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Can we save her?

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No she isn't, watch streams.

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Yes. She will soon need a new liver. so we transfer her to Nijisanji since they have lots of them.

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She's also a drug addict and loves Welsh manlet cock so no.

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We need a Mori vs Lamy drunk contest

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“She don’t wanna be saved” - J Cole

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>Wanting anyone to drink with Lamy
I know you dont like Mori anon but alcohol poisoning is not a good way to go

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But why?

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The question isn't can we, the question is do we want to (I do not)

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No, it’s cute and it’s making her fat, so it’s a win-win in my book.

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She's rich, but she won't be able to jump the queue for a liver donation, so she'll have a very painful death at a young age, which is sad.

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why do you want to save an ugly and fat girl?
she'll just look worse and worse as she grows older

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Stream (Drank), stream stops (Drank)
Sit down (Drank), stand up (Drank)
Pass out (Drank), wake up (Drank)
Faded (Drank), faded (Drank)

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You can't save people who can't save themselves.

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>IMAGINE someone
who cheated and cucked you for years
listen and follow your advice

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I do find it troubling how her obvious alcoholism is just being seemingly ignored by everyone involved. She throws up so many red flags for alcoholism it's ridiculous. Saying she needs to drink to do this that or the other. She doesn't even drink because she enjoys it half the time, she drinks because she thinks she needs it to function. Combined with the stress she is no doubt constantly under...that's not going to lead to the best place. But no one at Cover seems to want to step up and say anything.

At the very least her manager should ban her from drinking on stream.

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Why would we want to?

>> No.23901569

cirrhosis will change her mind

>> No.23901693

to avoid Mori getting worse and dragging other EN down with her

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Fellow architect-beat

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Wow, Mori has shit taste in music

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She is a lean addict and heavy drinker.

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Girls look cuter when fattened by overeating not from alcohol.

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You can't fix alcoholism, it's always there

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stop drinking
no longer an alcoholic

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ah yes so many mid 20s ppl with cirrhosis

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>can we save her
because surely she would hear life advice from random people on the internet

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Girls look cuter when fattened either way, but Mori being an alcoholic really helps me imagine her as my favorite type of chubby girl: a lazy, schlubby, NEET. Laying there in ratty pyjamas, playing video games, adding to her forest of bottles and munching on take out food.

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We don't. I want to watch her do a drinking stream with Gura.

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wasn't the shark supposed to be the alcoholic?

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She drinks in secret

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No. You cannot save someone who does not want to be saved.

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Japan has a different view on alcohol, there it's entirely acceptable to drink all the time.
To japan, much like mental illness in general it simply doesn't exist, or rather, is ignored

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>Yesterday saw Koopa thread
>clicks stream
''I don't really drink''
based turtle.

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We're not saving her until there's a decent length compilation of her drunkenly belching uncontrollably.

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>To japan, much like mental illness in general it simply doesn't exist, or rather, is ignored
Polka doesn't

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If only everyone was like Polka

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Why did she lose weight :(

>> No.23904132

She needs to get shitfaced for an ASMR and go lewd without meaning to. This will save her.

>> No.23904229

Tell me why we should try to save her?

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This joke made me laugh way harder than it had any right to.

>> No.23904328

because her bf (me) told her to.
she'll get ripped and crush watamelons with her thighs

>> No.23904857

Nenechi either. Polka went to help her when she broke down and now Nene is on meds.

>> No.23905067

based polka

>> No.23905078

Polka is the alpha Omega menhera, and we love her for that. She has found harmony in her own menheraness

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Any sane adult is an alcoholic in these trying times. Especially if you're an American and you see how the country has gone downhill since 2016. And the handmaid's tale is about to become real life. Any woman would become an alcoholic.

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No, hopefully she ends up dying

>> No.23905230

>Any sane adult is an alcoholic in these trying times.
Shut up.

>> No.23905249

She's not living in America though.

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I like how fat she's gotten
I want to pound this slampig

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I don't think this is it. Mori is a trump voter who believed the meme that Japan is a paradise for chuds. Takamori fell apart because she's a massive pick-me, this is obvious if you watch Kiara's member streams.

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Needs to stop wearing ''mah baggy clothes'' so we can see those milkers.

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She just needs to keep getting fatter so that we can see the outline of her body pressing up against the seams of her formerly baggy hoodies.

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It took Polka her entire life to seek help, anon.

>> No.23905723

Really hope she starts talking about gaining weight in an attempt to throw idolfags off further

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Polka also thinks every woman is mentally ill to different degrees. Based clown.

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Most retarded shit i've ever seen, jesus christ.

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>woman with debilitating genetic disesase
>not drinking

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>Polka also thinks every woman is mentally ill to different degrees.
so true

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>drunk mori talking up her weight gain, complaining about clothes not fitting, sighing about how she just can’t stop herself

Jesus Christ, my fucking dick

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She WILL continue to drink.
She WILL get fat from drinking.
She WILL sit on my face.
and I WILL be happy.

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>She WILL get fat from drinking
already is. absolutely putrid looking ogre nowadays

>> No.23906890

Found the brainlet, what a retarded ass post from an equally retarded ass person

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Why save her?
Mori's drunken meltdowns were actually the most entertaining content she ever produced in Hololive.
So if anything, she should drink more

>> No.23906979

>debilitating genetic disesase
all the more reason not to drink

>> No.23907029

>all the more reason to drink

>> No.23907044

at this point i'm pretty sure koopa and mori were 2 anime clubs away from meeting

>> No.23907097

Mori is "white trash" larping while Koopa is actual white trash

>> No.23907159

She WILL become shrek.

>> No.23907178

it's funny because koopa said mori was the final push she needed to start vtubing

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she is all redy fat and disgusting https://img.ifunny.co/images/cc81c1cbc13e9c527da7a6896facdf3945b4890e9ac2a5ad504b438a0c427de6_1.jpg

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She is dying it's not funny.

>> No.23907443

what the fuck

>> No.23908303

Ah yes so many mid 20s people who drink 7 bottles a week.

>> No.23908461

Only if she wants to save herself

>> No.23908702

She’ll probably die as a virgin, poorfag

>> No.23908756

It takes decades of alcoholism to get cirrhosis. This is like expecting someone to immediately get lung cancer because they smoke a pack a day, that's not how it works.

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I will go to Japan and allow her to use me as an onahole.

>> No.23908916

I'll never forgive her for what she did to her body. Went from goddess to shrek.

>> No.23908979

She has this much of mentally ill, idk if anon can satisfy her enough.
She’d never make a good egg, just a big belly fat

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>Saying she needs to drink to do this that or the other.

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>. But no one at Cover seems to want to step up and say anything.
Alcoholism is part of East Asian culture.

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Share your taste in music here, anon with good taste.

>> No.23909600

not that guy but the new denzel and vince staples albums are great
great year for music so far

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Easily. Constantly tell her to drink, she always does the opposite to "dunk on the haters".

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I did not understand most of what you said, but rest assured I WILL satisfy her. She will shoot her ropes into me until she goes into hibernation like the bear in winter, and then I'll raise the child with Kiara.

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>he doesn't know

>> No.23911119

Mori never getting pregnant even if you come inside her but she gains weight.
Must be tough seen you will raise someone else child for Kiara kek

>> No.23911189

You mean the streams where she pounds Jack?

>> No.23911398

But anon, that's every stream!

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Alcohol increases the weight gained from overeating

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>> No.23911589

Damn. Lucky jack

>> No.23911857

No, addicts like her can only learn from self reflection after crashing and burning hard
Might take a few years though, or happen tomorrow, who knows

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Polka sounds pretty based. Should I watch her?

>> No.23912759

>gray name says her enthusiasm towards alcoholic beverage sounds like addiction
>"how many times do we have to have this conversation???"
You'd think she would look at herself at some point lol

>> No.23912874

Nah... she is just a manipulative lier. She is doing it to pretend she is cool and depressed.
"i only fell in love once and they kissed someone else" -had a boyfriend in japan the whole time

>> No.23912895

Look, I went to high school with a lot of wiggers that cleaned up their act as soon as they had kids. I know what I must do.

>> No.23913080

Her alcoholism is just a byproduct, her real issue is that she is a workaholic who will work herself into a early grave, the alcohol is just how she copes with it

>> No.23913307

my gf's step sister is a huge coal-burner with 2 kids
none of the kids have dads

>> No.23915136

>actually gets to do things she's passionate about for a living
>still a heavy drinker
No, not really.

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