>said she got to "own a ferrari!"
She never said that, she said the first car she drove was her grandpa's ferrari

>> No.23910650

who are you quotiong?

>> No.23910714

>They know she grew up rich
Eh I would not say she was rich but she also wasn't poor either which I don't think she has ever claimed to.

>> No.23910715

Kek. Shit like this should be on a list somewhere.

>> No.23910751 [DELETED] 
File: 41 KB, 773x199, 1623022846573.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you actually finished the song she actually mentioned she's privileged back home and that she has a guaranteed fallback option... that she doesn't want.

>> No.23910795
File: 91 KB, 1015x1021, 165080964190.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are you all arguing about? There is no song where she raps about being from the hood or about how "hood" she is. Are you really getting mad about imaginary scenarios that you made up?

>> No.23910834

>Are you really getting mad about imaginary scenarios that you made up?
Isn't that what every anti on earth does

>> No.23910858

That’s a fantasy YOU and other deadbeats constructed. Her mom didn’t cook because she was a lazy alcoholic who grew up rich.

>> No.23910898

After the Mama-Mori stream I find it very hard to believe that her mom was a negligent alcoholic towards her and her sis. More like a stressed out single-mom trtyng her hardest to cope until she bagged herself a new husband amd things got easier.

>> No.23910929

Anon, most rappers are posers. 6ix9ine is a snitch. Probably the most ungangster thing you could do.

>> No.23910938
File: 96 KB, 992x744, 1639981258717.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If she drinks like a pig, I know she can eat like one too.

>> No.23910952 [DELETED] 

It's weird AF. It seems she fluctuated between being rich and poor.
The narrative I have heard is the following:
Her grandparents are rich and she therefore experienced some second hand luxury.
Her mother is alcoholic and poor, but then she remarries papamori who is also minted.

My guess is that she grew up "poor" with rich grandparents until about late highschool when her mom remarried.

They probably lived in that shitty house in a rich neighorborhood to be close to her grandparents, they probably helped them pay rent too.

>> No.23910993

while i agree theyre diluting themselves, one can argue moving to japan where she actually would be treated as a minority instead of the upper class is adversity that most rich white women dont face.
however she acts like she faced the same oppression black people do when most japs just find foreigners scary but dont really voice this publically, the japs are too focused on seeming nice then being dicks about it in public.
people are probably just autocompleting the idea she does because all rappers do that by default. its one of those standard tropes in the genre like how country music always has people talking about how theyre humble farmers, even though most of them have never worked on a farm

>> No.23911007

It's weird AF. It seems she fluctuated between being rich and poor.
The narrative I have heard is the following:
Her grandparents are rich and she therefore experienced some second hand luxury.
Her mother is poor, but then she remarries papamori who is also minted.

My guess is that she grew up "poor" with rich grandparents until about late highschool when her mom remarried.

They probably lived in that shitty house in a rich neighorborhood to be close to her grandparents, they probably helped them pay rent too.

>> No.23911012

>Shit you just made up in your head

>> No.23911098

>wealthy baby boomer grand-parents
>poor gen-x single-mom (gold-digger)
>poverty millennial zoomer

The American dream ladies and gents.

>> No.23911124

I think only Americans can comment on the status of American poverty. The working poor exist but it's not like the conditions are the same everywhere. I used to work on calls and burgers would often mention working multiple jobs and still be under the poverty line, yet still have access to utilities the 3rd world doesn't.

The problem with this thread is first equating you need to be in a specific income level to be a rapper, disagreeing on what that income level is, and automatically assume she said explicitly said things because of her experiences. And a dash of poorfag seethe I suppose.

>> No.23911131


>> No.23911184

so... that was the guys' big BTFO quote?

>> No.23911230

Dunno. Sounds like she's self-aware to me.

>> No.23911294
File: 302 KB, 468x536, 1627183175980.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

shows you how much of a leg they have to stand on

>> No.23911368

it's literally twitter niggers going 'only blacks/impoverished can rap'
funny there's a song that comments on that with the previously mentioned Snoop in it

>> No.23911376

>equating you need to be in a specific income level to be a rapper
didn't Kanye grow up in a fairly well-off, middle class household, for example?

>> No.23911485

isn't that all rappers? pretending they are about "that life" but at most they smoked some weed in their bedroom, eve the ones that came out of some hood are pretty lame

>> No.23911544

she only drove it the one time she was first learning, how is that a loan?

>> No.23911561

It was probably the part of the song where she mentioned going to a rich catholic school and growing up around mansions and millionaires. Which he apparently did not choose to post.

>> No.23911609

I mean she's been better for over a decade now, but yeah she was bad before. I buy the rrat.

>> No.23911654

it's my reality

>> No.23911694

I thought rappers were all about flaunting their wealth.

>> No.23911716

Most big name gangsta rappers were middle class, just like most punk rockers were middle class. The "image" is crafted by record companies, that's why you get people saying that gangsta rap was a CIA psyop meant to destroy the morale and communities of black americans.

>> No.23911749

yours and most of the western worlds'

>> No.23911816 [DELETED] 
File: 292 KB, 667x1000, __anya_melfissa_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_kananote__03690eb8a8787f41e8990a52a49475a0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>delete other lyrics
>leave this one
Missed a spot you fucking incompetent jannies. Read >>1 retards

>> No.23911849

Korean-American/Canadian immigrants in general tend to be pretty loaded. They had to have been fairly educated or skilled to have even been eligible for citizenship.

>> No.23912065
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>> No.23912519

It's not exclusive to the west. Here's something some the south east;
>Working poor grandparents
>Rich upper middle-class parents (spend money on random consumerist shit with no savings)
>Poverty millennials and zoomers
We're all fucked together, brothers. It's not like East Asia is saved either. Japan has a declining birthrate and people live in cages, China's uneven gender ratio because they aborted most of their girls unless you're rich and can afford it (Why do you think their fujos are disgustingly rich) and construction bubble, and the Samsung Dynasty corporate hellhole.

>> No.23914182

absolutely incredible image

>> No.23914829

Ok I gotta ask, how old was she when she put this out? Shit, I'd even die of embarrassment if I said something like this with 12.

>> No.23914895

like 18 or 19 i think

she tried to scrub it from the internet because of how embarrassing it was

>> No.23915113

The fuck is this? Clearly I am not educated.

>> No.23915153

Damn, memories like this can haunt you for quite some time. Doesn't help that her music nowadays is still extremely cringey.

>> No.23915788


>> No.23916354

Seriously. I feel like half the posters here are hysterical women. What man gets animated about this shit?

>> No.23916436

After all Satan did tell her she wasn't black, male or hood enough.

>> No.23916484

They are, thank NijiEN.

>> No.23916840

She had always been from money so that's why she doesn't feel any gratitude towards hololive or the fans that made her successful as a vtuber?
Wow that makes sense

>> No.23917331

I don't think anyone actually gives a shit about that except twitter, /here/ just enjoys laughing at her about whatever.

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