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She can sing for hours while voice acting, that seems way more physically demanding than drawing waifus. Rapping pre-written lyrics barely registers as a talent.

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Cuckbeat deflection thread

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>Rapping pre-written lyrics barely registers as a talent
Too obvious. Work on your falseflagging

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She can sing on my cock for hours if you know what I mean..

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>pretty damn decent at drawing and art
>sticks to schedule, commits to full playthroughs
>great entertainer, never has dead air on stream
>collabs often, friendly with all
>knows 6 languages, 3 of them shes an expert in
>creates projects often, basically 2nd to ame
>doesnt drop projects
>can create songs often
>decent singer
>best dancer in EN, one of the best in hololive
>can be unfiltered and honest, but never breaks unwritten rules, fiercely loyal
>one of the few n word sayers

arguably hololives top idol -basically an all rounder

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Also she's a Japanese entertainer, but without the nip 常識 brainrot, instead replaced with based German sensibilities. Moreover, instead of having gross chunk genes, she's an Arian goddess. Truly the perfect existence.

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>Most talented
>Highest sub count
Pick one.

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This is just a thought I had while I was voice acting in my car to keep myself entertained and realized I already had a sore throat.

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she's pretty great, yeah.
oh, before i forget:
I want to rim kiara's asshole.

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Will never be.
She's Vshojo in soul, not Hololive.

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I want to rim kiara's asshole

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She's the most Hololive in all of Holo EN

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Perfect idol

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Calli can animate and Ina an amazing artist so no and I'm not even like a fan of them, they're fine whatever but no Kiara can just speak different languages, her singing is trash.