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What if your general was not just a general but a nation, devoted to your oshi and their will? Enter this general where the fanbases and generals of /vt/ are reimagined as countries interacting with each other through means peaceful and militant alike!

Interactive map:


>Note that the map isn't set in stone.
>Greentexts of your generals' lore in /vt/ land are much appreciated.
>Flags made for the region your oshi rules over are also appreciated.

>/∞/: !XcNdwMsONs, !np2UIvxwi. (backup)
>/pcclg/?: !!S9vZSg00/Br
>/meat/: !!J7IsvbPoQE1

Ocean Currents
Weather Systems
Climate Analysis
Tectonic Plates and their Movements
Geologic Provinces



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Anchor post for any additions to the map/lore. Please reply here for archival purposes. Anchored posts in the last thread will be archived within a day.
If you will be using a rentry link, please use
instead of .co, as the latter is filtered as spam.
Thank you!
Please also report if there's outdated/missing lore in OP!

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Anchor post for issues to be voted on next time.

>Vote Results
>Vote post archive

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Feel free to submit your own prompts to inspire others!

What does the average Joe wear daily? Any formal dress impacted by tradition/culture? Is fashion being split by class or regional differences? Climate or other fantastical wackery making certain attire a necessity? Paint us a clearer picture of who you'll see walking through the streets!
What crops do your people grow for consumption? What about the food you import, and from where? Do you have unique delicacies? What are the common snacks or meals for the working class, or the rich and powerful? Any food reserved for ritual purposes? How about etiquette when eating? Any special practices during mealtime?
What kinds of entertainment is popular for your people? How important are they seen as part of life? Do different class people have sufficiently different tastes? How much do the chuuba gods play a role in these entertainments?
What religious rituals does your nation have to worship its deities? What's the religious structure look like? What's the official stance on other faiths?
>Alcohol and Drink
what do your people drink and what's is it made from? what sort of culture is there around drinking in your split?
What are your nation's current goals now? What are you trying to aim for in your development? Would said development make your people happy?
>Funeral Rites
How do your people observe the death of one of their own? What kind of ceremonies are held? How are their belongings handled?

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Are chumbuds amphibious? How do they handle breathing on land and breathing in water?

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multiple spleens

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Explain. Also are chumbuds cold-blooded as well?

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spleens help underwater breathing, in the SEA tribe of the bajau people, their prolonged periods of apnea can be attributed to their larger spleens seen here https://www.cell.com/cell/pdf/S0092-8674(18)30386-6.pdf

whales also have multiple spleens, spending around an hour without stopping to resurface

as for the cold or warm-blooded, idk

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If chumbuds have gills then the are cold-blooded as cold blood doesn't need as much oxygen as warm blood.

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maybe they just have glands that let their gills stay wet to diffuse oxygen like frog's skin. like frogs, can we use cutaneous respiration? i don't know if it can be done dry or if chumbuds would just have to be slimy all the time

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Thanks anon! Lets see if I can use it to make the word I want, gotta learn the IPA symbols.

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Tell us if you need any help!

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Should JP scripts be based on kanji?

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Thank you again! I'll if I can't do it myself.

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kanji is chinese. then again japanese is based off chinese so maybe?

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Do the countries speak Japanese to begin with?

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please no

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my head hurts after making this because it took legitimate thinking. project roselang is a go (also rosebuds what do you want the language to actually be known as?)

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Maybe the rose can indicate tense? Level of certainty? Or even also mood indicator (like Spanish with its inverted marks)?

>> No.23570776

but how would that work

>> No.23570827

so does anyone like my suggestion here >>23535405 and if not, can they make any suggestions on how to improve it?

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Well, for example, if the rose is to indicate tense, then a rosebud can mean the sentence is in future tense (as it's yet to blossom), a blossom means it's in present tense, and maybe a withered one is in past tense? Additional marks can be used to indicate more complex tenses that the language might have (like perfect tense in English).

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I think it's needlesly complicated, but that may be due to me being dumb, in any case, I think i'm fine with putting this shit off until we have better defined the nature of chuubanite, having chuubanite be for enviromental reasons means that we can tack on an explanation about it later without affecting how it works in the world

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like this?

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Looks good to me, but let's see if rosebuds like it as well. If withering rose doesn't sit well with rosebuta, then something like rosehip can work as well (although making them distinct from rosebud might be difficult).
If the language has its grammar worked out, we can assign more meaning to the rose as well.

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So what means "sniff butt"?

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I do like it! I think it's pretty darn creative too. I'm really happy with how this is coming out. Rosebutas aren't typically afraid of death so don't worry about a wilting rose. After all you turn to compost when you die, which means whatever grows from you is basically your reincarnation.

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well, it's somewhat natural that it would be complicated when the request the other guy made of me was to make it quantifiable/measurable. ultimately, you don't need to think about it since this doesn't take into account people having extra reserves of chuubanite, or using it in more efficient ways to make it's effect stronger by design choice rather than relying solely on the natural rate of decay/power of the chuubanite effect, you'll just have to leave room for that as an option. the main point of having something like this is basically just to have it as a resource when we decide we want to get needlessly complicated about this stuff. if the logic is sound, and if there aren't any better alternatives, i think this could be very useful for us later, if someone decides to make use of it.

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I'm wondering if /who/ is still around. I want to ask about their own grain farming.

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if we make it enviromental, then it allows us to translate normal energy units like joules and the like for chuubanite, no need for conceptual warp cylinders or whatever

>> No.23572343

what do you mean by environmental? this is supposed to show the rate of decay to energy while in use. if the chuubanite has the same rate of decay while in use as in rest, then that means energy would have to be spent at all times. i'll wait for a response before i write anything more.

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trees go brrrrrrrr we grow things fast.

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sure, ask away.

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Glad you like it! If you have other kinds of information you want the rose to convey, feel free to tell us, and we'll see if we can work that in.

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In the case of /nasa/'s government going full retard how is your local grain supply? You do have grains other than wheat like barley and rye right?

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>Luknight Expedition to /risu/ Log, Entry 3

We have now been in the land of the Risuners for one month. Thankfully, the issue with Sir Nalava has been worked out. After finishing the treat with the nuts and tree sap, he named it 'Baklava', a combination of his name and tree bark. Both I and the Risuners truly enjoyed it, and I believe Himesama will be delighted to taste it. Sir Nalava had also been hoping the Risuners would be pleased enough to allow continued tapping, but it was not so. Thankfully, the Risuners were happy enough to provide honey in exchange for more Baklava, which serves as a suitable substitute for the tree sap.

With the local conflict resolved, our expedition team has split. Sir Nalava and the bulk of our team will stay in Silvanus to form an embassy, while myself, Sir Mallow Sucre, and Lady Lululu Toffy, along with 3 guide Risuners will make a trek to the reported religious town of Pasuma, and eventually, their great tree temple. A similar group will be making their way to a port town on the other side of the Risuners' lands.

So far, it has been three days on the journey, slightly under half way, according to our guides. They are confused as to why we do not remove our armor. I let out a long "NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" to show my devotion to Himesama, and my fellow luknights followed. They seemed confused, though one of them shouted "Suuuuuuuuu" back at us, playfully.

Loyalty to Luna, Sir Saccharin Plumdrop III

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Yes, chuubanite absorbs energy and radiates it away, an energy cycle, kind of how multiple materials in earth have their own cycles like the nitrogen cycle. In this case chuubanite aids other processes in their own cycles thanks to its key feature of energy absortion and material adaptation.
chuubanite absorbs this energy from its enviroment. and it expels it into the enviroment. then the rate to which chuubanite expels energy must be relative to the chunk of chuubanite (and other enviromental factors) , bigger chunks of chuubanite holds more energy and expels it slower.
Chuubanite can be forced to expel more energy through all kinds of techniques.
If i am to use an example, let's say that /kfp/'s chuubanite flamethrowers have containers in their backs where they put the chuubanite, this means that the heated chuubanite is in isolation and its energy radiation is now slowed down to almost nothing, the flamethrowers then use a device where it "pinches" the chuubanite to make it expel energy at the press of a trigger, this energy is expelled as fire through the delivery means of the flamethrower.
Let's use another example, /ris/'s magic forest. the chuubanite absorbs nutrients from plants, dead wildlife, the sun and geothermal sources. The planst have evolved to abuse the chuubanite sources as a battery, and they sap away energy to foster their own growth, this gives us a forest that not only takes energy from the traditional sources but also from the chuubanite.

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Not really sure on what to do for that. Rosebutas have a big emphasis on fashion and health care, if that works for anything.

>> No.23573249

>>23573134 (me)
Keep in mind that those examples are ideas that are floated by me, i am not speaking on any absolute terms on how /kfp/ and /risu/ chuubanite works, althought i'd be very glad if they consider them.

>> No.23573337

Yeah, quite a lot of the what supply is bought by the military, but you can probably come to a deal with grain farmers to buy some of it.

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File: 681 KB, 1400x965, HELLO[sound=https%3A%2F%2Ffiles.catbox.moe%2Ful14e3.mp3].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>what supply
*wheat supply

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Yeah, as nice as it is, that probably doesn't play enough of a role in the language to affect the writing system in that way. I guess the linear nature of the script at least makes it theoretically aesthetic to be sewn on clothes, though.
Do human medicine work on rosebuta?

>> No.23574111

Someone proposed that chumbuds adapt to aquatic exposure
Chumbuds would grow shark features like gills and would even live on communal boat houses at sea

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>Luknight Expedition to /nasa/, Entry 1

After a very long journey, we have finally arrived to the land of the Sanallites. The Robosa have been hospitable as always, nanora. The Anpontan alliance remains strong.

At the border, we were greeted by two Sanallites and their strange squishy dogs. These strange dogs looked delicious... I almost wanted to take a bite, but the Sanallites told us they weren't food. What a shame, naaaa...

We were taken to a base to warm up, and sample their proposed trading items. Their ice cream was magnificent, like the sweet ice from Nanoramune, but creamy like milk. And the chocolate nut butter! Smooth, almost drinkable, but so rich! I couldn't help but NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA at the flavor, and the Sanallites were pleased at our satisfaction.

They have been happy to share the ice cream recipe, but not the chocolate nut butter. It seems they lack the ability to make more themselves, too... I hope the other expedition is doing well, nanora. For Himesama's sake.

Loyal to Luna as always, Sir Lanuna Passionfruit

>> No.23574211

So I'm just making plans if exile takes place. If you can't get the bread recipes then what's your opinion about hiring men who knows the recipes? You might not have blenders or mixers but you will have confident bakers at least.

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File: 110 KB, 850x576, __himemori_luna_and_luknight_hololive_and_1_more_drawn_by_jun_wei__sample-536c7ebba74c5be3448ffd1e0051c6d2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hoomans, what kind of Luknight diplomatic presence do you want there to be in my kingdom

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Understandable, I'm not too knowledgeable on what affects a language so I'm not too good for answering that kind of stuff. Script on clothes definitely sounds nice though, I'll have to think about that.
Depends on the medicine. More internal/chemical based stuff, like maybe pills that affect hormones or something, wouldn't work that well. But something more general, like penicillin, could work fine. If that makes sense at all.

>> No.23574334

Sorry, i meant your republic. Luknight needs more sugar, nanora.

>> No.23574506

The bread dogs are food but they are emergency food. You only eat bread dogs when you have nothing else to eat. As for ice-cream recipes, as long as you have rock-salt and ice you should be able to make ice-cream. Though you'll need an ice-cream maker first. To make chocolate hazelnut-butter with this fine silky smooth texture needs technology too advanced for your age. That's why we won't share.

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Sure, seems like a good opportunity.
Dunno, the more valuable thing seems to be sugar, but supply lines are bound to be a bitch and make it really expensive, other than that, I guess knowledge about /luna/ might be the more desired thing.
Right now a desired goal might be to get /luna/ sugar farmers to take their cold sugar cane and teach us how to plant it in the Republic, but this might damage /luna/'s diplomatic strategy and influence due to there being another source of sugar in the continent instead of being the holder of the monopoly.

>> No.23574845

o shit. they think they gonna get to the temple......
i like the suuuuuuuuuuuuuuu part at the end. seems like risuner behavior and made me lol. Your free to visit pasuma i dont see a problem with that. But oh boy you are gonna get assfucked if you try to go to the temple of risu. Good read overall though.

>> No.23574932

I was thinking more of a luknight embassy in the republic. Luknights can't share their sugar cane for the reasons you stated, but still want to be friends and share treats.

>> No.23575066

It's fine, we all have our own kind of autism here after all. I suppose it makes sense for human medicine to not work on rosebud biology. I guess we'll be testing on our own plant-ified priestesses to see what kind of medicine works.

Thoughts on putting a loop right beneath the rose to indicate imperfect tense? A full loop sounds fitting for imperfect tense. Perfect tense might be able to fit in somewhere as well, but I'm not sure how to represent it

>you are gonna get assfucked if you try to go to the temple of risu
The good kind or the bad kind?

>> No.23575158

>>23575066 (Me)
On second thought, maybe not loop, since in handwritten form, odds are the consonants will be written like loops, so that would end up being kind of confusing

>> No.23575181

Could always offer up desserts. I'm sure Hoomans have a recipe to share like a wildberry pie.

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File: 7 KB, 222x227, ricuconcern.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

for once. the bad kind.

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That could be good, as for us, it would prove benefitial to secure a potential market for us to export our consumer goods into, luknights ought to check out our fabrics and other products that the Republic produces like beer or paper. Maybe our canned food interests you?
I recommend the hamburgers!
Our potatoes are sure to solve any potential issues of starvation that your kingdom may suffer just as they help our good allies of Hoshiyomia.
No military goods thought.

>> No.23576111

what about words that don't use tenses? just leave them normal i guess? since this language isn't agglutinative, we can make it two suffixes that only present themselves under the abnormal cases of past or future tense, and leave present untouched so that tenseless words don't have to suffer conjugation (fuck you icelandic)

>> No.23576180

>>23576111 (me)
also, by "not agglutinative" i'm saying that the prefixes could work on a word-by-word basis

>> No.23576363

Hmmm... We will send an expedition force along with some Candy Kingdom goods to gauge the Hoomans.

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ok im going to sleep. tomorrow ill do a follow up on luknights visiting assuming i dont get distracted and spend 4 hours researching fucking rocks

>> No.23576577

I imagine it would likely default to present or omitted in casual writing, which might also be the case for the punctuation where it doesn't apply.

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Make sure to read the archive so you know all you need to know.

>> No.23577013

Blender and mixers should be relatively common in some of the more industrial/developed pre-existing bakeries. Those
would only be water/man powered though. Due to potatoes being the most popular staple food by far bread recipes are likely relatively limited. Bakers in the Republic would be ecstatic to get to know more styles of bread other than the usual potato bread.

I dunno about potatoes. To trade with the Luknights the traders would have to go via land, either around the rrat mountains or straight through the tunnels the monks dug. Moving them within the Republic is easy due to the shorter distance and better roads. Supplying to neighbors with easily accessible ports is one thing but traversing half the continent just to trade potatoes might be a bit unrealistic.

>> No.23577064

>I imagine it would likely default to present or omitted in casual writing
the rose blossom? if so that kinda defeats the point.
i'm also thinking the last word in the sentence gets the tone roots, or maybe they all do but they are all the default except the last one

>> No.23577142

What about cooking oil? Since you have burgers you may as well have fries. Though I prefer fish 'n chips.

>> No.23577164

Most likely trade route would be through the sea into /hlgg/ where they'd be transported by land to /luna/, so it does seem a bit unlikely. I also don't really know the status of the northern sea passage, so i don't know if we can use that.

>> No.23577216

Well, the alternatives would be either:
>tenseless words agree to the tense of the sentence (likely based on the verb)
>the rose indicates different things for tenseless words
The latter might be better if the goal is to preserve the roses (good song btw), since in casual writing, especially before the time of codified grammar and universal education, parts that don't get used tend to be omitted over time, and I don't think tense agreement is significant enough to be preserved by that alone.

>> No.23577315

As long as its not winter months the passage is useable. When /nasa/ gets diesel engines we're going to build ice breakers.

>> No.23577319

Canola oil is possible, so fries can be made in theory.
Wikipedia page says that they were made since 1795 in its modern form, so aye.

>> No.23577376

but if we make every word in the sentence, how to we verbally represent that? it feels like a hassle
the latter point is better, maybe we can do that

>> No.23577545

I guess it depends on how tenses are represented verbally in the language. We might be in a bit of trouble if /rose/ language is inflected

>> No.23577604

suffixes, maybe it's the only suffix and that's why they decided that's what the rose represents

>> No.23577690

Sounds good to me

>> No.23578252

As long as we can build a vat by hand oil fried foods are always on the table. Just need a thermometer to test the temperature of the oil.

>> No.23578526

Aside from canola, Flax seed oil, some olive oil and animal fats(butter and beef tallow), most likely.
Even if it's useable I doubt it's the preferred route. The route from /hlg/ to /Luna/ makes more sense. Some might go through the northern passage but it would most likely be for some kind of one off or infrequent trade. Due to the treacherous conditions I doubt there's any ports big enough to support any trade other than local ones and maybe one or two bigger, more sea-worthy ship. The sea to the north of /Luna/ isn't like the Baltic where multiple nations meet and being quite accessible with rare freezes.

An old trick is to put something wooden in the oil. If it's bubbling then it's good. People in ye olden days eyeballs everything.

>> No.23578587

where are the chuubas? the first guy was too focused on chuubas, but it seems your idea side steps that entirely. granted, i like how you fleshed out it's mechanics, though i personally like mine a bit better for obvious reasons, but it's much closer than any of the other ideas i have heard of, not that i have heard of many.

>> No.23578861

Too bad Luknights didn't have time to sample the donuts.

>> No.23580507

Then, perhaps the chuubas can have a role in how the chuubanite is formed? Basically they influence what factors make it so that "neutral" chuubanite is of a certain attunement instead.

>> No.23580894

what role do they play? how is it established? it's the case regardless that material related to chuubas can be used to bring out chuubanite energy related to them, but why does it do that? for me, the answer is pretty easy, the concept exists in a conceptual universe that gives it it's unique power, but you need to figure out a way to make the material connected to the chuubas that doesn't rely on any concepts, even though there isn't actually a reason why any material would be associated with a chuuba besides symbolism, which i would imagine requires some degree of conceptual or psychic power, since symbolism is not concrete or anything.

>> No.23581411

I don't really understand what you're asking.

>> No.23581694

Ideally, the respective generals would create techniques, cultural events, and internal stories to represent the chuubas accordingly included in their own lore and culture instead of relying on vtuber specific chuubanite or having the chuubas directly affect how chuubanite works. "Attunement" should be elemental, meaning, Chuubanite attunes with various elements of the periodic table, not with the specific vtuber
As of now this is simply a description of how chuubanite would act in the world, I've thought of reusing warp mechanics to explain purely how chuubanite absorbs energy and expells it, the precense of vtubers would cause the absorb-expell effect. The other suggestion is that the creation of vtubers and the /jp/-/vt/ split is what created and filled the world with chuubanite as a big sort of ice-meteor effect (named as such for the theory that our earth was filled with water from an ice meteor that struck the planet), this would mean that chuubanite is a side-effect of the vtubers.
In chuubanite, chuubanite works because there are vtubers, but no particular vtuber should have more influence on how chuubanite works or how it is shaped to avoid any case of vtuber specific chuubanite.
Ultimately my proposal here was to establish how chuubanite works without dealing with any conceptual or other world stuffs, integrating vtubers into it is the second goal once we have establised a hard system of how chuubanite works.

Arrgh I really wish i could describe it better, I hope it is enough to explain myself

>> No.23582090

I think that could work. I think I would amend this to say chuubanite attunes with specific molecules rather than elements. For example, meat, risu and luna chuubanite attune to flesh, plants and sugar respectively. Those things are all carbon-hydrogen-oxygen compounds. But if its molecule specific, then meat can attune to meat proteins, risu to cellulose (and other plant molecules), and luna to glucoses (and other sugar molecules). I think even then there probably still a possibility for overlap though, for example with water-themed chuubas like /ggg/ and /~ehe/.
Also, this doesn't really affect the rest of the idea, but it was voted that the jp-vt split is a historical event a bit more than a thousand years past (the actual creation of vtubers happened before /vt/ existed, after all). But the creation of vtubers in the faraway past could have gone as you say.

>> No.23582092

Each general has their own way of using chuubanite. Chuubanite is vitubium bonded with other matter. Sometimes its iron ore. Other times its wood. Either way vitubium has its way of storing energy whether it be kinetic, thermal, or chemical. That's the "magic" side of vitubium.

>> No.23582177

you said the chuuba has a role in how the cuubanite is formed, what is that role, and how does it work? what is the mechanism that associates stuff in the enviornment with a chuuba?
you know, looking back at all that you have described, you are basically describing the original chuubanite rentry. that doesn't answer the question i was trying to answer with what i gave. the chuubanite rentry explains the physical stuff but doesn't explain the magical stuff. where does the magic come from? how does it work? my idea is working off of the chuubanite rentry as a first step, so that is considered canon for the physical stuff, but the conceptual realm stuff is the explanation for the unique magical effects that cannot be reproduced through normal physics, the stuff that is unique to each thread. idk why we don't just stop stepping around the issue and say definitively that the chuubanite rentry is canon so we can stop having people come in 50 steps behind on everything, acting as if they are presenting a unique idea by literally repeating the same two ideas that me and that one physicist guy made. do you have a better explanation for the magic effects than the warp explanation, i already agree chuubanite should work mostly like nuclear physics in terms of it's physical effects.

>> No.23582356

the fact that a highly unstable element binds to other elements isn't magic. how the magic energy works is the question this discussion was started by. the most elegant explanation, from my perhaps biased perspective, is the one where the only magical effect of chuubanite/vitubium itself is the ability to bridge the gap between the physical and conceptual realm. the more detailed magic comes from a universe made out of concepts, like the warp, which is how concepts such as chuubas can be used to have a physical effect on reality.

>> No.23582623
File: 166 KB, 1000x1000, veal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Funeral Rites
Still technically on semi-break but some thoughts on /meat/ funeral rites:
>Most /meat/heads will have their last rites tended to by the local clergy
>The funeral usually happens right before they die, although sometimes death before ritual is unavoidable
>For funeral where the dead is already dead, decapitation tend to happen earlier, although some have devised mechanisms to animate the body during the funeral
>By default, the soon-to-be-dead will be ritually sacrificed at the local altar, although some of the more affluent families might have their own altar for that purpose
>The soon-to-be-dead will be disembowelled and dismembered, with their limbs and most internal organs are eaten in the feast by the clergy, family and close friends
>The soon-to-be-dead is decapitated when they're about to die
>Most flesh in the skull, and the majority of bones are processed into meat-and-bone-meal for the family farm
>Specific parts of the skeleton might be kept by the family for ritual purposes, the most common ones are the skull (for decoration) and femur (for flutes)
>For those who die of disease, though, they're usually decapitated before having the rest of the body and skull flesh cremated
>The ash is usually used for compost, but overall it is considered an inferior way to die
>Specific echelon of /meat/ society, like the raiders, might prefer to be ritually sacrificed in mock battle instead
>They're usually armed with fake weapons, against comrades armed with real ones, as raiders who live until dying of natural causes tend to be too deadly to kill
>Clergy of sufficient rank and resemblance tend to be sacrificed in deiphagy ritual

>> No.23583039

>do you have a better explanation for the magic effects than the warp explanation
No, I do not have any explanation about the magic effects, for I am not offering any.
I am pushing for the definition of how chuubanite works in the physical world to be completely defined. And I have already stated my suggestion for how it is to be defined.
This suggestion is meant to work independently of any "conceptual" world or warp system. Ridding ourselves of any "anti-chuubanite" or vtuber-specific chuubanite formations to avoid changing the way chuubanite is shaped and how it works.
This suggestion also has the advantage of being one of the first ways chuubanite was suggested it was to work.

Any proposals on the "magic side" of Chuubanite can be fully decided upon once the physical workings of Chuubanite are defined.

I won't consider vitubium because my head hurts already and I am tired of thinking
Those are quite interesting ideas, in the case of /luna/, maybe the chuubanite deposits are close by sugar is planted and that is what makes the chuubanite into sugar-chuubanite, having it be molecules instead of elements would allow the generals to be more technical with the techniques they wish to develop.

I am tired and I can not think anymore, for I am not as smart as I wish I was. So I'll state the suggestion on how chuubanite works at the simplest level I can.
Energy goes in the chuubanite and energy goes out the chuubanite.
If the chuubanite is in close contact with
1. Molecules (or cells in the case of /meat/)
2. Particular elements
3. Heat or cold
It will "attune" or bond with the material. Or absorb it if it's absorbable (like heat is)

Considerations on the "magic-side" of chuubanite are to be made once this is defined.

>> No.23583190

And for fucks sake paragraphschama at least use notepad to write your ideas, then you can scramble those ideas into something more readable

>> No.23583256

I think this idea is almost there, but there's one issue. Then, why isn't there /meat/ chuubanite everywhere with flesh? Why isn't there /risu/ chuubanite everywhere with plants? and so on with sugar and luna etc.
I think this is the part where the non-physical world kind of has to have a role, to explain the locality of chuubanite attunements.

>> No.23583458

>Any proposals on the "magic side" of Chuubanite can be fully decided upon once the physical workings of Chuubanite are defined.
they were already defined pretty well in the rentry. we are well beyond this stage, which is why i have been discussing the magic side of it. anti-chuubanite and vtuber specific vitubium (chuubanite is apparently the word we use when it fuses with other material to be chuuba specific) are perfectly in line with the way chuubanite works, but people keep assuming that because people keep doing anti-chuubanite poorly, that the concept itself must be the problem. it isn't, we just keep giving up on the concept right before we get to the actual problems of the suggestions. chuubanite is mostly a chemical thing, which is why i keep saying material instead of element, these things were all discussed in the rentry, yet people keep forgetting for some reason.
>why isn't there /meat/ chuubanite everywhere with flesh?
if not for humans, many animals and plants would be incapable of escaping the region they evolved. i'd say it isn't the fact that they can't exist outside of a region, but rather that it is strongest in the hands of someone with a strong dedication to the concept of whatever it is they worship or believe in, obviously including chuubas. also, native chuubanite is more prominent in natives than forigners, with that being said, i personally dislike the idea that chuubanite effects have to be so region specific at all, so whatever.

>> No.23583885

I'm going to assume this restricts all meteor chuubanite in /nasa/ to only be useable as rocket fuel and nothing else.

>> No.23584037

So, uh, is /ccu/ a steppe horde? A la Khiva or Tatary or something? Because there's a hilarious pun to be made about its leader/overlord being named "Roari Khan".

>> No.23584215

listen man, my brain juices are out, but maybe we can work with chuubanite sizes, if the size of a chuubanite chunk decides the amount of energy it can hold, then maybe /meat/ has to use smaller chunks of chuubanite that have been left to bond with the bodies of sacrified victims, or blood, blood works, then these chunks of chuubanite are crushed along with medicinal plants native to /meat/ and secret concoctions. You'd end up with a soup that heals fast made in such a way that the techniques for it have been developed in /meat/ thanks to a combination of cultural, religious practices and the local flora along with special techniques their priests developed to further their practices.

/risu/'s chuubanite works by making forest grow fast, so it isn't something exclusive to them, /uuu/ could have something similar. Instead, maybe their chuubanite is deeper into the ground where it absorbs nutrients and pumps them into the upper ground.
I've nothing for /luna/. Maybe the chuubanite has to be prepped in some way, cleansed of previous substances before they work it on sugar, or maybe /luna/'s ground is naturally more sugary for some strange reason (i'm not sure if that happens IRL thought).

Maybe chuubanite has an effective range of only the things it touches in addition to the size effects, so the outer edges of a chuubanite deposit would be contaminated while its center would be free to use. This would still allow the deep forests of /risu/ to use their roots to tap into it, pushing the /risu/ forest to evolve in such a way as to end in a self-feeding loop with the chuubanite reserves of /risu/

I've just got an entirely unrelated idea btw, /morig/'s chuubanite would be open air allowing it to absorb the heat of the volcano and the island, cooling it down, but whenever the volcano gets closer to eruption the chuubanites heat capacity edges over into its limit, causing it to release heat, this would help explain some of the disasters /morig/ goes through. Overloaded chuubanite would fall apart and quickly release its energy in an explosive manner, this puts /morig/ into a dangerous situation if the volcano ever erupts.

>they were already defined pretty well in the rentry
Clearly not since we are having this discussion, anti-chuubanite and shit came up in the first place because people keep mixing things up. We're better off without it.

>> No.23584264

>>23584215 (me)
>We're better off without it.
It refers to anti-chuubanite btw

>> No.23584274

Mostly desert with a bit of shrubland, I would say, so more like Arabia than the Steppe (which would be near Haachama). That said, /ccu/ hasn't been a thing for like 2 months by now, so I don't expect it to be active anytime soon

>> No.23584287

I was hoping /nasa/'s meteorite can have carvings on it as if it were alien tech that could do sonething cool with space. But I guess that's too unrealistic. I was hoping to have something with a little gravity manipulation. Again, too unrealistic. Guess we'll just make nuclear bombs I guess.

>> No.23584349
File: 1.25 MB, 720x720, 1627946086734.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Peace was never an option.

>> No.23584400

if you make the meteorite spin fast enough it can fuck with gravity quite a bit i'd say, then again, it'd have to spin quite fast

>> No.23584435

Gotta do something with cold fusion I guess. /nasa/ finds this magical substance and all we can use it for is nuclear fission and fusion. Boring.

>> No.23584468

>>23584215 (me)
that's it for now, I really need sleep.

>> No.23584473

Well, no one has said you can't use it for gravity manipulation. At least not in this thread.

>> No.23584518

Not happening. The only thing close to anti-gravity we can make is magnetism. Guess its back to reinventing rockets.

>> No.23584924

Not according to the entire discussion we had. Chuubanite can do many things except break the laws of physics. If the meteorite does have a gravitational pull then it is because it has more mass than the planet. Which obviously makes it too heavy to move AND IT WOULD LITERALLY EAT THE PLANET IT LANDED ON. If /nasa/ wants near zero-G then we will have to launch the station into orbit. Until then we need to focus on building factories to make machines to make space station parts.

We will use chuubanite as a greener alternative to fossil fuels. But before we can do that we need engines. And before we can make engines we need interchangeable parts made with machine precision. Which to make those machines we have to hand forge everything to build them. This is why repairing the station is a 99 year project. Limited resources and limited people. We need to focus on giving birth to more people so in the next generations we can build what we need.

>> No.23585057

Well, if that's what you want your chuubanite to do, that's fine, but gravity manipulation doesn't break thermodynamics or something like that. I think we can have some physics that don't exist IRL as long as they're internally consistent and don't open up loop holes.

>> No.23585188

Can we break the laws of physics by manipulating gravity? Its clear to me that this is the kind of stuff you want chuubanite to explicitly avoid doing.

>> No.23585271

I think in general as long as conservation of energy and conservation of momentum are preserved it should be okay. Having some matter be able to have a stronger gravitational field than their mass should allow doesn't break either of those. You'd just need to provide energy to the chuubanite when it does gravitational work.

>> No.23585332

So we can dismiss them as basically a desert Crimean Tatars thing or whatever. They supply amber, harem girls, and the like for us. And occasionally light cavalry mercenaries for our campaigns.

Say, now that /pcg/ has Pippa, Yuri, Tenma, and maybe a couple UOOOOOHs, could we begin encroaching on /ccu/ territory?

>> No.23585374

Not really how that works, sorry

>> No.23585426


>> No.23585570

How about a trade then. No fucking nukes but /nasa/ can use the meteorite to make a zero-g stadium in the station's tip. We can modify the meteorite to spin suspended in the air via electromagnetism. Also the mass the meteorite can lift is restricted to the machine's speed and the meteorite's own weight. Which I will say in burger units is less than 300 pounds. Anything heavier is still affected by earth's gravity. Also with other meteorite chuubanite we should be able to replicate this effect on a much smaller scale, allowing us to engineer rotational engines around the chuubanite. That way when we make vehicles they won't be nuclear bombs. This is exclusive to meteorite chuubanite. Earth chuubanite we can still make rockets out of.

>> No.23585600
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Ok, so to stop stretching out /nasa/ civil war arc because my lazy ass just can't bring himself to write, I'm dumping what I wrote here, hopefully someone else picks it up. Might also take a break for the forseeable future, just gotta sort some things out, haven't been feeling the best the last couple of days.


>> No.23585734

I'm negotiating anti-gravity tech. Hope that wasn't you. I'll see what I can do.

>> No.23585843

Yeah sure, just don't make any infinite energy machines and I think this would be fine. Let's say that the more mass the meteorite lifts, the more energy you need to put into spinning it.

>> No.23585852

Nah, it's completely unrelated to the current chuubanite discussion, although it could have influenced the heretic story arc that I wanted to start once finishing civil arc. Doubt that will happen now, though, at least not from my end.

>> No.23585971

Kek any time I read about those two my head is full of IASIP. I enjoyed them talking with Mika, really felt like a friendly reunion.

>> No.23587186

>Clearly not since we are having this discussion
people have been 50 steps behind, and have been repeatedly proposing terrible ideas of how to handle anti-chuubanite, that doesn't mean the concept itself is a lost cause, but if you want to throw away a potentially interesting idea, fine. just don't immediately dismiss it if someone comes up with a workable solution. the chuubanite rentry has been sufficient, we have been talking about the magic side of chuubanite for a while, i made the warp interpretation, and when someone else challenged me to come up with a way to measure it, i provided >>23535405 as a potential solution. is that solution workable, or are there flaws with it? if so, i would like to hear them. thank you.

>> No.23588219


>> No.23589306


>> No.23590560


>> No.23592149


>> No.23592358
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>> No.23592427
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unfortunately as a risuner who just likes to make fun stories and talk about pretty gems my brain is too small to try to justify the power of pic related and prefers to think of chuubanite as the shiny rock with magic

>> No.23592537

no problem anon. as said previously, it's just for when people want to get autistic about stuff. btw, now that you're here, can you take over for me. i need to go to bed.

>> No.23592804

ill be around for another hour or so. Goodnight

>> No.23592857

ty risuner.

>> No.23593013
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Hey guys. Holy shit im actually.....writing the luna captain log. I know right NOT getting distracted fucking pog

>> No.23593737
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Holy shit i fucking kneel!

>> No.23594396
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Winardi logs chapter 2.

So far these /luna/ people are even stranger than the kronies but are still quite nice to be around. I personally am very fond of the idea of big metal boys protecting us all while feeding us tasty snacks. Sounds like an amazing deal! And we even get to share nuts with them so hopefully they can enjoy candy flavor nuts or something when they go home.

They mentioned at some point wanting to make an assembly in Silvanus. Well considering the fact that Silvanus is not actually a Risuner name but a name we inheritied from the kronies its kind of fitting that it basically becomes the go to place for visitors. And not to mention it only makes our cities look even bigger and cooler so I say let them. Totally not doing this for tasty snacks.
Heck at this point with the luknights, kronies, and sometimes a delegate from /meat/ it seems Silvanus is going to become an international meeting point. Side note I just realized that Silvanus has the word Anus in it. No wonder the kronies always laugh when we mention it. Best not to tell that joke to the luna people though, they seemt o be too pure for such jokes.

Now I am quite sad that they will not hand over those gems in their armor to us. I mean COME ON whats the damn point of showing off your shiny gems if your not even going to use them! Seems like a massive waste to me but I dont want to disappoint their envoys so I told everyone to cancel the idea of gem trading. They have plenty of other stuff we can use anyway.
Speaking of things we want I did discuss how they made their big armor and how easy it is to move around in. They did mention something about lighter armor and I did notice a select few wear armor that doesnt seem as "fat". But seriously how the hell do they move in those massive iron cans? And if they have this much to spare then could we get some? Using our food as trade resources if this works out we could have risuners with metal weaponry way better than the ones we have now.

It seems the man with the very silly name (reminder to not laugh at his name) Sir Saccharin Plumdrop III, has requested to go to Pasuma. Well I don't see why not given they are a religious people. Maybe thats why they all wear big armor, must be a religious thing. I dont get it though how the actual fuck are you supposed to cuddle with them if they wont take it off. I should ask one of them to remove their armor just for a bit to see how they would react. Would make for a good project.
He mentioned something about our roads specifically our abundance of red rocks. Told me that it looks like rusted metal. And that if we were to mine all of it that we could have armor for all of the risuners. As appealing as that would seem to some people we are known for being fast not heavy.It would be such a pain to climb trees while in a suit of armor. But I can understand the point Plumdrop was trying to make. I guess were just sitting on all this supposed rock/metal supply and not using it, especially on the western side of the nation.
Still that is something I will have to bring up with some of the others if it works better than the bog iron we have been using recently. ONe of the other guys said that it contains something called aluminum. Whatever that is.

And now here we are. Pasuma is a beautiful city like always with by far the most statues and decorations of Risu than any other. We show them the city center which is where Risu herself personally teleports to to begin our glorious nut exchange. He seemed fascinated by this spot and told him he could go there if he likes which of course he did immediately. I kind of respect these luknights in this matter that they seem to be most stubbornly loyal to their Luna while we are stubborn loyal to our Risu. I wonder if Luna does a trip once a year like Risu does?
Last thing to note is that there was a bit of trouble. It seems that the only thing bigger than Plumdrops armor is his curiosity and he was intending on going to the temple of Risu itself. Well naturally that got stopped immediately by pretty much every risuner in the near vicinity. One of the guides tried to explain in their language that not even most risuners are allowed past Pasuma and an outsider going there would just result in most likely death. It was a shame to see him so upset, he really was looking forward to it after all but I told him that if he ever wants to meet Risu than just stay for the month of november as long as your willing to hand over all the nuts we have traded with you.
He gave me a shocked look. "Why would I give back that which we have accepted as trade goods"? When I told him of our nearly nut exchange to Risu his face had an even funnier expression. I guess they do things quite differently at /luna/ but this is to be expected with foreign people. Nevertheless Plumdrop (my god I love this dudes name) was definitely interested in what Pasuma had to offer.

>> No.23594451
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Anchor derpage >>23566023
SERIOUSLY THOUGH WHY THE FUCK DO YOU PARADE AROUND THAT BIG ASS PRETTY GEM IF YOU WONT SHARE IT WITH US WHAT THE FUCK!!!! (something i wanted to add at the end but the comment was too big) kek.

>> No.23594836
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luknight update check, rose update check, MEAT IS NEXT

>> No.23595227

>Risuner visits Candy Kingdom
>Risuner visits Matiyotl

>> No.23596627


>> No.23598887


>> No.23600503
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i feel this so much, i just want cool things to be cool because they are cool

>> No.23601216
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We have good food! Well, less so for vegetarians or people who can't handle spice, but still.

same for me ngl

>> No.23601876

We'll have to keep bread dogs away from mammoths. Not because bread dogs scare mammoths. Its because mammoths will eat bread dogs and crush their cybernetic frames.

>> No.23602062

i forgot, how squishy are bread dog's internals? are they like 2B with a soft exterior but dense hard metal interior or are they completely soft?

>> No.23602718

The metal interiors are tough and sterile. They have to be rust-proof due to moisture of the bread. Either way an elephant could still crush the bread dog with its trunk.

>> No.23603235

Damn, what a challenge... Can't fuck the knights if they stay in the armor, it's like a super-condom.

>> No.23603560

Yeah, my only request to the chuubanite theorycrafters is to try not to limit what the generals beyond what the OG proposal does, and try to keep in mind how chuubanite works in the established lore of the threads while coming up with ideas. We don't want to retroactively make a bunch of stuff incorrect. Other than that, go I wild I guess.

>> No.23604222

>mfw another /meat/ vtuber has graced the thread

>> No.23604250

they grow stronger with every passing moment

>> No.23604964

>goddesses killing rates by /meat/heads drop substantially in the /vtwbg/ world.

>> No.23607107

Nah, I'm sure they approve of it. Could be interesting if we celebrate their manifestation by eating them tho
recent lack of activity is more because we actually got a lot of streams from them so we're too busy watching them

>> No.23607476

>recent lack of activity
Anon, my split is dead here.

>> No.23607560

oof, I meant to say recent lack of /meat/ activity here. Still, sorry to hear that.

>> No.23607801

Me too anon, me too. But at least I have fun reading what the anons here do.

>> No.23608092
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Same, and I might actually get to help write something when the risuners come.
>Before a meal, servants presented fragrant tobacco tubes and sometimes also flowers with which the guests could rub their head, hands, and neck.
>Aztec private feasts included music singing, storytelling, dancing, incense burning, flowers, tobacco, offerings, and gift-giving. Aztec feasts were a display of material culture and wealth—notes by Friar Bernardino de Sahagún and Friar Diego Durán describe Aztec feasts as events where "everything was to be created in abundance".
>The food served during this feast was traditionally spicy. Noted by Sahagun was: "And the sauce of the tamales was called 'red chilli sauce'. And when the good common folk ate, they sat about sweating, they sat about burning themselves. And the tamales stuffed with greens were indeed hot, gleaming hot."
If /meat/ feasts are anything like the Aztec's, they actually sound like pretty cool places to be as long as you aren't vulnerable to sensory overload or spicy food or being the main course.

>> No.23609052

Also I did some back-of-the-envelope calculation and got some dates for /meat/:
>First Hololive General on /jp/: 2020-02-11 (2020-042) - 898 BVT
>First /jp/ meatpost: 2020-10-28 (2020-302) - 244 BVT
>First Hololive Global on /vt/: 2021-02-02 (2021-033) - 1 VTE
>First /sbg/: 2021-03-17 (2021-107) - 187 VTE
>First /meat/: 2021-12-18 (2021-352) - 829 VTE
>Current date: 2022-04-23 (2022-113) - 1120 VTE
There're probably some earlier posts that I missed, but the years here should be about right. I guess we can say the cult was first documented around 244 BVT, and after the split, some of the cultists went to find their own land and eventually set up shops in modern /meat/land around 187 VTE. Not sure what the first /meat/ post (as opposed to /sbg/ post) should represent, although I reckon it's a good place on the timeline for /meat/ to truly make its name through great raids across the holo sea, which would persist until it got BTFO at around 950~1050 (based purely on technology and not board history)?
Also unrelated to /meat/ but for reference, the first /vtwbg/ thread would be dated around 886 VTE.

>> No.23609251

Holy fuck!
I had an epiphany!
The in universe reason why /meat/ just had another chuuba visit us!
There was a huge number of Niji retirements this week.
/meat/ sacrificing 3 Nijis in succession attracted them!

>> No.23609594

In universe i feel like /vtwbg/ should not instantly be founded as the League of Nations/UN
My idea is that /vtwbg/ started as an exploration guild. Think Ibn Battuta and Marco Polo but on steroids.
Once connections were made and the world is documentized, it slowly shifts into the UN-esque place we know today

>> No.23610393

Ah, timelines full of dates, I love it, this pleasures my autism. I'll make one for my general too.
Maybe we can visualize all the threads' timelines with some kind of graph.

>> No.23610550

Infinite energy machines is troll science. A rotational engine is similar to a piston engine, except the parts rotate around a centerpoint like an orbit. So we would have the refined meteorite chuubanite spinning in the center. Then the machines would orbit around the meteorite drawing power. When the meteorite loses its charge the orbit slows down until eventually gravity pulls the machines to earth.

>> No.23611182
File: 298 KB, 463x453, 1650068997980.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>rotational engine
>tfw having traumatic wankel engine flashbacks

>> No.23613753
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>> No.23614410

troll science + magic = real science

>> No.23614769


>> No.23614807

Its nothing like that shit engine if we can get gravity to work.

>> No.23616273

kinda already have to based on the last consens that was reached sicne when i wrote the basics for /vrt/ i misunderstood that chuubanite is chuuba specific like the one anon argued. but on the other hand it is not really bad since it allows me to come up with somethign a bit more interesting overall

>> No.23616488

That part of the discussion was a bit confusing; chuubanite has chuuba-specific attunements (like a guitar being tuned to a specific note), but all chuubanite is chuubanite. So the chuubanite section of the /vrt/ lore is compatible with that.
But feel free to re-write it if you have an idea to make it more fun.

>> No.23616530

General-specific attunement would be more correct*

>> No.23616931

Just a question before I continue where you left off: How do you think Alex's negotiations with Mac is going to go? And will Jonathan go through his mutiny?

>> No.23617882
File: 100 KB, 603x800, FR1ZJR6aIAAZCDH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Watch out for lizards on /morig/. They're so big they look like snakes.

>> No.23617937

last /meat/ thread reached bump limit that's the third /meat/ thread with /meat/ in the title to reach bump limit in a row not sure if we were still discussing the funeral rituals or not. is it a good time to make another, or should we wait for better hours?

>> No.23618104

We've got the perfect weather for it too.

>> No.23618486

Please attach >>23617882 to the fauna section of /morig/ as is. Image is required.

>> No.23619339

We can always discuss it if you want, that's what this thread's for, after all

>> No.23619790

sure, the post that started the discussion over there is >>23582916 we had a few ideas already, but we weren't sure how some of them would work, and i guess we didn't go much further into it after that. personally, i really like the idea of a "ryona bell ritual" even if it only takes place during new year's eve, but i can understand why that might not be easy to work with. if anyone here has any suggestions, that would be interesting.

>> No.23620164

I like that idea as well, but the prompt's technically about funeral rites, not human sacrifice, which is why I prefer to keep the list of rites to things that aren't as time-dependent as the ryona bell ritual.
Feeding people (criminals, as noted in the thread) to monsters work too, even if that's technically execution. Back when I talked about how to rework the coral reeves, I also made an off-hand mention of Comma's priestesses feeding/converting themselves to the vagina dentata colony, which is probably closer to a combination of funeral rites and retirement.
I guess at this point we might forego the prompt itself and expand the whole thing to human sacrifices in general?

>> No.23621216

i think, in the case of /meat/, funeral rites and human sacrifice would go hand in hand, with the result always being that the body is put to some practical use, such as food, fertilizer, tools and equipment, etc. the only things we need to consider are how we deal with rotten or diseased bodies, which the answer would basically just be to burn diseased bodies into ash and use them as a fertilizer. so, at what age or condition should we expect people to go through the human sacrifice part? would it be voluntary for non-criminals? my thoughts are that it would be mostly voluntary, especially since we encourage suffering as a means of worship, but in the case of priestesses who take on the appearance of our chuubas, retirement should be a very important process, as you have described.

>> No.23622268

Did one of /meat/'s chuubas graduate recently?

>> No.23622801

no, akira threatened to retire from life, and comma got found out by her parents when she threw up twice after overdosing, but neither of them graduated, and as you can probably tell, after the recent stapler incident, comma is still doing her experiments. the problem we currently have is that they got banned from a few of their sites, but we still have some archives, and more are hopefully coming, so hopefully it wont be too much of a problem.

>> No.23623079
File: 177 KB, 1151x662, 1630340038922.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck me, meanwhile /inf/ almost imploded because Kronii caught the flu or something.

>> No.23623283

Nah, she got better.

Yeah, I think I'll expand the list to include other ways to sacrifice as well. Regarding cremation, I would say it's only mandated when the dead/soon-to-be-dead shows signs of (some? you can probably still get eaten if you caught a cold or something) diseases/poisoning, is already rotten/decomposing, or is deemed ritually unfit for any (other) kinds of rituals. It can still be chosen by individuals who are otherwise eligible for other forms of sacrifice, but I think most who opted for that would be non-believers who happen to live in /meat/.
For the rest, they can choose (or be chosen) what kind of sacrifice they go through, among the list of means that they're eligible. The aforementioned cannibalism by close relatives/friends/clergy is probably the "default" option that most are eligible, and is probably the most common way to go in /meat/. It's technically voluntary, since you can always choose to just be cremated after death instead, although that's usually a sign that you aren't a believer. Depending on your social status and wealth/influence, there are sacrifices deemed more exalted than the default. As mentioned, raiders who feel they have a good run might opt for being killed in mock battles; clergy might decide to get fed to relevant monsters/beasts; and priestesses who are sufficiently similar to the chuuba they worship might opt to go for deiphagy before ageing takes its toll (since deiphagy is pretty much the best way to die for a /meat/head). There're probably a lot of deadly rituals that are on /meat/'s book.
After the rituals, the body parts will be put to use depending on the kind of ritual and their condition. Skulls are usually repurposed into bowls or containers, although notable individuals might get theirs preserved and painted as decoration - illustrious families might have a whole rack of skulls proudly on display. Femurs might be used to make pipes, flutes, or armour bits if they have enough chuubanite to be hard enough (although ceremonial armour isn't as demanding in that aspect). Skin could be used for leather, either for clothing or book cover. The list goes on, but I think the one constant is that the brain and spinal cord will almost always be ground and burnt for compost, since they're too soft for tools (that I can think of), and historical examples of them being eaten don't usually end well. Bones too small/not of the right shape for tools might also be mixed in to make meat and bone meal.

Didn't she get the coof a while ago?

>> No.23623862

I hope your chuubas are feeling better.

>> No.23623998

/meat/ is pain, learning to enjoy it is half the point.

>> No.23624421

You still need periods of rest and repose. Not just for the mind and body but the soul as well.

>> No.23625421

I wonder which nations would be interested in sailboat racing? I think sailboat racing can be a fun event. Could be fun to have cash prizes as well.

>> No.23625991

My money's on countries with a naval tradition, so it's the usual roster of /morig/, /meat/, and presumably /ggg/ and /ahoy/

>> No.23626256
File: 715 KB, 849x1200, 1629082151872.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, /morig/ would have a speed sailing tradition, on an island it's often faster to sail to another point on the island instead of taking the land route, especially since we don't have horses. I had a concept for a fast yacht, but I didn't end up finishing it, maybe I will.

>> No.23626557

Nah, /∞/ is always like that, no matter what Kronii do.
t. kronie.

>> No.23626605
File: 310 KB, 377x381, 1636598234991.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23626701

/nasa/ has designs for aluminun alloy sail boats. We can't put rockets on them. But they're pretty fast and economic. We've made some small kayaks out of scrap metal. They're pretty good for fishing in river and sea. Though the transportation problem keeps us from shipping them to the station. Perhaps rocket sleds and wagons can work. Though the lockdowns have to end first.

>> No.23626799

Yes, that is a synonym to kronie.

>> No.23626887

Pretty sure you can't put motors on sailboats, since that would defeat the point of sailboat racing anyway. My guess is that some Sanalites might be interested in joining sailboat racing, but /nasa/ as a whole probably doesn't have the naval tradition and know-how to have significant sailboat racing on its own.

>> No.23627085
File: 254 KB, 2111x1294, podracing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/vrt/ would be similar to /morig/ in that regard since we are on a half isle. difference is we probably use soem more outdated ships and mod them isntead of coming up with more modern designs^^

>> No.23627087
File: 36 KB, 600x336, pinisi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we only have pinisi but i dont see why not. risuners are quite proud of their boat design.

>> No.23627693

We can set up a VR simulation to train with sailboat sailing. Its no where near close to the real thing but some training is better than nothing.

Also surprised reading the rentry that the NEET Sanalites love the technology lockdown. I'm guessing their simulation practice is paying off when applied to the real world. Its those who's entire careers are built on /nasa/'s station and networking that are screaming pink wojaks. The cosplayers are fine. There's a new fetish for cave women.

>> No.23627765

rosebud language is gonna have so many fucking sounds

>> No.23627951
File: 709 KB, 849x1200, 1651524609432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love sounds!

>> No.23628026

it has 32 unique sounds. i'm going to revamp what letter and diacritic matches what sound because as it stands it makes no fucking sense

>> No.23628035

>/hfz/ participates
>Loses because of rigging

>> No.23628229

Does Rosebuds like musical instruments? In fact what instruments would Rosebutas play?

>> No.23628916
File: 460 KB, 2908x1299, roselang5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

damn!!!! this writing system got convoluted fast, i may end up simplifying a lot

>> No.23629333
File: 98 KB, 240x240, 1651622499202.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't understand what much of that means myself, but a lot of sounds sounds cool!
They do. Certain instruments like drums might be difficult to play for Tunnelhogs, due to their different hand structure, but they'd love string instruments. Sunwalkers would be more likely to play drums and such.
I also had an idea for a "blast organ", using a design like an organ with the vibrating/explosive ability of Rosestones to make a very heavy hitting kind of sound.
THAT LOOKS SO SO COOL SO FAR! I'm amazed by it, honestly I love the complexity.

>> No.23629391

Holy fuck conlanganon you're really going for it.

>> No.23629726

Ironic that drums are the most difficult instrument to play for tunnelhogs since all you do is beat them. Anyway for music /nasa/ has electronic instruments you can program to play music for you. Though we usually interact with those instruments using keyboards. I guess disc jockeying would also be popular. Though personally I prefer metal.

>> No.23630051
File: 596 KB, 676x1006, Miss New Rose.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I also enjoy metal, honestly. Also I'm more referring to the drumsticks than just pounding on the drum itself. Something like that seems like it'd be hard for them to control.
Rosebutas would love to be disc jockeys, electronic music might also be something they really enjoy.

>> No.23630255

how many fingers do rosebuds have

>> No.23630348

Tidied up the /meat/ architecture writing a bit and put it into the main lore archive: https://rentry.org/vtwbg-meatlore#architecture

>> No.23630379

i see now that i look in the archive for once that they have four, two of which are thumblike, this will play into woodwinds and the such that depend on digit count for certain notes

>> No.23630388
File: 276 KB, 1024x1256, cervine_hand_anatomy_study_by_russelltuller_d91q1o2-fullview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tunnelhog hands have four fingers, two center ones and two thumbs, that are hoof-like in nature. Sunwalkers have hands like humans.

>> No.23630568
File: 900 KB, 623x801, 1651630370112.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Makes sense. Now I'm interested in how a Tunnelhog woodwind would look compared to one made for human hands. Or how many things would be tailored to Rosebutas.

>> No.23632395

Grand directive says no. That said /nasa/ is interested in trying instruments from this world. Though if we want to try anything involving breathing we need to develop chuubanite tattoos first.

>> No.23632837
File: 154 KB, 1170x1100, 1647389114417.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Darn... Well, we might be willing to show you how to use a blast organ in the future. Who doesn't love musical explosions, after all?

>> No.23632911
File: 244 KB, 1280x1992, professor_luna_by_mechjunk_defxdks-fullview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

very good, ganbarisu!
I will work on my next Risuner log and begin on the Hooman logs... I hope Risuners get to journey to Candy Kingdom someday.

>> No.23633168
File: 1.77 MB, 1800x2400, 1647375853162.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn roseanon is getting spoiled kek.
The day risuners go there is the day risuners suddenly get very fat. Glad you liked it though.

>> No.23633293
File: 68 KB, 250x250, 1644543572085.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did I say something weird?

>> No.23633304

What instruments does Risuners play?

>> No.23634379

this should be a prompt. something like "what kind of musical instruments/music does your nation make/use"

>> No.23634381
File: 101 KB, 1186x1145, 1645339849806.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe it would be best if you can contact w/ our rep and at least get the names and rough locations of a few cities down. I have my hands full on assignments this week but I had been meaning to get around to it. But still, my autism disallows me to simply place a few dots randomly on the map so that would also take time... Of course, you can skirt around that and just don't mention the names of the city the Risuner captan is visiting but that's boring.

>> No.23634676

am dumb, *Luknight

>> No.23635050
File: 178 KB, 400x400, adventure.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll make a quick supplementary map after the stream then

>> No.23635697

Sorry for the late response, was at work. The general flow I had in mind was for Alex to give the reigns and the main code to Mac, kinda shifting the "protagonist" of the story (since if Alex came back now the conflict might just escalate instantly, whereas Mac still has good standing with the Sanallites of the station, "I made myself the devil and now I'm making you the saviour" kinda deal) and while Mac would initially fight back, not wanting to be used like a pawn, he would eventually give in. The chapter would end with Mac starting his walk back to the station with a flurry of thoughts and main code in hand.

I also wanted to tie in the /meat/ priestess, which was sleeping on the top bunk of the bed in the part that I wrote, perhaps alluding to a more sinister underside of the whole conflict wanted to set up a Heretic war for season two and going back with Mac to the station, which would also let her meet with her party, which I think I forgot to mention When Mac and Charlie talked with Mika. And since I saw something about tattoos for boosting our immune system so we can breathe unfiltered air, also wanted to start up that side of things, though I would have to check back in the threads for more info. But all of that (tattoos, heretics and confrontation with the Sanallites of the station and Jonathan) would be for chapters after this one, so it would have been out of my hands anyway, but still wanted to set it up, you know, branch out the story a bit and whatnot.

>> No.23636297

So think Jonny boy would sieze the code from Mac and take control over the station? Then again Jonny need's Mac's biometrics since Alex transferred accounts to him.

>> No.23637306

While I didn't flesh it out or anything, since I wouldn't be writing it anyway, I guess Mac would first get to gather and talk with the Sanallites outside the station, and by the time the unusual gathering was reported to Jonathan and he got there with his boys, the group would be big enough and on the fence about the ideas Mac presented to them that they would kinda keep things from spiraling out of control (even if they have weapons, Jonny's group would still be outnumbered extremely, and he ain't stupid. He wouldn't try anything too drastic in a situation like that, though he would still be kinda agressive). Basically, the meeting would be barely in time before the security department went out and initiated a hostile takeover of the station.

And for the wildcard, the priestess could intervene in the discussion if things started going bad, revealing that Jonathan and some others were in fact marked with a ritualistic tattoo that enhanced their feelings, which influenced them to cling and enforce the Grand Directive even more than they would usually (while Jonathan is most definitely a staunch believer in it, due to the tattoo he would border on maniacal(think ecclesiarchy in 40k)) and since she encountered them before, would be able to remove them(read: Tear the skin on which it's placed off), difusing the situation a bit (at which point the Mac and Jonny could talk normally). And then BAM, shadow figures were watching all along muahahaha, and they say "fuck it, get the rock, we bouncin' mate". And that would kinda be it, the talks would be long, but in the end, a compromise would somehow be met, and everyone lived happily ever after, fucking squirrels and robutts, at least until the shadowy figures try to summon AO-chan. Perhaps not the best ending to the season, but I ain't a proffesional writer so fuck it

>> No.23638593
File: 248 KB, 498x360, maptism_adm_divisions.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright, from /who/:
This map is the rough adminsitrative divisions that will be used. The Capital would probably be in around Region 05.

R = Region
Names are pending

Unanchored since i want feedback from the other hoomans here

>> No.23638636

>>23638593 (me)
For now the capitals temporary name will be Victory City.

>> No.23638964

still no /meat/ thread. did something happen to breadmaker anon? i hope he's alright. idk where else to talk about this, so sorry if you don't want me to have this here.

>> No.23639055


>> No.23639064

R3 & 4 can probably be a single region while R1 and 2 can be expanded a little by eating some of 3 & 4, to represent the lower density in the East. R7 would also probs be a good place for the capital, though it won't provide that much strategic depth, being closer to the ports would be a plus(but then again the initial reason to set up in R5 is most likely for military reasons). That being said, R7 can be split into 2 to really hammer home the fact that the West has more cities.

>> No.23639172
File: 386 KB, 1980x1080, tech_support.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll make corrections tomorrow then, right now i feel like not thinking

>> No.23639220

It's alright, peeps here are pretty chill unless talking about chuubanite so even if not everything is completely on the topic of worldbuilding, I doubt anyone would really get upset.

>> No.23639263

I'm not a professional either. I'll try to make it work.

>> No.23639316
File: 423 KB, 500x600, GoGoGo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I believe in you! But hey, it's you writing it, don't feel pressured to spin it the way I imagined it. Would honestly like any outcome, a story is a story.

>> No.23639506

i didn't notice that, thank you!

>> No.23640626

Wait did /meat/'s oshi just paid a visit?!

>> No.23640926

a few of them, apparently.

>> No.23641104

At least two (Gasha and Kyusai-chan) definitely have read /meat/ and posted on twitter about it, while at least one more (Comma) likely knows about it due to her being close with Gasha

>> No.23641763

Lets hope Komma and Gasha dont know about the super big surprise we're doing for them.
Theyd be elated to know we recovered their site

>> No.23641896

if they are paying attention to us, it might be too late, but hopefully it gets done before they fully recognize. btw, how is the progress on that? (Should we discuss this back on /meat/ or would that make it more likely that she would see it?)

>> No.23642132

Sure. Back to the abattoir

>> No.23643937


>> No.23645250


>> No.23646092


>> No.23647005

is anyone here still?

>> No.23647229

Nah, we dead

>> No.23647252

Everyone asleep
Im still at work

>> No.23647443


>> No.23648686

can you bump every now and then, or are you too busy? how long do you think it will be before everyone wakes up?

>> No.23649864


>> No.23651076


>> No.23652378

I guess /meat/ has robots now

>> No.23652969

You keep getting visited by your chuubas? Congrats /meat/!

>> No.23653175
File: 66 KB, 720x720, 1648297812097.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23655120


>> No.23655752
File: 214 KB, 2048x1357, 1648300915750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ah yes. Today and maybe tomorrow is where i do heavy research into /meat/ so I can somewhat know what im talking about when i plan the visit. READING TIME! also even though im risuner kronii has nice butt

>> No.23656560

>Today and maybe tomorrow is where i do heavy research into /meat/ so I can somewhat know what im talking about
Same, lol.

Also, allow me this edit:

>> No.23657469
File: 194 KB, 1169x1165, 1641947538497.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23658042

HOOMAN i havent even considered a visit to who yet despite seeing you here all he time. i wonder what would /who/ have for risu anyway? and would you be able to make use of the nuts?

>> No.23659589
File: 1003 KB, 2480x3508, FQ8Vh_lUYAEYS7n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There should be some nut production in /who/ but nowhere near the scale of /risu/. The most common types would be hazelnuts and walnuts with some almonds. The most desired product would be fabric, steel tools(doubt /risu/ has the facilities to make use of steel or wrought iron) and alcohol(think IPA and Vodka) I guess. /who/ is very industrialised so they should be (relatively) nice and cheap. Depends on the type of nuts that /risu/ has but most likely for making sweets as a part of religious tribute to the Nameless one and for pressing oils(don't have to rely on clarified butter or olive oil to add extra flavour to fried foods, also can be made into soap industially).

>> No.23659973
File: 235 KB, 483x365, maptism_adm_divisions_2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright, I made a few changes. Would like more feedback still.

>> No.23660647
File: 2 KB, 125x125, 1646952779812s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fabrics could be a probable yes since we can use animal hides/chitin maybe. Of course we have plenty of nuts which could be used for drinking. Hecc we have a lot of fruits and other freshly grown foods if thats how you like your alcohol. And yes our steel production is zero and our bog iron production is just beginning so we dont got industrial anything pretty much. I dont know what nuts are used for other than eating so inb4 instead of researching rocks for 4 hours i research nuts for 4 hours today. Im still reading up on stuff from meat but ive placed /who/ down for potential visit site. pretty gems?

>> No.23661021
File: 489 KB, 2896x4096, 1648277929420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Guys. Holy shit I've been REALLY liking Kaela lately. If this keeps up ill take the liberty of repping both threads since at this point it is undeniable. I fucking love that hag. Risu is my oshi of course but GOD DAMN KAELA IS GREAT

>> No.23661058
File: 160 KB, 343x551, hmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm sure you can find gems like quartz and potassium (is potassium a gem?) in the mines of the Republic, but you won't find them by looking at the ground floor. Since the people dress in really simple and practical clothes, there isn't really a market for accesories and decorations

>> No.23661236

Quartz can be useful as a material. I know some applications I can use quartz for.

>> No.23661241
File: 208 KB, 483x365, cities-question_mark.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uhhh I think I would need a geography anon here. Without rivers it's kinda hard to imagine how to further refine the borders. And IIRC it's already been discussed that there should be at least two major rivers albeit with only one flowing out of the sea in /who/. Since the Republic should be pretty homogeneous the border should be purely administrative and influenced by the productions and geography of the regions. This version is pretty good but without rivers, I don't know where to put the "Rhineland" of the Republic. Picrel is how I roughly imagine the placement to be. Red solid dots in the West are the major port cities(Southern one should be the biggest and hosts the Navy home base, preferably with a major river somewhat near it.) Red with orange is where the capital is roughly and the blue dotted line is the rough area the industrial heartland is located.

>> No.23661330
File: 69 KB, 578x811, 1648185742717.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well. shit. how tf is fabric like cloth even made? (MORE SHIT TO GOOGLE) and really? no fancy feathers or anything? that kind of surprises me a bit but eh whatever. At the very least we still produce an absolute fuckton of food. No nation can live without food and thats where /risu/ shines. Oh and wood since our trees grow back 3 times as fast as normal trees. Surely wood would be something you might like?

>> No.23661347
File: 1.60 MB, 132x134, 1647608933386.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That makes sense to me, once we get a better map with rivers I'll make sure to revise it and fix up any issues here.

>> No.23661398
File: 157 KB, 1080x1080, bcabfcf7a24bcdfcc693218cad904ca4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Instead of gaudy jewellery(ew), what about feathered hats! They are comfy and bound to be useful in the rainforest!

>> No.23661460

If /who/ has quartz then they can make phonograhs (records) and grammaphones eventually.

>> No.23661659

Dead Hours
Starts at 8AM GMT
Ends at 12PM GMT onwards
With this info I think we can start planning out the general's activity

>> No.23661669


This is what quartz is useful for.

>> No.23661737
File: 566 KB, 688x515, risustonks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23661763

Cloth is processed from things like wool, linen, and other things i'm not remembering,.
feathers sounds nice actually, they wouldn't really be fancy thought.
On the question of food, we already produce the most food of the western part of the continent, so importing would be for rarer things like fruits and tropical stuffs, due to distances involved, logistics would limit the fruits to dried goods, but those'd still be quite good i reckon.
We get our wood from /uuu/ and the internal forests, I'm unsure of the feasibility of importing wood from halfway across the world thought. Can't be cheap thought.

>> No.23662035
File: 1.17 MB, 4096x2732, FRLHkvnaMAACAmF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/who/'s textile would be mostly woollen and linen. Fabric can be made out of many fibres, the usual are cotton, flax, wool and synthetic(ofc we aren't there yet). /Risu/ is too far from /who/ so food export aside from say, nuts are not that feasible or economical. Timber would really depend on how many trees are still around. /uuu/ definitely won't sell them, let alone cutting them. The western part should still have many trees(unlike say 18-19 century Britain) but for applications like shipbuilding, they might not be the best/most suited kind. I'm not a naval expert but the type and characteristic of wood affect the ship's hull quite a lot so the demand would be highly specific and limited for ships and maybe furniture.

>> No.23662071

Am directionally challenged just like my owlshi

>> No.23662180

We have MAGIC nuts though. we just want the pretty gems true /who/ is very far away so understandable. Still risuners are exploring the world so we gonna come over at least once.

>> No.23662199 [DELETED] 

Huh I thought /uuu/ wouldn't be that keen on selling timber but then again I only have their lore scrap as reference.

>> No.23662250

Huh I thought /uuu/ wouldn't be that keen on selling timber but then again I only have their lore scrap as reference.

>> No.23662330
File: 41 KB, 400x400, C_GwdVOC_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

teak wood which risu uses is VERY good for shipbuilding.

>> No.23662394
File: 162 KB, 400x400, 1646326754585.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we'd probably aid them in helping the forest out in some processes, kinda like how beavers or forest fires do so, althought we'd just be taking advantage of it to take the timber that is needed.

>> No.23662488

well then when your inevitable war against /uuu/ is over for pissing them off then we can pat your heads. no uuu rep feelsbadman

>> No.23662502

Deals would probably be made with the border villages of the druids to take timber too. Like, "You can only take certain amount of the trees from this part of the forest"

>> No.23662662

/nasa/ has a taiga bordering /uuu/ if you don't mind woods like pine or spruce. Also /who/ should have some woods somewhere. Even if it borders /uuu/ you should be safe logging oak and birtch. Unless you already deforested your woods beyond repair.

>> No.23662676
File: 66 KB, 1000x1000, sushi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They love us so don't worry about it. I didn't mean like "oh ho we're going to take it all", more like "let's just use the chance to take the timber", the amount of timber taken would probably still be limited by whatever the Druids would feel is correct. Since we have no /uuu/ rep I've just been putting it off and this is all theory crafting. If /uuu/ representative one day comes then we'll be able to properly discuss it.

>> No.23662705
File: 79 KB, 536x682, 1647442872859.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/meat/ heads are.....very creative. Im really not into all that bloody creepy shit but my god do they know how to write fucking stories. It both fascinates me but hurts me physically going over their logs.

>> No.23662783

Oh right, we'd probably also have lumberjack parties off in /nasa/'s taiga to take wood too. Many options abound in this earth

>> No.23662798

/who/'s navy is pretty small and coal is the dominant fuel source for industries so the deforestation situation should be relatively under control espically if we have limited access to /uuu/'s forests.

>> No.23662847

When /nasa/ logs we always replant saplings. We also clean up the forest debris to minimize the chance of forest fires. We do grind a good chunk of the debris into compost so it can decay without drying out. We also make sure we leave enough seeds and leaves for the animals to eat. Though we'll have to watch for predators in the openings.

>> No.23663137

/nasa/ needs lumber for mines and ships. Any extra lumber we have will be for sale. Though if the lumber gets too dry then we'll process it into firewood and charcoal.

How familiar is /who/ with replanting forests? I'm sure if you log wood from /uuu/ then they'll want you to replant trees. The other thing to keep in mind is the wildlife. If predators lose too much hunting ground then they'll go after your livestock.

>> No.23663335
File: 676 KB, 2893x4092, 1648558644933.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

for every tree chopped down we plant like 3 more. and if you dont do this you get tossed into the geese chambers. if you need help replanting trees then risuners have plenty of manpower especially since they're constantly breeding

>> No.23663381

Depends on where you live and do most likely. Citizens living near the /uuu/ border would internalize some of the sapling's ideas and be more active in managing and replanting forests, same goes for the few rural communities that still rely on hunting and lumbering. For farmers and ranchers I doubt they give two shits about replanting and they have plenty of guns to ward wolves and owlbears off. The deforestation issue probably isn't so severe that there is strict enforcement or state promotion on replanting trees.

>> No.23663469

measure for it would probably be on the lighter side yeah. Since we do need the forests for the navy and fueling the industry replanting culture would probably become state enforced once it starts getting on the more severe side

>> No.23663490

You have to be careful with that. Your soil can degrade quickly and the closer trees are together the worse fires spreads. But if you have magic fertile soil then go for it. The difference between /nasa/ and everyone else is /nasa/ has never lived with chuubanite. I realized I just made /nasa/ spaceman isekai.

>> No.23663546
File: 22 KB, 643x239, pyon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Visited /pyon/ and got this. So guess they're not gonna post anytime soon.

>> No.23663617

Hopefully they'll post it here once it's done so we can add it into the archive

>> No.23663628

You know, i never considered the idea of what happens if a fire spread out. I also didnt consider the idea of OVERforestization if thats even a word/thing. Risuners do chop down trees for basic shit so maybe instead it can be a tree for a tree kind of deal where when they chop down one they plant 1.

>> No.23663936

Before man overforestation was a thing. Too much forest can drain water and nutrients from the soil. This is how a climax environment goes into decline. Forest fires from thunderstorms and compost combustion are great for both refreshing the soil and culling overgrowth. Another solution to solve overforestation is mushrooms and fungi. Also trees do get bacterial and viral infections that can kill them. If trees are too close together where their roots are intertwined then diseases can spread quickly. I remember losing my childhood tree to a viral disease that gave the trunk a demon maw. I was told for years that Satan posessed my tree and killed it because god hates my family.

>> No.23664080

>I was told for years that Satan posessed my tree and killed it because god hates my family
This sounds funny, but i am unsure of what to think

>> No.23664093

If you're making a campaign to be streamed on YouTube then its for the best. You don't want other generals to be involved if they're from other fanbases. Besides they can use the campaign for their nation's history if they plan to play DnD or Paizo.

>> No.23664099

/meat/'s a bit occupied right now
We have a /here/ guest

>> No.23664525
File: 140 KB, 310x640, 1650521831820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean hey its what they want to do then so be it. I like kiki but dont watch her TOO much to know. As long as theyre happy.
Id like to think risuners would know about this at some point. IT makes sense given that there is only so much magic energy. And I dont know if i put it in the lore yet but the trees closer to risu temple grow faster than the ones farther away. Mushrooms are a funny thought. I wonder what mushrooms would grow in risu and what they would be used for. Inb4 risuners get high off shrooms kek

>> No.23664708

Kiki has a small but rather dedicated fanbase, she's quite lovable and has a love for animals as well. She's also the only vtuber I know that actually likes my pet ants.
As for mushrooms, they basically grow anywhere they can, so /risu/ could definitely have them. Decomposers like mushrooms are especially common in forest grounds due to all the detritus there.

>> No.23664946

All kinds of mushrooms can grow in /risu/'s wet and warm environment.

>> No.23665132

>/risu/'s wet and warm environment.
Like nation like oshi?
Don't throw me to the pit.

>> No.23665319

What are shrooms used for? I honestly have no idea except pizza toppings.

>> No.23665393

Mushrooms can be used for all kinds of poisons and medicines. Penicillin is an example of a fungus used as an anti-biotic.

>> No.23665449
File: 109 KB, 1177x634, risusmug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Risu alchemists are a thing. And after seeing potioncraft it only makes sense they probably have fuckloads of potions (which could also be a good export to other nations)

>> No.23665600

/nasa/ has to say no to sketchy potions. Especially if we don't know what's in them. Also potions need to be preserved for transport if they are to survive the trip to /nasa/. Unlike video games potions have an expiration date if they're herb and mushroom juice.

>> No.23665636
File: 153 KB, 383x249, ehehehe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Probably won't be around to make the new bread when it's needed. Someone please help do that.

Together we can corner the medicine market...

>> No.23665872

Depends on how much of a head start /meat/ has in that corner of the world. That said I'm afraid of opening up a can of worms with squirrel people getting high of shroom juice.

>> No.23666145
File: 63 KB, 250x250, 1650340071902.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We do have a unique advantage in terms of sourcing and experience...
Other than that, I can see some of the more nurse-themed vtubers might have splits who will likely have a focus on medicine. Athy...

>> No.23666282

well we definitely can outproduce pretty much everyone in terms of herb and shroom production since things grow really fast. If meat wants they could always trade mushrooms for stuff.

>> No.23666401

/meat/ has knowledge of drugs. So you may ask them about how mushrooms work. I heard of a all purpose medicine from /uuu/'s druids using a unique herb and mushroom mix. /nasa/ is researching the chemicals of those herbs and mushrooms to see how they chemically work.

>> No.23666478

In /who/ merchants often buy and collect shrooms from the druids for "entertaintment" purposes

>> No.23666879

the brrats probably have some cave shrooms unique to them too

>> No.23667207
File: 948 KB, 748x755, 1651198197185.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

World building!

>> No.23667223
File: 396 KB, 2033x2894, E97HQWYUYAM-ww_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Banquet! With entertainment!

>> No.23667649

I wished they didn't get chased away from the project. I had ideas with brrats about learning the world's history. But they're isolationists now.

>> No.23667984

What happened?

>> No.23668041

Nothing happened, the one brrat involved in the project sort of just stopped appearing, everything else is pure conjecture

>> No.23668091
File: 176 KB, 862x775, 1650026881835.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have no idea, but I blame /inf/, like everything else.

>> No.23668152

/inf/ betrayed Jesus and stole my lunch money

>> No.23668332
File: 142 KB, 1200x1067, EjhTE14UYAAf4lJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

inf brought me here......and ive been active ever since. for a while i single handedly fleshed out /risu/ until we got like 2 or 3 more people who occasionally post. I know they were going crazy at first but i always have to thank them for bringing me here even if the rest of the thread told them to fuck off.

>> No.23668415

infinity kept the thread very alive during its darkest hours,

>> No.23668511

Eh, people give /inf/ a lot of shite, but they do (did?) have a passion for worldbuilding. They're not perfect, especially in regards to incorporating themselves into the world, but I think we shouldn't be too harsh on them.

>> No.23668525

sometimes i do wonder what would happen if i never showed up and /risu/ basically gets no rep for some time if at all. how different things would be.

>> No.23668664

/infinity/ pissed in my Honey Comb cereal. I had to eat Cheerios instead.

>> No.23668952

Ah, thanks OGsuner. I might be the last kronie standing /here/, though... sad times.

>> No.23669121

Well then now you will know how i felt for a while. Its all good though if you really like to write stories. And in time its possible a few others will leak into the thread. I mean if risuners gradually get in here surely kronies would.

>> No.23669217

We'd be throwing more shit at /infinity/, as was usual.
The constant timeloops and shitshows they threw the thread into killed a lot of interest other threads might have had on the general, so I wouldn't say that.

>> No.23669289
File: 33 KB, 112x112, risupat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Last thing before I go wageslave. Roseanon has been here all this time even during the fucking shitshow thats happening with /rose/. And theyre one of the best writers here not to mention always cheerful. I fucking love that bro.

>> No.23669308

My hope is that things will get better when Kronii starts streaming more consistently and a new EN gen cleans /∞/ of shitposters who will go to the new shinny thing
Would you believe me if I tell you that the loops also killed the interest of those kronies who legitimately liked being /here/?

>> No.23669333

You arent the only one, but I dont really do stuff for /infinity/

>> No.23669342 [SPOILER] 
File: 18 KB, 313x289, 1625376275527.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a new EN gen cleans /∞/ of shitposters who will go to the new shinny thing
haha yeah hopefully that'll work...

>> No.23669487

That's good to know. Hopefully /∞/ will start mapping again sometime.
Things will be better for you too anon, I hope.

>> No.23669521
File: 47 KB, 432x571, Deep Pain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i still want those city names and locations....

>> No.23669672

I hope /infinity/ remains friends with /nasa/. Not just for technology but culture as well.

>> No.23669949

Anon, I could try to do that, but what sense it makes when no one in the thread cares. If you know who I am, you also know I tried hard to keep the map autism going.

I'm time-limited for now, so I'm focusing on writing the story I want to tell and then we'll see. I started writing it because that was the one thing I could do alone.

Well, it was my prop sending the priestess to /nasa/... so you can guess I like Sana and the sanalites quite.

>> No.23670123

I burnt out hard and ran away from everything /vtwbg/ related for a few months so I have no idea what happened to /infinity/. I'm trying to catch up on stories and events now, but its a slow process.

>> No.23670248
File: 372 KB, 890x653, 1647047338954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Page 10, now I will meet my demise...

>> No.23670519

I can tell you since I starting participating.

>We made several flags.
>We were already in a ironclad loop.
>I pushed for going for alliances, meaning leaving isolation. We tried with KIRA, IRyS doesn't like us, Reine tried to get going here but I don't know what happen to the anon and Anya-Petra said yes but never went anywhere.
>The canal idea came from... someone as I proposed to revise our routes trading routes to reach Council and Kiara, which is an ally. Oof, the canal thing was a mess but we got risuners involved in here, which still has been the high point since I started participating.
>We started thing about the map and lore, but that's when archivebud slowly dissapeared from the thread. I keep writing proposing lore, but with little feedback and getting it stuck in limbo I dedicated myself to write side stuff with my kroniicles, only way I found doing something for /here/.
>Then I went half a month out for family reason and when I came back and look at the archives no one made anything about /here/, so I kinda gave up.

>> No.23671380
File: 4 KB, 182x230, 1646230141309.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've made a lot of the /morig/ stuff for the past while, but I know there's a couple deadbeats lurking about, they make it all worth it.

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