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She will be joining Hololive for gen 6 as a batery. You heard it here first.

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Magnetbro, you gotta let it go.

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I heard that Cover actually bought her model from Gyari so she will just use the same one

>> No.2358548

You'll never see her again OP. It's time to let her go...

>> No.2358759

It's time to let go OP this is not healthy for you.

>> No.2358831

the graduation wasn't your fault, magnetfag... You gotta let her go..

>> No.2358915

She'll fuse with Aloe and become a demon magnet, ready for sex.

>> No.2358925

Not with that voice

>> No.2358949

Thats the spirit. Remember my friend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxGRhd_iWuE

Never listen to broken men who have given up their hopes and dreams and tell you to let go.

>> No.2358994

If Towa can join so can she.

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someone please give me a quick rundown of her

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I'm going to save Monoe. I'm going to bring her back to VOMS

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Cover wont hire contract breacher

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Stop... stop fucking with me. It's too much to bear.

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towa can sing at least

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No corporation wants a contract breaching whore. She'd be better off going indie.

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Please, just let her memory be.
Whether or not we see her again.

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