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What would you give for this to have been holoEN's debut lineup, /vt/?

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Nothing, because it's missing the most important one

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Still not perfect. Give Mumei Gura's model, give Kronii Mori's model and give Irys Ina's model. Then and only then will it be perfect.

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I.........could actually see this working.

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actually fucking brilliant and would have been the best vtuber gen ever

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>Debut Kiara
Yeah I’d take the nigger of nippon over her.

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Fuck off No leech whores
Fuck Kiara and Mori

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>some random anon fixes EN

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This is the true Myth lineup. Mel is honorary for actually calling into Ame's birthday stream unlike a certain someone.

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>2 god awful faggots and a sleeping aid

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someone should make a version with roboco instead of gura

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imagine getting filtered this hard

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I understand not having mori but why no gura, is it because she belongs better with council? lol

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Mumei's model > Gura's model

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A bullet, to you, for suggesting this

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nice argument deadbeat

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Yes, that’s why filters exist. To keep me from inhaling toxins.
Which of these three “winners” do you watch, lolcow?

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Eh, keep Gura. While chumbuds can be obnoxious, that doesn't change that Gura is still a good holo.

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How do you know I'm not a cumbud

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I'm sure Nijisanji fans would give everything for it to be this

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To be fair, Ame was being a cunt for excluding JP's from her call-in, based Mel just pressured her into letting her on anyway.

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HoloEN would of failed without the cheerleader effect and without having the bad examples the others would not have been raised to the height they are

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I unironically want to mary kiara and ame and ina

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mainly ame but all three because
>not a retard
>didn't get filtered

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2view gang

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That's no way to talk about your mother, even if she's a whore

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>mainly ame
ohnonono pffffhahaHAhahaha

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>caring about your mother
very low testosterone

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Of course you'd know about that wouldn't you!

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Bet you still talk to mommy every day, don’t you, faggot?
You don’t hug and kiss her, too, do you?

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Do you still live with her?

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You still live with her, don’t you? Do you need her to drive you places?

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>Admits he’s genetic trash
We already know why you’re here buddy, no need to spell it out.

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Do you call mommy and complain when you’re stressed out, faggot?

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More would have called if she opened it to more people than just EN. She was just scared it would end up the same as last year where only Reine called in out of pity.

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Yeah, unlike 90% of Holo. There are several times more ppl call in Calli than Ame. What does that tell you about their relationship with cover?

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> She was just scared it would end up the same as last year where only Reine called in out of pity.
Valid fear. She isn’t well liked.

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That would be biggest failure of a debut like NijiID and NijiKR.

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Yep, I hit the nail on the head.
You probably wish your mommy a happy birthday when it’s her “special day,” don’t you, fag?

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Without Gura's BOOM, then EN1 might have been considered a "flop". Or at least ID tier.

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You're mother could've taught you better comebacks if she wasn't busy sucking cocks. Was your deadbeat dad around at least? Was he at least white?

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would have failed from the start.

gooby and cali put HoloEN on the map for vtubing and is the whole reason for there early success.

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kek, the little fag really does love his mommy
when are you gonna give her the gift of moving out of her house?

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>Nijiniggers are literal niggers and behave like ones
Can’t make this shit up

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>loves his mother
what a fem

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oh nonono the trashblood is upset

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What color are your eyes and hair? How many cavities do you have? Older relatives with cancer?

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>just straight up ignoring how hard ame carried myth

>> No.23672901 [DELETED] 

You have to be one of the top performers in the gen to carry it. Not the definition of mediocre (in the middle).

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Stop seething Jesus Christ, just accept that your're subhuman and move on, continue your little trolling, god knows you need some levity.

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So just give someone else Gura's model as was already suggested Chumbud. You know, deep down, the model completely carried her.

>> No.23672943

she hard carried them as a group, not with her individual numbers (although those are really good too, even compared to the JPs)

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t. angry genelet with holes in his teeth

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proof next thread?

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watch collabs retard

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Still not perfect. Have Kiara use her normal voice and then it will be perfect.

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No proof?
No proof.

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Why do antis always have such an autistic way of speaking?

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oh god takokeks I’m gonna SLEEEEEEEP

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>le Irys model is le bad!
Just more proof that /vt/ is always wrong about literally everything.

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love how boredom octopus fans have to make webms for her to be doing anything interesting

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This thread...

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i get the feeling this opinion will suddenly die out the day irys gets a live2d update and looks completely different

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>While chumbuds can be obnoxious, that doesn't change that Gura is still a good holo
gura is decent, but let's be honest, there are other VAs out there that could have done much, much more with her model
mumei for example

>> No.23674803

>looks completely different

>> No.23674846

Deflect, you do.

>> No.23674868

I mean, it's true. So much so that when she eventually gets a model change, she should have a full-on re-debut with all the bells and whistles.

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Watson is the problem. Replace her with Fauna or Mumei or IRyS and Myth is unstoppable. This is an objective take from someone who hates Mori.

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worst take in the the entire thread, and that's saying something

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you only call it "autistic" because you know they're right and it hurts your feelings

>> No.23680856

>deadbeat dad
In both senses of the term.

>> No.23680966

it's autstic because if you said this out loud in front of people you'd get shoved in a locker you cringe ass retard.

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Watson is the only thing holding Myth together. Both literally and figuratively, since she essentially works as the manager and tech support of the branch.
Cover is useless when it comes to EN, the only thing they have directly in their hands is IRyS and they have gimped her at every turn.

>> No.23681130

mori. my queen.

>> No.23681231

Mumei is not as cunny as Gura tho

>> No.23681268

If only IRyS was accepted instead of Kiara at the time

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Irys model is litterly this shit dawg, the fuck do ya mean?!?!

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Gura's personality had way way more impact. If anything, the model amplified the effect

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The true savior of HoloEN has been found

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Kiara and Gura do a better job organizing collabs. quick, clean, efficient and no "sorry guys, i have to move this stream cuz i need to charge up my energy for the big day tehe"
>tech support
Teamates don't know Myth girls are just too nice to Ame that they're doing some small favor for her

>> No.23682404

Only Gura Ame and Ina are needed
the original Trinity chads

>> No.23682992

Ame already collabed with Mel AND her mom, so she knew her better than the other JPs

>> No.23683255

I kneel

>> No.23683630

That's a member's only perk

>> No.23683812

It's okay to like irys. It's okay to admit her design (mostly her face) is far behind everyone else's in quality.

>> No.23688292

Sorry, Mel has been disqualified for doing a song collab with Mori.

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