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>arguing with some chinese troglodyte regarding the best vtubing company
>he refuses to listen to my factual evidence proving that Hololive is objectively superior to every other company
>keeps babbling about some "HILARIOUS jokes about cum and piss" from the entirely chinkified, male-centric, fujo-focused, mass-collab spamming Nijizhangji streams that I've never watched and never will
>spewing ad hominems and strawman arguments
>get fed up with his shit
>draw myself up to my full and TOWERING height
>SMASH my beefy, VERY large fist into my chiseled chest and roar "PEKOOOOOOO!"
>little Nijibitch's tiny chink eyes widen as he realizes he's dealing with a scholastic Holochad
>drops to his knees trembling
>whisper "Little BITCH" and casually backhand him as I stride away to admiring gazes and thunderous applause

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pog pog cum and balls

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based. so heckin zased.

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didn't read but based

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Narrator : "From the list of stories, that never happen."

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hololive is indeed the best company
it's unfortunate that their best talent, Artia, is no longer with them
while losing Artia was a big blow to the overall "quality" of hololive, hololive was already so far above and beyond any of its competitors, that it's still by far the best.

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Based and factual truthful autobiographical description of events which did infact happen in reality

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Another great day in the Hololive board

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I've never seen a good post with a Watame image attached

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holy based

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man hololive has everything, pedo bait, pedo bait and more pedo bait WOW

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Mods please sticky this post

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Behold everyone the ultimate life form the HOLOCHAD

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>SMASH my beefy, VERY large fist
Why is this so funny

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OP here, forgot to finish my post:
>then I woke up, realized it all was a dream
>noticed that my jaw is still sore from sucking Nijichad's massive cock.

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Holy based

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>hillarious jokes about cum and piss
Isn't that Coco's schtick?

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Based, i never was indoctrinated holofag, i watch what interest me, after Cover ditched Bugland, hololive gain my utmost respect. I also watched some niji talents, fully aware of their ties with China, i ignored that cause it was clear separation between virtuareal and JP/west nijisanji. Now with Luxiem pandering to filthy bugs, niji is literally dead for me.

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Cum and piss joke made by Coco is worth more than gorrilion bugs.

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But Coco is chink as well.

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she is not, but i don't have time to argue with you, so believe what you want.

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Piss is Matsuri's. And I remember Okayu, Shion and someone else discussing defecation on stream.

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And your source is??

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Her canonical papa is shenron
A Chinese dragon.

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i don't watch holos but damn they really are the chad of vtubing

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A toast to GODlolive

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>a chinese dragon
Oh no no no...

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Sometimes this board is based af, gj OP

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There's vtubing outside of hololive?

Sounds awful

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You dropped this sir

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I...I kneel...

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Quite based.

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Nijiniggers wish that they could shitpost as well as we can, they best thing they can do is make parodies, or appropriate memes and culture from the Hololive tribe on /vt/, no original creativity at all.

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Extremely KEYED with more than 6 pins!

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Pin this in the first page already mods

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You are a trash, op, as always

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Anon, that was embarrassing to read.
Don't use my oshii for this shit.

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luca luca

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Unfathomably based.

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>>SMASH my beefy, VERY large fist into my chiseled chest and roar "PEKOOOOOOO!"
My fucking sides.

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Holy based

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>full and TOWERING height
Nice fanfic bro, now post your actual height so we can laugh at you.

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Based. Nijisisters are trembling in fear of this post

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When did takamori and gura/ame friendship fell apart?(aprox date/month/quarter)

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Cringe, nice try sweaty

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Both mainland and island zhangs can have niji
Hololive for en, jp, id chads

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Anon, that was marvelous to read.
Please use my oshii for this next time.

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Based holochad dabbing on second-class citizens

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Well meme'd fellow HoloChad

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Why are nijifags so obsessed
with idea of having sex with holochads?

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