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Hololive sites

Nijisanji sites


Full list at https://pastebin.com/nCGZL1Lp

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Remember if anyone says anything about people who get 4 digits on the regular flopping, he's suffering from terminal numberrot. Please do not take any of their statements at face value and forcefeed him meds

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>27,893: Miko (Hololive)
>25,636: Suisei (Hololive)
>23,945: Calli (Hololive)
>21,246: Kuzuha (Nijisanji)
>21,149: Calli (Hololive)
>18,075: Botan (Hololive)
>16,585: Kanata (Hololive)
>16,145: Mysta (Nijisanji)
>16,120: Fubuki (Hololive)
>15,878: Shu (Nijisanji)
>13,727: Mio (Hololive)
>12,996: Kanae (Nijisanji)
>12,903: Fubuki (Hololive)
>12,584: Korone (Hololive)
>12,317: Ibrahim (Nijisanji)
>12,221: Shu (Nijisanji)
>11,862: Watame (Hololive)
>11,787: Mito (Nijisanji)
>11,433: Roboco (Hololive)
>11,157: Sasaki (Nijisanji)
>10,925: Ame (Hololive)
>10,822: Lui (Hololive)
>10,685: Lamy (Hololive)
>10,498: Tamaki (NoriPro)

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Ah, piss

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You cannot convince me that these are 4chan regulars
You just can't

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
Numbers are gay
and so are (you)

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They are woman anon

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Ah, peace

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did yt ever fix the january ccv cut?

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Trust me, nothing to do with being women. They're complete and total newfaggots.

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Hololive still sweeps the podium even when all their heaviest hitters take the day off.

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poor girls, they're way too fragile for this shithole

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Even women on 4chan would have thicker skin than that, just take a look at /cgl/. They do not act that way because they are women, they act that way because they are imigrants from crystalcafe or tumblr or wherever and this is their first run in with 4chan schizos

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Where do you think you are?,png

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yes, however the 2020 one is still there

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Nijibros... what happened?

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Miko and Suisei are some of Holo's heaviest hitters what are you talking about

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>thread running through and archiving in less than 2 hours
People are shitposting hard at the catalog, aren't they?

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Baby's first 4chan board. This is one of the tamer boards as well.
Reminds me of that one fujo crying about leaving Luca alone during the whole BGM thing.

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I'd rather watch korone play retro games

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>I'd rather watch korone play retro games
Why are you saying that like it's a bad thing?

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no, that's normally how long threads last in this place, especially around early euro hours

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It's bad sometimes, not ALWAYS bad like valorant

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My problem with Valorant is that it resembles what Counter Strike 1.6 would be if they released it as an iPhone free to play game.
It's unwatchable

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Ah, so that explains my feeling of deja vu when seeing valorant. It looks like a CS 1.6 server with customs weapon

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> Discord
Doesn't matter, if it doesn't translate into anything in the real world.
Hololive, even the EN sphere, have several fan-created content, and all sorts of widespread memes that bring them new audiences from all sorts of places.

> HoloMyth animation which is close to completion.
> Several prominent Holo animators who make animations of iconic holo moments and get 100k+ views.
> Holo platformer game, Mumei fangame, even freaking Moona got a fangame that she played on stream.
> Holo music has many remixes, mashups, covers, fan instrumentals etc.
> Aquairo Palette trended on fucking TikTok of all places.
> Towa's Papakin meme which recently went viral in the JP twitter sphere, entirely off the back of fan artists who found the meme hilarious (with some of it even leaking out into normie JP twitter).

JP or English fans tend to have a give-and-take relationship between the chuubas, they make creative works --> they get the views, clout and numbers from holo audience.

Nijisanji on the other hand doesn't even get some of their iconic moments clipped (a lot of them languish in JP clips, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwMqwdHN-88).).
They don't have fan animations, fan games, memes, no one outside of their meagre amount of fans gives a shit about their music enough to put work into making funny edits or remixes.
> inb4 muh China
Chinese fans will use chinese websites for their shit, and post views that Chinese will understand and laugh at. No one in civilized countries will see or understand the "creative" works that they put out, and none of them will get enough numbers to make a dent in Hololive's English speaking community.
Lazulight had a decent start into getting there in the EN sphere, but that time has long passed and Luxiem has made getting a western audience impossible.

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> concussy

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The other day I searched for Hololive and Nijisanji on itchio.
Guess which one had 5x fangames there?

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holochads keep winning

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Yeah threads usually last around 90 to 120 minutes after hitting the bump limit around these parts. /vt/ is one of the faster boards on the website, and hosting around 60-70 generals means that this place only has about 6-7 pages for general threads to occupy

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Imagine releasing an original song with a ton of the top Vtuber musical talent including: Suisei, Kanata, NePoLaBo, HimeHina, KAF, Hachi, Aoi, and other popular Vtubers like Tamaki and Shigure Ui, and Siro and not being able to crack 125k after 10 days.

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Vox and Luca got fangames for their birthdays. They're still a rookie branch thats growing.

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come on anon lol
the most popular videos there are all vocaloid stuff from at least 5/6 years ago

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>No one in civilized countries will see or understand the "creative" works that they put out, and none of them will get enough numbers to make a dent in Hololive's English speaking community.
It didn't use to be like that. See
for the original and
for the translated version that made its way into reddit.

There was a period in the late 2010s and early 2020s that chinese internet users were ALMOST merging with other asians in the shared "weebdom", in a great part thanks to japanese culture influence in their youth.

Then Xi cracked down on it and they scattered back into their fiefdoms but for a second there it looked like the chink, ruskie, burger and euro meme communities would merge into a huge unruly mass

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[Announcement] Kiara has announced there is an announcement tomorrow.

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an annoucement from her or?

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We don't know is confusing also is after kobo collab

>> No.23558936

what are they even posting about? nothing interesting happened today.

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China could've been part of the unity that is Hololive
But they choose to cut themself away from it
Now Hololive shall unite the world against china

>> No.23558991

I heard it's gore, I dunno what triggers it tho

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Is this supposed to be some sort of criticism of NijiEN?

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New cover with Kobo (?)

>> No.23559133

Well I wasn't going to write Mea or Flare.

>> No.23559215

Nah is General and related with EN. Definitely isn't music

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Myth 3D swimsuit reveal

>> No.23559298

yeah, I seeing all sorts of funny Chinese skits about Hololive (especially peko and Shuba) on youtube.
Remember that one clip of Pekora running parallel to a train/bus or something and Miko laughing from inside?
But yeah, that was still holo favored, I don't really remember any Bilibili memes for Nijisanji.

>> No.23559426

I don't know what could be, after collabing with Kobo is such a weird timing to announce something related to EN. Maybe the new live2D 3.0 or something like that?

>> No.23559439

ah, NijiEN oldfags then.
Some of the contrarian SEAnigs who jumped ship when Lazulight debuted seen to be still seething about getting cucked.

>> No.23559506

That's mean gura is coming tomorrow?

>> No.23559520

any link? or is this one of those patented nijinigger lies again?

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Kiara gets to announce it for some reason. Honestly I think it’s just the WoWs collab that got leaked.

>> No.23559686

No it took place before the last thread was created, and it featured gore from 10+ years ago, probably when /g/ still stood for /gore/. Probably some bored /b/ or /qa/fag thinking this entire place is /b/ circa 2009 again

>> No.23559702

There's this too tomorrow. Rrats?

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stop anon, you're setting them up with disappointment

>> No.23559728

isn't a world of warships collab yab in the present climate what with the whole ukraine war thing going on right now? WoWs is a russian company, right?

>> No.23559787

Nothing happening? someone's oshi must have died, better make a thread about it. Where'd I put that guraquestionmark.jpg?

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I think they just cut ties with Russia and Belarus this year.

>> No.23559948

Probably that big collab involving Gura and Pekora?

>> No.23559994

They're both visual novels. Luxiemsisters don't like actual gameplay

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Thread is back to slow and civilized, here are some interesting numbers.
>pic related
Stats per company, Jan - Apr 2022 with 200 or more streams in the period. Source is the usual: channels tracked by holostats, mado, vrabi, vstats

Notice that for Anycolor the 171 channels include
>Nijisanji JP: 111 channels
>Nijisanji EN: 21 channels
>Nijisanji ID: 20 channels
>Nijisanji KR: 18 channels
>Virtual Talent Academy: 1 channel
and it has a much longer tail than, for instance, Neo Porte (8 channels) and VSPO (15 channels).

Here are the medians
>5755: COVER
>3333: Neo-Porte
>2623: VSPO
>1068: .LIVE
>874: Indie
>727: 774 inc
>689: Brave Group
>678: NoriPro
>381: WACTOR
>379: VOMS
>352: MAHA5
>209: Masquerade
>142: Re:AcT
>129: Propro Production
>91: Vsen
>72: VERSEn

Here are some comments

1) COVER channels with a 5k+ median across all branches (including Holostars) is something out of this world
2) Neo Porte and VSPO showing that they are really the biggest "minor" companies out of the pack
3) Anycolor has about as many tracked streams as the sum of the others in the top 5 and tracked indies combined, showing that "Nijisanjification" is really a mission
4) .LIVE ahead of 774 Inc. is a surprise

and the punchline
5) vsen outranking VERSEn is the absolute proof that money can't buy a seat in the table in the vtuber world

>> No.23560062

If you are talking about Lui's collab then no.

>> No.23560135

>5) vsen outranking VERSEn is the absolute proof that money can't buy a seat in the table in the vtuber world

Versen literally gets no support. You would think a big media company would be able to shill it harder but I would have 0 fucking clue they'd exist if not for 4chan.

>> No.23560178

>>3333: Neo-Porte
>>2623: VSPO
>>1749: ANYCOLOR

>> No.23560201

>shu can't even beat a superchat reading

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There should be a lamia vtuber.

>> No.23560257

Anon please look at the context. They have 171 channels and at least 80% of that are actual fucking dead weight 2views

You would have to hope for an indie who doesn't give a shit about getting a 3D for that

>> No.23560310

... right... otome games... just the right thing to bring a western audience into Nijisanji...

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>Versen literally gets no support.
For fuck sake, it may be like that now but here is a blast from the past

>Sony’s ‘VERSEn’ VTuber Project Releases MV, Character Lineup, Sets Debut Date

>Following the teaser the VTuber project made on November 1st this year, ‘VERSEn’, the new Vtuber project from Sony Music Entertainment (Japan), has officially launched its first music video, as well as released the character description of the new project and their debut dates.
>The beautiful visuals for the music video were made possible by Yukiko Horiguchi, known as the chief animation director and for her character designs across anime series like K-On! and Lucky Star.
>In addition, maxilla, known for the opening movie of Fate/Grand Order – Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia and Darling in the Franxx”, also participated in the visual production.

Here is the video in question

With that lineup it EASILY costed more than Marine's most recent MV.
it was not lack of tossing money, but lack of competence and you're right, fi not for this humble cantonese shitposter central the western world wouldn't even know they exist
>which corroborates my point that you can't buy a seat in the table

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But they did get support.
From Vsen no less.

>> No.23560594

I have question what kind number could we expect from an UMISEA off collab on Marine's channel

>> No.23560640

Probably around the same numbers pekomama got.

>> No.23560673

No anon, their largest studio (the one that mainly works on WoWS and WoT) is in Belarus.

>> No.23560731

100k but will bleed so many viewers because of the cringe

>> No.23560836

Name one instance in which that happened

>> No.23560924

Luca’s karaoke

>> No.23560941

You’re out of your fucking mind if you think it’d bleed viewers.

The biggest issue that makes people cringe is because there’s very little ways to get your point across online. You can’t point at something, or laugh when something silly happens in person. You’re just trying your best to accommodate for the lack of understanding the language. That’s just not something of an issue when you got 4 coworkers, who’s jobs are to entertain, get together in person

>> No.23560969

>He didn't include Maha5 JP

>> No.23561029

The channels tracked come from

I'm not familiar with MAHA5, do they even have a JP branch?

>> No.23561056

MamaTori with lower peak CCV and half the length of Suisei's Apex stream hit 300k views whereas Suisei's is around 265k. interesting.

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File: 87 KB, 647x680, FRu2I-QVgAAcQQE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I see Suisei pet tries to save 2views, just like her master.

>> No.23561159

And Miko's baseball vod that was almost 5 times as long and had higher peak CCV has just 25k more views than the Mamatori vod. Also interesting.

>> No.23561161

Along with the implied obvious explanation there is an additional one: Suisei's APEX (like most FPS streams) have zero rewatch value after the fact while people that missed mamaTori stream will want to catch it up later for the novelty of it

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kiara is looking at this chart and numberfagging live on stream.

>> No.23561279

>kiara numberfagging and praising koyori

>> No.23561282

It performed exceptionally well. 300k for an hour long vod is a lot. Polka’s totsu (34k peak I believe?), Choco collab (40k) and Mio haiku (52k) all had 300k initially also. So a 24k peak stream competing with some big fucking collabs is impressive and shows a lot of people in the back were waiting for something like this.

(Also, don’t tell the nijis but it’s currently beating shu’s 7+ hour birthday extravaganza)

>> No.23561305

Did I miss something? Why suddenly Kiara mom is relevant?

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>Number of Steamers

>> No.23561352

Koyori almost doubling Kiara’s hours

>> No.23561500

Maha5 is actually a japanese agency from a japanese company.
It's just that their vtuber project was started by their ID company branch.
For JP, They accelerated like nijisanji kek
>jap website
>not tracking jap branch
Okay this is just sad and funny at the same time

>> No.23561644

Wonder what her numbers would have been if her viewers weren't so culled.

>> No.23561757

Is she really bringing up the chart or is she just praising the hard working holos like koyori?

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File: 69 KB, 1176x841, per branch jan to apr 2022.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here is the same table, except per branch instead of per company, and with the cutting point on 50 streams min.
>pic related

Here is the top 10
>8592: Hololive (2877 streams, 37 channels)
>8319: Hololive EN (717 streams, 11 channels)
>3333: Neo-Porte (616 streams, 8 channels)
>2741: Nijisanji EN (1772 streams, 21 channels)
>2623: VSPO (1508 streams, 15 channels)
>2238: Nijisanji JP (6437 streams, 111 channels)
>1620: Hololive ID (592 streams, 9 channels)
>1417: Sleep Monster (51 streams, 4 channels)
>1341: Buber (118 streams, 1 channels)
>1068: .LIVE (457 streams, 11 channels)

Some comments
1) Hololive JP and EN are anomalies in the market. They're so far ahead of every other branch it's even hard to quantify.
2) Neo Porte comes third, mostly leaning on Hal and Reid enormous shoulders
3) NijiEN outranks NijiJP by virtue of not having a solid hundred of channels as "long tail"
4) "Buber" seems to be a one person company with Kanon being the sole talent. Good median too, in the 1.3k but clearly an outlier in the top 10 (like Sleep Monster)

And the punchline
5) VSPO clearly is positioning themselves to become a powerhouse. Their median is not much behind of NijiEN, and their number of both streams and channels are in the same range.

>> No.23561927

It's very clear she's looking at that chart or something similar. She's talking about the number of streams others did in the last month and citing the exact numbers from that chart like how she streamed for 81.8 hours in 18 streams and Ame streamed for 73.2 hours in 26 streams. She then spent a few seconds looking for how JPs streamed for over 100 hours last month and concluded that it was 7.

Kiara mentioned that too. She was very impressed!

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File: 87 KB, 1280x720, totallyNotMaxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not really a numberfag
but I really would like to see an OP referencing Numberwang
A numbersgeneral edit of numberfag would be the best but I don't wanna expect too much.

she literally talked about the specific hours streamed of different holos, compared them and noted how insane koyori's total streaming time is.

>> No.23561993

Damn who drags HoloJP down to being almost HoloEN level? Like shit, these are the same streamers where depending on the collab any of them could break 40k.

>> No.23562000

She’s saying it’s crazy how Koyori can stream so much (on top everything else she has to do behind the scenes) and was also talking about how happy she is that Ame is streaming regularly again.

>> No.23562045

>Gura offcollab with JP
Never in million years kek

>> No.23562215

Though you're shitposting, its very unlikely for purely practical reasons: Gura would only go to japan for a limited time, possibly for some Myth event.

The only Umisea offfcollab we'd ever get would be Umisea in a Gura live somewhere odwn the line.

But hypothetically, the numbers would be somewhere at 80. Aqua and Marine can bump it up to big numbers, and Gura is a novelty factor that brings in tourists. I hope anons wouldn't think of it as "average+average+average" because these sort of things are multipliers and events that boost themselves way above what one girl can pull alone.

>> No.23562236

HoloJP gives anons the most extreme numberrot that ever exists. The truth of the matter is, for every 30-40k stream you see happen, there are 4-5 streams that hit 4-6k. Hell, there are cases where streams can fall even beneath that.

This isn’t to say EN is ahead or comparable in ccv or anything. It just has WAY more to do with anons having a horrific case of tunnel vision and forget every other stream that goes on outside of the big guns.

>> No.23562263
File: 13 KB, 1176x145, per branch jan to apr 2022 merged fps.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And here is something that both stakeholders clearly have in mind
>same chart, but Neo-Porte and VSPO are merged
In that case the merged FPS company would outrank NijiEN while having more streams in the period and more channels.

That's something I don't doubt for a second that could happen in the future, a holding company to be formed to join Neo Porte and VSPO in the same structure.
That would be a seriously competitive vtuber company and the third force in the market without any closer competitor other than Holos and Nijis

>> No.23562292

It helps that for some reason Mori's mom was...good? Like I was expecting cringe but the apple must have installed rockets on itself and flown the fuck away from the tree because I'd dare say mama mori could make a better entertainer than Mori.

>> No.23562360
File: 64 KB, 593x586, 32165446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So it looks like Kiara and IRyS are announcing the events for Dokomi (along with the catboy) this year?
Also seems there might be a KFP food stall or something.

>> No.23562414

Jesas. She'll publicly numberfag like this yet won't do anything that actually matters for numbers or information for us.

>> No.23562421

I mean HoloEn simply isn't playing with the same toolkit:
-their audience isn't in the same time zone
-they don't have access to the same features (JP gets a lot more support, chief among them all the 3d shit)
-and most importantly, japs seem to regard a lot of games as buffs and will be tourists for them, whereas HoloEn has...minecraft and maybe GTA.

>> No.23562426

Sorry if you are this much out of touch. Maybe try to be part of the nijisanji and nijien community in discord and twitter and you'll see.
>Lazulight had a decent start into getting there in the EN sphere, but that time has long passed and Luxiem has made getting a western audience impossible.
most of the audience of the girls are in the west.

>> No.23562463

Ah yes the perfect choice for a european con, the out of touch japanese hafu!

>> No.23562473

Luxiem is quite literally repulsive to a lot of the Western audience. The girls seem to be stagnant overall despite the growth of NijiEN.

>> No.23562504

For all the shit people give HoloEN, all of their members aside from Sana average 6k+ CCV. They have a ridiculously high floor as a group even with cull shit happening to them.

>> No.23562509

>Maybe try to be part of the nijisanji and nijien community in discord and twitter and you'll see.

>> No.23562526

Oh yeah absolutely. Her mom was like that really cool mom that a friend has when you see them the first time. I seriously don’t know how Mori ended up as the cringe reaper.

It’s so weird because there will be times where Mori can talk for hours and be chill and cool, but you put her with people and it’s like, old slang from the 2000s, shrek references, adam sandler, freaking out over dumb things. Really don’t get it

>> No.23562581

Damn, very very impressive that HoloEN is that close to JP. HoloJP has all kinds of special events and 3D streams they can bust out to boost CCV while EN really doesn't have anything. The fact that they are that close is a testament to their skill as pure entertainers.

>> No.23562639


>> No.23562660

That is part if her charm though

>> No.23562675

She's going to do a concert, being a sheltered nip hafu doesn't matter

>> No.23562679

The girls are literally inclining in subs and ccv for months and Luxiem have western fans, which is made even clear when they stream with vshojo.
I'm actually part of the discords so I see how many members are in there and the activity. Im also active on twitter. if you dont try to mesh you'll never know how things are. its futile to explain i guess but i tried.

>> No.23562688 [DELETED] 
File: 1.81 MB, 1062x1500, 77709349_p7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're right

>> No.23562771

>I'm actually part of the discords so I see how many members are in there and the activity. Im also active on twitter
go back

>> No.23562807

Its because mori isn't a bad person herself but has been in bad communities and friend groups that she's had to fake herself in to fit into so she just comes across as unnatural with others but can be fine alone.

>> No.23562833

they are both, newfags and women

>> No.23562849

>these are the same streamers where depending on the collab any of them could break 40k.
>very very impressive that HoloEN is that close to JP. HoloJP has all kinds of special events
Anons, the median is not affected by outliers at all, that's why it is used instead of just the mean average of peaks.

To give an exaggerated example, the median between these 3 hypothetical Aki streams
would be 5k all the same.

Each sponsored game that a girl plays to a 6k audience offsets a Marine live to 100k people.

>> No.23562875

Not that anon, but thanks for the laugh.

>> No.23562920

im only a lurker. if i want to know more about other communtiies i need to spy them. thats what i do with nijisanji

>> No.23562919

She's also older and wiser. And raised two children. People back then had huge respect for the "nuclear family" lifestyle and had some form of respect towards your neighbors. Mori is the edgy teen that has no friends because she tends to have only superficial relationships that she quickly uses and discards or throws under the bus when shit happens.

>> No.23562967

where's the median ranking for april? anyone have it

>> No.23562974

number of 10k+
>HoloEN 3
>NijiEN 4

>> No.23562987

That surely isn't what is implied by "I'm active on Twitter". Nice try tho, good effort

>> No.23563035
File: 2.01 MB, 1346x9000, april median complete.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here is the list

>>23433715 :: Top 50
>>23436062 :: 1k plus
>>23439535 :: Full

Some unusual ones
>>23443604 :: EN only
>>23452662 :: ID only
>>23469989 :: Roboco line
>>23469556 :: Holostars vs. NijiID
>>23487714 :: All excluding COVER and Anycolor channels

>> No.23563058

I'm active on twitter as in i have a twitter account..

>> No.23563084


>> No.23563102

why is it so blurry anon

>> No.23563127

number of 20k+
>HoloEN 2
>NijiEN 0

>> No.23563144
File: 185 KB, 1200x675, 1651525859615.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well IRyStokeks, your oshi is collabing with a male.

>> No.23563200

Hopefully, Anycolor going public will get rid of a lot of the deadweight of Nijisanji.
>2.238 median peak CCV
What a pathetic number for Nijisanji JP.

>> No.23563202

i agree king

>> No.23563216
File: 557 KB, 1063x1500, 001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>related with EN
Shit! I was about to say HoloX 3D debuts..

>> No.23563306

>a femboy with a big dick will fuck the shit out of Irys
Oh no...

>> No.23563317

> Cat Femboy
I'm not too sure he counts as "male" dude.

>> No.23563383

>Catboy Gayming making inroads with the untouchable HoloEN girls
Is this a Luxiem psy-op.

>> No.23563391

It's funny how this is technically IRyS first male collab but no one sees him as a "male".

>> No.23563398

It's more likely IRyS and Kiara will strap-on fuck him than the other way around.

>> No.23563459

They're testing the waters for StarsEN. How gay does the male has to be for unicorns to feel "safe"

>> No.23563491

>IRyS with a strap-on
So fucking hot!!! Getting erect hurts in my small chastity cage though.

>> No.23563532

It won't. There's 0 costs for them to have a hajime in their lineup and those companies dont look at their business by median of all of their vtubers like we do here.

>> No.23563593

>a femboy with a big dick
is he a tamaki like "boy" or a real boy?

>> No.23563624

that's how it starts

>> No.23563629


>> No.23563640

yeah niji dont care about the median of all of their vtubers when thats irrelevant to their revenue

>> No.23563736

literal homo. also pretty sure hes one of the hosts for the con since it's the same guy that did the QnA with kiara last year

>> No.23563856

There is not a lot of costs but they still use up resources and don't forget about the opportunity cost.

In time more and more Nijisanji members will get their 3.0 and as we have seen already, because of their brilliant idea of a lottery system, Anycolor is using time and money to provide 3-views with 3.0 models that could easily be used for their more popular streamers that will bring a much greater return.

>> No.23563875

I'm still convinced Sony expected 4 digits out the gate.

>> No.23563921
File: 58 KB, 1808x649, per branch jan to apr 2022 with ranges.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Speaking of "streams over 40k", here is an addition to this chart
> number of streams under 10k, 10k-19999, 20k-29999, 30k-39999 and 40k+

Here are some comments
1) HoloJP is a monster with almost half their streams being over 10k
2) HoloEN likewise, with more than a third of their streams being in that range
3) Neo Porte, thanks to Hal and Reid, have a disproportionate number of 10k+ streams
4) There is no significant different in the proportions of 10k+ streams between NijiJP and NijiEN, much thanks to the new gens for the later branch

and the punchline
5) (Tracked) indies sole 40k+ stream was Shigure Ui 3D debut

>> No.23564016

>Top 10 vtubers = 30% of their sales
>Top 25 vtubers = 50% of their sales
>It also states that priority will be given to male VTubers rather than female VTubers.
>This is a part that can be clearly understood by looking at the current figures, but the female VTubers may feel uneasy when it is clearly written like this.
Well at least Anycolor is being blatant about it to their own talents. Males > Females

>> No.23564097

Maybe I am mixing up the sites but isn't that site and the guy running it a Hololive tribalfag? Or am I thinking of a different guy?

>> No.23564194
File: 82 KB, 1672x517, revenue top.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Approximately 30% of the revenue for the fiscal year ending April 30, 2021 is revenue earned by the TOP 10 VTubers, and (...) 50% of the revenue for the fiscal year ending April 2021 was generated by the TOP 25 VTubers.
>Due to this dispersion of earnings, even if a particular VTuber were to retire, the impact on our earnings base would be limited, and we believe that the continuity and stability of our business is high.

That's a good take on one hand but ABSOLUTELY FUCKING WORRYING on the other hand due to the implication that their long tail is absolutely disposable.

>> No.23564234

I don't know who runs it but he's sourcing it from Nijisanji fiscal disclosure

>Well at least Anycolor is being blatant about it to their own talents
I don't really think saying the quiet part out loud would have a positive effect on their roster

>> No.23564270

It's interesting to think that Cover lost two of their top talents (Coco/Rushia) and were able to keep going on like nothing happened. Whereas if Anycolor lost Kuzuha/Kanae they would be hurt pretty badly.

>> No.23564303

The thing is while it is disposable they also have no need to do it. It cost them basically nothing and they can just leave it to rot and the low views give up on their own.

>> No.23564309

This would be worrisome to me. It implies a single small group leaving or negotiating hard could seriously impact their bottom line. Kuzuha and Kanae alone would be a huge blow, and could start a domino effect

>> No.23564311

>Whereas if Anycolor lost Kuzuha/Kanae they would be hurt pretty badly.
That's exactly what they're disclosing that wouldn't happen given that 50% of their revenue comes from their "long tail"

>> No.23564356

Koyo 10k get

>> No.23564373

>Kuzuha and Kanae alone would be a huge blow, and could start a domino effect
Numerically speaking that's what they disclosed not to be a concern.

But of course the problem is one of morale and the domino effect you mentioned but, numerically speaking, Anycolor is saying "don't worry about this or that talent graduating, things will be fine"

>> No.23564437

oh shit, a 10k for asakoyo, thanks golden week

>> No.23564438

Reminds me of Coco's graduation and the very real possibility of a domino effect it almost had. I recall a few top Holos (Marine specifically) seriously considered quitting.

>> No.23564444

I know this might not be accurate, but Coco only got 2 sponsored stream in her 18 months of career according to playboard. Did she has other appearance in sponsorship related collabs outside of streaming?

>> No.23564457

This is also why the whole anycolor family thing is a joke. You perform well or you don't exist. At least in Hololive people like Roboco, Aki and Mel can still get S-rankers like Marine, Pekora and Suisei to show up at their events and collabs.

>> No.23564469

Chain defection is the biggest risk any vtuber agency faces there's literally nothing stopping them from just setting up shop without a corporate cut tomorrow and taking a huge chunk of their friends and fanbase with them. I could easily have happened to Hololive but they managed to dodge it. Reading things like this, how much loyalty does the long tail have, I wonder, if things start to turn.

>> No.23564518

FPS games, specially Apex, rack a TON of views because of the life of a match
>people start joining once the match starts
>people keep joining until streamer dies
>people tab out when streamer dies
>people tab in again at the start and gradually repeat
and all of those count +1 on the viewcount (if it lasted at least 30sec)
that's why kuzuha is so successful in that department

>> No.23564528

Need to keep in mind that they're also not necessarily obligated to take collab offers. When she started Asacoco was obviously a priority for her over other content.

>> No.23564531

Just look at Aki, she's pretty much the runt of Hololive and she gets a lot of nice sponsorships (most recently the Dr. Strange collab).

>> No.23564533

Or, they could just,you know, give em 3.0 from the start for new debutees. They didn't because they could cash in from retards who thinks it's a celebration. I could understand the oldies getting a makeover and money, but Edengumi to Noctyx werent given 3.0 straight from debut and clearly implies that they also wants to be earning a few thousands from 2.0 and 3.0.

>> No.23564544

He is sourcing it from Anycolor's report but most of his comments on specific parts of the report read more like fairytales that you'll see people in these threads write.

>> No.23564643

if that is what the say to the investors, then it means they have a long running contract to keep them chained for a while, aka
>it doesn't matter if we graduate shitty branches, we have our solid base with a long running contract
maybe to have something to say when they are asked about the frecuent graduacitons

>> No.23564653

Lottery is a good system to give everyone a chance without popularity influencing

>> No.23564663

Noctyx was obviously extremely rushed out the door. Except for Alban, all of their models feels extremely unfinished.

>> No.23564698

Only 5k waiting for Mio. Doesn't look like this will get anywhere close to last year AsamioGW

>> No.23564752

None of those are comments from Anycolor but the guy who runs the site.
Yes anon, Chihiro never collabs and is on events with Aki and Moira. Kuzuha wasn't on Levi 3D debut. As always, this thread is out of touch with nijisanji.

>> No.23564791

at least koyo tried and told her viewers to watch it

>> No.23564828

Exactly this.

>> No.23564876

those anons insist on talk about this subject but they dont even know the relations many very popular members have with less popular ones. There's pretty much zero nuance to talk about niji in the end.

>> No.23564886

It really should have happened. I am really shocked there hasn't been a graduation since Coco. Last June I would have told you at least 3 or of them would have voluntarily left by now.

>> No.23564911

Kuzuha is Anycolor's big sponsorship dog. Ironically he got that manhwa sponsorship which is albeit low level for him. 20k is obviously good, but who the fucks wants someone to read a manhwa and expect the viewers to buy the manhwa to read it? Every manhwa I've read can be found online whereas at least bookwalker is a little bit hard to get in.

>> No.23564948

They wouldn't. What they are saying in here is literally the contrary of that.

>> No.23564965

Samefagging doesn't change how irrelevant 2/3rds of Niji talents are or them being left to rot.

>> No.23564984

It happens when people are sent into a state of emotions. I’m sure there’s been studies that’ve touched on the stats of follow-up cases that’ve come from a publicized act, like a suicide or a shooting. When a depressed person sees someone commit suicide, they start getting the energy to follow up with that same act. So I can imagine when an important part of Hololive is gone in an instant, the members would easily be sent into a state of deep thought and consideration of their own careers and where they’ll head from such a thing. But that’s honestly the nature of “graduations.” If Shion never streamed again, no one would fucking notice and life would carry in fine. But if she graduated, people would have heavy emotions regarding it.

>> No.23565015

>You perform well or you don't exist. At least in Hololive people like Roboco, Aki and Mel can still get S-rankers like Marine, Pekora and Suisei to show up at their events and collabs.
that's the argument done and I presented the same happening in nijisanji.

>> No.23565057

16k waiting for Mio

>> No.23565069

>read more like fairytales that you'll see people in these threads write.
>Exactly this.
Most of the posts in this thread from what is written there are solely from the parts he directly quoted from the report.

>> No.23565083

17k waiting for Mio, she's late

>> No.23565102

Which are the own interpretation they have about it, not something that was said in there.

>> No.23565134

niji talents.. thank you for making it obvious you are a holofag

>> No.23565171

Who the fuck is late for their own totsu?

>> No.23565172

p-please use our special term! they are LIVERS!

>> No.23565173

>Which are the own interpretation they have about it
Anon, see what got brought from there to this thread: >>23564194, >>23564016, it's what's in the report verbatim about the percentage of revenue per range of top streamer (for instance)

This places doesn't need to repurpose badly translated japanese rrats, it is already creative enough to invent their own.
The only part interesting in that post is the fact he highlighted some parts of the report and that makes it easier to go there and fetch and post here and comment

>> No.23565198

According to this thread Natsume is irrelevant while she got the opportunity to write her own light novel to kadokawa. wait no, this thread never mentioned that anyway, except for me when I give examples of smaller nijis having this kind of thing happening to them..

>> No.23565203

20k waiting, no signs of life from Mio, really funny but maybe bad for numbers

>> No.23565210

Mio oversleeping her own show to call and wake up other holos. Pottery

>> No.23565217

Talent is an actual word. Not everyone is a sperg that goes around calling them livers.

>> No.23565270

>Stay in 3 years and they'll throw you some crumbs.
Trying too hard, retard.

>> No.23565294

Good for numbers I'd say

>> No.23565301

Mio 20k get!

>> No.23565318

I'm not talking about the parts that obviously are also in anycolor report but stuff like
>It also states that priority will be given to male VTubers rather than female VTubers.
that is their own interpretation and not stated by anycolor

>> No.23565348

Wasn’t it for line webtoons? It’s pretty much free to read manhwas there

>> No.23565361

It's easier to admit you just dont like nijisanji anon. dont worry, 99% of the thread anti them and welcome you to it

>> No.23565362

>light novel
Who the fuck cares about that? It's even a rom-com too. Do you really think with her own influence, she could sell thousands of pieces of her novel? It was good enough that she got a gig, but it's still a small gig than say, getting signed to a label solo or being an ambassador to something.

>> No.23565372

Mio just woke up

>> No.23565415

Toya = Mio now? High-mid tier Holo is equal to top tier niji now?

>> No.23565417

none of the stream assets were in place, she forgot the bgm, this is amazing

>> No.23565434

Tons of Nijis are signed to labels though. They provide those opportunities. A lot of them don't work out, HimaHonma comes to mind.

>> No.23565489
File: 62 KB, 852x575, 18257283683874687.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23565493

It's literally her dream to do it so I'm sure your argument makes sense...
but you could go ahead for Trinity with Rion and Hakase not being big, or Sukoya being part of that group with Hakase and Hoshikawa. Or Raindrops with a shitters like Masaru, Meiji, Elu and Ryushen. Or Levi in Nijirock last year and V-Carnival this year.

>> No.23565494

Now Noel is teasing her

>> No.23565511

One of the edengumi members got sponsored to do a maplestory M sponsorship a few hours ago. Anykara is likely going to every company and ask if they could promote their games for cheap. The viewfarms in their disposal means easy business.

>> No.23565529

what are the labels that nijis have since you mentioned it

>> No.23565558

Virgin, Sony come to mind.

>> No.23565568

Mio's stream is having hiccups for me

>> No.23565608

The report itself literally contradicts that. Hololive is much more susceptible to risk when talents retire thats just part of their business model.

>> No.23565620

asamio worming

>> No.23565625

Easier for you to go back to your Cover is a black company or Holo recline posting, but here we are.

>> No.23565626

Going fine here.

>> No.23565636

stream already dropping.. toya gold is safe

>> No.23565668

how weird, it's skipping a bit for me and i saw a couple of people in chat putting up the guru gurus

>> No.23565691

Is that what the voices are saying?

>> No.23565713

Chinman your gold....

>> No.23565714

Mio 30k

>> No.23565783

Be less obvious.

>> No.23565790

Mio passed Toya
Chloe is on now with Roboco

>> No.23565803
File: 90 KB, 1200x270, stop the count 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23565808
File: 207 KB, 800x690, 1649344454127.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Niji bros... I

>> No.23565815
File: 107 KB, 811x179, mion.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.23565840
File: 198 KB, 1657x251, slipped.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now that he slipped I would like to say HoloEN is a failure compared to HoloJP and is an embarrassment.

>> No.23565856

Damn. Miosha is securing gold early huh

>> No.23565860


>> No.23565867

Are they finally having sex on stream?
Already sexed up with Choco off stream last time.

>> No.23565871

Does everyone here assume that Cover is planning to open a 3D office in America/Canada and require the other EN members to move close to that location? After all, if they're serious on Hololive Meet, they need people to make things easier for Gura. They can't just go around having Gura do all the stuff by herself, nor new members in the future. On top of having an office for the long term is better than renting a 3D mocap office for occasions.

>> No.23565875

What report?

>> No.23565878

btw, Mio surely masters the "art of the box". Along with Choco, she's the one that leverages the full power of the intra company connections the best

>> No.23565880

coco's graduation was a hard hit for their talents' moral but the reaction of rushia's termination was just cold looks like she is a shit person off stream

>> No.23565881

>Lui channel
10k at best

>> No.23565895

if they're a host for a con then I guess it can be treated as a 'professional' circumstance, though i'm worried because a con host in the west isn't likely to be professional at all.

>> No.23565908

she literally got 10k on a solo gaming stream yesterday, retard

>> No.23565949

I don't think that will happen at all due to the level of investment they'd need for something that wouldn't be used often.

>> No.23565971

Rushia was at minimum a fairly inconsiderate person. She'd stream over people's events all the time.

>> No.23565996

That doesn't even make sense.

>> No.23566001

Hiring an EN branch from all over the world instead of all in one country was a huge mistake in the first place. Can't do studio work together, can't off collab, no sense of unity built through all the time spent hanging out together between streams.

>> No.23566030
File: 783 KB, 937x693, miosha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

for comparison's sake, you can see last year's specials here

>> No.23566081
File: 1.03 MB, 1379x2425, nijisanjirecordlabels.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its those. maybe missing some
I never called cover a black company in my life or said holo is reclining. The only vtuber company I consider black is wactor.

>> No.23566095

>and require the other EN members to move close to that location
No. A ticket from Dallas to Vancouver (to take two very far apart places in North America) go for some 700 dollars at the absolute worst rates you could find.

Hell, based on how much money these girls are making, just bump them to first class and give them a five stars hotel to boot.

>> No.23566102

No, they're just all adults and know that Rushia really fucked up as a professional. Their reaction wasn't cold, some still speak of her in good terms and they haven't unpersoned her.

>> No.23566121

>The only vtuber company I consider black is wactor.

>> No.23566129

she just got a better peak than the highest stream from last year.. INCLINE!

>> No.23566165


>> No.23566183

>>23566030 (me)
also, it's interesting to me that asamio around that time was getting asakoyo numbers and the gw specials gave it a nice boost over to 9k, and after a year she gets almost guaranteed 13ks with that

>> No.23566204

Miosha doing God's work

>> No.23566241

I dunno man. Flare didn’t exactly seem broken up about it.

>> No.23566246
File: 687 KB, 744x1200, __ookami_mio_hololive_drawn_by_cream_cod__84038f77458a1d8ea96b7756f4c7f3fb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another day another Hololive win. Feels great to be a Holobro. Thanks Mio-mama

>> No.23566271
File: 357 KB, 1263x1283, mio numbers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mio impressive numbers, and Oliver getting a good run out of his endurance?

>> No.23566311

quite interesting, games about Niji only Liver from EN that exist. for Hololive even Holo ID get some attention

>> No.23566330

Wait what, she's going to do 4 more of these streams this week?

>> No.23566337

Who's your oshi anon?

>> No.23566383


>> No.23566387

>back to back to back to back to back lovely hag gold

>> No.23566389

Having a consistent timeslot does wonders.

>> No.23566402


I can't read japanese and I am an ESL so I went at it with DeepL's help but if I got this right his main points were:

>He thinks Anycolor are contradicting themselves when they state that since most of their revenue (50%) comes from the biggest 10-25 Nijisanji members, a possible graduation of those popular members can cause a big problem for the company's future and new recruits are not as successful or take time to gather a sizeable audience but then they turn around stating that they don't think that is a problem(?).
>He brings up possible risks that arise from Nijisanji member's actions like the recent Lauren and Luca cases. This one, to me, seems more like his inner tribalfag trying to get out.
>He points at Melissa's graduation and the reasons behind it, the failure to come to an agreement for Melissa's music rights between her and Anycolor, as a potential future problem, not only for Anycolor but also for other companies like Cover. He also talks about his worries in general about how much of a vtuber's work and the rights around it benefit mostly the corporations.
>He brings up the very high profit margin that Anycolor reported (31%) and compares it with other entertainment companies that are active in the stock market, from older reports though (UUUM at 3,5% , Yoshimoto Kogyo and HoriPro at 11%). He believes that Anycolor has high profit margin because they don't spend enough money to support and remunerate their talents and that can cost them in the future.
>Lastly, he points to a 2018 interview with Riku where Riku mentions his past failed business ventures, before Anycolor and Nijisanji, and how he saw his involvement in a vtuber company as an opportunity for short-term success, also mentioning that he's like that as a person in general, someone that focuses on short-term rather than long-term, and how he doesn't appear to have a lot of faith and passion in vtubers but sees it as something temporary that may not be popular in the future. He compairs him with Yagoo, someone that is passionate about vtubers and is trying to move this particular industry forward instead of looking for short-term gains (this part also comes out as a bit biased).

>> No.23566400

probably, last year's she managed to get like 3-4 people every day to call, she did 5 today, but technically chloe was at roboco's house

>> No.23566427

No idea why they picked taiko for a tournament game. It gets shit numbers.

>> No.23566441

It's everyday during Golden Week.
I think last year someone from Niji did a morning GW radio exercise show as well, so expect big numbers this week during morning JP time.

>> No.23566455

It seems like Mio always pulls good number with contents involving other holos. Is she that great as a host?

>> No.23566470

Taishi TLing I kneel

>> No.23566477

polka got 11k with her first stream playing and then 7k (which are really good numbers for her). there's 39k on mio stream now anon, overlap is brutal

>> No.23566480

that's the power of hags my dude, they might not get great numbers on their own, but they make things happen

>> No.23566530

That was a main bread and butter before joining Hololive. That's how Fubuki and Towa knew her back when she was MC-ing game shows on NND, kinda similar to Lui.
Basically you're more well-liked as a coworker if you can handle yourselves professionally.

>> No.23566554

>Is she that great as a host?
Yes, even all the way before her capcom suspension.

>> No.23566558


>> No.23566605


>> No.23566609

39k people watching Matuli, APOLOGIZE

>> No.23566624

Hey they are sponsoring HoloJP.

>> No.23566633

Opened to 12k after bouncing back from waiting room, 40-60k

>> No.23566662

What the Matuli doin'?

>> No.23566685

I think it's only 3 days this year?

>> No.23566691
File: 267 KB, 1298x1228, mio 40k janai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry Mio, 40k is for not-grownups

>> No.23566706

This hag and Miko organize the minecraft sport festival which is one of biggest events of the year in Hololive, so yeah it's definitely her strongest point and her buff content

>> No.23566714

40k get
with fucking Matsuri on

>> No.23566723

The Luca mention really feels like tribalfagging because Luca, and conquently the revenue to the company, was completely unaffected.

>> No.23566726


>> No.23566743

Just move them all to JP. Simple as. Cover could rent a whole building as some kind of a dormitoriy for them with tigh security

>> No.23566771

Suisei got almost 29k for it lol

>> No.23566812

Why? She is like a decent singer at best

>> No.23566820

>5 minute interval worm
botted too

>> No.23566855

>could rent a whole building as some kind of a dormitoriy for them with tigh security
I think Japan even has a special building specifically for foreigners needing high securty, Higashi-Nihon something something

>> No.23566856

Doctor strange 14k....lose to a hag.

>> No.23566859

same reason as mito
not the best live singer but make good music in studio recording
and that is all that matters for record companies

>> No.23566881

I'm not saying that's a bad idea because it would actually be the best solution, but thinking that EN members are willing to move to JP is straight up delusional

>> No.23566892
File: 12 KB, 949x107, 1632545829299.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>double likes

>> No.23566902
File: 56 KB, 1280x720, 1650160377471.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23566955

Unlike Holo ID and Niji ID, Maha5 actually has a branch office and company in Indonesia. In Indonesia, foreigners must open a branch company with maximum ownership of 49%, the rest must be owned by Indonesian, with a few exception for smaller company like restaurants. Even JKT48 is a joint venture between AKB company and the local Bakrie family conglomerate.
So you can say that Maha5 is half JP and half ID, because I know that their founders are 5 people, the CEO Edy (Hide), a representative from Rentracks Japan, Shinta VR CEO, Andi Adinata (the vtuber), and an unknown individual, which I guess is the Indonesian investor.

Maha5 JP is just sad, they're on the same level as JP indies so they're virtually unknown in JP.

>> No.23566958

how do they do without karaoke or celebration in the title?
hold on, wrong company my bad

>> No.23566970

She is the ultimate Box Pusher

>> No.23566989
File: 528 KB, 4172x2211, Million videos May.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hololive chart for 1 million + viewed videos - updated for May 2022.

Again, Hololive Official with it's 182 videos wasn't included as it made the chart unreadable.

Biggest changes from April:
1 Aqua - 4 songs, 5 streams
2 Suisei - 3 songs, 2 topic songs
3 Marine - 1 song, 3 shorts
4 Watame - 2 songs, 1 short
4 Hololive Official - 1 song, 1 stream/long video, 1 short video
5 Polka - 2 songs
5 Korone - 1 song, 1 stream

And either i mixed up 1 stream and song last time for Okayuu, or she lost a 1 million view stream
Gura and Pekora had no actual change in numbers, but he 10mil+ song added twice for Pekors last chart, adjusted now.

Lastly, Rushia's channel has been privated. Videos can still be seen with their former numbers, but only her topic songs remain on official YT channels.

Hololive Official numbers will be separate -
Total: 182 - streams: 12/ songs: 16 / shorts: 141 / from topic: 11 / over 10 mill: 2

Tops per section:
1. Marine - 57
2. Gura - 43
3. Suisei - 42
4. Mori - 33
5. Aqua - 31

1. Gura 38
2. Pekora - 20
3. Marine - 16
4. Noel - 14
5. Aqua, Korone, Rushia - 9

1. Suisei - 39
2. Mori - 28
3. Aqua - 21
4. Okayu - 15
5. Kanata, Watame - 13

1. Marine - 31
2. Haachama - 8
3. Fubuki, Watame - 7
4. Rushia - 3
5. Miko, Korone, Coco, Moona, Ollie - 2

>> No.23566990

6 members for tomorrow Mio totsu. 40k+ again

>> No.23567023

doesn't holoid have an actual office?
it helps that all of them are in jakarta

>> No.23567033

Golden Week is Mio's week

>> No.23567095

>Marine's new song MV is within 200k views of Mori/Suisei's Capsule
>This doesn't include the ~100k on the full version of the song
>Less than 1 week after release

It's over. Calli and Suisei are finished.

>> No.23567094

HOLY SHIT the funnel on Polka graph

>> No.23567103

You can make any apartments into an office, but I'm pretty sure they don't have any branch company in Indonesia. They're still a full fledged Jaoanese company.

>> No.23567109

Yeah maybe React for them having so many graduations, more than even active members. but i never heard of anything bad from them unlike wactor which suspends their talents all the time and straight up doxxed laila.
I dont think it's anycolor who pick who will be in those cases but the record label. At best i can see them negotiating deals but the choice makes more sense to be from the other party.

>> No.23567118

i think there was just a tremendous amount of love for and from coco, you can really tell that she had a big heart and really reached out to everyone and it was reciprocated.

>> No.23567135

IS Dr Strange going to win GOLD?

>> No.23567156

Well inchou has some kino taste in music and her la creatividad give it a unique personality. I dont remember honhima has something like that aside from being a moona tier autist ofc

>> No.23567160

Now that's a fucking funnel

>> No.23567178

holy fucking funnel

>> No.23567185

Now that you mentioned it.
Don't you think that opening a 3D office in Indonesia for the ID branch seems like a more plausible decision?

>> No.23567259

They dont. M-chan used to live together with the ID3 trio in a shared house. So that was basically their office i guess

>> No.23567269


>> No.23567278


>> No.23567301

yea this would be likely. The rest...aren't cliques per say, but they do have friend groups. Probably Miko and Subaru in no particular order would be the ones who hurt morale the most for the other talents if they graduated as they have wide friend nets.

>> No.23567300
File: 98 KB, 346x171, 1644080874714.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23567303

King even had an interview where he mentioned it. Some music guy from the label approached him and anycolor and basically said he'd sell well, lets make some money and he had never thought about it before but said 'okay then'

>> No.23567312

meant for on >>23567156
curse you scroll wheel

>> No.23567322

>opening a 3D office in Indonesia for the ID branch seems like a more plausible decision?
Why? They have reine

>> No.23567328
File: 416 KB, 928x530, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy fuck my sides, thank you Mio

>> No.23567343

>>He points at Melissa's graduation and the reasons behind it, the failure to come to an agreement for Melissa's music rights between her and Anycolor, as a potential future problem, not only for Anycolor but also for other companies like Cover. He also talks about his worries in general about how much of a vtuber's work and the rights around it benefit mostly the corporations.
The only good point made. I think in a few years something will happen for the agencies to change ownership in general with the vtubers to something more equal to both sides.

>> No.23567379

Aight that was kino

>> No.23567416
File: 162 KB, 1085x658, 31AB366A-4A17-44AE-BA48-ECA584CE3999.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay, without context this looks so stupid lol the funnel straight up made it look like a botted graph…

>> No.23567429

i'm watching her play now and thank god she's there to level out koyo for shuba's team

>> No.23567430

Doctor Strange 32k.

>> No.23567432

Marine really dominates the Shorts niche.

>> No.23567463

Not completely. It's not going straight up vertically, there's an actual tilt. That said, I get what you mean.

>> No.23567469

Nah... just look at kizuna's case. She solo carrying that company just for them to gave her some joke position like advisor and replaced her with a souless copy of her

>> No.23567525


>> No.23567536

>botted graph
Want to see it go higher?

>> No.23567581

I know Suisei has co-ownership to her music because she owns her model - she's listed as such in the credits of her songs.
but don't know how the rest are treated.

The fact that Rushia's music topic channel is still up is interesting for this

>> No.23567588

The thing with Lauren or Luca isn't really specific to them, but the fact that some incredibly stupid yab can sideline one of your top talents for a month or more is a constant source of risk that can only be partially mitigated. See also: Russia, moron supreme.

Super high profits (percentage wise) are not a good thing. You can put that money in shareholders' pockets, or you can put it work, but for a company aiming for growth doing nothing with it is the worst option. Sometimes this is unavoidable of course. Cover had a similar issue due to their bonkers growth last year they just couldn't recruit quality staff and get projects up and running fast enough.

Rights issues will become more and more of an issue not just for existing talents, but talent they want to acquire. Cover arguable has a strong track record in that Suisei and Mori have thrived so far, Mori even while being quite active with her roommate. Niji seems on shakier ground here.

>> No.23567661

Anon no!! That $11 can get you a delicious meal today. Spare us the pain!!

>> No.23567749
File: 260 KB, 951x239, Polka beats the drum.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In context, these are normal numbers for her morning drum beating, with no overlap

>> No.23567774

This makes me more curious on just how much does sora actually own her chara or cover/hololive itself? Inchou and kizuna was a clear talent, but sora and cover's case is probably the only one in the whole industry

>> No.23567780

How does ownership work on something like Marine's new song where she spent a crazy amount of her own money funding it?

>> No.23567790

Kiara has 13 1M+ videos? Like I know it's factually true but it still feels weird. The fact she's #3 HoloEN in views gets overlooked too often because her ccv is shit.

>> No.23567823

No SuperChat Ranking this month?

>> No.23567850

Same as merchs. The more money they put in/the more they involved, the more share for them. Dunno the actual share tho. That's just what most of them had said in the past

>> No.23567860

it was posted already, go thread diving, no one really cares cause Elden Ring ruined everything

>> No.23567923

Surprisingly, both her Orisongs have 1.1 million on the topic channel now, that increases the total a bit.

>> No.23567936
File: 111 KB, 597x598, 1648081657219.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

um guys wheres mio lewd?

>> No.23567947

Well, time to watch Polka from the start I guess

>> No.23567965

Anon, there were like 30 bait threads because of it

>> No.23567982

The day has just started, there is still plenty of time for it to slip.

>> No.23568072

54K now

>> No.23568120
File: 162 KB, 1080x613, 166829630274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.23568127

honorary holo gold

>> No.23568164

Her CCV is culled the most out of any holoEN, she's comparable to Suisei in normal CCV. See: >>23561056

>> No.23568167


>> No.23568210

>the cull cope again
never change holoEN bros

>> No.23568281

>2018 interview with Riku where Riku mentions his past failed business ventures
Actually I want to see that interview

>> No.23568285

Damn, marine is 5 1 million vods away from mogging pekkers in every category, especially noticeable now that pekkers is trying her own 3d shorts and they're flopping harder than Watame's.

>> No.23568286

My copium is on overload lately. EN 3 not culled and 3 of them are numberfags would be the best timeline.

>> No.23568324

the fact that you think you can assert that with just that is insanity, please stop sounding like a crazy person

>> No.23568363
File: 351 KB, 1300x1273, 209905632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BELIB in the golden number!

>> No.23568364


>> No.23568400

>are numberfag
they won't because their senpai wants them to take it easy

>> No.23568401

>EN 3 not culled and 3 of them are numberfags
Anon, the channels aren't culled, the audience is. For EN3 to not be culled they'd have to uniquely capture a completely new audience and be ignored by the previous one. And if that happens, EN3 would incline EN1 and 2 when the audiences start to bleed.

if they don't, if magically EN3 is unculled but the other 2 gens remained culled, the shitposting would be thermonuclear against EN 1 and 2 and people would falsely attribute EN3 as some sort of renaissance gen for having more views. I shudder at the thought because if there's one consistent pattern with EN gens, is that they flip the fuck out when they get more popular than other holos.

>> No.23568467

Reminds me of Cover's failed ventures too. Was the Sakura Miko project a Cover thing or it was independent and she was just "on lease" to Hololive at the beginning?

>> No.23568497

same audiance pool, they're all flagged already
new ones will get flagged as soon as they do a relay

>> No.23568510

>failed ventures
>Sakura Miko

>> No.23568540


>> No.23568542

i mean, she was for a while

>> No.23568579

The end result matters, not the middle parts.

>> No.23568580

>the reason why I played on virtual YouTuber was that it was a business suitable for short-term concentration
>Next, if there is an area that I thought "come", I will continue to expand there. After all, I'm a short-term intensive type
So, Nijisanji motto is "accelerate when you can". Also
>If you don't think that failure is negative and there are 100 bad points, then crush the bad points one by one while executing
lel, does this mean that if some good path was revealed to him in a dream, he will go at it until he can't?

>> No.23568649

originally under cover corp directly for the game project. she did short videos (the vtuber meta of the time). moved to holopro for holoanime doing similar short videos.

>> No.23568668

Dr. Strange 63K.
capeshit gold?

>> No.23568694

For all of Pekora's strengths as a streamer, she really has no clue what she's doing with the shorts.

>> No.23568719

I'm curious who have master recording?

>> No.23568729

Riku's strat is making good things out of bad situations. A low tier niji liver with sub 1k would still have gachis who pays for their merch, that's why the profit margins for their BD merchs are high. Multiply it to 100x other livers, then they'd still be making a killing. Too bad, this strat ain't that good long term because there's bound to be managerial issues.

>> No.23568733

She's probably better with adlib than with a script.

I see. She probably has the same issue as Pekora.

>> No.23568746

who knew the skills you get from producing videos are different from the skills required for streaming

>> No.23568757

>a british hotter than vox
milord don't look

>> No.23568776

>this strat ain't that good long term
He knows.
>it was a business suitable for short-term concentration

>> No.23568818

Sakura Miko is successful
Sakura Miko project is failure

>> No.23568859

Sort of, but not really. It was fine the day they fixed it but started creeping back down in the week afterwards, to probably add another 10-15% cull on top of the 2020 one.

>> No.23568870

Outfit Reveal 5/4?

>> No.23568892

Uh. That's a staggeringly low bar. Though he seems to benefit from white guy in China syndrome. Sort of like British accent in America

>> No.23568914

no, its from her new cover

>> No.23568936

Please be better than her last outfit.

>> No.23568973

okay i thought about it and realized it could be the NSO cover

>> No.23569014

>>23568973 (me)
well fuck me im wrong about that too, its >>23568952

>> No.23569055

I mean you can't really blame people for thinking it's an outfit, considering gen 5 seems to get a new outfit or accessory every other week.

>> No.23569085


>> No.23569183

The only insane people here are nijiniggers and jpfaggots trying to claim that the cull doesn't exist for EN or worse, that it does but hits everyone equally.

>> No.23569191


>> No.23569293

Maybe he meant unculled on debut with their subs, like ID3 was. Which means they'll all instantly and permanently pass Sana in their first week and end up not too far behind Bae/Fauna after the first month.

>> No.23569331

Already posted. TLDR elden ring tanked hololives numbers, Vox won and made almost as much as hololive combined

>> No.23569340

What get's me is the disparity between Ina and Kiara's ccv/views. It just doesn't make sense. I'd believe Kiara gets extra fucked by being in EU timezone and geography wise though who knows with Youtube's fuckery. Would be nice if they release both raw and filtered numbers to anyone but even the channel owners apparently don't get the raw data.

>> No.23569406

Just because you cant find /∞/ in the catalog doesnt mean that you can post your fanfiction here.