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Eating bananas always makes my mouth itch

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I love IRyS

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HiRyS! Its MelonRyS!

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I wish there was more feet focused Irys art

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ILove IRyS

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Same, give me shit like this but IRyS

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I will sacrifice myself for her to start a space. Oyasumi, don't bite too much bait today you goobers

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You won't be forgotten SleepRyStocrat

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As much as I hate that bitch Kiara, at least she has the tact to not force others in collabs they don’t want to be a part of like Whori does. Speaking of forced collabs, I still find it hilarious that IRyS ghosted Mori’s vshojo collab begging

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bait much?

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Not now deadbeat

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I love IRyS, she's a cute dork

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Kiara finishes games on stream and loves her community I will forever acknowledge her love for Hololive

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gosh I wish she would ride my banana some time

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she's going to crush it anon

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that’s fucking hot

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man this wouldve look nice if she had eyebrows

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Kiara is great, I actually do admire her a lot, she's gone through a lot and might be one of the best holos even among JP and ID. With that said I don't think I can watch her as much, she just streams too much I'd get overwhelmed...

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I bank vods from Kiara and ina for days IRyS isn't streaming. I'm all caught up on IRyS unfortunately :(

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I'm okay with this

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This puts me in a trance.

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Too bad her voice is the vocal embodiment of aids

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the cover that made me fall in love with the retarded nephilim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYvTRl-fxWs

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Who cares man, ignore him.

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Why is this gone?

>> No.23899987

thats not a cover i think. anon wanted to post a cover

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I see

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iie, is to reudo zusan bonku

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If IRyS was a character in an action game, what kind of weapon would she use? Bow obviously comes to mind, but lets do this mental exercise with no ranged weapons, melee only. So, what weapon suits her?

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I miss her.

>> No.23900659

Dual swords, only defense is dodging, reckless charging warrior.

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No soundpost :(

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Reckless and retarded otaku
dual katanas is the only answer

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File: 441 KB, 1431x2048, Pummling Nephilim IRyS-chan[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fcycy5r.ogg].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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dual swords/katanas easily

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This for normal attack.
This for berserk special.

>> No.23901125

Just finished watching the vod- I thought it was going to be a lot more strict / corporate so that was a nice surprise.
Cool variant of her halo

>> No.23901137

holy sex

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IRyS plays Deus Ex pls

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IRyS retweeting some nice stuff

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RT spree~

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she's goin back real far too

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This one looks lewd at first glance.

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yeah i agree

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I didn't see it at first but the more I look at it…

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I can't stand seeing her in tears. This girl should be smiling. I'm ready to commit crimes against humanity to protect her smile.

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whatcha gonna do~

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I like this one

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Well, she wanted to be a hololive idol and she got what she wanted alongside all the the BS that comes with it.

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So... what does this mean, is she thankful for all of us... "us"...

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no, just me bud.

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Irys is done with streaming...

>> No.23902713

She'll now be GAMING

>> No.23902744

I hope IRyS never makes a Twitch channel.

>> No.23902809

nothing says "I'm a failure of a man" quite like enjoying the shitchicken

>> No.23902855

a fork

>> No.23902882

t. Piggum.

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only piggums here is the one riding dick during Golden Week
though she probably gets flushed and winded easily having to bounce that big, ugly stomach

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kiara is weird.
>dodged her at debut because of wah my mic, wah my pc, wah streaming at my "managers" house
>tried to watch her after kfp grew in size and looked like everything had settled down
>dodged her again after the weird shit she tried to push onto Ina about dominating her audience to get respect/obidience and "Im NoT rUde, I sPeAk a VeRy bLuNt LaNgUaGe"

>> No.23903178

t. cuckbeat

>> No.23903201

>>23903134 (me)
I will take anything IRyS does over half the shit Kiara has done.

>> No.23903213

Whatever you say, porker.

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I like both

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She will make a Twitch channel and y'all WILL watch her there

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>> No.23903313

Only if she rigs the sub noise to her doing a sultry moan.

>> No.23903364

Hard pass.

>> No.23903368

>thanks for the 100 bitties "fistomatic4000" and for your message "widepepohappy widepepohappy widepepohappy"

>> No.23903374

Finally a use for my free amazon prime subscription

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>> No.23903458

Sorry for not being a cumbrain SEAmonkey such as yourself.

>> No.23903469

I only just got into watching IRyS, but I’m getting some serious vibes from her and I need an expert anon to confirm for me: is IRyS an ojou-sama? The kind of character who’s cute, girly, rich, naive, sheltered, and a little bit spoiled. Something about her really feels like she is.

>> No.23903495

Nice soundpost.

>> No.23903510

yes and she's also a fat pig

>> No.23903559

No, they rented a house before and had a bad internet

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Maybe, we need more infomation

>> No.23903611

Me on the left.

>> No.23903625

look at that oinker

>> No.23903659

w-wow IRyS really needs a haircut like that for her next outfit.

>> No.23903710


>> No.23903718

that's a very cute pig :3

>> No.23903788

Thank you, you also look cute.

>> No.23903840

I was watching IRyS play Enter the Gungeon and noticed that almost all of the passives and actives she picked up were met with derision.
"Huhh~? This sounds useless!"
"So this does nothing?"
"Why did I waste a key on this stupid thing? Hmph!"
She is a bratty, spoiled princess and I feel an unbearable urge to tie her to some bedposts and apply many consecutive hours of correction

>> No.23903853

the look piggums gives you before asking if she can have another slice of cake in exchange for letting you do "that thing you really like" in bed

>> No.23903884

Well I’m also an architect, so my almonds couldn’t be more activated if she really is a fat ojou.

>> No.23903967

My suspicion is that piggy anon is an architect that is into shaming his oshi for gratification.
>tranny, canadian and also an architect
What a combination...

>> No.23903987

oh she is
an absolute chunkapotamus
the neighbors will complain about the late night oinking if you really take a shine to her backside

>> No.23904425

0 for 3, pigfucker
I wouldn't fuck piggy if you paid me
but I did jack off to her crying on stream multiple times

>> No.23904493

what does artichet have to do with vtubing?

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>> No.23904713

Writing this here is definitely worse

>> No.23904780

Probably got kicked out of global. Typical eggs.

>> No.23904921

Release your schedule, IRyS

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File: 1.58 MB, 1280x720, cute[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Fz2t7zt.ogg].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How can this dork be so cute bros...

>> No.23905002

How shit do you have to be to get kicked out of the designated shithole?

>> No.23905106

That's a lot of retweets, she really wanted to push Kiara down in her timeline

>> No.23905116 [DELETED] 

just found out about your cuck stream. That shit is sad. Hope you realize you'll never get to hear her giggle at your jokes the way she did with that faggot.

>> No.23905156

There were jokes?

>> No.23905175

IRyS spoke like 3 times what stream were you fuckin watching?

>> No.23905357

pigfuckers can't win

>> No.23905385

wrong thread deadbeat

>> No.23905434

I'm not a disgusting deadbeat.
I'm not laughing at you. I feel pity for you. That shit sucks.

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>IRyS spoke like 3 times

>> No.23905453


>> No.23905479

Watch streams deabeat

>> No.23905513

Neither Kiara nor Irys laughed at the single joke that your fellow cat tranny said.

>> No.23905579

I'm not a loathsome deadbeat and Mori is a manipulative lying whore who preyed upon her fan's loneliness and desperation. She should never be forgiven. Fuck Mori and Fuck you.

>> No.23905793

How was the Dokomi thing? I was wage slaving during the twitch stream.

>> No.23905821


>> No.23905865

Alot of German which IRyS doesn't understand so she just smiled instead

>> No.23905966

>I did jack off to her crying on stream multiple times
I find that hard to believe, her recent cry was kind of short and underwhelming. She composed herself pretty quickly and got a lot of support from supas, also didn't go in depth or mess up the stream any further because of it.
Overall it was a 6/10 on a good day
t. gets off girls crying

>> No.23906003

It isn't the physical act. It's knowing how miserable she is.

>> No.23906137

And nodded. The nods were cute.

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I was there for the nods, too adorable... I love her so much!

>> No.23906410

It turns out she was half oni this entire time

>> No.23906426

watching the vod now, a pretty boring generic interview... and IRyS is barely saying anything other than some questions that she answered

>> No.23906450

My thoughts exactly.

>> No.23906704

RT of something posted a few minutes ago, s-schedule inc?

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I wouldn't get my HOPES up if I were you

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>> No.23906809

She's more likely to just stop streaming altogether at this point than release a schedule.

>> No.23906888

Kiss my ass piggum

>> No.23906939

oink oink

>> No.23906984

nope she going to slep~

>> No.23907258

want to bet? If she releases a schedule, you leave /hirys/, if she never streams again, I leave /hirys/

>> No.23907887

What's with the RT spree? Did Kiara said something to her about her Bad use of Twitter? I hope this encorages more artist to draw her

>> No.23907970

Pushing the Dokomi stuff down in her timeline

>> No.23908032

fugg.. best girl vtuber waifu is now officially like best girl animu waifu

>> No.23908098

i hate kiara so goddamnn much

>> No.23908184

Just tweet and go to bed, IRyS

>> No.23908225

Stop shitposting when 4chan is dying.

>> No.23908257

works on my machine

>> No.23908298


>> No.23908311

>Did Kiara said something to her about her Bad use of Twitter?
I can shit on Kiara any day of the week, but she's based if she really gave some kind of pep talk to IRyS, the girl sorely needs it.
Onis truly are the best.

>> No.23908371

IRyS wouldn't be so drowsy if she didn't take her meds at 4am, went to bed at 6am, slept for 6 hours. Got up, took a shit and then instantly started streaming. She's not fixing her problem she's just falling asleep faster.

>> No.23908548

Her throat would be better if she didn't stream for 6 hours right after waking up too

>> No.23908606

There's a lot of easy things she could be doing to help herself but she won't change her bad habits

>> No.23908742

So what does she do between 6pm and 4am bros?

>> No.23908755


>> No.23908758

Watch anime and play games

>> No.23908765


>> No.23908769

Goes out until midnight and comes home and watches anime

>> No.23908788

>Goes out
with me

>> No.23908865

Me, what else would you expect her to do? Watch anime and play video games? Please be realistic.

>> No.23909027

Goes out, ego searches / watches clips, lazes around (manga/games)

>> No.23909316

Also sending faxes to manager-san asking for perms to play games and other shit(Omega please answer me when the MV is ready-IRyS)

>> No.23909510

Not now piggum

>> No.23909768
File: 1.20 MB, 1600x2000, __irys_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_eiji_eiji__e740255e089ef5f643d6d02291607905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same. Why don't you commission some, anons?

>> No.23910172
File: 83 KB, 468x468, 1629990526146.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Patch anon here. I couldn't get any dollrys pics to look right so I decided on trying this. How does it look? I still have a few final touches to work on.

>> No.23910224

C U T E ~

>> No.23910256

cute, how do you make them?

>> No.23910258

Looks good.

>> No.23910323
File: 481 KB, 542x750, 1637292630220.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice work anon!

>> No.23910778

Thanks, I use twillry.com. They do custom one-off patches. It can be a bit pricey depending on the size though.

>> No.23911491

why you guys think she is fat? have you ever seen her pictures?
Nobody can be fat eating a banana after 6 hours of waking up.

>> No.23911530

It's one schizo that won't stop perpetuating this. Ignore them.

>> No.23911564

The pictures are years old.

>> No.23911597

No one thinks she's fat. She's spoken about how she's not a heavy person and doesn't gain weight. And yes we have.

>> No.23911650

literally one cuckbeat schizo calling her fat

>> No.23911659

piggy eats nonstop during streams and doesn't do any physical activity besides shopping and sex
she's very chunky

>> No.23911682

I knew you'd all summon him from his pantry

>> No.23911688

from 2019

>> No.23911720

5 minutes of sex is enough to spend the calories of a banana and poky.

>> No.23911800

I make sure she burns a lot of calories during sex.
Also: https://youtu.be/tvLEiNK_G8I?t=5345

>> No.23911814

piggums can't keep her snout out of the trough

>> No.23911866

2019 was years ago

>> No.23911897

>pre-suicidal piggins before she started eating all day

>> No.23911973

the latest one is from December 2019. So 2 year... and she lives in japan. Food in japan is almost non-existent.

>> No.23912018

>Food in japan is almost non-existent.
are pigfuckers retarded?

>> No.23912077

Seriously. People in japan dont have sex and dont eat. The portions are so small it is scary. And they eat a lot of raw fish and see food.
I jack off twice every day and that is more than enough to burn those calories.

>> No.23912290

Remember how she was telling us that pizza is a rip-off in Japan and how small they are? Now imagine that with everything else.

>> No.23912371

She's probably the fattest EN after Mori.


>> No.23912388

>dumbasses think Asians can't get fat
Ollie is a hippo, and she lives in a country of literal mud farmers

>> No.23912465
File: 138 KB, 480x480, 1646373242104.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

HiRyS! /HiRyS/! JWU will my lovely wife be streaming today? or is it time to rewatch a vod? God I love her so much!

>> No.23912516

We can only hope. She sounded abit stuffy on the dokimi stream.

>> No.23912572
File: 127 KB, 262x260, 1645408480070.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If she needs rest to get better that's fine! I just want to say I love her so much today too!

>> No.23912580

She's boycotting streams until they release her MV

>> No.23912625

No news for now, so nap time until the usual stream hours

>> No.23912643

She sounded a bit sick on dokomi stream so I think she'll be resting for now.

>> No.23912650

Too early to tell but all signs point to no

>> No.23912719

Counterpoint: Mori is an alcoholic and spends a fuck ton of money on takeout, the portions may be small but takeout food is takeout food.

>> No.23912725

Wasn't that coming on 1st or 2nd of May or something? What's up with that?

>> No.23912966

management took the week off
piggy cried

>> No.23913071

Piggum dinner is ready.

>> No.23913251

I was talking about japanese people. not the whole continent. Their society is fucked up to the core. They are really close to not being humans anymore.
And mori is american. Maybe texan? Or San Francisco... anyways, fat pig with low iq. that is expected

>> No.23913452

that's all well and good, but it doesn't stop a japanese american pig overeating and getting fat

>> No.23913524

I want to kiss IRyS, touch her erotic body, make her cum and pump my seeds in her womb. I want to impregnate impregnate impregnate impregnate impregnate impregnate impregnate impregnate IRyS so much it's unreal.

>> No.23913566
File: 327 KB, 1389x1997, 1635861327835.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Me first! IRyS is all I think about!

>> No.23913982
File: 208 KB, 368x468, Jhfyurkslfkdff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Control yourself!

>> No.23914066

I really like this rat plushie she's holding. The face and small paws are adorable.

>> No.23914171

i would love to see a half jap fat. they traditions are so strong that parents keep treating them as robots

>> No.23914268
File: 579 KB, 2276x3600, pantyhoseRyS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know this has been said a million times already, but God I want her to sit on my face.

>> No.23914381
File: 324 KB, 406x411, 1640045073026.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reading fantasy novels while watching IRyS vods.
Nothing better lads.

>> No.23915050

Inner reading baerys fanfic on minecraft btw

>> No.23916449
File: 2.24 MB, 640x360, OddLoop [sound=files.catbox.moe%2F8s5bsj.mp3].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23916876

monotone reading from inner.. doesn't sound very exciting

>> No.23917600

The upside of the lack of streams is me catching up on past streams.

>> No.23918433

I should've slowed down in catching up on the past streams. I now have nothing to watch.

>> No.23918806

I haven't seen her in 4 days, I'm going to fucking die

>> No.23918893

She was on twitch today with Kiara.

>> No.23919046
File: 166 KB, 768x768, heart2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What I've learned from her past breaks is that I know all my worries would instantly get blown away the moment I hear her voice and see her face again. I'll never let myself fall into despair ever again.

>> No.23919157

This is true but it does remind me how retarded I am for rearranging my sleep schedule to catch her streams live

>> No.23920041

I want to mating press hope too

>> No.23920227

I want to mating press (You)! while hope watches

>> No.23920335

She lost hope before we did. Shes only on meds because of sleeping problems. She only had sleeping problems because of mental problems. She literally needs therapy. Shes in no position to be a source of Hope for anybody anymore.

>> No.23920355

Anon pls, let not /become/ /inf/

>> No.23920614

Never lose hope. I will always stand there for her. I will be her hope, even if it's just a small fraction. She gave me hope,and I'm not going to give up now. Never.

>> No.23920647

I wonder if she'd feel better streaming at the times she usually streams collabs. In the evening. Though that could collide with other duties like recording. And dinner with me.

>> No.23920662

Spot on, old champ. We will never lose hope.

>> No.23920877

Not even a year in and she lost her steam already. EN3 will fucking overshadow her even more if she can't even offer anything consistent or unique outside FOTM games she sees every other holo girl play or release songs no one cares about. Superficially liking anime can only get you so far.

>> No.23920936


>> No.23921010

Everyone must dream. We dream to give ourselves hope. To stop dreaming – well, that's like saying you can never change your fate. Never stop fighting and holding onto what you believe. Never feel more alive, more human.

>> No.23921024

Her channel growth is almost dead, may as well go the AZKi route at this point

>> No.23921036


>> No.23921074

IRyS was the symbol of going against the odds and never losing hope, not so convincing if she's breaking down

>> No.23921086

Tranny squad clocked in?

>> No.23921113

Imagine if she debuted on a normal month and not just after Coco's graduation.

>> No.23921127

towa baby....

>> No.23921160

You don't need to imagine, just look at Sana. Sana is IRyS without the 500k sub debut boost.

>> No.23921276

That just shows me how much of a human she is, and you know what humans have? hope and empathy. She gave me hope in my darkest hours, and now it is my turn to give back and show her my support. If there is a time to give up, it's surely not now. In fact, this is the perfect time to raise our hope even higher than ever!

>> No.23921336
File: 97 KB, 999x914, MisakiRyS [sound=https%3A%2F%2Fa.pomf.cat%2Fcjmfhg.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23921425
File: 383 KB, 684x612, 1645305108578.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ever losing hope? Nah, not me mate. I'm with you, and with IWyS too.

>> No.23921503

I want to mating press hope now more than ever

>> No.23921508

I wonder how she truly feels about her gachikois. I think she said once that it was scary how a couple of thousands internet strangers are in love with her.

>> No.23921534

Dude, same...

>> No.23921574

Yeah, me

>> No.23921575

I havent been able to watch IRyS in a while, can someone tell me whats going on with her and why everyones saying shes depressed?

>> No.23921637

Our "support" doesn't seem to mean much

>> No.23921693

She cried on stream about a week and a half ago. Her MV was supposed to be released at the beginning of the month, but management keeps fucking around.

>> No.23921826

Why do you keep saying management? You know they don't make the MV right? Every other time they release them as soon as the MV is done. If it's not out it means the MV is not done yet.

>> No.23921873

Management is not applying the proper pressure.

>> No.23921890

Source: the voices in your head

>> No.23921919

It would be simple to wait until they have the MV to release it on digital platforms

>> No.23921926

That just means I need to deploy more of them then.

>> No.23921987

Jerking off twice as often to her Q&ASMR won't improve her mental health

>> No.23922005
File: 338 KB, 508x586, Jkueoermfhs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hope is what makes us strong, it is why were are here!

>> No.23922028

It does improve mine a lot, though.

>> No.23922119
File: 105 KB, 850x680, 1648406889555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lore fags

>> No.23922263
File: 213 KB, 1125x900, 1639539268602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

check out this lore

>> No.23922285
File: 241 KB, 533x384, winkRyS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't promise that I will support her forever, but I'm very confident that I'm not leaving her during these rough times. I look forward to the day she's happy again, and a lot stronger and hopeful than before.

>> No.23922313

It is only creepy if you are ugly. If you are an ikemen like me, she loves it.

>> No.23922365
File: 126 KB, 936x468, 1622359548884.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok I'm happy with it, except for the red eye. Which one looks better? It's a bit difficult to work with their 8 color limit.

>> No.23922386
File: 110 KB, 1440x1080, 1630890849987.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i love you too Kaworu

>> No.23922388

Speak for yourself, I don't think I can take it if she becomes the next pity bait Holo. I didn't post it before but even in the Dokomi thing she gave a pretty shitty response to one of the first questions about the past year in Hololive. It was a promotional thing and she couldn't help but bring up how bad things have been for her.

>> No.23922393

It would make for a great A Way Out sequel desu. Start as a slice of life marriage sim that turns into a revenge story.

>> No.23922409
File: 80 KB, 468x468, 1651567492991.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Forgot to add the third option

>> No.23922427

I mean SC you dumdum

>> No.23922443

Right looks better. The pink of the eye n the left blends in too much with her cheek.

>> No.23922472

It's not good to reward mental breakdowns with SCs

>> No.23922490


>> No.23922546
File: 268 KB, 793x770, HimoutoIRyS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I only SC on song releases or events

>> No.23922561

She would stop acting so cute if she truly didn't want gachikois.

>> No.23922601

Lol me too, got some extra cash from successfully selling 2 cars. Gonna start throwing when she returns

>> No.23922610

Her trying to look and sound cool will probably make her much cuter though

>> No.23922639

True, but I feel like there's not enough contrast between the two colors on the right one.

>> No.23922651
File: 9 KB, 187x200, 1651335827915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Whenever she tries to trashtalk she always messes it up and it's very cute

>> No.23922754

No need to send it as "get better IRyS" or something like that. I will just let her know that I support her and that is good enough.

>> No.23922846

something has to be going on behind the scenes with management. delayed outfit, delayed MVs. releasing songs on digital platforms without any marketing besides the one tweet from the main account. who's cereal did IRyS piss in that everyone who works on her projects drags their feet.

>> No.23922852
File: 90 KB, 630x541, 1647358685744.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love you IRyS, whether times are good or bad, happy or sad.

>> No.23922883

Gosh i wish that was my cereal.

>> No.23923050

IRyS was sleeping with her manager.
They got caught.
Manager got fired.
She was given a provisional manager just before Golden Week.
She was told they'd deliberate on where to go with her from here after Golden Week, which is why she's been miserable the whole time (along with losing manager-san's dick).
Went full menhera and got put on crazy pills.
The rest of the story is yet to be written.

>> No.23923108

That manager? me, she misses my dick.

>> No.23923114

Yeah, me

>> No.23923254

All me, baby

>> No.23923316

what's the point of a manager if they let projects slide and be delayed all the time? aren't they there to make sure stuff gets done. Redjuice created two new character designs with detailed notes for each of them and flushed them out a week before his art exhibition. The dude can draw so I doubt he's sandbagging the new outfit for IRyS

>> No.23923328
File: 174 KB, 407x342, 1639798411105.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you're both IRyS and the manager?

>> No.23923348

maybe is a money issue

>> No.23923355

Project Hope and Council lore shit was under Omega's handling and he flopped. Omega got the sack behind the scenes and now they don't know what to do with IRyS after all the initial investment. They're pumping out the songs she has already recorded but without any fanfare and notice and hope IRyS gets buried. Maybe IRyS rejecting her new years outfit was real and put a bad impression on redjuice and management that's why they barely care.

>> No.23923388

If only we could have seen that scuffed NY outfit

>> No.23923395
File: 346 KB, 358x540, Ignore rrat[sound=z.zz.ht%2FSej5g.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>There really are three IRyS's
>Ones the manager

>> No.23923419

The point of managers is so fans have someone to get mad at.

>> No.23923427

Omega was never a manager, of IRyS or Council.

>> No.23923550

>Maybe IRyS rejecting her new years outfit was real and put a bad impression on redjuice
Redjuice was retweeting IRyS new songs. and IRyS mentioned doing something for Redjuice bday that's coming up. doesn't sound like they have any bad blodd between them

>> No.23923562

All of this speculation is cute but really, I just don't like how IRyS is depressed and nonchalant about her work ethic after December. She had every handed to her on a silver platter without the cost the other girls have to pay for a stream of orisong releases while maintaining a sizeable stream audience. I really don't know what she's depressed but its affecting my enjoyment of her streams with how she barely cares nowaday. Not even a proper schedule or just a tweet about her plans. I doubt she just spent Golden Week on bed too but had to lie to get out of stream and hang out like a normalfag. I just want her to care and be sincere but if she doesn't then I'll start caring less too.

>> No.23923577

I don't recall her mentioning doing something for his birthday but the seacord bringing him up

>> No.23923623

The rrats here are probably effecting your enjoyment of her streams more.

>> No.23923657

Holy fuck, I was away for a day and /hiRyS/ is filled to the brim with doomposters, even way worse than usual. What happened?

>> No.23923674

there was an sc asking perm to use her art tag for a drawing of her that was going to be sent to redjuice on twitter for his bday. and IRyS mentioned it's ok to use multiple art tags.

>> No.23923680

>I'll start caring less too.
Good get out here more IRyS For me

>> No.23923713

She calls him Redjuice-sensei
The rest of your post is fine but there's no reason to think she didn't stay in bed feeling sad for most of her break. Women do stuff like that, and she probably has a cold or covid too

>> No.23923739

I haven't missed a stream and I can tell how less enthusiastic she was than usual recently. Like going through the motions of streaming video games because its a job.

Give me time. I'm still giving her a chance, especially she really brightens up in collabs (especially JP ones).

>> No.23923768
File: 738 KB, 1080x1089, Kek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I need more..

>> No.23923814

>she really brightens up in collabs
Kiara fucking ignored her to speak german with catboy

>> No.23923820
File: 923 KB, 2894x3429, 51157.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23923829

her model is shit
her songs are boring
they're overworking her
if you don't know why she's depressed you really are an idiot

>> No.23923882

She's not good at promotional events in general; she gets too nervous

>> No.23923887

I don't see nothing unusual, maybe just the amount of IPs...

>> No.23923931


>> No.23924021

furyou dog was fun

>> No.23924058

graduation and return to full-time n-word streaming imminent

>> No.23924132

i mean.... mikecat did it and is killing it. dont know about dragon lady.

>> No.23924154

I hope not, I enjoy her interaction with Hololive members

>> No.23924170

knew one of you would go with this

>> No.23924172

kson's channel is in the gutter
mikeneko is still in the honeymoon period, give it half a year

>> No.23924205

If you're talking about Rushia she hasn't even streamed since her redebut

>> No.23924286

IRyS is about 10 times less popular than those two. They were both the top SC earners when they retired. IRyS would be back to being a 3view but she'd still be doing fine

>> No.23924299

>mikeneko is still in the honeymoon period, give it half a year
k will check back in 6months

>> No.23924314

I don't think it's the case. She tweeted she was taking a vocal rest day and would get the schedule out. She never put out the schedule or put up a stream frame before going to bed like normal, so she wasn't intended to stream the next day. Then she tweeted the following day about being sick. If she came up sick she still would have done the schedule or planned a stream and then cancelled it the next day.

>> No.23924348

she has work that pays her to sing, the only thing she can do
her model being shit is subjective, i've seen worse
her songs being bad is subjective too, its okay and she never pays for them anyway
overworking? to show up a couple of times a week to record and stream video games at home comfortably? have some time to watch anime too?

I still don't know why she is depressed. If coco was here she would bitch slap her to look at her situation more objectively like what she did for Watame. She's doing well as a mid tier holo with a constant stream of fan support and income. I don't know what she's depressed for but its bringing the mood down

>> No.23924416

She tweeted this on that day https://twitter.com/irys_en/status/1522565864503275522 so she wasn't in a productive state of mind, that's all

>> No.23924456

For real I wouldn't say her job is easy but there are people putting in way more effort and have to make more decisions on their own than she does and they hold up just fine.

>> No.23924464

Is IRyS sleeping?
Yeah with me... but is she is?

>> No.23924481
File: 61 KB, 179x146, meltRyS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23924627

Crumbling under the pressure of streaming a FotM game three times a week.

>> No.23924660
File: 857 KB, 4096x3383, 1987654887.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Our girl is stressed and sad, please anons, just write her that letter, don't be creepy about it and don't include gifts so it doesn't get destroyed by management. She put the first 3 letters she got on her fridge, it could have been yours, but you were too lazy to fucking write her a letter despite spamming your love for her in this stupid board.

>> No.23924736

I wonder how much this has to do with perms. liek FotM is obviously going to get perms by someone else so streaming it would be easier vs some random game IRyS likes but the company is slow or doesn't know how to respond to whatever bs cover has them agree to before oking IRyS to stream the game.

>> No.23924766

Yeah. Other people are handling most of the stuff that actually put stress on a normal holo without the VSinger support like releasing a song. I just want a JP senpai to straighten her up like Marine for Kiara and Coco for Watame. She really needs a senpai figure to give her some perspective. AZKi might be good too.

>> No.23924785

If you write it now she'll have graduated before it gets to her

>> No.23924798

She streams FotM games because she's not a gamer and doesn't know what to play so she plays what she saw others doing.

>> No.23924814

I just told you why she's depressed, you saying "it's subjective" means jack shit
Coco also doesn't know jack shit

>> No.23924837

IRyS' cover of this is going to be kino when it comes out in a week

>> No.23924840

I don't think IRyS likes games as much. She only plays Nintendo stuff enthusiatically like Splatoon and Luigi's Mansion (which she dropped after 1 stream because it wasn't making numbers she wanted). I stopped expecting she had some semblance of taste or idea about video games.

>> No.23924868

Coco worked hard and put more effort into her vtubing career to make the most out of it. Probably more effort in one month than IRyS has in ten.

>> No.23924913

isn't she in the shadowrealm rightnow? she's only streamed twice in about a month

>> No.23924922

And it wont rank in the top 50 (FIFTY) hololive covers after its first initial week. IRyStocrats don't care wont loop her songs

>> No.23924992

The Coco point is actually a somewhat interesting parallel because her model was weird as fuck too compared to most Holos.

>> No.23924994

The core dedicated fanbase is not where views come from

>> No.23924995

Coco has no talent
She's not a singer
Irys is a singer with talent and she's being mismanaged and she doesn't know what to do about it

>> No.23925040

Sorry Coco can't sing but as an entertainer I would say she's far superior to IRyS

>> No.23925057

Utaites with her singing talent are a dime a dozen

>> No.23925075

fuck you Coco grinded EVERYDAY with Asacoco and contributed to the Hololive boom greatly in her own way. She had the drive and initiative, only liked the idol qualities that Hololive desired might have been a factor that made her go on a separate path (not including the obvious chink reason). Coco made full use of her bilingual gift, her only known standout trait with how utter lacking she is in everything else. How about IRyS, being bilingual hasn't helped her much despite the potential.

>> No.23925133

she made up her lack of idol talent with hardwork and dedication and like what is said >>23925075 made full use of the skill and tools she had

>> No.23925158

They both had weird models and are bilingual. A huge difference that people here won't ever accept is that Coco had a great work ethic and put tons of effort into making the most of her Holo career.

>> No.23925164

Wow, you guys really don't know what depression does to you huh?

>> No.23925226

You don't seem to understand that being a vtuber and being a singer are two different things and Coco isn't comparable because she's not a fucking singer, she's just a vtuber
Of all the retarded shit I've read in this thread

>> No.23925235

depression is not objective. that is the problem. Nothing you can do or understand without real studying.

>> No.23925237

She's never had that great a work ethic even before this depression arc

>> No.23925287

IRyS is a vtuber that sings sometimes

>> No.23925292

Actually this post you just made is one of the most retarded thus far. 90% of IRyS content is just being a vtuber, go look at her channel if you don't believe me. She barely even does karaokes anymore and goes to the studio at a rate of like once a month these days.

>> No.23925293

ding ding ding
me liking her voice doesnt mean everyone else would have liked it
besides the only reason i followed utaites in the past was because i liked them, hence why i followed himeringo and nameless too

>> No.23925340

cover fucked up by making a positioned called vtuber/vsinger.

>> No.23925374

Does this make me bad person to think that:
I can probably use her sadness as a way to get close to her and her family and help her as a result, I mean she'll do better and I won't be here
This is all just an assumption

>> No.23925389

asacoco was only liked by redditors, everyone else that mattered watched her because of her chatting streams

>> No.23925418

>if I don't see it it doesn't exist
she has aspirations as a singer, and she's put out a lot of music, but that music isn't very good, and she's been overworked to get to that point, and they're going to continue to do so

>> No.23925430

She's good but her main advantage over every other utaite that might have applied for the Vsinger role is that she's bilingual and in Japan. That's not worth that much by itself unless you reach out for collabs all the time

>> No.23925440

They are all kids from asia dude. They live in the jungle. they know nothing about life

>> No.23925449

IRyS streams more than being a singer. Even IRyS jokes she's a vtuber/sgamer/vsinger with how much she streams non singing related shit and most of her content is game streams.

>> No.23925455

how would you help her anon?

>> No.23925472

It does exist you dumb fuck, she lets her fans know when she has studio days and she has only had four since Christmas

>> No.23925487

Assuming I'd help her

>> No.23925488

Yes it does make you a bad person, but that's common among IRyStocrats

>> No.23925503

Dokomi was the only dose of hope anons got in too long and it was a brutal disappointment. This hurt people more than just hiatus would've.

>> No.23925519

yes it does. Never gonna happen though, so it is ok.

>> No.23925525

Yeah just like IRyS, who doesn't know about how good her situation is and being depressed about nothing. She really doesn't know about how hard life could really get. Fuckign asians man, right?

>> No.23925540

I see, well I guess I'll wait until next stream, ByeRyS, have a nice day everyone

>> No.23925578

From what IRyS has said she's depressed because "society is unfair," whatever that means

>> No.23925612

She was overworked (past tense) the point of damaging her health, possibly seriously
She's getting ready for another period of recording soon

>> No.23925619

She got the shorter end of the chop-stick

>> No.23925620

asians do look alikem00d

>> No.23925636

I propose for IRyS to announce a long break if she's not feeling it. For you whiny niggers too. The refreshed comeback will spark something I guess. Emphasize the "announced" part so she would stop living in anons head for weeks with doomposting

>> No.23925663

IRySoSad, boo fucking hoo. She's got one of the easiest lives of any 20-something girl in the world.
Though her SC income has been pitiful lately. Not Risu bad, but it makes me wonder if she's numberfagging herself sad like shitchicken used to.

>> No.23925670

Yeah like that one time, honestly not a bad idea

>> No.23925675

Her latest suggested taking a break but she said she only wants to do that as a last resort. She should have taken a real one back in January

>> No.23925699

She took most of the month of December off when recording got heavy. She only had four studio sessions since then. Her future workload shouldn't even matter, because it's speculative and hasn't even happened yet.

>> No.23925702

she's a privileged upper class rich asian, she doesn't know what real work is outside of covering anime songs for years

>> No.23925716

anybody in her condition would ask for twp week and adapt to the medication.
That shit fucks your brain really bad.
I was really impressed on how well she was handling streaming. She finally realized she needed some time.

>> No.23925728

Her latest doctor*
No way... it's only been bad because of collabs and Elden Ring, otherwise she's doing well in SCs

>> No.23925754

She's only been doing well in SCs since she cried lol

>> No.23925796

The streams before she cried are literally all collabs and Elden Ring. You can't use those to judge how she's doing in SCs

>> No.23925805

where do you guys check it? Poor tupaisen

>> No.23925818

What is the significance of her taking time off? They overworked her, and she has throat nodules now. This is a fact. Her future workload does matter because they're going to overwork her even more, she talked about this too, it's not speculative

>> No.23925831

>upper class rich asian
fuck them. where are they so I can avoid them? especially those artist tomboy asians who wear baggy hoodies all the time and are a little sad and need some extra support. I really want to avoid them and dont want to run into one on accident and fall in love and have children and rise in the artworld as a power couple. nope dont want any of that

>> No.23925837

Either playboard or hololyzer

>> No.23925838

She might not recover from a break, even her December "break" put a dent on her momentum and growth she still hasn't recovered from. Imagine if she announced a break spanning for months and around that time EN3 gets announced. IRyS mindshare within HoloEN fans can easily disappear like Mel's and without genmates to lean (leech) on to.

>> No.23925855

I don't do a deep dive. Just look at social blade when I'm curious.

>> No.23925859

no way dude. there is these 2 guys that give her red suppa every single stream. I wonder how bad you have to be to not respect your own money like that

>> No.23925884

AZKi route is her only option. If streaming is too much for her then she should just give up

>> No.23925893

From what I gather from this thread:
Poorfags crying that person living more well off is ill/ sad
Because as we all know if you have x amount of money being sad is impossible IRyS is an anomaly

>> No.23925918

AZKi route isn't even totally an option since she doesn't have 3D

>> No.23925968

she is about to hit 1 million... that is impossible. she is growing better than most of council either.

>> No.23925978

When part of the reason she's so sad was explicitly stated as work stuff, it makes it seem overblown because she has a cushy as fuck job streaming video games.

>> No.23925989

Yeah, dipshit, people are going to call out a 21st century media princess on how cushy her life is when she starts whining about it publicly.
And no, I'm not a "poorfag," I'm comfortably middle class. But I know how many of her fans are penniless NEETs or gas station employees. She needs a reality check.

>> No.23926000

>I wonder how rich you have to be to not respect your own money like that
someone a WHILE back said they're either midlevel IT guys or artists in their early to mid30s who have nothing better going on in their lives

>> No.23926028

WTF are you saying

>> No.23926039

She is not going to even hit a million within a year, and gets less subs than all of Council except Sana. Her and Sana have roughly the same pace.

>> No.23926054

Just some dramaposters, they will just move to another holo when IRyS is back

>> No.23926081

If she was sad because her music work is not up to her standards I'd actually respect that

>> No.23926107

Her job is being a vsinger and streaming video games
Funny you seem to forget the part that's actually causing her stress

>> No.23926131

>midlevel IT guys
Probably this. These faggots are overpaid an absurd amount and bleed money if they're single. COVID was padding their stock options hard until recently, too.

>> No.23926134

10%/90% ratio on the singer to streamer

>> No.23926155

she is
where do you newfags come from

>> No.23926177

Keep posting the vsinger cope like she's not just a regular vtuber who gets songs made for her by Cover.

>> No.23926181

She never said it directly like that. Whenever she talks about being stressed or frustrated it's always life or society being unfair

>> No.23926206

You have as much proof of why she was diagnosed as a suicide risk as the rrats saying she broke up before Golden Week.

>> No.23926218

She doesn't have side gigs or 3D for said gigs.
Look all I want is for her to not stream when she's not feeling enthusiastic about it and be honest with us when she doesn't feel like streaming and say she's not streaming. Stop with the excuses and no schedules.

I would take the minimum three scheduled short-medium length streams a week if she's really happy and enthusiastic about it and the stream rather than hours long boring streams where she's not into it. Less is actually better with IRyS and her streams.

>> No.23926250

they say she made 1.455 million dollar already... half goes for youtube and the other half for cover.
363.872,75 R$ ... i would retire and live a happy life

>> No.23926254

It's literally ruining her life that the songs she doesn't pay for and doesn't do anything other than show up to the studio and sing don't have MVs

>> No.23926256
File: 89 KB, 802x720, FRpH2cOaAAAZWJd.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23926287

Is that in some brazilian currency?

>> No.23926299

Stress from WHAT exactly? She's not even handling any kind of music production on her end with other people handling that shit for her as a VSinger and doesn't even have to pay for anything.

>> No.23926320

SCs are a minority of her income. She probably made close to a million (before taxes) up until now.
Makes her crying on stream even less sympathetic.

>> No.23926332

They overworked her to the point she's permanently damaged her voice. This is an indisputable fact. Her songs are also mediocre and nobody cares about them and she's powerless to do anything about the direction she's taking

She obviously can't directly say it

>> No.23926339

at least show it in japanese yen monkey

>> No.23926360

She would stream the day before and after her recordings. She overworked herself

>> No.23926368

This. The other Holomems have to write and produce their own music. She doesn't, and she still makes money off it.
She has it better than literally all of Hololive in that regard now (since AZKi has been restructured).

>> No.23926370

it says dollars in the site

>> No.23926372

The people handling her music production are doing a bad job of it and there's nothing she can do about it

>> No.23926379

not now thread is on bump limit

>> No.23926404

Nah, realistic estimates are $500k a year in income before taxes. She doesn't have many sponsorships

>> No.23926427

>Whenever she talks about being stressed or frustrated it's always life or society being unfair
because she never actually worked a real job outside covering anime songs till she got in Hololive

>> No.23926438

You have no idea what you're talking about

>> No.23926439
File: 1.49 MB, 1666x1097, FRxrgKmaQAE5Mum.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't wait for more IRyS, I really miss her

>> No.23926455

Why do you keep acting like she has no responsibility or agency? She's the one who chose to keep streaming when the recording schedule got heavy, even after her throat was bothering her in November. She signed up to be a singer as you say, and she could have been smart like Suisei and not streamed at all while recording was heavy. It's so easy to blame things on others when people post in ths very thread all the time "she wasn't hired to stream and has no obligation to do so". So if she chose to keep streaming with a fucked up throat that's on her.

>> No.23926457

Whenever she talked about her 2 latest songs she didn't seem that unhappy with them

>> No.23926496

Because it's the singing that damages her throat not the streaming you clown
This entire thread is talking about her streaming when her streaming has nothing to do with her problems

>> No.23926515

Are irystrocart the weakest fan base kronii , human ..would never doompost this much on a rest day, I guess the fan reflex the oshi

>> No.23926517

t. retard

>> No.23926532

t. retard

>> No.23926534

Streaming for hours has a non negligible effect on her vocal cords, and she still chose to do near weekly karaokes as well. She has even complained after a weak of streaming on many occasions how her throat has been bothering her. If streaming doesn't affect it then why would she say that?

>> No.23926541

t. has no idea what he's talking about but feels the need to have an opinion anyway

>> No.23926572

You can hear her cough and struggle any time she has a collab where she laughs for 2 hours straight. If you think it has no effect you're just retarded

>> No.23926575

Look at the IPs

>> No.23926580

So why is she feeling stressed over that? She isn't even putting her foot down like Suisei or Mori would and I would understand if they were feeling stressed about their songs underperforming because they have their own input with it and more involved. Meanwhile IRyS gets called in when they need her to sing for project hope and gets paid for it. She can stream on the side too and farm money from SCs if she wants. All her problems sound very entitled for the amount of effort and thinking she actually puts in.

>> No.23926587

Yeah talking for 6 hours straight has zero effect on your vocal cords

>> No.23926590

She doesn't get forced to stream
She gets forced to sing, however
The work she does recording the songs is responsible for her vocal problems, streaming is insigificant compared to that

>> No.23926599
File: 1.73 MB, 3522x2754, OnlyHope[sound=files.catbox.moe%2F3ojat1.ogg].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

by now, this thread is terminally ill with antis and schizos, there is now saving for this shithole

>> No.23926617


>> No.23926622

It's not insignificant and as I pointed out she chose to do weekly karaokes even when her throat was bothering her. Quit trying to blame things on others and act like she's not a human being capable of making choices.

>> No.23926639

It's not insignificant at all. The first time she complained about her throat was after the big halloween EN collab since she was screaming and laughing for hours

>> No.23926642

Most retarded post in this thread jesus you guys keep on taking that title a post at a time

>> No.23926645

>She isn't even putting her foot down like Suisei or Mori
She's not in charge of her singing career, her managers are
When you have a talent you want to use it, so when you get a job where people are using your talent to make shit and damaging your health to do so you're going to be depressed about it even if you make money from it

>> No.23926656


>> No.23926661

holy shit, the cuckbeats are here every single day, don't you have anything better to do like watching your oshi cuck your faggot asses?

>> No.23926683

The fanbase is a reflection of the streamer and its not looking good for IRyS...
The only stable fanbase is takos.

>> No.23926685

>It's not insignificant
It is
If she wasn't recording she wouldn't have throat problems
If she was still recording and not streaming she would still have throat problems

>> No.23926693

She has more agency than you think
That's because they're not deadbeats and you're making shit up to feel good about yourself

>> No.23926721

Keep going guy we might reach 10000

>> No.23926727

>She has more agency than you think
No, she has less agency than you think if you think she can "put her foot down"

>> No.23926734

kill this thread

>> No.23926737

You're a fucking retard. If all she did was record and not stream at all she would not have throat problems. Her studio sessions only seem to be a few hours long.

>> No.23926740

Not true

>> No.23926741

>t. cuckbeat

>> No.23926751

Her recent statements about her contribution to the themes of her latest songs says other wise. IRyS just lacks initiative that AZKi has

>> No.23926773

people in this thread show themselves to be extremely sensible snowflakes, of course trolls will kept at it, why wouldn't they? they got non stop replies

>> No.23926786

How many professional singers have throat problems?
How many professional streamers have throat problems?
We are comparing running a marathon to talking a walk

>> No.23926796

She's not gonna fuck you if you say she's perfect and everything is managements fault and she has no agency as a human being whatsoever.

>> No.23926814

No matter what I'll always be with IRyS and always support her, because I love her and that's it

>> No.23926835

See, this is why IRyS is so adamant about not showing her vulnerable side. It shows the cracks that insects like you can infest on. This brand of shitposting didn't really take off until she cried.

>> No.23926837

You don't watch any other Holos if you don't know that most of Gen3 has throat problems right now, and it's not from singing.

>> No.23926852

If she can't even record at most twice a week that's a problem

>> No.23926878
File: 15 KB, 633x528, 1651297187103.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I miss her...

>> No.23926879

It's been like this for months

>> No.23926883

I just want her to do something damn it

>> No.23926886

people in this thread won't fuck you either if you shitting on IRyS nonstop, yet here you are

>> No.23926890

Cry, pigfuckers. Your oshi wants to kill herself and your thread is a radioactive canyon. Get off the ride now or enjoy the crash.

>> No.23926904

Hololive / vtubers are a special circumstance because they all put on fake voices. If you look at regular streams who don't, none of them have voice problems. Meanwhile the MAJORITY of professional singers have throat problems which they have to be careful about

>> No.23926905

>The only stable fanbase is takos

>> No.23926938

damn this place has really lost it, huh?

>> No.23926944
File: 7 KB, 180x180, 1643702148291.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The only stable fanbase is takos
That's the silliest thing said in this thread

>> No.23926956

Maybe if she hadn't bailed on her fans because life got hard. Oh no work isn't going the way I want it so instead of being a professional I'll just take it out on my fans with low quality streams, pity parties, and minimal communication.

>> No.23926986

you must be made of cancer since you are here every fucking day at the radioactive canyon

>> No.23927028

I wish irys debut in jp instead, I wish she would just be another jp branch member with good en

>> No.23927032

something has to give his life meaning somehow

>> No.23927039

All piggums had to do was not eat into her microphone.
Barring that, apologize.
She brought this pox on herself.

>> No.23927040

This has been going on since December-January because of the very noticeable shift in her whole demeanor and atmostphere while streaming and talking about her work. But only people who watched her streams would notice.

>> No.23927052

It might actually be better for her to announce graduation. Imagine the SCs she could rake in for the last cpuple months. Hell I bet the sales would be great for whatever album they're planning on right now.

>> No.23927082

The thread had almost no activity during dead hours back then, so most of the current people /here/ must be new

>> No.23927108

I think she would have been more satisfied as a normal Gen member in JP. But then again her whole thing about being shy and adverse to social stuff might hinder her from joining in the generation chemistry

>> No.23927110
File: 465 KB, 542x750, 1629945726970.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Keep dreaming faggot

>> No.23927125

I don't understand what runs through somebodies mind when they decide to troll a thread about Irys, who hasn't done anything offensive to anyone

>> No.23927126

Compare how her channel was doing before break to now, some people definitely got filtered by her approach.

>> No.23927142

Nah, she needs to play up the "I brought others hope but kept none for myself" angle as long as possible. Generate a 7-minute clip where she balls her eyes out and pours all her feelings on the table. Saviorfags will flock to her like flies to shit and the collab requests will come pouring in. Management may even get off their asses about her new outfit.
Until then, she'll wallow like the pig she is.

>> No.23927149

A graduation would make her money from pity SCs and music sales that can last her for 2 years at most before going back to her NEET fanbox pandering ways.

>> No.23927174

IRyStocrats love to go nuclear over obvious bait, that's all a troll needs

>> No.23927175

If she were In the jp branch there would be more people for her to talk too and hang out with irl ,beside she would still make a lot of friend with her genmate

>> No.23927176

Except for that one yab

>> No.23927203

Nothing is stopping her hanging out with JPs as she is right now

>> No.23927206

Gypsies aren't human there was no yab

>> No.23927208

Genuine grievances are mixed in with the trolling. IRyS is at her most vulnerable so is the thread and no reddit discord fake positivity can mask this shit unless lurkers here bring the state of the threads and IRyS up in their secret groups

>> No.23927223
File: 56 KB, 450x385, ACC50A21-29CB-423C-9902-647692A8C8B1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think I'm gonna stop coming to this general, over half of the posts here are by antis trying to stir up shit
While I'm at it, I should get off this miserable hellhole of a board entirely

>> No.23927242

"Genuine grievances" from people who don't know anything about the situation so why are they even talking about it

>> No.23927244

not your hugbox, pigfucker

>> No.23927255

Ganbatte, stop by sometimes during EU hours when it's better if you're up

>> No.23927263

Good. We don't need phoneposters

>> No.23927272

irystocrats are retarded and cant lurk that one was obvious

>> No.23927285

filter the word "pig" and it gets better

>> No.23927312

What yab are you talking bout? was it the crying?

>> No.23927338

only if people didn't reply like crazy

>> No.23927344

see you tomorrow!

>> No.23927348

They seem to be distant from her because she holo en , and she would be in more program by cover will let her make more friend with the jp senpai

>> No.23927351

And that's why every says pre-break IRyS was her peak. Remember that time she capitalized on the FFXIV hype and got her highest solo gaming stream peak forever. And she did nothing with that momentum and Endwalker hype is now dead. The signs of her indecisiveness and lack of drive were already there, just much more prevalent now with the whole depression thing

>> No.23927358

This, still shitposters but in general feels better

>> No.23927363

Nah I was just kidding

>> No.23927367 [SPOILER] 
File: 657 KB, 828x1135, Rawr[sound=files.catbox.moe%2Fu9ay1n.mp3].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate spoonfeeding but here

>> No.23927380

I guess roommate posting?

>> No.23927395

Eating into her microphone.

>> No.23927398
File: 338 KB, 526x902, 3256235.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23927408

Work isn't as easy as she thought it would be so she's decided to become a shittier streamer as a result. That's pretty much the situation boiled down to it's essence.

>> No.23927420

EN is treated as a side branch so she can't pretend to be JP despite have the same situation as Coco.

>> No.23927467

go to the irystocrat discord you might find your kind of fake positivity there

>> No.23927498

>They seem to be distant from her
>because she holo en
absolute conjecture

>> No.23927503

she can always try to approach them, Kiara gets collabs with them all the time, the issue is that she never initiates anything not even with EN, so why would she behave different with JP?B

>> No.23927510

This godforsaken thread would not exit to with is a plus

>> No.23927530

I'm a negative person in general but I find communities that will say nothing is wrong with IRyS and that she's just as good as ever if not better to be creepy

>> No.23927533

fuck off retarded numberfag

>> No.23927535

nah dude that place stinks

>> No.23927543

no. in terraria she got mad at a goblin witch and called it a gypsie. but gypsie isn't viewed as a negative term by half of the population. some see it as a positive others see it as a negative. someone who didn't like it tried to SC about saying it wasn't nice but IRyS ignored it and no one else was upset by it beside that one guy.

>> No.23927551

my schizo brain says irys was shoved in dokomi because she wont be on the actual HoloEN meet and greets across US and Canada. Kiara too I guess?

>> No.23927565

Why would you assume she wants to be friends with anyone from the JP branch in the first place?

>> No.23927582

Agree with this one its also bad for the talent since they won't know what to improve

>> No.23927594

She's had a good time and only had positive things to say whenever she's interacted with any of them

>> No.23927601

She would have a jp viewer that would listen to her song and love her talk about anime instead of a bunch of sea

>> No.23927602

Its not being strictly a numberfag thing, it pointing out IRyS lacks such qualities that would help her.

>> No.23927603


>> No.23927627

If you think IRyS is the same streamer she was pre-break you haven't been watching her.

>> No.23927637

I can't think of anything more numberfag than talking about her streaming a boring MMO once and getting big numbers from it like that means anything

>> No.23927643

it's based more on how much they bill for the appearance
Kiara and IRyS are cheaper than Gura and Calliope

>> No.23927656

So why wouldn't she want to be friends with them? She talks to Sora and Korone off stream so she must like being friends with them

>> No.23927666

>instead of a bunch of sea
She chose the SEA time lunchtime as her timeslot and speaks EN to filter the JPs who are also having their lunch times. I have to sleep late because of her but I understand thats too much commitment for my fellow NA bros

>> No.23927684

why would they want to watch her over their JP holos? especially with her model

>> No.23927691
File: 484 KB, 2427x4096, 1651283938776.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would like to have sex with IRyS Ch. Hololive-EN please

>> No.23927725

It's like the people in stream chat who always say the volume is fine when it's clearly not, on a much larger scale

>> No.23927728

Would her innuendos work in JP though?

>> No.23927742

Kronii usually stream at the same time, yet you don't see this sort of shit with her, so what's so different here?

>> No.23927744

It's presumptious to assume that just because you have a good time with someone you want to be friends with them

>> No.23927757

no but it would filter the retards ;)

>> No.23927767

If you can lift piggins into bed, she's all yours.

>> No.23927771

Yeah, me

>> No.23927772

Send her a shit ton of SCs before she graduates and maybe she'll remember your name when she moves over to her old account. Try to groom her from there.

>> No.23927776

>she likes MMOs
>she shared a lot of her MMO experiences
>she's finally playing a MMO riding on the hype, could have played straight to the expansions till the next expansion hype and capitalized on it too while enjoying MMOs like she said
>she does nothing with it after
literally wasted potential like everything she does, that's what I am pointing out. I wouldn't have cared about numbers but it was something she said she enjoyed, a rare thing considering how basic her tastes in video games are.

>> No.23927779

why does this sound like Cover is a modern day PIMP. think about it, they have multiple girls working for them, they string along long enough until they're no longer useful, they assign them where, when and a what they can do. they take half of what they make and offer some services in return. HOLY SHIT. is this the new era of prostitution?

>> No.23927804

is because she choose to get close to Mori?

>> No.23927807

yes, dumbass

>> No.23927814

Meh playing an MMO alone isn't that interesting. She though some other ENs might also play it

>> No.23927823

I enjoy my time with my co workers during work BUT I wouldn't say we're friends.

>> No.23927830

Streaming MMOs is absolute cancer, especially for an EN audience, even JPs avoid it

>> No.23927853

I mean IRyS basically moans and makes lewd innuendo for cash, so yeah

>> No.23927879

She plays games and goes out with them outside of work though
You can reduce any job to prostitution if you try hard enough

>> No.23927911

live streaming over the internet is prostitution anon...

>> No.23927929

>everything is prostitution
that's deep.

>> No.23927941

This. Every chuuba who's ever spoken candidly on the subject admits that they're all just work friends. They like each other, but they're not a part of each other's personal lives.
Of course, you get exceptions. Like Coco and Kanata. But that relationship is very one-sided (Coco is a narcissist using Kanata as an emotional sponge.)

>> No.23927994

You know there's retards in here trying to bait the thread because of how often Coco gets brought up

>> No.23927998

If she is this much of gfe to en viewer ,
Love to talk about anime and play lot of MMO she pretty much will be a succes full jp

>> No.23928005
File: 325 KB, 899x899, FRok5XxVIAAigUI.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23928014

But I wanted to watch IRyS enjoy the thing she was interested with (MMOs) and the numbers excuse was good because the hype was there for the time. And she did nothing, absolutely nothing with it. I don't know what FFXIV story was about but a lot of streamers capitalized on jsut playing through the story mode. IRyS could have just done that, enjoy herself and get the numbers she desired instead of hopping from one FOTM to another and dropping games if she gets bored

>> No.23928019

Not really, although IRyS is the kind of streamer who will honor almost any request in a superchat

>> No.23928039

Subaru , iroha vv the jp love MMO

>> No.23928073

You're making a big leap of logic in "Irys enjoyed playing particular MMOs at a particular point in the past" to "Irys is interested in playing FF14 right now"

>> No.23928080

She probably wasn't as interested in it as you think, or she would have played it more off stream

>> No.23928104

>"Irys is interested in playing FF14 right now"
didn't she try it because rabbit played it

>> No.23928115

I do agree that IRyS needs to prioritize on games she enjoys instead of playing things that frustrates her, but well what do I know, perhaps she actually enjoy what she plays no matter how frustrated she may seem to be

>> No.23928119

>both gaijin mixed blood in Japan
>one lacks the talent, but makes it up for impeccable work ethic, hard work and drive
>one has the talent, but lacks everything else

They're like inverse of one another whoaaaaaaaaahh

>> No.23928131

There was some hype about it after they got permissions to play it

>> No.23928150

She enjoys playing many games, just not finishing them

>> No.23928184

it is funny how much bad opinions you guys have over rich girls making bank with youtube. Seriously.
If i was making 1/3 of what she does and 1/10 of her numbers i would be smiling the whole day.
You guys keep saying stuff are bad... but it really is like a dream job and easy money.
Imagine being sana. All she does is to stream pokemon and get something out of it. holy shit. I can´t point out a single bad thing about it.

>> No.23928187

>She enjoys playing many games, just not finishing them
>I enjoys playing many games, just not finishing them

>> No.23928194

Coco doesn't do "hard work" she's a fucking vtuber, they get paid to talk shit and play video games on stream
Coco is also full Japanese

>> No.23928196

It's a valid comparison and can be an interesting discussion topic; doesn't have to be bait

>> No.23928197

The most plausible explanation would be she saw Pekora's big numbers and tried it herself. She chases other holos after all. If she did like MMOs she still would have been playing on the side.

>> No.23928201

It's a short list of chuubas that won't.
Amelia won't because she's been groped by her mother's boyfriends and doesn't like feeling used.
Ina has a successful career outside streaming and only does this because she's bored and lonely.
Mumei doesn't because she doesn't respect or appreciate her simps.
The rest of EN is whores from top to bottom.

>> No.23928227

I make more money than Irys does and I'm not happy
Thinking that money makes you happy is poorfag cope

>> No.23928228

Unlike IRyS, Sana has another job outside of being Sana too

>> No.23928269

It's a terrible comparison, they couldn't be more different

>> No.23928291

It's more comfortable crying in a warm bed than on a park bench.

>> No.23928338

Doesn't change how you feel
Poor people just imagine everything will be better for them when they're rich, and when poor people actually manage to become rich somehow it's a huge shock for them and they don't know how to cope
See most lottery winners

>> No.23928348

not just about money. people keep complaining on how their numbers are not going up or how she is not achieving this or that.
Seriously. Who cares to get 1 mil if you already have so much money playing games?

>> No.23928380

coco was raised in the united states of dragon america and her husband was also kiryu-chan (kazuma kiryu) do people still care about this?

>> No.23928417

can IRyS do something similar to Suisei and change from vsinger to a normal vtuber? or does she needs to wait for the first year before any change can be done to her contract?

>> No.23928421

Yes, I'm aware.
Research on the subject has revealed that a person's overall happiness tends to be "locked in" around their mid- to late-twenties, with very little deviation for the rest of their lives. Even if they win a lottery or go to prison.
All the same, it is extremely tasteless when you're in the 99th percentile of female earners to bitch to your fans about "society being unfair."

>> No.23928469

>it is extremely tasteless when you're in the 99th percentile of female earners to bitch to your fans about "society being unfair."
translation: I'm poor and offended
your happiness depends on your internal circumstances, morons who think being rich means you aren't allowed to be miserable should not be accomodated

>> No.23928490

Judging from her p-word blurb she says her goal is to spread her songs across the world, so maybe she doesn't feel like she's achieving that as much as she had wanted even after getting into hololive.

>> No.23928513

Really if you are not a ceo I doubt you even make a cent more than her

>> No.23928542

I own a business but it's a small one
also they aren't making as much as you think, they pay taxes

>> No.23928562

Everyone does

>> No.23928573

she also said that she wanted to collab with everyone in Hololive and has done very little to accomplish that, but at least is likely she will have a 1on1 with all members of Council this year

>> No.23928591

People look at their numbers like their superchat earnings and think they must be getting all of that money when they're getting a small fraction of it

>> No.23928596

get money and waste it however it makes (you) happy, don't let anyone tell (you) how to spend your own money

>> No.23928608

>morons who think being rich means you aren't allowed to be miserable should not be accomodated
No, you mopey faggot, it means don't complain to the starving man about how you had to skip lunch.
If you don't like being alive, then hurry up and kill yourself. No one wants to listen to your problems, rich or poor.

>> No.23928612

She doesn't want to do anything she just wants to make money and watch anime all day.

>> No.23928619

so can I expect everyone to act retarded until she returns?

>> No.23928630

100k in memberships, 100k in superchats, 200k in merch, 100k in various things like salary, sponsorships and ad revenue. It's still a lot

>> No.23928637

frivelous spending only makes you temporarily happy and it'll wear off

>> No.23928638


>> No.23928660

Imagine thinking she's gonna return. She's seriously rethinking her career right now.

>> No.23928668

After she returns too

>> No.23928673

We're complaining about being unhappy, not hungry

>> No.23928675

but it makes you happy in the moment so who cares

>> No.23928691

>until she returns
I wish, I doubt this behavior will go away anytime soon

>> No.23928713

so that moment won't last forever, and you'll reach a point where buying things doesn't make you happy, the richer you are the more quickly it happens

>> No.23928728

I have money and I can't think of any way of spending money that would make me happy.

>> No.23928742

Yeah, and you're unhappy because your existence is hollow and you're spiritually bankrupt. Cry me a river, faggot.
Nothing about your life is sympathetic. You chose to be miserable. Now deal with it or kill yourself.

>> No.23928751

>She's seriously rethinking her career right now.

>> No.23928760

Alright now take the cuts out of everything. She has almost no sponsorships btw. So remove youtube and covers cut for the membership/stream stuff. The production costs and covers cut on the merch and albums. Then take away taxes as well. Most all of that is speculative as well. She has maybe 5k members, and who knows what currency they use. We don't have full figures for the merch or how much it costs to produce.

>> No.23928762

You don't know anything about me

>> No.23928776

I am not even talking about her. of course she has the wright to feel bad about her own job.
what is funny is people in here complaining on how her numbers dont go up or how little she did this week or that week... Nothing on their jobs is actually serious or relevant to humanity. If they make 10 buck it is still a lot for entertainment. Nobody checks if the guy selling his art on the beach is being more successful than the others. it does not really matter.

>> No.23928779

you'll find something to spend it on, that's normal

>> No.23928804

That's after the cuts, obviously. 100k per merch run is somewhat conservative, since we had numbers for her first merch and the start of her birthday merch too

>> No.23928828

How do you know how much they get after the cuts?

>> No.23928869

Youtube takes 30% and Cover takes 50% of the remainder and she'll make >300k in superchats in a year.

>> No.23928870

Yeah I do. You probably don't like your job very much. You're watching a vtuber, so you're lonely. You don't believe in anything. You probably donate very little of your time or money to helping others.
You're just another dime-a-dozen self-loathing scion of the secular aristocracy.
Stop watching anime and vtubers, faggot.

>> No.23928875

He is a COVER insider

>> No.23928900

Cover take 20% to 25

>> No.23928911

>You're watching a vtuber, so you're lonely
Everything you said is wrong except that

>> No.23928919

>scion of the secular aristocracy
Not him, but this made me laugh.

>> No.23928956

You're forgetting tax bro

>> No.23928987

I doubt she hit 200k in merch

>> No.23929006

Then you're lying to yourself. People with a purpose (job they care about) and people with belief (something greater than themselves to live for) don't mope on 4channel about how money can't buy happiness.
I don't give a fuck about you. But you sound like an insufferable loser and should kill yourself if you don't plan on changing anything.

>> No.23929031

I said she'd make 500k before taxes this year.
We have numbers for the hololive shop only for her 6 month anniversary merch and it was 100k there alone, and a lot of her fans are using the global shop

>> No.23929053

No I'm not lying to myself, you're just making moronic assumptions
Having a purpose and believing in something doesn't mean you won't be miserable, only a child would believe that

>> No.23929098

>has no idea about sales vs profit

>> No.23929109

very relatable

>> No.23929114

No one bought her merch so that's why she's sad. The only HoloEN merch that never sold out

>> No.23929144

The manufacturer makes it for free. Also the album. All the composers, mixers, studio staff, they did it for free.

>> No.23929146

It's true that I don't know much about merch production cost but most people seem to think that mass producing stuff like that is pretty cheap.

>> No.23929155

>Having a purpose and believing in something doesn't mean you won't be miserable
Sure it does. But you obviously enjoy wallowing in self-pity about how your hard-earned riches haven't gotten you a qtpi waifu of your own. Because that's the only thing you actually care about: you.

>> No.23929176

this thread is something else, holy fucking shit

>> No.23929189

How do you know if they sold out are not
Im pretty sure people order the merch first then they calculate the number to product

>> No.23929214

You probably only know one flavour of misery, nihilism
There's plenty of other types, maybe if you grow up one day you'll find out about them

>> No.23929217

they make the merch on demand retard-chama

>> No.23929223

Gotta do something to pass the time

>> No.23929228

it is cheap to produce, but they're not going to charge you cheap for it since they have to make a profit too. Cover takes a cut, manufacturer takes a cut, the designers take a cut.

>> No.23929268

bump limit and page 10 is cool because at least you don't have to use sage with every post you make

>> No.23929305

Come on guy we can make it to 10000

>> No.23929399

I've been in jail and held dying friends in my arms, you worthless faggot. "Nihilism" is only a source of misery for teenagers and stunted adults.
But I can tell by how you type and bluff that you're completely absorbed in your own tragic story. Whatever. Enjoy pouring your money into 20-something egirls who make you feel loved, twink.

>> No.23929404

yeah gonna spend some time away from here until she's back

>> No.23929423

I wish /HiRyS/ took a break until the next IRyS stream

>> No.23929441

I'll normally fully catch up with a thread I missed even if it's semi-infected with shitposting but I think I'll skip this one for the sheer volume of dumb shit I'm seeing

>> No.23929460

Then there would never be a thread, it's over.

>> No.23929466

Sorry for your lost man

>> No.23929485

>I've been in jail and held dying friends in my arms, you worthless faggot
Is there something impressive about that? Being in jail just means you're retarded
I haven't given a cent to a vtuber
I don't know why you're projecting so hard onto me

>> No.23929486

me too, but it won't happen by the looks of it

>> No.23929497

You're missing nothing yeah, even the last one with the eggs was better

>> No.23929521

People who say that always seem to want the thread to only be composed of "i miss irys....." or "im having sex with irys" posts

>> No.23929545

If she actually announced shit then people would know. Announce your schedule or break already IRyS, bring back peace.

>> No.23929560

Next Thread

>> No.23929571

Those are the best threads

>> No.23929574

It would probably be better if she wasn't so bad at communicating. She sounded fine in the Dokomi collab and was obviously well enough to do it but can't even throw out a tweet about what's going on or what to expect.

>> No.23929597

I miss IRyS. And I want to have sex with her. And I would take those times of posts over this thread's pure retardation any day.

>> No.23929599

We disagree

>> No.23929606

I didn't link it for a reason

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